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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  June 13, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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bogus, idiotic, crazy, bullb bullshit, completely nuts. that's how the president described the lies to the committee. we have the highlights right now. >> we were getting ready to win
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this election. frankly, we did win this election. >> reporter: donald trump's false claim that he won the election before all the votes were counted, a lie he continues to peddle but one the january 6th committee didn't believe, like his attorney general. >> he had become attached from reality if he really believes this stuff. >> reporter: his campaign manager. >> i didn't think what was happening was necessarily -- >> i remember tell being him i didn't believe the dominion allegations. >> what they were proposing i thought was nuts. the theory was also completely nuts. >> reporter: trump's assertion that he won the election is at the core of the committee's argument that he purposely and criminally worked to prevent
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the -- >> i told him that the claims of fraud wiere bullshit. >> bill stepien was supposed to testify live but when his went into labor, he bowed out. >> did anybody who was a part of that conversation disagree with your message? >> yes. >> who was that? >> the president disagreed with that. >> reporter: the result was a methodical rejection of trump's claims of fraud delivered by his campaign and white house ad advisers, respected professionals who said trump
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stopped ybelieving in them. >> i didn't mind being characterized as part of team normal. >> there was no credible evidence of fraud produced by the trump campaign or his supporters. >> reporter: the committee also drawing a line between trump's big lie and his fund-raising. >> the claims that the election was stolen were so successful. president trump and his allies raised the $250 million. >> reporter: voters were told the money would be used to fight voter fraud, which didn't exist. >> and seven in totals throughout the month of june. the third hearing scheduled for wednesday is designed to address trump's attempt to infiltrate
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the department of justice and there's also the possibility that members of congress that were involved in that effort may be revealed as being part of that plot. don. >> ryan, thank you very much. i want to bring in political commentato r dent. and this is what liz cheney is saying tonight. the january 6th committee has not ush issued a conclusion regarding appropriate referrals. susan, what's up with this? what's going on here? >> it's kind of remarkable in the middle of big rollout of their long-awaited hearings,
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it's been a year and a half since january 6th and we're talking about their disagreement with each other. it's not just liz cheney versus the chairman. you see several other members tonight as well i think adam schiff and another congresswoman also saying, wait a minute, we haven't decided, although to a certain extent, don, i'm not sure how consequence this disagreement really is. in the end it would be up to merrick garland, the attorney general, and his justice department whether or not they proceed with charges. congress would have an advisable at best in this. obviously it's the evidence itself that matters in the legal determination, none of which is really in the hands of this congressional select committee anyways. >> i want to bring in laura coates, a former prosecutor and get her take. hello to you. we know the attorney general garland is watching. >> he is watching. i think they are presenting a case that outlines really where the prosecutors if they were
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inclined to pursue charges would pick up. they're outlining the notion of what he was doing, what he was engaged in, the knnotion of knowing it was fraud, trying to convince people of the big lie. there is a criminal hook to this. that's the idea of trying to defraud the people of the united states. you have to have this agreement that says here's what we're going to do. that part is still out there to be proven. but you have to have an official proceeding. here it is the certification of the count and the intention to use fraud for some improper or corrupt person and commit an overt act in front of it. of time he's tried to find instances of fraud knowing that there were no fraudulent issues to actually discuss, he was essentially committing a kind of overt act, a tweet, a speech, a conversation, a plan that went tote live counter to where
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everyone said. there's really no inference that could be made that he actually believed in fact or knew that this was somehow true because he had his attorney general talk about it, don. he had his own advisers, his cam t campaign manager. >> of course. wasn't it 60 times it was litigated? >> you're right to point that out. even if he didn't have the criminal intent to do something wrong, he would still have known based on all the certifications, all the exhausted legal remedies that he was trying to illegally retain office. >> bill barr may not have been sitting in the hearing room today but he was the star witness with videos like this one. here it is. >> there was never an indication
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of interest in the actual facts. i was somewhat demoralized because i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff, he has lost contact with -- he's become detached from reality if he really believes this stuff. >> if he really believes this stuff, he's become detached from reality. what message does that send coming from someone who carried trump's water for so long? >> well, it tells me that the former president is not only detached from reality but believes his own bull. he thinks -- he believes he's never wrong and he's never in doubt. and he's not going to let facts or evidence get in the way of his argument. and so i think he's just deluded himself, what we witnessed from bill barr and some of the other republicans who supported donald trump, these people have called him out and says the emperor has no clothes. they often didn't say that but
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they're saying it now. the real sad part about this, if someone tells an easily disputable lie over and over again, sadly too much people are going to believe it. that's what's happening and it undermining faith and confidence in our lelectoral system. >> the evidence i think is pretty compelling. what are they going to say? it's a deep state. it's never trumpers. these are the people the president had, his closest advisers and his family members, charlie. >> look, you just wonder at what point is there going to be a family intervention here. this dysfunction is unhealthy, it's obsessive and it's destructive to our country and to the party and the election system. it's just wrong on so many levels. everybody knows it. i think we're well past the point of people calling it out.
