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tv   Inside Politics With Abby Phillip  CNN  June 19, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities.™ inside trump's plot to stay in power by spreading election lies even as aides told him he was wrong. >> i thought, boy, if he really believes this stuff he is detached from reality. >> common sense would tell you the answer cannot possibility be that the vice president has that authority. >> will the ex-president face criminal charges? could he try it again in 2024? plus, why was justice thomas' wife in touch with a lawyer who helped carry out the plan? the committee wants some
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answers. >> she's just deeply up to her elbows in mischief. inflation is surging. stocks are plunging. experts say a recession is coming. can biden shift the blame to the gop? >> republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down the costs on ordinary families. >> the american people are bracing for a pricey summer and they know who to blame. "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. ♪ good morning. welcome to "inside politics sunday. "i'm abby phillip. donald trump's plot to hold on to power after the election came dangerously close to work jg that's an inescapable conclusion from the hearings investigating january 6 and trump was told over and over that the election
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fraud claims just weren't true. >> there was never an indication of interest in what the actual facts were. >> the theory that vice president pence could basically declare trump the winner wasn't true either. >> what the president wanted the vice president to do was not just wrong it was illegal and unconstitutional. >> trump was told that, too, but he pushed pence anyway. after a violent mob broke into the capitol looking for pence trump egged them on with a tweet. >> mike pence made it clear that he wouldn't give in to donald trump's scheme. donald trump turned the mob on him. >> nothing but a traitor and deserves to burn with the rest of them. >> mike pence betrayed the united states of america. >> approximately 40 feet. that's all there was why 40 feet between the vice president and
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the mob. make no mistake about the fact that the vice president's life was in danger. >> after all of this trump is unremorseful and undeterred from spreading lies and attacking his former vice president. >> mike pence had a chance to be great. he had a chance to be, frankly, historic. mike did not have the courage to act. as to what happened on january 6, it was a simple protest. it got out of hand. >> and joining me now with the reporting is jonathan martin, audi cornish, melanie. trump is no stranger to persisting with lies but on this issue he is emboldened. >> yeah.
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instead of walking away from the actions of january 6 he is sort of embracing what happened that day even further and he is trying to create an alternative history to what happened that day and contradicting the advice of every consultant that talked to him. i think he's got to re-establish what happened that day to suit his purposes for the future and does create challenges within the party. it is mostly focused on joe biden and the here and now of inflation and the challenges and the economy and the future and donald trump is mostly fixated on yesterday and especially the election of 2020. some point the two things will come into tension. trump's focus on yesterday. >> you talk about party leadership? i think there's an argument to be made that downstream a lot of republican voters are also concerned about trump's election
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lie. >> yeah. i think you will find concerns about the election of 2020. brian kemp won -- >> if you think of it differently we went through a primary season where more than 100 candidates campaigned on election denialism or the idea or fraud or inspector general regularities. >> of course. >> it is part of the kind of platform down ballots. you don't have to say trump is right. >> totally get that. >> you cannot say trump is wrong. >> you cannot challenge trump. >> melanie, you reported that trump wanted a lot of pushback and didn't really get it and partly because i think a lot of republican leadership saw the dangers of trying to litigate the facts of this issue but what happened to the plan to push back? >> i think there's no good argument for the stuff we have
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seen. this is cold hard evidence. there's witness testimony from allies, daughter, supporters and latched on the generic argument of everything is legitimate and no one cares. i think they look at that realizing it is not convincing. trump is itching to punch back and why he wants to run for president early. >> released i think a dozen pages -- >> 12-page response. >> everything he had said before. >> the times has a story this morn suggesting maybe the 12-page rebuttal is part of a legal strategy to inoculate
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himself. >> two things moved the needle forward a little bit. one is that all -- there was so much evidence presented that he knew at the time that he was informed at the time that he was involved in this pressure campaign against the justice department. against the vice president. that it was illegal. that it would be a violation of the elect ral count act and we know that in part also because a judge that ordered the release of the lawyer's emails did so on the crime fraud exception and had to be evidence of a crime that then broke the attorney-client privilege. >> on eastman's part? >> that a crime was committed. >> yeah. >> that a crime was in play and so therefore justified producing the emails in the communications between eastman and the
