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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  June 21, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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good morning, welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. it is tuesday, june 21, i'm laura jarrett. >> and i'm christine romans. we begin with serious new questions about the police response to the mass shooting at an elementary school in uvalde, texas. questions raised by new images and transcripts obtained by local media. we now have pictures of officers with rifles and ballistic shields there on the scene.
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and the school district police chief pete arredondo told dispatchers that they didn't have the firepower to confront the gunman. but at that point there were 11 officers, two with rifles at the school. >> all of those officers are trained in an active shooter situation. and from the very beginning, everyone the ones that didn't have the ballistic shields, they should have just gone in. that is what their protocol suggests. children were left in a room scared to death, calling 911 and yet no one went in. >> let's bring in law enforcement analyst jonathan wackrow, former secret service agent to president obama. i want to get your reaction to the new images of officers standing in the school hallway with rifles and ballistic shields, just 19 minutes after the gunman entered. their protocol was to rush and take out that threat and that
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didn't happen. what is your sense of what happened there? >> listen, it is actually inexcusable that ever since this incident almost every single thing that we have heard from officials has been wrong or misleading. and now this new imagery that is coming out is just stunning. right? because it is contrary to everything that we heard. we heard initially that they were wait beining in the hallwa waiting in the school to get additional equipment. now we know that they had them. and this just speaks to further confirmation that there was a complete breakdown of the command structure and the tactical control over this site. and it really is inexcusable. again, this is just -- we're hearing trickles of information come out that is devastating. we hear anxiety by the officers would know that there are children inside those rooms that need their help and they are not
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going. why are they not going. so we have to understand who was in control of this incident at the time and who was making the determination to really change tactics. when we look at these imagery that is coming out yesterday, what we're actually seeing is a different type of tactic being used. we're seeing officers using a tactic to hold an area, it is really to keep a suspect in a certain area. that is really contrary to hostile intruder protocols which dictate that an officer, you know, first responding officer goes to the threat to neutralize that as fast as possible. we did not see that happen. why? we need answers to all of those questions. >> yeah, it is terrifying. and knowing the loss of life that happened in that school building with so many armed police officers there. the texas tribune reports no security footage from inside shows officers trying to open the doors of the classrooms where the shooting occurred.
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the police chief arredondo had told the tribune he tried to open one door while other officers tried to open the other. so body cam footage hasn't been released yet. shouldn't we get more footage here to help again find the truth, find out what really happened? >> the fact that we are so many weeks after this incident and we don't have these basic answers is really shocking to me. and really this -- information by law enforcement or the officials in charge right now is just constricting. they don't want this information to come out because they know what the answer is. and this is where very aggressive reporting and really bold journalists are seeking the truth. not for themselves but for the families that have been revictimized time and time again every time that there is a contradiction of the information. i mean, i'm at a loss for words as to why information is not out
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weeks later. >> you're right, this is community journalism at its finest trying to get these answers. take a listen to this from a school board meeting in uvalde -- >> how is mr. arredondo still with the program? suspend him pending termination. it is an insult to injury. these people are in pain and you allow this to happen. >> so weeks later should there be discipline here? >> listen, that will come out. but at a minimum, he should be placed on, you know, administrative hold, not be able to command any officers or any incidents right now. i mean, if something were to happen tomorrow, there is a high likelihood that he could be the incident commander again. why is that in place? the school board needs to take very swift action to suspend him
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pending this investigation so we fully understand what decisions did he make or not make in the moment of this crisis. and again, i've said this from the very beginning, this is a failure of leadership, you know, from the moment that he arrived on scene. we are now seeing showing up without radios, no command and control, now stating that he wasn't the incident commander. again, absent of having answers to all of these questions, we need to put a becapause on his ability to command officers in that community. >> jonathan wackrow, thank you so much. and to capitol hill now, the clock is ticking on a gun safety deal and senate negotiators remain split on two key issues here. one, red flag laws and, two, closing the so-called boyfriend loophole. they are now scrambling to finalize an agreement before the fourth of july resrecess. daniella diaz is live for us. where do the talks stand and what is the real holdup?
