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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  June 23, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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thank you for sharing a newsworthy day. it begins with a supreme court shock wave. the conservative majority throwing out a new york gun law and making clear it holds a very expansive view of second amendment rights. plus an important development in the january 6th investigations. officials who refused to help donald trump cheat and insisted he peacefully yield power to joe biden. and a front row view of the trump family in the momentous days. >> treat people well unless they don't treat me well, in which case you go to war. >> can you tell us about january 6th? >> yeah. >> and trump's social media stokes a new and urgent threat. january 6th committee lawmakers are upping their security as the number of violent threats against them multiply. we begin the hour with that major legal decision. a supreme court ruling that significantly expands the right
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to carry a gun. the justices this morning throwing out a new york law that required residents to prove they had a reason to carry a gun outside the home. the ruling was 6-3 with justice clarence thomas writing for the conservative majority. he said the special cause to carry a concealed handgun was a violation of the second amendment right to bear arms. we have more details on this dramatic decision. >> reporter: the immediate affect is to strike down this gun law in new york. it required people to show proper cause to get a license to carry a concealed handgun in public. it's now struck down similar laws in six other states will also be struck. more consequentially, this decision will also prompt challenges to all kinds of gun laws across the country. and that's because this decision is really changing the framework on how judges will evaluate gun laws moving forward, and this conservative court is saying for the first time that the
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constitution guarantees the right to carry a handgun outside the home. and because of that, justice thomas now says that a firearm regulation is really only okay if it's consistent with the text and the history of the second amendment. that's it. don't look beyond it. and the majority has taken particular issue with this particular new york gun law with how discretionary and wide-ranging it is. justice thomas writing to that effect saying, expand the category of sensitive places to all places of public congregation that are not isolated from law enforcement defines the category of sensitive places too broadly. you're seeing the conservatives saying the new york state had too much discretion to issue permits isn't on the flip side, the liberal justices, in particular, justice stephen brieer saying this decision will severely burden states in their
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efforts to curb gun violence. this decision coming at the same time that congress is trying to act, states are trying to tighten gun laws, and this ruling not only strike strikes down new york's gun law but puts the fate of all over gun laws, it puts the fate of those into question here. >> jessica snyder, thank you. the president of the united states reacting to the court decision saying in a statement, he is, quote, deeply disappointed. let's get to phil at the white house with more. >> reporter: that's right. president biden disappointed saying the ruling contradicts common sense and the constitution and should deeply trouble us all. the statement also goes onto mention what we've seen just recently at it relates to gun violence. the horrific murders in uvalde, the shootings and murders in buffalo and makes very clear that the president in his belief is at this point in time, more needs to be done related to gun restrictions, not less. and he made clear that he and his white house will continue to
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press on that issue in the weeks and months ahead. the timing here could not be more interesting in the sense that at this moment in time on capitol hill, the senate is in the midst of voting to break the filibuster on the most significant piece of gun safety legislation since 1994. obviously the white house is behind that. the president has been involved in the background in the efforts to get that towards a deal. they are on the verge of pretty significant gun legislation that the president supports. but when it comes to the ruling specifically, the president making very clear he's unhappy with it and doesn't believe it lines up with precedent and that he is going to continue to try and do more with his authority. >> phil at the white house. thank you for the hustle. with me to share legal perspective, joan, the president in his statement says i urge states to continue to enact and enforce common sense laws to make their citizens and communities safer that gun l violence. the supreme court says there's
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not much they can do. >> this decision opens the door to more challenges to gun restrictions and closes the door to the possibilities of many. this is a whole new court. it does show how different things are from 12 years ago when the court said the second amendment could cover a right to have a handgun in a home for self-defense. this is the first time it's outside and the very broad reasoning the robust approach by clarence thomas joined by five other justices is really significant, and will make it harder, harder to pass gun control and easier to challenge gun control. and justice briar writing for the three dissenters said think of mass shooters and road rage, they might not be able to be addressed as potently as before this ruling. >> and carrie, that's part of the fascinating debate now between the six conservatives and the three liberals on the court. the conservatives are saying this decision, read the text, read the text of a document
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written in the 18 th century. justice briar trying to say this is the 21 st century. we have a lot of things going on. let's go through it. justice briar writes this. the primary difference between the court's view and mine is that i believe the amendment allows states to take account of the serious problems posed by gun violence. i fear the court's interpretation ignores these significant dangers and leaves states without the ability to address them. that's justice briar. he's on the side that lost. justice alito says why do they think it's relevant to recount the mass shootings that have occurred and how do they account that one of them took place in buffalo, the new york law at issue in this case did not stop that perpetrator. it's a fascinating debate about whether the court should take into account changes in technology, changes in culture, changes in just about everything. and the conservatives are saying no. >> right. well, so this opinion is just i think the perfect example that illuminates what this new
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conservative majority, how they approach analyzing the law. they make it explicit throughout the opinion that the goal is to look their analysis is to look at the text of the constitution itself, and to look at historical ways that that should be interpreted. so looking at history, and analyzing it from there. not looking at what one might assess is as a matter of public policy in the current public interest, given our current environment with mass shootings. that's what this majority rejects in the court, and they're saying only historical analysis, and only the text. >> the former new york city mayor who has been a leader in pushing for gun control and helping fund gun control efforts run a country. he says the legacy of the robert's courts is looking darker and more dangerous by the day. he says join every town to fight back. again, like the president, bloomberg is saying stay at it.
