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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 10, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ top of the hour now. i'm jim sciutto. this friday morning this country faced with a spark reality video evidence, new testimony, as well that shows just how close the u.s. came to losing its democratic system or at least dealing it a serious blow on january 6, 2021. the bipartisan panel investigating the capitol attack that day laid out the case against former president trump in a prime time hearing showing how he egged on the rioters to
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attempt to overturn a free and fair election. we saw stunning new images of officers desperately calling for backup as they were attacked by the rioters. there were also several new revelations from members of trump's inner circle in their testimony. his former attorney general bill barr detailed how he told the president his election fraud claims were b.s. trump's own daughter, ivanka trump, testifying that when she heard that she believed barr, and the committee vice chair, republican liz cheney revealed that multiple republican congressmen including scott perry sought presidential pardons for their roles in trying to overturn the election. cheney had a stark warning for members of her party. >> tonight i say this to my republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. there will come a day when donald trump is gone, but your
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dishonor will remain. >> capitol hill police officers who were attacked, wounded by the rioters watched the proceedings in distress, some you can see there with tears in their eyes. i asked one of those officers how he described his feelings last night. he told me in one word, betrayal. cnn justice correspondent, jessica schneider, melanie zanona. jessica, to you first. there was new evidence presented last night, new testimony. walk us through the details. >> it's interesting, jim. they're laying this out in almost episodic form with more to come in the future hearings starting this week, and they started out with these broad themes. they argued that trump knew his election fraud claims were false, that he was the one who encouraged these violent plans to take shape and in the coming hearings, the committee has teased that they'll unveil even more evidence showing how trump did nothing to stop the violence here, but right off the bat, the committee played a jarring video recap of just how violent
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january 6th was. >> get lack! >> we just had peace circle breached the line. we need backup! we're going to give riot warnings! we'll try to get compliance and this is now a riot. we are trying to hold the upper deck now. >> we need to close the doors of the capitol! i need support !
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>> we've lost the line! we've lost the line! all our p.d. get back up! all p.d. get up to the upper deck asap! >> whatever it takes i'll lay my life down if it takes. >> absolutely. that's why we showed up today! >> bring her out here! >> we're coming in if you don't bring her out! >> they were peaceful people. these were great people. the crowd was unbelievable and i mentioned the word love? the love -- the love in the air. i've never seen anything like it. >> and jumping off that trump audio, the committee here laid out what will come next when they have that second hearing at 10:00 a.m. monday. vice chair liz cheney saying they will detail how trump,
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quote, lit the fuse for the riot with his stolen election lie even though top officials told him there was no evidence of widespread election fraud and even the president's daughter ivanka said she believed what her father was told. here's attorney general bill barr and ivanka trump. >> i had three discussions with the president that i can recall that made it clear i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which i told the president was bullshit, and you know, i didn't want to be a part of it and that's one of the reasons that went into me deciding to leave when i did. >> how did that affect your perspective about the election when attorney general barr made that statement? >> it affected my perspective. i respect attorney general barr, so i accepted what he was saying. >> and the former president already firing back about ivanka's comments over his own
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social media feed this morning saying that she wasn't really in the loop anyway. so, jim, a lot to come from this committee. they've laid out a lot already in the first two-hour block and we'll see a lot more including expansion on these extremist groups. the proud boys and the oath keepers and how involved trump may have been or what he may have known. jim? >> trump said that his daughter was checked out, that was the phrase he used. >> melanie, to you, bennie thompson said last night that there will be witnesses describing conversations between extremist groups and people in trump's orbit. that, if they get an establishment will be an important connection. what do we know? >> we don't know who in trump's orbit was having those conversations or what those conversations entailed, but the select committee's decision has been to connect the dots between these extremist groups and the trump administration and one of the big revelations that came out last night is there were several republicans who sought
