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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  June 20, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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hi, everyone. i'm dana bash in for kate bolduan. canceled flights, high gas prices, inflation fears and a white house trying to reassure americans. a slow moving investigation into the uvalde school massacre won't provide answers for weeks. and a new mission to take to the moon and it would bring america and the world a giant step forward. that is what we're watching "at this hour." we begin with america's economic anxiety. the white house trying to calm fears that the country is headed into a recession. the stock market is closed today
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for the juneteenth holiholiday, the biden administration and officials around it are not taking the weekend off. yesterday, i spoke with energy secretary jennifer granholm who projected optimism despite economic challenges. >> the president is really focused on preventing these inflationary increases to the extent he can, inflation is happening globally, recession is in the inevitable, the president really wants to have a steady and stable recovery. but, of course, one of the biggest pieces of these infla inflationary increases we're seeing is the price of fuel. >> the growing number of experts disagree with that assessment. 44% of economists surveyed by "the wall street journal" now believe a recession is likely within the next 12 months. that is as the federal reserve raises interest rates, a move that should cool inflation at the risk of also hurting economic growth. among the top concerns when it comes to inflation, those record high gas prices.
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the white house says it is looking at all options to help consumers tired of paying more than they used to, a lot more than they used to for gas. let's begin with cnn's alison kosik live in new york. alison? >> hi, dana, the federal reserve's in the middle of a real pickle, it is trying to lower inflation, which, by all accounts, seems very stubborn and seems to be accelerating. it is trying to lower inflation and prevent the u.s. economy from going into a recession. so the federal reserve is using the best tool it has, interest rates. it is raising rates at a bigger clip than it has since way back in 1994. and the idea here is to, you know, cut inflation, without causing a recession. but the thing is there is no guarantee that even raising rates is going to impact inflation, lower inflation and no guarantee that it won't plunge the the u.s. economy into a recession. fed chief jay powell said last week that the cpi number, the inflation number that we most recently got, it was eye
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catching, and he said, look, the fed -- there are some things that are out of the fed's control, that includes higher oil prices, supply chain issues, supply chain constraints, and this unwinding out of the pandemic. so we have the fed trying to raise rates aggressively. it is a delicate dance. it can cause the "r" word. listen to what treasury secretary janet yellen said over the weekend. >> i expect the economy to slow. it has been growing at a very rapid rate as the economy -- we have reached full employment. it is natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth. but i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. >> so their concern is this could cause a self-fulfilling prophecy, where everybody sees high inflation, people pulling
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back on spending and that could cause a recession. not helping is what we're seeing in the stock market, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq sitting in a bear market. the dow getting close to it. even if you're not invested in the stock market, hard to have confidence when you see the kinds of headlines. >> sure is, thank you for that report, alison. high prices aren't the only headache for americans this holiday. more than 900 flights were canceled on sunday as airlines complain of a critical pilot shortage. and disruptions come just as air travel hits highest levels since the thanksgiving holiday weekend. cnn's pete muntean is live at reagan national airport with the details. pete, what is it looking like today? >> reporter: well, dana, so many people still trying to get home today. these new cancellation numbers are huge, but the cause of this really is not all that new. we have been telling you over and over again how airlines got a lot smaller over the pandemic, and that led to the massive cruise shortages and the deck of
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cards really comes tumbling down when summer weather strikes. we saw major storms on the east coast, on thursday, then again on friday. look at the cancellation numbers according to flight aware. more than 1700 flights canceled on thursday. more than 1400 on friday. airlines really tried to play catch-up on saturday and sunday, unsuccessfully. more than 800 flights canceled nationwide on saturday. more than 900 on sunday. this really hit some of the nation's biggest airline hubs. we're talking charlotte and laguardia and new york. and listen now to a passenger we spoke to at new york's laguardia airport. she had her flight cancieled on saturday, it was rescheduled to sunday, only to have that flight can canceled. >> we were supposed to go back to north carolina yesterday and got delayed and we got on the plane, went out on the tarmac, sat on the plane for four hours.
