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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  June 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thank you for sharing your day with us. the president tries to ease your pap a at the pump. he's asking the states to suspend gas taxes for three
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months as americans hit the road for the summer. plus i didn't want to be used as a pawn. republican elected officials go point by point through donald trump's efforts to throw out the 2020 election. now the january 6 lt committee calls on a key west wing insider to share his story. and is the trump brand fading. voters say yes to very late trump pick in alabama, but georgia republicans again defy the former president. this time in two house races. up first for us, new white house push to lower gas prices through the summer driving season. today president biden will ask the congress to suspend the gas tax for three months, july, august and september, and he will call on states to do the same. at an event this afternoon, the president will demand oil companies do work to lower gas prices including ramping up production. it is a big white house play on this year's dominant economic and political issue. high gas price asks the much broad problem with inflation and economic anxiety.
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but the odds of delivering that relief at the federal level appear wrong at least at the outset. let's get to the white house and our chief correspondent kaitlan collins. tell us more. >> reporter: you're going to see the president make this push today for this three-month federal gas tax holiday. this would amount to a temporary us is suspension of the federal gas tax. the big question people have when they hear that is how much is that going to save them when they are at the pump. and right now that's about 18 cents on a regular gallon of gas. 24 cents if you're buying d diesel. so not a huge average, but the white house is arguing it would make some difference for people paying these sky high gas prices and struggling with this at a time in the summer when driving often picks up. and this is going to be something that president biden is pushing for today, but really who it depends on is whether or not congress is on board because they have to enact this for this to get passed and for this to go into effect. and right now you're seeing a lot of concern among lawmakers
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about this. there are some vulnerable democrats in the midterm elections on board with this plan, but you also heard concerns from others like nancy pelosi who said this would not be effective and companies would just take the savings and not pass them on to consumers. senator joe manchin said he thinks it's a plan that doesn't make a lot of sense. it's an idea that one time former president obama said he believed was a gimmick. it wasn't going to make any changes. but still the white house believe it is would make some difference so that's why president biden is going to be pushing for it this afternoon. but one thing we should note despite this uphill bat toll get it passed through congress, if they do, it's just a three-month us is suspension. that means it would be lifted in september. that's just two months before the midterm elections. obviously, gas prices aren't expected to be fixed by then so it's still a problem that would be persistent for the white house. that's a big question of what that would look like come suspect if they get what you're going it hear president biden
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call for today. >> politics, quite complicated. the economic interest, thank you. let's bring it in the room. cnn's nia-malika henderson and lauren fox. before we get into the politic, put the numbers out there. a year ago gas averaged $3.07 a gallon. a week ago it was above $5. that's your national average. what does it mean when you pull into the gas station and fill up? a year ago it cost you $46. now it costs you $74. so the president wants to say let's give people a break for three months. already you hear even in his own party, republicans are going to say no. >> i talked to senator durbin about this very issue. and he said i'm supportive of the idea, but we have to be, and i thought this was interesting, honest about what the effects
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actually are going to be on the american consumer. his argument being that the president has very little power to make a huge splash at the pump when people fill up. the states would also have to suspend the gas tax. to really make this something people felt. but even beyond that, he said when you suspend the gas tax, you get less highway funding. and that has an impact on infrastructure. the president and democrats want to campaign on that infrastructure bill they passed that they don't always talk about. they may need to remember that this could have an effect on that. >> so part of the president's challenge is can you make the case that every family in america is making some adjustments. your point we lose in infrastructure. we might lose some money, but we have to make adjustments to try to help people now. to your point if the states went along, and if the companies passed the savings on, in california that could mean 77 cents a gallon. it has the nation's highest gas
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tax. in texas 38 cents a gallon. you can say it's a gimmick or you can listen to these people who every day fill up and say ouch. >> it cost us $100 now. sometimes $105. that's $40 that we don't have to eat with. >> that's some serious money. it goes a long way in this truck, but still, i burn through that probably in about a week. so a lot of driving. i'm in the film business and do a lot of driving. that's like over a car payment just for the foul for the car. >> it's just interesting to listen to how americans outside of washington talk. number one, it's equal to a car payment. that's important. number two, this is the real e.
