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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  June 9, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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gnood morning, it is thursday, june 9. thanks for getting an early start with us. >> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. >> and tonight the january 6 house committee will begin to reveal its findings to america in primetime. lawmakers plan to make the case that former president trump was at the center of a conspiracy in 2020 to overturn the will of the people and block the peaceful transition of power. the committee plans to show video of previously unseen deposition testimony, including interviews with trump white house aides, campaign officials, and members of the former
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president's own family. lauren fox is joining us live from capitol hill. good morning, lauren. what can we expect tonight? >> reporter: well, hundreds of hours of interviews behind closed doors and the public going to get a chance to see tonight what the january 6 committee has been working toward. we expect that the committee hearing will kick off tonight with opening statements from the chairman bennie thompson as well as the top republican liz cheney on the committee. committee aides telling us that we expect thompson will put this in a historical context, the violence that transpired that day, and the unprecedented nature of the attack on the u.s. capitol. and then we expect things will move forward in three different areas. one of them, the public will get a chance to see some previously unseen video footage of private interviews behind closed doors that the committee has done with white house officials, trump campaign officials, as well as members of trump's own feel.
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we expect that there is also going to be previously unseen footage of some of the violence that actually transpired that day. committee aides telling us a vast majority of that footage will be never seen before. and we also expect to supplement what viewers are seeing on their screens, we'll hear live testimony from two witnesses, one of them a u.s. capitol police officer caroline edwards who was one of the first injured on the front lines at the capitol that day. we'll also hear live testimony from a documentary film member who had a unique perspective and documented some of the first instances of violence outside of the capitol on that day. so really a three-prong approach as the committee tries to tell the larger story of what transpired. we're also told from committee aides that this will be a preview of the other hearings coming down the line, those
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begin of course next week. >> lauren, thank you. i know you have a late night ahead of you. let's bring in legal analyst and former federal prosecutor jennifer rogers. good morning, we know that there was a violent assault on the capitol. that part should be stipulated. it now seems the committee has a different job and the job here is to connect the dots to the effort to subvert the election that started way before january 6 to what actually happened that day. how do lawmakers make that connection? >> you're right, that is their task and it is not an enviable one. i think they have to do a few things. one is they promised us new information about this plot and they have to bring that. they really do have to give us information we've never heard before so that people continue to tune in. secondly, to make that happen, i think that they need to parse out the information. they can't give us everything in one fell swoop. they need to kind of tease what information is coming so people won't turn away and stop paying attention. but the most important thing they need to do is connect the
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dots. they have to make sure that people know that there is a clear and concise encapsulation of what happened here. and it starts with the disinformation campaign, pre frivolous lawsuits, fake slate of electors screas scheme and t planning the rally, involving republican members of congress, pressuring mike pence, all leading to the insurrection. they need to hammer it home. >> and we're also learning more about what was happening in the roomse rooms, right? and how maybe some of the early reaction is different. released audio of kevin mccarthy is shedding more light on the response. listen. >> when they started breaking into my office, the staff got
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removed. in doing so, i made a phone call to the president telling him what was going on. asking him to tell these people to stop, to make a video and go out. and i was very intense and very loud about it. >> how will the committee use this to their advantage? >> one thing i think they are trying to do is contrast for the american people the way that republicans were reacting on that day to the way that they are reacting now. i mean, you see people like elyse stefan nickic saying this smear campaign. but yet on that day these members were very concerned for their own safety and frankly what was happening to our country. and so i think pointing that out will demonstrate both what was happening on january 6 itself but also the hypocrisy of what republicans are saying now and hopefully that drives home how serious this all is for our nation. >> and speaking of driving it home, obviously the hearings are significant for laying out the
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historical record of what happened that day, telling the full story of the worst attack on the capitol in modern history. but when it comes down to it, you are a former federal prosecutor. high school merrick garland the attorney general who really holds the legal cards on what happens. >> that's right. and i can tell you whether or not the committee makes a referral, merrick garland is going to evaluate this based on doj's own investigation and it is just not as simple as whether they meet the threshold of whether crimes happened here. it is a decision about whether bringing former president trump and his inner circle is winnable and if it is in the best interests of the country. that is a discretionary call. i think it would be the right call to bring those charges if they find that there is evidence, but it is a tough call and we'll have to see what he does with it. >> and garland is on his own time line pep the committee may be try doing this before the
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midterms but garland doesn't care about the midterms. jennifer, thank you. this just into cnn, national average for a gallon of unleaded gas now just pennies from the dreaded $5 mark for the first time. aaa puts the number at $4.97, up nearly two cents overnight. this marks a record high for the 13th straight day. this is also the 30th record high in the last 31 days. this could be the new normal for quite some time. let's bring in mark stewart. we'll get to $5, no question. and we know there is a whole bunch of reasons why. how high do you think gas prices will get and at what point will americans start changing their behavior because they don't want to pay it? >> i posed that question to an analyst and he said at this point really anything goes especially as we enter july and august, the big travel months, when demand is so high.
