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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  June 20, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing this day with us. crime and punishment. tomorrow the january 6th committee says it will show the country evidence donald trump was directly involved in the plot to submit fake slates of electors. and multiple members say yes, the former president committed prosecutorable crimes. plus, quote, there's nothing inevitable about a recession. that from the president of the united states just moments ago taking questions for reporters in delaware. the president says a recession is not destiny, and hi sas
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lifting the gas tax is on the table. plus captured americans. russian state media shows two alabama men who volunteered to fight alongside ukraine in captivity held by russian-backed separatists. up first for us, nthe january 6h committee next hearing is tomorrow. fallen promises to expose donald trump's role in a scheme to sub in fake electors for the real ones. on cnn a committee member says part of the evidence will directly tie the former president to the plot. >> we will show evidence of the president's involvement in this scheme. we'll also, again, show evidence about what his own lawyers came to think about this scheme. we'll show during a hearing what the president's role was in trying to get states to name alternate slates of electors, how that scheme depended initially on hopes that the
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legislatures would reconvene and bless it. >> will we see that he directed it? >> i don't want to get ahead of what we'll show during the hearing. >> we did hear last week from the former president's lawyers who dismissed this plot as half baked and most definitely illegal. tuesday the witnesses include a pair of georgia election officials. the secretary of state and a key deputy. they were on the receiving end of a trump ramp to find votes and throw out joe biden's georgia win. we'll hear from the arizona house speaker who trump and rudy giuliani pressured to let his state's legislature pick new electors. with me to share their reporting and insights, our panel. tia, the witnesses tomorrow include two of the georgia state officials. the secretary of state and chief of staff essentially gave sp spurling who came under intense pressure from trump.
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trump had a recount, lost it. more checking, lost it. then he got on the phone and said fix it. >> so, look, all i want to do is this. i just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have. because we won the state. >> the challenge for the committee is to prove that's just not a desperate man ranting. that's somebody who was told. it's the intent. it's what was his knowledge and what was his intent this sn did he know his lost and ran everything out, and was that not only corrupt but criminal? >> yeah. and it's interesting. the former president is already trying to shape the narrative ahead of tomorrow's meeting. he put out on his social media and in an email, said it was a perfect call is how he described it. his call with the secretary of state, because he said he was just pointing out the fraud, and we know that's not true. i think what the committee is
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trying to do but what's going to be tough is we know that there were advisers to the president who were feeding into the misinformation, feeding him lies, or if nothing else, that confirmation bias, and so what the president is saying is that i have people in my ear telling me there were problems in georgia. i was just following up. so it's going to be up to the committee to make that connection as to whether at what point did he know what he was saying wasn't true? and move forward with this intimidation anyway? >> politically, the committee has laid out some damning evidence from members of trump's own team. for all the donald trump wanting to say these people aren't telling the truth, these are his people. can they connect the dots to make a legal case? >> he was told over and over again that this was illegal. you even have one of his advisers saying hey, john
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eastman saying are they still giving out pardons? i want on that list. why if you didn't do anything illegal? i mean, people were laying it out to trump that what he was doing was illegal. it was breaking the law. but he didn't want to hear that. so he went and found some people who would tell him it was okay. the question is i'm not a lawyer. but is that good enough? is that a way to get around the law as long as you can find someone who tells you what you want to hear? >> one of the questions obviously, again, if you just listen to the committee, listen to the testimony, forget your partisan views, it's damning about the former president being told you lost. we tried in court, you lost. it's over. you lost. the question is does it breakthrough? the ratings have been okay. people are paying attention. internet searches and the like, there's high interest. this abc news poll, 60% of americans overall think donald trump committed crimes. but you see the partisan split. now there's a big sample. it's a big margin of error.
