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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  June 9, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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>> coy, thank you. more than 30 million americans are currently bracing for a dangerous and deadly heatwave targeting the southwest this weekend. the region is expected to see more than 80 daily record breaking high temperatures including death valley, california. derek van dam is joining me. what kind of temperatures are we talking about here? >> these are the types of temperatures that can take your parked car in the sunshine and turn it into a literal furnace in 30 minutes. and in 60 minutes, it can turn it into a figuratively oven. this is dangerous and you need to take it seriously. we're talking about triple digit heat las vegas to phoenix and eastward toward texas through the course of the weekend, all under the heat dome that won't only allow for the record breaking temperatures during the day, but keep temperatures well above average overnight not giving time for our bodies to recuperate from the excessive heat that is ongoing. san antonio to dallas, el paso,
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we're talking triple digits and it will last right through the better part of the weekend. >> that is wild. derek, thank you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura jarrett. "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world, it is thursday, june 9th. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. we begin with the price of gas, closer than ever to the dreaded $5 a gallon mark. the national average for a gallon of regular gas hitting $4797 up nearly 2 cents overnight and this is the 13th straight day of record highs for the gas prices, it's the 30th in the last 31 days, the surge hitting americans right where they live and drive. >> so it is worth noting that when you adjust for inflation prices are not at record highs,
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not yet, but they do keep rising with no real end in sight. this is what president biden said about soaring gas prices during his appearance on jimmy kimmel overnight. >> look, inflation is -- is the -- is the bain of our existence, inflation is mostly in food and in gasoline. >> yeah. >> at the pump. >> that's what kills you it's a little billboard telling everyone how expensive everything is. if donald trump leaving one of those sharpies over for you you can maybe change the price on that you know. >> we could. >> now, this morning we will ask the white house about the strategy for handling gas prices and inflation. first let's go to cnn's gabe cohen, he is live for us at a gas station in alexandria, virginia, outside of the nation's capital. what are you seeing there, gabe? >> reporter: well, brianna, look, not only are we seeing gas prices continue to climb, but now they're rising at an even
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faster rate, in some cases 4, 5, even 6 cents a day, just look at that national average, now up 64 cents in a month, up a quarter in just the past seven days. look, just about every driver has been hit, but certainly in some states more than others. here in northern virginia at this gas station the price $4.85 a gallon, but if you go up the road to washington, d.c. they hit the $5 mark days ago. take a look at the states that have already reached $5 a gallon, there are 21 of them, the most expensive being california which is well over $6 a gallon at this point. followed by nevada, illinois, washington state and alaska. look, brianna, that $5 mark is significant, aaa surveyed drivers asking them at what price point would they change their driving habits? would they change lifestyle? if you look at the chart at $5 a gallon there is a significant jump, 75% of drivers say at that
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point at $5 a gallon they're going to change the way they drive. so what does that mean? what we're hearing and seeing is people canceling summer travel, people trying to commute less, maybe take fewer trips to the store, but the federal government does track gasoline demand and at this point demand for gas doesn't seem to be going down, if anything, it's been ticking up, which is what it tends to do during the summer. so it's unclear when these gas prices are actually going to knock down american demand for travel. look, you heard the biden administration for days has said at this point it's not really clear how they can drive down those prices, especially with the supply issues we have seen globally and with china coming out of covid lockdowns there's surging demand for gasoline there sending up global prices and oil prices also topping out over $120 a garbarrel yesterday which typically means gas prices will follow and continue to rise. i've talked to the folks at gas
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buddy who say you can expect $6 a gallon potentially by late summer. guys? >> $6 a gallon. gabe cohen, thank you so much. chief business are correspondent christine romans was here with me. jimmy kimmel was joking that maybe the president should have a sharpie, the fact is the white house does not have a sharpie that can change gas prices. the white house is trying to suggest that the oil companies are making a lot of money and profit here. >> they are making a lot of money if you look at their profits in the first quarter, epic, billions and billions of dollars as these oil prices have risen, so have the returns for shareholders, investors in these companies. the president last night was really complaining about share buy backs, it's just not fair for companies to be buying back shares to enrich their shareholders at the same time when american drivers are really getting hurt so badly. you look at the share prices of the energy companies, the stock prices of energy companies, you can see it's gone up something like 65% this year, compared to
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the s&p 500 which is probably what's in your 401(k), down 13%, john. that's just -- that's the divide. that is the divide. the money being made right now is in the oil companies, the oil company stocks and the investors there. you've got some people talking about a windfall tax, you have others talking about maybe a gas tax holiday to help consumers, a gas tax holiday that's pegged for subsidies for loafer income consumers, all of these things are being talked about but the market forces are much more powerful than anybody in any, you know, capital around the world and no one frankly knows really for sure what's going to happen next but the path of least resistance for oil prices is higher. >> christine romans, thank you very much. we do have some new video just in of fbi agents raiding the california home of the 26-year-old man charged with attempting to murder supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. investigators say nicholas