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you know, we have to remember that we have still been staying at home, so people are anxious to hit the roads. analysts also think that there is a very good possibility that we could see higher prices especially with oil. right now it is about $120 a barrel, which is historically high compared to a year ago. as jamie dimon alluded to last week, prices could go up to $175 a barrel, some economists have said to me as high as $180 to $200 a barrel. but as far as consumer behavior, here is the thing. to tell people not to drive is a really difficult task. it is a necessity. it is up there with food and paying rent. people have said to me, oh, well, i'll start taking the subway or i'll take the bus or public transit where i live. that is a very deliberate decision, you can't just push a button one day and make a sudden change in your habits. it is something that has to be well thought out and executed.
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>> at the same time we have europe trying to cut its connection to russian oil. how if at all does that impact american consumerses here in the u.s.? >> i think that there are many different thoughts about the scale of the impact. russia even though it supplies a lot of oil to europe has other customers. namely in asia, china, india, and several other nations in asia. so the market may still have some value. so as far as the impact on american consumer, i think that is still very much to be seen. >> i want to show you a chart of the s&p 500 energy companies and how they have done so well this year on wall street. vis-a-vis the rest of the market which has gone down. so while american consumers have been suffering, while drivers have been suffering, energy investors have been doing very well. their profits will be gang
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busters. and the president last 9/1night talking to jimmy kimmel tried to deflect a little bit putting it on the oil industry. listen. >> for example oil companies, oil companies everybody says biden won't let them drill. they have 9,000 drilling sites that they already own, they are not doing it, you know why? because they make more money buying back their own stock. >> stock buybacks make people a little crazy. when you are seeing consumers hurt so much. but is he right, and at some point do you think that there will be more drilling? with these high prices, it makes more sense to be drilling. >> really two thoughts here. first of all as you know from covering business, companies have one allegiance and that is to their shareholders and they want the strong profits, paybacks for good performance. and so while there is perhaps
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this notion of a bigger public good, the oil companies are indebted to the people who invest. but as far as drilling more, long term there could be a discussion about that but this is not just pushing a button one day and suddenly more oil will come from the ground. it is a pretty involved process. i think so that where maybe we'll see some discussion in washington is encouraging companies, give them perhaps incentives or some environmental incentives to start drilling more. >> but they have so many incentives already. biggest tax breaks of any industry all right. >> no question. but this is a capitalist system and that is what prevails at least for the moment. >> gas tax holiday possible? >> i think it is being discussed. one thing which i've been hearing from economists if you want to help the american consumer especially lower income consumers, offer some kind of subsidy. but that is a whole discussion as well. >> and there is no magic wand
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and every solution has drawbacks. >> absolutely. >> mark stewart, thank you. just ahead for you, the house passes a tougher new gun measure just hours after heartwrenching testimony on the horrors in uvalde. plus the joe and jimmy show, what the president said about guns and a teenager who praised the uvalde school massacre and threatened his own mass shootings is now under arrest in arizona. ♪ this magic moment ♪ but heinz knows there's plenty ofof magic in all that chaos. ♪ so different and so new ♪ ♪ was like any other... ♪ so this is the meta portal plus. a smart video calling dece that makes working from home, work. it syncs with your favorite vc apps so you'll never miss a meeting.