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>> reporter: democrats and republicans could not agree on those two issues, the boyfriend loophole you mentioned, the problem being that there is a gu d divide between republicans and repub democrats over the domestic provision. currently that does not apply to dating partners. and on the other hand the funding to incentivize states to implement red flag laws. some senators would rather some of that funding be applied for crisis intervention programs that could help people with mental health. those are the two main sticking points that these negotiators have been working on in the past week as they are trying to finish and write that text for the legislation because they have this self imposed deadline of trying to pass the bill in the senate before the july 4th congressional recession. that is when the senators are leaving town for two weeks. they were hoping that they could get a bill on the floor by then so that they could pass this
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legislation. but the problem is, you can't pass a bill unless it is written. so until we know that they finished that text, they are working, we know that they worked over the weekend, they met remotely over the weekend, a lot of the senators were in their home states, they are back today, they plan to race to try to finish this text on these disagreements that they have so that they can try to get a bill on the floor, laura, because they want to do this as soon as possible especially before something happens that could shift their attention for example a supreme court decision like for example we're expecting for roe v. wade that could shift attention away from the gun safety legislation. so that is the goal here. we'll see if they are actually able to meet that goal. but of course they did say that the negotiations were heading in a positive direction over the weekend. >> we know you're staying on top of it. thank you, did not yaeell la.
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also in washington the january 6 committee will be hearing from witnesses testifying about efforts by former president trump and his allies to pressure state officials to overturn the 2020 election. among them georgia's republican secretary of state, brad raffensperger, remember he was the one on the other end of the phone call from president trump. >> so, look, all i want to do is this, i just want to find 11,780 votes which is one more than we have because we won the state. >> he did not win the state. let's bring in former federal prosecutor michael zeldin. michael, nice to have you. a lot going on. we know that it will zero in on the former president's involvement pressuring the state officials, submitting fake slates of electors.
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one thing that mazes me, there are a lot of republicans. >> a lot of republican witnesses who are stepping up and telling the truth which is really goodm are a lot of republicans. >> a lot of republican witnesses who are stepping up and telling the truth which is really good from a tactical standpoint because the democrats are no longer susceptible to you are just bringing ideologues to testify against him in a political witch hunt. these are his own people elected in some cases and appointed in other cases. >> so the testimony from the secretary of state in georgia i think will be key especially since there is an active investigation. we all know about the infamous phone call. what do you think that brad raffensperger can actually say though that will enhance the committee's claims about trump when we've all heard the tape, i'm sure that they will play the tape again. >> what was his understanding of what president trump was trying to do. how did he understand what the pressure was directed to.
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and we have not heard his state of mind or his sense of how this pressure campaign affected what he was trying to do as secretary of state versus what trump wanted him do, which is defraud the voters of georgia. so his state of mind will be important to hear. >> so the other piece of this is of course this fake slates of electors scheme, the idea there being that they would submit these fake slates of electors and it would give pence the pretext essentially to somehow not certify the vote count for biden. that obviously didn't happen. we know that the justice department is looking into this in addition to what is going on in georgia. we know that the attorney general is paying close attention to it. he says that he is watching the hearings, his staff is watching the hearings. but we didn't know where this will go. what is the potential charge that could come from this scheme on the fake slates? >> well, there are state law
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violations that could a rise as we see in georgia, they are investigating whether this violates georgia election laws. and then as part of the federal conspiracy, there is this conspiracy to obstruct the workings of government, to desfr defraud the government, order early transition of power that normally occurs. and these bits of testimony that we'll hear from raffensraffensp that we heard from vice president pens pence's people, are all objects of conspiracy. so the committee is laying out what they consider to be the seven parts of this conspiracy to obstruct the orderly transition of power in an official proceeding. >> we'll be sure to see where it all goes. should be a very interesting day. michael zeldin, thank you so much. and later today at 12:00 p.m., you should join cnn for special coverage of the hearing to hear new details about what led up to january 6.