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91% of the democrats think yes, only 19% of republicans think that. that's the political challenge, the public opinion challenge for the committee breaking through. >> yeah. i'd break it down slightly differently. i think that question is about did trump break the law. i think the instance of republicans is to knee jerk defend him because they're siding with their tribe. that 19 doesn't surprise me. i think it's less the legal question and more the political question. because i think at the end of this, what this committee is laying out ultimately is not just pursuing the legal indictment. it's pursuing a political indictment. peggy noonan's column got at this wisely. i think what they're putting in the ground water of american politics is you can't -- trump was culpable for january 6th, and by the end of this, that is going to do damage to him politically. yes, within his own party. they're never going to admit it
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to a pollster. probably not to a reporter either. but i think the sort of cumulative baggage from this is going to weigh on trump within his own party, probably more than he wants to admit. >> to your point, even for trump loyalists, it's too lis can i? >> right. and like the policies they'll say, like him, but they'll quietly say it's just time to move on. look to the future. somebody else. it doesn't mean trump won't be the nominee in '24 given the hold he has on a lot of republicans. but i think at the end of this, you're going to find a larger froup in the gop quietly looking for an alternative. >> part of the conversation is we continue to listen to the committee. they've done a remarkable job presenting new evidence, is are we doing this for history or because the conspiracy lives? and that is part of the debate. the national review editorial board saying we should not forget what happened on january 6th. but we should also be confident in the strength of our democratic institutions to
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withstand attempts by bad actors to cling to power. they're making the case the system held up, we're good. adam kinzinger says no. >> there is violence in the future. i'm going to tell you. and until we get a grip on telling people the truth, we can't expect any differently. 2024 is going to be a mess. and wake up, america. wake up, republicans. because this is not going to be good for you if you think it is. >> his point is, and again, look at primary elections in your state, all around the country, republicans running based on the big lie. running based on the idea that elections are somehow rigged. not just about trump. that the system is rigged. >> i mean, and the thing is this is a very seductive argument. right? like, in you believe -- you want trump to win, if he doesn't win, then it was fraud. right? the person you want to win didn't win. then it's impossible that he lost. and so you have a lot of people that have bought into that.
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they really believe it. the republican party maybe some of the stalwarts may be able to move on, but you don't -- there's no evidence that the base wants to move on. and if they really believe that this election was stolen, which they're saying over and over again, i don't know why you don't take them at face value. >> the other base is watching, meaning the democratic base is watching. the testimony has been inc incredibly damning. you have people saying hello, biden justice department, move. >> people are concerned that the department of justice may have too many carrieovers from the last administration and not moving in order to deal do what's needed to protect the democracy. >> are you concerned they're not moving quickly enough? >> yes, i am. >> again, that's -- some would say politically inappropriate pressure on the department. he gets to say what he wants. there's a question of is the justice department, it's asked
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for the trance crypts from the committee hearings. >> jim clyburn in a lot of ways is this sort of voice of democrats, the inner voice of democrats that he often blurts out loud, and there i did it again. look, i think a lot of democrats, including some perhaps who work for joe biden would tell you they want a political justice department, apolitical, but not this apolitical. that's to say merrick garland is a respected jurist and man of the law, but also, my goodness, the facts here are pretty damning. you heard the reference which i thought was telling. the holdovers from justice. and i think that's a message to the political appointees from president biden. get moving. >> shake the tree a little bit. >> a very important committee hearing. new important words from the president of the united states on the committee and soaring gas prices. the president says he may pause the gas tax to ease pressure on your family budget. and we'll co.
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a dip in consumer spending is a new red flag for the economy. it is getting quick attention from the president and his economic team. they are well aware such spending drives the american economy. listen to this here including the president. >> i was talking this morning, and there's nothing inevitable about a recession. >> well, i expect the economy to slow, but i don't think a recession is at all inevitable. >> a recession is not inevitable. the president really wants to have a steady and stable recovery. >> not only is a recession not inevitable, but i think a lot of people are underestimating those strengths and the resilience of
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the american economy. >> it's consistent, number one. that's important. but that's cheerleading. the american economy is so driven by consumer spending and we're approaching the july 4th holiday, summer vacation. they're afraid if americans are afraid the economy is about to tank, they'll pull back. and that would make it inevitable. >> and i think, you know, it's such a fine line with american economic policy between, like, inflation that's acceptable versus inflation that is too out of control. and price decreases that are acceptable versus price decreases that are like we're in a recession. for the american public, that perception is just -- it's hard to gauge when americans believe we're in a recession. if prices start to decrease, you can't control that public perception. i wonder, the biden administration got in a little trouble without creating too rosy an outlook with the long-term impacts of inflation.