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but there you have people, okay, it's temporary. they might like a little extra money for hamburgers for a cookout or go to the beach. >> this is real money for families that are trying to juggle can they send their kids to camp. can they afford to drive the kids to camp that back and forth. it is outside of washington the kind of day-to-day decisions that real families have to make. and that's the argument i imagine joe biden is trying to make. this is what i would want to do for you. save 50 cents here, but the republicans are blocking me. it would be a nice sort of contrast to make with the republicans, but in the end, it looks like this probably isn't even on board. nancy pelosi seems to be throwing cold water on it. so in the end, it's sort of something he can say and try to do so he wants to do it. in the end, he's looking at real e and $100. >> is there any way to say it's
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a gimmick, but people would take that temporary help. it is an interesting. you have a democratic president trying to cut taxes and republicans will say no. but nancy pelosi is worried about to cut taxes in had july, august and september, you're raising taxes in october and november before the election. but in the states, republicans have urged their governor to do this. so the politics are interesting. i think if what you're trying to do is create an environment where somebody suspends the gas tax, consumers in california replace and get some relief, maybe biden endorsing the idea broadly gets you here. but not because it's going to happen at the congressional level or through federal action. i would just add to this that you talk to democrats about the administration's messaging on gas prices and energy. they kind of wonder where was this mind set all along.
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you have seen biden take a couple bites of the apple of trying to show i'm doing something no matter how dsymbolc and incremental releasing barrels from the strategic petroleum reserve, calling on oil companies to amp up production. coming out in favor of a gas tax holiday, but it comes out and makes this gesture and moves on to talking about other stuff. there's not a sustained stuff on the biden administration have a comprehensive plan to ease the pain at the pump while the republicans are standing in our way. you just get these one off events, i'm not sure it adds up to a whole lot. >> is today another example of that. that's annen excellent point. many democrats have asked for that. where's the sustained effort? you want us to take risky votes. prove it's going to be for there for us. important news, a senator may have to have major surgery and the january 6th committee
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so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. ♪ and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. ♪ just received some news of a senator seriously injured this week. let's get the details. >> this is kevin cramer, a north dakota republican in his first term. he issued a statement saying he severely injured during a yard accident over the weekend. he may have to get his right hand amputated because of this jaur he endured. he immediately had to have surgery after this yard accident. he says he continues to remain in north dakota in case there
9:15 am
needs to be additional medical care. he says there's high risk of infection in the possible need for amputation. he goes on to say in a statement that he's in good spirits and he's going to be missing votes and hearings in washington. he does plan to return after the two-week recess that begins a at the entd of this week, but he says he's in good spirits and plans to return and expects to be doing a lot of left-handed fist bump. a lot of humor from the senator even though he entoured this serious injury here. cramer is a conservative republican. someone who is close to the leadership and also close to donald trump. a very affable senator, talkative senator. so a serious injury, a shocking statement that this senator may have to get his right hand amputated because of this serious injury he endured in the yard this weekend. >> mahmoud knew, thank you.
9:16 am
we wish him the best as he goes through this challenge. hope he's back here soon. that's a tough one. let's move on. the january 6th committee turns their attention to corrupt ing the justice department in donald trump's attempt to cling to power. they relied on testimony on the receiving end of trump pressure to subvert the election results. one take away, the witnesses confirmed trump was directly involved in intimidating state level officials. another take away, all shared stories of lives turned upside down as lies gave birth to threats and intimidation. >> don't want anyone knowing my name. i don't want to go anywhere with my mom because she might yell my name over the grocery aisle. i don't go to the store at all. i haven't been anywhere at all. i gained about 60 pounds. i justen don't do nothing anymore. i don't want to go anywhere.