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presidential pardons from the white house after january 6th. we know one of those lawmakers was scott perry who was involved in the plot to install trump loyalists at the department of justice, and he did not comply with the subpoena to cooperate with the select committee, but we don't know who those other republicans are and we don't know why they wanted a subpoena or why they were worried about potential criminal exposure. congressman pete aguilar, a member of the select committee was pressed about this earlier today. take a listen. >> it's very clear that some of my republican colleagues felt as well as members of the president's orbit and his former advisers and lawyers close to him in the campaign felt the pressure of what happened on january 6th and they sought pardons and they had conversations about pardons after january 6th. >> so that is something we are going to be looking out for in the weeks ahead, and it can be really problem attic for a house
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republican conference who has tried to ignore or deflect from this investigation and more broadly, the select committee is showing how trump carried out a sophisticated seven-part plan to try to stay in power and that included a pressure campaign on his own vice president, on his department of justice, on state level officials. so all of those and more will be the themes of the upcoming hearings, jim? >> many more to come, jessica schneider, melanie zanona, thanks so much. the chairman of the january 6th select committee is warning that democracy remains fragile. >> we're going to remind you of the reality of what happened that day, but our work must do much more than just look backwards. the cause of our democracy remains in danger. the conspiracy to thwart the will of the people is not over. >> joining me now to discuss former democratic california
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congresswoman jane harmon who joins the committee. congresswoman, nice to have you back. >> thank you, jim. >> i'm sure you were shocked to see the images we saw again from january 6th last night including new images, but also new revelations. is the u.s. democratic system more or less safe today than it was on january 6th a year and a half ago? >> that's a hard question. i mean, there aren't people storming the capitol, but i would say if i had to make the call, it's less safe. our institutions are even more fragile. our parties are even more divided. i'm a member on the counsel of election integrity, a bipartisan group including very prominent republicans who want to make sure this event is never repeated and we will be making careful recommendations, but also, i think these hearings are riveting, and i was enormously
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impressed by the presentation yesterday. bennie thompson whiom i served under on the homeland security committee, i chaired there in congress, the star performer was liz cheney and what she had to say and how she said it will -- i think be something we won't forget. >> let me ask you this because one of the revelations last night is that several gop lawmakers according to cheney sought pardons for their role in a term. ing to overturn the 2020 election from trump in the days following january 6th. what's your reaction to hear that and what does it say to you about their apparent feeling they had criminal exposure? >> well, i don't know who they are. one name was mentioned last night, and i think we'll learn more next week, but it would seem they felt they had criminal exposure if they were asking for pardons which they didn't get.
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very interesting. i mean, let's understand that mike pence who thought -- who thought, and i agree, was doing the right thing was in enormous personal danger and it sounds like trump was egging people on, and thought he deserved it. i mean, this is stunning. what i would say, though, jim is the videos and the witnesses are telling the story. i think it would be much better if the members of the committee stayed off of, with all affection for your network, stayed off of spinning this. i think the public needs to hear it from the witnesses and needs to understand that this is in no way, as bennie thompson said, a partisan exercise. >> you have sins of commission and the since of omission. the sins of commission is something that the committee has evidence of, but in terms of what president trump did not do that day. he did not immediately call for his supporters to back off. he was apparently watching on tv and celebrating it as it happened. it was pence, not trump, who
