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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  June 23, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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my problem is that this dog show is really for people who like things a tiny bit inbred, where are the mutts? where are the mutts? this is america, we should be celebrating mutts and they are systematically discriminated against by this dog show. that's all i have. >> i have a mini golden doodle, i'm with you. let them in. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. top of the hour, good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. big news overnight. the department of justice stepped up the january 6th criminal investigation, widening its net with fresh subpoenas to people from several states who acted as fake electors and other trump allies connected to the scheme to overturn the 2020 presidential election. just a few hours, the justice department will become the key focus of today's fifth public hearing for the january 6th
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committee, three top officials who led the justice department in the final days of the trump administration including the former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen will make clear the doj saw no evidence of widespread fraud sufficient to overturn the election and will detail how he and others resisted trump's pressure to back the baseless claims. >> a preview of newly obtained footage from the documentary film crew that followed former president trump and his team for six months before and after january 6th. it was just released by discovery plus, which, of course, is cnn's parent company. watch. >> okay. >> my father, he's very honest and he is who he is. >> he believes everything he's doing is right. >> i think i treat people well, unless they don't treat me well, and then we go to war. >> can we talk about january 6th? >> yeah.
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>> obviously people want to hear what he had to say there. so that documentary filmmaker alex holder has said that he will be deposed today after receiving a subpoena from the january 6th committee. there is a lot to unpack. let's begin with sara murray. the focus today from the committee is department of justice and all of the efforts to make significant changes there to try to overturn the election. what are we going to see? >> yeah, this is a hearing about the pressure campaign that donald trump put on the justice department, and how they withstood it. we're going to hear from the former acting attorney general jeffrey rosen, his former acting deputy attorney general richard donoghue as well as steve engel, former assistant attorney for the office of legal counsel. and these guys were at the heart, donald trump had this plan, he was going to oust jeffrey rosen, install jeffrey clark, another doj official who was more amenable to trump's claims of election fraud, and there was a big outcry within the justice department, a number
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of officials said they were going to resign en masse if trump pulled this off. and so in some of the prepared testimony we have from jeffrey rosen, he makes clear the justice department did not find any evidence of widespread voter fraud and he writes we thus held firm to the position that the department would not participate in any campaigns or political parties legal challenges to the certification of the electoral college counts. we also insisted that there must be an orderly and peaceful transfer of power under the constitution. so this is really how these officials withstood, held up to donald trump's attempts to try to get the justice department to go along with his efforts to try to overturn the election results. as you pointed out this committee is dealing with a lot of new evidence, maybe we'll see some new evidence today, but, a big piece of that new evidence is this footage from this documentary, never before seen interviews with donald trump, with members of his family, the british filmmaker alex holder said he was subpoenaed, he's handing over that footage, he's
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also sitting for a deposition today. the committee said they're going to be postponing some of the future hearings they had planned, probably into july, so that they can go over this footage as well as other evidence that has come out. >> sara murray, new evidence every day, thank you very much. the justice department is issuing the critical subpoenas overnight, in their investigation of state electors, let's bring in cnn senior crime and justice reporter katelyn polantz with more on who these officials are. >> this week we're learning about this new round of subpoenas that the justice department sent out into their probe on fake electors that were used by donald trump after the election, trying to supplant biden electors who would have won the battleground states. so these trump electors that are receiving subpoenas now, we have learned that they are getting subpoenas in states like pennsylvania, michigan, georgia, that's where trump electors did convene, where they were not needed, and we do know as well in our reporting that the
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georgia republican party chairman david shaffer, he was a crucial person in touch with the trump campaign in georgia, he too received a subpoena. so this is significant escalation of what we knew about this probe so far, previously our understanding was that there were lower level republicans in some of these states that were getting subpoenas as the justice department was beginning to look into this fake elector issue. but one of the things that is really interesting about this, that is going to be some that the justice department pulls in as they're gathering communication and information with these officials is that when these electors convened, they ultimately were, seemed to be quite proud they were convening for donald trump, we have seen video in various states, wisconsin, georgia, arizona, of the electors, signing the documents and saying we are convening to vote for donald trump and yet one of the pieces of information that our reporting, that my reporting has learned and that also the house select committee brought forth this week in one of their public hearings was that there was an
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urge for these people to convene. at least to get together inside the state house, in complete secrecy. we don't know why that was, but they certainly were encouraged to hide overnight in michigan, that's what we learned from some of them, in georgia, that they wanted to have their complete discretion and not tip off people why they were at the capitol. and so as this moves forward, that was a piece that was highlighted in the house select committee earlier this week. and the justice department will also be gathering information about it with the potential possibility of criminal charges at the end. jim and poppy? >> kaitlan palance with the reporting, thank you very much. let's talk about the hearing today. elliott williams is with us, former federal prosecutor and former deputy assistant attorney general. good morning, elliott. one thing that is interesting, you say today's hearing could be in your words perhaps the least sexy, but the most consequential. why? >> it really is, poppy. thanks for that.