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just ahead, summer travel ramping up with one analyst telling us that gas prices, get this, will go down. >> about time. plus a hollywood star gets a firsthand look at the warzone in ukraine. and next, covid shots for kids under five available today for the first time. tor you're an owner. that means that your goals are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can help you get there. that's the value of ownership. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural. treat it that way. aveeno® daily moisture wt is proven to moisturize dry skin all day. you'll lovour formula for face, too. aveeno®. i recommend nature made vitamins because i trust their quality. they were the first to be verified by usp... independent organization that sets strict quality and purity standards. nature made. the number one pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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physician at the university of rochester medical center. so nice to see you so bright and early this morning. finally the little ones can get their shots. what do eager parents need to know and what kind of side effects should they anticipate? >> well, they need to know that this is a safe and very wonderful vaccine, whether moderna or the pfizer, and it does a great job preventing severe disease and death from covid-19. the other great thing to hear, the safety profile remains sle excellent. side effects are like others, sore arm, fever, fussiness. there are no cases of myocarditis, so all good news. >> and i called around everywhere yesterday flying to get my nearly 3-year-old an appointment and everyone told me we don't have it yet. which is sort of striking to me given how the rollout went for adults and even older children.
2:19 am
why wasn't there sort of a game plan to get appointments like, boom, you are in? >> well, there is, but you are pointing out that it is very regional. the goal is going to be the medical homes, pediatricians, family practice offices order and have those vaccines. and some states chose to approach it a little differently. but for the most part, it does still need to be distributed through the state health departments and then down to the local offices. you know, with the holiday weekend, some of the shipments may have been a little delayed. but i think that you will in the next few days see it arriving everywhere. it is hard to wait because parents have waited so long. but it will be there. it will be there soon. >> so we called around to certainly the pediatrician and now cvs says that it will administer at least pfizer's vaccines on tuesday, which is good. so i'll jump on the pfizer website as soon as i get off this set.
2:20 am
but i was struck that the rollout just -- >> there are two choices right now, moderna or pfizer. should parents seek out one over another. >> what is the best approach for parents, just whatever is available first? >> yeah, so the quick answer is get what your medical home is offering. you know, vaccinating an infant or a toddler is a different experience than an older child who can sit still. so as long as we can engage into those that are used to giving the vaccines is best because they know your child best. and further discussion with your primary care doctor as far as why their office is offering the vaccine they are offering may give you some new information you didn't already know. certainly there are some families who have very special situations, they will want to discuss further is one vaccine perhaps better than another. if you have a toddler and are expecting a baby, you are already doing all those good things to create that cocoon of immunity around the baby like
2:21 am
getting grandparents vaccinated against whooping cough, so making sure that toddler is protected as fast as possible to help that baby out is an important situation and that is different than the family whose youngest child is four and the rest of the family is already vaccinated. there are subtleties to this, but the quick answer is go with what your medical home is offering. there is a reason that they chose the vaccine, they know your child best and they can give you the best advice. >> and start early because both require a series of shots over several week. so it won't be a quick thing. dr. murray, always great to have you. thank you. >> that care. just ahead for you, what president biden now says about a gas tax holiday and why israel's leader is out after only a year on the job. and new adventures you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen wawas vaccinated against meningitis in the past they may be missing g vaccinatin for meningitis b. although uncommon, up to 1 inin 5 survivors of meningitis will have long term consequences.
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welcome back. a gas tax holiday could soon be on the way as the summer travel season begins to heat up here. president biden says he hopes to have a decision based on data. the president is also nearing a decision on student loan relief to ease the burden of inflation. jasmine wright is joining us live from washington now. good morning. the president says he will act soon. how soon is soon? >> reporter: the president says he wants to have a decision really by the end of the week. that is his hope on whether or not his administration would support lifting the gas tax. remember, this officially would have to go through congress, that is in their purview. right now it only has a luke warm reception so that is why i say support. but at this moment it would sav.
