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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 10, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. the january 6th committee laying out its case that donald trump was at the center of a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election results and responsible for inciting the violent capitol insurrection. republican vice chair liz cheney declaring the committee has evidence that trump tried to subvert democracy to stay in power. >> all americans should keep in mind this fact, on the morning of january 6th, president donald trump's intention was to remain president of the united states
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despite the lawful outcome of the 2020 election and in violation of his constitutional obligation to relinquish power. over multiple months donald trump oversaw and coordinated a sophisticated, seven-part plan to overturn the presidential election and prevent the transfer of presidential power. >> there was also previously unseen video they played from trump's top advisors including former attorney general bill barr. he said in no uncertain terms that he told trump that his rigged election claims that they were a lie, calling it, quote, bullshit. the committee played video of the attack that even for people who lived it and even for people who have seen the playback from every angle, the video presentation was new and alarming and there was also this photograph of a makeshift noose and gallows with the capitol dome in the background. it says quite a lot about that
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day, and the committee's first witness, a u.s. capitol police officer who described the siege as a war scene. let's start with cnn's pamela brown with how everything played out last night. >> priority, we just had peace circle breach the line. we need backup! >> chilling new aerial footage showing the moment protesters breached the capitol grounds on january 6th. >> this is now effectively a riot! >> the new video, part of a debut, prime time hearing of the select committee investigating the january 6th capitol attack. >> donald trump, the president of the united states, spurred a mob of domestic enemies of the constitution to march down the capitol and subvert american democracy. >> the focus immediately turning to the role of the former president and those crucial hours when a mob descended on the capitol help. >> president trump summoned the
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mob, assembled the mob and lit the flame of this attack. >> committee vice chair liz cheney referencing then president trump's alleged seven-point plan to overturn the 2020 election which a committee source said including possibly replacing the acting attorney general and instructing state officials to create false electors. [ crowd chanting "hang mike pence" ] >> aware of the rioters' chants to hang mike pence, the president responded with this sentiment, quote, maybe our supporters have the right idea. mike pence, quote, deserves it. >> it was pence who called joint chief of staff mark milly demanding that the national guard defend the capitol. milley testified that they needed to dispel the narrative that the president was not taking action. >> we need to establish the
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narrative that, you know, that the president is still in charge and that things are steady or stable. i immediately interpret that as politics, politics, politics, red flag for me, personally, no action, but i remember it distinctly. >> previously recorded testimony from former attorney general bill barr, disputing the president's claims of election fraud was played. >> i made it clear, i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen and putting out this stuff which i told the president was bullshit. >> that was enough to convince the president's daughter and former adviser ivanka trump. >> i respect attorney general barr. so i accepted what he was saying. >> the committee says the president had been told by at least four close aides that he had lost re-election. testimony played reveals that at least one individual associated with the campaign even told him he was likely to lose the
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election. >> at some point in the conversation matt, the lead data person was brought on, and i remember he delivered to the president pretty blunt terms that he was going to lose. >> the committee placed a huge emphasis on the role of two extremist groups, the proud boys and the oath keepers. >> both groups were visibly present at the capitol on january 6th and were some of the first to break into the capitol building. >> i am not allowed to say what's going to happen today because everyone's just going to have to watch for themselves, but it's going to happen. >> never-before-seen security footage from inside republican minority leader kevin mccarthy's office shows the moment everyone fled the scene. a gop source with direct knowledge said mccarthy was scared that day and mccarthy was calling trump's allies and family members to try to persuade the president to
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intervene. now mccarthy, along with other several gop members of congress have refused to comply with requests to testify before the committee. >> he's patently embarrassing himself. if he were truly a leader within the house he would want to get to the truth and the facts which is where he started, but somewhere he went off the rails on that. >> the committee also claims that multiple republican lawmakers, including representative scott perry, were advocating for pardons in the final weeks of the administration. the committee also heard live testimony from documentar jan nick questhead and they were watching on as one of their own testified about the extensive injuries she sustained as one of the first officers on the scene. >> what i saw was just a war scene. i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. >> pamela brown, thank you for
