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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  June 20, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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coalition government themselves, something done by the opposition parties. so now next week a vote will be brought to the parliament to dissolve it, and when that passes, the foreign minister will then become prime minister of israel, and will likely send israelis to the polls. this will be the fifth elections in just under four years. and an endless cycle of elections, that's not guaranteed to get them an established result with a clear majority going into the future. what this also means is that lipid will be the one to welcome u.s. president joe biden when he arrives in israel for his visit next month. as far as we know from the white house, we do understand despite this political shake-up, despite everything happening here, despite the new prime minister, joe biden still plans to make that visit as planned. victor? >> hadas gold with the reporting from jerusalem there, thank you very much. it is the top of the
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brand-new hour here on "cnn newsroom." i'm victor blackwell. good to have you on. we're on the eve of another hearing on the capitol insurrection this time tomorrow, the committee investigating january 6th plans to focus on former president trump's efforts to pressure state officials to overturn the 2020 presidential election. georgia elections officials brad raffensperger and gabe sterling are expected to testify about that pressure campaign. along with arizona house speaker rusty bowers. the committee is also promising to reveal new evidence that shows trump's involvement in the scheme to overturn biden's win in battleground states. >> we'll show evidence of the president's involvement in this scheme. we'll also show evidence about what his own lawyers came to think about this scheme. and we'll show courageous state officials who stood up and said they wouldn't go along with this plan to either call legislators back into session or decertify the results for joe biden.
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>> cnn's senior crime and justice reporter katelyn polantz is with us now. so, what else should we expect? >> well, victor, tuesday this public hearing is going to be all about the states, specifically the battleground states that donald trump lost. we know, as you mentioned, there is going to be three people lined up to testify publicly, they would be representing the trump campaign, trump white house and donald trump's efforts himself in arizona, and georgia. so what those two states do is they give us a window into two different areas of this pressure campaign, the one, brad raffensperger, and gabe sterling, from the georgia secretary of state's office, they're going to be able to speak to this direct pressure campaign that donald trump was putting on in georgia, to try to find votes. that's what he said in that phone call to raffensperger in january '21. and rusty bowers, he can speak to something a little bit
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different. he would have a window into the trump campaign's usage of electors to supplant biden electors at the end of the -- after the election. so we will be hearing quite a bit from a lot of different people who were in touch with donald trump and others, but the one thing the committee is going to be doing, they're going to be keeping their focus on donald trump himself. here is representative adam kinzinger, on the committee, here is what he was saying yesterday about their findings so far. >> i certainly think the president is guilty of knowing what he did, seditious conspiracy, being involved in these kind of different segments of pressuring doj, vice president, et cetera. you note we're not a criminal charges committee. so i want to be careful in specifically using that language. but i think what we're presenting before the american people certainly would rise to a level of criminal involvement by a president. >> reporter: we know this issue of fake electors is one we're
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going to be hearing a lot about on tuesday. it is something that members of the committee are signaling we will have more information about, that would tie donald trump directly to the efforts to use fake electors in these states. so we're going to be watching for that. and also there are very likely to be criminal investigators also watching what the committee's findings are. we know there are at least two criminal probes right now that are looking at this usage of fake electors by the trump campaign, both the federal government's looking at it and prosecutors in georgia. victor. >> we know a.g merrick garland says he watches the hearings. katelyn polantz, thank you. lauren boebert issued this warning to those republicans who voted to impeach trump over the election. you impeached the ultra maga king, you get the boot. the impeachment ten, the ten republicans in the house who voted yes on impeachment, are now either retiring or fighting for their political lives. one of them, congressman tom rice of south carolina, lost his
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primary. a sign of what it means to cross trump in today's republican party. cnn's capitol hill reporter melanie zanona is with me now. what is the political fallout for these ten? >> reporter: i think it will be really tough for these remaining impeachment republicans in the house, they are all facing trump-backed primary challengers, trump has made defeating them a top priority and after watching tom rice lose and lose by a big margin, we should point out, they're all now wrestling with their own political futures and questioning whether they can cross trump and survive in today's gop. i will point out at least two of the candidates have quietly gotten help from gop leader because they represent swing districts that will matter to the house gop's efforts to win back majority. it is clear an impeachment vote is an unforgivable sin in trump's eyes. the question is whether it is an unforgivable sin in the eyes of the voters. >> let's talk about liz cheney. she is the vice chair of the 1/6
