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tv   New Day Weekend With Christi Paul and Boris Sanchez  CNN  June 18, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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. good morning to you, welcome so much to your saturday we're grateful to have you i'm christie paul. >> i'm boris sanchez. the white house depicting optimism despite soaring inflation. the real impacts rising interest rates are having on mortgages and salaries. former president trump speaking publicly about the january 6th committee hearings. this as we're learning who will
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testify next week and the role the white house supreme court justice plaidyed in overturning the election. the key moment in the fight against coronavirus. the cdc set to vote on recommending vaccines for young children. . good morning, it's saturday, june 18th. we are grateful that you're starting your weekend with us. it's always a pleasure to be with you. >> good to see you, too, boris. let's talk about the new fears that we're learning about about the u.s. economy and it is headed towards a recession. >> friday marked the end of a rocky week after the federal reserve announced the largest interest rate hike in decades in an attempt to tame inflation.
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the dow down, the s&p slightly higher but still the worst week since 2020. we also learned that wages in the united states are climbing at their fastest rate since the mid 1980s, but inflation has climbed up so quickly that workers have been been handed a pay cut. america is in a stronger position than any other nation to overcome inflation. and he addressed rising fuel costs. >> in the united states, i'm using ever lever available to me to bring down prices for the american people. and our nations are working together to stablize global emergency markets including the largest release from the global oil reserves in history. >> the white house is pushing back on the grim economic outlook with officials saying a recession is not inevitable.
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>> that doesn't necessarily quash the concerns about what the future holds. here's matt eagan. >> this was another brutal week for the american economy. stocks are down, inflation and borrowing costs are up, and all of this is causing real economic anx anxiety for families. the good news the job market is still strong, layoffs are uncommon those they are picking up. the white house concedes the jobs market needs to slow down to get inflation under control. the inflation is as high as it's been since 1994. the goal is to chill the economy out but not cause a recession. mortgage rates are spikest at the fastest pace since 1987.
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the average is now 5.87. that's almost twice as high. this is going to price some people out of the housing malmarket. the higher mortgage rates go, the less home you can afford. business leaders and investors are getting nervous. a survey sound 60% of ceos and executives expect a recession by the end of next year and 15% say we're in a recession. recession fears caused more market mayhem on wall street. these losses are shrinking investment portfolios, 401(k) plans and college savings plans. they hoping the fed can get inflation under control without causing a recession. but the risks are clearly rising. >> joining us now to discuss the implications cnn political commentator aor errol lewis.
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hope you drank some coffee this morning errol, it is bright and early, we appreciate you joining us. i think some of the concern when it comes to this statement from the white house that a recession is not inevitable is that they also insisted that inflation is transitory and it would go away but it hasn't. what do you think of the white house's messaging on the economy. >> well, good morning, boris. the white house's messaging on this is really talking past the question. they're really less concerned i think about trying to identify whether or not there's going to be a recession, which is an iffy proposition but we'll know one way or another, but they should not be blamed, held accountable to the extent voters are having a hard time dealing with inflation and the looming recession. make no mistake about it, we're likely to see one. the atlanta federal reserve, the
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atlanta branch of the federal reserve, the economists there have said we're in a recession, which is defined as two consecutive quarters of gdp shrinking. i think it's very likely. the white house has to make clear that they did what they were supposed to do. they were supposed to make sure that households didn't fall off a cliff economically. they were supposed to see to it there was an economic reopening that was robust and that's what happened. americans were and are out there spending. that's exactly what we wanted. that's why we had the vaccination campaign. on the other hand, not -- the rest of the globe is not opening at the same pace and in the same way, and that in part is what is driving inflation. when you have the number one exporter of natural gas, which is russia, going to war with the number five exporter of wheat,
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which is ukraine. the price of fuel is going to go up, the price of food is going to go up. when you have china responding to the pandemic by locking down major cities so they're not making computer chips, cars, not doing a lot of things, that is driving inflation as well. the white house has to say we're doing what the american people wanted us to do, we're making sure we got a reopening, making sure people have money to spend. the after effect of that is inflation, boris. >> and president biden has been quick to point out that inflation in other countries across the world is also rising at a speedy clip. for people in the united states, one concern, sky high gas prices, the white house has indicated all options are on the table. president biden is setting everything that can be done to help relieve the cost of gas prices for americans, including rebate cards and other options.