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that. >> joining me right out in is one of the members of the january 6th committee, congresswoman stephanie murphy. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me, kate. >> if last night was the preview and summation of what was going to be presented. was anything left out of that preview that people should know about? >> the details that we will be able to fill in with subsequent hearings will be as compelling, i believe, as last night's hearing was. you have to understand that we interviewed over 1,000 people. we had tens of thousands of documents. we had video and all sorts of data and communications about what led up to and what happened on january 6th. so we are trying to tell the story using the most compelling pieces of information and also using the very words of the trump administration officials, the people in and around the president as he sought to retain power and overturn the will of
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the american people with his desire to remain in office knowing that he didn't actually win the election. >> can you talk to me about the strategy and choice to have one of the two republicans on the committee present the core of the case last night? was it intentional having cheney lay it out versus having bennie thompson or another democrat or republican take the lead? >> mr. thompson and ms. cheney are the co-chair and vice-chair and it was the synopsis of what the american people will hear and each of us will be presenting different parts of this hearing. i think it's really important, though, that we demonstrate that as members of this committee we are not democrats or republicans. we're americans. we are americans who are
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concerned about our democracy. we are americans who do not want to allow people -- >> i absolutely hear you, congresswoman, but you have to appreciate, of course, it might land differently coming from a republican liz cheney than coming from a democrat given how divided the country is, yes? >> yes, the country is very divided and we're asking the viewership to come to the table as americans and not as republicans and democrats and set that aside and understand that there is a larger picture here. there's more at stake than a political party's win. it's about whether or not we can secure our democracy. >> i want to play, to that point, i want to play something that the chairman told my colleague jake tapper last night. let me play this. >> are there going to be witnesses that will describe actual conversations between these extremist groups and anyone in trump's orbit? >> yes. >> there will be? >> yes. obviously, you'll have to go through the hearings, but we have a number of witnesses who
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come forward that people have not talked to before that will document a lot of whaft was goig on in the trump orbit while all of this was occurring. >> that, congresswoman, goes further than a lot of people thought, a direct connection to the violence and the foot soldiers who first breached. when are we going to learn those details? >> you will in parts as the hearings proceed. what i think is key to take away from that is that given all of the information that we have gathered, we have found that this was not a spontaneous event that happened on january 6th, that there were a lot of actors who were working together, searching up for ways in which the former president could retain power despite the fact that the american people had voted otherwise and we will be laying out that testimony and that evidence over in the next couple of weeks. >> something else we heard last
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night was when liz cheney said that scott perry and multiple other republican congressmen sought pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the election. we did not know that. is the public about -- is the public going to learn who those members are explicitly? >> the public will learn who those members are, but i think i would point to a number of people who were in the trump circle. some who understood that they were being asked to do something that was illegal or unwilling to do so, attorney general barr, who said this was b.s., and wouldn't participate. >> there were others who understood what they were being asked to do was not right and they proceeded anyway, and the fact that some of these people sought pardons, i think, demonstrates that they understood what they were doing was wrong. >> is it going to be clear what they were asking for pardons for? >> i think you will hear the testimony that we were able to
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gather and the evidence that we were able to gather about what they were asking for here in the next few hearings. >> very quick. we heard a lot about mike pence in carrying out his constitutional duty on that day. we've heard a lot about that already, but after the presentation last night i was left with wondering if we had more that we don't know about what he was doing and who he was talking to before and after the attack? i know that that's going to be a focus of one of the hearings, there's going to be -- i don't know if you want to call it a mike pence hearing, but is there more to learn? >> there is more to learn about the intense pressure campaign that the vice president was under and the work that he did to understand legally what it was and from a president's perspective, what his responsibility on january 6th was. i think it will be fascinating to folks as they see that decision process that led up to january 6th. >> congresswoman, thank you for