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now they could be setting themselves up again for perhaps setting it up too rosy, like, at the end of the day, they want prices to drop. the fed is making movements for prices to go down, and if it starts to tumble, they won't have a lot of control over that. >> and so we're four months from the election. you cannot separate the politics from the economics. you can't. the president of the united states. so if you look at the national price of gas, it's gone down a couple pennies. 4.98 is the average. down three cents from a week ago. but everybody remembers a year ago when they were paying almost 2 less for gas. initially, if you go back several weeks ago, the administration was cool to this idea of a federal gas tax holiday. it's 18 cents on the gallon. today the president says maybe, and you'll know soon. >> how soon can we expect it? >> i hope i have a decision based on data i'm looking for by the end of the week. >> before the july 4th holiday.
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americans are going to be in their cars. look, the biden folks know that $5 gas for weeks or even months is politically challenging to put it mildly. i was so struck by biden's mention of talking to larry summers. not classic biden. but also because larry summers was one of the loudest voices in 2021 warning about inflation. and as alex burns and i report in our book, "this will not pass" the biden people were eye rolling left and right in 2021. when summers was warning about inflation, and now obviously biden is talking to larry summers and trying to keep him inside the tent. i couldn't help to notice larry summers was on a show yesterday in the previous sunday, perhaps joe biden saw clips of the shows and wants to keep summers on message. >> that's part of the challenge. look, a president cannot wave a magic wand and even -- yes, he could suspend the gas tax for weeks or months but then the
9:19 am
federal government loses money. there's a price for that. you can do modest things but you can't make it all go away. he's trying to show the american people i'm trying to do everything i can. >> he wants to show he's trying. this is an economic problem that has really serious political ramifications. now, a lot of biden supporters don't like to hear this. but this is a problem for the president. no, he did not cause it. no, it's not all his fault. but at the end of the day, presidents get all sorts of problems on their desk that they didn't cause, they didn't ask for it, and they got to deal with it. and he has to deal with it. if he does the gas tax holiday, the question is when do you bring it back? then you're raising taxes and that's the problem when you do a holiday. you're going to raise my gas prices later? that's the problem with that. but you may see it because at $5 a gallon or close to it, they want to do something. >> and november. >> exactly. >> you do see -- on the economic front, if you read the smart people, they see this dangerous spot.
9:20 am
can the fed get the sweet spot, slow things down without tipping into a recession. this is some of the washington post all through 2022 the narrative has been as covid faded, households would ramp up spending on services. there was a note the narrative has been true for much of the year, but it seems to be slowing. that's hotels. that's airfare. that's travel. that's the american consumer saying it costs more, but that's okay. i'm okay. if the american consumer says i'm not okay, then the economy gets in trouble. >> right. and you hear, i'm sure we talked to our friends that say the outside is getting very expensive. and i'm going to have to be home more. and it's not just the prices at the pump. it's airline fares. it's just -- their grocery bills. and i think people, again, that sweet spot is just so hard to catch. because people are very perspective of what's coming out of their pocket. they're perspective of how far their paycheck goes and yes, we like when prices decrease, but if the prices of goods going
9:21 am
down starts affecting how businesses move in this world and hiring and things like that, then it will have even bigger affects on the economy. so it's just so hard to catch that sweet spot, and i wish the biden administration was a little bit more honest about that. i know they want to put on a rosy picture and it's about politics and wanting to help out the party, but i think it doesn't always serve the general public to not understand the factors at play. >> quick break for us. when we come, weekend reminders the political climate is beyond raw. and a warning russia will try to meddle and exploit the american political divide .