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rosski called emergency services after arriving outside of kavanaugh's maryland home and said he was having suicidal thoughts and that he had a firearm in his suitcase and that led to his arrest. a criminal complaint shows he was carrying a tactical knife, he had a pistol with two magazines and ammunition, pepper spray, zip ties and several other items of concern. the man told investigators he was upset about the leak of the supreme court opinion related to abortion rights and he was also upset about the school shooting in uvalde, texas, and he thought that kavanaugh would loosen gun restrictions. joining us now former fbi deputy assistant director and fbi chief of the counterespionage section peter struk, also the author of "compromised: counterintelligence and the threat of donald j. trump." first off, this is incredibly alarming what we're seeing here. >> i think it's very serious. the fact of the matter is somebody who apparently self-radicalized by all accounts
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acting alone on the west coast was able to obtain a gun, get on a plen and show up at the residence of a direct justice and some reporting indicating not only was the supreme court justice home but his family was as well. the question is not just this one event which is extraordinarily serious but what this demonstrates and what this shows us about the broader threat picture about people in the united states, about the climate we are in and about whether or not we're headed into an environment where more and more individuals might be motivated to go get weapons, get arms and make similar sorts of threats and attacks. >> because it speaks to that dhs bulletin that you are talking about, right, pointing to the let from lone wolf offenders that we're seeing. >> that's right. just this tuesday, so the day before the attempted attack on justice kavanaugh, dhs issued a terrorism bulletin that essentially advising of a variety of threats that the united states faces as we head into the summer and one of those points to self-radicalized individuals, lone wolves who work alone, who are
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extraordinarily difficult for law enforcement to identify because they are not part of a broader structure that can be targeted, that can be investigated. so this sort of threat is exactly what dhs was pointing to in the bulletin on tuesday and it's particularly concerning because of the wide range of issues we're facing as with he head into the summer >> specifically did the system to this case, did the system work the way it was supposed to here? did this raise any potential vulnerabilities to you? >> i think the system worked as best as it could. i mean, you know, there were two marshals stationed outside of the justices' home, there is spending litigation to increase security surrounding the supreme court, but i think, again, to the extent the system is able to protect against threats it's very hard to do that in this context. there is very little that anybody in law enforcement can do to stop one individual if they choose to go buy a weapon and show up at somebody's house to target them. >> the senate passed that, the house hasn't.
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is that tenable? do you think they need to move forward? >> i think absolutely the house needs to move forward. i would expect given this threat that was interceded and prevented yesterday i would expect that the house whatever contentious issues remain in that legislation that the house would find a path forward fairly quickly. >> they want clerks protected but this would protect family members, i think we can all agree this is very important. thank you so much. >> thank you. tonight the january 6th committee will begin to reveal its findings to the country in prime time and cnn has new details about just how they plan to do that. lauren fox joins us live from capitol hill this morning. lauren, what have you learned? >> reporter: john, months of preparation, months of closed-door interviews all culminating tonight in this prime time hearing. we expect that tonight it is going to be kicked off by the committee chairman bennie thompson who will have an opening statement trying to put this into historical perspective according to committee aides. we also expect that liz cheney
3:10 am
the top republican on the committee is going to have an opening statement. after that it's really going to be broken down into three different areas, the public getting an opportunity to see never before seen video footage of private interviews that the committee did with trump officials inside the white house, campaign officials, as well as members of trump's own family. who exactly we're going to hear from, that is still under wraps. we also expect to see largely unseen video footage of some of the violence at the capitol that day to remind people, according to committee aides, about what is at stake, what transpired, and really to supplement all of that video and image that people are going to be watching back home is going to be two live witnesses. you're going to hear from a u.s. capitol police officer caroline edwards who was on the front lines that day, she was one of the first injured outside of the u.s. capitol, she suffered a traumatic brain injury that day. you are also going to hear from
3:11 am
nick quested who is a documentary filmmaker who captured some of the violence outside of the capitol and had a unique perspective and access to some of the extremists who were outside the capitol that day. so a lot happening tonight and we expect that there's going to be a little bit of a preview of what is to come baked into the committee hearing this evening. john? >> we will be watching. lauren fox, thank you very much. here with me now ellie honing former federal prosecutor and cnn senior legal analyst. the question is what will we find out? what are the unanswered questions that you have? >> john, so issue number one, those 187 minutes, what was happening in the white house between 1:10 p.m. when the breach -- the building around the capitol was breached and 4:17 p.m. when donald trump finally issued a statement. what was he doing? there are some things we do know. we know that powerful people were texting mark meadows begging him to get donald trump to issue a statement. did he not do that.