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four hours, before they took us back to the terminal. they told us to go to gate 11, gate 11 was 400 people trying to rebook a flight. >> reporter: this is happening as so many people are traveling. this may be one of the biggest travel weekends we have seen since the start of the pandemic. not only the long juneteenth weekend, but also father's day weekend. 2.38 million people screened by tsa at airports across the country just yesterday, 2.44 million people screened at airports across the country on friday. the highest number we have seen since thanksgiving 2021. this all comes with an urgent message from transportation secretary pete buttigieg to airlines. he met with them last week, said get your act together when it comes to the summer schedule, especially with july 4th on the horizon. what is so interesting is that transportation secretary pete buttigieg also found in himself in the position that so many other travelers are in.
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his flight was canceled over the weekend, between new york and washington. no one can really escape this, dana. >> no. they sure can't. thank you so much for that, pete. appreciate it. so if you're listening to pete's report or if you had experience that he just described at the airport, you think, well, i'm going to get in the car, guess what, there is not going to be much relief when it comes to your wallet there. gas prices are dropping slightly but still remain near record highs. nationwide, a gallon of regular gas averages $4.98. it is a drop of 3 cents from last week. joining me now is patrick duhan, head of petroleum analysis at gas buddy. i'm trying to find a silver lining here and i don't know if you have one with the gas prices. it is three cents, but do you have any optimism given your experience and read on this that those numbers, that those numbers will continue to at least in a small way come down as summer driving season really
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starts? >> i'm trying to be a little more optimistic this morning. a lot of it has been bad news as prices continue to march up. now a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. i think that we will continue to see the national average drift down as we get closer to july 4. we're at $4.96 a gallon, which is very high, but prices are moving the right direction. we could, if we're lucky, see prices drop another 10, maybe 15 cents by july 4th. now keep in mind the market has been extremely volatile, things could change overnight, but for now, there is more room for prices to fall ahead of the holiday. >> so, patrick, let's talk about the volatility. the president is going to head to saudi arabia next month. is it realistic to expect anything that he says to the saudi crown prince that will lead to lower gas prices, particularly in the short-term? >> i don't think so, dana. i think the problem is not only
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oil supply, that's the global issue right now, but oil has come duown a bit. there is some room to be made potentially, but the problem also is that there is simply not enough refining capacity across the u.s. this is a problem that has really accelerated in the last few weeks with the increase in demand we have been witnessing, even as americans are experiencing high prices, more of them are getting out. so you can have, you know, if the saudis and the biden administration make a deal, the next problem is getting that oil refined into something more valuable, like oil, like gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. that's where the new kink in the chain is. and this is not likely to greatly improve the outcome that we're expecting. >> i talked to the energy secretary jennifer granholm about these issues yesterday, and i asked her about the white house efforts to get opec to produce more oil. listen to what she said. >> also very concerned about
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what people are experiencing at the pump and saudi arabia is head of opec. we need to have increased production so that everyday citizens in america will not be feeling this pain that they're feeling right now. so all around the world, he's asking for people to increase production. but especially our own oil and gas producers. >> so she's talking about production, you're saying it is not just production, it is about refinery capacity. how do you address that issue? >> well, it is something that isn't solved overnight. we saw a lot of refining capacity, about a million barrels a day, 5% of the nation's total capacity was shut down because of covid, which greatly curtailed consumption of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. the problem the administration has is not only securing more oil supply, boosting oil production here at home, but then potentially on the refining level. the president talked about there have been rumors he may ask oil companies that reactivate existing refineries that have been shut down, but this is not