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attempted to get the national guard there. are those since of omission and are they dereliction, in your view? >> well, let's have a court of law decide what they were. i am a lawyer, but i'm certainly not a criminal lawyer. the justice department still has to reach its own conclusions, but in the court of public opinion, i think the fact that trump was active in this plot, that clearly seemed to come through is devastating for him. i mean, what the test here is who watched this and what minds will be changed? a big deadline when cheney has her primary in wyoming, and she's apparently way behind and there is a trump-supported candidate opposing her, that will be a measure and it may take more than that much time to sink in, and i'm just hoping that what people see is the
7:13 am
facts, just the facts, not the spin. >> you spent a lot of time overseas. you and i have encountered each other overseas including in ukraine. >> you bet. >> where is america's soft power around the world right now? part of america's soft power is the promotion of democratic values. when people overseas see this and a continuing failure to address some of these issues, what does it do to america's standing? >> it hurts us, and we're seeing that play out right now in the summit of the americas where the leaders of four countries in our southern hemisphere are not appearing in los angeles with president biden. i think they have some juniors there and maybe the foreign ministers, but they felt free to snub us, and i think that from all of the travels i've made including with you in ukraine and by the way, kudos for your superb reporting from ukraine just recently, from all those
7:14 am
visits, people are saying that our democracy is frayed. they are also very upset about the way we exited afghanistan and to remind there was a vote in the united nations. i know you've watched this to condemn russia for its illegal and unprovoked invasion of ukraine, 140 countries voted yes, five voted no and 35 abstained and those are the middle east, latin america and africa, and we're not going to make the world and india, i think, unless we persuade a lot more countries that we are the vibrant dmitri see and we are the shining city and if we don't make that sale, our ability to lead in a very fragile world will definitely decline. >> congresswoman jane harm an,
7:15 am
nice to see you on. >> you, too, jim. nice to see you. >> still to come this hour, the uvalde police chief shares his story with the texas tribune saying he never considered himself the incident commander at the scene. what else we're learning this morning. inflation hitting the high of the rate in decades. the markets reacting. the dow down 750 points, and we'll talk to the chair of the economic advisers coming up. as we head to break, we do want to leave you with testimony from caroline edwards who was the first officer to be injured on january 6th. here's what she had to say about the mobs verbal attacks against her. >> i was called a lot of things on january 6, 2021, and the days thereafter. i was called nancy pelosi's dog, called incompetent, called a hero and a villain. i was called a traitor to my
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the uvalde school district police chief is now telling the texas tribune that he never
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assumed control of the scene of the shooting even though the texas department of safety previously said pedro pete arredondo was serving as incident commander. he did not hold police back from breaching the building. cnn has reached out to arredondo, and the public department of safety. omar jimenez joins us now. he said he never ordered people to hold back. he never quite said he ordered anyone to go in. i just wonder what we know now with this latest iteration of the story? >> yeah, jim, this all comes from the texas tribune interview with the school's police chief pete arredondo through a combination of phone calls, written responses and going back and forth with their attorney, as well, and all of that kind of gets to the heart of what is now multiple overlapping investigations. what took so long? pete arredondo told the tribune that some of the shooter's bullets had injured officers and
7:22 am
hit adjacent walls and they started breaking windows and evacuating teachers elsewhere in the school and lockdown measures were working against them that all of the lights in the classrooms, which made it difficult to pinpoint the gunman's exact location and the door was reinforced with a steel jamb designed to keep outside attackers from getting in and preventing them from immediately kicking the door in and confronting this particular shooter and he also told the tribune as you mentioned, he never considered himself the incident commander which is significant because that is in direct contrast to what state investigators had set up until this point. another portion of their conversation with the tribune, arredondo assumed that some other officer official had taken control of the larger response and he took on the line of a front line responder. he never considered the scene's incident commander and did not
7:23 am