9:17 am
i second guess everything that i do. it's affected my life in a major way. in every day. all buzz of lies. >> the former federal prosecutor joins our conversation. the threats and the acceptance of violence as a political tool, in the testimony the committee was going out of its way with the testimony of these official s to show trump's personal involvement. it was trump on the phone. trump make ing the ask, not jus so he can't say this is rudy giuliani or somebody else with a scheme. it was trump on the phone. including this call they had this plan that if a battleground state will have fake electors. there were legally elected people sending the paperwork to make joe biden president. the chairwoman of the committee confirmed she was on a phone
9:18 am
call about this and trump started the call. >> he turned the call over to mr.'sman, who then proceeded to talk about the importance of the rnc helping the campaign gather these contingent electors in case any of the legal challenges that were ongoing changed the result of it. >> if you're the attorney general of the united states, you're debating a challenging decision, do i try to indict the former president of the united states. is that significant that trump himself, he might have yielded to mr. eastman, but he initiated the call. this is my plan. i want this done. >> it is significant. there's a mountain of circumstantial evidence about trump's intent. this just adds to it. we may hear some debate as to whether having eastman on the phone maybe as the trump's defense of my advice of council and maybe he thinks there's an
9:19 am
insulation aspect by having him talk. but here's the problem. somebody has to get up there and talk about it. he would have to talk about it. eastman would have to talk about it. he advised me to do this. right now, there's no takers on that. >> another big thing when you listen to all of this, let rusty bowers spell it out. he's getting phone calls saying find to a way to block the results. . he says i will do it if you show me the evidence. this is what he gets. >> at some point, did one of them make a comment that they didn't have evidence, but they had a lot of theories? >> that was mr. giuliani. >> what exactly did he say? >> my recollection he said we have lots of theory, we just don't have the evidence. >> so let's disrupt american democracy on a theory. >> yeah, let's give it a whirl.
9:20 am
that was what they did. they didn't have any real plan here. at one point rusty called them the gang that couldn't shoot straight. talked about it was sort after a tragic parody what they were doing. making up fake electors hopeing that the courts would rule in their favor. still let's have the fake lek tors. let's pass them on to ron johnson or an aid to tray to get them to pensacola as he's presiding over congress on january 6. it was disheartening. this never gets to be not shocking to hear that the president, the very highest level, at every level was disrupting people's lives a person who is working in georgia in a very humble capacity trying to make democracy work and then top officials at the rnc trying to make this scheme so he could remain in power.
9:21 am
thwhat a tragic thing that happened. this committee trying to get to the bottom of it. the doj, wooul see. >> they have fwoen through these several pieces. tomorrow we'll hear from jeffrey rosen. then from richard donnahue, one of his deputies. so we have already seen bill barr's testimony. he said three times he met with trump. give it up. it's not there. what is the committee's goal in trying to say donald trump kept going to the justice department s saying i want you to help me say there was no fraud. >> they clearly have demonstrated and are continuing to demonstrate that the president had every reason to understand that what he was saying was baseless and fraudulent. he didn't have evidence or the legal cause to take the kind of extreme actions he wanted to talk. the fact that rudy giuliani said we don't have evidence, but we have a lot of theories a all the this point, is quite an emission on the part of somebody very
9:22 am
close to the president i'm not a lawyer speculate, but it's an admission that they are operating on then air. even calling it a theory is elevating that in a certain way. beyond the legal imaccoplicatio this community is doing a superb job of showing this. and where could it be more important. >> they have done it smartly by using republicans and people close to trump to tell the story. one of the republicans working for the committee a senior investigator, you saw him asking questions of the republican witnesses including judge michael. he's the senior investigator. he's leaving early. there's been a campaign in missouri forming a group to try to get him to represent a as an independent. they think they are going to get a republican nominee that is
9:23 am
outside the mainstream. >> yeah, that's fascinating. given the fact that he has clearly demonstrated an ability to get people to come and testify, to get answers from these individuals and really shed light on things that before this, no one has been able to shed a light on. imagine if the committee had just issued subpoenas for people to come and publicly testify in an open hearing room. theyen went about this more deliberately. the strategy here behind closed doors is what has led to a lot of this success. of them telling the story of what happened. >> more in a few minutes. ahead for us, a major milestone. the senate advances the first bipartisan gun safety bill in 30 years. what's in it and when it could become law, that's next. she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista dururing rush hou. and a nanny to a couple ofof rambunctious kids. nonow, all that experience has led her to a job
