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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  June 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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aides spread lies that the election was stolen, even though they knew they were false. >> those who invaded our capitol and battled law enforcement for hours were motivated by had a president trump had told them. that the election was stolen and he was the rightful president. president trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. >> now, cheney says witnesses have testified the former president angrily resisted when staffers suggested he call an end to the insurrection. >> not only did president trump refuse to tell the mob to leave the capitol. he placed no call to any element of the united states government to instruct that the capitol be defended. he did not call his secretary of defense on january 6th. he did not talk to his attorney general. he did not talk to the department of homeland security.
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president trump gave no order to deploy the national guard that day and he made no effort to work with the department of justice to coordinate and deploy law enforcement assets. >> now, the committee heard from capitol police officer caroline edwards who was injured during the insurrection. they also played a video of mostly never before seen footage showing some of the most violent scenes on the day. >> we need back-up! [ bleep ].
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>> we are going to give prior warning. >> declaring it a riot. >> trying to breach and get boo the capitol. >> be advised capitol police will start moving resources inside. >> we're coming in if you don't bring her out. you back up. >> more now from cnn's ryan nobles. >> the january 6th select committee has now made its case to the american people, showing a bit of what they've been working on behind closed doors for more than 11 months. laying out their thesis that former president donald trump is responsible for a plan that was hatched right around november 3rd of 2020, and culminated with
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the violence and chaos on capitol hill on january 6th. they believe that trump is responsible for a plot to undermine the results of an election and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. and they will that story by hearing from some of trump's closest allies, including his former attorney general, bill barr. >> repeatedly told the president in no uncertain terms that i did not see evidence of fraud. and that would have affected the outcome of the election. and frankly, a year and a half later, i haven't seen anything to change my mind on that. >> that was just a taste a lengthy deposition that barr gave the committee. he made it clear that he told trump repeatedly that there was no evidence that he lost the election. and that's part of what the committee is attempting to prove. despite the fact that many people knew these accusations of
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fraud did not have much merit behind them, that trump continued to push and he would do everything he could to hold on to power. what we saw thursday night was just a taste. the committee is imagine several hears, in fact, seven in all throughout the month of june. they'll lay out the case point by point as to why they believe trump's actions were squarely to blame for peggy happened on january 6th and also make the case that we were perilously close to democracy being severely threatened. next hearing will come on monday. there will be three hearings next week. each one with a different theme connected to this overall investigation. the committee will then continue to work on their final product, pushing for a final report in the fall. ryan nobles, cnn, capitol hill. donald trump responding to a hearing on his social media platform, calling the committee, quote, political hacks who refuse to play the many positive
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witness statements he talks about and refused to talk about massive election fraud and irregularities. that's the way he put it. he ended his post by saying, our country is in such trouble. joining me now from los angeles, the president of the global policy institute of loyola marymount university. it seems the messaging, the thread of the hearing was really showing everything leading to donald trump. outlining the steps piece by piece. what were your takeaways from what you heard? >> there are several takeaways that i think are important. one is the incredible power of liz cheney's commentary. she spoke for about 30 minutes and she very carefully, meticulously used team trump players from attorney general barr to ivanka trump to eviscerate the president's case. so she took piece by piece the
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case against the president, using the president's own team and their words to undermine the president. that was powerful. the other thing was to actually see attorney general barr, what he said to the president. i won't use the words but basically, that there was no fraud. that it is concocted, that he didn't know what he was talking about. those stood out to me as incredibly powerful moments. >> and to that point about bill barr, to make the point with what donald trump was being told including by bob barr. liz cheney played this clip from the interview with the president's daughter. let's listen to that. >> many of trump's white house staff also recognized that the evidence did not support the claims president trump was making. this is the president's daughter commenting on bill barr's statement about the department found no fraud sufficient to overturn the election. >> how did that affect your