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committee investigating the insurrection. she takes on former president trump very publicly in her campaign. cheney is focused on the local issues, though, back in wyoming. what do you make of this strategy? >> reporter: i think it is telling that the first two campaign ads from liz cheney were both focused on hyperlocal issues and not on trump, and not on her work on the january 6th select committee. now, whether this is a strategy that is going to save her in wyoming, i don't know. but i do think there is some evidence that at least in other races keeping your head down and avoiding trump has been a successful strategy for people who have cross trump. david valadao, a republican who voted to impeach, he looks poised to edge out a far right challenger in a race that hasn't been called yet, but he wasn't facing a challenger endorsed by trump and his district is less conservative than rice's and cheney's. >> a lot more to watch this midterm season. melanie zanona, thank you. let's move to state level politics. this is what came out of the
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texas republican state convention over the weekend. a resolution rejecting president biden as the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, a ban on teac teaching -- labeling homosexuality an abnormal lifestyle choice. the party platform also demands the repeal of the 1965 voting rights act. joining me now, cnn political when tater, republican strategist allison stewart and charlie dent, the executive director of the aspen institute congressional program. welcome back to you both. charlie, what is happening in texas? let's just start there, what is going on? what did you see out of this convention this weekend? >> well, this is not the first time the texas gop has made ridiculous resolutions. good thing is that most republican elected officials
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don't pay a whole lot attention to the party platform of the state committees. what they have done is essentially demonstrated intolerance and if the republican party hopes to be a national governing party, it has to become much more socially tolerant. and this is no way to do it. it is as if they're not even speaking to young voters. it is offensive to people in the lgbtq community to be sure. but, again, there seemed to be a certain detachment from reality, certainly they're not connected at all to people who must run in swing districts, where they have to be able to appeal to people beyond the most fringe elements of the base. and that's what the texas gop seems to be doing here, repealing to a fringe element at the expense of a broader electorate and it is going to be harder to win elections if that kind of thing gets nationalized what they just did. >> ellis, calling for the repeal of the 1965 voting rights act, republicans at the state level spent months trying to convince texans, the rest of the country that the new voting laws were
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not designed to discriminate against people, were supposed to expand access to the ballot. that's hard to sell when your party platform includes a repeal of a law enacted to prohibit racial discrimination in voting. >> it doesn't make sense, victor. texas has been a very red state for a long time, but it is becoming more purple and if the gop in texas wants to continue with the far right policies and platforms, they're going to lose a lot more than they think they're going to gain by doubling down on these policies. in the last primary election, they made gains with a hispanic community and others that have traditionally not been on board with the gop and with a far right philosophy, they lose that ground and it is really important that more than anything at the state level the gop in every state in this country, we need to stop with delegitimizing the election.
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donald trump lost the election. we have free and fair elections and restore credibility and confidence in our election process, and policies like this, and platforms like this that discredit the election process, we have seen it is not a winning formula, it did not would work in georgia, it is not going to work in texas. the gop there in the lone star state needs to focus on broadening the base if they want to continue to be the red state that they are. >> charlie, you said elected officials don't pay too much attention to what was written in this platform. they heard also from john cornyn, senior senator there in texas, he was booed. i want you to see his reception when he spoke to the delegates at the convention. [ booing ] >> and he, of course, is the top
12:11 pm
gop negotiator on gun reform. what do you think the impact could be on getting to a deal? >> well, that was certainly discouraging that they would boo their senior senator. but i want to mention one thing, victor. the last time the voting rights act reauthorization was signed into law, it was signed into law by george w. bush in 2006. i voted for that reauthorization and it was needed to be done. and that shows you how detached from reality the texas gop has become on that issue, the voting rights act. might need to reform it a bit, but the repeal is insane. on john cornyn, here he is, negotiating, what seems to be a rather narrow small deal. i think it is significant. it doesn't go as far as i would like. but i'm glad that john cornyn stepped up. he's a serious conservative thoughtful and pragmatic member. and he's just trying to do his job, by denouncing him this way. understand why so many members don't want to engage in compromise. they'll be punished for it.