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your time. i appreciate it. much more to come. joining me with more on this is cnn legal analyst jeffrey toobin. jeffrey, we will learn who these members of congress were that were asking for pardons and we'll hear from mike pence and the pressure that came to him. what will you take from what you heard from senator murphy? >> why did they think they needed a pardon? for what? and did they recognize that they were participating in illegal activities? i mean, that's the only reason you need a pardon, if you're going to be criminally prosecuted for something so that whole part of the story, congressmen seeking pardons was new to me and new to most people and there seems a great deal to unpack there. >> absolutely. i do want to play another moment from the hearing that i know stuck with you. trump tweets at 2:24 that day on january 6th at 2:24, there's video of a rioter reading that tweet out loud to the masses on
8:14 am
a bullhorn. let's listen to this. >> mike pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect the country and our constitution giving states a chance to certify a corrected set of facts and not an inaccurate one which they were asked to previously certify. the u.s. demands that. >> why is this an important element? because the big issue, i think, in this whole investigation is what, if anything did donald trump do to encourage the violence? we know, obviously, that he wanted mike pence to overturn the election and the committee did a very good job of showing that everyone around the president knew, and the president knew that he'd lost. >> right. >> but what about the violence? what did the president's role -- what was his role in encouraging, sponsoring, endorsing the violence and here you have a tweet in real time
8:15 am
leading people to storm the capitol. that's not conclusive proof that he knew what he was doing and it is sure proof in that direction and it brings together the white house and the capitol riot in a way that i certainly had never seen before. >> the presentation, it felt somewhat like an opening statement from a prosecutor laying out the case in a courtroom. is that how you saw it? if that's what it was, is that the right approach? because criminal charges is not what they're in charge of. >> no, although certainly the justice department will be watching here and deciding how their investigation will proceed, and i am certain they are going to learn things that will aid their investigation, but i do think that the best part about the hearing, the reason why i thought it was an effective hearing is you didn't hear a lot of congressmen bloviating. you didn't hear him say donald trump is a terrible person. >> there are a list of facts.
8:16 am
>> exactly. it was evidence. it was video. it was tweets. it was -- you know, we will see e-mails and texts. that's why this committee is valuable. we don't need to know that the democrats don't like donald trump. we know that already. we know there are political adversaries and what we don't know is the full story of how this conspiracy and it does seem like a conspiracy to overturn a valid election took place and that's what we started to hear last night. >> good to see you, jeff. thank for coming on. appreciate it. programming note, the next insurrection meeting is set for monday. cnn's special coverage will begin at 9:00 a.m. eastern. coming up still for us, inflation in the u.s. soaring to a new high. what's fuelling it and what it could mean for the fed's next moves.
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new data out today and it's not a great sign. record gas prices drove inflation to a new high, 8.6% in may. the fastest increase since 1981. all of this pushing markets down sharply at this hour. cnn's matt egan is tracking this for us. he is here now. this government report is a basic measure of inflation and it's telling you what? >> it's telling us that inflation is actually getting worse. i wish i were the bearer of better news on a friday, summer friday. we thought inflation would be relatively high and instead it got even higher in four key areas, food, fuel, rent and used cars. all of them rising sharply. inflation is a global problem and it's one that's been made worse by russia's invasion of ukraine, but that is little consolation to families whose
8:22 am
paychecks are just not going as far as they used to. it's not just about gas prices. we saw record year over year percentage increases for prices on everything from haircuts and restaurant meals to chicken. no wonder why we also just learned that consumer sentiment in june plunged to a record low, lower than the peak of covid, lower than the great financial crisis and that's because people are frustrated and i think if you take a step back, this inflation report is concerning because it suggests that the fed is not winning its war on inflation, at least not yet, and so that means the fed is going to have to do more to slow the economy rather than tapping the brakes in the economy. they have to hit the brakes hard. the harder they hit the brakes the greater the chance of an accident and so we're seeing these concerns play out in financial markets this morning and the markets are down sharply for the second day in a row. not only are prices going up, but 401(k)s and retirement accounts are going down. >> it's hard to find the good
8:23 am
news of this. >> it is. >> thank you so much. for more perspective on this cnn global economics analyst rana farukar. great to see you, rana. what's your measure and temperature check on inflation? >> so, look, the news isn't good. inflation is getting worse. what's more, if you look at where it is as we just heard, food, fuel, rent, cars. those are essentials. those are not things that you can skimp on. what's interesting is and the very tiny silver lining, inflation is not spreading to other areas, but i think that one reason for that is that people are really starting to look very carefully at what do i need? what do i not need and they're cutting back on non-essential purchases. so this is really -- it puts people in a tough spot. i think you will see it play out in the summer travel numbers in