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perspective about the election when attorney general barr made that statement? >> it affected my perspective. i respect attorney general barr. so i accepted what was saying. >> i don't know if she's still the favorite child, but ivanka trump saying she accepted the election results at a time when her father did not. and it adds tom avalanche of people who have been telling trump, he lost, he lost fairly and there was no fraud. what is the impact of that breaking. ranks, if you like in. >> it was a delicious irony in using ivanka trump against her father. because they have been so close and she has been such a loyal and devoted daughter and servant to his needs and his cause. and so this is a kind of, it is acid, that it burns the president to do something like
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this. and so ivanka's testimony that was taken and shown is simply in line with all the other examples of team trump being used against trump himself. why are the democrats there? they're not making the case. they're letting the trump people make the case against trump himself. >> in such a polarized electorate, how many minds do you think there are still to be changed? or do you sense when it comes to january 6th, most voter positions are locked in? a lot of donald trump supporters weren't even watching this. >> in fact, some of the trump supported networks didn't air it. but our partisan voters have been hardened. so you have the hard right and the hard left. and they are not going to be swayed at all. and there are very few persuadable members of the public. people still open minded enough, who haven't formed an opinion. there are a few but not many. that is one of the target
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audiences that the committee is going after. the other targeted audiences are, of course, the department of justice which is thus far been quite hesitant in its movement toward indicting the president. it is very unlikely. there is also the president himself is a target. you sort of smoke him out. so there are a lot of different targets. in terms of of the public, very few are persuadable. >> of course, the big lie that led to january 6th is still playing out. controversial changes in electoral laws in various states, restrictions on voting options and so on. all based around the big lie of massive voter fraud which didn't exist. how does that fact play into the importance of these hearings? >> well, that is a consequence of what donald trump has, the infectious nature of donald trump and the body politics. that it is a kind of virus that is spreading. spreading to the states, whereas you know, there is no one
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federal law for elections. there are very different laws in 50 different states, plus the district of columbia. so in all these districts, we're seeing efforts made to undermine voting, limit voting to allow state legislators to cancel votes. what the committee hearings might do, and probably the most positive contribution would be to take the lie and expose it even further. donald trump knew he was lying, and today's hearing demonstrated that beyond question. and he used that lie to try to motivate his friends and his allies, and he used them for his own narrow purposes. and so to the extent that the committee can continue to push that, and show that, demonstrate it, it undermines efforts in some of the states to do what donald trump wants. to prepare the way for a 2024 race. >> in los angeles, good to see you. appreciate it.
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we're in a moment of maximum danger for our republic. some in the white house took responsible steps to try to prevent january 6th. others egged the president on. others who could have acted refused to do so. >> a powerful warning from the vice chair of the january 6th committee there investigating the deadly attack on the u.s. capitol. liz cheney stating that the sacred transfer of power has been honored by every u.s. president in history except for one who tried to upend
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democracy. the bipartisan panel during its first prime time televised hearing did not shy away from pinning the blame for the insurrection pretty squarely on donald trump. the committee has been delivering compelling new details of the american public has not seen or heard before. one of the big takeaways, this was not a peaceful protest that some spontaneously turned rowdy. it was a methodically planned event. and we're learning how some in the trump party knew it wasn't stolen. here's what the u.s. attorney general testified. a warning, the language does get a bit salty. >> i had three discussions with the president that i can recall. one was on november 23rd, one was on december 1st, and one was on december 14th. and i've been through sort of the give and take of those discussions. and in that context, i made it clear i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this
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stuff, which i told the president was bullshit. >> joining me now from la highway a, california, hard arrest litman, a legal affairs columnist for the "l.a. times." first of all, you tweeted something early today. i wanted to quote part of it. you said this. the first job of the committee is to return the country to the shocked, appalled mindset we had on january 6th. and that has for many since faileded. did they manage to do that? >> and in pretty short order. the real return to that acrid hellishness of january 6th and the stunning surprise was the video by a documentarian that on the one hand recapitulated some of the overall attacks as we knew it but had different angles, very effective overhead angles. that and some of the actual
10:18 pm
statements by the, the architecture of their crashing the gates. i thought really brought it home. if i'm any indication, i felt that same feeling in the pit of my stomach. my god, is this happening in this country? as i felt back on january 6th. >> it really highlighted the brutality in a way we hadn't seen before. i want to play a little sound from liz cheney who was pretty much the star of the show at the hearing. let's have a listen. >> white house staff knew that president trump was willing to use conspiracy theories to achieve his ends. they knew the president needed to be cut off from all those who encouraged him. they knew that president donald trump was too dangerous to be left alone. >> with your lawyers' hat on, what did you see that perhaps moved the needle in any significant way in a legal sense? it really did feel like laying
