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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  June 10, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and start enjoying rewards like these, and so much more in the xfinity app! and don't miss jurassic world:dominion in theaters june 10th. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing an important news day with us. simply damning. the january 6th committee came with the goods. timeline showing the overlap between the rioters and donald trump's tweets and trump's people, his family, in their own words, calling election fraud claims bs. plus the uvalde cops knew and they waited. according to "the new york times," robb elementary were aware children were alive.
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now the police chief insists he didn't hesitate even as his officers waited more than an hour to breach the classroom. is it an understandable reset or moral outrage. we begin with the january 6th committee's big moment. the story as detailed by the committee is as straightforward as it is incriminating. donald trump was at the heart beat of a sprawling conspiracy to steal the presidency. >> that for the jarring 11 minute compilation of footage. much of it new. one new piece of the evidence. there's more. a lot more. the committee promised as it used last night's prime time kickoff to provide the road map of what it calls a coup amonth. they said it was a month long plot and the power is that the evidence and the key details are from trump insiders, including top aides, even family members.
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the committee chairman bennie thompson told us on cnn last night, we'll soon see proof of conversations between trump's people and the extremists who led the capital assault. >> are there going to be witnesses that describe actual conversations between these extremist groups and anyone in trump's orbit? >> yes. >> liz cheney played the role of prosecutor. her opening argument, that when other pieces of trump's conspiracy failed the then president unleashed chaos on the congress. the evidence also included radio transmission from the police pleading for backup. the hearing also featured testimony from a capitol police officer who recalled slipping in blood as the halls were overrun by domestic terrorists. trump calls it all a farce, but the facts were sobering, compelling and hard to ignore. it was team trump in their own
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words, making clear he knew, they knew, joe biden won fair and square. yet, lied and plotted for months opening to keep power. bill barr was the trump attorney general. >> i made it clear, i did not agree with the idea of saying the election was stolen, and putting out this stuff which i told the president was bullshit, and you know, i didn't want to be a part of it, and that's one of the reasons that went into me deciding to leave when i did. i observed, i think it was on december 1st, that you can't live in a world where the incumbent administration stays in power based on its view unsupported by specific evidence, that the election -- that there was fraud in the election. >> with us to walk through the evidence, to share their reporting and their insights, ryan nobles, tia mitchel, heidi przybyla, and maggie haberman of the new york times. it wasn't just what we learned
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that was new. it was who we learned it from that gives it credibility and power? >> that's right. the idea was there is a recognition that who was telling the story has mattered a lot when people are trying to convince trump supporters that something is true because he tells them everything is fake. what they decided to do was use the words of the former attorney general of the president's son-in-law of the president's daughter, and then in a ray of other campaign advisers, all of them painted the story of an election that clearly was lost, that was not stolen. that there was no there there, i think was the testimony from one witness. ivanka trump making clear she was swayed by what bill barr said, and jared kushner with what most trump officials thought was the most damning bit of testimony sounding as he was floating above it, but aware of what was happening. all of it painted to be -- to be clear, we knew this, but to the public, hearing it from these people themselves is very different. >> especially after five plus years of donald trump saying don't believe the media. don't believe the democrats.