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her friend's blood all over herself to pretend to be dead, she described how she survived the massacre in uvalde. and a texas pediatrician speaking to anderson cooper and described the horror of watching children at the hospital. >> mia was one of the first of my patients that i saw as i walked into the e.r. she was bleeding, she was obviously in shock and crying. she had a bleeding shoulder. you could tell there were shrapnel wounds, had blood everywhere. these weapons of war cause wounds that are war wounds, things that you see on movies. things that no pediatrician much less any doctor is ever ready to see. we were forced into this situation by someone that was out to murder children. >> meantime attorney general
2:18 am
merrick garland says the justice department will review law enforcement's response to that school shooting. a team of of nine people will examine police policies, training, communication and deployment of officers and tactics there. they will also examine who exactly was in command and how police prepared for a potential active shooter. >> so much of the american public demanding action and house lawmakers passed a package of gun safety measures. five republicans joined democrats in backing this legislation. daniella diaz is live on capitol hill for us. thank you for being here this morning. layout for us exactly what is in this house gun bill and why isn't there really any hope you think that it can pass the senate. >> reporter: this is a wide ranging bill that had so many measures that house democrats passed with the help as you said of five republicans that would do several things, including raise the legal age to buy certain semi automatic rifles
2:19 am
from 18 to 21. it would establish new federal offenses for gun trafficking and selling large capacity magazines, it would allow local governments to compensate individuals who surrender through a buyback program, also create tax cinc incentive, also federal regulations on bump stocks and ghost guns. really a lot of measures here that this house bill included that was passed last night. but the thing is, it will get stuck in the senate. the problem here being that most republicans, the majority of them, do not support all of these wide ranging measures for gun safety reform. that is why this bipartisan group is working so hard to try to get at least ten republicans in the senate to sign on to some legislation on gun safety reform, these talks began in the wake of the uvalde shooting, that horrific shooting in texas.
2:20 am
this bipartisan group including a handful of republicans is working to try to figure out some sort of incremental change on gun safety reform, so even though this legislation passed the house, it is not going tos pass the senate, probably won't even go to a vote in the senate. instead these republicans continue to work to try to reach some sort of incremental change on that gun safety reform including red flag laws, there is skepticism on that including that would incentivize states to develop their own red flag laws. they are also looking at expanding a program on mental health care facilities, that is sort of the priority that this bipartisan group is looking at. but look, president biden last night actually was on a talk show and he said that he is really trying to give space to the senate, to these bipartisan negotiators, on gun safety reform. he does not want to follow in the foot steps of his predecessor president donald trump. he really wants them to pass their own legislation without him stepping in.
2:21 am
take a listen to what he said. >> i have issued executive orders within the power of the presidency to be able to deal with these -- everything having to do with guns, gun ownership, whether or not you have to have a wait. all the things that are within my power. but what i don't want to do, i don't want to emulate trump's abuse of the constitution and constitutional authority. >> reporter: negotiators say that they are hoping that they could have a deal by the end of this week. they feel that they have a lot of momentum right now because of the uvalde shooting, because of that racially motivated shooting in buffalo, new york that happened just days before the uvalde shooting. and they are taking advantage of the fact that some republicans even some conservative republican senators we've been talking about have turned their cards and they say that they are will be to possibly compromise on gun safety reform. >> we'll see. daniella diaz, thank you.
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police arrested a teen in arizona to making terrorist threats while also praising the mass shooting at the texas elementary school. the fbi tipped off police to disturbing comments bowen was making on line. officers said that no weapons were found when he was taken into custody, but they believe that he could have access to guns. bowen is being held on $150,000. >> you think of all the people who are just a tinderbox waiting to be disrupted. >> absolutely. next, russian forces making substantial gains. we'll be live on the ground in kyiv. and covid vaccines at long last in the littlest arms could start in less than two weeks. the new plan ahead. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragranceces. gold bond. chchampion your skin.