give any instruction that police should not attempt to breach the building. as far as instructions go, he did, though, based on this tribune article did mention officers should try to rescue people through those windows elsewhere, and then significantly, we learned he did not have his radio on him meaning he was not aware of any 911 calls and that he told the tribune no one relayed that information to him. his attorney added that even if he had his radios he would have had them turned off because they didn't want to make noise in the hallway and that points were even whispering and all of this, of course, they were waiting for a key to get into this door. eventually at 12:50 p.m. more than an hour after the shooter entered they got the breach and finally killed the suspect. >> omar jimenez, thanks so much. >> joining me is the acting baltimore police commissioner and cnn analyst. good to have you on as always. first question, you're the
7:24 am
school district police chief. you come to the scene of a school shooting, do you have any doubt in your mind that you're the incident commander? >> there's no doubt in my mind. i've got the rank. it's my responsibility and hold me accountable. i am the incident commander. i can't understand this game that's being played, but i'm the incident commander. >> he says he didn't give an order not to go in, telling "the texas tribune." he doesn't also say he gave an order to go in. when i hear that, it sounds like a dodge, but i wonder, as a police chief, what do you hear in that answer? >> i agree with you. it is a dodge. that's what that is. these verbal games instead of answering specific questions as to what occurred that allowed this failure to happen, it's
7:25 am
definitely a dodge. >> one thing we're learning now is that some of the measures taken to harden schools and to respond to shootings, turn the lights out and harden the door jamb, it seems, in terms of breaching that door because you will hear from republicans and gun advocates' opposition to gun measures, but support for things like hardening schools further. you have measures here. what does that tell you about the difference they make or do not make in a situation like this? >> if you have a building and you know that it's your duty to provide safety for those inside of that building, inside of that school, those kids and those teachers, then you plan for this, you think ahead. you look at these doors and think what is it take for us to defeat this if it goes into lockdown mode. a battering ram, ballistic shields. we need to be able to beat these doors if we have to get in one
7:26 am
day, some day. be sure to have the breaching equipment. be sure that our training is adequate and we are used to the sounds of an automatic, a semiautomatic rifle inside that we've trained to a standard for an incidents just like this, and they did not. this is clearly a failure. it's a failure. i'm sorry. yeah. clear failure. yeah. >> failed those poor kids. one of the questions throughout has been did the police know that there were people still alive and injured inside that classroom? "the new york times" has reviewed investigative documents and video from law enforcement that says they did know. are there any circumstances post-columbine, that law enforcement stays outside that room, does not immediately attempt to breach with the knowledge there are injured children in this case inside? >> in baltimore we have the shock trauma center. one of the theories when it was found is that there is a golden hour. 60 minutes, when someone is
7:27 am
first injured to getting them critical attention, immediate. 60 minutes. you've got kids -- you've got these little babies in this school. you've got teachers down. you know there's gun fire inside of the school so there was no time. there is no just if i kagsz. you push. this stuff of turning down the radio. you want them to hear you. you want the shooter to focus on you, not those kids! let them hear you. throw the gun fight and throw it to you and fight back! god -- >> i hear you, sir. i know you've been there, too. anthony barksdale, always good to have you on. thank you. well, the january 6th committee laying out their case that former president trump fueled the brutal and bloody events of that day. so how are republicans reacting this morning?
7:28 am
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as the january 6th committee lays out its case against the former president revealing new evidence, never-before-seen footage, as well from the capitol riot. many republicans have been downplaying what happened that day, changing the subject. painting the committee, as well,
7:33 am
as illegitimate, in their view. what cannot be ignored is a very real threat that we saw to the democratic system that day. >> my kids didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and the constitution, giving states a chance to certify a corrected set of facts and not the inaccurate one which they were asked to previously certify. >> bring out pence! bring out pence. >> bring him out! [ crowd chanting "hang mike pence" ] one of the revelations of the committee as you hear those "hang mike pence" chants that the president said to his advisors, he might deserve it. i want to bring in s.c. kupp and doug hyde for their reactions.