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congress is on a path to pass the first major gun safety legislation in nearly 30 years. it cleared a significant hurdle. 14 republicans joining all democrats senators in agreeing to open debate on the measure. the senate plan is to get the finals a paj by the end of this week. the house will act as soon as it can after that. our reporters are back with us. lauren fox who spent a lot of time on this. let's walk through what's in this bill. $750 million for crisis intervention plans, closing the
9:29 am
boyfriend loophole, background check time for 18 to 21-year-olds, tougher penalties for gun trafficking, funding for mental health programs, not everything that most democrats wanted, but more than many republicans wanted. a true compromise in washington. >> i was told by many members and aids over the weekend that this almost fell apart a number of times. the fact that they were able to roll out the text, have an initial vote and get more than a dozen republicans to advance it, they are going to break the filibuster tomorrow on this legislation. that's the plan. and everyone is feeling very confident that right now this is on a guide a path to pass in the senate. i covered the vote right after sandy hook. it failed. it was a devastating vote for the families that were there. this time was really different. and i think a ha we're going to be thinking for a long time in washington about why that was the case. >> nothing is guaranteed in this town anymore, but it looks like
9:30 am
this will get to the president's desk because of the congressional recess. we just had on the screen the 14 republicans who voted to advance the measure. pat toomey is retiring. he wasn't there for the vote. so you have 15. so 15, which gives you 65. when they started these conversations and when john cornyn got involved, there was a lot of talk that maybe we could get to 70 or 80 votes. maybe thald they would do something big. but the nra said it was against this. today at the leadership meeting, the minority leader, his whip, not only did they say they are no, they are against it in the house. you won't get that many house republicans. >> the nra is still popular with the gun culture. conservatives and that's why you only going to give as many as you get in the senate. as much as this is great if it passes, people died.
9:31 am
kids died in their classrooms. laying there in piles of blood, ore students covering themselves with blood so they wouldn't get the shot themselves. so so it's a good thing that it happened. it's a damn shame it's taken so much bloodshed to get to this moment. >> maybe it's a bit of a shift in gun politics if you look at the 14 senators, only two are on the ballot. so he's going to be relekked to the senate. lisa murkowski still has her primary. donald trump supports her. you have one primary test thof issue. >> the wager behind this legislation on the part of gun control advocates at least in
9:32 am
part, folks like senator chris murphy, a democrat of connecticut who has been the party's biggest loader on the issue is if you do anything on gun control and get republicans to vote for it, then they turn out to be fine at the ballot box, it opens a wider in the future. that's very much a glass more than half full view of the possible political implications. but the fact that so many republicans are willing to take this vote in the senate, it recalls the vote on infrastructure. including the specific folks willing to cast their votes. it's a willing shift and a lot of people who aren't actually on the ballot. >> it's going to be interest figure they would try to go small on dhaka and the dreamers. there's a template for doing things and then making steps. but this is washington. ahead, the country needs a pat moment. the january 6th committee agrees and it's trying to pressure the former council to testify to do
9:33 am
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the january 6th committee says it's time for a key white house insider to talk and talk publicly. with know from other witnesses and from reporting back tat the time that the white house counsel objected to steps donald trump took or wanted to take in his effort to steal the 2020
9:38 am
election. but the committee sees power in him speaking for himself and speaking at a public hearing. >> our committee is certain donald trump does not want mr. cipollone to testify. our evidence shows he and his office tried to do what was right. but we think the american people deserve to hear from mr. cipollone personally. he should appear before this committee and we are working to secure his testimony. >> great panelist back with us. liz cheney didn't do that by accident. closing 125i89 to publicly try to pressure pat cipollone to come forward. his take is he's cooperated privately and does not want to testify publicly. a, what is the value of getting him? and b, what are the complications, he represents the building, the institution, not the president, but he has a lot of privilege. >> he has a lot of privilege. there's the crime for that.