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it is not -- look, these are government officials at the end of the day, they're very, very senior, but rank and file lawyers in the government, pretty senior. the issue is that the president sought to replace the leadership at the justice department for the third time in his presidency. one person testifying today is jeffrey rosen, acting attorney general, he's acting because the guy before him quit because he couldn't tolerate the president's untruths. that's william barr. william barr was attorney general because jeff sessions had been fired a year or so before for not carrying out the president's bidding. all this is demonstrating that, look, it is easy to prove to establish or set up a coup if you can get people around you who are going to go along with your way. and the fact that these were senior justice department officials is very, very important and very powerful firsthand testimony. >> let me ask you this, we have talked a lot about intent, right, establishing intent to commit a crime here and some of that is based on what the president knew about his claims the election was stolen.
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and part of the testimony today will be senior, again, not first time, right, senior justice department officials saying we saw no proof that the evidence was not free and fair. and they told him that. how many folks have to tell him that, right, and at what levels before he should know that's the truth. >> and it is a completely subjective question, jim. as you touched on, a lot of people told him that, 61 courts told him that and in his own words frankly going back to 2016 when he was saying the only way i could lose an election would be if there was fraud seemed to indicate that he knew this was a plan all along and probably would have done it in 2016 if he had lost. and so you're right, there isn't likely to be a statement that says out of the president's mouth where he says i know i lost, and therefore i'm going to proceed. but at a certain point this case for willful blindness becomes very clear that the mountain of evidence was put in front of him, yet he still chose to push
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on, extended over a period of years. >> how would that all factor in to the department of justice, potentially pursuing charges against the former president, the difference between knowledge and will blindness? >> right, you -- the justice department needs to know or feel they can win. to some extent it is not just a question of being cautious. it is a question of, you know, can a prosecutor responsibly or ethically proceed with charges they think they might lose, right? now, there is a growing body of evidence here that makes it harder to not charge if not the president, a number of the people around him, where there is a clear body suggesting. needless to say what you have to establish, you know, again there is no one thing and it is somewhat suggestive -- somewhat subjective but a lot of evidence there at a certain point and it is getting hard to say no. >> for those of us that are not lawyers and folks at home, neither you nor i nor the
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sitting president can legally be willfully blind to the facts. is that correct? >> right. neither -- no one can, at a certain point you need to establish that you knew something, but if 61 courts and all of your lawyers and all of your staff and the private citizens are conveying the same thing to you, at a certain point, you can't say that you were unaware something was -- >> gotcha. elliott williams, good to have you clear things up. we'll probably have you back. >> all right. thanks, jim. >> thanks, elliott. still to come, a critical vote today to break a senate filibuster on the bipartisan gun legislation making its way through congress. what to expect next. plus, new reporting this hour on russia's improving progress on the battlefield. i'm going to speak to the former president of ukraine, just ahead. also ahead, chaos at airports, thousands of cancellations, delays in the last 24 hours, that's no fun. details on what is causing it all coming up. temperature balanc ing, so you both stay comfortable and can help you get almost 30 ing,
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you're looking at images from just moments ago at the white house, a poignant moment of honor on the south lawn. president joe biden welcoming and thanking wounded warriors, caregivers, families alongside of the vice president, kamala harris. this event is part of the annual multiday veteran bike ride event soldier ride. right now president biden urging congress to support a three-month suspension of the federal gas tax. the temporary move would save drivers about 18 cents per gallon on gasoline, 24 cents per gallon on diesel through september. congress is unlikely to support the federal tax holiday as lawmakers have real questions about the potential impact and the cost. jpmorgan chase estimating the
6:16 am
move would save the average driver just $20 over the course of the summer. jeremy diamond is at the white house. the pushback is not just coming from republicans. it is coming from some notable democrats. we just heard it from elizabeth warren this morning. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, poppy. the white house is clear eyed by the challenges this proposal faces in congress, not only have zero republican senators expressed any kind of support for this gas tax holiday, but some key democrats have already expressed serious reservations about the proposal, including the house majority leader steny hoyer who said he and the house speaker have reservations about this proposal. but this is ultimately the latest attempt by president biden to try and show an american public that is weary about those gas prices about high inflation, that they're doing everything they can, that the president is doing everything he can to bring the prices down. the president yesterday making the case this is ultimately not going to solve the problem, but about trying to bring breathing room to americans.