7:34 am
s.c., if i can begin with you, one thing that struck me as we watched that violent video was that the vie otters believed they had license to commit violence, that they had justification and cover there, it seemed, from the former president. what's the impact? what is the danger today to our democratic system? >> well, yeah. i think that really, last night, began to dismantle the notion that this was spontaneous or a couple of bad actors or it didn't go where it was meant to go. we heard from several folks at the rally saying i know what's going to happen and once i'm ready to lay down my life for this. this is why i'm here, and so that's important. left it happen again and there are folks from senate republicans who just want to move on and pretend this is all over and part of the past and others who don't really want to address just how nefarious this
7:35 am
was, coordinated, staged, planned. the intention was to break democracy violently, if necessary and republicans don't want to deal with that. they don't want to investigate it. they're calling it a sham, political and partisan. that's something we should be looking at and figuring out how to prevent again, and i'm not sure it won't happen again. >> doug, one notable, and not quite revelation. we just get more details about how republicans' view of this changed very quickly afterwards. as the committee showed in video, the kevin mccarthy was scared and you hear them frantically running out after they went in the capitol. three weeks later he goes to mar-a-lago and stands next to trump showing support, i imagine, still for him and that's where the party has moved in the last year and a half. does that stop? >> no, and that's what we're
7:36 am
seeing really play out in our primaries where trump endorses a candidate and they're guaranteed about a third of the vote, sometimes less, and maybe that's enough for them and maybe it's not and other candidates we saw this in the pennsylvania senate race were campaigning to be as trumpy again and one of the depressing things for me, and i say this having worked on the benghazi committee. you can talk about runaway inflation and you can talk about the high gas prices all day long and those are massively important to voters and at the same time, walk and chew gum and look back on this and find what answers and solutions are. what's striking last night is this wasn't just a political event and this was a legal event and they're setting the case for in indictments and there's more evidence to come. >> i wonder, s.e., the committee took care to show that the president was told in no uncertain terms by his general
7:37 am
bill barr. ivanka trump believed barr, she said, in her testimony. even jason miller said the data guy, the campaign data guys told the president he was going to lose. what's the importance for that in terms of the president's int intent here because if he knew it was false, that bolsters the case that this was a deliberate attempt to overturn. >> absolutely, and i expect we'll see more evidence of that over the coming hearings, but that dismantled another notion that trump truly believed the election was stolen and he wanted to find very real fraud, and so he was asking people because he believed it existed. he didn't. he was told by lots of people in con sense rick circles around him, that there warrsn't any fraud. that wasn't stolen. it's a dead end. he continued to push what he knew was a lie and for all of the lies of the quote, unquote, stolen election, the thing that is undeniable is that trump would have stolen the election
7:38 am
if he'd had enough bad actors around him willing to help. luckily in the white house and doj and statehouses and election administrators said no to him, but he would have stolen the election had he been able. >> doug, the question then is what happens in the next election? either the midterms or in the general in 2024 if trump or trumpy republicans find results they don't like? can we see this again? >> potentially. look, this will be a big election year for republicans. when i was at the republican national committee in 2010 our magic number for where we wanted barack obama to be was at 46. if he was at or below that we thought we'd take back the house and joe biden is well below that and that's in part because of the runaway inflation and the rising gas prices. >> i get that on the political environment, i'm saying if it's
7:39 am
a result they don't like, if trump doesn't like or trump people don't like, will they try that again. >> that's yet secretary of state elections will be so important. >> pennsylvania being a good example where you can see allegations of fraud within the primary and the party's not ready for this. >> i'm sorry, s.e., you were saying state elections are important. >> i know we follow the objects at the top of the ballot, but the secretary of state electionses, the folks we refew to certify elections. in georgia, perhaps the hopeful sign there, the guy who stood up, raffensperger, they got through their primaries. s.e s.e.cupp and doug heye. thank yoyou. approved by salon-lovers. and i'm m worth it.
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the latest consumer-price index numbers show inflation rising at the fastest pace in more than four decades in this country to 8.6% for the 12 months ending in may. experts say the spike in the price of gas in particular, food and housing is driving inflation higher. joining me now the chair of the white house council of economic advisors cecilia rause, good to have you this morning. >> thank you. >> you've seen those numbers. i know you're well aware of them. i wonder does the weiss see any relief for these numbers see any relief for americans in the
7:45 am
future and if so, when? >> the president very much understands and we very much understand that we have uncomfortably high inflation and what we saw in the data this month is that month on month prices increased overall. the headline cpi increased 1% and about half of that was due to food and energy which can be directly tied to putin's invasion of ukraine. >> it's not just that, you know. the prices are rising. i get the world oil markets are up, but as you know, prices are rising for everything, used cars, rent. >> absolutely, and so -- and the president understands that, and so he has, like, he has emphasized and he's focused on this as part of his plan, i know this doesn't sound like a plan, but first and foremost he respects the independence of the federal reserve. prior presidents have tried to interfere with the actions of the federal reserve board as they try to address inflation for political reasons and this president has said he is not
7:46 am
going to do that. he would like to follow fiscal policy that is complimentary to what the federal reserve is trying to do. so, for example, this requires working with congress, and so he does need congress to work with him, increasing taxes on the very wealthiest americans on our biggest corporations which would reduce the deficit would help address inflation while also -- while reducing the deficit. he also wants to work with congress to address those costs that he recognizes families face in terms of prescription costs, child care and energy costs. >> okay. >> he is looking for what he can do administratively whether that's working with oil companies and refineries, asking them, we recognize you have capacity challenges. what can we do to help you maintain your refining capacity and get more oil online. he is doing what he can unilaterally and it does require congress. >> and will take time, frankly.
