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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  June 16, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is thursday, june 16. >> thursday. we are slowly plowing through this week. i'm christine romans. nice to see you. the next public hearing of the january 6 committee set to start just hours from now. the committee plans to draw a straight line from former president trump's words to the capitol riot. aides say the panel will focus on trump's campaign to pressure the vice president into blocking the certification of president biden's victory on january 6.
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remember what trump told the crowd at the elipse hours before the attack. >> mike pence, i will tell you right now, i'm not hearing good stories. >> i hope that our great vice president, our great vice president comes through for us. he is a great guy. of course if he doesn't come through, i won't like him quite as much. [ chanting ] >> trump's public push contributed to the riot which included threats against pence's life. and two pence aides will appear live this morning. counsel to the vice president and a retired judge and informal adviser. and also expect to see video from the deposition of marc short who appeared yesterday, telling wolf blitzer how he warned the secret service the
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day before the riot. >> it became clear that the disagreements that had been discussed i think -- >> between the president and vice president? >> and the staffs were about to become far more public. and i think with thousands of people dekrscending upon washington, i thought it would be important. >> and a video raises more questions about a tour conducted by republican congressman barry loudermilk on january 5. that video shows a man taking pictures of tunnels, hallway, staircases and a security checkpoint within the capitol complex and what appears to be that very same man marching to the capitol on january 6 spouting threats against democrats. >> there is no escape, pelosi. schumer.
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nadler. we're coming for you. we're coming in like white on rice. for pelosi, nadler, schumer. even you, aoc. we're coming to take you out. we'll pull you out by your hairs. how about that, pelosi? >> loudermilk is pushing back on what he calls false accusations calling it a smear campaign that the capitol police already put to bed. joining me now is the state attorney for palm beach county, florida. so nice to have you bright and early for us. let's talk about today's hearing. we understand that the focus will be all about trump's pressure campaign. this campaign to overturn the election, essentially this ill con sceived plot that pence cou somehow single handedly block
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the certificate indion of biden win. what are you watching for? >> i'm watching for further evidence of trump's criminal intent. that is what this committee is getting at. you saw a little tease of that by the release of the video from the white house counsel and who advised john eastman that he needed to get a criminal defense lawyer. he is more colorful language. but that tells you where they are going. they are trying to show that trump knew that the eastman plan was illegal and knew that his his efforts to pressure mike pence also were illegal. this all gets back to the issue of criminal intent. >> so you mentioned eastman. eastman i think is a central character in this entire story. and the "new york times" is reporting on emails this morning between trump attorney john eastman and this wisconsin lawyer, the link here in terms of the criminal intent aspect that you are interested this is
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really interesting because eastman in these emails suggests that he has inside info over a heated fight among supreme court justices about whether to hear arguments with the president's efforts to overturn his defeat at the polls. whether eastman had inside info, we don't know. but he is at least espousing the idea that he does. >> it gets to the issue of ginni thomas. there is a new report that the wife of clarence thomas was more involved in the big lie than previously reported. that she had contacts with john east man who used to clerk for her husband. so there is that natural ke connection. but it is important to find out her role because clarence thomas is still on the court making decisions on cases involving january 6. so i don't know how you can have a supreme court justice making decisions on a case that his
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wife was intricately involved with. but that goes to the point that the supreme court sets its own rules for its own justices and they interpret their own rules to term what is a vie election of the rules. so in that sense they are really above the law. >> yeah, really interesting the "washington post" and "new york times" reporting on those emails and cnn has done a lot of reporting on certainly the pressure beginni thomas was asserting on the white house team. she was intimately involved here as a player. she of course is married to clarence thomas. and back to one piece of the "new york times" story, they are trying to make it link i think between the violence that we saw on january 6 and the plot that was going on among eastman and these other lawyers. and the wisconsin lawyer that i mentioned says i think that the odds of action before january 6 will become more favorable if the justices start to fear that there will be wild chaos on january 6.