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they're just going to have to reject this man. but he stole a dangerous one and until enough people who know better continue to shout from the rooftops, i'm afraid that we're going to continue to see this spiral of our democratic institutions in a very bad direction. >> susan, i have another sound bite for you. this is bill barr describing a moment leaving the oval office after trump was talking about his fraud claims. here it is. >> jared was there with dan scovino, who ran the president's social media, who i thought and believed was a reasonable guy. i said how long is he going to carry on with this stolen
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electi election stuff? where is going to go? by that time meadows had left the office and caught up with me and he said, look, i think that he's becoming more realistic and knows that there's a limit to how far he can take this. and then jared said, yeah, we're working on this, we're working on it. >> i mean, so, susan, seriously, all these people around trump knew that these were lies. they didn't say anything publicly at the time. they aren't stopping all the other republicans who are running on his lies right now. it's just lies on top of lies and it just compounded. and to charlotte's point, like what the hell? what? >> first of all, don, you got to remember these people not only are they lying to the american public, they're lying to each
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other, they're back stabbing each other. they're each playing a different underhanded game. that comes through so clearly in that clip that you just played from former attorney general barr. an important figure in all this. he seemed to be at the miseating -- at the same time the evidence that's come out from the committee has shown pretty clearly that mark meadows was an active participating in heaping and to me, it was a snake pit, the trump white house and they were snake pit with themselves as well as lying to the american public. >> it's astounding. we'll be right back. don't go anywhere. under budget too! and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! i thought online meaeant no one to help me, but susan from carvana had all the answers.
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laura, what does this tell you about trump's state of mind? >> i think on the morning of january 6th he intended to still be the president of the united states. that would be an improper thing to do given the fact that he was already aware that there was no widespread fraud sufficient to overturn the election. he does not have a legal basis to continue to challenge, and he did not have a constitutional
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way to have the vice president of the united states undermine those lechelectors. did he truly believe he had the right or did he just want it to be true? that's a huge divide. either way, if he had criminal intent or remained for an improper purpose, you have the foundation of using fraud to impede the public. >> oh, people on one side you want to see trump in handcuffs and he's going to go in jail. and the other side is no one cares about this, we should be doing gas prices. we can't control and i don't think we should even be concerned with how this is going to land. people are going to think what they want to think. but with your legal mind, did you see anything in here that has been presented so far that trump has any sort of legal exposure, whether it's defrauding the people with, you
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know, giving money or whether it's him knowing that it was a loy lie and him going out there and then it end in an insurrection? >> well, he has legal exposure manifesting now in fulton county, georgia, based on votes he knew not to exist. there's a lot of time being spent about the proud boys. we're not yet hearing was in about him being charged alongside of those already indicted people, but the idea seems to be floating in the air in somye respect that there was some directive given. i'm not going to get ahead of my skis on that notion. in terms of exposure, what is so important is this is an ongoing threat to our democracy. i did question earlier today, i questioned a member of the committee has to whether the focus seemed to be almost
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singularly on donald trump was going to deter people understanding there was a collective thought process about the impact on our democracy. but he said this was about democracy over all. >> i want to play more now from the hearing. this is what trump's campaign manager bill stepien said he told trump about his prospects after the election. >> very, very, very bleak. we told him, the group that went over there, outlined, you know, my belief in chances for success at this point and then we pegged it at 5, maybe 10% based on recounts that, you know, either were automatically initiated or could be initiated based on, you
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know, realist legal challenges, not all the legal challenges that eventually were pursued. but it was, you know, my belief is it was a very, very, 5% to 10% is not a very good, optimist ub p mi optimistic outlook. >> when stepien wasn't telling trum when ewhat he wanted to hear about the election results, he found someone else. isn't this part of the pattern with the former president? >> absolutely, don. the whole story is him over and over and over again, trying to get had one of his former senior officials is talking to me about who is going to be the new white house chief of staff?