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president. and so there is more evidence that they knew that it was illegal so i think the committee did move forward on that this week. >> i want to talk about mike pence because he is the -- there's such an undercurrent especially the hearing about mike pence on thursday but he is staying out of the fray. gave an interview to "wall street journal" basically like i'm going to battleground states to test the waters. he could be the hero and seems to not really want to be. it's a little bit puzzling. >> i don't think he's holding back all that much. you are talking about him being in the media, specifically "wall street journal." entire circumstancing of people spoke forthrightly in describing the pressure campaign on him. nothing happens without his say so. the people are lawyers and know
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how to sit in a deposition and give answers to give one image or another and gave a specific one so in a way he's walking that line making sure everyone knows how heroic he was in that time and not being the one that you can show sound bites and clips speaking against trump. >> i interviewed pebs in iowa in april and he wants to have it both ways. right? he wants to embrace the trump-pence agenda. at least a half dozen times and same time he hasn't spoken to trump for a year now. he is okaying the staff to con front trump about january 6. the pictures saw leaked this week don't get out without pence's permission. can pence tell gop voters you can get trump without the crazy
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effectively if you support me and same time i broke from that man. i think that's a hard line to walk. >> another way, who is the pence constituency? >> this is the real question. you can look at brian kemp, some of the republicans who have survived being on the wrong side of trump but i don't think that's a consistent enough picture to say there's a constituency for pence without trump. >> i want to ask you about what's coming up next. doj wants the transcripts from the committee. probably going to get them but why? what's coming up next? how do they play into the prosecutions that under way and i have questions. where's the prosecution of eastman, for example? >> sure. the justice department is conducting a massive investigation with the people that attacked the capitol and the oath keepers aen the far
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right groups challenged with sedifference conspiracy and now the justice department wants the transcripts because there are likely some people that have been interviewed and part of the committee's process but that are a legal process and interviewed by the justice department and could be looking for evidence of crimes of individualings they have spoken to or subjects of investigation or inconsistencies between things that people maybe told the commit tee versus interviewed by the justice department or the fbi. the committee doesn't have a huge staff and i wonder if it is a manpower -- i don't know but if they have not been able to comply with the justice department request but they'll get the dock n't -- documents over. >> of course some members of the
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committee said we are not done yet and still checking evidence and a reason they have said it is not turned over. stand by. coming up next, can president biden convince voters to blame republicans for inflation? he is certainly going to try. it was a sight to o be seen. until one day, i it was all burned to the ground. but fire is no match for the fire within b black dreamers everywhere. and so, new black wall streets rise. ♪ ♪ citi is committed to helping build black businesses through banking. meet jeff. in his life, he's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. the er. twice. and all the places this guy runs off to. likeeff's, a life well lived should continue at home.
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♪ ♪ ♪i'm so defensive,♪ ♪i got bongos thumping in my chest♪ ♪and something tells me they don't beat me♪ ♪ ♪ ♪he'd better not take the ring from me.♪ in case of emergency break glass. that is pretty much the message from the federal reserve's new strategy to fight inflation. on wednesday it announced that the biggest interest rate hike in nearly 30 years and the "r" word is on everyone's minds. >> it looks increasingly like democrats may have driven
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america toward a full-on recession. >> problem is republicans in congress are doing everything they can to stop my plans to bring down the costs on ordinary families. >> biden sat with an interview with the associated press this week and said a quote recession is not inevitable. "wall street journal" reporter is here with us to join the conversation. biden is -- has been telegraphing this for a while. blaming republicans and putin but is it working? >> there's little he can do to control inflation but what they realize is they need to shape the message and push back stronger and seeing the president put a positive of a spin as he can on the bad economic numbers in terms of saying it is not inevitable of a
5:18 am
recession happening but it could happen. they insisted for months inflation was transitory. of course it didn't go away. you see the white house try the best months before the midterm elections to find the footing on inflation messaging but voters are struggling every day with food and gas prices so some sort of pushback from the president can only go so far. >> people's realities are a different thing. melanie rkt three white house aides went up to the hill to talk to democrats about the message. how did that go over? >> not well to put it mildly. listen. democrats have been panicking privately saying back in december pressing the white house to get a handle on inflation. they have been pressing nancy pelosi to put bills on the
5:19 am
floor. when white house officials came they said blame other people and corporate greed. talk about what we are doing legislatively to attack the issues but not a lot of q&a and showed up late. they don't feel like they have the talking points and messaging. >> never good to show up to a meeting like that. >> on brad a bit. >> yeah. i want to explain when we talk about what the fed is doing on inflation, when it means for people and basically means that things get more expensive. it's harder for small businesses to borrow. stocks send to fall. a story yesterday about cooling demand for not just goods but also services and sounds bad but it is kind of what they want to happen. >> not talking about the fact that people are still shopping.