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don't believe liz cheney tonight to hear it in their own words, how do you defend that? the committee says two weeks of hearings. last night was essentially bread crumbs, a tee up. and they say in two weeks when we're sitting around this table, we will have convincing evidence of this. >> president trump summoned the mob, assembled the mob, and lit the flame of this attack. >> donald trump was at the center of this conspiracy. january 6th was the culmination of an attempted coupe. >> the challenge, ryan, you've spent months on this. they did a good job laying out the predicate, the opening argument last night is to say that everything from election night through january 6th and even through today was all 35r9 of a plot not individual episodes. >> over the past 11 months the committee members have been talking around this idea. they never really established the thesis of the point of this committee but last night they made it clear. they made it clear that they
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believe that donald trump was behind a plot to subvert the will of the voters and by extension, prevent the peaceful transfer of power. and they're not mincing words anymore. they're not saying that it was people associated with trump. it was people associated with the trump campaign or people in other factions in the republican party. they're saying donald trump is principally responsible. so they've set the bar very high. you're right, john, the goal now for them is to lay out this evidence in a convincing way. the question is who are they laying it out for? is it for their fellow legislators to pass laws to prevent something like this from happening again? is it for the voters in the midterm elections or is it for merrick garland? it could be all the above. the question is who is the top priority? >> all of the above is an interesting part. from chairman thompson, vice chair cheney, they made clear they believe trump violated the law. they believe january 6th was a violation of his oath to the constitution to defend and
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protect. we know that trump reacted approvingly was the way it was said when he was watching television at the white house, and the chanters outside of the capitol started chanting hang mike pence. from liz cheney last night, again, more details. >> and aware of the rioter's chants to hang mike pence, the president responded with this sentiment. quote, maybe our supporters have the right idea. mike pence, quote, deserves it. >> the challenge is they continue to document the evidence is that's not only corrupt. that's not only horrible as a human being, this is a violation of his oath of office. he's supposed to defend the united states. >> that wasn't the only piece of evidence there. that was just the most poignant. there was also testimony that the president was rewinding and watching parts of the riot as it unfolded. and ignoring at the same time pleas in his own staff, pleas from members of congress to put this to an end. and also what struck me last
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night was that up to this point, we've been calling this the big lie, but what we learned last night was it was an open lie. it was an open lie in the sense that the president knew from the beginning, and not only did he know, but up to and including his own daughter. one thing that was -- one data point that was interesting was that the election lawyer who said that there was no there there, this took place back in november. so there was a two-month buildup all during which this time they were being told there was no there, there, and there was no evidence of fraud and yet, this was building. >> that was interesting. the committee said it will prove a seven-part conspiracy that started with we're going to sue, challenge and demand recounts and then bully the secretary of state of georgia and other officials. to your point, you have to prove intent if you're trying to prove a crime. bill barr was saying i told the president. and to your point, powerful system.
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trump tells you not to believe us. how about his daughter? >> this is the president's daughter commenting on bill barr's statement that the department found no fraud sufficient to overturn the election. >> how did that effect your perspective about the election when the attorney general barr made that statement? >> it affected my perspective. i respect attorney general barr. so i accepted what he said. >> that's incredible. barr said he told the president this three times in december. the president refused to let it go. ivanka trump says she agreed with the attorney general. she respected the attorney general. that's what gets you to the intent. you've been told by a number of people there's no fraud there. there's no there, there, and yet you continue to ask members of congress, ask mike pence, ask anybody you can, do something to help me keep the white house. >> yeah, and i think it shows
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that president trump was intent on staying in power. you know? it -- there was a long game for him that was dismantling our democracy and just keeping a hold on the presidency. and i think what the committee has said is that there is more to come, and that there will be more evidence of this. so it's really outlining, like, they're really making a case for what they say is things that not only were illegal then, but should preclude trump from running from office if he chooses in the future. >> your reporting last night about the reaction about people who worked in the white house when they saw jared kushner, he has this approach like i yad nothing to do with any of the bad stuff there. that's why i want you to make that point. remember, they were talk agent the trump white house, can we use the military? will mike pence help us? the white house council said, you do that, we're going to
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resign. that's unconstitutional and illegal. jared kushner says -- >> jared, are you aware of instances where pat sip loanny threatened to resign? >> i was trying to get things done. he was always -- him and the team were always saying we're going to resign. we're not going to be here if this or that happens. i kind of took it up to just be whining, to be honest. >> that didn't go over well. >> there's no amount of print stories that can do justice to what that video showed. what that video showed to kushner's former colleagues, they used one word which is arrogance. what you saw happen in that period of time was i once that jared kushner and ivanka trump are trying to suggest they didn't have a lot to do with this. ivanka trump was urging people to keep fighting. jared kushner was in a number of meetings two weeks after
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election day. eventually hi started focussing on policy matters that mattered to him. he was not in the city on january 6th. they were involved and left it to the paid staff to try to talk to trump about what was happening. by that point trump was hard to talk to and the paid staff kept waiting for the family to get more involved. when you hear something that, they were threatening to resign not because they were whining which was his word, and this infuriating to people. they thought the president was threatening to do things that were of questionable legality, and ensnaring them in it. >> up next, more new january 6th details including america's top general revealing a stunning call from trump's chief of staff. later uvalde chief of police
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no needles, no incisions. discuss coolsculpting with your provider. some common side effects include temporary numbness, discomfort and swelling. you've come this far... coolsculpting takes you further. visit committee's public hearings. the committee drew a line from the actions on insurrection day to the mob outside the capitol. one piece of evidence, this trump tweet. >> my kids didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our country and our constitution, giving states a chance to solidify a corrected set of facts, not the inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. the u.s. demands the truth.