10:19 pm
out a prosecution case specifically against donald trump. >> i think it did. maybe it was designed to sort of put pressure on the doj. i have to say as a lawyer, thinking about a prosecutor evaluating, there was a lot of trump pittsburgh it on. a lot of trump instigating. a lot of proud boys saying we were invited by trump. the real punch line that you're looking for is an agreement that would be, that trump would have joined the conspiracy, agreed with them and then he took some act in concert with them. nevertheless, even without that agreement, just the mere fact of aiding and abetting, if you're asking about lawyerly terms. the impairment of the 1/6 hearing itself. that's a crime. that's a serious one. but generally, i thought they tried to draw the tie and the link between riff raff on the
10:20 pm
ground and trump, and might have done it in a way that at least in this first hearing, doesn't quite city. it up in the way that a department. justice prosecutor might be looking for. >> that was going to be my next question. whether you've seen anything that has come out since january 6th with this hearing and earlier that could realistically lead to the former president being indicted. have you seen that? and it's not over yet. there is a lot more to come. have you seen anything that would make you if you're sitting there as merrick garland, the attorney general, go hmm, maybe we should work this. >> i used to work with merrick garland. he will evaluate the facts as they are. the rhetoric won't matter. so this was a new realization that maybe they had it right. maybe pence should be hanged. trump saying the mob is doing it is what supposed to be doing. trump being angry that any
10:21 pm
advisers came to him saying to stop the mob. those all go to the potential charge of being involved in impairing the hearing itself. and that as i say is a crime. and we've also seen a lot of evidence of late that brings back the 1/6 brouhaha back to almost shortly after the election and a series of plots. cheney said there were seven different steps. so they clearly are zeroing in on trump and they've as much as said that the final hearing at which he will continue to be the star of the show. i quite agree with you. and at some potential political costly to her. so it is a real profile in courage. that haflt hearing is really going to draw the strong. he line they can about trump's personal responsibility. >> a lot of democrats are saying we still don't agree anything liz cheney said in a policy
10:22 pm
sense but man, was that courageous. a lot of democrats saying that. >> god bless liz cheney. no doubt about it. there is no reason any congress member shouldn't have the exact same view. what you when you see what the rest of her party is doing, their disingenuineness, she really, really stands out. and i hope and believe that history will reward her. >> and apparently something else we've learned was that a number of republican congressmen apparently out there -- >> what about that? >> that's really -- >> said we are partners. >> why do you ask the president for a pardon? he hands them out like candy. and two, you may have exposure. that with the new stuff in the hearing, the kind of thing to make a person in the middle really stand up and take notice about how close we came as a
10:23 pm
country to really losing the hallmark. democracy. the peaceful transition of power. >> yeah. >> we'll find out. something to be aware of. the doj has asked for this information. they will get it. they want to make sure that they don't give it out prematurely. and the committee tonight was actually relying a fair bit on the department. on the indictment that the department filed a couple days ago. so there is already beginning to be more of an informal linkage between the different investigative harvests that the two have managed to do. >> good to see you. we'll talk again. appreciate it. >> thanks. a pleasure. all right. still to come, much more on the january 6th investigation including dramatic testimony from a capitol hill office here stood her ground that day.
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welcome back. for the first time since the january 6th riot at the capitol, we're learning damning new details about what was going on behind the scenes that day. after months of exhaustive investigation and hundreds of interviews, the u.s. house select committee is laying out its case that the insurrection was not simply a peaceful gathering of trump supporters that got out of hand. but rather, it was an attempted kulemin by donald trump's most militant supporters, planned in advance and orchestrated by trump as he stubbornly refused to concede the 2020 election. indeed, we learned in vivid detail that trump had no intention of quelling the riot that he help start and became
10:29 pm
enraged when his closest aides begged him to intervene. >> you will hear that president trump was yelling and, quote, really angry at vilesors who told him he needed to be doing something more. and aware of the rioters' chance to hang mike pence, the president responded with this sentiment. quote. maybe our supporters have the right idea. mike pence, quote, deserves it. >> the committee also made public footage of that day that has not been seen before. showing an out of control mob intent on breaching the capitol and willing to inflict bodily harm on the officers guarding the building. carol i'm not edwards was one of the officers trying to hold the line that day and was badly injured as a result. she was invited to speak as the first witness. >> i was called a lot of things on january 6th, 2021, in the days there after.
