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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  June 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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one correction we have to make tonight. earlier, we intended to show you a photo of georgia's chief operating officer in the office of the secretary of state. instead, we mistakenly showed you a picture of retired judge lutig. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, donald trump lashing out at the january 6th committee with lies. this as the committee struggles with lining up key witnesses. and new video of the missing americans fighting in ukraine. tonight, i'm going to speak to the mother of one of the missing soldiers. plus, he wasn't in montana when record floods shout down yellow stone national park. where was the governor? let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. tonight, trump taekes on the committee, ranting about the hearings for a significant
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portion of an hour and a half speech today, making it clear he is spending a lot of time watching everything the committee says and does. >> there's no clearer example of the menacing spirit that has devoured the american left and disgraceful performance being staged by the unselect committee. the unselect's entire sham presentation is based on video that has been deceptively edited. they're taking six, eight, and nine-hour depositions and putting up five-second clips. that guy letig, whoever the hell letig is, a former judge, he was saying pence had no choice. >> not actually what he said at all. look, here's the thing. trump's day of having the world stop to listen to a 90-minute ranting, roving speech are over. not even fox news took his speech live.
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now, that didn't stop trump, who spent time denying he called mike pence a wimp. he spent time even though to make sure the record's clear on this, his special assistant said he did call pence a wimp and testified to this under oath. >> i never called mike pence a wimp. mike pence had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be frankly historic. but just like bill barr and the rest of these weak people, mike, and i say it sadly because i like him, but mike did not have the courage to act. >> so he says he never called pence a wimp and then goes on to well, essentially call him a wimp, but look, trump wasn't done there. what he did in those 90 minutes was continue to push his big election lie. zbln you know, they have a thing
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called disinformation. you can say something doesn't matter like 2000 -- did anybody see that? can't be disputed. these are government taped where they're stuffing ballot boxes to put it crudely. on government tapes. and what did they say? they go, oh, that was debunked. that was debunked. oh, okay. most people say, oh, it was? i didn't know that. oh. these are tapes. one, two, guy's looking up at the camera. let's see, what's the camera? oh, there it is. >> just want to be clear because people you know, hear this, that has been debunked by every reliable fact checker out there and here's what bill barr said about it. >> when i went into this and would you know, tell him how crazy some of these allegations were, there was never, there was
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never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were. my opinion then and now is that the election was not stolen by fraud. and i haven't seen anything since the election that changes my mind about that. including the 2,000 mules movie. >> bursting into laughter there, but even trump's beloved fox news knows that it's wrong. >> look at the 2,000 mules documentary that has come out. look at how many mass mail out ballots there were across the united states for which we have no security. >> and that has been looked at and fact checked by multiple outlets including reuters, who had debunked that as any sort of para
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proof. >> it is what it is. but didn't stop the 90 minutes today from former president. tonight, we're learning that georgia's secretary of state, brad raffensperger, and gabe sterling will testify at the next hearing tuesday. they've also made it clear these claims do not add up and that are false. manu raju is on capitol hill. what more are you learning about what the committee has on tap for next week as they're getting into the final few hearings? >> reporter: they're really trying to drill down into how donald trump and his allies tried to use the power of his government to try to pressure state officials to overturn joe biden's victory in those key states and also how he tried to force the justice department to listen to him and try to use the power of the justice department to lean on some of these officials locally to do what he wanted. which is to simply disregard the will of the electorate and install him for a second term in
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office. tuesday's hearing will feature testimony from brad raffensperger, the georgia secretary of state. his top deputy, gabe sterling. they were involved with conversations at the white house in the aftermath of the 2020 election as trump was ratcheting up that pressure campaign including a conversation in which trump told raffensperger to quote, find the votes, and essentially overturn the election. but it won't just focus on georgia. we're told several other states will also be part of the testimony on tuesday. now, in thursday's hearing, we expect to hear from jeffrey rosen, the acting attorney general under trump in those final days of the trump administration. also rich donahue, former acting attorney general. they actually stood up and resisted trump's pressure campaign, but we'll hear from them about how that played out behind the scenes. we will not hear from one individual who was also important as part of those talks. that was the former white house counsel. he is not going to appear, we're
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told, but he has participated privately in those closed depositions and we expect to hear more of those video depositions. in a key development today, there had been some sparring between the justice department and the select committee on capitol hill, which of course we have been seeing lot of their findings so far. the justice department had wanted to select committee to turn over its witness transcripts. something they have resisted doing because they said they're moving forward in their own probe. but earlier today, the committee put out a statement saying they will not be an obstacle in providing this information to the justice department and do not want to delay any effort to pursue potential prosecutions so a possible movement there on that front as the committee moves forward with more hearings next week. >> all right, manu, thank you very much. and obviously those transcripts had been, had been, as you point ut, a stumbling block, so that could be a significant movement
4:08 pm
there. now, elie honig, former assistant attorney, mia love, and chris cillizza. you heard manu there. what's interesting is that they've got these final hearings next week and yet the january 6th committee is still actually trying to nail down a witness list for an upcoming hearing that will focus on trump's efforts to use the justice department to back up his false election fraud claims. so they were going to have a hearing on that very important topic, right? last wednesday. sorry, this past wednesday. two days ago, but then they had to postpone it to next week. so how important is this specific topic to the committee's overall story? >> well, erin, the doj part of this story is absolutely crucial because what we learned already from the committee is donald trump and his people were absolutely desperate to find anybody who would validate their election lies but they failed at every turn.