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what do you think of those options and which one the white house is most likely to pursue, if any. >> what the white house cannot say is that even if you released everything in the strategic petroleum reserve, even if all of that was released tomorrow, the levels of inflation are not going to noticeably come down. you're still going to be tipping up towards $5 a gallon at the pump. it's a big global market, we don't have the power as a sole economy, even the largest economy in the world, with a very robust recovery, you're not in a position. what's happening in saudi arabia matters, what's happening in russia matters, what's happening in ukraine matters, what's happening in china matters. these are problems that no president can snap a finger. the president is going to say he'll do everything within his power, the dirty little secret there is what's within his power
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with something as large as the global price of petroleum is limited. >> i'm glad you mentioned saudi arabia because i wanted to ask you about that. he's planning a controversial trip to saudi arabia. clearly an attempt to repair some of the bonds that he may have frayed after the fair criticism that he made of the saudi leader for the death of jamal khashoggi, "the washington post" journalist. even some democrats are critical of biden's decision to try to reset that relationship. here's how president biden addressed that yet. yes addressed that yesterday. >> i'm not going to meet with mbs, i'm going to an international meeting. he's going to be part of it like there were people part of the discussion today. >> how do you think about how the white house is handling this? he said he's not going to meet with mbs. there is no foreign policy in saudi arabia without mbs. >> that's correct. look, the reality is a lot of
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diplomacy is done around the edges. it wouldn't be the first time that this or any other american president did business while they were at davos or some comi economic, conference. the point is the diplomacy gets done, whether it was a specialized trip. very much related, of course, to this conversation, you don't go and talk to the saudis because you feel like having a chat. you go to them when there are oil shocks. i saw some gasoline prices over $6 a gallon, i've never seen that. these record high prices are something that the president has to deal with. this is how you do it. it would be nice if the white house said so, if you ever hope to see these prices come down, you have to be in conversation with the saudi arabia government and that, in fact, is what he's going to do. >> errol luis have to leave the conversation there. appreciate having you.
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>> thanks. following several developments in the january 6th development. former trump trade adviser peter navarro has pleaded not guilty to contempt charges. >> the january 6th committee is holding more hearings next week, focussing on donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results and for his part trump is attacking the committee, calling the members con artists. jessica snyder has details in this report. >> i never called mike pence a wimp. i never called him a wimp. mike pence had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be, frankly historic. but just like bill barr and the rest of these weak people, mike -- and i say it sadly because i like him -- but mike did not have the courage to act. >> reporter: former president
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trump using his platform at a conservative political conference to deny the evidence against him and blast the january 6th committee. >> they're con people. they're con artists. >> reporter: trump's attacks come as the committee is gearing up for several more hearings. cnn learned that georgia's secretary of state, brad raffensperger russian billionaire at tuesday's hearing with his deputy. >> all i want to do is this, i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. >> reporter: they'll testify about trump's efforts to pressure them to change the election results. the committee also wants to talk to ginny thomas, the wife of clarence thomas about her conversations with john eastman. eastman devised the scheme to pressure mike pence to block biden's 2020 win. >> appears to be regular in form -- >> reporter: something pence ultimately refused to do.
3:13 am
>> we have sent ms. thomas a letter asking her to come and talk to the committee. we look forward to her coming. >> reporter: ginny thomas released a statement saying i cant wait to clear up misconceptions. eastman denying he discussed litigation that might come before the court with beginny or clarence thomas. writing we did not engage in such discussions, would not or did not. while the committee requested corporations from witnesses, it has refused to share full transcripts with its interviews. >> we are not going to stop what we're doing to share the information that we've gotten so far with the department of justice. we have to do our work.