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the texas republican party convention this weekend full of reminders our political climate is raw, to say the least. new reporting details how federal and state authorities are bracing for the likelihood russia will try to exploit america's divide and distrust. homeland and national security officials are worried about how russia could exploit u.s. divisions over the november midterms. considering scenarios like russia staging smaller hacks of legal election authorities done
9:27 am
with the deliberate purpose of being noticed and then using that seed to more conspiracies about the integrity of american elections. the idea is russia in the past has tried to hide the activity. part of the thinking here is they don't care if they get caught. they would be happy to get caught. they just want people to continue to have the flower of doubt about the math of elections. >> it's an evolution in sophistication from 2016. in 2016 they were probing into election systems, seeing where they could get in. some things with social media. when they were caught -- this would be done going after local election authorities all over the country at the county level, the city level. trying to get information even if it's just a little bit, make sure they get caught. that's the purpose of it. and then use that information to then put into these now much more developed social media networks and seed this into an anger conspiracy feedback loop. >> anger conspiracy feedback
9:28 am
loop. it makes you shake your head, but you know the basis is there for it. they passed a platform, the state republican convention that declares joe biden was not legitimately elected. it goes on with positions about anti-abortion rhetoric and it calls being gay an abnormal lifestyle choice. the fact that biden was legitimately elected, that in texas where biden lost, the republican party feels it has to go out of its way to say he's not a legitimate president just tells you that this cancer is in the bloodstream of the party. >> well, it is. and you don't even have to look to russia to stir this up. i talked to kathleen on weekend edition just yesterday. what she said was when you look at what happened on january 6th, when you look at a tax on lgbtq events, what happened in buffalo. all these things are related. there's a very serious white power movement going on in this country that they want to overthrow the government and set
9:29 am
up a white state or they want to use the levers of government to set up a more fascist system. this is real. this is happening, and they are using mainstream people and mainstream outlets to try to get it done. >> and so the question is how do you stop it or how do you slow it first and then stop it? at that same convention, congressman crenshaw confronted essentially john mccain. john foreman, the senator from texas, involved in the bipartisan gun safety negotiations, he is boo 'ed. these are republicans with standing getting boos from activists in their own party. >> cornyn being boo'ed, he gretsz -- it's not a new story. what is, i think, a new more troubling, and affordable care act frankly, much more alarming story is crenshaw being
9:30 am
confronted. i think what happens if crenshaw is not surrounded by advisers and people who are friendly? what if he's alone and there's half a dozen people who go after him? we are closer in this country to the threat of more political violence than people realize or want to accept. you see this with the crenshaw clip, and even more with the level of death rates against members of congress every day on their phones, in their email, in their mail. this is a sort of grim fact of american politics in 2022. and i think the fear is that january 6th was not the culmination. january 6th was sadly one more grim milestone. >> adam kinzinger releasing over the weekend, you see a copy of a letter here. i'm not going to read the words. but it's a death threat. not only to the congressman but to his wife and child. because he decided to -- he made this choice to serve in the committee. you could disagree with the
9:31 am
choice. fine. that's america. but we're going to kill you and your wife and your child? >> and what we're seeing here is these threats of violence, this intimidation, quite frankly, just making it more than uncomfortable. making it danger to serve in public office. not just at the national level, but at the state and local level where they don't have the protections. your local secretary, you know, election super visor doesn't have around the look security detail, and they're facing similar threats as well. and so this is further undermining our democracy. we talked earlier, you know, some people want to say you know, american democracy can withstand the weight of challenges. i don't know if that's true. because we haven't seen challenges like this at this level. and it is really scary, because our government could look very different if just a few things go the other way. >> and to your point about foreign intervention, look, putin is winning in that regard
9:32 am
in the sense that his whole point is stoked out stoke fear and resentment and divide. in this environment, forgive the reference, because it's a reprehensible thing, but it's almost tee ball, to further stoke what is already there. >> yeah. look, that's been the intention from russia from the beginning. it wasn't a specific outcome other than undermining american's faith in each other, and america's faith in america, turning us against each other. put that kinzinger letter up against an ad we saw circulating on the internet this morning from a former governor. he's got a military squad in military -- going and raiding a building and saying he's looking to bag and tag rino republicans. this is not just an acceptance of violence. it's a cheerleading of violence. it's making the violence. people with guns knocking down a door, saying we're bagging and tagging, and that is, that's
9:33 am
violence. >> and it's violence, and it's not only anti-american but anti-democratic. it's both of these things. francis roanny says the republican party needs to look in the mirror, and move on. listen. >> it seems to be that there's a base of people that are vocal, that are fanatics, in my opinion, and fairly lawless, that will do anything to dethe end trump and to defend the kind of chaos that they have justified with like january 6th, and they'll do anything. so we have to move on. >> but you cannot move on if kevin mccarthy, the man who would be speaker continues to dismiss the testimony we're hearing about january 6th from the committee. i would argue you cannot move on if even mitch mcconnell who just doesn't want to talk about it so he avoids it and ignores it, you want to be the senate majority leader, talk about this every day. leaders must lead. you cannot move on until you
9:34 am
look people in the eye and tell them you believe a eye. >> i think the mcconnell assumption is trump will fade with time, but that's been the calculation for seven years and counting now. sort of hoping somebody else -- >> even if he faded tomorrow. it's everywhere now. it's not just trump. >> by the way, i thought it was striking that trump over the weekend tcriticized kevin mccarthy for not having a republican on the 1-6 committee. a sign that trump does not have a lot of faith in kevin mccarthy, but also that the hearings starting to get to trump. >> the hearings are starting to get to trump. it would be nice if they get the attention of those who either continue to support the lie or straddle and try not to avoid it out of fear. he is on team biden 2024. but jim clyburn also wants you to know he has a backup plan. no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and ththat's... how w you collect coins.