5:20 am
there is a good degree of demand going on. >> too much. but the interesting thing is that things will get more expensive and out of reach. how does that play in a midterm cycle where the goal is to taper inflation and might mean more pain for voters? >> it is a lower 401(k). >> people fell like they're nearing the money. >> that's a hell of a combination for american voters and tends to focus the mind politically and against the party in power. when people are paying $5 a gallon gas or checking the website of the 401(k) seeing that red that's hard to overcome and reinforces the sour mood
5:21 am
that americans are in right now and creates head winds and the frustration of democrats is that biden folks knew this for months and still no clear plan to confront it other than turning the tables on the gop. biden will give a speech occasionally but not done consistently. there is no week to week message that biden is capable of drive jg that will cause deeper anger in the party going forward. >> there's a couple outstanding issues but tariffs on china and economists say to live to help with inflation. >> biden calls himself the most pro-union president ever. so that's factoring into the
5:22 am
decision making. my colleagues at "wall street journal" have a great story this weekend on how biden's decision making process is dprus traiting democrats because he is so slow to figuring the things out. not just tariffs but student loans and another factor into the decision is how this plays on china. former president trump being one of them tough on china. >> none of this is like flipping a switch. >> right. you do it now and maybe you see the effects before november. next for us, democracy under threat. how a few men and women in key jobs could try to steal the election in 2024.
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the january 6 committee has exposed that very few people around donald trump truly believed that the election was stole listen but that lie has still spread far beyond washington. it is now the orthodoxy in the republican party and some are trying to ring the alarm before it is too late. take a listen to retired judge luttig who testified this past week. >> the former president and his allies are executing that blueprint for 2024. donald trump and his allies and
5:28 am
supporters are a clear and present danger to american democracy. >> so here is what he is talking about. in some of the key states where this election, the next presidential election is likely to be decided there are candidate after dcandidate running on the big lie. in michigan and pennsylvania the governor will appoint the secretary of state. in arizona and nevada. and in indiana an election denier just became the republican nominee for secretary of state. the people that could be running elections are buying into the debunked lie. >> what the select committee tried to do is not just show what happened on january 6 but the threat to democracy still
5:29 am
exists. some of this is a key primary strategy. i think the question is does it matter in the election? democrats are betting that it will matter and propping up some candidates on the far right thinking that they have a better shot to beat them but that's risky in a potential red wave year. >> to the point about whether the voters care, many voters don't care. democratic voters but the base of the republican party. take a listen to this. >> it's strange to me that joe biden could get 81 million votes supposedly, more than barack obama, who was obviously the favorite of especially many people. strange to me some of the figures don't seem to add up.
5:30 am
>> so let's call it 30% of the republican party, maybe 35%, but amounts to this doesn't seem right and become in a lot of ways a organizing principle. >> the reason why it matters isn't a vague sense. the nitty-gritty that we have learned is what does it mean with a state choosing the state of electors sent to congress to be certified. there's an idea of a second slate of electors. another set of heroes are the congressional delegations that certified the election. the things that seemed ceremonial carry real and significant weight or vulnerable to manipulation and vulnerable
5:31 am
in the past week and for 2024 when can they disintegrate? can the elections and the races you are talking about be the cause of the full disintegration. >> also this weekend the texas republican party had the convention. one thing that happened is dan crenshaw accosted by hecklers. listen to this. the republican party there in texas approved measures to declash that president joe biden not legitimately elected and you buicking jon cornyn and a platform that declares homo sexuality an abnormal lifestyle choice and called for texas school children to learn about
5:32 am
the humanity of the preborn child. the pushback of people like jon cornyn as a conservative trying to work across the aisle. >> the confrontation with crenshaw is so revealing capturing the menace over the politics. we called our book "the threat that will not pass" and it is not just as the ballot box. that's the sobering. the threat is ever present. certainly in the capitol every day where every time somebody is arrested outside with a gun in a car we get the same chills and also even people like dan crenshaw. doesn't matter the politics. you can be targeted now by
5:33 am
folks. it is back bench members of congress. you would be shocked of the people that have security protection with the threats coming in. i think that's what so depressing about american politics is lawmakers living in fear in washington because of these threats. >> i remember members telling reporters privately they voted the they voted on impeachment because of that fear. it is not just the executive branch but the supreme court in this via thomas. we don't know what that is. what we are going to learn about that but brought the court into a toxic political brew. >> it has. i think the irony is that justice thomas a few months ago talking about how he thinks institutions in this country are
5:34 am
eroded. trust in institutions and the supreme court is politicized. i think the connection to -- via ginni thomas to justice thomas is interesting because he is no public in talking about threats to democracy and eroding of public trust. >> this summer will be a tough summer for the supreme court. they have two big decisions, on abortion and guns. the january 6 committee and the undercurrent. this is a trying summer in terms of public confidence in the court. next, a warning from texas democrats about hispanic voters. is it an e existential threat f the party? st yling has never been easier. tresemme. do it with style. ♪ ♪