3:12 am
we do know some things, however, about what donald trump did do during that time frame. 2:24 p.m. over an hour into that period donald trump issued a tweet attacking verbally mike pence and shortly after that the crowd started chanting "hang mike pence." we also know from stephanie grisham a former white house official who told you, john berman, scooper of scoops, he, donald trump, was in the dining room gleefully watching on his tv as he often did. that's really important to know. he was gleeful according to stephanie grisham. how might we learn more about what was happening? we might hear not tonight but eventually from cassidy hutchinson who has talked to the committee multiple times, remember the committee went to court and won their case to get internal white house documents being stored at the national archives. we don't know what's in those documents but they could flesh out those 187 minutes. >> what else are you looking for?
3:13 am
>> are there any connections between the oath keepers and the proud boys and the white house or other officials. we know that the leaders of those two groups have been indicted by the u.s. justice department for seditious conspiracy. now, is there any link to anyone in power? we don't know the answer to that. we do know that roger stone, long time adviser to the president, has long-standing connections with the proud boys, this is him with enrique tarrio who is the leader of the proud boys. tonight we will hear from this documentary filmmaker as lauren just said nick quested who followed around the proud boys, we will see if he has any evidence or information that makes any of those links. >> seems on this first night they're putting a lot on him to tell the story, to build this narrative. how much do you think they will be looking into other members of congress? >> that is a big question. look, we know that members of congress spread the big lie, we know that they encourage people to protest, we know that they planned to object in congress. here is josh hawley of course entering the building on january
3:14 am
6, mo brooks spoke to the crowd at the rally, he told them to, quote, kick ass and take names. we know that the committee has subpoenaed five of its fellow colleagues in congress, none of them are going to testify, they have all defied their subpoenas, the committee has not taken any moves towards forcing them. but let's keep an eye on this allegation that representative barry loudermilk gave tours of the capitol the day before designed to help rioters the next day. there has been no proof of that that we've seen, he has denied it but the committee wrote in a letter to him the select committee's view of evidence directly contradicts that denial. we will see if they have that proof, they better because that's a serious allegation. >> how about the idea of unheeded warnings before january 6. >> how much did people inside the white house know there was a threat of violence. cassidy hutchinson told the committee this, they put it in a letter, i know that there were concerns brought forward to mr. meadows. i know that people have brought information forward to him that had indicated there could be violence on january 6. we also know that mark short chief of staff to mike pence
3:15 am
alerted the secret service that he was alarmed, there could be a threat against mike pence. we will hear from other inn seerds, will we find out just how much did donald trump and others around him know about the threat of violence the next day. >> it seems you have some experience presenting evidence and facts in a concise way. >> i've been through it. >> thank you very much. revealing new audio of what house republicans were saying around january 6th, how they really felt about the bogus claims of election fraud and the attack on the capitol. plus, why president biden says he will not use executive actions at this point on guns. and a heartbreaking new interview with the pediatrician who treated the children murdered in uvalde, many of whom he had cared for since they were babies. why he chose to testify in detail about the horror that he witnessed. the team remained cal. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and findnd the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose.
