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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 17, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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bolduan. the january 6th committee building its case against former president donald trump, and his plot to overturn the 2020 election. but could the former president face charges? plus, inflation and the fight against it making the american dream unaffordable for some. i'll ask one of the president's top economic advisers what can be done to help those who need it most. and more than three weeks after the school shooting in uvalde, texas, a community is still waiting for answers. that's what we're watching "at this hour." we begin with the january 6th committee laying out more evidence that donald trump knew his plan to overturn the 2020 election was illegal. he tried to do it anyway. that finding leading to a critical question, will the justice department criminally prosecute the former president? a former federal judge and conservative legal expert testified thursday that trump's plan promoted relentlessly by
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attorney john eastman and others, presented a clear and dangerous threat to american democracy. listen to this. >> had vice president pence obeyed the orders from his president, and the president of the united states of america, that declaration of donald trump as the next president would have plunged america into what i believe would have been tantamount to a revolution within a constitutional crisis. >> revolution within a constitutional crisis.
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the committee also revealing just how close to serious danger mike pence was on during the day of the insurrection. rioters coming within 40 feet of the former vice president. as the committee prepares to hold more hearings next week, it is also trying to speak to ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court court justice clarence thomas about her role in trying to overturn the results of the 2020 election. let's take you to capitol hill and lauren fox is there for us. what were the main takeaways from thursday's hearings? >> reporter: well, the committee walking viewers through an excruciating and vivid detail the lengths that former president donald trump and lawyer john eastman went to, to try to convince then vice president mike pence and his team to unilaterally overturn the results of the election on capitol hill, on january 6th, in what is supposed to be a ceremonial procedure to count the votes and announce the next president of the united states.
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what they found, and what they presented in that hearing yesterday was that they did this, despite the fact that both trump and eastman knew these actions they were taking and what they were asking pence to do was actually illegal. and unconstitutional. now, one of the results of this that the committee walked through in detail was the fact that this put pence's life in danger. here's what representative pete aguilar said about that. >> make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger. the proud boys would have killed mike pence if given a chance. >> reporter: and the committee used the rioters' own words, videos of that day, of rorioter calling to hang mike pence, rioters blaming him for the fact this election was not going to be overturned on capitol hill that day. but obviously the committee thrusting toward next week, getting ready for more hearings,
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both on tuesday and thursday at 1:00. who is going to be a witness at those hearings and the exact topics still to be disclosed by the committee. boris? >> lauren fox, from capitol hill, thank you so much. let's dig deeper now with cnn global affairs analyst susan glasser, a staff writer for "the new yorker" and we have with us cnn legal analyst jennifer rogers, former federal prosecutor. jennifer, let's start with you. one thing we heard over and over again yesterday is that people around the former president told him that the plan to use the 12th amendment to overturn the 2020 election was illegal and was likely not going to be looked at by the supreme court. they would likely vote against it, yet he went forward anyway. does that present any kind of criminal liability? what are the chances that doj might prosecute? >> it might, boris. we need more development of the facts and the doj hasn't looked into this, they will do that, they'll dig deeper into exactly
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what the president wasconversat this issue. if he knew it was unlawful to pressure mike pence to do that and did that anyway, it can be a conspiracy charge. >> one of the architects of this plan was john eastman, one of donald trump's attorneys. he told trump two days before the insurrection this plan is illegal, i want you to listen to what he had to say to the committee about this. >> i assert my fifth amendment right against being compelled to be a witness against myself. fifth. fifth. fifth. fifth. fifth. fifth. >> fifth, fifth, fifth. committee member pete aguilar said he took the fifth 100 times. we also learned yesterday that he told rudy giuliani, quote, i decided, i should be pardoned, put on the list of pardons. you make the point in a new
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piece in "the new yorker" that americans don't care about john eastman, nor should they. help us understand why. >> well, look, to your point, and your question about is donald trump going to face charges and accountability, one thing that the committee has started to do and i say started because we haven't heard a lot of the evidence that they gathered, but they started to document publicly extensive evidence that trump himself was personally orchestrating and at the heart of these, if there are conspiracies, it really was as a federal judge recently put it a coup in search of a legal theory. john eastman provided the bogus legal theory and it is remarkable that we heard sworn testimony yesterday to the effect he knew that it was a bogus legal theory, but pedaled it to donald trump anyway. but he furthered that, he used the legal theory, didn't really care as long as he had one, right? so i think that the question, again, and again and again is that this wouldn't have happened