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[ chanting hang mike pence ] >> we're back with our great reporters including maggie haberman. part of the challenge here is trump says those guys supported me. i had no idea they were going to do that. the committee says no, the chairman telling jake tapper, we have documents to prove in the days before after trump tweeted come to washington, they can prove it. we saw last night some of the evidence of the connection between trump and the oath keepers and proud boys. >> we learned the presidential debate led to an increase in membership from the proud boys. >> would you say that proud boys members increased after the stand back, stand by comment? >> exponentially. i'd say tripled, probably. >> on december 19th, president trump tweeted about the january
9:19 am
6 rally and said be there. many came to d.c. for january 6th, but the extremists viewed this tweet as a call to arms. >> the chairman says he has the proof that there were communications between those groups and people in trump's inner circle. >> that's been one of the missing links that they've inferred and they've hinted at, but have never really come right out and displayed that hard evidence, because one of the things the committee said time and time again is their job is to connect the dots. there were all these disspirited things that came together to create the riot on capitol hill. how are they connected? the chairman revealing that last night. he did it late last night with jake capper. it was startling, because this is him saying yes. we have hard evidence that links these groups together. and this gets back to what we were talking about at the beginning, that's the makings of a criminal conspiracy, not just a political one. >> back to something i said
9:20 am
earlier, you learn details, sometimes who from is just as important as the details. one of the key witnesses last night was america's top official. listen to the contrast. mike pence whose life was at risk in the capitol. donald trump was watching on television at the white house. mike pence called general milley. donald trump didn't call, but his chief of staff did. >> there were two or three calls with vice president pence. he was animated and issued explicit, very direct, unambiguous orders, get the military down here. get the guard down here. put down this situation. et cetera. >> by contrast, here is general milley's description of his conversation with president trump's chief of staff. mark meadows, on january 6th. >> he said we have to kill the narrative that the vice president is making all the
9:21 am
decisions. we need to establish the narrative that the president is still in charge and that things are steady or stable or words to that effect. >> it is just a stunning contrast in leadership, and the committee trying to make the point just dereliction of duty. liz cheney saying not only did he call general milley. the chief of staff did. didn't call anybody who could have tried to do something. >> there's three pieces there that i found astonishing. that was some of the most riveting testimony we heard. number one, it talks about how adrift the military leaders felt because they were getting so little input from the white house. two, it shows you pence whose live life was being threatened was down there basically trying to take decisions because the president wasn't doing anything. number three, it points back to mark meadows. the white house chief of staff who has emerged as one of the most important figures in this in terms of allowing all kinds
9:22 am
of different things to happen. telling different people different things. managing the president's image above all else. in that moment, that is just the stunning thing to be said. >> the country is under attack and he's worried about the president's image. and part of the committee's challenge is that the former president, and many of his allies, want the american people, you watching at home to believe this day was not as big a deal as they say. it was really not a big deal. caroline edwards on the frontline is a hero. she has a traumatic brain injury. she was one of the witnesses to say yes, indeed, it was. >> there were officers on the ground, you know, they were bleeding. they were throwing up. they were -- they had -- i mean, i saw friends with blood all over their faces. i was slipping in people's blood. you know, i was catching people
9:23 am