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something that is easily answered. a lot of refineries have been converted from traditional refining to renewable products like diesel and that curtailed the amount of capacity available as well. good news is there are expansions happening which will come online in the next 6 to 12 months that should alleviate the situation. for now that doesn't leave us in a great position. >> no, it doesn't. thank you so much, for that patrick, appreciate it. and coming up, delays in the uvalde, texas, school shooting investigation. and we'll come to you to fix it. >> tech vo: this customer was enjoying her morning walk. we texted her when we were on our way. she could track us and see exactly when we'd arrive. >> woman: : i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: we came to her with service e that fit her schedule. >> woman: you must be pascal. >> tech: nice to meet you. >> tech vo: we got right to work, with a replacement she could trust. >> tech: we're all set. >> woman: wow. that looks great. >> tech: schedule now at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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casino. police say a man was killed, and an innocent bystander wounded early sunday morning. the shooting happened at the fremont street experience, an area typically filled with partygoers and tourists. police are still searching for the gunman. new york city, nine people were wounded and one killed in a mass shooting over -- after a fight broke out, i should say, during a barbecue early this morning in harlem. so far no motive is known, and no arrests have been made. and here in the nation's capitol, a 15-year-old boy was killed, three others were wounded, including a police officer after a shooting broke out near a concert, one that did not have a permit. the shooting happened after two early ier incidents. in texas, we know when a preliminary report on the school shooting in uvalde will be released. but that's prompting its own questions. the report from the texas house committee should be released by mid-july, nearly two months
8:17 am
after the shooting. it is leaving grieving community members wondering what actually happened on the day that gunman opened fire inside a classroom killing 19 children and two teachers. cnn's rosa flores is in uvalde. so, rosa, what is behind the delay? >> reporter: you know, dana, here is what we know, according to a source close to this committee, the investigation is expected to wrap up by the end of this month, and writing the report could take up to two weeks. now what could delay that is if some of the individuals who the committee wants to hear from do not voluntarily come to testify either here in uvalde or at the texas state capitol. now, if that happens, then the committee issues subpoenas, that, of course, takes more time, which could delay the issuance of this report. now, this is a fact-finding report, this is a fact-finding mission that this committee says
8:18 am
that they're on. one of the big questions today is will we hear from school police chief pete arredondo. he is not on today's witness list, on today's witness list is a city of uvalde police chief, other members of the city of uvalde police department, and also a texas state trooper, but arredondo is not on the list. now, as one of the committee members was walking in, i asked her if she was expecting or hoping to hear from arredondo today and she said that, quote, i think he's a key part of this investigation, i also checked with arredondo's attorney today, dana, and he said he's not commenting on if or when arredondo will be testifying. but, again, right now, the testimony that is going on is all behind closed doors, all of the testimony for this particular investigative committee is behind closed doors and will be here asking questions, figuring out if we
8:19 am
can get anything from the witnesses as they enter. >> so many unanswered questions and they're not being answered in the short-term, because as you said these hearings are happening behind closed doors. i want to bring in cnn national security analyst juliette kayyem. let's just start there, this is happening in secrecy. i guess there is some argument for protecting people in order to get maybe a more fulsome understanding of what happened. but you are a former government official, at many levels. you worked on many after action reports. what do you make of what is happening and not happening in uvalde? >> right. i think looking at uvalde and what happened, it is arguable that maybe this is one of the worst police responses we have ever seen in an active shooter, particularly an active shooter school case. i would say that the investigation matches it. i never have seen anything like
8:20 am
this before. and i have been involved with a lot of after action reports. we have to go through the chronology. when it originally happened, you had a whole bunch of bravado from various law enforcement and the governor abbott about how great everything was and everyone is chatting away and talking and everything is -- we protected the kids, you know, which is hard to defend. then within 48 hours you have this sort of regrouping that something terribly went wrong and that the police actually were there, and didn't go in, and now you have silence. so you have this sort of couple of weeks that is leading to this silence, no one is talking, no one is offering information, and so you don't have -- even though everyone is saying this was horrible, you haven't had a single apology, you haven't had any accountability and for the parents, no closure, no sense of what happened. and i'm not that confident in any of the investigations going on because everybody is covering
8:21 am
their -- covering their rear view mirror, so to speak. >> yeah, they definitely are. >> sorry, i caught myself. >> that's okay. that's okay. the question then, juliette, if witnesses don't testify voluntarily if they are issued subpoenas as rosa was reporting might happen, this report could be delayed even further. and do we feel -- do you feel confident that at the end of this, no matter how long it takes, there will be a completely transparent rendering of what really happened and didn't happen on that horrible day? >> i am not sure right now. the department of justice has a separate review going on that is not a criminal review, not a culpability review, after action, maybe they will be able to find out more. there might be criminal cases brought, that seems unlikely, given the politics of the area and because under supreme court
8:22 am