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welcome back. ukrainian officials say most of the eastern city of severdonetsk is now under russian control. there have been fierce battles across that city as ukrainian forces advance. russians unleashed an intense bombardment of airstrikes. salma abdelaziz is live for us this morning in kyiv. so how much of this city has ukraine managed to retain? >> reporter: it is changing by the hour. ukrainian officials say the situation on the ground ground is extremely dynamic. president zelenskyy said it is the fate of the donbas region that will be determined in severdonetsk. there are street to street battles. but ukrainian officials are warning that they are
2:28 am
catastrophically low on artillery. they have for weeks thousand been pounded by superior russian force, outmanned, outgunned. most of the city now decimated. it is hard to imagine how much longer that they can hold. already they are pulling back to fortify positions, that there are tactical withdrawals happening. president zelenskyy says ukrainian fighters are fighting for every inch of this territory because this is highly symbolic, this would be the last stronghold in the luhansk region, of course the larger goal of taking the donbas. but when you imagine that ukrainian forces are running essentially out of artillery barrels, they are running out of troop, they are running out of steam, it is hard to imagine how much longer they can hold out in this one area. >> talk to us about the u.n. secretary-general's stark warning about the impact of this war. >> reporter: this is really crucial. this is really important. this comes down to the fact that ukraine is the bread basket of
2:29 am
the world. it provides millions of tons of grain to the middle east, to africa, to many other nations that rely on those exports. we can pull up the map because it makes it easy to explain. over the court of this conflict, russian forces are taken large swathes of the coast, from those port, that is where grain is generally exported. that means for now in addition to the fact, i'll add this note, oo ukrainian military mined parts of the black sea to protect areas like odesa, that means that there is no safe passage for ships to get grain to the rest of the world. and the west is warning that russia is using food as a weapon of war. >> eu chief saying that that is in its arsenal, that food is a weapon. salma abdelaziz, thank you so much for that. president biden in los angeles to host the summit of the americas, but some leaders are not there including the president of mexico.
2:30 am
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2:35 am
americas including the president of mexico. this while an estimated 5,000 migrants in a caravan head toward the u.s. border from mexico. let's go live to los angeles and priscilla alvarez. how much of an impact will mexico's snub have on this summit? mexico obviously a key player here. >> reporter: that's right. and the summit is really getting under way in earnest now with the arrival of president biden yesterday. and it has already been off to a rocky start for the reasons that you mentioned. key leaders including mexico's president have decided to skip the summit because they say the united states should have invited all countries in the hemisphere to the summit. it has also already come up during ministerial meetings. i spoke to the foreign minister of honest dir raduras yesterday said during a meeting with
2:36 am
secretary of state so he is, he did reassert the position that all countries should have been invited and his president has also decided to skip the summit. mexico's foreign minister also raised this during this meeting. ministers did reach an agreement or a consensus over the initiatives of the administration rolling out and that is something officials have maintained throughout this entire who is coming and who is isn't saga in saying that they plan to roll out initiatives and with the delegation of those countries here, they can get that consensus. we heard from president biden yesterday in his inaugural remarks where he said, and he put a focus on renewed democracy in the region and those initiatives that they plan to roll out over the course of the next few days in trying to bolster economies and trying to stem the flow of migration to the u.s./mexico border. >> all right. priscilla, thank you for your reporting. let's bring in political analyst and managing editor at axios, nice to see you, margaret. >> good morning. >> this summit not going the way
2:37 am
the white house had hoped it would. >> no, it is certainly not. joe biden has hoped to use it as a reason to make u.s. a key leader in the western hemisphere again. but countries want money and assistance for infrastructure and joe biden can't get infrastructure passed in the united states, so he'll have a lot of trouble giving them the sort of assistance that they are really wanting and demanding at this time. and the chief u.s. political problem from the region right now ahead of the midterms is immigration. and that is not what these countries want to spend all their time talking about. so there is a real dissonance in terms of interests. and the u.s. is trying to do things like food security, these countries are saying look, we need help and they want trade deals that the u.s. isn't prepared to bring to the table.