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without donald trump determined to stay in power after he lost an election. that is almost the definition of a coup, a power grab, the fact that it was then blown up in this violent attack on the capitol is remarkable. but, remember, it would have been a legal attempt at a coup even without the violence at the capitol. >> jennifer, let's pivot to someone that john eastman, when it was exchanging emails with, that's ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. we don't know the content of those emails. but we know that john eastman was bragging to people, trying to get them to move forward with more claims of electoral fraud by telling them that there was heated debate among the justices of the supreme court on this issue, and insinuating that he may have had some knowledge of their conversations. what do you think the committee looking for when it requests information from her? >> that's all very interesting. john eastman has come out since and said he had no inside knowledge, didn't talk to ginni thomas about supreme court
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issues, so, you know, who knows about that. but the committee is actually not going to be looking to ask her about what she and her husband discussed, about the supreme court,. they want to know what her role was. she popped up first in messages with mark meadows. she's supportive of what's going on, she's talking about the state legislatures and what they can do. at minimum she was a cheerleader for the coup attempt and the question is was she more than that, involved in the planning, the organization, the rally, perhaps, where was her involvement if it was more than just kind of urging them on, if she was really substantively inv inv involved, that's what the committee wants to know. >> susan, i do want to ask you about the former vice president, mike pence, yesterday the hearing focused on the pressure campaign that he was facing. it was a story told without seemingly the main character there. we didn't hear anything from
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pence directly. is it simply because he wants to run for president and doesn't want to upset the base that he's not more vocal during these hearings? >> yeah, it really is striking, isn't it, that he on the one hand, you know, when forced to the brink by donald trump, you know, does his duty to the constitution and, you know, rejects it. but, remember, that for much of the time since trump left office, pence has been silent, he has let this notion, this big lie take hold among republicans. but he has given really only one strong speech, shown yesterday, in the hearings, in which he said it was un-american, the legal theory that trump and eastman were putting, the idea that one man, make pence, could decide single-handedly the outcome of the american election. he's not wavered in his view of his own action, but he has not challenged trump politically. he does appear to be getting ready for some kind of a presidential campaign, not clear
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he's very -- his standing in the polls among republican primary voters, it should be noted, is really nowhere even comparable to that of trump himself, were trump to run again. trump has rejected him. he said clearly he would not have pence back as his own running mate, so there is a rift there, but pence, you know, he hasn't owned it, right? he made this decision, but he's not testifying, and so you have sort of the weird spectrum of what to make of it. he enabled donald trump for four years, and maybe donald trump thought he was going to cave in, because that's what mike pence was doing for the previous four years. caving in. >> susan glasser, jennifer rogers, appreciate the conversation. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. coming up, the cost of buying a home, the cost of filling up at the pump, the cost of seemingly everything is going up. when it comes to fighting inflation, is the cure as bad as the disease? a conversation with a top economist at the white house
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president biden is trying it reassure americans that despite economic turmoil, they do not need to worry about a recession. in a new interview, he told the associated press, quote, first of all, it is not inevitable. secondly, we're in a stronger position than any nation in the world to overcome this inflation. let's get straight to the white house and a chair of the white house council of economic advisers, cecelia rouse. we appreciate you being with us this morning. the president says a recession is, quote, not inevitable. but even if you avoid a recession, the outlook for consumers isn't rosy, not good. what should americans be prepared for? >> well, look, we have come out
8:16 am
of a period last year where we saw the fastest growth we have seen in 40 years, we had the fastest improvements in employment coming out of a recovery, out of a recession, fastest drop in unemployment. so we come out of a very strong economy, but we are now dealing with inflation and so the federal reserve has the mandate of stabilizing prices and maximum employment. so the federal reserve is starting to act, that's generating some of the turmoil, russia's war against ukraine is also part of our challenge. but we need to get this inflation under control, in order to emerge to where the president would like to see us get to in this economy, which is a period where we have steady solid growth, that is sustainable, where every day americans are working, if they want to work, and they're seeing good productive increases in their pay and they can support their families. to get there, the federal reserve needs to act.