precedent it is very difficult to charge someone, in particular, charge cops for dereliction of duty or not living up to what we want them to do. and so this may come out through dribs and drabs in these investigations and also commending the reporting, which is actually been pushing a lot of the accuracy that we have been seeing and i think that's why, you see both the state and the local governments go after reporters. they have these motorcycle groups out there, keeping reporters away from things, sort of, you know, they're not going after the assailant, not focusing on the cops, they're focusing on reporters. that's because i think we know a lot of this is going to come out through reporting and not either criminal procedures or eventual civil litigation that the parents might bring. but, once again, the sort of lack of information is
8:23 am
unprecedented and that, i think, is because they all are sort of protecting themselves and meanwhile they're not having a conversation about the guy who killed lots of 19 children and what that means for our society and culture. >> juliette, we're both parents. i was in uvalde and i spoke to so many family members of those who were killed or knew those who were killed. it is so complicated on so many levels because you have these families grieving, it is also a small town, and i heard from more than one person, well, there is also a bit of a rally around some of the local law enforcement because they're also part of the community. it is very complicated. >> it is a very complicated, we say in disaster management, sort of a crisis comes to a community as it is. it is so difficult in that community where we see racial divides, sort of power divides
8:24 am
between law enforcement and the parents, the use of the police to try to stop some of the parents from talking. those are just sort of amplified through a crisis, including a community trying to protect its own, protect itself. in the end, the parents deserve not just knowing that their child died, but knowing how their child died because that is the true closure and that comes through an investigation. you say generically, 19 kids died in a classroom, that's not -- that's actually not enough. we need to know sort of the details and that's horrifying, and yet necessary. >> i'll just add one thing to what you said, whether the child had to die in that long period of time, when the police were waiting outside the door, thank you so much for your insight, juliette, appreciate it. and for more information on how you can help the victims of the mass shooting tragedies, and their families, go to coming up, the january 6th
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we're just 24 hours away from the next hearing for the committee investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol. and the lies that fueled it. and we're learning new details about what the committee's focus will be tomorrow, including evidence that the former president himself was involved in a scheme to submit fake slates of electors to overturn the 2020 election. joining me now is former federal prosecutor shan wu. thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. i want you to listen to what congressman adam schiff told me yesterday about the focus of the hearing tomorrow, which he's going to lead. >> we'll show evidence that the president's involvement in this scheme. we'll also again show evidence about what his own lawyers came to think about this scheme. and we'll show courageous state
8:31 am
officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call legislators back into session. >> legally speaking, shan, how important is it to directly link with evidence the former president to this fake elector plan? >> that link is really crucial, dana, as the department of justice considers whether and what charges could be there, the key part is really what i call the mind/body connection. connecting trump's mind to the body, meaning the muscles, some of the violence, some of the legal, that was needed to carry out these ideas. so that evidence of linking that mind/body connection is really important. because without it, while we have great factual reporting, great factual investigation, we have to link those actions taken by others to trump's own intent because at the end of the day, ag garland and doj is going to be most concerned about what kind of intent can be proved.
8:32 am
>> and, shan, we have just been watching so much and getting so much information, a lot of new information, any one of these things for a -- a president and any time in history would have a big problem on his hands. but because there is so much, it is hard to figure out what is the most egregious potentially. and the most potentially criminal. when it comes to the slate of electors, which we're going to hear a lot about tomorrow, just looking ahead, how big of a deal is this, especially in the context of everything else we're seeing? >> it is a very strong charge stand alone that goes to a conspiracy to defraud the government as they show evidence that lots of people knew that this was not a legitimate slate, trump still pushed them to go forward with it. i think, though, at the end of the day, from a criminal accountability standard, it is just one more piece in showing trump's intent, meaning you have
8:33 am
eastman saying these aren't legitimate, it is going to work to begin with, other lawyers may have told him that. that all goes to show that even though trump was full of knowledge, that all of this was baseless including the idea of using alternative slate of electors, he kept pushing forward. he kept telling people to pursue it, kept trying other things and that will help prove his intent. >> i want to ask about mike pence. we heard really compelling testimony live last week from his chief counsel and on tape from his chief of staff. the question is, hearing from mike pence himself. he didn't speak privately to the committee. and the question is whether or not there is any chance that the committee will call him to testify. adam schiff told me the possibility is still on the table if he doesn't testify to potentially subpoena him. should that happen? how important is it to hear from him?