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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. can't you issue an executive
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order? trump passed those out like halloween candy. isn't that something that could happen? >> well, i have issued executive orders within the power of the presidency to be able to deal with these -- everything having to do with guns, gun ownership, whether or not you have to have a waiting -- all the things that are within my power but what i don't want to do and i'm not being facetious, i don't want to emulate trump's abuse of the constitution and the constitutional authority. >> president biden sat down with jimmy kimmel for his first live late night appearance since taking office. listen to what he said when asked about trusting republicans behind the scenes when it comes to issues including guns. >> i've always had a straight relationship with -- with the majority -- with the republican leader, mitch mcconnell. you know, he is a guy that when he says something, he means it. i disagree with a lot of what he says, but he means it. there are a number -- >> like when he said we can't confirm a supreme court justice
3:21 am
with a year left? >> that's right. >> and then said the opposite. >> well, no. what he did -- i mean, look, he is a leader of a party that's moved very hard right and so in order to get anything done he has a different problem than he did early on, before trump became president. >> joining me now is cnn political commentator and spectrum news political leader errol louis. always interesting when a president sits down for an interview even in late night. i want to talk about the substance because it deals with guns which are so much in the news right now. he kind of set the parameters in some ways for what he will and won't do there. he won't really use executive actions more than he has going forward on guns and he does feel that he has someone to negotiate with on the other side. >> yeah, he may be wrong on both counts to be honest with you. when he says he has somebody to negotiate with, who is that person? he says mitch mcconnell and even jimmy kimmel a comedian makes a
3:22 am
joke about that is correct the notion that he could negotiate with mitch mcconnell given what he has said in the past. he is not a man of his word, he has gone back on deals with the obama administration and with the biden administration. so for the president now to say, oh, this is somebody i can work with, he's talking about a past that just doesn't exist anymore. of course, the problem politically speaking is that elections are about the future not the past. it was a discouraging appearance in a lot of ways if you really care about making change when it comes to gun violence because the president was talking about 1994, it's a generation ago, talking about we got the assault weapons ban passed avis the lead on that. yeah, well, that was in the 1990s and we are in an entirely different situation now. >> the challenge he faces, though, is you have the american people telling you two things at once. number one, we want something done, and number two, we want to see you working together. >> yes. that is a challenge. and, look, frankly, look, that's the biden brand, right? he got elected in large part because he said we have to bring the country together, i'm a
3:23 am
unifier, i can make that happen. i think what he did not reckon with was the fact that this maga movement was going to move even further to the right, be even more extreme, even more radical. he doesn't seem to have a solution to that other than to do what we saw him on do on this comedy show which is to say i'm going to keep trying to work with them, almost knowing that for them it's literally like a joke. >> we will talk to senator chris murphy a little bit later in the show and there has been some optimism from the senate from his camp and people who have talked to him that there may be some kind of a deal, some kind of progress on working together. we will see. we will find out how that works. i do want to play one more bit of sound from this interview because president biden talked about roe v. wade and the pending supreme court decision. listen. >> it's clear that in, in fact, the decision comes down the way it does and states impose the limitations they're talking about it's going to cause a mini
3:24 am
revolution and they will vote a lot of these folks out of office. we have to keep it focused on if they overrule roe v. wade and state of california don't do it but other states say that you cannot do the following, there's always a law, you can't cross the border, all the things that some states have then you have to make sure that you vote. you have to vote, let people know exactly what the devil you think. >> what do you think? he thinks there will be a mini political revolution where people will be voted out of office based on what people assume will be a supreme court decision overturning roe v. wade. >> if you go state by state somebody elected those state legislators that have put all of these restrictions on, virtually eliminated the right to an abortion functionally in state after state after state. somebody elect that had texas state house, somebody elected those folks in georgia and some of these other states. when you say, yes, voting counts, you know, it's going to make a big difference but the idea there is some revolution
3:25 am
that's at hand, the polling doesn't show it, the joe outcomes in state after state don't suggest that. i'm not sure why he thinks that's going to happen unless that's a hail mary pass. obviously as the leader of his party the democrats have to try to mobilize their base around this issue, but to assume that it's going to happen, i'm not so sure about that. >> errol louis, thanks so much for coming in. >> thank you. today president biden set to host high-stakes bilateral meetings are leaders attending the summit of the americas. so let's go now to cnn's priscilla alvarez who is following this in los angeles live for us. tell us what we're expecting. >> reporter: brianna, these are notable meetings and one in particular will be with the brazil's president bolsonaro. u.s. and brazil have had strained relations and bowls nadeau has considered boycotting the summit and has cast doubt over the 2020 election in the united states and biden's victory but the two are set to
3:26 am
meet and one of the issues they are likely to discuss is democracies and elections. this is an issue president joe biden touched on in his inaugural remarks. take a listen. >> our region is large and diverse. we don't always agree on everything, but because we're democracies we work through our disagreements with mutual respect and dialogue. at this summit we have an opportunity for us to come together around some bold ideas, ambitious actions and to demonstrate to our people the incredible power of democracies to deliver concrete benefits and make life better for everyone. >> now, of course, some presidents will not be in attendance including mexico's president as well as honduras, guatemala and el salvador but they do have delegations here and that officials say has given them confidence that they will not -- that that will not disrupt their initiatives which
3:27 am
they plan to rule out over the course of the next few days and that includes on trade, climate, economy and migration, all important issues in the western hemisphere and all of which we will continue to hear announcements on as biden has meetings with leaders. >> priscilla alvarez ahead of a busy day for the president. thank you. we do have brand-new audio of what republican lawmakers were saying privately just days after the january 6th attack. why it's so different from what they're saying now. and new revelations that a whistleblower raised the alarm about abbott's baby formula plant months earlier than previously known. we have the details ahead.