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hispanic region seem to be shifting right. look at this one district that obama won by 23 points in 2012. clinton won by 22 points in 2016. biden won by just 4 in 2020. voters picked a republican to send to washington. >> we cannot accept the increases of gas, food, medication. we cannot accept that. and we have to state the facts that under president trump we did not have this mess. >> democratic strategist maria cardona is joining us for this conversation. a lot going on in this district. there's redistricting of the lines. but that hasn't changed the sense of alarm from the democrat to be running in this new district. vincente gonzalez said they
5:40 am
forgot about the brown people at the border. they are taking latino in south texas for granted. are they? this is a question of are democrats listening early enough to the warning signs of erosion here? >> as you know i have been working on the latino vote from pretty much the beginning of my career and there's growth with democrats and the latino vote. with george w. bush there was a margin of 700,000. in 2020, 5.5 million. the focus has been enormous growth for us. i have also said -- >> at the presidential level? >> nationally and in general. >> trump did better by 8 points than biden did. >> depending on where you look. >> 2016 to 2020.
5:41 am
>> did better in some places. in miami-dade, in the rio grand valley but joe biden would not be president today if he did not win colorado, arizona, new mexico and nevada. but let me say this. i have always preached to the democratic party we will not continue to grow our appeal with the latino vote if we don't earn that vote every single day and cycle. >> take a look at what you're talking about here. there are differences if you look at texas, florida and arizona. they're emblematic. florida 27. from clinton by 19 in 2016 to biden by just 3 in 2020. texas 15. that is on the mexico border. clinton 16 to biden plus 2. arizona, this is tucson area. a place some democrats say that
5:42 am
helped biden win that state. >> absolutely. >> it went from clinton 29 to biden 27. not a huge shift. in texas and in florida there are big erosions happening. big erosions happening. >> i think it's pretty clear why. in florida you have a number of hispanic voters that fled socialist countries. in south texas it is a class realignment in american politics. across racial lines. look. a place like south texas you have a history of voting for democrats but they work in either the energy industry or border. >> the nature of the those jobs and living in south texas is a
5:43 am
conservative outlook. eventually there does tend to be a shoift in the voting. >> i want to raise this question that was raised about the way in which not just latino voters but black and asian american voters when class and race do funny things. maybe voters think the class identity is more important than the racial identity. how does the democratic party message effectively? >> in some ways this feels like a media story. reporters flatten out voting subgroups. >> i think others do that. >> they do but it mean that is we are comparing arizona, florida and texas and they are
5:44 am
wildly different populations. one thing to add is that your point is very correct. coming to identity politics we all have a quote/unquote hierarchy of identities. are you a mom first? are you latino first? latin-x first? these things are also signifiers to political parties to say you can't go from one state to another thinking that one message will work and i think democrats think that immigration was somehow the most important issue to this voting group and i just don't think that is the case. >> maria, the final word. >> it is the economy. this district, i don't think you can take what happened in this district and put it as a big lesson. this district republicans outspent the democrats by 20. they only got to 51%. if we had --
5:45 am
>> you can spend money and fail. >> yes. but 20, but 20 to 1 and got out 7% of the vote. is it a lesson? yes. all the democratic committees are going to do everything they can to compete and confident they will win it. it is a plus 15 democratic district. >> well, the investment is a big question, too. what you hear from some battleground members is where is the investment? is it at the level they think they need to counter a real republican? >> in the rust belt. the staffers said why aren't you investinging here? >> they need to do more. >> thank you for joining us for that. next, he is hinting but is donald trump ready to announce a
5:46 am
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on thursday, donald trump was accused of inciting a mob that wanted to kill his vice president and overthrow american democracy, but none of that mattered to him, it seemed. the very next day he teased his fans about running for president again. >> one of the most urgent tasks facing the next republican president, i wonder who that will be -- [ cheers and applause ] >> would anybody like me to run for president? [ cheers and applause ] >> it's not just loose talk. sources close to trump tell cnn's gabby orr that he is closer than ever to announcing a 2024 run, but at least ten trump aides and allies have told him
5:51 am
he should hold off for at least another year. so, i mean, what is going on here? is it just boredom or any strategic advantage to trump getting in the race very, very early at this point? >> i think it's no surprise that the former president would like to be in power, given the lengths we heard this week for him to stay in power. i'm more interested in who runs against him, who chal he cans him, especially in his own party. we haven't seen mike pence, right, publicly this week, despite the fact it seems like every one of his aides was in that deposition and also speaking publicly. so, who is a challenger in the party of trump in this moment? >> pence is not even making it a secret that he is interested, for sure, in a 2024 run, but it's really ron desantis that might be causing some of this. take a listen to a voter at the faith and freedom conference who has a bit of a suggestion for what trump should do next.