6:17 am
what he's also doing is ramping up the pressure on oil companies to pass on the savings to consumers and to also make sure that the price of the barrel per oil does indeed -- is reflected at the gas pump as well. listen. >> my message is simple, to the companies running gas stations, and setting those prices at the pump, this is a time of war. global peril. ukraine. these are not normal times. bring down the price you're charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product. do it now. do it today. >> reporter: to that end, the energy secretary jennifer granholm, she will be meeting today with oil executives along with other top biden administration officials, and she will be delivering that very same message to those oil executives, urging them as well to ramp up production of oil to try and bring the price of a barrel of oil down across the globe. and she'll also push them to
6:18 am
ensure that if indeed a gas tax is passed, that those savings are indeed passed on to consumers. jim, poppy? >> jeremy diamond at the white house, thanks so much for that reporting. today is a critical day for gun legislation. today the senate is set to vote on advancing a major bipartisan gun safety bill toward final passage. to get there, democrats will need to break a gop filibuster, that requires at least ten republicans to vote in favor. >> cnn congressional correspondent lauren fox joins us now with more. it seems that they have more than enough to break the filibuster, do we think that's solid? >> yeah, everyone i'm talking to says they are still on track to get at least ten republicans, if you remember for that procedural vote on monday, they got 14 republicans moving forward. and i think that one of the things they're fighting against, of course, is these outside gun groups are opposed to this legislation. there is increasing pressure on republican members to back off their support or at least not add any more republican support to this legislation.
6:19 am
but the vote today very critical, we don't know when a final vote will actually happen. it is possible all 100 senators agree because they are about to go on a two-week recess and it is very possible on capitol hill, but you need that agreement to move quickly to a final vote. that final vote is a simple majority, though, joe. >> lauren fox, covering it for a long time. it is something. thank you so much. poppy? still ahead, several states take their own action installing red flag laws to try to increase gun safety, we're going to take you to new mexico, where communities are debating if the protective measure could actually encourage a violent act. you'll meet a sheriff who is refusing to enforce the law in his state, and what he thinks is more effective. and we're moments away from the open ing bell on wall street. u.s. stock futures, they're all green arrows up today, markets closed slightly lower wednesday as investors weigh the likelihood of a recession coming. federal reserve chairman jerome
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the bipartisan gun safety bill on capitol hill would include $750 million for crisis intervention programs, some of that money could be used, it doesn't have to be, to implement so-called red flag programs, which are aimed at keeping dwu guns away from those who are a threat to themselves or others. >> watch this. >> just let me get on the record, would you implement the red flag law in your county? >> no. >> reporter: in sierra county, new mexico, the sherrivsheriff refusing to use the red flag law in his state. >> a temporary restraining order issued to an individual that
6:26 am
says you can voluntarily turn your firearms in 48 hours is not going to be adhered to at all. >> reporter: that's why this sheriff takes issue with the law, adopted in 2020, new mexico's red flag law known as the extreme risk firearm protection order act does not allow law enforcement to seize someone's weapons outright. instead, it gives an individual 48 hours to voluntarily relenk wish their firearms to law enforcement after being served. >> how is allowing an individual self-compliance with an order who is not thinking correctly, how is that saving the community? how is that in any way, shape or form solving the problem? >> reporter: in some cases that individual will turn in their weapon, right? >> i doubt it. not if the individual had in his mind they were going to go perpetrate a mass shooting somewhere. >> reporter: why not at least try? >> i'm going to go after an inanimate object, but leave the individual who is allegedly in crisis, i'm going to leave him alone? and let him cool down on his own? makes no sense whatsoever.