8:34 am
>> i think that would be very, very powerful evidence because we have been hearing reports of how trump wanted to pressure him, but to hear it directly from him, the person, the vice president of the united states being told by the president what was to be done, which was inappropriate, that would be very powerful. and i do think he should be subpoenaed. i think we have to be careful of adjusting this new situation we're in where there has been so much blatant fraud, so much blatant efforts to undermine our processes, have to be careful of treating that as a new normal, meaning we treat it with the old normal, which is congress very hesitant to sympathy its own members, very subpoenaing members of a different branch of government. that needs to be put aside here. a subpoena is a subpoena. congress is doing a legitimate investigation and it shouldn't matter who it is that has the information, they need to be compelled to come forward. >> shan, we're out of time. one follow-up there, can't the vice president of the united
8:35 am
states at least a former claim executive privilege? >> well, the executive privilege, like attorney/client privilege, goes to communications and thoughts and analyses. he can claim it, but i think at the end of the day here, similar to the crime fraud exception, i don't think you can -- you can't claim executive privilege to hide the fact of a criminal action going on. and that's what the issue is. >> got it, shan, thank you so much, appreciate it. a quick programming note, cnn's special coverage of the january of th 6th hearing begin tomorrow at noon eastern. we'll be r right back. of hyad pure hyaluroninic acid attracts water to help p visibly replump lines and restore volume revitalift hyaluronic acid serumum from l'oréal paris
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insurance. president biden spoke moments ago in rehoboth beach, delaware, he's spending the long holiday weekend. let's listen. >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling great. what happened was -- you guys ride bikes? well, they have some that have this thing you put your toe in, i was getting off the bike, and it got stuck on the right side.
8:41 am
>> you're okay. >> i'm fine. >> are you still planning to go to ukraine? >> that depends. >> on what? >> a lot of things related to whether or not it causes more difficulties for ukrainians, whether it distracts from what's going on, but i've been meeting with zelenskyy and i talk with him almost three, four times a week. and going into germany and going to israel and i'm going to saudi arabia for a larger meeting of the community there. and then i'll be coming home probably, directly. >> so not going to ukraine on the trip? >> well, on this trip, not likely. >> are you considering a pause of the federal gas tax, we know you're considering it and -- >> i'm considering it. >> how soon can we expect to -- >> i hope i have a decision
8:42 am
based on data i'm looking for bby the end of the week. >> will you be sending americans gas rebate cards? >> well, that's part of what we're -- that's part of the whole operation. just not in a position to answer that. excuse me. >> are you close to making a decision on -- >> yes. >> would you extend the pause for a couple of months or is that on the table? >> it is all on the table right now. >> mr. president, apple store workers formed their first union, first time this has happened in the company. you're obviously a big supporter of collective bargaining. do you have any thoughts on that? >> i'm proud of them. look, you know, workers have a right to determine under what conditions they work or not. and i think the thing everybody
8:43 am
misunderstands about hume union especially the trades, the best workers in the world. they go to four years of college. they have four years of apprenticeship. they break their neck. they get paid partially while they're going, but they get paid. so everybody is better off. everybody is better off, including the final product. >> mr. president, have you had a chance to talk with lawmakers about the progress on guns? >> well, i'm confident that they have done -- that there is a serious negotiation that is very close to coming to fruition. it depends whether or not particular republican has the courage to -- look, i'm also very proud of some of the states, like here in delaware --
8:44 am
like i've been pushing, like i pushed the first time and more -- 14 states. so, look, there is more than -- only one way to skin a cat. it would be better if we had better regulation of the sale of firearms nationally and national mandate. >> mr. president, are you confident that ukraine is going to become a member of the european union? are you pushing for that? >> i think that's very likely to happen. i know. that's my press secretary. i promised -- >> more likely than ever? >> majority are saying that. don't make things up, okay. now you sound like a republican politician. that's a joke. that's a joke. but all kidding aside, i don't think it is. i was talking to larry summers this morning, and there is nothing inevitable about a recession. i think we'll be able to do it. i think we'll be able to get a
8:45 am
change in medicare and a reduction in the cost of insulin. insulin, if you know anybody who has type 2 diabetes or has a child who has it, they need that shot during the week. can cost them up to a thousand bucks a week. and may need not cost more than $35 and still going to make three and a half times of what they invest. we also can move in a direction that we can provide for tax increase in tax, taxes on those on -- in the corporate area as well as the individuals as it relates to trump's tax cut, which is inflation. it doesn't help the economy a whole lot. and we also, i'm working with our team has put together at the same time my dear mother used to