8:17 am
it doesn't mean that a recession is inevitable. again, we came out of this last year, with good solid growth, which is why positioned than most countries with the challenges between the war and the central bank, the actions it is making, which means it is not inevitable. but we understand the anxiety, the president understands the anxiety, is focused on what he can do to lower costs for families, to address the price of gasoline, though that is set on the world market. but we need to get to the other side of this. that is where we should be. >> yes, i do want to ask you about oil prices. i'll get to that in a moment. you've made clear the fed takes the lead on tackling inflation. the fed chair is saying that another hike could happen within the next month. you talk about the economic anxiety a lot of americans are feeling, part of that anxiety is when there were trends toward inflation, going back to last year, this administration said that it was transitory
8:18 am
inflation, it was purely temporary. it is concerning for a lot of people that it appears it is not transitory, so translate what you just alluded to in terms of the administration trying to help americans into what can actually help folks immediately, right away. >> so the inflationary period that we're facing right now has its roots in the pandemic. it has its roots in the fact that the pandemic affected supply chains, whether that was in people getting to work, here, abroad, whether it was an ability to transport goods, so fundamentally the inflation had its roots in the supply chain and then governments such as ours supported households and families so we could continue to buy food and pay rent and continue with our normal economic activity, and supply demand mismatch, generating some of the inflation, which was substantially exacerbated, by russians, the unprovoked war in ukraine. the federal reserve has begun to take the steps it needs to do in order to address this inflation,
8:19 am
meanwhile the president has been putting forward kinds of policies that we know are important for improving our economic capacity, which is another way of saying improving our economic growth. it is that kind of growth, those kinds of investments which actually make inflationary periods less likely, and would generate the kinds of wages for americans. what the president is -- >> so, i was going to say, let's talk specifics on gas prices. cnn is hearing from sources in the administration that are shooting down this idea that came forward of sending millions of americans rebate cards to alleviate the high cost of fuel. i'm wondering if you support any direct payment to americans to help them pay for gas. >> as the president has said, all opentions are on the table. we want to address the price of gas and oil, so that people can fill up their cars and heat their homes or cool their homes now in the summer.
8:20 am
and affordably, so completely recognizing this is why he led, coordinated relief of the strategic petroleum reserve, why he using his administrative powers, approved using ethanol, e-15 over the summer, why he's working for -- looking at other options for getting more gas and oil on to the market. so all options are on the table because he understands the pain this is causing for families. >> one of those options according to "the washington post" is asking governors to lower or wave state gas taxes. i'm wondering what kind of p feedback you've gotten from state officials on that idea. >> the president is open to working with members of congress, and others to bring them to the table to address the impact of gas prices for the american people. you know, when the president -- when russia invaded ukraine, and the president stood with our
8:21 am
allies to support ukraine, to stop the russian aggression, he pointed out that there would be costs for american people. this is an important war in the sense that it is important that we defend our allies, ukraine, against being invaded, independent country against russia's incursion. and so part of that cost is that the increase in gas and oil. so the president is open to all ideas, he's been coordinating with our allies, he welcomes opec increase in their production goals over the summer. and because he very much understands the impact that this has on families. >> cecelia rouse, thank you for taking the time to join us. we look forward to continuing this conversation into the future. >> you're very welcome. thank you. >> of course. coming up, a third american missing in ukraine, and new questions about what should be done to bring them home. details straight ahead. at mint mobile, we like to do the opposite of what big wireless does. they charge you a lot, we charge you a little.
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and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ at this hour, a third american confirmed missing in ukraine has been identified as former marine corps officer grady kurpasi.