6:27 am
>> reporter: sheriff hamilton argues giving someone 48 hours to turn in their weapons will only cause them to move up the timeline for whatever crime they may be planning. but you don't know that for sure. why not serve the order? >> i do know that for sure. i had 28 years of dealing with the criminal mind out there. i'm going to tell you, no red flag law in any way, shape or form is going to change a criminal's mind that is dead set on committing such an atrocity as a mass shooting. >> reporter: but sheila lewis, with new mexicans to prevent gun violence, says the sheriff he has it all wrong. >> there has not been a reported case of someone running out to commit a violent crime in that 48 hour period because they were served with an order. >> reporter: what does tend to happen? >> they bring their guns in to law enforcement, and they go to court. >> reporter: with new mexico's red flag law, after a person is ordered to turn over their guns, there is a ten-day cooling off period and then a court hearing. a judge will determine if those
6:28 am
guns should be returned to the individual or removed and for how long. after the red flag law took effect here in 2020, it only has been used nine times, in five of those cases the guns were removed from the individual for one year. in the other four cases, they were returned to the owner. >> this is a stopgap measure that can remove the firearm from a challenging situation. >> reporter: representative joy garrett co-sponsored the bill that became new mexico's red flag law. what do you think is the danger in the case of sierra county where the sheriff is not going to implement this law? >> i think the danger is there may be a life that can be saved or many lives that can be saved. >> reporter: like the life of alexa, the 16-year-old was gunned down with her cousin in a different county last month, in a murder/suicide by her mother's former boyfriend who had allegedly been sexually assaulting her. the red flag law was in place, and this restraining order shows
6:29 am
he possessed two guns. but the red flag law wasn't used to have those guns removed. the sheriff's office told us they didn't red flag the suspect since they had no information he posed an immediate danger of causing personal injury to himself or others with a firearm. >> the red flag law would have taken the firearm out of the hands of an extremely upset individual, would have taken the gun out of the equation, and prevented a murder and a suicide. >> reporter: you believe this girl would be alive today? >> i do believe that girl would be alive. >> reporter: but sheriff hamilton still prefers to lean on the state's emergency mental health law. which he says allows authorities to immediately take a person into custody for mental health treatment. >> that is not what we want to do. we don't want to seize people, we want to seize the firearm. >> reporter: sheriff hamilton says the red flag law has no provision to treat the individual who is dealing with a mental crisis. >> i would much rather that
6:30 am
individual be receiving mental treatment at a -- one of the local mental facilities than to rely on that individual to have some kind of a revelation that he now wants to start abiding by the law. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, albuquerque, new mexico. >> good look at that issue. randi kaye, thanks so much. >> fascinating piece. the texas state senate will continue its school safety hearings today and the sister of jacqueline casarez, one of the 19 year old killed in uvalde in that mass shooting, her sister will testify today. >> look at that poor little girl. so many young faces. uvalde school district has also placed the police chief pete arredondo on administrative leave. that's effective immediately. cnn's rosa flores joins us now from antonio. i wonder, rosa, what the school district is saying about why now, right? there have been calls for his removal, suspension for some time. what changed?
6:31 am
>> reporter: you know, jim, here we are nearly a month after 19 children and two teachers were massacred, and the school district issuing a statement late yesterday saying that pete arredondo, the police chief, is now on administrative leave. what stands out here, though, is not just what that statement says, it is what that statement doesn't say. that statement does not reference the latest timeline presented by texas dps before the texas senate where texas dps calls the law enforcement response here an abject failure, where it outlines that within three minutes of this shooting there were 11 police officers, including the police chief, in those hallways. and that two of those officers had long guns and texas dps making it very clear that that that was enough firepower to go in there and shoot and kill the
6:32 am
shooter. now, it doesn't say any of that, it doesn't reference the fact that children then for 74 minutes would be waiting there, some of them calling 911 for help, what the school district cites for presenting this administrative leave to pete arredondo is the following. they say, quote, because of the lack of clarity that remains and the unknown timing of when i will receive the results of the investigation. now, jim and poppy, will this be enough for the families still grieving their loved ones for this community who has been calling for the firing of the police chief since this shooting happened? no. and i should mention that i've been reaching out to arredondo's attorney for comment about this and so many other things, but i've not heard back. >> even from his attorney, let alone he's not answering all these questions. rosa flores, thank you for pushing for answers on the ground. >> yeah. a lot of other officers involved have questions to answer.