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>> reporter: cnn has learned the panel is running into problems securing witnesses for an upcoming hearing about trump's efforts to pressure the department of justice. while jeffrey rosen and richard donahue, the top two officials in the doj in the final weeks of the trump administration are expect today appear. the committee is striking out with pat cipollone, the former white house lawyer credited for talking some sense into trump by threatening to resign. he is not expected to join the committee in person though he spoke with them privately. >> the committee could start sharing transcripts with the justice department as soon as next month. jessica schneider cnn. we're learning more about that deadly shooting at an alabama church, how this all
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unfolded and the person who held down the shooter until officers arrived. also john cornyn booed at a gop convention in his own state because oaff his work on the bipartisan gun safety package. [ crowd booing ] >> and where things stand with the negotiations. on our hotel with kayak. i was afraid we wouldn't go.. with our divorce and.... great divorce guys. yeah... search 100s of travel sites at once. kayak. search one a and done.
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i would definitely recommend the new sensodyne nourish to my patients. sensodyne nourish has a bio-active mineral action that nourishes and strengthens teeth. patients should act now to prevent sensitivity in the future. the new sensodyne nourish will help patients invest in healthier teeth. 19 minutes past the hour. we're so grateful to have you here. there is a 70-year-old man in custody now after allegedly shooting and killing three parishioners at an alabama church on thursday night. >> they say he acted alone and occasionally attended the church before opening fire on a small pot luck dinner.
3:20 am
f >> reporter: three people are dead after a shooting thursday night at a church in vistavaville in alabama. >> at least three patients. >> reporter: police say the church was hosting a pot luck dinner when the suspect, 70-year-old robert smith, who was attending the event opened fire. >> at some point he produced a handgun and began shooting, striking three victims. >> last estimates we have at this time for patients it's going to be in the parish hall, shooter is held down but the scene is not secure. >> after opening fire the suspect was held down by another person at the event. >> we can't get radio reception, multiple people down. >> reporter: police identifying the victims as 84 walter rainy and 75-year-old sarah yeger. 84-year-old jane pounds died at
3:21 am
the hospital on friday. the ordeal leaving the community in disbelief. >> you see it in places you've never been to, people you don't know, and now you're thinking that could have been one of my friends there. >> reporter: former senator doug jones lived in the neighborhood for three decades. >> i think it goes to show that no community is immune from this kind of gun violence we see playing out across the country. >> reporter: so far investigators have not released a motive but say the suspect, who is in custody acting alone. >> the person that subdued the suspect, in my opinion, is a hero. >> reporter: earlier today, parishioners packed a prayer vigil about six miles away. >> i think the church has a lot to mourn. >> reporter: when this place of worship turned into a crime scene, the leaders told me they received calls and emails of support from around the world.
3:22 am
hundreds came out to mourn the lives lost. the bishop said two of the people killed, charles raney and sarah yeger were active in their commutes and their fellow parishioners and families are in mourning. despite initial momentum there are serious doubts emerging about the senate passing new gun safety legislation. a republican source tells cnn it's going to be a long time before the text is ready. despite optimism from some democrats who believe there's progress. >> senators don't have time to pass legislation, because we are headed to the two week summer shutdown. what is stalling the negotiations at this point? >> reporter: the same two sticking points that democrats and republicans in these bipartisan talks cannot agree on. one of them being the so-called boyfriend loophole.