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dozens of courts refused to do it. trump's own attorney general, bill barr, refused to do it. donald trump's own lawyers and advisers refused to do it. so as a last gas, they tried to get the ultimate, the u.s. department of justice, to sign off with this lie of election fraud. trump's inside guy at doj, jeffrey clark, a bit of a charlatan, wrote up a fraudulent letter, a draft letter that said hey, we at doj have found evidence of significant election fraud in georgia. but if they had done so, that might have given the election guys some sort of foothold. that would have been a huge development. >> it would. we should be clear the republicans in charge of the georgia election did audit after audit and investigated every claim of fraud that was brought to them and found none that would have moved the election. so one thing that was clear from trump's hour and a half speech today in which he was you know, kind of all over the map, but it
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was that he is watching these committee hearings and he is watching them basically word for word. >> yeah. i just one quick thing, erin, on his speech. i watched a bunch of it. you know, it's sort of like you know, you go to a billy joel concert and you start yelling you want to hear piano man right at the start. it's a greatest hits compilation is what he's doing now. so much of the stuff we've heard before. but yeah, you know, i think the broader issue here for donald trump is he cares. he can't get away from caring. television is the medium by which he consumes information. it's always been the case. remember early when he was running for president in 2016, he was asked where do you get your information on the military and foreign policy? he said mostly from watching the shows. okay, so this is the lens that he sees the world through. he released a 12-page statement, really more of a screen to be honest, earlier in the week.
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i mean, i went through it. it may have taken some time off of my life because i went through it. the whole thing. there's just so much in there that's just been repeated over and over and over again that is supply not true, including the stuff about the 2,000 mules. but i think he can't help but be interested. it's about him. he's always interested in anything that has to do with him. it's on television. he's always interested in anything that's on television. so even though probably the best thing that could happen, you know they say the opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. donald trump can't even feign indifference when it comes to what's going on in the january 6th committee. >> the question is what are these hearings doing? i wonder if they are accomplishing more than that. start with this. we spoke with a number of attendees a t the conference where trump delivered that 90-minute speech today. now, of course, this is not surprising, the people that would go watch him give a
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90-minute speech are not watching the hearings. here they are. >> we'vhave you been watching t hearings. >> because it's a sham event. it's a kangaroo court. can't have a fair hearing when you have it filled with trump hating fake republicans and all democrats who hate trump, too. >> congresswoman, that is the trump base. they're not going to change their minds. they're here to hear him speak. i get that. but i wonder what you think the hearings are accomplishing in terms of other republicans? is it changing any other republican minds about what happened, the significance of it? or is it making it so that more republicans who think what happened isn't okay now will speak out? >> well, i think first of all, i have seen and i think that what we have seen the tantrum that trump is throwing would suggest that he's having mixed success
4:13 pm
on endorsements across the country suggesting that his influence still exists in those die hard, trump supporter no matter what circles of the gop. but that continues to wane broadly. i have found that the january 6th commission really sheds some light into exactly, especially yesterday, exactly what mike pence was going through. who was a die hard supporter and he made the mistake of crossing trump, according to trump, made the mistake of crossing him and not doing what he wanted him to do 100%. and can you imagine the mount of pressure that he had on him when you've got a crowd screaming, hang mike pence. it was just, it was just baffling to me to see, to even hear that he would, he didn't want to be seen leaving the capitol because he didn't want anyone to see him leaving while everybody else was still there. >> yeah.