9:39 am
it indicates that that privilege can't withstand the need for criminal proceeding. but i think really crucially, the january 6th panel is really speaking to merrick garland. they are putting forth all of this evidence to eviscerate the potential intent question which garland may be agonizing over. and thr saying, look, we got your back. we're putting this out here. and also by putting it out first, there's a lot of controversy over why he is going second. there's some reason to do that. if you get the public sentiment, it may make garland feel like he's taking less heat for making this charging decision. >> so to that point, if he were to say i told the president was illegal, i told the president no, directly from the white house counsel, you get power. this takes a bit because we have heard so much from so many other witnesses.
9:40 am
>> pat cipollone thought the idea was nutty and had at one one point confronted eastman with the same sentiment. >> pat expressed a that the vice president's actions on the day of the 6. >> he lost the election and hadn't said anything to him. so cipollone said it's time you come over here. and so i came over to pete with the president in the oval office. >> they are saying we are going to resign. if this or that happens, i kind of took it to be whining. >> did you hear the white house say that plan to have electors meet and cast votes in states he had lost and not legally sound? >> yes, sir. >> so you have a lot of it there. i was in the room when pat
9:41 am
cipollone said. but the committee want thes him. they had bill barr. they had the campaign manager. they want the top guy. >> in those moments when bill barr uses it to describe what was going on when you have ivanka trump there contradicting her father, those have been powerful moments. there's bye-bye a lot of others in these hearings as they want more. you hear liz cheney appealing to his ego saying you did what was right. you stood up to donald trump. let the american people hear what you did and the way you stood in the way of this plot. >> so let's see if john dean himself, a senior contributor, he said this. >> i think we need a pat cipollone moment. i truly do. pat cipollone do not represent donald trump. he represents the office of the president. i think he really has a duty to come forward to protect
9:42 am
democracy. he's sworn an oath to the constitution. exercise it, pat. >> does his access make him that much more powerful a witness than the many other powerful witnesses we have heard from? >> it clearly would make him a legally powerful witness if the justice department were to proceed within with an investigation and vooimt of president. i'm skeptical that a pat cipollone moment would have a similar nimpact on that. the country is so fragmented. there's an accumulation of very compelling and riveting evidence on the part of this committee from so many witnesses that i'm just not sure the white house council is the one missing piece to move public opinion, but having his cooperation for legal purposes is important. it couldn't hurt politically. >> we'll watch and see how it plays out. up next, new primary lessons. are republicans still loyal to
9:43 am
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several elections went off in alabama. the big winner katie brit. she's like ly the next senator. he's retiring. mo brooks initially had donald trump's endorsement. then he pulled it.