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he's being booed for just doing his job. and there are a lot of members of congress sadly who are very good at telling you all the things they can never do. that's why we're in a perpetual state of stalemate. >> and if i can, victor, quickly, texas of all places, who just survived -- went through the horrific shooting in uvalde, texas, you would think they would understand the need for some type of common sense regulations that would prevent gun violence. and cornyn is making a good faith honest bipartisan effort to reduce this gun violence and he's not just talking and looking at gun legislation, he's looking at the bigger picture, school access to schools, red flag laws, mental health, the big picture that can get done on -- in a bipartisan way. the fact they are booing him for making a good faith effort is really concerning. >> charlie, let me get your reaction to, i'm sure you've seen it on social media, we're
12:13 pm
not going to show it here, this new ad from eric greitens, republican senate candidate in missouri, released today, going after what he calls rinos, of course, republicans in name only, says it is rino hunting season, you see him here with a rifle, in this ad, a s.w.a.t. team uses a battering ram to breakthrough a door, there is a flashbang, he goes in said there is no bagging limit, no tagging limit, it ends with get your rino hunting license. your reaction to this type of rhetoric, this imagery in his campaign? >> well, i guess no one should be surprised about this. i have been called a rino, a squish, a bet wetter, everyone calls us names. here is the guy with all the problems he has in his election, there is a lot of opposition research on him, quite public
12:14 pm
about the problems he has and this distracts from his problems that are very, very real. and so frankly in the republican party, we're all rinos now. everybody is a rino who simply does -- who diverges from president trump, who diverges from these so-called -- >> calling someone a rino is one thing, i apologize for the interruption, but on the use of the weapon in the ad, saying it is time to hunt rinos. >> well, it shows again a total disconnection from what is happening in this country. he wants to hunt rinos, okay, has he in thenot noticed there been several mass shootings and people are alarmed by this and they want congress to do something about it and here he is talking about shooting rinos. the republicans who don't agree with him, that's a sad state of affairs where we are in gop now. there is no -- it is -- there is such an intolerance now that it is really hard for many of us
12:15 pm
who have been republicans our whole lives who grew up in the tradition of people who would get elected, broad appeal to a large segment of our population to see this type of narrow fringe, at times bigoted outreach is just beyond comprehension. >> well, we saw a tweet from congressman adam kinzinger over the weekend, a letter that was sent to him at his home threatening his life, the lives of his wife and child this is a very, very dangerous time and we're seeing this ad from a candidate for the senate. alice stewart, charlie dent, thank you. >> thank you, victor. we're getting new details out of new york city where a cab jumped a curb and hit several people. we'll bring those to you. ukraine's president warns russia could again start ramping up attacks to try to gain more ground. we'll tell you what's behind their new attacks. that's next. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find t the answer that was right under their nose.
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the volkswagen atlas with standard front assist. ♪ ♪ two american volunteers fighting in ukraine are being detained in donetsk by pro russian separatists after they were captured last week. that's according to russian media. they went missing on june 9th during a battle north of sam kiley is in kharkiv. you spoke to a service member fighting in ukraine who witnessed that battle in early june. what did you learn? >> reporter: yes, this was a man whom calls himself pip, his code name. he didn't want his name or face or his voice used in a broadcast interview, which we brought to our viewers 48 hours ago, what he did say is he did witness a
12:21 pm
tank opening fire against against these two soldiers. volunteers for the international brigade, during a fight just outside of kharkiv. now, since then, they have been interviewed on russian television and also on serb tv. it is in the serb tv interview, and we're not going to be broadcasting those interviews because they concern prisoners of war and therefore under duress. they do say in these interviews, one of them, andy tai ngoc huynh says he was at -- beaten, he was beaten by his abductors, he was beaten up a few times, he added that on balance he had been treated better than he had been treated badly. remember, this was a man being interviewed in captivity. and then one of the interviewers very significantly let slip they were in donetsk. this is highly significant
12:22 pm
because it is in donetsk where two british volunteers and one moroccan were sentenced to death on terrorism charges and charges of being mercenaries by the unrecognized government and legal system in the so-called donetsk people's republic. that is a breakaway region in ukraine that is recognized by the kremlin, certainly not recognized under international law. they are now appealing that sentence, but clearly at least one of the people being interviewed and from the video looks like both of them because the locations look identical, both of those american prisoners of war are now in donetsk. it is not clear from russian authorities or russian-backed authorities what the next stage for them is going to be, but from the families' perspective, this at least is reassurance that they didn't die on the battlefield. >> yes, they are still alive there. sam kiley, in kharkiv, thank
12:23 pm
you. a group of michigan high school students just filed a lawsuit demanding increased safety across the oxford school district after last year's mass shooting. i'll speak to the attorney and one of the students involved. next. hybrid work is here. it's there. it's everywhere. but for someone to be able to work from here, there has to be someone here making se everything is safe. consistent. so log in from here. or here. assured that someone is here ady to fix anything. anytime. anywhere. even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better.