as they fell. i was -- it was carnage. it was chaos. >> you were there that day. that was powerful. >> it was powerful, and i think part of the reason why officer edwards was so highlighted last night is because she also helps counter some of the narrative not just from the trump allies in his inner circle, but within congress. these viewed as house members that continued to kind of try to question the narrative of january 6th. so by having an officer out front, talking about police officers being under attack, being bloodied, nos republican lawmake experienced. >> up next, we'll continue the conversation including the revelations not just about trump
9:24 am
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the committee vice chairwoman teed up a theme she promises will be flushed out in a later hering. several colleagues to appeared
9:29 am
to help trump asked for pardons after it was clear joe biden would become president. >> representative scott perry who was also involved in trying to get clark pointed as attorney general has refused to testify here. as you will see, representative perry contacted the white house in the weeks after january 6th to seek a presidential pardon. multiple other republican congressmen also sought presidential pardons for their roles in attempting to overturn the 2020 election. >> just moments ago the congressman that liz cheney named tweeted this. the notion that i ever sought a presidential pardon for myself or other members of congress is a shameless and soulless lie. our reporters are back with us. there he is on the record with the tweet. the challenge, they say they have the documents to prove this. >> if they do, this is what liz cheney was talking about. these members were pressuring
9:30 am
mike pence to not certify the votes. if that's what the criminal charges or the basis for that is. so the thing here is it's not just perry. they said there were multiple members. if they have documents from multiple members, it shows they knew intent that what they were going was wrong. they got caught, and now they're going to get in trouble. >> we know from report, she named perry on the record and said there were others. it includes those who talked to the white house about clemency including others. we see that there. again, the challenge here is trump's defenders say he won the election and there's fraud. perry says this isn't true. the challenge is the record of the committee so far is they have the goods. >> and what is interesting about this is i know from my reporting that scott perry liked to communicate on encrypted apps often. specifically with mark meadows, the white house chief of staff. the committee has had a difficult time trying to nail down exactly all the different
9:31 am
people that scott perry was talking to, because he wasn't necessarily open with his communication forms. he was aware of this. he has an intelligence background. what the committee has said time and time again, even if you try to hide who you are talking to, our investigation is casting a wide enough net that we're going to find it from somewhere else. according to what we heard last night, they must have found it from somewhere else. >> it's also clear, look, based on the reporting, we'll see the evidence the committee puts on the record, but the republicans who refused to cooperate, the committee asked them, because they knew they were in contact with trump or key people at the white house. in the days before, not just on january 6th, we often focus too much on the day itself. in the before. you see the leader kevin mccarthy and perry and bigs and brooks and jordan. they refuse to cooperate with the committee. liz cheney at war with her own house republican leadership says history will prove her right. >> in our country, we don't swear an oath to an individual
9:32 am
or a political party. we take our oath to defend the united states constitution. and that oath must mean something. tonight i say this to my republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. there will come a day when donald trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain. >> she believes this as a matter of principle. but it is also a defining test for the republican party going forward. >> it is. and it's interesting. i think about this when i watch cheney who has really stood in the face of an incredible number of attacks. as she's going through this. but she was supportive of trump up until a month before election day in 2020. when she became disturbed by the things he was saying about the upcoming election. she saw it as undemocratic. that was her red line. few people have had an actual redline they weren't willing to blow past. i think that's what she's talking about her. look, i think that the republican party sr. so entrenched around not just trump but trumpism at this point.