6:33 am
still ahead, russian forces are gaining advantage in eastern ukraine, new intelligence as u.s. officials assess what is happening now what they expect to happen next. i'll speak with former ukrainian president petro poroshenko coming up. with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, hold on tight and let go! stay two nights and t a free night. book now at ♪
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6:38 am
advantage in eastern ukraine as they learn from their mistakes earlier in the invasion. this includes better coordination of air and ground attacks and improved logistics and supply lines. u.s. does not believe that new weapons, including multiple launch rocket systems sent to ukraine recently will immediately change the situation on the battlefield. in part because the west is so far supplied limited ammunition and limited ranges to ensure the systems are not fired into russian territory. russian forces are also managed to destroy some new weapons including howitzers that you see here. all of this comes as members of the ukrainian parliament say the russian military calculated how much ammunition western allies have stockpiled for ukraine, mostly russian made systems, they believe russia plans to wait for ukrainian forces to run out of that ammunition over time. joining me now, former president of ukraine, petro poroshenko. mr. president, thank you for joining us this morning. >> it is a pleasure. thank you. >> first, if i could ask you
6:39 am
about that latest reporting. u.s. officials seeing russia gaining ground in the east. do you see russian forces making progress there and are you concerned about it? >> we have a very severe fighting on the east. but i just want to remind you that putin promised to take ukraine within three days. then to take donbas within march, april, may, now 120 days and still ukrainian troops are in the industrial zone of severodonetsk and we still have a fighting chance. and as you rightly said, the long range artillery is significant but tactically seriously improve the situation. because the russia has a limited range of the artillery, and the american one is extremely helpful.
6:40 am
but i want to give you some positive news because the kherson region and i just yesterday was there, and this morning returned back to kyiv, and our artillery brigade, where i visited delivering some technical assistance and support for my charity fund give very, very promising news about kherson and i keep my fingers crossed that we will see a positive. but at the end of the day we need more weapons and strategically putin is losing. strategically ukraine is winning. >> in terms of those weapons, for instance i saw the high mars as it is known, multiple launch rocket system has arrived on the eastern front. but officials tell me they don't expect the arrival of the weapons to immediately change the situation on the battlefield. what does ukraine, what do ukrainian forces need now to
6:41 am
help push back against this russian assault? >> i can confirm that the first multilaunch system already arrived, but this is only four. and definitely we need more weapons. and i want to talk with our american partners about game change. game change, this is 500 tanks, 100 jet fighter, but 1,000 artillery system and can't imagine that the future of the world, security of the world is depending from such amount of weapons because we don't need -- we demonstrate, ukrainian armed forces, i'm proud i create this armed forces as the supreme commander in chief in the year 2014, this is extremely, extremely important and our armed forces is the best. i saw yesterday also positive news that your navy missiles is
6:42 am
already also come to our artillery brigade. by the way, not american, but british one, but we are still waiting for american, because this is american production and they're very effectively using now on the black sea, may play a significant role in defending black seaport with the international coalition. >> in terms of eu membership for ukraine, it was eight years ago in 2014 you signed the association agreement with the european union. since then, of course, russia has invaded ukraine twice in 2014 and in 2022, devastating invasion. is the eu moving too slowly right now to make membership a reality? >> first of all, when i was elected as president, russia is already occupied whole donbas. and i'm proud that within the year 2014, 2015, me and ukrainian armed forces -- to
6:43 am
donbas. i want to tell you that we not only signed association agreement, but also implemented 70% of the package of the reform for the receiving the status of the candidate. and i can see that definitely we want it sooner, but believe me, today when the european union council and we wait a few minutes when it can happen, that day will be historic, not only in ukraine, european history, but global history because putin has a war against the whole world. whole democratic world. and we are fighting here, not only for ukrainian territory and integrity, we fight here for the freedom, democracy and for our whole world. we are finding it is not any zone of influence of russia and
6:44 am
we need to deputinize world, europe and russia. and the status for the candidate is also the same way of weapons, like the weapons from united states, and international assistance we receive now today. >> petro poroshenko, good to have you on the broadcast this morning and please be safe. >> yeah. all right, still ahead, as flight cancellations continue to pile on, united airlines has just announced flight cuts, a lot of them, at a major airport hub. >> what does that mean for rest of summer? a heroic rescue in the middle of a world championship swimming competition. what happened with this american athlete fainted in the middle of her performance, underwater. who came to the rescue? that's coming up. to share wi. i got some of my gold before i came to this country. i got some of my gold before you passed the bread.. encourage one e another... i can buy gold foror this?!