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america. in new york, investigators say nine people were shot earlier this morning after a fight broke out between two groups at a barbecue. one victim died at the hospital. there have been no arrests. in washington, a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed, three others injured, after a shooting sunday near a concert. one of those wounded is a police officer. a group of michigan students who survived last year's deadly mass shooting at oxford high school is suing the school district along with school officials. students are demanding the implemention of a host of safety measures and are asking for an independent investigation into the school's actions leading up to the tragic shooting that left four students dead. a 15-year-old student from the school, ethan crumbley, is charged in the deaths, his parents are also facing charges. cnn national correspondent brynn gingras joins me now. tell me about the lawsuit. >> this is a federal lawsuit filed by the students. if you remember that day of the shooting, there was this -- all this stuff has come out through the investigation, essentially saying that if you remember,
12:29 pm
ethan crumbley was brought into a counselor's office because a teacher spotted a disturbing drawing. his parents were brought into the counselor's office, between the school officials and the parents they decided he should seek mental health treatments and basically he was sent back into the classroom, with a book bag, which was never checked. what the students are saying in the lawsuit, these school officials, they could have done a lot more. let me read an excerpt from it. it says, by releasing doe from the safe confinement of the counseling office, into the greater school environment, school officials compounded the danger to all students at oxford high school, by returning doe's unsearched backpack which contained the weapon and ammunition doe used to carry out his suicidal and/or homicidal plans, school officials acted with deliberate indifference and created and/or increased the risk of a school shooting. they want the school to have a separate investigation look into
12:30 pm
what could have been done better and make changes, be transparent about it, maybe have more, you know, the teachers having more counseling, understanding of what they need to be doing in these sort of situations, maybe they should be checking the backpacks, all these things they want changed. that's why this lawsuit was filed. >> i remember that day, we were sitting here and wondering why there weren't questions asked, why the parents weren't notified or forced to take him home after the shooting in november. >> it has come out in all the court proceedings we have seen with ethan crumbley and his parents. a lot to learn. >> thank you. joining me, the attorney for the plaintiffs. thank you for being with me, mason, let me start with you, according to the lawsuit you and others continue to suffer irreparable harm after the shooting. i mentioned to brynn, i can't
12:31 pm
believe it has been seven months. how have the last seven months been for you? >> they have been really stressful, really. it has been a struggle with depression and just mental, you know, just affecting -- it is weird because i mean i knew two of these -- the kids and it is weird not knowing. >> yeah, not to have them anymore. scott, we heard a bit of the lawsuit, you say the district officials failed to heed the constitutional obligations to safeguard the safety of the students. explain your case. >> yes, thank you, victor. one of the things we're seeking is oxford's schools had this rule that they could not detain a child and they had to return a child to class unless there was a disciplinary issue. even though this student and in this case, ethan, was suicidal.
12:32 pm
and most of the shooters are suicidal. so we're seeking a court order, which is an extraordinary step, but requesting the court to intervene to change some of the policies, for the safety of these children, going into the new school year. also for risk assessment training for school staff, for reporting and detaining kids and understanding which kids s are suicidal. most shooters seem to be suicidal. the other thing we're looking for is the michigan attorney general here dana nestle, she offered to do a fully transparent investigation at oxford school, but the school board shut them down three times in a row. and so i think all these parents are just -- at this point really frustrated. we need some change for the safety of these kids and there are some things that can be done and that's point of the lawsuit, not monetary compensation. >> lori, scott makes an important point there, this is not about money, this is about
12:33 pm
safety, also setting some standards for families who survived these types of attacks, what do you want to come out of this lawsuit. >> we need a lot of changes in the school. we need a lot of training, we need to feel confident that our children are safe at school. there is a huge lack of threat assessment program at the school. as we know they seem to look at each individual event, but need to be looking at trends. this student had weeks, months worth of teaching and something's not right and when they come down to it, they look at one individual day, each day is separate, and that's very dangerous. it is a risky way to look at it. >> mason, we know that you had to, in the second semester, return to oxford high school, and actually to the classroom
12:34 pm
where you were while this was happening. do you feel safe at school? what do you feel when you were in that room? >> no, i don't feel safe at all. actually i'm surprised that they even let any of the kids that were fifth hour go back to their fifth hour. i'm surprised the school board hasn't changed different class rooms around so we didn't have to go into the same exact room. they really just kind of almost threw us in, they offered a spot in the office, but they didn't really offer us any, like, changes to the classroom, they threw us right back in. >> i know one of the things, mason, you're concerned about is a proper memorial for your friends, and the two others who were killed at the school that day in november. what are you hoping for? >> i'm hoping for the school board to actually listen to us,
12:35 pm
because, i mean, we -- us as students, i don't think any other student has gone to a different school board meeting, but this school board meetings were tremendous with the amount of students that -- we just want -- to listen to and have the proper memorial put up. they offered something and we came right back at them, and i still don't think they're going to listen to us. >> scott, finally, on the lawsuit here, you mentioned that three times the school board rejected this independent investigation. is there an explanation of why? >> you know, the parents have been given very little information. they're now told that they -- the school board is going to do an independent investigation with the different company. but the parents still aren't being told, you know, what the time frame is, and whether it will be fully transparent. so it is kind of perplexing when the state of michigan was offering to do it for free for
12:36 pm
the school district, why they turned them down three times and now they use school district money for this investigation. at this point the parents are just so very frustrated that they just can't seem to get the school board to be fully transparent to move forward. >> this lawsuit is focused on getting change and not getting money for not just the families that day, but future families. there will be the school shootings. thank you. >> thank you. covid vaccinations for very young kids will start going in arms as soon as tomorrow. details on what this means for families.