8:46 am
have a -- we have a chance here to make a fundamental turn toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and not just electric vehicles, across the board, and that's something we should be -- my team is going to be sitting down with the ceos of the major oil companies this week, and deciding how they justify making $30 billion on the first quarter. >> are you planning on sitting down with oil and gas ceos? >> no. >> why's that? >> my team is going to do that. >> you did that withgistic comp consumer companies. what they're doing -- first of all, what they have done is they cut back in refining capacity. all this stuff you hear about it, you have to report, that biden limited amount of oil, they have 9,000 leases, 9,000 leases on public lands, and they should be able to use it or lose
8:47 am
it. that's number one. number two, the problem is what they have done is they cut back on refining, on refining. and they say because they don't want to be caught in a position where eventually they move to alternative energy, and renewable energy, and they don't want to get stuck. well, guess what, there is a logical transition to be made here. and i want an explanation for them as to why they aren't refining more oil. refining more oil. and, anyway -- >> president biden speaking on the beach at rehoboth beach. arlette saenz joins me now. there are few headlines there, starting with at the end you heard him talking about pushing the oil companies to refine more oil. the energy secretary jennifer granholm told me she's going to meet with them this week. but he also said on the question of a gas tax holiday, the federal gas tax is 18 cents a gallon. and whether or not that will be
8:48 am
put on pause in order to give people a break at the pump. he said he's making a decision now, but it will likely happen by the end of the week. >> reporter: yeah and the high gas prices are chief among the concerns that americans have right now about the economy, as they see these skyrocketing prices. the white house has been insisting they are trying to do everything in their capacity to try to lower these prices and the president revealing he's expected to make a decision about a possible pause on that federal gas tax, whether he would support that by the end of the week. democrats have been pushing this idea up on capitol hill, but so far it has failed to really gain any major traction. yesterday u.s. secretary of the treasury janet yellen talking about this, saying it is something that maybe should be considered. there are some states already working to suspend the gas tax on the state level, but it is just one of those tools that the white house is examining as they're trying to find ways to
8:49 am
lower the prices. in those comments, the president said he himself would not be meeting with the oil executives, but he sent a letter urging them to come up with more ideas for lowering prices. it was interesting the president said he spoke earlier today with former treasury secretary larry summers. he's one of those people who had been warning about inflation for quite some time. he's warned that a recession may be looming, but you heard the president repeat his refrain that he does not believe a recession is inevitable in this country, even as many economists are predicting one is looming. >> i thought that was so interesting also, arlette. they said last week a recession is not inevitable and that does run counter to what the biden administration is saying, the fact that the president wanted to talk to him directly is quite telling. arlette, thank you so much. big week for nasa and its mission to put a man back on the moon. live details next. started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice.
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at this hour nasa is one step closer to another moon landing. after three attempted rehearsals the effort to launch the rocket is moving forward now. christen fisher is live with details. >> reporter: after a brief delay this morning the final test for nasa's rocket is well underway. we've now entered the wet portion of what's called this wet dress rehearsal, meaning that the liquid propellant is being loaded into the rocket body. and that's liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen. it's very flammable. and this is important. what they're going to be doing is they're essentially doing
8:55 am
everything all through the countdown up until just nine seconds before when this rocket would launch. they've not been able to do this three times before. this is a fourth attempt. if all goes according to plan, we could see this rocket technically called the space launch system with the orion spacecraft on top. we could see this first launch at the end of august or the beginning of september. it is uncrewed, but it sets the stage for the first crewed launch. that would be the return of american astronauts to the moon hopefully by 2025. very cool. thank you so much. appreciate that. "inside politics" with john king will start after a break. um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so nowow we're in the present. and now... we're in the future. the all-electric chevy bolt euv
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hello. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing this day with us. crime and punishment. tomorrow the january 6th committee says it will show the country evidence donald trump was directly involved in the plot to submit fake slates of electors. and multiple members say yes, the former president committed prosecutorable crimes. plus, quote, there's nothing inevitable about a recession. that from the president of the united states just moments ago taking questions for reporters in delaware. the president says a recession is not destiny, and hi


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