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the pga tour is making changes as several of its most famous players are jumping ship to play in the saudi arabia-backed liv golf series. the pga commissioner says he will offer more prize money at eight tournaments and a new series of international events. he is not, however, hiding his frustration with the new competition. >> let me be clear. i am not naive. if this is arms race, and if the only weapons here are dollar bills, the pga tour can't compete, the pga tour american institution can't compete with a foreign monarchy that is spending billions of dollars in
6:50 am
an attempt to buy the game of golf. we welcome good healthy competition. the liv saudi golf league is not that. it is an irrational threat. >> the four-time major champ brooks koepka is the latest to enlist in the li vichlt golf s series lured by the multimillion-dollar purses. but today the british open says that any players will be allowed to play in their tournament. a scary scene for an american swimmer at the world championships in hungary. this after she fainted right in the middle of her routine under water. 25-year-old american anita alvarez sank and when lifeguards did not immediately react, it was her coach who jumped into rescue her. >> fuentes is a four time olympic medalist herself and she told a spanish newspaper, quote,
6:51 am
my reflexes kicked in quickly. i think it was the craziest and fastest free dive i've ever done in my career. another american swimmer jumped in to assist as well to help alvarez come up to the surface. images are remarkable and the coach says alvarez is fine. she may still compete at the team finals. >> such a relief to see. new this morning, united airlines now permanently suspending 123 rs of its routes from newark airport in new jersey just outside new york city. it works out to about 50 flights. this as more than 1,000 flights were canceled wednesday nationwide, more than 3400 delayed. i've experienced some of this, i'm sure you have as well, it is no fun. >> and pete muntean is joining us now from reagan national. you've heard the from us trags fromtrags
6:52 am
-- frustration from united ceo and now cans liceling all the flights for good? >> reporter: yeah, we should put the caveat though on the latest united announcement, united says that it is scaling back at newark by about 12% starting july 1. that is 50 departures a day. united says this is not about staffing, that is what most airlines are doing scaling back their schedules because of the big staffing issues. united says it is because of existing congestion issues. people know it as delay city. we know that airlines over and over again are dealing with this. in fact airlines are still reeling from bad weather on the east coast. still murky here at reagan national. just checked flight a waware, 6 cancellations so far today. airlines got smaller over the pandemic. so when weather strikes, it is hard to bounce back. that means that the summer will be a big summer for cancellations.
6:53 am
it is an expensive summer of travel stress at airports worldwide with airlines struggling with staffing shortages and schedule meltdowns. giana's flight was canceled only to rebook on a different flight that was also canceled. from thursday to monday, airlines in the u.s. canceled more than 5400 flights. >> makes me not want to travel at all. no airplanes, nothing. >> reporter: new analysis says that flight cancellations have jumped 34% in the last month. domestic ticket prices are up too by 18% since 2019. even still, passengers are packing planes. last weekend, the tsa screened more people at airports nationwide than any weekend sense the start of the pandemic. >> travelers are willing to pay more and they are willing to face potential disruptions because they really want to go on these trips that they have put off in many cases for two years. >> thank you very much for all
6:54 am
being here. >> reporter: airline ceos lobbied congress for $50 billion in pandemic aid to keep workers on the job. even still, airlines got smaller, offering employees early out and retirement packages. >> i'm tremendously angry. >> reporter: and this consumer advocate says airlines are not keeping up their end of the deal. southwest and delta pilots have picketed to say they are overworked. airlines insist that they are hiring hundreds of new workers each month while dealing with storms and air traffic control issues. >> i've never seen a meltdown of this proportion. airlines still refuse to own this. >> reporter: and transportation secretary pete buttigieg has told airline ceos to stress test their schedules and add customer service staff with july 4th travel on the horizon. aaa forecasts 47.9 million americans will travel for the holiday. but a shrinking share will take to the skies. >> you can't ignore we've had six months of constant stories of delays, cancellations, bad
6:55 am
weather, long lines, frustration. and somebody may decide i think that it is easier just to hop in the car and go this year. >> reporter: we also heard from united airlines ceo scott kirby this week who put some of the blame for the cancellations back on the federal government. he says that the fdf.a.a. needs staff up with air traffic controllers. but they say that it is not an issue. and i also spoke to the house transportation chair and he says he want a readout from all the major airlines on how many pilots that they have on staff. he also says that there could be congressional hearings on this. so we'll see if airlines end up back in the hot seat and what the accountability will be here. >> billions of dollars went to the airlines during the pandemic to offset some of these issues. pete, thanks so much. still ahead, another big decision day for the supreme court. we are waiting on 13 cases, we
6:56 am
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good morning, i'm poppy harlow. >> and i'm jim sciutto. we're closely monitoring the supreme court. this hour the nation's highest court is set to release several opinions. >> oond beand before the end of term which is either late june or early july, the high court will hand down decisions that will impact abortion access and gun laws. we'll bring you the breaking developments from the high court as soon as t


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