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in other words, that the justices would be so in-continue dated that they would actually rule. what does that ten you?actually rule. what does that ten you? tell you? >> that provides criminal intent. and eastman is right, he needs a good criminal lawyer. a lot is made on what he knew about the election. he was told that the election was legitimate. but as a prosecutor, you don't need to prove that donald trump knew that the election was legitimate to show criminal intent. it is stuff like this where after your protests in the courts have been exhausted, after your appeals are over, you don't get to send up phony electors to be counted, you don't get to pressure local officials to find you a certain number of votes, you don't get to declare pressure doj officials and you don't get to unleash a mob to disrupt the
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counting of the votes. that is all evidence of criminal intent regardless of whether the president believed the election was stolen or not. >> he doesn't have a paper trail, but we certainly have quite a bit of evidence from those around him, those advising him. it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out this morning. thank you so much, preerpotect time, sir. and we have more legal news. steve bannon is going on trial next month, a federal judge refusing to throw out contempt of congress charges. bannon had argued that the house select committee subpoenas were illegal and his communications should be shielded because he had been in contact with trump at the end of his administration. and remember this man parading through the capitol with a large confederate flag, he was found guilty of obstructing an official proceeding. they had driven from delaware to
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attend the stop the steal rally. and they climbed in through a broken window. at least 865 people have been charged for their participation in the insurrection. today join cnn for special coverage to hear new details about what happened inside the capitol and white house on january 6. damned if you do, damned if you don't. just ahead, joe biden's administration sued by environmentalists over oil drilling. and two americans who may have been captured after fighting russians in ukraine. and talks on capitol hill, will the beep deal on gun safety hold? i am a triathlete. i've always been into health, and wellness, and fitness... i tried evererything wiwith diet and exercise, and nothing worked. there was just kinda this stubborn area on my stomach.h. but coolsculpting g worked for ! coolsculpting g targets, freezes and eliminates treated fat for good. no needles, no incisions. discuss coolsculpting with your provider.
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an historic day for your money. the federal reserve ranked up interest rates by three quarter of a personal point. it is a bold move to try to cool red hot inflation, inflation that is crushing consumers and frustrating the biden administration. jerome powell says failure is not an option. inflation is distorting the american economy and hurting families. >> clearly today's 75 basis point increase is an unusually large one. and i do not expect moves of this size to be common. we at the fed understand the hardship that high inflation is causing. we're strongly committed to bringing bringing the inflation back down. >> and of course higher rates raise the cost of borrowing for homes, car, student loan. but be warned if you are
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carrying debt, that debt is just about to get more expensive. wall street raukeaction, stock index futures are now lower here. dow futures are down about 570 point. how is the fed move playing now the global markets? let's go to anna sue atewart in paris. what is going on this morning? >> reporter: yesterday a close higher after a six day losing streak but the relieve rally has fizzled. all the main indices over 2% lower. so that wipes out any gains that we had yesterday. and the federal reserve is not the only central bank that investors are watching. european central bank had an ad hoc meeting which is pretty much unheard of to tackle the fact that bond yields in southern europe spiked. and that is the result of rate
2:16 am
rises being indicated for july. and some member states have too much debt. in the uk rng kuk, huang bank o is also meeting. an expect the rate rise. will they double down and take it out of the book? remains to be seen. but inflation in the uk topping 9% in april. so cost of living and inflation and rising rates is really biting across the board here. >> it is a global story and investors getting used to a shift in factors. hire interest rates, higher inflation and slower growth and energy crisis. thank you so much for that, anna. let's bring in selina wang. a mixed bag in asia. major markets there are closed now. >> reporter: originally we saw asia marketing rallying but that
2:17 am
momentum was slowly losing speed as the trading day ended. the nikkei ended higher, but mainland markets as well as hong kong stocks closed lower. what is putting pressure is the lockdowns. even as some restrictions lift, the economy here is always hostage to further lockdowns over just a single covid-19 case. and while inflation is a global story here in china actually prices are cooling. that is because the lockdowns have so severely depressed factory and retail activity. at the same time you've got this risk of a looming recession in the united states, some analysts are saying that china's economy is in the worst shape in the past 30 years. and that delivers a double whammy to global growth because china is such a massive producer and consumer of the world's goods. >> to say nothing of all of supply chains trying to get sorted out when you have lockdowns in china, that delays that for sure. thank you so much.
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later today president biden will sign a bipartisan bill designed to drive down the cost of shipping goods overseas. the white house hopes that the bill eases supply chain bottlenecks at sea, it bars ocean carriers from refusing to take american exports back to asia if their ships have space. overseas shirps s asia if their ships have space. overseas shs shirps posted prof of $150 billion in 2021. and three environmental law groups are suing the biden administration trying to block more than 3500 permit applications from energy companies to drill for oil and gas on public land. the group claims that it violates several federal laws. climate advocates are determined to hold president biden to his campaign promise to ban all the drills that he has failed to deliver on. nd and coming up,
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overnight bipartisan senate negotiators met trying to make this deal on gun legislation. sides are still trying to work through their issues here .sticks points include the red flag laws and so-called boyfriend loophole. it is unclear if they will meet their goal of reaching an agreement by the end of the week. daniella diaz is following it all. what are senators saying about these sticking points, what is the holdup?