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tonight in prime time the house select committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol will begin
3:32 am
its public hearings. this is new audio is released by "new york times" reporters of republican lawmakers and their initial reactions to the attack. >> we need to know and have the facts exactly what happened and when. this needs to be done in a targeted way that doesn't need to distract from keeping the capitol safe over the coming weeks, but what we learned is that people can get in. we learned that people planned. we need to have all the facts especially for all of us and we should do it in a bipartisan manner. >> joining me now is "new york times" national political correspondent jonathan martin, the co-author of "this will not pass: trump/bidel and the battle for america's future" also with us "washington post" journalist heidiieidi prison ball la. >> those days after january 6th
3:33 am
kevin mccarthy was in a state of agitation for two reasons, one he peered more political violence in this country potentially at the capitol but he also had a crisis of politics on his hand. he was desperately trying to grapple with how to contain the fallout that was going to impact his own party. as we know from the previous tapes we have released on this book, he was thinking about calling for trump to resign, he was thinking about the 25th amendment, obviously grappling with the impact of impeachment and he eventually comes to this point where he thinks a bipartisan commission to investigate january 6th could be something that could unite, yes, both parties and even all the factions of his on party. of course, that is what ultimately did transpire, the congress voted on a bipartisan commission but kevin mccarthy has since moved away from his support. >> let's rewind so what republicans were saying about the election and about election
3:34 am
fraud. and there are delivering opinions in the conference about this but i want to play something that was said about the vote to not certify the election result. here is how it was described, the choice that he and many republicans were facing. >> the reality is is this a political vote for many of us. i'm going to vote my district. my district wants me to object to the states that get bicameral objections and that's how i'm going to vote. do i like it? no. >> do i like it, heidi, no. >> i really think this is stunning because at the beginning of the trump administration i remember very poignantly a republican source of mine saying, heidi, you have to distinguish in in moment between the liars and the lied to and what this shows us is that the people lying about election fraud, the people lying about the fact that donald trump actually lost the election know that it's a lie but the problem
3:35 am
is their constituents don't know that, they really believe t we've seen the -- we've seen what's happened as a result of that which is a rash of voting laws across the country in various states that have now restricted voting rights across the country, people running on the big lie and only 20% by some accounts of republicans actually believing that joe biden was legitimately elected as president of the united states. it's had massive, massive implications and here jonathan has some tape the receipts showing that the people telling the lie know that it's a lie. >> you also have on tape, jonathan, the people who are the true believers like marjorie taylor greene, right? >> yeah, who are emphatically saying there was some monkey business with this election, we even have louie gohmert talking about the purported involvement of intelligence agencies. that is quickly swatted down by none other than adam kinzinger who of course would go on to become a member of the january
3:36 am
6th committee. i think his own alienation from the party began in these days where he just can't understand -- can't comprehend his own party's refusal to accept joe biden's victory. i think that this is what we capture in our book is the sort of arc of this party from the immediate aftermath of january 6 where you hear kevin mccarthy grappling with the real implications of what happened in the capitol that day to today where they mostly have just moved on. why? because their voters don't want to hear it and their voters still for the most part like donald trump and don't want to hear anything that criticizes donald trump. >> and they can't survive most of them politically if they don't -- >> in a primary, right. >> -- right, in a primary if they don't hand out this information. >> that's what we've seen with the gentleman from the northeast, what was his name, chris jacobs, who -- >> of new york state, yeah. >> that was on another issue but if you don't tow the party line then it's over for you.