8:22 pm
and trump said i want a but bill stepan is no hero either. he's that whaeks this o he portrays himself on team normal but did donald trump just change radically on november 3rd, 2020? come on, he was preparing and talking about a rig. >> yeah, he's talking about i've been here since the very beginning, since he went down the escalator in 2015. he was talking about a rigged election then. when he won, all of a sudden it wasn't rigged. >> don, can we just say something about the cynicism of all this. >> i respeb him as a campaign person. he's just acknowledged that the
8:23 pm
president loss and presumably the pred is lying against him. that won't stop him from running for liz cheney. >> but the canadian p kennedys have run campaign on the line, kret? >> correct. so he's still monetizing it. it's not just him but there are plenty of people monetizing this lie, even though they know it is a lie. this is what makes me so cynical about poll tux today, how can you do that with a straight face? say it's a lie in front of the whole world and then go out there and monetize it. too bad he couldn't be here in person. why are you working against a candidate, liz. >> people obviously they lied
8:24 pm
and re and if you do call them out, then you're called rmudo frnl they say use is a pejorative. s so that you how it becomes a lie. they tried to stem the criticism but making the people who krit tiez it out to be against the former democrats or republicans. the republican, democrat or independent or whaef are only wraring. >> no. >> no? >> and you're right, done. ia want to interrupt the bed story tar land if their perfect
8:25 pm
is to figure out the ways in if they need to recommend the entire converse, ways in which to today kwai that's those things, this prn operation 11 defense doesn't go there. the electoral counteract as well. there are things that this kmat short of prougs teegs that they but that's the way they had a nation of laws. >> it's going to take the people to do that. it's going to have to take the american people, the voters who told me he was appearing in the january 6th hearings through.
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so the january 6 committee hearing more today from former president trump's inner circle
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about his efforts to overturn the 20 election. i want you to take a listen. this is what his daughter and son-in-law had to say when asked about rudy giuliani and suggests he outlie p d. >> i don't know if i had a firm view of what he should say in that sirk. the results were still being counted. >> did you ever share, mr. kushner, your view of mr. giuliani, did you ever share your thoughts with him about the president? >> i guess -- yes. >> tell me what you said. >> basically not the approach i would take if i was you. >> those comments follow testimony from ivanka last week saying she accepted attorney general william bar r saying
8:32 pm
there was no fraud in the election. >> let's discuss. author mike d'antonio. this is so outrageous. i cannot believe that people still believe this man. i just think it's so outrageous. there's so much evidence that points to he knew he was lying, right, he was told he was lying. the courts proved he was lying. and now his daughter. she froze when she was asked whether or not trump won or lost the election. >> jared as well. when they asked him, have you spoken to the president about this? the trouble for jarrett and ivanka is that they both want to
8:33 pm
be considered part of team normal now when they weren't on team normal for four years. it's a stretch for all of us to believe back in november and december, nerp the voice of the region. if that was the case, why did jared go to the middle east and where was a case of them having to have their cake and eat it, too? >> don't you think this is significant and trump's inner feelings. these are never trumpers, these. >> i'm waiting now for him. mel on ra again when he same on the seen. so there's no love lost between
8:34 pm
the two of them. and then our eric and don jr., you'll troog, and now there's place for them to move up. the briberies with this crowd are endless. >> listen, you have been talking about how ivanka and jared have been trying to promote themselves as postwhite house figures. butle you said that this comes across as really pathetic. how is that? >> well, it's very disingenuous. i don't think anyone believes that they didn't know that donald trump had lost the election. i think that they understood before the lebs that he was going to lose and they understand what he was doing back in may of 2000 when he was setting the table for this plan. anyone who has been around donald trump any length of time knows that he always anticipates the whining that he's going to
8:35 pm
do. >> in may of 2000? >> yes, in may of 2000 he started saying it's probably going to be rigged -- >> you mean 2020? >> i'm so sorry. he might have done it then, too. certainly before the 2016 election, he made the same crazy claim. he's always looking for this trap door, this way of saying, yeah, burr i didn't really lose. i was cheated. that doesn't matter whether it's a game of golf or it's ou democracy a local election or a national election. >> right. this is congresswoman zo lofton. her opening statement at topped's hearing. watch. >> we'll also show that the trump campaign used these false claims of election fraud to
8:36 pm
raise from sorers who were told their donations were for the legal fights in the courts. but the big lie was also a big ripoff. >> taub no one had strt p stated it as clearly as you did today, the big ripoff. he intent on gifting the american people as well. stealing money from the people who support him? >> precisely. think about what frnl all these people who went to this crazy attack on the capitol were sent
8:37 pm
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senators say they have agreed to enhanced background checks for people under 21. merrick garland endorsing the proposal today calling it meaningful progress. >> if you put illegal guns on our streets or into the hands of violent offenders, the justice department will spare no resource to hold you accountable. the justice department is committed to doing our part to end the plague of gun violence. and we strongly support congress
8:43 pm