2:38 am
so there is a lot of discussion about whether the summit should just have been postponed, but it wasn't. and it is something that biden has to navigate while he is dealing with the gun issue and of course the start of the january 6 hearings this week. >> so as the president is out on the west coast, he was on jimmy kimmel last night. and he is also facing polls that look like this, look at this, new cnn ratings showing approval rating showing that he is just at 39%. now, you've noted that that is a number that is similar to where former president trump was in 2018 when the gop suffered pretty bad losses during the midterms. the president's message hasn't really changed. even on jimmy kimmel, he is trying to talk about so-called kitchen table issues. but are we likely to see him trying to engage the american people differently over the next few months? >> well, as long as gun safety remains an issue that is unresolved in terms of congressional action, i think
2:39 am
yes. and i think also in terms of abortion rights, yes. the challenge for president biden is that it may not matter. his numbers are around where trump trump's were, they are tilly a hair bit lower right now. and what you see historically, and this is certainly true for trump, true for past presidents, those numbers by may or june rolls around, they don't tend to change that much between the late spring or early summer and the actual midterms themselves. if those patterns hold, biden will have a real problem nudging those numbers up no matter what he is talking about. and the reason you see so many republicans saying that maybe they should take some action on guns because they want to get back to talking about inflation. >> tonight the first public hearing of the january 6 committee, obviously the main event. what do we need to see from this to break through? >> it is a huge challenge for members from both parties who sit on that committee.
2:40 am
and there are two challenges. one is that we have now been emersed in january of since january 6, 2021, but the other is that huge swathe of viewers in this country who are the ones who, you know, many of the members of this committee want to really be messaging to are not actually going to be watching these hearings live. fox has said that it won't carry all the hearings in their entirety on primetime. but the other is just can the compilation of the information get people to think about this in a different way. it is a hugely polarized issue, many republicans saying that they still believe that biden wasn't the legitimate winner despite all of the evidence -- all of the evidence that he was. and many other republicans saying that they just don't want to talk about it anymore. independents are split over this issue over the commission, over, you know, whether these hearings should be happening. and democrats already have the democrats. and the two republicans who are
2:41 am
trying to change hearts and minds also, like it is a real challenge for them. many of the members of the committee feel this is important work that americans need to know, there needs to be an accounting of what happened including the former president's role. but whether that is going to move how americans think about this and certainly what the political implications are going to be for both parties in terms of these hearings, that is a completely separate question. in any case the commission goes ahead tonight, they are presenting information including audio or video that has never been heard before. and they plan to make a very systemic case not just about what happened but about the former president trump's role, everything from the ripple effect that his messaging had on some of these extremist groups as our colleague at axios is reporting today, to what the family of the former president and officials around him in the republican party and at the
2:42 am
white house said to him and said after the attacks. >> it will be interesting to see if they cannot only make that connection and prove it up, but also to make the connection that the big lie is not over, it is an ongoing threat and that it continues on as a threat to the current midterms. >> and there are people running for office who are actually this is what they are running on. so the big lie is not dead. it is actually still quite alive. all right. margaret, thank you so much. nice to see you. some good news for parents this morning. the white house just released its plan for rolling out covid-19 vaccinations for kids under 5. the fda vaccine virzadvisers art to meet next week. and then the cdc will take the r reins. biden administration says that it is coordinating with state and local develogovernments, pharmacies, for the shots to start as early as june 20th.
2:43 am
i have my calendar marked. >> this is your demographic. now to this scary situation, an armed man arrested near the home of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, he has been charged with attempted murder. and the suspect called 911 on himself saying that he traveled from california to kill the justice and that he had a gun. federal agents seen here raided his family's home busting down the door after obtaining a search warrant. once in custody, authorities found a pistol, extra ammunition, knife, pepper spray, the list goes on. he was upset about the leaked draft supreme court opinion about abortion as well as an upup up upcomeing gun case that the high court has and the uvalde school shooting. attorney general merrick garland condemned the threat on a justice's life. >> so this kind of behavior is
2:44 am
obviously behavior that we will not tolerate. threats of violence and actual violence against the justices of course strike at the heart of our democracy. and we'll do everything we can to prevent them and to hold people who do them accountable. >> exactly what dhs has been warning about. >> whitney wild has been doing terrific reporting on they are bracing for what happens in june when the supreme court releases that opinion. and it is actually this concern. a recount in pennsylvania's senate gop primary confirming that dr. mehmet oz defeated dave mccormick by 951 votes. 951. reminder that every vote really matters, folks. mccormick already conceded the race last week. oz who was endorsed by former president trump will square off with john fetterman in one of the most closely watched senate races of this year's midterm elections. ahead, fannie mae and freddie mac with plans to close the racial gap in home ownership. and an nfl coach thousand
2:45 am
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! let's get a check on cnn business this thursday morning. looking at markets around the world, asia is closed for its thursday session and mixed. london has opened slightly lower. wall street, stock index futures are popping a little bit after yesterday which was a down day for stocks. the dow fell 259 points. big tech having its worst run in a decade. the s&p 500 fell 1.1% down about 13% now for the year. investors are scouring every piece of econ news to see whether hire interest rates are working to cool down inflation.