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comcast business. powering possibilities. congressman jim clyburn's early bet on 2024 is a repeat of 2020 and he'll be on team joe biden. the south carolina democrat does have a plan b as there's more chatter about the possibility biden wouldn't or shouldn't run. here's what he told cnn this morning. >> it's not a question in my mind that joe biden is doing exactly what needs to be done for this great country of ours. we all know how democracy is
9:40 am
teetering on edge. we need a joe biden to get us through this rough patch. i'm just saying that if he chooses not to run again, first after him will be kamala harris. >> this is sometimes amusing, sometimes strange conversation among democrats. joe biden says he's running. most democrats take him at his word and assume he's running. because he is the nation's oldest president, think think who knows what's going to happen in the midterm elections. is there a recalculation? clyburn isn't just nobody. he sayed joe biden in 2020, south carolina of course is important on the calendar. when he speaks, we listen. >> i'm sure the white house is happy to hear him say that kamala harris would be -- that there's a plan b in place. i mean, the problem for the white house is that it's going to be very difficult for them to kind of tamp down this speculation, because as you said, biden is up in age, and there are a lot of questions. and the economy is not doing
9:41 am
great, so there are questions about what happens next. but i think right now democrats probably want to just keep things going, and not have -- like, you don't want biden in as a lame duck right now. >> so you have some younger democrats who say it has nothing to do with just joe biden. they look at the president of the united states, say look at the speaker of the house. schumer is in the 70s. he's the young guy in the democratic leadership, and clyburn himself. he acknowledges it. he says look, i get it. >> everybody knows that none of us are getting any younger. and we all the end to adjust our activities based upon what time it is at any given juncture, and he'll do the same. >> but his -- he still believes that biden will be fine in 2024? >> yeah. biden is doing what people want him to do, not be donald trump.
9:42 am
not be tweeting at 4:00 in the morning. not embarrass us on a international stage, but there are limitations to what joe biden can do even physically. he can't travel as intensely. his speeches are, you know, his speeches, you have to pay attention a little bit more as he speaks, because he speaks slowly. with age, comes limitations. and i think that, you know, i don't -- clyburn is not going to turn on his boy joe biden. clyburn is not going to turn on kamala harris, a former black member of congress. but i think there are limitations, age comes with limitations, and if democrats want to get where they want to go, they need to look at the next generation. >> it's personal for clyburn and hoyer and pelosi. it's personal because they're all over the age of eighty, and a milestone biden is rapidly approachings a he turns 80 this
9:43 am
november. look, i think there's a difference of opinion in the party about what the best bet is for the future. i think there's a lot of democrats in congress. obviously in biden's house who believe there's nobody else that's a better option for us in '24, especially if it comes to beating trump. he did it before, and so look at the precedent. but there's voices. elsewhere in the party, many of which will go on the record, but are also, i think, of the view that look, we have to have a primary in 2024, and field the best possible candidate for the future, and not nominating joe biden once again, just does not make a whole lot of sense. given some of the challenges he could have with age two years from now. this is not going away. >> right. it's not going away. you mentioned the generational party. one of the younger progressives who has pushed the younger leadership argument not specific to joe biden is alexandria ocasio-cortez. here's the question put to her, and she chooses her words
9:44 am
carefully. >> we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, but i think if the president has a vision and that's something certainly we're all willing to entertain and examine when the time comes. >> that's not a yes. >> yeah, you know, i think we should endorse when we get to it. i believe that the president has been doing a very good job so far, and you know, should he run again, i think that -- i think it's, it's -- we'll take a look at it. >> what a resounding endorsement. >> live tv. >> but at the same time, she said he's doing a good job and he's not critical. >> not critical, but it was -- it was very nuanced. i think that there are a lot of people in the democratic party who are waiting in the wings, and they feel like the democratic party should have done more to try to mold and elevate people who are younger
9:45 am
than 80 to help lead the party. and i'm not trying to be ageist, but they are ready and they want to move to a new place with a new generation. >> never too early to talk about the next president. up next, live to kraibl for the latest. russia state media said it interviewed captured american fighghters and one said he was beaten. did i tell you i bought our car fromarvana? yeah, ma. i found the perfect car, under budget too! and i get seven days to love it or my money back... i love it! i thought online meant no one to help me,