8:24 am
tourism and i think you'll see folks calculating down to the penny and how far can i go with a tank of gas? >> what does this mean for further moves by the federal reserve? matt was kind of alluding to it. >> yeah. it means that they're going to hike. i have no doubt that they're going to hike next week. the question is how much? certainly, i think, probably half a percentage point and you might see three-quarters of a percentage point if you want to go at this hard. those numbers will hurt. we'll see a dip in the stock market and we'll see more dips next week and you may start to see the glimmerings of a housing market correction and that's a double-edged sword so people keep a lot of money in their homes and if rate goes up and prices start to go down. on the other hand, it will help other people, start to get on the housing ladder and it could start to bring some of that rent inflation down and it's a
8:25 am
balancing act here. >> at the very least, even though this was talked about and wondered about last month. it shows that inflation has not peaked and then does this tell you anything, does this give any indication of when it actually will? >> well, you know, there are so many factors. we've heard about some of them, the war in ukraine huge. huge. you've taken a very large amount of the world's spare energy off the market. you've taken a big producer of grain out of the global markets. that's not going away any time soon. i don't see that abating in the next year and what can the white house do and the white house, by the way, i do not believe caused this problem at all as some people would say. you know, this is something we've been coming at for years, even decades. we've had a lot of easy money, post-financial crisis and we've had low rates and some people think the fed should have hiked sooner to give themselves wiggle room and that didn't happen. so it will be a while before
8:26 am
things get back to normal. it's time to buckle in. it's not time to be playing the stock market or making any fast moves, i would say. >> good to see you, rana, thank you very much. >> so cnn's also just learned that the biden administration will announce today that the cdc is lifting its covid testing requirement for travelers entering the united states. the change is going to go into effect at midnight on sunday. an official saying the change in policy, that it was no longer necessary based on the science and the data and this comes after the mask requirement was dropped and after intense lobbying from the airline industry. coming up for us, the january 6th committee's first witness was a u.s. capitol police officer describing the vicious attacks of the rioters on the date of the insurrection. next we'll speak to one of the over 140 injured officers defending the capitol.l. we'll be right back.ce by l'oré.
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♪ it was carnage. it was chaos.
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i can't even -- i can't even describe what i saw. never in my wildest dreams did i think that as a police officer, as a law enforcement officer i would find myself in the middle of a battle. that day it was just hours of hand to hand combat, hours of dealing with things that were way beyond anything any law enforcement officer had trained for, and i just remember that moment of stepping behind the line and just seeing the absolute war zone that the west had become. >> raw and real, that was some of the testimony from capitol police officer caroline edwards talking about what she endured on the front lines during the violent attack on january 6th and she, thof course, was not
8:33 am
alone. some 140 officers was injured in that attack. one of those officers is with me, michael fanone. you were there, why was it important for you to be there? >> this whole experience has become very personal to me, not just because of what happened on january 6th, but since i engaged in speaking out publicly, the cost has been significant, so it's important for me to see this through. i was also there to support officer edwards and just like the other americans watching, i wanted to see the findings that the committee's investigation revealed. >> you, as you're kind of getting to, you are one of the few people who also knows and
8:34 am
understands what officer edwards is going through now. what being thrust into this spotlight can really mean, and i don't think a lot of people understand that, though. what could life now be like for witnesses like officer edwards after last night? >> well, first i want to say that i hope that officer edwards' experience is dramatically different from my own. >> the vitriol that came from co-wokkers and colleagues, not just from the greater law enforcement community, but within my own department became just too much for me to bear and ultimately resulted in me resigning. so i understand that, you know, there is a price to be paid for
8:35 am
speaking out publicly even if you are telling the truth. >> she's had to -- you can see that it was painful for her to have to re-live the day when she testified last night. i was thinking how many times you've had to do that. how hard is that, honestly? >> i mean, i can't speak directly for officer edwards, and for me, my experience is unique in that i had 20 years of a police officer with the metropolitan police department to prepare me for the violence of january 6th. in a lot of ways i'd become desensitized to even that degree of violence. what i was not prepared for and what i suspect that officer edwards was not prepared for was the aftermath. not just the denials of politicians and members of the press and other americans about