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the state department also working to verify the authenticity of this photo, which appears to show two other missing americans, alexander john robert drueke, and andrew tai ngoc huynh. all three are military veterans. barbara starr has the details from the pentagon. >> boris, earlier today the kremlin spokesperson told cnn they know nothing about the two men shown in the photograph. this is, of course, alexander drueke, and andy tai ngoc huynh. mr. drueke, a former member of the u.s. army, mr. huynh, former u.s. marine, shown in this photograph, apparently, with their hands behind their back, and also some food cans with russian lettering on them. these men had not been seen or heard from by their families in several days. reportedly disappearing north of kharkiv, in eastern ukraine, where there had been heavy
8:28 am
fighting. alexander drueke's mother spoke to cnn about her son. >> he was excellent at training soldiers, he had done a lot of that not only on the tours, but also later in the army reserve. and he said and i also know how to operate the equipment that we're sending over there, and i can teach them how to do it. because he knew that this was the ukrainians' fight. he just wanted to be there in a support role. >> the third missing american is grady kurpasi, a veteran of the u.s. marine corps, 20 years service. he has not been heard from since perhaps april when he also was in ukraine, not clear if he was directly involved in fighting but those who were near him said they came under small arms attack. no word on his fate. so this is very difficult for the families obviously. the state department says it is working with the international
8:29 am
committee of the red cross, talking to ukrainian authorities, not clear yet if they are talking directly to the russians because the russians made no claim they have these men or know anything about them. many americans have travelled to ukraine to fight, eager to help, feeling very deeply they want to assist this country, but it should be said that the u.s. government, again, reminding americans, it is a war zone, it is a very dangerous place to be. boris? >> barbara starr, thank you for that report. let's bring in cnn military analyst james "spider" marks. always great to get your perspective on these matters. we have reported extensively on some of the brutal tactics used by the russian military. if these americans were captured, what could they be facing right now? >> well, boris, the key thing is all three of these former service members went in uniform,
8:30 am
you know, in the united states military, were exposed to sensitive items, they have access, had access to different types of programs, specifically as you get higher up in rank, like the former marine who served for 20 years, you routinely are swimming in or are immersed in these kind of sensitive programs. the russians know all that. the concern i have is that they now can be exploited for that information, puts them at great personal risk and harm, potential harm. i'm not certain the level of that exposure, but i can guarantee you the russians will try to extract that information. that is what we should anticipate is the next steps. >> general, president biden was just asked about these americans by cnn's m.j. lee as he's departing washington for rehoboth beach. he said he does not know exactly where they are, but he's been briefed on the matter and said,
8:31 am
quote, americans should not be going to ukraine. actually spoke to john kirby about this yesterday. he had a similar message. listen to this. >> stay away from ukraine. it is an active war zone, and if you're in ukraine, as an american, please leave immediately. there are other ways, more effective ways, safer ways to support the ukrainian people, through financial contributions to organizations like the red cross, for instance, but this is not the time to be going to ukraine and taking up arms. >> at this point, what is the u.s. government's responsibility to these americans? >> well, you know, boris, there are two sides to that message. number one is as john kirby described and the president emphasized this as well, look, don't go to ukraine. the state department's obligation is to alert, to inform america, those american citizens on what the risks are abroad. this is a combat zone. absolutely spot on, avoid going to ukraine, i understand best
8:32 am
intentions, folks want to help, this is not where america needs to have a presence in an informal way. these are not representatives of the united states government. but the other side of that message is however the united states has an obligation to do everything within its power, to make sure and ensure the safety of its citizens abroad, irrespective of dumb decisions, or ill informed decisions, so the rest of the message is, look, you shouldn't be there, but we're going to do everything in our power, now the limits of american power will be made manifest, we had challenges like this in the past, and those communications have to be very clear with those nations. we want to extract our citizens from this war zone, let's try to keep it at that level, where their involvement, irrespective of the intentions we want to try to bring the american citizens home. going forward, this is a very dicey situation, because it really goes to what is the russian narrative in terms of
8:33 am
u.s. participation in terms of this fight against ukraine. their fight against ukraine. >> that's an important point. we have to leave the conversation there. major general spider marks, appreciate the time, sir. >> thank you, boris. >> of course. coming up, just as there are mounting concerns that talks to reform gun laws are collapsing, a church in alabama is the latest site of a deadly shooting. police just gave an update, we'll take you to the scene in minutes. stay with us. what do you think healthier looks like? ♪ ♪ with a little help frorom cvs.. can support your nutrition, sleep, immune system, energy...even skin. and before you know it, healthier can look a lot ♪ ♪ cvs. healthier happens together.
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at this hour, despite the appearance of momentum, there is serious doubts that a gun reform bill will head to the senate floor next week. what is standing in the way of senators meeting their self-imposed deadline? disagreement over language on closing what is known as the boyfriend loophole. and allocating money to states with so-called red flag laws. the lead republican negotiator john cornyn tweeted this, indecision and delay jeopardize a bill, you can't write what is undecided. without a bill, there is nothing to vote on. before he later added, quote, we are still talking and the clock is ticking. as the debate on capitol hill goes on, so does the epidemic of gun violence.