3:37 am
it's become a self-fulfilling prophecy as well with the big lie being something now that is a litmus test for trump in endorsing candidates. >> i think just real fast i think so much of this is because a lot of these members and the house especially are singularly focused on surviving their primaries because that's where the real action s they don't have competitive general elections so in the past in american politics people were consumed with how do i keep people in the broad middle happy so i can get reelected with the general electorate in the fall. now the focus is entirely on the primary. >> and the challenge tonight and we've said this before is breaking through no those audience that is haven't already seen this information, those audiences who this would be new revelations to and that's why i'm told, brie, that tonight liz cheney is going to play a leading role in presenting some of this information. of course, there will be others, but they've agreed that she should be the face at least for tonight and that is -- she's their one hope of breaking through to potentially some of these republicans. >> and also the people who i
3:38 am
think have kind of zoned out the drip, drip, drip. this he want it all in one bucket. are they going to get that tonight? i think that's probably the goal and we're going to see if they do that effectively. jonathan, heidi, thank you to both of you. tonight at 7:00 eastern you can join cnn for special coverage to hear new details on what happened inside the white house on january 6th. news from nasa in morning, a space rock crashing into the james web telescope in space, how this could impact its mission. we will hear from the pediatrician who treated victims of the uvalde massacre, children he had cared for since they were babies. he described seeing their small bodies pulverized by bullets, my conversation with them ahead. verizon just gave us all a ) brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) ipiphone 13 on us. on any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on. we definitely have ants in here. not for long. [irish music plays]
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by them, decapitated, whose flesh had been ripped apart, that the only clue of their identities was the blood splattered cartoon clothes clinging to them, clinging for life and finding none. >> that was dr. roy grur row testifying during a hearing on capitol hill describes what he witnessed at uvalde memorial hospital on the day of the mass shootings. i spoke with him about his experience. >> what was going through your mind today in those moments? >> i think the biggest thing that was going through my mind was that deciding how much of the truth i wanted to expose and to say, but i felt it was important because only by painting that visual image could you actually get people to understand the gravity of what happened to our community and to understand how much my community is suffering and how much we're just completely devastated and still hurting two weeks after this happened. >> what is the truth?
3:44 am
>> that these weapons of war cause wounds that are war wounds, things you see on movies. things that no pediatrician much less any doctor is ever ready to see. we were forced into this situation by someone that was out to murder children. >> do you think it's possible for people across the country to fully grasp the horror of what you saw? >> no. i think unless you -- you lived it and you felt it and you still feel it like the community does today and how uvalde is mourning still at this point, you will never truly know or feel what we felt, but at least if i can -- can at least paint a mental picture of these horrendous acts that shouldn't be happening, i think that's a start because like i said no one should ever experience this. >> what do people need to know? what do people need to know about the sights that you saw?
3:45 am
>> i just think the people need to know that these type of guns, assault weapons, ar-15s have no place in our society, merely because of the type of injuries and wounds that they cause. as you mentioned, you know, with these types of scenarios and with the things that we saw that day i'm not going to repeat what the injuries were, the reports are out there, everyone has read t everyone has seen my testimony, that's something that no family or no community should ever relive ever again. >> how are you doing? how is your community doing tonight? >> we're struggling. we're broken. uvalde will never be the same. i really think i really haven't dealt with the full impact of what's happened to me, what's happened to my community, which is today we actually had a meeting on capitol hill with some policymakers just speaking of the -- the counseling and the
3:46 am
psychology help we're going to need for the community, the parents, aunts, uncles, friends, even myself weeks to months to years from now after this tragedy. >> i want to be clear, dr. guerrero was treating children that he has known since they were important including mia cerillo who survived that shooting, he saw them wounded and then saw other kids dead. it's part of a discussion and he thinks it's important. i know you are having this discussion brianna, too, later in the show about if it's important that the american people see -- see the horrors of what's happened as painful as it is. >> yeah, can you confront the horror without really looking at it? and i think what he was doing there was in a way forcing people at least to have a visual even if they aren't looking at it. i can't imagine what he endured that day, i can't imagine how hard it was for him to testify before congress, but clearly he thinks it's so important, john,
3:47 am
that people do think about it so that maybe there is change. >> i was just struck by the very first thing he said to me in that interview that he was struggling with how much of the truth to tell. so moving. >> yeah, it is a tough line. democratic senator chris murphy who has been really at the forefront of these gun negotiations on capitol hill in the senate he's going to join "new day" here in minutes. a new report revealing a whistleblower filed a safety complaint about an abbott baby formula plant months earlier than previously known. how the company is now responding. plus, the third broadway show in three days announces it is shutting down. what this means for the struggling theater industry. is shutting down. motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts. like those nagging headaches.