7:47 am
bernstein, one of your colleagues at the white house has told the following, every forecast grows slowly toward the end of this year. inflation ticked up again for another month. why does the white house keep getting it wrong on this. >> my colleague was referring to outside forecasters. it's a challenge to forecast in this time, for example, if we take the month on month headline increase. forecasters are expecting 0.7% and it came in higher than that. my understanding is because it's very difficult to forecast food inflation. forecasting is very difficult in this time which is why i would like to remain humble and not pretend that i have a perfect forecast going forward, but i will say a couple of things. we have seen moderation this month in the first couple of months and it's too high and we've seen mod reration in term of core inflation.
7:48 am
it is largely due to russia's invasion of ukraine. second, i will say that the united states economy comes into these challenges from a position of strength relative to our peers. we had record growth last year. the labor market remains very tight. household balance sheets still remain stronger than they were before the pandemic. debt still remains lower for households and before the pandemic. we recognize these are challenges and the president is focused and wants to do what he can and is looking for actions what he can take to address inflation. >> to that point, if i can, because we're limited in time, two specific measures that have been discussed and a windfall profit tax on big oil have been suggested and is the white house considering lifting china tariffs to help ease price pressure? >> so the president is again, all options ares o on the tabled
7:49 am
it included relief with tariffs that is strategic and benefits u.s. workers and u.s. businesses and the economy at large and that is certainly on the table and so we are open to ideas and some of them require working with congress and the president is focused on lowering costs for families and reducing the deficit and he recognizes those are strategies to address inflation. cecilia rause, thanks so much for joining us on the program this morning. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. glowing areas represent hair damage. dove precisely repairs so there are almost no signs... of visiblele damage. dove intensive repair. numberer one beauty brand not tested on animals. hey! it's your dry skin. every day we lose ceramides i need to seal in moisture. cerave delivers three esntial ceramides to help restormy barrier, so i can lock in moisture, feel hydrated, and ok healthy. cerave facial moisturizingotions.
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new this morning, big neaveg its covid-19 testing requirement for travelers coming into the u.s. the change takes place pretty much right away, this weekend. cnn correspondent arlette saenz joins us this morning traveling with the president. what prompted this decision that's happening pretty quickly? >> yeah, jim, the cdc decided to end one of those last remaining travel requirements that has stemmed from the pandemic saying international travelers coming to the u.s. will no longer need to test before their arrival here. this was first reported by our colleague kaitlan collins with an official saying that the cdc has determined that this requirement is no longer necessary based on the data and the science.
7:55 am
they did note, however, that it will be reviewed again in 90 days as they could potentially reinstate it if they see a new variant or possibly other science and data to back up the need for it. this will go into effect starting sunday, and there had been some lobbying from the travel industry urging the administration to eliminate this requirement a short while ago, the u.s. travel association applauding it saying it's an important step in trying to aid the recovery of the airline industry overall. jim? >> arlette saenz, no more swabbing coming back into this country. thanks for joining us. thanks so much to all of you for joining us today. i'm jim sciutto. at this hour with kate bolduan will start right after a quick break.
7:56 am
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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. the january 6th committee laying out its case that donald trump was at the center of a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results and responsible for inciting the violent capitol insurrection. republican vice chair liz cheney declaring the committee has evidence that trump tried to subvert democracy to stay in power. >> all americans should keep in mind this fact, on the morning of january 6th, president donald trump's intention was to remain president of the united states


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