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>> you find out a whole lot, but it doesn't change my mind about what i knew from the beginning that donald trump started this and he could have ended it and he just watched it happened. >> on the specific point, i know it may sound trivial to some, trump comes in today and spends time denying calling pence a wimp. that's what he chose to do even though it had been said under oath he did. you know, one of the people who talked about that was his body man who he does know. trump criticized the one-sided nature of it all. look, is he doing a good job discrediting the witnesses and raising questions even though what he's saying is wrong? is he successfully raising questions for others? >> well, erin, let me say this. i think it's dead wrong for donald trump to suggest any of the evidence is doctored as he does in that clip. he is correct, however, that
4:15 pm
this is a one-sided presentation. now that's largely because kevin mccarthy has boycotted this process, but yes, there's no defense lawyer present. no defense witnesses. no cross-examination. that's fair to keep in mind. but in terms of his efforts to address the actual substantive evidence, they're ridiculous. just regurgitation of discredited conspiracy theories. the 2,000 mules thing, i wrote a book about bill barr. watched many, many hours of bill barr. i don't think i've seen him laugh but in that clip where he's talking about 2,000 mules, he guffaws out in the open. they are using trump's own people to make a case against him. >> that i think is part of what is upsets him so much just to
4:16 pm
see that. it's humiliating. tim scott was at the same conference trump was at today and i want to play something he said. >> give me my mean tweets and $2 a gallon gas. >> chris, you know there's something very significant in that. right? and that, which raises questions for 2024. >> yeah. i mean, i continue to think, erin, that the question of donald trump running for president in 2024 is a when, not if, question. when is he going to announce? is it going to be before the 2022 midterm elections? which would be very untraditionally very trumpy or is he going to announce shortly after? tim scott has said before that he would endorse donald trump if he ran again. i think it is striking that the first black republican since 1979 in the u.s. senate, someone
4:17 pm
who has cut an interesting swath in the senate. someone who is a conservative but has shown willingness to work across the aisle. that he would be so blunt about the fact that well, no, it's not going to be me. i'm going to be for donald trump. i do think it speaks to yes, there is a pocket of folks and we can probably name them on one hand. there's a pocket of folks in republican elected officials circles who have either broken with donald trump or shown a willingness to break with them. that group is shrinking. tom rice losing in south carolina this week is an example of that. the vast majority of republicans are on the trump train, both now and i think for 2024. >> congresswoman love? >> well, i can't emphasize enough how much americans just want a serious adult in the room that will fix our economic problems. gas prices, labor shortage, inflation. and i, tim scott is a very dear
4:18 pm
friend of mine. i would say that he would want the same thing and i know, he would -- maybe he should just jump in the race, i don't know. but most gop members don't want to go back and have, and repeat, the donald trump era. especially of the mean tweets, but more importantly, an attack from one branch of government to another. >> right. >> we don't want to see it again. >> which is something tim scott just avoided. it's a lot more than mean tweets. and that's i think the whole point, which everybody knew, but we have certainly been confronted with. over the past week in these ongoing hearings. thank you all so very much. next, vladimir putin lashes out at the west and threatens this. america's dominance as a world power is coming to an end, he says. plus, new video appears to show two missing americans who had volunteered to fight for ukraine detained at an unknown location.
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so who's holding them? we're going to speak to the mother of one of them and as president biden prepares for his trip to saudi arabia, government authorities seize children's rainbow colored toys including crayons. we'll tell you what happened. ra. raise the jar to all five layers. raise the jar to the best gelato... you've ever tasted. talenti. raise the jar. ♪ it wasn't me by shaggy ♪ you'rere never responsible for unauthorized purchases on your discover card. ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:23 pm
unipolar world is over. >> as russia continues its invasion of ukraine, president putin laid out his plans to counter u.s.-led sanctions. putin making clear russia will not back down from what they call the special military operation. all goals of the military operation will be accomplished, he said. putin also claiming russia was forced to invade because the u.s. was bringing ukraine into its orbit. russia's decision to conduct a special military operation was forced, he said, difficult of course, but forced and necessary. putin then threatening the u.s. as the world's top power is coming to an end. when they won the cold war, the u.s. declared themselves god's own representatives on earth, he says. people who have no responsibilities only interests. they have declared those
4:24 pm
interests sacred. the u.s. and its allies reject any notion and have hit moscow with massive sanctions, but putin says the measures aren't working. the calculation was clear to crush the russian economy with a swoop, he says, obviously it didn't work. the u.s. accuses russia of worsening world hunger by blockading ukrainian ports and causing a massive spike in gas prices. putin again blaming the west. even higher prices, threatening famine in the poorest countries and this will be entirely on the conscious of the u.s. administration and euro bureaucracy, he said. as western countries pull out of moscow in droves, they're trying to -- its economy. saying he believes it prevented a larger war with nato.