8:36 am
the experiences that we had on january 6th, but also the criticism from within the law enforcement community and even within our own police departments. for me, that was too much to bear. having officers -- officers that i served with tell me that i was a disgrace to the badge just simply became, you know, too much, and my pride would not allow me to continue to work alongside individuals that felt that i was a disgrace to the badge. >> i want to ask you real quick about something that congresswoman cheney said and she spoke for a long time, but she was speaking directly to law enforcement on the day, and she said that part of the investigation is looking at what the white house and intelligence agencies knew before, but we will not lose sight of the fact that the capitol police did not cause the crowd to attack. we will not blame the violence
8:37 am
that day, the violence provoked by donald trump on the officers who bravely defended all of us. did that stick out to you? >> yeah. i mean, i think it's important, while we can recognize that there were planning and preparation failures which really are the responsibility of the house and senate, sergeant at arms and the executive-level officials within the u.s. capitol police that the individual officers' response was nothing short of courageous, and that those officers fought many of their own volition without any type of organized effort. they simply went there to fight alongside of their fellow officers and that's why i was there. i heard distress calls coming out from police officers, i responded. i went there to protect other police officers, and in doing so, i recognize that our greater, fort was preserving
8:38 am
democracy, but i was there for my co-workers. i was there for the officers that fought in the lower west terrace tunnel. some of the most courageous, selfless individuals and you know, while i do not celebrate my career as a police officer. i'm just not able to do that at this point, i certainly am proud of the individuals that i had the privilege of fighting alongside of on the lower west terrace. >> and that definitely cannot be lost in no matter what comes out of these hearings coming up. it was important the first witness in the long string of public hearings was a capitol police officer to not lose sight of that. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> yes, ma'am. thank you. thank you. d so i came to clearchoice. your m mouth is the gateway to your body. joe's treatment plan was replacing the teeteth with dentatal implants from clearchoice.
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>> there is new reporting on the police response during the uvalde school massacre. the school police chief who was the incident commander on the scene that day, the man also now blamed for the decision to wait for more backup to arrive rather than immediately confront the gunman, chief pete arredondo is now defending himself telling "the texas tribune" that he did
8:44 am
not consider himself the person this charge and trying to explain why he did not take his police radio with him into the school as the gunman mrdzed 19 children and two teachers, more than an hour going by before federal law enforcement took things into their own hands. cnn's omar jimenez filed this report moments ago. >> kate, the texas tribune spoke to pete arredondo by phone through written responses and statements provided by his attorney, all of them providing new details regarding the central question at the heart of what is now multiple overlapping investigationses, what took so long? arredondo told the tribune that one of the classroom's bullets pierced through the classroom doors hitting officers and hitting adjacent walls and they started breaking windows and started evacuating children and teachers elsewhere in the school and also that lockdown measures were working against them and they had trouble pinpointing the gun man's exact location because lights in the class rooms were
8:45 am
off as are typical in lockdown measures and the door had a steel -- it was reinforced with a steel jamb designed to prevent outside attackers from going in and in this case prevented officers from immediately breaching this door and confronting this shooter, arredondo says, and he also told the tribune he did not consider himself incident commander which, of course, goes contrary to what we heard from the texas department of public safety officials. he did not have as radio on him and he would have turned them off for fear that noise would have given away some of their positions and they were speaking in whispers in this hallway and because of that, arredondo was not aware of 911 calls at the time and said that no one was relaying that information to him. so he made a call from his cell phone to bring in backup and to get tools to tray to breach this door. it wasn't until 12:50 p.m. they got a key to get into this door,
8:46 am
shoot the gunman and kill the gunman. i should mention cnn has reached out to to arredondo, his attorney and the school district and dp on new details, but we haven't gotten a response. kate? >> joining me now is cnn law enforcement analyst is the former secret service agent. jonathan, what is your take on this new interview? >> well, listen, kate, as more information continues to trickle out. the more challenging it is for us to really understand what happened on that day including who was in charge. in the back and forth that we're seeing on the media in new interviews and reporting is only re-victimizing those who were impacted by this tragic event. families and loved ones are trying to bring closure and they're trying to figure out what happened with this incident so that they can move on and every single day this is becoming more and more challenging for them. >> it sure is. how could it not?