2:27 am
and as you see on the screen there. and now the president also said that he was considering whether to do a gas rebate as the administration really tries to scramble and look at their options on how that they can bring gas prices down, those very high gas prices. in the past officials have down played the potential of that saying that it is a hard program to put up and of course hard to target to those most in need. now, in arrehoboth yesterday, t president previewed a meeting that oil executives will have with his administration. the president told reporters that he would not be attending but he pushed his administration to have the meet bing because h wants oil executives to answer a few questions, namely why they aren't refining more oil and why they are making these profits as americans are struggling. take a listen. >> the problem is what they have done, they have cut back on refining, on refining. and they say that because they don't want to be caught in a
2:28 am
position where eventually they will move to alternative energy, renewable energy and they don't want to get stuck. but there is a logical transition to be made and i want an explanation as to why they aren't refining more oil and finding more oeil. >> reporter: and so there we heard from what he wants to hear from them. a crucial meeting as they face down the high prices and prospect of a looming recession. and the president said that again he did not believe that recession was inevitable. and so the price of gas slipped again overnight, ament a a national average for regular gas now down to $4.97 a gallon. still hurts but experts say more relief may be on the way. >> prices are moving in the right direction and i think that
2:29 am
if we are lucky, they could drop another 10, 15 cents by july 4. >> he says president biden's upcoming 2trip to saudi arabia probably won't do much to help prices near term. >> there is simply not enough refining capacity across the u.s. and this is a problem that has accelerated in the last few weeks with the increase will demand that we've been witnessing. if the saudis and biden administration make a deal, the next step is refining it into something more valuable and that is where the new kink in the chain is. >> so far high gas prices have not stopped cooped up americans from hitting the highway. aaa july 4th forecast predicts 42 million americans will take a road trip of 50 miles or more. the group says that people are ready for a break despite things
2:30 am
costing more. sort of the story of the american economy right now to be honest. >> pent up demand. up next, reality for women in texas living with the state's abortion law. we have one 18-year-old's powerful story. and president biden meeting with the leader of israel next month. just not the leader he thought. . and for unexpected heartburn... frank is a fan of pepcid. it works in minutes. nexium 24 hour and prilososec otc can take one to four days to fully work. pepcid. strong relief for fans o of fast. "peace of mind."." such a big, beautiful idea. and for us at this means - free cancellation on most bookings. it's a bit functial. but we'll gladly functional. so you can be free. booking.yeah covid-19 moves fast, and now you can too by asking your hlthcare provider if an oral treatment is right for you. oral treatments can be taken at home and must be taken within 5 days from when symptoms first appear. if you have symptoms of covid-19, even if they're mild don't wait, get tested quickly.
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♪ on the road again ♪ ♪ just can't wait ♪ ♪ to get on the road again ♪ ♪ the life i love ♪ ♪ is making music with my friends ♪ ♪ and i can't wait ♪ ♪ to get on the road again ♪ hit the road in skechers. it has been ten months since the state of texas banned nearly
2:35 am
all abortions and women are now starting to have those babies. one teen in corpus christi discovered that she was pregnant just two days before the ban went into effect in texas. now she has twins. "washington post" reporter profiled the now 18-year-old woman and she joins me now. caroline, great reporting. the story is just gripping. and i think really revealing. and one of the things that stood out to me in your profile of brooke, the woman at the center of this, is how the decision was really made for her and reflecting on her life now, she told you this. i can't just really be free. i guess that really sums it up. that is a big thing that i really miss. what else did brooke tell you? >> i mean, it is a really kochlgly indicated story. it is a really complicated situation. on one hand brooke thinks about
2:36 am
everything that she lost. she had beautiful plans to go to real estate school, she was going to get her real estate license, move out of corpus christi, make this new life for herself in austin. and she now has these babies that of course she loves and she can't imagine her life without, you know. like this is why this is unit is -- subject is so complicated. it is hard for brooke to talk about the law and weigh the impact that it has had on her life. >> you do such a nice job sort of painting the scene, if you will, and walking us through sort of what happened when she showed up at the clinic and how she kind of got swept away by her mom's excitement and the person who was doing the ul ultr ultrasound. and you do a nice job giving us so much detail and rich reporting there. based on your reporting, i want to broaden it out a little bit. are most women in texas who want an abortion right now, are they going out of state to get one or
2:37 am
are they going through with having that baby? >> we have some data on this. i mean, obviously it is definitely hard to collect, but we know that at least in the first few months after this took effect most women who wanted abortions were either able to get out of state or order pills online illegally. you know, we don't have the latest data on that and one big thing that has changed between now and when the texas ban took effect is that now you can't get abortions in oklahoma. and that is where the vast majority of people were going, you know, for the last many months. now that is totally shut down. hard to say the impact right now on people in texas. >> so where are people then from both texas and oklahoma i guess going? are they going to some other neighboring state? >> new mexico, kansas, but those clinics are filling up really
2:38 am
fast. so now those clinics that you would go to from texas and oklahoma, you will have to wait three weeks. and many of those states too are trigger ban states. so that means that the applicant that this decision comes down from the supreme court, abortion could be totally banned there too. >> what do you want people to ultimately take away from this profile? as i said, it is an incredible piece, i encourage everyone to read it. >> i think that if this decision comes down in the way that we expect to, the way that the leaked draft opinion suggests and roe is totally reversed, you know, people are -- a lot of people are not going to be able to leave their state because the drive is going to be 600, 700 miles. so you are going to have a lot more people in brooke's situation where they are for better or for worse pushed into
2:39 am
parenthood. so i wanted to give people a preview of what that looks like. >> and you did a nice job just showing the reality of the situation for so many. i hope you come back, appreciate it, keep up the reporting. it is interesting in texas, in particular, you have people who run nonprofits who have been really trying to game out what it will look like for texas the next year or so, what kind of needs people will have because you are going to see this shift, these children -- babies being born especially to low income families who just can't -- >> don't have the resources. >> they just don't have the resources, how will that change the economy of texas. fascinating. just ahead, what the kremlin now says about two captured american fighters in ukraine. and ben stiller gets a face-to-face with ukraine's president zelenskyy. are stopping you in your r tracks... choose s stelara® from the start...