4:25 pm
>> we are all aware about the losses which take place now, but i can assure that they have managed to prevent a huge war probably a third world war. >> and putin says the operation in ukraine will continue until russia feels it has achieved its aims. >> and fred joins me now from st. petersburg where of course putin delivered that speech. you know, here he is more than 100 days into the war, fred, saying that he believes he can make russia the world's dominant power. >> yeah, that seemed what he was indicating. i think it's important to show the air in which the speech took place because putin started ripping into the u.s. and is its allies the moment he started speaking. he talked about this moment that the u.s. had become really arrogant and one of the things that stood out was putin talking
4:26 pm
about the west and the rest. the rest of the world and seemingly saying that russia was essentially the leader of the rest of the world and that russia would then challenge the united states and try to bring the rest of the world against the u.s. is that realistic? difficult to say. the russians have some big economic problems, but what we saw today was a seriously combative russian president, erin. >> combative and of course with those word, you know, obviously saying something that let's just say china wouldn't want to hear put in that framework either. thank you very much. live from russia tonight. and next, americans missing in ukraine seen for the first time on video. i'll speak to the mother of one of the american soldiers and montana's governor finally surfaces as parts of the state are completely devastated by historic flooding. the utter totally geography of the state has changed. why did it take so long for him to admit he had been in italy? when you're tired of looking at your tired old bath, we fit your style, with hundreds of design options. when a normal day is anything
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on pro russian channels appearing to show missing americans, andy huynh and alex drueke. cnn is choosing not to broadcast
4:31 pm
these videos because the men are under duress. it comes after this video was released yesterday. in the new videos, they are not in their truck. they appear to be detained at an unknown location and it is not clear who is detaining them. they had been fighting as volunteers with ukrainian forces north of kharkiv before they were captured. i'm going to speak to alex's mother in just a moment. right now, i want to go to sam kylie who was in kharkiv just miles way from where her son was last seen. he spoke with an american fighting with alex and andy just before they went missing. >> these two american fighters have their hands bound behind them. they're dressed in uniforms not their own and they may well have been captured by the very russians they've been fighting. this as far as it goes is good news for the comrade who last saw a t-72 tank open fire on his two friends. >> does that give you any kind of cause for hope? >> absolutely.
4:32 pm
absolutely. i wish i could say with 100% certainty that it's not a fake, but i have a lot of hope that it's them. >> a former u.s. serviceman, he was in the same battle as alex drueke and andy huynh when they went missing in action. he fears russian reprisals in ukraine and wants his identity and voice hidden. he uses the code name, pip. but for the first time on tv, he described what part on june 9th. >> the team was sent out on a mission on the th and showed up in areas of operations an a full scale assault was underway. a hasty defense was set up. two anti tank teams were set up. alex and andy fired and destroyed it. a t-72 fired upon them. drove a few more meters forward and hit the anti tank mine that our ukrainian officer placed. we suspect they were knocked out by the tank shooting at them or
4:33 pm
the blast of the mine. >> so far, russiaenn officials have denied any knowledge of the mi missing americans. two brittons were sentenced to death in the area of ukraine that calls itself the donetsk people's republic. they were long standing members of the ukrainian armed forces. drueke had served alongside pip since april. >> as far as i'm aware, we're paid about the exactly the same as the ukrainian soldier on the front and money is certainly not my motivation for being here and it's not andy's or alex's either. >> ukraine has been appealing for urgent supplies of ammunition and heavy weapons. it's also recruited large numbers, the details are kept secret, of volunteers into its legion. what advice would you give for anybody wanting to join the
4:34 pm
legion? >> oh, wow, well, if you have no military background, if you don't have any combat experience, if you expect to come here with air support, intense helicopter support, then stay home because that is not the case. it is the russian army. and they have massive amounts of artillery. they have massive amounts of armor and the ukrainians are giving it their damnest. >> did you make the right call? >> i think, yes. >> for those captured by russia, that answer may no longer be quite so positive. >> now erin, a third american has been confirmed as being missing. he was missing since april. his whereabout s is unknown. there have been no photos of him posted or indeed reports of whether or not he's still alive. >> thank you very much, sam. i want to go now to bonnie drueke.