3:23 am
under federal law currently, people who have been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence are prohibited from owning or purchasing guns but it only applies to spouses, those who share a child, cohabitants, not dating partners so they're trying to figure out what defines a boyfriend. that's something they can't agree on. another portion is red flag laws. they're trying to figure out funding for incentivizing states to implement red flag laws, however republicans such as john cornyn, the key negotiator in the talks he expressed concerns that the funding is accessible only to those who have red flags for example his state of texas does not. they're trying to wonder if it could be used for mental health centers. that's another provision they have not been able to write
3:24 am
through. the bigger question, the senate goes for a two week recess after this week. right now they have momentum on this issue. they recognize in the wake of the uvalde and buffalo shooting they have the attention of the senate to try to pass this law -- this legislation, and if they don't get something done as soon as possible they could lose the momentum, for example, if some sort of supreme court decision would strike down and shift their attention. but john cornyn did express optimism yesterday afternoon he said they're still on a path to try to come up with something by next week. senator chris murphy, the other key negotiator in the talks, the democrat, is also optimistic. so we expect the talks to continue over the weekend and, of course, in person when they come back next week. >> we know you'll be tracking the story for us and keeping us updated. thank you so much. the lead republican negotiator on the bipartisan gun safety package was booed at a
3:25 am
texas convention yesterday. watch this. >> sometimes, sometimes my job is pretty simple. sometimes my job is as simple as saying no. >> texas senator john corny told a cold he kept the gun grabbing wish list off the table. he insisted there were lines he would not cross in the bipartisan talks such as an assault weapons ban and new restrictions for law abiding gun owners. u.s. citizens who disappeared in vein, the kremlin said it has not idea what happened to them, despite the video you see e here and pictur. that's next. teeth h plays a significant roe in our overall heaealth. chantell was suffering, and we hahad to put an end to that. the absolulute best way to do tt was through dental implants.
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29 minutes past the hour, and cdc advisers are voting today on covid-19 vaccines for children as young as 6 months old. now an fda panel has approved vaccines by pfizer and moderna for emergency use authorization. >> a lot of parents and pediatricians have been waiting for a vaccine for younger kids. the white house says that shots could begin going into arms as early as next week after the cdc gives them the green light. but public health experts worry that some parents still won't get their kids vaccinated. shifting our focus now to eastern europe. a third american listed as missing in ukraine has been identified as a former u.s. marine. grady kirk patrick's wife confirmed his identity to cnn. the last time they heard from him was late april. >> sam kylie is with us live from kharkiv, ukraine. what have you learned about
3:31 am
these missing americans this morning? >> reporter: well, we know that grady, who went missing in april was fighting down near kherson in a completely different area of operations from the one i'm here in kharkiv. now they haven't, unlike the other two missing americans, there hasn't been any evidence as to his whereabouts or indeed whether or not he's still alive. but there has been some, if you like, semipositive developments here with the other two missing americans who went missing during combat about 20 kilometers north of where i am here in kharkiv on the 9th of this month because they've been paraded, effectively, on russian tv on video, and photographs have also been shown of them. we're not showing any of that video because it shows prisoners of war under tduress i spoke to the comrade who survived that
3:32 am
engagement and this is the result of that interview. these two american fighters have their hands bound behind them, dressed in uniforms not their own and they may well have been captured by the russians they've been fighting. this as far as it goes is good news for the comrade who last saw a t-72 tank open fire on his two friends. >> does that give you any kind of cause for hope? >> absolutely. absolutely. i wish i could say with 100% certainty that it's not a fake but i have a lot of hope that it's then. >> reporter: a former u.s. service he was in the battle as alexander drueke and andy huynh when they went missing. he fears reprisals and wants his identity and voice hidden he uses the code name pip. but he described what happened on june the 9th. >> the team was sent out on a
3:33 am
mission on the 9th. and a full-scaled russian armored assault was under way, a defense was sent up, two anti-tank lines were set up. a t-72 then turned and fired on them, drove a few more meters forward and hit the anti-tank mine our officer had placed. we suspect they were knocked out by the t-72 tank shooting at them or the blast of the mine. >> reporter: so far russian officials have denied any knowledge of the missing americans. two britains were recently sentenced to death on charges of being mercenaries by a so-called court in the russian backed rebel area of ukraine that calls its the donetsk people's republic. >> as far as i'm aware we're
3:34 am
paid the same as the ukrainian soldier on the front and money is certainly not my motivation for being here and it's not andy's and alex's either. >> reporter: ukraine has been appealing for urgent supplies of ammunition and weapons. it's also recruited large numbers of foreign volunteers into the international legion. >> what advise would you give for anyone wanting to join the legion? >> if you have no military background, if you expect to come with air support, helicopter support, stay home it's not the case. it is the russian army and they have massive amounts of artillery, armor, and the ukrainians are giving it their damnedest. >> did you give it the right call? >> i'll admit to questioning it once in a while but yes. >> reporter: for those captured by russia that answer may not be quite so positive.