9:33 am
this is going to be going on for a very long time. but there are republicans who are hoping there is a window to grab people basically by the lapels and say wake up. >> when you listen to last night, and we'll listen to the two more weeks of the hearings, one of the biggest crimes is they knew and kept lying. the president kept lying to supporters. people kept lying to supporters. there are 823 people related to the charge. they come from 48 states. they are people who believed this because they were lied to, lied to, lied to. >> right. and that was how they closed that first hearing, and it was really powerful, because you had regular people saying they felt that donald trump wanted them to come to the capitol. and that donald trump kind of projected that it was more than just a peaceful rally they would be attending that day. >> he invited them. he invited them. >> that's how they felt. and again, last night teed it up. two more weeks of hearings,
9:34 am
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there are some eye-opening comments from the uvalde school police chief. chief t chief told the texas tribune he never considered himself in charge of the
9:39 am
response to the robb elementary school massacre. he says he chose to leave two police radios in his car because they would likely slow him down. he acknowledges hearing multiple gunshots as he ran toward the class room but police waited as the janitor searched for the right key, and he says he was proud to be there. his attorney just told cnn his client is not doing anymore interviews riegs now. cnn reached out to the texas department of public safety and the school district. we are joined by peter to discuss this. i want to see if your reaction is the same as mine as you read through the interview. number one the chief says he never considered himself the incident commander. he showed up and his title is chief. right? >> exactly. the senior officer on scene is always the incident commander. the first officer on scene is the incident commander until
9:40 am
he's relieved by somebody senior. him being on scene as a police chief or the city of uvalde, he is the incident commander. you cannot delegate that down, especially when you're on scene. >> and he says he didn't give any orders, but then he does acknowledge he gave instructions telling officers to break windows and evacuate other children. we're becoming familiar with the protocols. if there are -- if you're running toward a class room and you hear shots being fired, what's the number one thing in the protocol? evacuating other classrooms or storming that classroom? >> it's a multi-tasking incident. so you want to evacuate others. so he should be resourcing his officers to evacuate those that are -- that you can, but there should be the order to go in. again, we've talked about this before. active shooter training. three individuals. three officers. that's all you need in order to go ahead and engage in active shooter situation. they had 19 within 15 minutes.
9:41 am
they had officers on scene within about five or ten minutes. why they didn't go in that door is inexplicable and why the police chief didn't give the order to go in -- any logical -- anyone -- the lodger is just -- again, i'm getting flustered. it's illogical on his lack of decision. >> i want to be fair as we can with the chief. let's use his words. i didn't use any orders. i called for assistance and asked for an extraction tool to open the door. he's calling for assistance. he's asking for an extraction tool. he says he's contradicting himself to a degree saying he ordered evacuations. he said he left his radios in the car because he thought they would slow him down and the experience was they wouldn't work in certain parts of the school anyway. does that make sense when you're trying to coordinate and communicate? >> that makes zero sense. so, again, as the on senior incident commander, you should
9:42 am
be communicating with those officers that are dealing with the incident. he obviously left the radios in his car knowing how can you communicate with the officers and get realtime information? how could you communicate with 9-1-1 dispatch trying to get ahold of him saying there are calls from the classroom, that there are children and survivors inside there? that's a fatal flaw. and moreover, let's go back to incidents that have been on -- as my time in the army. there's always a saying we had. the only bad decision is no decision at all. and he made a bad decision, because he did not make a decision. we know from transcripts that officers were arguing among themselves about whether they should go in or whether they should not go in. and they were all waiting for the order to go in. and that was his fatal flaw by not making a logical decision, not having communications, and basically he locked on scene. he couldn't make a proper decision and analyze what was going on appropriately.
9:43 am
>> that last point you made is illuminated sadly by "the new york times" reporting quoting transcripts of some of the police body cameras on the scene. people are going to ask why we're taking so long, if there's kids in there, we need to go in. it is clear that some of the officers at the scene knew their training and the protocols, but -- >> that's correct. but --. so again, the police chief is going to circle the wagons. he's going to defend his actions. he's going to rightly as any leader would defend the actions of his officers in this case. who is holding him accountable? who in uvalde, the mayor, who he reports to, who is holding him accountable for his actions? so obviously no one -- he's trying to do his best to defend himself and there's really no defense for his inaction. >> peter, thank you for your time and your insights on this horrible story as we continue to learn new details. peter, thank you. up next, from pariah to
9:44 am
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9:48 am
new reporting on what a senior biden official describes as a reset in u.s./saudi relations. candidate biden was critical of
9:49 am