10:30 pm
i was called nancy pelosi's dog. called incompetent. called a hero and a villain. i was called a traitor to my country, my oath, and my constitution. in actuality, i was none of those things. i was an american standing face to face with other americans asking myself how many times, many, many times, how we had gotten here. i had been called names before but never had my patriotism or duty been called into question. >> caroline is a professor of critical theory and social justice at objexidental college los angeles. living up to expectations, what stood out to you in terms of the committee's strategy? the laying out of the case? >> well, i think they're very
10:31 pm
careful plotting, step by step set-up was very good. it reminded people perhaps of a courtroom. what i found to be most effective was the video footage. bringing us back tom day, back to the trauma of that day, and then interspersing the time line with details of what was happening inside and outside. i thought perhaps the most powerful moment was the end of the first video they showed where they juxtaposed donald trump's words, saying these were peaceful protesters, with images of violent insurrectionists beating police officers. >> that's a really good point. and it brings me to this point. pretty much since the day of january 6th, republican figures including donald trump and others have consistently played it down. let's have a listen to some of it. >> you know, you didn't know the tv footage was a video from january 6th, you would think it was a normal tourist visit. >> they're actually nonviolent,
10:32 pm
peaceful americans. their only crime was supporting donald trump. >> but to say there were thousands of armed insurrectionists breaching the capitol, intent on overthrowing the government was simply false narrative. >> i think we heard what the false narrative was. what did we hear what the hearing did? >> if you're watching the hearing, which a lot of republicans are not, there is no doubt, you can't look at this footage and listen to the testimony and look at the evidence and most importantly, look at words coming from donald trump's inner circle, attorney general, and also, the language from the proud boys and other violent insurrectionists who made their way to the capitol. you can't look at that evidence and think that it was anything other than a violent insurrection. and one that continues to be a threat to democracy if folks are not held accountable. >> and that's an important point. how many republicans we're
10:33 pm
watching, maybe not many, how many minds can be changed perhaps in this polarized environment. taking 30,000 foot view though, how important are these hearings? the process for america and the entire political system? >> i think it is of vital importance. our founding fathers were concerned about two things with the presidency. they were concerned a president would abuse their power and try to stay in office, and they were concerned that the president would whip up a violent mob. and in this case we have evidence of both. in fact, the committee has been very clear that they are actually indicting donald trump here. there are two audiences though, right? one is the american public in an attempt to replay the watergate hearings, 51 days, in 1973, that really raised public awareness and got the public active and demanding something be done. but there is also the department of justice. so merrick garland, the attorney general, was watching tonight.
10:34 pm
and this is intended to sway both of those parties with very careful evidence. i was impressed by the lack of partisanship and by really laying out each piece of evidence and the use of donald trump's inner circle, and the words of his own people to make their case. >> yeah. you made another great point there about, with the doj might feel a little pressured by what it saw tonight. to that point, when it comes to politicians and officials and so on, not the rioters themselves but those in authority. what are the dangers of this committee showing so clearly the malfeasance of people in power and nothing substantial happening in terms of consequence? >> well, i have to say, i think that's the likely outcome. the standards from the doj are. higher than the civil standards this committee is using. and even though you can watch what happened on january 6th and listen to the president's words and yes, we're finding out more
10:35 pm
behind the scenes, but just watching it that day, it was pretty clear what happened. i think there's a strong likelihood that he will not be properly held accountable for his actions. i think the attorney general has to look at the possibility that that would incite violence across the united states, that it would further the divisions. and it is also just a. higher standard of evidence that is difficult to prove. >> professor carol i'm not heldman, thank you. so. >> and we will have more on the hearings in just a few minutes. first, a street by street battle for a battle scarred strategic city in ukraine. that's coming up after the break. ♪ my relationship with my credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me erywhere.