hear's effort well. >> this the economy federal action on gown flab now. here with me now is senator be and i just hised some things that are in this framework but there are lots of things that are not in this same work. like remuing the assault weaponins want, first of all, it's great to you back with you. and that to see just meaningful that. i would support what a man on salt weapons and comprehensive back ground checks. but i will say that vlg the background checks, those aged 21 or under, it's important that
8:44 pm
essentially creates a waiting period. and the requirement and disagreement also say if you have an 18-year-old and goes out and buys an taught question loon luke that has to be fotified. and that is and you'll being on the other side that she mentioned that kol it is transformative. it is slully stance from fnl and
8:45 pm
not just grants, stop and start. >> so listen, this is just a frame. the legislation is now the actually wreten yet? are you confidence that republicans are going to continue to support it? >> i was all day today talking to folks about language, very involved in writing the pieces of this, talking to colleagues about the other pieces of it. and people are very focused, members are very focused and getting this right and quickly as possible. of day counts. and so i am confident that from what i've seen so far that there's enough people in the united states on it, not everybody. but interest. >> the reason i asked downcurb of the reasons that i sure
8:46 pm
because this is personal for you. be a i understand, another father needed mental health there. but it just went there and so there's. >> go tie a knot. so when you're talking about health care kind of things so they don't want none. when you did have help and when you didn't have help. it is incredibly different. it's chris the 00 making sure
8:47 pm
that sfchl. >> in other parts of the country, governors were making their own states or making their own moves. governor mike due wine signed a little into law just reduces the other from cane what effect do you think this is going to have on his famt. >> i you down, i first met it when i first saw opinion prn it dramatically lowered it. >> how in the world dis that
8:48 pm
wasn't in with the if i recall questioned you'll rives in that normal. >> el with, you were right, from $2,700 to 400. we'll see how is it plays out. let's hope for the where is thoughts and prayers not enough. it's time to act. >> i completely agree. thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> dozens of men suspected of having ties with a white nationalist group arrested in idaho after planning a riot at a pride event. now they're getting doth threats. oh i get it. so you can take your old phone, that you've had for 12 years and d loved every minute of, and trade it in for r something new that suits your life now? that's right, yeah. and then enjoy immediate success, even though you'll never forget your old phonone. ever. it's a great trade. life-changing. get a free samsung galaxy s22 with any galaxy trade-in.
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tonight, an idaho police chief says he and others in his department are receiving death threats. that's after they arrested 31 men believed to be linked to a white nationalist group who law enforcement officials say had been planning to riot at a pride event. sara sidner is in idaho with the story. >> reporter: to witnesses they appear add as a little army, 31 men dressed in similar outfits, all with their faces covered. police say they were prepared to riot as the city celebrates pride month. >> the information that we had would lead any reasonable officer to assume that there might be criminal activity afoot based not only on the 911 call but the information contained within the call. >> reporter: police say they were stuffed into a moving van
8:54 pm
caught with shields, weapons, and at least one smoke bomb as they headed toward downtown coeur d'alene. >> i have no doubt in my mind that had that van stopped at the park or much nearer the park, that we still would have ended up in a riot situation. >> reporter: one by one, police unmasked the men. one of the men, police say, is their leader thomas rousseau. he along with his group patriot front came from out of town and brought with them a nasty racist past, one cnn has reported on over the years. >> these were members of the hate group patriot front. these are not antifa in disguise, nor were they fbi members in disguise. >> reporter: this group didn't just come out of nowhere. they're not new. researchers that track hate say patriot front is an offshoot of a group called vanguard america, whose alleged leader, thomas rousseau, attended the unite the right rally in charlottesville. >> jews will not replace us! >> reporter: the person convicted of this murderous act
8:55 pm
of hate in charlottesville, the man behind the wheel of that car had been spotted standing side by side with the racist group. though the leader said he was not a member and condemned his violence, that didn't stop their neo-nazi ideologies or activities according to several groups that track hate in america. they simply splintered and rebranded themselves after the terrible publicity and legal trouble facing many who took part in the deadly charlottesville rally. >> patriot front sprang off the vanguard america as a new effort, a new brand. they're constantly trying to reinvent themselves to distance themselves from the very violence that they're routinely promoting. >> reporter: peter simi is an associate professor at chapman university. he's spent decades studying extremist groups, even living with some of them. he says patriot front's favorite targets are immigrants, brown and black people. why would they, as authorities have said, target the lgbtq
8:56 pm
segment of society? >> it's a very common target for these kind of hate groups, these kind of white supremacist groups tend to be very homophobic, very much seeing this either in biblical terms in terms of homosexuality being a sin against god, or for those that are not religiously oriented, they'll see it in more biological terms, in terms of being unnatural. >> the aryan nations had worldwide gatherings here until the town decided to fight back. their fight to remove racist hate from their town resulted in some of the toughest state hate crime laws in the country. >> we're not going back to the days of the aryan nations. >> reporter: sara sidner, cnn, coeur d'alene, idaho. >> sara, thank you. and thanks for watching,
8:57 pm
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