2:24 am
>> reporter: key negotiators are trying to write out the lechts l legislation for the framework that the bipartisan group announced last sunday. the problem is now that they are writing the text, they are still trying to figure out the details and they are not agreeing on all these details. one being as you said whether funds should be used to ensent advise states to implement red flag laws. republicans believe that that would trample on second amendment rights and they believe that the funds should be used for alternative crisis intervention programs. so that is one sticking point. they are still negotiating as they are trying to write the legislation. and the second being the so-called boyfriend loophole. currently people who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence are prohibited from owning or purchasing guns but the problem here is that the ban only applies to spouses or company has beens been company
2:25 am
been bitants. so not just a candidatie ing da. but that is another sticking point. they really wanted to have it done by friday. they understand that they have momentum right now before any sort of other news coming up for example a supreme court decision that could distract senators and shift their priorities. but take a listen to what the key negotiators, chris murphy and john cornyn, said last night before key meetings that they had on these sticking points. they are opt 3imistic but they understand that they are racing against the clock. >> we're on our way, but i am concerned given the time it takes and the need to complete our work really by tomorrow that we got to settle these issues or else we're talking about jeopardizing our ability to deal with legislation next week. >> i'm not worried. we worked hard to get a
2:26 am
framework agreement that 20 republicans and democrats agree to, all we have to do is put it into text. not a piece of cake, but i think that everybody in this room wants to get a bill to the floor by next week. >> reporter: i want to note that after they said that -- made these comments taoo us about the negotiations, cornyn said that they were optimistic that they could reach the deadline by the end the week. so we'll have to see how they eventually figure out how that they will write through that text. >> and the process grinds on. we'll see whether they can get it done. just ahead, two americans missing in ukraine, are they now prisoners of war? and a new setback in the baby formula shortage. why mother nature e is to blame. e dry skin all day.
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24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. two americans who have been fighting alongside ukrainian forces are now missing. alexander and andy disappeared during battle north of kharkiv. in an emotional interview, their loved ones spoke to cnn last night. >> i'm trying to remain strong and calm because getting upset won't help alex at all.
2:32 am
but hearing this for the first time is difficult because i -- i feel for her. he is one of the most loyal americans you would ever hope to meet and he was proud to serve his country. and he said, mom, i really need to go and help fight in ukraine. he is just so strong and he has such a big heart. he didn't go there for selfish reasons or anything, he really had this gnawing at his heart and this burden to serve the people however he can. >> russian propaganda channel has posted that two americans have been captured, although that report has not been confirmed. cnn's salma abdelaziz is live in kyiv with more for us. what do we know about the search for these two americans? >> reporter: these two americans both from alabama, they were fighting under the command of ukrainian forces in the kharkiv
2:33 am
region, that is major frontline right now. about a week ago during the military operation, they disappeared. this was june 9 ths at they wer last seen. there were subsequent operations and no remains found. their loved ones believe that they have been captured by russian forces. again, no confirmation as to that. u.s. officials have confirmed that the for men are missing but again, they have not verified that they are indeed in russian custody, have been captured by russian forces. the pentagon spokesperson john kirby was quick to reassure the families that the u.s. officials will come everything that they can, but they also warned about the dangers of americans coming to ukraine. take a listen. >> we'll do everything that we can to get them safely back home. i do think, however, that this is an important point in time to remind that we discourage americans from going to ukraine and fighting in ukraine.