4:35 pm
the mother of alex drueke, one of the americans missing in ukraine. and bunny, i'm so sorry you're going through this incredibly stressful time. just total uncertainty and fear. i know there's that new video tonight airing on pro russian channels that appears to show alex detained. where he identifies his name, his age, his hometown in alabama. we are not going to broadcast that video, but i know that you have seen it. what was your reaction? >> well, of course it has not been verified, but looking at it, the person moves like alex does. he gestures like alex does, and i recognized alex's voice. it's very drich. we told him he needed to be a broadcaster of some kind.
4:36 pm
i feel 99.9% sure it's alex, but we're waiting for the state department to confirm it. >> i know you have been speaking to the state department daily and i know you spoke with them today. do you have any idea when they think is video was taken or of where your son could be? >> if so, they have not shared that information with us. all they said was that they expected to verify that it's authenticity soon. >> soon, of course, and you as his mother, you hear him and you know. so let me ask you about where they are as the state department though, i know yesterday, they said they had not reached out to russian officials. the u.s. department said this and they said they didn't do it because they didn't have a quote, credible reason to believe that alex is in russian custody. so have you gotten any update on that and do you feel that the u.s. government is trying to get your son back?
4:37 pm
>> oh, i have every confidence that the u.s. government is trying to get alex and andy. we've spoken to many people. we've been in touch with senator richard shelby's office. they check in daily with us. we check our representative's office, checks in with us every day. the state department keeps us informed all through the day. i have every confidence in that. as coach saban tells the crimson tide fans, trust the process. and that's what we're doing. z >> i know you just heard sam speak to another man who was with alex before he went missing, so they were together. you hear him telling that story and that's someone who was with your son near kharkiv. so in those final moments before he was taken, that man was with him. how does it feel to know someone
4:38 pm
was with him in those crucial moments and to hear him speak? >> it feels awesome just to know that he was there. he saw alex makes me feel very comforted. >> what would you say to alex if you were able to talk to him tonight? >> i would tell him i'm doing exactly what he told me to do back when he first went to iraq with the u.s. army. and he reminded me of it again before he went to ukraine. he said, mom, i expect you to be brave, to do everything that you can, and trust that i am doing what i believe is right. and i'll tell him i'm doing the best i can. he was a hiker and he would say there are days when you're hiking, he was on the appalachian trail.
4:39 pm
he said there's days when your feet are sore and your knees are aching and the weather's awful and terrain is treacherous and you have to embrace the suck because it's not going to last forever and you'll get to the top and the view is going to be worth it. it's going to be awesome. and so i'm embracing the suck and trusting the process. >> well, thank you so much for speaking to me. you're in my thoughts with your worry -- >> thank you. we feel all the thoughts and prayers of all the people out there and there's such a comfort and source of strength to us and i'm sure to alex, too, i'm sure he can feel it. he and andy. thank you so much for talking to us. >> all right. thank you, bunny. next, parts of montana ravaged by historic flooding but the governor was missing in action until now. it turns out he was in italy. and basic training now underway for the u.s. space force. cnn has an exclusive look at the newest branch of the united states military.
4:40 pm
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(music throughout)
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as historic flooding devastated montana and forced yellow stone national park to be shut down, the governor for days refused to say where he was and it led to growing criticism. but now we know the answer. he was on vacation in italy. nick watt is "outfront." >> we're open for business. we want you to come. >> finally, the governor is here. >> we have basements filled with mud. bridges washed away, but we're committed to rebuild this. >> he's here days after the flood waters that slammed the state have left. no one new where the governor was all week while the people wrestled with the aftermath. t.j.'s house sailed away. >> i spent 16 years of my life there in that place. >> the governor wouldn't say where he was. he was all over social media during the destructive historic
4:45 pm
high waters along the yellow stone river that closed the national park. we are closely monitoring the flooding in south central montana, he tweeted monday. didn't say where he was monitoring the flooding from. turns out, it wasn't anywhere inside montana. questions started tuesday morning when the lieutenant governor, not the governor, signed the state's disaster declaration. the office told local media he left the country saturday with his wife on a personal trip. so the day before the waters rose and he'd be back asap. they wouldn't say where he was citing security protocals. these floods are a big deal for montana. millions of dollars worth of damage, the state's north entrance to the national park will be closed for months leaving residents of the gateway
4:46 pm
town of guardener fearing for their future. >> it became this ghost town. there's nobody here. >> the last time the national spotlight was so on the state might have been in 2017 when jen forte body slammed a reporter during his congressional campaign. >> sick and tired of you guys. >> this week's game of governor where's waldo has echoes of senator ted cruz heading to cancun last year during a cold snap and power outages in his home state of texas. cruz caught heat. today in montana, the governor is now back in the saddle. >> montanans are resilient. we're going to get this rebuilt. >> but the governor was vacationing in italy when it was all washed away. now, this morning, his office said that he delegated his authority to the lieutenant governor, quote, with whom he worked closely over the last four days to take swift, decisive action. i will just note there is an eight-hour time difference between montana and italy.