8:47 am
this whole issue with police radios for one, him deciding not to carry one with him and his attorney saying that even if they had radios they would have turned them off. does this add up? >> it really doesn't. again, this is where nfrgs that is trickling out is so shocking every single day. as an incident commander, you have response-generated demands upon you, no matter the size of your department, whether it's six people or 600. there are three key, and utilizing the resources necessary to respond to that event. all of that is predicated upon being able to communicate to other responding officers and agencies to a dynamic situation, and what we're seeing here is a failure of the incident command structure. now we're hearing the chief say he wasn't in command. who was? >> the fact that he never considered the scene's incident commander, the paper is reporting that arredondo
8:48 am
assumed -- this is how they put it assumed another officer or official had taken the response. should he not have known the answer to this the moment he was on scene and definitely not long before the hour passed that law enforcement was not inside that classroom? >> you are the chief of police for a reason. there's a hierarchal control. you don't assume anything and we don't assume anything in terms of dynamic, multi-agency responses to critical incidents. there's a plan for this. there's a structure. everybody knows this. this is almost policing and public safety 101. so to start introducing this narrative weeks later around, well, i didn't know that i was the commander or trying to justify why you didn't bring a radio into an active shooter situation, to me is stunning and again, itte necessitates a critical ins dint review process as to answer what the hell
8:49 am
happened on this day? >> it's good to see you, jonathan, as the questions continue to mount. thank you so much. coming up for us, a michigan police officer is now charged with murder for shooting a black man in the head after a traffic stop. the very latest developments in a live report next. or fun. daring, or thoughtful. sensitive, or strong. progress isn't either or progress is everything. can dove stop 98% of daily hair damage? sandra treats one lock of hair with dove. glowing areas represent hair damage. dove precisely repairs so there are almost no sig... of visible damage. dove intensive repair. number one beauty brand not tested on animals. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go.
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8:53 am
grand rapids michigan police officer will appear in court soon, now charged with second-degree murder for shooting a man in the head during a traffic stop in april. let's get over to ryan young joining me now with more on this. ryan, what is expected to happen
8:54 am
today? >> reporter: when you think about this, we're going to find out whether or not the officer is going to get bond. you think about the speak this has moved forward, the way the prosecution has been able to put this in place. this happened in april. to have the investigation in eight days ago and they went for it with these charges. a lot of this was predicated toward the video. there was the traffic stop and the initial conversation, and then at some point the argument turned to a point where there was a struggle. that taser was pulled and there was a fight over the taser. and then the two men went to the ground. at some point during that struggle on the ground, you could hear the officer giving out commands. and it seems like patrick got ahold of that taser, and while he had ahold of the taser, you could hear the officer say let go of the taser before the shot is fired. the thing here that a lot of people are talking about is the fact that it seemed like the officer had gained dominant position by having the mount in patrick's face before firing on the ground. that's a lot of what will be
8:55 am
talked about with the prosecution. listen to the mayor talk about the charges and the way the city moves forward. >> today's announcement is an important step in the process of accountability and justice. as we move forward, we have a lot of work to do. >> reporter: as you can imagine, the family and the attorney talked about moving forward and the charges are just the first step in doing that. but a lot of conversation about what happens next and obviously we'll be watching this first court appearance today. >> a long road ahead to see where it ends up. good to see you, ryan. ryan is going to keep a close eye on that today for us. i'm kate bolduan. thank you for being here. "inside politics" with john king starts after this break. so you both stay comfortable and can help you get almost 30 minutes more restful sleep per nighght. save 5 50% on the sleep number 0 limited edition smart bed. plus, free home delivery when you add a base. ends monday.
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