2:34 am
it is a warzone, it is combat. if you feel passionate about supporting ukraine, there are any number of other ways to do. >> reporter: now, again, because they were fighting with the ukrainian military, they should be treated as police they ares presumptive prisoners of war if they have been captured. human rights groups say that foreign fightersthey ares prisoners of war if they have been captured. human rights groups say that foreign fighters have thought been treated appropriately. two british foreign fighters were recently sentenced to death by a russian backed court, a court that was not recognized by the international community. and of course the fear is that if these two men have been captured by russian forces, that they could be used as a bargaining chip for their families. the concern is that these two men might pop up on russian channels, be used as a
2:35 am
bargaining chip. and just a reminder how dangerous it is for americans to come and fight in ukraine. and lloyd austin is meeting with defense ministers in belgium after the biden administration announced additional aid to ukraine for fight russia. oren liebermann is traveling with the secoretary. what is the secretary hoping to achieve today? >> reporter: first details about the $1 billion aid package. the us is now sending 18 more howitzers on top of the artillery already september in, as well as more than 36 rounds of ammunition. and the u.s. is also sending in ammunition for the high mars system. and the training on that just wrapped up so the expectation is that that will join the fight soon and that is what we're looking for. of course we know how difficult it is for ukrainian forces, the
2:36 am
russian incremental gains are still gains nevertheless in eastern koouk ukraine and the c se severdonetsk. today is about moving forward. now that the u.s. and allies have seen what it is willing do, does it require more forces moving east, does it require a larger number, what types of forces. all that will is part of the discussions and that will turn into actions. and of course one the big questions is how fast can the weapons that the u.s. announced get in. some should arrive quickly. it puts into a list, to approval, to descending. because of the incremental nature of the gains made by russia, the u.s. believes that there is time for those weapons to make a difference. >> oren liebermann, thank you so much. china's president xi and
2:37 am
president t president putin speaking by phone. and let's bring in steven jank from hong kong. global backlash is building, but these two presidents are posting the closest cooperation in years. >> reporter: that's right. and remember like russia, china still refuses to call it a russian invasion and xi jinping still has not called president zelenskyy since the war broke out. the chinese readout after the phone call contains nothing surprising. high hiding the neutrality. and kremlin saying that they noted russia's actions. so xi told putin that they need to work together to support each
2:38 am
other on their respective core interests. xi jinping mentioned taiwan issues where chaiina is undergog u.s. pressure. and worth noting that this phone call took place on xi jinping's birthday. he turned 69 on wednesday. this was actually the fourth time the two men talked on xi jinping talk order the birthday. so the bromance is going strong just like the no limits pat nert ship between the countries. >> and a friendship that has no limits. thank you so much. coming up, kevin spacey back in a courtroom facing sexual assault charges. this time in london. and big corporations are being blamed for inflation. so do they deserve it and how much?
2:39 am
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let's get a check on cnn business this morning. looking at markets around the world, asian shares have closed for the day. europe have opened lower, a sharp drop in europe. wall street, stock index futures at this hour also pointing to some significant losses. you can see the dow lose the 30,000 mark. and on wednesday, it was a rebound after the fed raised interest rates by three quarters of a percentage point. financial and tech stocks leading the way there. jerome powell indicating a similar hike could come in july if the economic data doesn't improve. new evidence of the rising cost of gas and food that is causing americans to pull back on spending and other items. retail sales fell 0.3%, first decline since december. and the big concern is where consumers are spending their money. gas stations up 4%, up 1.2%
2:44 am
month over month at grocery stores. other retailers was down 1%. and let's bring in mark zandi. i want to get your read on that fed move yesterday. something that they haven't done since 1994. loom like three rate hikes in one day when they are usually so careful on their moves. is this enough to turn the tide on inflation? >> yeah, since 1984, haven't seen anything like that, so they are serious about getting inflation down. there is a lot of other things that they talked about in the statement and jay powell talked about in the press conference afterwards. and if you listen and read, they are clear that they are willing to sacrifice the economic expansion to lower inflation. so one way or the other, inflation will come back down
2:45 am
and this was a big move. >> and so explain what it means. v they are looking next year into a higher unemployment rate. but we're talking about maybe slowing the economy down and raising the unemployment rate a little bit as part of that goal. >> well, that is the script. i think that they are saying if push comes to shove and we have to push the economy into recession, i'm going to do that because i know if i don't, i'll ultimately suffer a recession that is a lot worse. so, you know, i think that it raises the odds that we have a recession here going forward. i still don't think that that is the most likely scenario, but that is definitely a serious scenario given that the fed is saying that tell do what it takes to get inflation done. >> he said failure is not an option, inflation is hurting american families and it is distorting how we do business. the normal operation of the
2:46 am
economy is distorted by persistent high inflation. i want to ask you about this notion of greed-flation. we've heard a lot about corporate profits. the president has ripped oil companies for profit margins being so fat. but you look at the profits of the oil companies in the first quarter, wow, they are making so much money while americans are paying more for gas and everything else. is it fair to blame the capitalist model here? i mean, is this the rough edge of capitalism that when consumers are getting hurt, this is a great time to be returning money to shareholders? >> i don't put too much weight off will-i don't put any weight on the price gouging argument. there is a long list of reasons for the high inflation. at the top of the list is the war in ukraine. close second is the pandemic and impact on supply chains and labor markets. price gouging, i don't see it. you look at mprofit margins, tht