the trump administration for not holding the crowned prince accountable for a washington post journalist murder. >> make them the pariah they are. there's little redeeming social value of the government in saudi arabia. >> now biden administration officials say current world events justify a nuanced approach. you're part of this fascinating reporting. the word reset. the president has insied there's no direct plans but based on this reporting, it appears they are likely to have the president travel to saudi arabia to sit down with the crowned prince on his turf and say you're a bad guy but we can do business? >> that's pretty much right. this shift has been underway for months now. two of the president's top national security officials of the national security council have been going back and forth to riyadh meeting for six or seven months. this is something the
9:50 am
administration recognizes. they don't really have much of a choice in it at this point. that's because of they say, russia's invasion of ukraine. the war has changed the world in a dramatic way. and because of that, they feel that there is no way they can continue to shun saudi arabia in the words of one official. they feel that they need saudi arabia on their side. of course, the biggest reason for that is oil. and that is something that many biden advisers have said openly. if saudi arabia turns on the spigots and increase oil production given how concerned the administration is about the dramatic rise in oil and gas prices and the rise in inflation, they feel it could impact global oil and energy markets by having the saudi arabians on their side on this. and that means, unfortunately, moving past the murder of "the washington post" columnist jamaal khashoggi. that means not necessarily demanding anything more from the saudis in terms of justice and
9:51 am
accountability. >> there's a long list of presidents who have regretted things they said as a candidate. black and white in the campaign, and then the job. as president, the biden administration they decided to go public, the office of the director of national intelligence intel report on the khashoggi murder, we assess the crowned prince approved an operation in istanbul, turkey to capture or kill the journalist jamaal khashoggi. in the reporting khashoggi's fiance says the decision to meet the crowned prince is upsetting to me. others view they view it as a green light. that you murdered once. the united states is back at the table. so what's to stop you from murdering again? >> that's right. and the administration says look, we released this report as you mentioned. we sanctioned certain saudi individuals who we believed were complicit in the murder. but that's really kind of the extent of it. they say they have sanctioned
9:52 am
people since the report came out. there is no evidence right now that they are prepared to do more. that's because they recognize that mbs is the de facto ruler of saudi arabia and the president has to effectively do business with him. and that means, and the saudi officials made clear to the u.s. that they consider the khashoggi case closed. that means in order to move forward with the relationship, both sides need to come to the table and come past it. >> thank you for sharing that story. up next a double thump for your family budget. gas prices are up again. a new government report says food and housing costs also still climbing at rates not seen in 40 years.
9:53 am
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makes hybrid work, work better. topping our plilt cal radar, inflation raising at the fast us price since 1941. record gas prices. today a average 4 $.49 wreaking havoc on american families. in los angeles president biden will deliver remarks on inflation, the major drag on your finances and on his political standing. matt eagan takes us inside the new numbers. >> reporter: really no way to sugar coat this. a rough day for the american economy. consumer prices rising at the fastest pace since ronald reagan was in the white house. this really comes down to four key areas. food, fuel, shelter, and used
9:58 am
cars. and three of the four of those things you really can't avoid paying whatever the prices are. this means that paychecks are not going as far as they used to. according to moody's, the average household is paying $347 more per month because of high inflation. that really adds up. and so no wonder that today we also learned that consumer sentiment plunged in june to a record low. lower than the covid low. lower than the 2008 low. kind of amazing when you think about it. also going lower today, the stock market. u.s. stocks down sharply for the second day in a row. that means 401k plans, college savings plans, all of them taking a hit. and the big fear on wall street is that the federal reserve is going to have to step up the war on inflation by raising interest rates even more aggressively. but the more the fed does, the greater the risk they accidentally cause a recession.
9:59 am
so if you put it together, cost of living is going up. stocks and consumer sentiment are going down. that is not a good recipe for the president or his party heading into the midterm elections. >> not a good recipe for american families heading into the summer. matt, appreciate the live report. later today the biden administration will announce the cdc is going to lift the requirement for travelers to test negative for covid before entering the united states. that takes effect midnight on sunday. the cdc is lifting the restriction because it believes the science and the data support it. the cdc will reassess in 90 days. air force one makeover dreams have been dashed for former president trump. the biden administration says the new boeing jets will not feature the red, white, and blue paint scheme to replace the light blue that's been around since jfk was president. saying the dark colors could increase maintenance costs.
10:00 am
water gate blueprint for scandal continues this sunday at 9:00 p.m. see you monday. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello. thank you for joining us. a . a democracy under attack. according to house inves investigators, a president who not only sat by and watched but actively facilitating the attack. detail bedetail the select committee investigating the findings in a hearing. we saw never before seen video of the capitol attack. and the revelation that it was a coordinated swarm of proud boys who first breached capitol defenses


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