4:47 pm
and full disclosure, erin, tonight, i am reporting on montana from california. i flew out this morning not long after the governor flew in. erin? >> and of course you put a locater up to say where you were the whole time. thank you very much. next, inside the u.s. space force. 71 new recruits in the first ever boot camp for what's called the guardians. and government authorities in saudi arabia confiscate children's rainbow colored toys, even backpacks and crayons, because they say they're promoting homosexuality. at you . woah! look out! [submarine rising out ofof water] [minions making noise] minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st.
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4:52 pm
>> hurry up, space force. hurry, up, let's go, let's go, let's go. >> reporter: it's day three of space force basic training. it may look and sound like basic boot camp for soldiers, sailors, marines, or airmen -- but these are guardians in the u.s. space force, the first new branch of the armed services in more than 70 years. and this is the first ever guardian-only basic training, led entirely by space force instructors. >> this is still the united states military. this is not space camp. >> master sergeant eric maestro is the space force's first military trainer. >> i come from an air force family, so when space force was around, most people are like, what is that? that's real? >> they're like, what? that's a real thing? yeah, it's a real thing. >> the biggest change between this basic training and other
4:53 pm
boot camps is in the classroom. these guardians are being taught a brand-new space force specific curriculum, everything from space history to space vocabulary. >> if i see the word leo, l.e.o., that stands for low earth orbit. the world is bigger than what you see, we go out 22,000 miles into orbit. >> none of these guardians are going to space. they'll be operating military satellites from the ground or analyzing satellites from countries like china and russia. >> you're not dealing with tanks or ballistics or anything like that. you're dealing with little blips on a little computer screen. >> it's a different type of war fighter, one that has to strain their eyes and flex their mind more than their muscles, which leads to the other big difference about this basic training. >> we want to build guardians. and what a guardian is about our core values. >> encourage for me means being
4:54 pm
able to ask for help when you need it. >> it's a mindset made for a modern military force. >> maybe you need to step away and have meditation time. whatever it is, we want our guardians to be strong and healthy from a diversity aspect, inclusivity aspect. we want them to feel like you can express that in your family. >> people are like, you know you're going to be the only black girl there. i have two other teammates who look like me. >> i'm not even that kind of space nerd. never even seen it. >> what kind of space nerd are you? >> i used to watch live screens of the moon rotating. just -- i'm into that type of space. >> just the kind of nerd that the space force is looking for to protect and shape a new domain of warfare. >> we need our own space force basic training because we are our own branch now. we broke away, so we need to stop being in the shadows of the air force. >> it's amazing, right, to see
4:55 pm
something like this starting off, first time for the u.s. to have this. once these, as they call them, guardians graduate from this basic training, where do they go? >> well, erin, the reward for completing basic training is more training. but this next phase of their training is going to be much more technical. there's essentially three main tracts for these guardians, cyber, intelligence, and space operations. each tract will take them to a different military base. and erin, this class of guardians, which is now graduating next week, it's really only the beginning because the space force is now planning to graduate more than 500 new guardians every year. >> wow. all right. kristen, thank you so much for that exclusive access. next, saudi authorities seizing rainbow colored pencil cases, children's toys that they say promote homosexuality, as president biden prepares to travel there next month. with parodontax active gum health. it kills 99% of plaque bacteria and forms an antibacterial shield.
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5:00 pm
items promote homosexuality. bright colored hair accessories, pencil cases, backpacks, crayons in rainbow hues were seized at the capital. president biden is set to meet with the crown prince mohammad bin salman next month. biden pledged he would hold mbs accountable for the death of jamal khashoggi. thanks for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. it was 50 years ago today -- john berman in for anderson -- burglars acting on behalf of an american president broke into the watergate headquarters of the democratic national committee and began the scandal that would be, until now, the single greatest assault on american democracy in this country's history. in a moment, a conversation with bob woodward