12:37 pm
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new details now on that frightening taxi crash in midtown, manhattan. six people were rushed to the hospital, three of them with life threatening injuries. cnn's alexandra field is at the scene where this happened. get us up to speed. >> reporter: sure. victor, this entire block of broadway still shut down with police investigating what they say appears to be an accident. we are learning more about how it all unfolded. they said this was a pair of crashes, a taxi cap colliding with a bicyclist, and heading up on to the curb where it struck two women. here's how police describe what happened next. >> the cabbie is making a
12:42 pm
left-hand turn on to broadway and there is a collision with the bicyclist. after this collision, the cab slows down, continues to veer to the left, and mounts the sidewalk. at this time through video evidence the cab seems to speed up, strikes two female victims and press them against the wall. as this occurs, a remarkable scene took place. about 15 to 20 new yorkers attempted to pick this cab off these women. >> police there describing that remarkable sight and certainly a stunning one for people who are walking down a busy sidewalk. this is a hotel behind me, you can see the taxicab still sitting there. a big crowd of people who were out here, many of them jumping in to help, six people in the hospital, three in critical condition, three not critical. we know the bicyclist and the taxicab driver were among those who were sent to the hospital. police also telling us that they are talking to some of the witnesses out here and reviewing all the video they can find of both the crashes, victor.
12:43 pm
>> remarkable story there, alexandra field for us at midtown, thank you. the wait is finally over for parents who want to vaccinate their young children. over the weekend, the cdc authorized moderna and pfizer shots for children 6 months through 5 years old. a coordinator for the white house covid response says the vaccines could be available as soon as tomorrow, and parents with concerns should talk to their pediatrician. >> first, we know that some number of kids do end up getting sick from covid, unfortunately. we had tens of thousands of children get hospitalized, including tens of thousands in the age group of six months or five years that became eligible. and these vaccines are exceedingly safe. that's the biggest message that we have -- now the vaccines have been given to millions and millions of kids very, very safe. what i would say to parents is talk to your family physician, talk to your pediatrician, talk to the people who take care of your kids and get their advice. and that's probably the best way to move forward.
12:44 pm
>> this authorization is a huge relief for a lot of parents, cnn's dr. sanjay gupta talks to one family who is ready to make the appointments for their 2-year-old twins. >> reporter: twin brothers, dean and luke, are typical 2-year-olds. they like to climb. try to outrun their parents. >> slow down! >> reporter: and dig in the dirt. >> are you going to be a gardener. >> reporter: but their lives started out as anything but typical. weighing 2 pounds each when they were born. >> they had respiratory issues and they had a brain bleed and some other health issues so they were being fed through a tube and then one of them was still on oxygen when they came home. >> watching your kids struggle and fight for their lives in the hospital and hooked up to machines is just something you never want to see your children go through. >> reporter: they spent nearly six months in the hospital before jenna and john were able to welcome them home. that was december 2019.