2:47 am
has been falling. and the gr mmargin is the price what they charge compared to the produce that it costs them to produce. maybe there are some sector, you pointed to energy, meat packing industry has been called out, where margins are high. but even there, you know, for the energy industry, we want them to produce more oil. we need more oil. so i'm not so sure that the high margins, the high profits, they have a purpose. they areincentive to keep the prices back down. but i should say that i don't think that it is wrong -- in fact i think that it is appropriate for lawmakers and congress to shine a -- put a bright shiny light on business practices to make sure that everyone is playing by the rules. because in times past businesses have taken advantage. but i don't see that as an
2:48 am
explanation for what we're suffering right now. >> we saw the retail sales number yesterday, people have shifted. they were buying couches and pajamas and stay at home things for a year and a half. and now they are buying service, they are buying experiences again. so a natural shift. but are people pulling back because of inflation? >> no, i don't think so. i think that we are seeing some moderation in spending growth. but that is by design, right? the fed is raising interest rates to slow the growth rate of the economy which means that -- we want them to keep spending but to spend at a less clip. and on top of that, a shift spending patterns. during the pandemic, you know, we were stick in our homes and buying stuff. and we have a lot of stuff and now we want to go out and travel. just take a look at all the
2:49 am
reports about airline travel and how the planes are full. so it fepdit depends on what pa touch. but if you look at the entire elephant, it looks like the do you rememberer doing their part. >> mark zandi, thanks for getting up with us. and coming up, new cnn reporting on donald trump's plans for 2024. and next tom brady the quarterback talks about what tom brady the broadcaster will do. vs may affect blood pressure, they can't just take anything for t their pain. tylenol® i is the #1 dr. recommended pain relief brand for those withth high blood pressure. if you have questions on whether tylenol is right for you, talk t to your doctor. to help prevent bleeding gums, try saying hello gumwash with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shiel try parodontax active gum health mouthwash.
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welcome back. this morning actor kevin spacey appearing in court in the uk on sexual assault charges. he faces four counts of sexual assault against three men in incidents dating back as far as 2005. let's bring in nina dos santos. what do we know about his court date? >> reporter: well, we've just heard actually now that the court has finished its session. he appeared to confirm his date of birth, his address and full name and now they will set the dates of what will happen from here. the judge granted him unconditional bail which mean that's can travel back to the united states for the next court hearing set to take place on the
2:55 am
14th of july. he places four counts of sexual assault here in the uk. he was artistic corredirector o theater and during that time he is alleged too have committed sexual assault on three men. these charges set to take place in london and another one in the west of the country. a part where many celebrities have their country homes. it has to be said that kevin spacey arrived here earlier this week voluntarily. and issued a statement sitting that he can was confident that he could prove his innocence. and this is the first time that beef seen kevin spacey in a number of years. remember he is also facing federal case in new york as well which continues too. >> nina, thank you so much for that. keep us posted. and the avalanche held off a furious lightning comeback to win game one of the stanley kuch
2:56 am
finals in an overtime thriller. koir coy wire has the "bleacher report." and they are trying to become the first nhl team in four decades to win three in a row. best record in the west earning home ice advantage. and here we go, colorado jumping out to a 3-1 lead in the very first period of their first final since 2001. put your and up. but lightning strikes twice and two goals in less than a minute to tie it up and send to overtime. but that is where the of a laenc avalanche buried tampa. they hammered it home and the 4-3 win and after the game, they talked about the biggest goal so far in the playoffs. >> wasn't thinking too much. kind of a crazy feeling. just being able to be here in
2:57 am
this final and help the team win a game, i mean, it was a nice feeling for sure. >> and another day, another almost no hurt in baseball. this time dodgers pitcher tyler anderson keeping the angels hitless until the ninth but hopes come crumbling down. why did you do it, man? his first triple of the season. and anderson ends up with the 4-1 win and standing ovation for a heck of a job. and until yesterday, there had only been 103 immaculate innings in major league baseball history. we're talking about striking out all three batters. and astros did it twice in the same game. garcia striking out three r rangers batters in the second inning. but the same feat in the seventh
2:58 am
inning against the same three hitters. what are the chances? also the first time immaculate innings thrown on the same day regardless of the team or game. and caught up with the g.o.a.t. tom brady has had a busy offseason from retiring to unretiring to launching his br brady brand clothing line. and even the big news that he will be getting into broadcasting. seven time super bowl champ says that that will be a big challenge. >> it is not something that you just show up to. it is some that you will have to work really hard at. when the time comes, i'm going to commit as much time as i need to do make sure that when i step out there and, you know, my first broadcast on air, it will be as best i possibly can do knowing that it will be a long ways from where i'll probably want to be and hopefully where
2:59 am
it will be many years from now. so right now i'm still in my layil plays day, so time to focus on that when i'm done. >> i asked what are you not good at. and he said strawberries are my kryptonite. can't stand the taste or smell. >> and no anti-inflammatory diet. >> that's right. >> and you know, 40 is the new 30, i don't think, but tom brady is defying the science. >> indeed. >> thank you so much, thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world, it is thursday, june 16th. jo


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