3:35 am
as a consequence of the sorts of engagement they talked about there, where a very substantial russian force overran ukrainians we've talked to a number of ukrainian soldiers operational in the outskirts, in the villages are kharkiv. kharkiv is relatively safe but there's continuous counter attacks launched by the russians as they put pressure further east. the message from the ukrainians, both the foot soldiers on the ground and the president himself is that we need weapons, long range artillery, ammunition, support, at the moment things are very much hanging in the balance. >> sam kylie, we appreciate the report. thank you so much. still ahead, if you are in the market for a new car, be prepared. the average car payment now 700 bucks a month. what you need to know before hitting the car lot next. a quick programming note for
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month with these rising interest rates and the spike in car prices. it's brutal. it's a brutal time to buy a vehicle. >> you combine that with less inventory. so fewer cars on the lots means that drivers are paying more with fewer options. cnn reports. >> this here is the wrangler, 4 wheel drive. >> reporter: this is roland's new jeep. it was a necessity he said, and a quick decision. >> i had another car, it was a lot of mileage. i needed a bigger one. >> reporter: the jeep was about $50,000, leaving his monthly payment at about $800. higher than the most recent kelly bluebook payment average at $712. >> this is a new record for that monthly payment. this is a new record. and then the car -- new car prices are actually near records. >> reporter: in the last year new car prices have gone up
3:42 am
12.6%. used cars up 16.1%. food, 10.1%. and gas up 48.7%. but gas prices, not necessarily, deterring potential buyers at this southern california car dealership. >> supply is low, demand high. >> reporter: this paired with high interest rates making it difficult for buyers. >> we don't see prices decreasing much and even if they do, keep in mind interest rates arizing so the cost of borrowing money is going up, that means you're still going to be paying as much or nearly as much as you were even if those prices go down. >> reporter: car, home and student loans all higher. interest rate osa 30-year fixed mortgage jumped to 5.78% in the last year. >> this is how it looks.
3:43 am
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lawyers for convicted sex trafficker, ghislaine maxwell, are asking the judge for leniency. here's what they say, she should only serve around four to a little more than five years in prison for her role in jeffrey epstein's sexual abuse of teen girls. their argument is that maxwell, who was convicted in december on five federal charges including sex trafficking of a minor has already had a difficult time in detention and she shouldn't face a harsher sentence that would be more appropriate for epstein himself. remember, epstein is dead. here with me to discuss this, legal analyst and criminal defense attorney, joey jackson. good to see you. we know she's appearing for sentencing next tuesday. probation officials recommended a 20 year sentence, which is still below the guidelines for maxwell, if i understand it
3:49 am
correctly, is that right? where do you think the judge is going to land on this? >> in federal you have these sentencing guidelines, they're just that, guidelines in order to assist and provide for uniformity of prisoners who are convicted or people who are convicted and become prisoners you want sentences to be somewhat uniform. it's always up to the judge, there are factors to consider, probation looked at it and based upon sentencing guidelines, which include the prior criminal history and the current offense and it should be 20 years. remember the sex trafficking charge itself carried 40 years. what her attorneys are doing is noting what you noted, the conditions she endured in prison has been problematic. she's been threatened, of course, with her life in prison. in addition to something new. and that was her upbringing and childhood were particularly harsh. her father was particularly
3:50 am
abusive and that made her susceptible to the abuse of jeffrey epstein. meaning just really his manipulation, et cetera. and so, the judge has a lot to consider. and the judge could very well depart from a sentencing guideline. remember it is that, as i noted, it's not set in stone. it's something to recommend to the judge. two things briefly, christy, one is the judge can depart from the sentencing guidelines, the other is the judge can't vary the sentencing guidelines. these are the arguments to be made. we know she was convicted after a month-long trial of five charges. her lawyers made a motion to dismiss to the judge, the judge said no, but the judge did drop three -- or two, excuse me, of the five charges. so she'll be sentenced on three of them. i think the judge will land on a significant sentence perhaps not the 20 years but a tough sentence she'll be imposed. >> i want to ask you about