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kremlin now claiming that the geneva conventions do not apply to two americans captured by russian backed separatists in donetsk earlier this month. >> they are soldiers of fortune and they were involved in illegal activities on the territory of ukraine. and they were involved in firing and shelling our military personnel, they were endangering their lives and they should be responsible. they should be held responsible for those crimes that they have committed. >> fret plid pleitgen is joinin live from moscow. what could this mean for those two? >> reporter: it could mean severe punishments. quite interesting if you look at the international law, some
2:45 am
scholars do believe that some combatants can fall under the geneva military even if they are not part of the military but identified as military and carrying weapons on behalf of the military. so certainly all of that very difficult to ascertain right now. however, just a couple minutes ago, i was actually in touch with that same gentleman and i did ask him, you know, where these americans are being held and what could be the consequences for them. and he told me i don't know where they are being held and who is going to judge them but the only thing that goes without saying is that they are going to be prosecuted and that they will be handled to stand in court. the big question of course, will it be in russia or will it be in one of these breakaway republics on ukrainian territory. of course the russians recognize two of those breakaway republics, luhansk and donetsk. and already people stood trial and they got a death sentence which could mean death by firing
2:46 am
squad. so all of that is really unclear what is going to happen to these americans, what their immediate future will be. however the kremlin spokesperson telling us that either way they will stand trial. obviously huge concern for their families and the u.s. >> fred pleitgen, thank you. and on world refugee day actor ben stiller a u.n. goodwill ambassador met with president zelenskyy in kyiv telling him that you are my hero in a video message, he says there is a global responsibility to protect those displaced by war. >> i'm meeting people who have been impacted by the war and hearing how it has changed their lives. war and violence are devastating people all over the world. nobody chooses to flee their home. seeking safety is a right it needs to be upheld for every person. >> s stiller says it is one thi to see the destruction on tv but much more shocking to see it
2:47 am
with your own eyes. also this morning political upheaval in israel. and naftali bennett announcing he is step beinping down after one year on the job and submitting a bill to dissolve government. it would trigger a later election this year. and so did this decision come as a surprise? >> this government has been fragile teetering for weeks especially after they lost their parliamentary majority the last few weeks. but no one expected things to unfold this way. israeli prime minister and the foreign minister announcing that they wanted to dissolve their own government. take a listen to what they had to say last night. >> translator: in the last few weeks, we did everything we could to save this government. that in our eyes the continuation of its existence was in the national interests. believe me, we looked under
2:48 am
every rock. we didn't do it for ourselves. but for our beautiful country. for you citizens of israel. >> by dissolving their object government, they are taking that political capital away from former prime minister benjamin netanyahu from cdoing it himsel. under the terms of the agreement, foreign minister will become prime minister once the parliament is disbanded. and new elections will be triggered. the fifth time that israelis will go to the polls in less than four years. elections likely take place in the fall. of course that does provide an opening for benjamin netanyahu to try to come back into power. but the polls still don't show that he will necessarily have that majority necessary to have a governing coalition. what it also means is that it will be lapid who will be the one to welcome joe biden with his visit next month. and the white house is saying
2:49 am
despite the political shakeup, they still plan to have that visit. >> just fascinating. hadas, thank you. and just ahead, the missed phone call causing additional anguish for the wife of a basketball star detained in russia. new dove ultimate antiperspirant. our unique water baseded formula and 6x more glycerin. helps restore skin to its best condition. new dove ultimate. i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in years. nothing wi stop me from vacation. no canling. (laughs) flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and ne.