2:50 am
u.s. mortgage applications fell to the lowest level in 22 years indicating maybe a pull back ig in the housing market. and exxonmobile shares rose above $100 up 70% just this year. fears about the climate crisis and loads of debt kept investors away. global oil prices as everyone knows are rising sharply as demand outpaces supply. bad news for gas prices, bad news for consumers, but that is good news for oil companies and their investors. want to show you this, an index of oil stocks up more than 65% this year compared to the broad s&p 500 which is likely what you have in your 401(k) down more than 13%. mortgage giants are taking action to make it easier to buy a home and close the racial home ownership gap. get this, 72% of white americans are homeowners, only 42% of
2:51 am
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an nfl coach is now apologizing for comparing the violence insurrection at the capitol to the protests for racial justice. coy wire has more in this morning's "bleacher report." coy, what is happening here? >> jack del rio of the washington commanders also spent 12 years as head coach in the league, he was asked if he'd be willing to further discuss one of his recent defeats tw tweets players. and he was referring to the january 6 attacks on the capitol. here was del rio's response. >> people's livelihoods are being destroyed. businesses are being burned down. no problem. and then we have a dustup at the capitol, nothing burned down,
2:57 am
and we're not going to talk about -- we'll make that major deal. i just think it is two standards. >> later del rio attempted to clarify tweeting referencing that situation as a dustup was irresponsible and neglect and i'm sorry. i stand by my comments condemning violence in communities across the country. i say that while also expressing my support as an american citizen for peaceful protests in our country. and nba finals, beantown crowd getting loud. celtics running up an 18 point lead at one point in game three fueled by a franchise record tying first quarter by jalen brown. steph curry droppinging a game high 31. scary moment for curry in the fourth though, rolled up, scrambling for a loose ball, in pain but did continue to play. saying afterwards he should be good to go for the next game.
2:58 am
and it was the 116-100 win, boston now two wins away from their 18th title. they haven't lost back to back game th games this postseason. game four back in boston. >> just everybody being on the same page, we'll need that obviously to get the job done. >> we just wanted to come out and, you know, come out here and play, last thing when we left the court, we didn't want to say that we weren't physical enough and it worked out for us. >> and the controversial new saudi backed liv golf tour making its debut this morning. phil mickelson one accepseven m champions headlining the field. multiple reports have two more former major winners, bryson dechambeau and patrick reed joining the league in coming weeks. the pga tour has threatened to punish any player who plays in the liv series. this is certainly changing the pga tour as we know it.
2:59 am
>> coy, thank you. more than 30 million americans are currently bracing for a dangerous and deadly heatwave targeting the southwest this weekend. the region is expected to see more than 80 daily record breaking high temperatures including death valley, california. derek van dam is joining me. what kind of temperatures are we talking about here? >> these are the types of temperatures that can take your parked car in the sunshine and turn it into a literal furnace in 30 minutes. and in 60 minutes, it can turn it into a figuratively oven. this is dangerous and you need to take it seriously. we're talking about triple digit heat las vegas to phoenix and eastward toward texas through the course of the weekend, all under the heat dome that won't only allow for the record breaking temperatures during the day, but keep temperatures well above average overnight not giving time for our bodies to recuperate from the excessive heat that is ongoing.


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