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the latest now on ukraine
10:40 pm
for you. regional officials say ukraine is still holding on to a third of the city of sever donetsk. they deny saying that moscow with drew some troops but fighting is underway, street by street. and tfive people killed in russian shelling near kharkiv. 14 others were injured after russian forces struck residential buildings on thursday. the goal, according to ukraine, was to scare local civilians from coming back home. and three foreign fighters have been sentenced to death by a pro russian separatist region in eastern ukraine. two britains and one moroccan had fought for ukraine. their attorneys say they will appeal. the court is not considered legitimate on the international level. for more, now from kyiv, good to
10:41 pm
see you there. let's start with the latest on the battle for severo donetsk which they say is critical in this fight. >> reporter: the fate of donetsk and the fate of ukraine's front lines. it has been used as the administrative capital for the region over the last several years since the conflict started. and it is now essentially, you have ukrainian forces outmanned, outgunned. this is an artillery war and ukrainian forces are running out of artillery. so you can only imagine that right now, it is just a matter of competing time lines on the ground here. you have russian forces that have for weeks now with their superior artillery positions, they have been grinding down ukrainian forces, troops forced to pull back to these fortified positions.
10:42 pm
the only thing that can change the tide is the arrival of more weapons, more artillery, and particularly, long range weaponry from the u.s., the u.k., from other allies. that could take many more days and weeks. i want you to take a look. you can see the broader front line that brings the whole eastern front. regardless of whether severodonetsk has fallen to russian forces, what the troops are doing is they are creating realities on the ground. facts are on the ground. there is a land bridge that you can see down that front line connecting russia, all way down through donbas, mariupol, down to crimea and critically, of course, into those all important black sea ports. that was the objective for president putin. to gain that land bridge, that direct access to those warm water ports. in a speech just yesterday, president putin was likening
10:43 pm
himself to peter the great, claiming that ukraine has no sompt. that these are territories that belong to russia. that russia will win back. and they're already repairing infrastructure along this land bridge. the flow of rails has begun. they're reopening ports. so regardless of the tit for tat battles over every inch, russia is just barreling ahead, claiming the lands and making use of they will. >> putin bizarrely raising peter the great as a justification for what's going on. good to see you, my friend. the biden administration receiving heavy criticism after not inviting several countries to the summit. he said the future of the western hemisphere should be a
10:44 pm
democratic one. but some leaders said they wanted representatives of autocratic nations such as venezuela included. and the prime minister of belize called it incomprehensible. >> the summit belongs to all the of the americas. it is inexcusable that our countries of the americas are not here and the power of the summit diminished by their absence. it is incomprehensible that we isolate the countries of the americas which have provided strong leadership and contributed to the hemisphere on the critical shools of our times. >> the u.s. president said the summit was off to a strong start. he also met with the brazilian president who emphasized the need for reliable elections in
10:45 pm
his country. mr. bolsonaro has questioned the integrity of brazil's electoral system in the run-up to a general election in october. now, in the coming hours, the u.s. defense secretary lloyd austin and his chinese counter part will be meeting in singapore. this coming as tensions are growing over what washington sees as china's increasingly aggressive actions in the region. for more on this, i'm joined by oren lienorman. any big expectations for this meeting? >> the big expectation is that there is this meeting. this will be the first time there is a meeting between secretary of defense lloyd austin and his chinese counter part. they've only spent on one on the phone in late april. about a frif-minute conversations. so part of this is to open up the lines of communication. the senior defense officials say in part, one of the goals of the suts to open up more lines of
10:46 pm
communication, and to perhaps at some point establish guardrails on the relationship between the u.s. and china to make sure these two world powers doesn't veer into conflict because of some unintended miscalculation. so that's what the u.s. is looking for. and not just at the highest levels of the militaries but also operational theater levels and at other levels between the u.s. and between china. again, to make sure this doesn't veer off into conflict. the real question, is china receptive? is this something they're willing to consider and talk about? or is this two world powers with their representatives sitting in a room talking past each other in and that is a real possibility. the u.s. has underscored what it sees as china's extraordinarily unsafe and even dangerous activities in the region. the south china sea and beyond. and we've seen that with u.s. allies. australia and canada saying the chinese interceptions of their aircraft in the region were unsafe and dangerous.