5:52 am
>> trump number one, and i say desantis for vice president. they would be a great team. desantis is in a position now to do things that trump would have done were he really in power now. so, the spotlight is on desantis as a politician. >> i find that to be so selling because it's almost like the split mind of the trump base voter right now. they like trump but they really kind of like desantis, too. >> right. that is why trump is so nervous about desantis. our colleague gabby orr reported lately in the last month the polls are fixated on desantis. desantis is building a war chest. he is up for re-election, too, but that's putting trump on notice. one thing for trump would be to freeze the field. we have not seen that. the threat of him running is not put desantis in a corner or pence or some of these other candidates. >> we won't know unless they get
5:53 am
a cooler, vulgar nickname. >> the combination of losing some of these primaries where he spent capital and the, you know, indictment, whether political or otherwise from these 1/6 hearings is accelerating his thinking, too, because he obviously wants to change the conversation. how do you do that if you're donald trump? well, you either formally enter the presidential race or you say that you're going to. that will certainly change the conversation directly. also, it would freeze the field. doesn't necessarily mean he's going to follow through with it but even the talk about his intention to do so could turn the page. >> although, can i just say, he didn't lose those primaries, right? just because he endorsed those people, it doesn't mean his power is off. we saw this with barack obama. you ain't barack. a couple people found out -- >> and -- >> that's fair. i'm just saying that's not necessarily reflective -- >> i think that's right. >> the perception, though, in
5:54 am
his mind, he knows that it has stung him, which he's trying to find victories now for people in alabama, getting ahead of katie britt in the runoffs. >> i want to ask about president biden. how does this play into his thinking? >> we talked about how it might scramble or clear up the republican field, but on the democratic side, this could factor into president biden's thinking, whether it's on the timeline or the whether the decision to run for re-election at all. we're already hearing some concerns about his age from some voters and party insiders. we're already seeing some democrats start traveling more. we saw illinois governor jjppr. >> a big conversation to be continued. thank you all. before we go, today in the united states we celebrate
5:55 am
juneteenth. for decades, black americans have marked june 19th as their true independence day. it is the day that 2 1/2 years after the emancipation proclamation was signed, word of freedom timely got to the slaves in galveston, bay, texas. there will be parades, family private family barbecues and now political statements to attempting to latch onto the holiday's symbolic meaning. we cannot forget the real reason juneteenth is a federal holiday at all. that is 95-year-old opal lee. here she is in 2020. >> we need a million signatures to give to congress to let them know it's not just one little old lady in tennis shoes. >> miss lee walked and walked from fort worth, texas, to
5:56 am
washington, d.c., until they couldn't ignore her anymore. >> it's not a black thing. it's not a texas thing. none of us are free until we're all free. to have it actually happen was, can i use the phrase the children use? it was off the chain. >> it is off the chain. celebrating juneteenth has always been about black history, perseverance and, of course, joy. and it is about freedom for all of us. and tonight you can join some of the biggest stars as they lift their voices for juneteenth, a global celebration for freedom, live at 8:00 only on cnn. finally, i want to take a moment to thank our executive producer, tasha, whose last day at cnn was on friday. i personally want to thank tasha for her guidance and support, especially in this last year as i've taken over this show. we will miss her so much on ip
5:57 am
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. building their case. the january 6th committee reveals new details on mike pence's security. as state election officials prepare to testify in this week's hearing. i'll speak exclusively to a democratic committee member, congressman adam schiff and a republican congressman, fred upton, next. and recession looming. high inflation and gas prices are hitting americans' wallets hard, but president biden says a recession is not inevitable.


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