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so this morning a source
3:52 am
tells cnn that a former abbott employee filed a whistleblower complaint about its michigan baby formula plant eight months earlier than previously known. cnn anchor laura jarrett joins me now. what have you learned here? >> john, as we know, parents around the country are still struggling to find baby formula, but the timeline of exactly what happened at that abbott plant in sturgis, michigan, is coming into sharper focus. cnn has now learned as john just mentioned that a former abbott employee filed a whistleblower complaint about the company's practices far earlier than previously known. this individual who was apparently fired back in august of 2020 first raised product safety concerns with the labor department in february of 2021. okay. look at that timeline. the person claimed that the equipment defects had allowed bacteria into the formula production line, something pretty serious. so osha, the department within labor then alerts not only the fda but abbott about the issue.
3:53 am
in a statement to cnn abbott says that this former employee was actually dismissed due to serious violations of abbott's food safety policies and that it investigated the matter. beginning last september federal officials received notice four babies had been hospitalized with rare infections after drinking formula made at that abbott plant. tragically two of those babies died, but here is the thing, the cdc says the babies' bacteria didn't conclusively match with the strains found in the abbott plant so they had the bacteria but maybe they got it from somewhere else. yet this same abbott whistleblower then expands on the allegations in yet another complaint sent to the fda in october of 2021. that's the complaint that ultimately lands in the hands of congress and why we know about any of this at all. but it's not until february of this year that abbott's plant in michigan shut down, which then layered on to this crush of other supply chain problems causes the massive shortage of
3:54 am
formula hurting families right now. the fda said in a statement we know there have been various questions about the timeline of events leading up to the fda's warning and abbott's recall of its products but says the top priority right now is addressing the dire need for baby formula. that same abbott plant opened up last saturday. >> there still is a dire need to be clear. >> still can't find t trust me, i've tried. >> but the timeline matters and there are still open questions. thank you very much. overnight gas prices rise so close to $5 a gallon the white house joins us on what's ahead. and new details about the man charged with attempting to murder supreme court justice brett kavanaugh, what he says set him off. (mom allen) verizon just gave us all a brand new iphone 13. (dad allen) we've been customers for years. (dad brown) we got iphone 13s, too. switched two minutes ago, literally right before this. (vo) iphone 1 13 on us. on a any unlimited plan. for every customer. with plans starting at just $35. all on the network more people rely on.
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♪ ♪ a glorious morning in sports as the globally beloved boston
3:59 am
celtics take a series lead in the nba finals. coy wire here with this morning's "bleacher report." and this was a convincing win, coy. >> absolutely. i hear even the parties in the north pole were epic for the celtics, john, let's g boston was in 11th place in the eastern conference halfway through the regular season, they never gave up and refused to lose back to back games this post season. beantown crowd getting loud for the celtics, first home game of their final series in the warriors. running up an 18-point lead at one point fueled by a record tying finals first quarter by jaylen brown, 17 of his 27. golden state jabs back in the third, steph curry helping them take a lead, drops is a game high 31. check out this scary moment for curry, rolled up while scrambling for a loose ball. did he continue to play and said afterwards he should be good for the next game. boston's trio of jaylen brown, jayson tatum and marcus smart combining for 77 points, a
4:00 am
116-100 win and good news, john, in nba finals history teams that have won game three in a series tied at 1 won it 82% of the time every time. >> i like those numbers. very physical game, finals getting very rough. coy wire, thank you, deliver more news like that for me. i appreciate t "new day" continues right now. ♪ ♪ foorpg to viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is thursday, june 9th. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. what goes up is going higher. gas prices ever so close to $5 a gallon. the national average now $4.97, the 13th straight day of new highs, the 30th in the last 31 days. >> it may be cold comfort, but still worth noting tha


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