8:39 am
in alabama, two people are dead and another injured after a gunman opened fire at a church. cnn's nadia romero is live from the scene at vestavia hills, a suburb of birmingham, with the very latest. bring us up to speed. what did you hear from police? >> reporter: well, we're right outside of st. luke's episcopalian church, which is a sister church to st. stephen's, where this incident happened last night. because there was a prayer vigil here, which really speaks to how this is already impacted so many people in the community. we just got an update from police holding a press conference, releasing the names of the two victims. this happens at st. stevphen's just yesterday, this was the scene of two people being killed, one person transported to the hospital, 84-year-old walter rainy, and 75-year-old sarah yeager died during that shooting. and another woman is now in the hospital. the suspect's name has not been released and we asked police why
8:40 am
and they say because he's still being held at the police department. they have yet to have that search warrant for his home and haven't transported him to the local county jail. so at this point, they have not released his name, but we should learn the name of the suspect sometime later today is the police department's estimate. this is something that happened in a suburb of birmingham, and in an area that a lot of people weren't expecting to see yet another shooting. and we spoke with u.s. former senator doug jones, former senator for the state of alabama, and he lived just down the street from the church, and he talks about why this was so shocking for him to learn about this last night. take a listen. >> this area has car burglaries and home burglaries, those kind of things, but not the kind of violence we have seen at this church last night. i think it is probably shaken the community. i hope it shakes them into action. >> reporter: and, boris, what we're hearing from people at
8:41 am
this church, at st. stephen's, people in the neighborhood, everyone saying they hope that because a place of worship has turned into yet another crime scene, that this will mean action, that lawmakers will do something so that we can stop seeing these crime scenes at churches. boris? >> nadia romero, thanks so much for the details. we want to update you on the investigation into the massacre in uvalde, texas. 20 of the 21 people killed at robb elementary school have now been laid to rest. 10-year-old uziyah garcia will be the last to be laid to rest. families already grieving are also coping with lingering questions about exactly what happened. finding answers may be even tougher than initially expected. a state lawmaker says it is not clear if the uvalde police department is going to cooperate with an investigation by state lawmakers. so let's discuss with texas
8:42 am
state senator roland gutierrez who represents uvalde. great to have you on to get your perspective on these things. the chair of the committee looking into the shooting said it is, quote, a question mark about whether the uvalde police department is going to speak to the committee voluntarily. he just gave an update to reporters, he said the committee is continuing to have a dialogue with members of the police department. should they be compelled to give their testimony? >> well, boris, there is a whole lot of problems with all of this. quite honestly we all have been told over the last several days that we can't say anything because the district attorney is investigating. yet last night the local abc affiliate made a report that she said that she is not investigating. and so therefore all of the open records requested, that you asked for, that i asked for, they should be granted because
8:43 am
there is no criminal investigation at this time. that same committee that you're talking about should be able to speak freely you because there is no district attorney investigation at this time, according to her statements yesterday. which flies in conflict to what she said in the newspaper on sunday. the whole thing is a fiasco now. it really is a cover-up now. and i hate to say that. but we deserve better as texans and certainly those uvalde parents deserve better. >> i want to let our viewers know that cnn is reaching out to the d.a. there, we're working to get clarity from her on the disconnect that you just alluded to. are you confident this committee is going to be able to get the truth? >> you know, listen, as long as these committee hearings are cloistered in closed sessions, i have real concerns about the entire process altogether. we're going to be continuing to fight to get this information and if that means going to the
8:44 am
courthouse, we'll do it, in that fashion. i talked to 11 families two days ago, in a closed door session, and they are very angry. and they want this information. they want to know which police failed them, how, why, what communication errors were had, it is clear to me that it is not just the uvalde pd or the isde, but also the troopers, also the sheriff's department. why wasn't there a coordination of effort that said, this is what happens in an emergency, why didn't dps have joint training sessions? why didn't the superior force in the community, which the other day said that, you know, i was lying about how many troopers were in the hallway, by the end of tuesday, they had to argue that there indeed were 12 people in and out of that hallway as i suggested. they deserve the truth here. and all we have got is innuendo. >> i was going to ask you about
8:45 am
that, roland, because it seems like this is the kind of information that should be readily available. it has been weeks since this took place and you're still trying to get an account of not only how many officers were near the classroom, what they were doing when the shooter was inside, but also where was the organization? who was ultimately responsible? i'm wondering if you've gotten any indication as to that, as to accountability at the very top. >> no, and now, boris, you're asking for the first time the real questions now, who knew, what did mccraw know when he was sitting in austin what did abbott know during the 48 minutes when he was at a fund-raiser in arlington, texas, what did -- what was being communicated to those people and what actions were they directing? is that indeed what they're trying to hide because it has
8:46 am
become abundantly clear to me now there is something very important that they're not telling us. and, you know, all i've asked for is which law enforcement personnel were on the ground, specifically in that hallway and around the building, what efforts did they take or didn't take, and just to lay out those 48 minutes in particular. and i have been stone walled for the last 23 days. and as of june 2nd, everything stopped by way of communication with steve mccraw. >> we know you're going to keep pressing for answers. we're going to do our part on our end and we'll stay in communication and we hope you'll come back and share what you find with us. state senator roland gutierrez, thank you very much. >> thank you, boris. >> of course. there is an easy way that you can help the victims of mass shooting tragedies and their families. you can get more information by going to we're back after a quick break. ur dry skin. every day we lose ceramides i need to seal in moisture.