10:47 pm
but china simply insists these were safe and professional and that the real problem here, the core of the issues is the presence of countries that don't belong here. for example, the u.s. and that's why you may well see a situation in which the u.s. and china talk past each other instead of making real progress. as we just heard, ukraine hangs over all of this. for the u.s. and ukraine, it is an example of what happens when the world fwegts the international world order and larger countries ignore the sovereignty of smaller countries or smaller partners or other countries in the region. other territories in the region. the main idea there being taiwan. to underscore that, the ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy speaking here tomorrow afternoon. you and i both well know he knows how to make a headline. he knows how to grab attention. especially when countries have contributed arms and equipment. we'll see what he says. and then later what if anything
10:48 pm
comes from that u.s.-china meeting. >> great to have through on the spot covering all of it for us. >> now, more than a year since the capitol riots. the fbi still trying to solve another washington crime. they are looking for a suspect who put pipe bombs around the democratic and republican committee offices. we'll have details ahead. see, we're from here, and there... give dad a gifift worth sharin, at ♪ sweet ♪ ♪ emotion ♪ ♪ sweet... ♪ w that's eatin' good in the neighborhood. trading isn't just a hobby. it's your future. so you don't lose sight of the big picture, even when you're focused on what's happening right now. and thinkorswim® is right there with you.
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10:53 pm
you may remember the case. cnn's brian todd with the latest. >> reporter: while there is a significant amount of information out there on this person's movements and appearance on the night in question -- >> a face mask, a gray hooded sweatshirt and black and light gray speed turf shoes with a yellow logo. >> reporter: authorities still don't know who this person is or why they left pipe bombs outside the democratic and republican party headquarters the night before the capital insurrection. what we do know is the suspect walked a nomadic path according to surveillance footage from the fbi which suggests they're not from the d.c. area. we know a dogwalker walked right past the suspect. and we have information that according to the atlantic, the fbi has interviewed more than 900 people in this case and has even done analysis on the way the suspect walks. what we don't have is a name, a gender, or any indication that this person is anywhere close to being caught, even though
10:54 pm
authorities have been investigating for 17 months now. >> this is a mystery. and frankly, we could use the public help in solving it. they need to drop a dime, as we used to say and let someone know what they think. >> reporter: former capital police chief terrance gaynor says he doesn't think the trail has gone cold. gaynor and other fbi veterans believe the fbi is still meticulously combing through the devices which officials say were made with galvanized pipe and black powder and attached to egg timers. and they're looking for other clues. >> they're looking for bomber's signature, any trace evidence which is latent prints, dna, hair fiber, things that may tie together to match the device to a specific individual. >> reporter: the fbi has said the two bombs were placed near dnc and rnc headquarters between 7:30 and 8:30 p.m., just a few blocks from the capitol on january 5th, but weren't discovered until 1:00 p.m. on
10:55 pm
the 6th, just as rioters were breaching the capitol. what we learned is how close one bomb came to harming incoming vice president kamala harris. sources told cnn harris' motorcade drove within a few yards of up with of the bombs on the morning of the 6th, and she was inside the dnc office with one of the bombs outside for two hours before the device was found. these pipe bombs are viable devices that could have been detonated, resulting in serious injury or death. >> reporter: despite what we know of the case, despite a reward of $100,000 for information on the suspect, why hasn't the person been caught? >> i think the person was very careful. sometimes it takes a few days, and sometimes in this case it takes years in order to find the individual that perpetrated this type of act. >> reporter: the analysts we spoke to say there is also a possibility the person may never be caught. and whoever the suspect is remains very dangerous. we reached out to the fbi to see if they could provide any updates on the case. there were no updates that the bureau could make public.
10:56 pm
brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thanks for spending part of your day with me. i'm michael holmes. our coverage of the january 6 hearings continues with kim brunhuber next. a first-time mom and a seasoned pro. this mom's one step closer to their new mini-van! yeah, you'll g get used to it. this mom's depositing money with tools on-hand.. cha ching. and this mom, wewell, she's setting an appointment here, so her son can get set up there and start his own financial journey. that's because these moms all have chase. smart bankers. convenient tools. one bank with the power of both. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪ ♪ (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ are the stars out tonight? (sha bop sha bop) ♪ ♪ alexa, play our favorite song again. ok.
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hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada, and all around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. the chairman of the house select committee investigating the capitol riot says january 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup by donald trump and his supporters. the panel held its first "prime time" hearing filled with never before seen video and new revelations about the insurrection. democratic chairman bennie thompson and republican vice chair liz cheney laith


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