12:45 pm
>> we found out about the pandemic, and it was really scary. really, really scary. we couldn't let people into our house. friends, family couldn't come and meet the boys, they had to quarantine, wear a mask, had to test. >> reporter: physically, socially, locking down ever since the early days of the pandemic in an effort to protect their children. >> we can't control a lot when it comes to their health, but we can control exposing them to the coronavirus. good job finding bugs. >> reporter: for them, the decision is easy, they're going to be at the front of the line for the covid-19 vaccine for little dean and luke. >> this is going to hopefully help ease things into a more normal state, we hope. >> reporter: but only 18% of parents with children under the age of 5 feel the same way. 27% of parents say no way. about half of parents fall somewhere in between. one of the biggest reasons for hesitation is that kids aren't very likely to get sick or die from coronavirus.
12:46 pm
which is absolutely true. if you compare rates to adults. but what if you just look at kids, all by themselves. since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 480 children under the age of 5 have died from covid. and over 1500 children and teens under the age of 18 overall. >> when you compare covid to other risks that children face, whether it is influenza, or other infectious diseases, covid can be quite serious. and so the right comparison isn't the child versus the elderly person. the right comparison is how does covid compare to other risks for which we vaccinate and on that context, it is really not a close call. >> to give more context, before vaccines in the 1960s, approximately 440 adults and children died every year for measles. 39 people for mumps. 17 for from rubella. and yet we routinely vaccinate against all these diseases. they are called vaccine
12:47 pm
preventable deaths. one of the biggest triumphs of modern public health. it is also true dean and luke were born with pre-existing conditions, placing them at greater risk for severe covid. and as many as 62% of all kids hospitalized with covid had an underlying condition. but those underlying conditions are also widespread. 200,000 children with diabetes, 6 million with asthma. and 14 million children with obesity. another concern of many parents is that the mrna covid-19 vaccines are new. also true. so far, though, nearly 600 million mrna covid vaccine shots have been administered in the united states and side effects have been rare. for john and jenna, getting their boys vaccinated won't just be a relief, but a chance to live a life they felt was passing them by. >> we were at my sister's house recently for their cousin's birthday and they wanted to go inside and play in the play
12:48 pm
room, and we're trying to tell our kids no, but they don't understand, and that's hard for us, hard for them, hard for our family, we missed a lot of family holidays. >> yeah. last six, eight months folks have been traveling, doing things, it is almost we have been more detached from them because we still have been in the same bubble waiting for the boys to be able to get vac vaccinated. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. >> well, it is only june, and we are already seeing back-to-back triple digit temperature heat waves. what's next? that's after the break. througut history i've observed markets shaped by the intention and unforeseeable. for investors who can navigate,
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temperatures to soar over 100 degrees. a dangerous heat wave is sweeping across the country. cnn's jennifer gray is tracking it for us. what can we expect? >> this starting in the northern plains and upper midwest and it's going to creep to the ohio valley. excesser heat warnings in place for portions of the upper
12:54 pm
midwest, heat advisories when the index could feel well over 100. this is exceptionally dangerous for people in the northern plains and upper midwest because you have more people up there without air conditioning and the overnight lows are also going to be warm and our bodies can't recover from that. you can see the heat building into the ohio valley, the southeast, the deep south as the week goes on. excessive heat today, places like sioux falls, the heat index, 106. omaha, 104. wichita in the triple digits as well. temperatures in the 90s all across the south. look at that, new orleans heat index of 103, with an actual temperature of 94. we could break more than 100, high temperature records throughout the course of the week. most of those across the eastern half of the u.s. so as we go forward, high temperatures hitting the triple digits in places like chicago, 101 on tuesday. hitting the triple digits in st. louis as well tomorrow. temperatures very hot. dallas, 101 on tuesday as well
12:55 pm
as thursday. temperatures in nashville even hitting 100 degrees. it looks like by the weekend, those temperatures will start to moderate just a little bit, victor, but a hot week ahead across much of the country. >> all right, jennifer gray watching it for us. thank you very much. all right. let's look ahead to what we're expecting from "the lead" with jake tapper. he, of course, will have the latest as we look ahead to the next round of hearings on capitol hill looking into january 6th, the insurrection and the president's role. we'll take a quick break. "the lead" with jake tapper starts in a moment.
12:56 pm
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157 years since the last black slaves learned they were free in america. always remember, people in power kept the truth from them. "the lead" starts right now. >> exposing the plot. the january 6th committee says a scheme to overthrow democracy went well beyond rioters at the capitol. they plan to show america how donald trump was allegedly involved in a fraudulent electors scheme after he lost the election. plus, stuck and stranded. airlines cancel more than 5,000 flights over the weekend and warn of more cuts on the way. what's going on with this messy


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