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tuesday morning check of cnn business, let's look at markets around the world. asian shares have closed. a nice pop for tokyo and hong kong. european markets have opened solidly higher as well. stock index futures also pointing to a bounce. markets were closed yesterday for juneteenth. this morning we'll be looking to see how the markets cope with the growing fear of recession. that is what was really the problem last week. look, stocks tumbled last week. the s&p losing 5.8%, worst week since march 2020. this is after the federal reserve announced the biggest rate hike in decades trying to rein in inflation. aggressive move could tip the u.s. economy into recession. jerome powell will be testifying on capitol hill this week, but for now it looks like a bounce to start the short trading week. moscow finding a ready market for its oil despite sanctions. it is shipping it oil to the east. china's crude oil imports from russia soared 55% in may versus
2:55 am
the prior year. china says that its imports were equivalent to 2 million barrels a day. russia had to slash its prices do that. and brittney griner's wife says she missed a chance to speak with the jailed wnba star on their anniversary because no one answered the phone at the u.s. embassy in moscow. carolyn manno has the "bleacher report." >> you can imagine how upsetting this is for griner's wife. not just because saturday marked their four year anniversary, but because we has not spoken to her jailed wife since her arrest in russia. yesterday she learned that the wnba star tried to call her 11 times over a period of several hours on saturday but the calls went unanswered because the desk at the u.s. embassy that griner was attempting to reach is actually unstaffed on the weekends. griner's wife saying that the anniversary she had been planning for weeks was instead
2:56 am
spent in tears. imagine the heartbreak, 123 days without hearing her voice, holding out hope for a call and finally getting it just to have it keep ringing. my heart breaks in to pieces but nothing to the reality that bg and her family are enduring right now. state department spokesperson said that they deeply regret the logistical error telling cnn that the department has no higher priority than the safety and security of u.s. citizens overseas. griner has been able to receive written correspondence from friends and family, but so far that has been it. elsewhere in sports, tampa bay lightning in game three of the stanley cup final, goals from section of tampa's players. and the lightning putting up four goals in the second period alone and tampa's bid for the lord stanley three-peat alive and well as the team looks to even the series tomorrow night
2:57 am
at home where they have thousand wo now won a franchise record eight straight playoff games. >> not a true elimination game, but this group was in this position last round and we knew that this is pretty much a must win game so better effort and we knew in front of our fans that it would be a little different and certainly was. >> meantime tampa bay's other team the rays couldn't cool off the red hot yankees. garrett cole strikes out 12 carrying a no hurt into the eighth that was broken up on a hit right up the middle. rays would end up tying it at 2, but the yankees take the lead in the ninth on a huge rbi triple to right by aaron hicks. so yankees are the first team to 50 wins, only two yankees teams have reached 50 wins faster than 67 games. both won the world series. we shall see but looking good
2:58 am
right now. hundreds of thousands of fans were packed downtown san francisco to honor the warrior, fourth title in eight years for golden staete. and they shined so bright taking it all in. steph curry soaking up all the love from the fans, his trophy in hand. and also sporting a pretty valuable necklace and other championship rings draped around his neck. >> i had to bring the jewelry back out. i don't look at it during the year. but that's a flex. got to be the motivation. but every so once in a while, you got to remind yourself we got four! >> just so you know, when it's over -- >> and the mic drop. >> star athletes are just like us. you love to see everybody cut loose and bring the jewelry back
2:59 am
out. >> when you have won that many times, flex is a lot of fun. >> thanks, nice to see you. thanks for joining us. i'm ♪ good morning to our viewers here in the united states and all around the world. it is tuesday, june 21st. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. and developing this morning, new revelations in the investigation into the mass shooting in uvalde, texas, that left 19 students and two teachers dead. pictures that we have not seen before. that raised questions about whether police had the fire power to confront the shooter there, long, long before they did. this image obtained by the austin american statemen that we have not seen before, shows an office


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