9:48 am
but mainly it was the support of the republican establishment to the big victory there. let's move over here now to the state of georgia. and donald trump lost twice in the sense of this. look at these house republican primary runoff elections. the sixth district, donald trump endorsed jake evans. then over here, vernon jones nearly 3 to 1. he lost twice in georgia. in the governmor's race, more i the primary, he lost as well. the governor says sure, donald trump still popular, but this is georgia. >> it appears that donald trump is doing really well in a lot of primaries in different parts of the country. not so much in georgia. how come? >> i think all politics is
9:49 am
local. president trump endorsed other candidates around the state and then a lot of other races. that certainly is his right to do that. i felt like he was the true conservative in the race. >> kemp is being very -- he doesn't want to pick a fight. they are arch enemies. but what is it about georgia? trump has a mixed record in many places. georgia republicans have just said, sorry, no. >> brian kemp is in so many ways the model for not anti-trump republicans, but non-trump republicans. he's a conservative republican who has campaigned on ideas very much in line with trump and trumpism, but trump came after him because of his grievances about the 2020 election. he went after the secretary of state in that state. and the former president got whipped in both of those races and there clearly is a hangover there if you are going to run a one-state experiment to see can you train republican primary voters to think about their options while setting aside what donald trump himself is telling
9:50 am
you you ought to do, this looks like that. and it worked for republicans. >> let's look at the mar jins. 74%. in the attorney general race, trump candidate gets 26%. the question is, does this carry over into other states. most republicans don't like to talk about this anymore. manu raju said does he get your vote? >> i will not be support ing hi. i will be looking for better candidates. we have to have the policy. he didn't have the respectful side of that. and the temperament and that's what i'm going to look for. somebody who fits that mold. >> will there be more of that, especially after this damning testimony about how trump
9:51 am
conducted himself around january 6th? will more republicans say i'm moving on? >> the more common answer is let's wait and see who is going to run. nobody wants to answer that question right now. that is a much more honest answer of i'm going to be looking for someone in the mold of trump. because again, that's a model that works. if you are conservative, if you don't fixate ongoing up against donald trump and not fight ing with him every day and keeping that fight in the spotlight in your race, it can be effective. but certainly, a lot of house republicans, a lot of senate republicans maybe tire d of trump, but they don't want to talk about it. >> here's another voice that's interesting. andy cramer came to our attention. now she runs a group that's moved over and morphed into a trumpy. listen to what she says. donald trump is disconnected from the base it's time to back to basics. we were here long before president trump came along. and we're going to be here
9:52 am
afterward. somebody in this for political strength, but you're saying see you later, mr. president. >> republicans are tired of donald trump, but they also recognize his power. they recognize that the majority of republican voters still have an emotional attachment to donald trump. they have an emotional at attachment to the way he governs and in his manner and his policies as well. the big question going in 2024, ron desantis. do they foal like donald trump is weak enough where he can mount a challenge to him in his mold. in large part, his standing to donald trump. can he take him on. that's the big question. to be the man you have to beat the man. that's the big question among politicians. >> going to have a long time to talk about that before we get to the police where we can get an
9:53 am
answer. but it's a good yes. up next, a new report details stunning police failures in the uvalde massacre. the mayor is being kept in the dark and he's not happy about it. >> i'm not going to lie and tell you i do. of hyaluronic acidon pure hyaluronic acid attracts water to help visibly replump lines and restore volume revitatalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oréal paris
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uvalde's mayor is complaining he's not in the loop
9:58 am
as the state investigates the massacre. the public safety chief called it an abject failure. a heated town council meet ing, the mayor lashed out. >> i have to answer to a bunch of bureaucrats that haven't been doing their damn job. they wouldn't give me any information. i'm just as frustrated. maybe not as frustrated as the families that lost loved ones, but i'm mad i can't get you answers. >> live for us in uvalde. what's going on here? >> reporter: there's so much frustration here in utvalde. the mayor is upset because he feels that he's left in the dark. the families of the victims are very upset because they feel that they have been getting shifting narratives, conflicting information, updated timelines and all they want to know is one very simple question. and that is there was a shooter
9:59 am
at this elementary school that entered and massacred 19 children and 2 teachers. they want to know why law enforcement did not go in there and keep their children safe. now there's a call for the chief to step down. and also to step down from the city council because thooes a new elected city council member. today the father of a victim was asked if the chief steps down if that would be enough. here's that. >> i don't get how you can hear these kids crying and asking for help but you're scared to enter because your commander doesn't want you to go in. the kids were just lying there just thinking where their p
10:00 am
parents were. and we were right outside. >> reporter: there's really no words to follow that. there's so many parents here who feel the exact same way. >> there are no words. rosa flores, thank you. ana cabrera picks up our coverage now. thank you so much for being with us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. minutes from now, president biden will call for a gas tax holiday. he'll ask congress to suspend the federal gas tax for three months. it will provide some relief to americans battered by record high gas prices. this move would shave off about 18 cents per gallon. but the move faces a


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