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a giant political shakeup in israel. they plan to dissolve and a new prime minister until elections happen. what happened? >> reporter: john, this government was fragile. i think few people expected israeli prime minister to essentially fall upon his own sword. in the last hour or so, we received word that the prime minister and the alternate prime minister have agreed to dissolve parliament themselves and then when the vote passes next week, it means that the minister will become prime minister of israel and it will likely send israelis to the fifth elections in more than four years. they would rather dissolve themselves rather than give that pleasure to former prime minister and now opposition leader, benjamin netanyahu. there were efforts to get enough
9:51 am
votes to dissolve parliament. they decided to do it themselves and put lapid in power as an interim caretaker, prime minister. this means that it will be lapid who will welcome joe biden when he visits israel next week, and as far as we understand, the president still plans to make that visit despite the new prime minister. >> remarkable turnover. we'll stay on top of it as it plays out. live for us in jerusalem, thank you. president biden said this morning, he's not likely to visit ukraine during a trip to europe this coming weekend. meantime, russian-backed separatists in a video say they are holding two captured american fighters. those americans are being held in donetsk, in the eastern part of the country. one of them, alexander john robert drewsky says he's been beaten a few times.
9:52 am
let's get live to ben wedeman live for us. what's the latest, ben? >> reporter: the latest on those two americans is not good. they're being held in the donetsk people's republic. that's that pro-russian breakaway part of ukraine, and the problem there is that we have seen in the past they have put these -- on the ninth of june they found -- and the worry is that in the donetsk people's republic, they do have the death penalty. in russia, there's a moratorium on the death penalty. if they are put on trial, there's a danger that they will be found guilty and will be sentenced to death. now, those death sentences on the other two, the two brits and the moroccan are not been carried out, but there are no indications coming from the officials in the donetsk people's republic which is recognized by nobody but russia,
9:53 am
that they will be pardoned any time soon. meanwhile on the front, the situation is increasingly dire for the ukrainian defenders, a town on the eastern outskirts of donetsk has been captured by the russians. meanwhile, russian forces are advancing from the south. it looks like ukraine's hold on the luhansk region is increasingly tenuous. we heard the ukrainian deputy defense minister that they believe the russians are aiming to take all of luhansk by the 26th of june. of course, the problem is the ukrainians are wildly outnumbered by the russians when it comes to artillery. there is some western-supplied equipment including advanced artillery systems on the frontlines in eastern ukraine. more is on the way. but at this point, we've heard
9:54 am
various different accounts, but as many as 15 russian artillery pieces to every one possessed by the ukrainians. ben wedeman, sober reporting. thank you, ben. up next the president of the united states talks pedal cages. yes, joe biden explains how he took a tumble off his bike. cerave cleansers help me maintain my moisture balance with hyaluronic acid, plus 3 essential ceramidides to helelp restore my natural barrier. so we'rere cerave clean. cerave hydrating cleanser. your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description.
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vaccines for toddlers and preschoolers could be available as soon as tomorrow. the cdc authorized moderna and pfizer for kids under five years old. they say the process may be slower. many pharmacies are not set up to handle children so young. the white house covid response coordinator says young kids will experience similar side effects as those experienced by teens and adults. president biden this morning saying he's doing fine after falling off his bike over the weekend. he was biking with the first lady when his foot got caught in the pedals. >> i'm feeling great. i'm feeling great. what happened was yeah, i mean, any of you guys ride bikes? well, some of them have these things you put your toe in. it holds your foot so it doesn't slide off the pedal. when i was getting off the bike,
10:00 am
it got stuck on the right side. >> today is juneteenth, a day marking the end of slavery in america. this year the country is commemorating it with a new federal holiday. the vice president kamala harris visiting the a museum this afternoon where children were learning about the new holiday. appreciate your time with "inside politics." ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello. thank you for being here. i'm ana cabrera in new york. combine a summer travel surge with staffing shortages, and rough weather, and what do you get? airport chaos. thousands of flight cancellations have left passengers stranded nationwide. airports across the globe are putting caps on daily travel. and a scheme to get states to reverse their 2020 election results. now one member of


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