3:51 am
former trump white house trade adviser peter navarro as well pleading not guilty to two charges yesterday after he refused to cooperate with the january 6th committee. if convicted he'd face a sentence of a month, i think, and as i understand it, they're looking at a november trial date for him. his lawyers are arguing the trial should be postponed until next year because he has a book coming out. joey? >> yes. >> what is happening? >> not really a good argument to be making to the judge. if you look at it, how ironic. because we're talking about contempt of congress. there's you not appearing before the select committee who's looking at and evaluating what happened that led to the january 6th insurrection, what led up to that, what were decisions made, what were the officials doing, and you not appearing, right, because you don't think that you
3:52 am
have to. you're not producing documents because you don't think you have to. and now you saying you shouldn't have to go to trial because you have a book. it just shows contempt for the process and as a result of that, obviously the judge said no. you're still going to trial on november 17th. he has to appear and he has to otherwise plead his case at that particular time. he better have a legit defense other than the committee is composed of not many republicans and i'm privileged and shouldn't have to be there. tough way to go for him. joey jackson we always value your perspective. thank you for being here, sir. a new jersey father and a former major leaguer teaming up with the result being a field of dreams in which everyone can play ball. what we're trying to redefine. we're doing this because inclusion does matter.
3:53 am
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minions are bitin' today. (sung) liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. minions: the rise of gru, in theaters july 1st. there's a town in new jersey that is home to a special park where everyone can play now. >> let's bring in coy wire to tell us the story of how this came to be. >> hi. tom's river won the little league world series with todd frazier and now it's hope to its own field of dreams. it was created by christiane kane, inspired by his son gavin
3:58 am
who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident and kane has made this dream a reality. >> we first thought about the idea of the field of dreams when we realized that gavin wanted to partake in activities at local parks and there was nothing for him to do except go on a big red swing in the corner of a park. on top of that, he had to wait for the other kids using the swing. on top of that we knew there was a need for helping people with special needs. >> the hope would be that this would be a model that we can replicate, so that not just children in the tom's river community can have access to this unbelievable playground but children across the country would have the same access. >> this is me ka for these kids. we have a baseball field here.
3:59 am
it's true to my heart and now we can get these kids out here get a smile. this is their park, their big league opportunity, their opportunity to shine and we'll do everything possible to make them feel at home, make them comfortable and hit the home run every time. >> typical gavin, it's always a smile and laugh. to say he's stoked and happy and excited that would be an understatement. the definition of inclusion is what we're trying to redefine. we're doing this because inclusion does matter. it's just not something you check off because you have a big red swing in playground, i met my quota. deep down inside everyone wants to have fun, no two ways about it. that's what this complex does, allowing people of ranging ages, abilities, to come together, play games and forget about the troubles in the world or whatever concerns you have on
4:00 am
your day-to-day basis. >> now christiane cane said they hope some day gavin will go on to college and have the life that was somewhat taken away from him. when things happen like this, it doesn't mean you have to give up, just find a different way of getting to your goal. >> coy wire, thanks for bringing that to us. the next hour of "new day" starts right now. good morning, welcome to your "new day" i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christi paul, let's talk about the white house projecting optimism despite soaring inflation that's draining your wallet. i know the real impacts the rising interest rates are having on mortgages, car sales and salaries. >> more than two years into the pandemic and a key moment in the fight against coronavirus. the cdc getting ready to vote on recommending vaccines for young children. and airlines cancelled another 1,400 flight


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