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millions of americans are getting a break. a much-needed break from record breaking heat. but don't get too comfortable. the relief is only expected to last a couple days. let's go to the cnn weather center. chad, are there more record-breaking days ahead? >> i guarantee it. 100% chance, and weathermen never give you 100% chance. the heat indexes are okay. cool air in the northeast. and new england, new york, all the way down to d.c. is going to be beautiful.
8:52 am
we move you into tuesday, and i would say over 100 reporting stations will have highs over 100 degrees. and 130 of them will actually break the records. chicago warming up. the east coast warming up. and it could get to 106 degrees in atlanta on next thursday. that's what the computer models are saying, not the official forecast, but it's possible that would break the all-time record high in atlanta ever. >> yikes. chad myers in the cnn weather center. thank you. let's get advice on weathering the heat. our medical analyst is with us. the former health commissioner for the city of baltimore. doctor, always great to have you on. you dealt with serious heat in baltimore. what concerns you most about intense heat and what do people have to know to protect themselves? >> well, people should know that extreme heat kills hundreds of americans every year. hypothermia or high body temperature can cause heat
8:53 am
str stroke. it's dangerous quickly. people can progress to confusion, organ damage, and even death. the people who are at the highest risk are people at the extremes of age, and so babies, young kids, and also the elderly. and in addition, people who are medically frail, people who have trouble regulating body temperatures should be on the lookout as well. >> doctor, i wanted to ask you about one apparent risk group that surprised me. this caught my eye. new york city just released a report that from the death rate among black new yorkers because of extreme heat was more than twice as high as it was among hispanic and white new yorkers. help us you said that disparity -- understand that disparity. what's going on behind the numbers? >> they are profound racial disparities in health. when it comes to hypothermia and heatstroke, this is reflected. in this case it can be social factors. people low income, including minorities. they have more trouble
8:54 am
accessing, for example, air-conditioned spaces. they may live in homes that don't have air-conditioning. maybe even in schools or maybe the senior centers around them are not as accessible. these individuals are, therefore, more susceptible to heat-related illness. individuals, day laborers who may not have the privilege of going indoors are more at risk. this is one of the reasons why cooling centers are so important. i would also urge for people to check on their neighbors. if you know there's someone around you who may be struggling, elderly, or with chronic medical illnesses, check on them and make sure you know what the community resources are to offer those around you. >> doctor, you've already outlined the extreme risk. the climate crisis is not going away any time soon. do you think we'll start seeing heat warnings the way that we see urgency behind hurricane warnings, for example? >> we already are seeing heat advisories and heat warnings. when i was the health
8:55 am
commissioner in baltimore we would issue the code red alerts for people to stay indoors, and we are seeing a lot of that. i would say for individuals if you know there's high temperature in your area and especially if you're in the vulnerable groups, try to stay indoors in air-conditioned spaces as much as you can. do not leave your pets or children inside cars which can warm up really quickly. again, check on other people around you. drink lots of fluids. try to avoid alcohol. that could blunt your body's response to high temperatures. be on the lookout for weak pulse, confusion, nausea, vomiting and otherwise not feeling well. >> all good tips. doctor, as always appreciate your expertise. thank you so much for joining me today. stay with cnn. "inside politics" with john king starts after a break.
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welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. meps and the mob. new revelations about how close the vice president came to danger and his heated known call with donald trump on january 6th. >> the word that she relayed to the president called the vice president, apologized for being impolite, but do you remember what she


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