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when you go through this, joan kwlarks can and cannot state legislatures or the united states congress do if they're inclined to impose new restrictions? >> they will try to do more and try to argue that what they're doing doesn't conflict with the new test that's going to look back at traditional history in america. and they'll make those arguments just like new york actually made those arguments here for this law that had been on the books for 100 years. but it failed. what happened up to this point was that lower courts were much more receptive to gun control. after this lower courts will have no choice. they'll have to follow this kind of precedent. >> here's ha i think they might want to look to. if you're looking at the perspective of the gun safety advocates, there was a line deep in the opinion where it talks about its historical analysis and says under common law, individuals could not carry deadly weapons in a manner likely to terrorize others. and i thought that was interesting. because what's not in the
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historical part or in the constitution is assault weapons. in the senate bill, they're not including assault weapons. if i was on the side of the gun safety advocates or the states looking to how they can regulate, that's where i would be looking. >> let's get more important perspective. we have the author of "the positive second amendment". sir, grateful for your time. the last big supreme court on guns rights issues, helle re. this decision says read the text. i'm going to read the second amendment. it's brief. a well regulated militia being necessary to the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. by that language, and this decision today, can i carry a gun to work? can i carry a gun on a plane? >> well, this is the issue which the court says it's just -- not only just the text, but the text, history, and tradition. the text alone isn't going to
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answer a lot of questions. the history and tradition will do a lot of work in the future. that's why this is a block buster case. the court says you don't need an exact duplicate in 1791 of a regulation that is -- they need analog, but at what level of generality. there are regulations in 1791 about taking guns to fairs and markets. is modern superdome like that? is it because taking guns into crowded places was dangerous. hence the regulations that taking a gun onto an airport could be prohibited today? the case really just does throw open the doors to all kinds of challenges of what we thought was well-settled reasonable regulation to keep hands out of the hands of people that are potentially dangerous. >> so what other specifics? there are a half dozen states that like new york say to carry -- to get a conceal carry
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permit you have to show a cause why you need that. those laws obviously this decision says sorry, no. what else? >> yeah. so the courts express saying it's not striking down what's known as shall issue. as long as there's some kind of objective metrics that the state puts in for issuing these licenses, the court majority reiterated in the concurrence by justice kavanaugh and justice -- chief justice roberts says that you can have what's known as a shall issue as long as you have the objective determinants to issue licensing. licensing isn't all struck down. it's just that you can't have this sort of discretionary system. but the issue that i was watching, and the real fire of this opinion is this text history and tradition only approached a figuring outlook if something is constitutional or not. i think what we can expect is not just about where to carry guns but what guns are protected? who gets to carry guns?
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who can have a gun? all of it is going to be challenged as insufficiently anl louse to some kind of regulation that existed in 1791. one thing i can guarantee is we're going to see lots and lots and lots more litigation of existing regulations based on the strength of this majority opinion. >> a giant decision that opens the door to additional challenges. grateful for your time. we'll come back to the issue later in the program. next, the january 6th committee convenes the next public hearing in two hours. top trump department officials justice department officials will detail how they resisted the former president's effort to ignore the election results. ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪
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the witness list today includes former trump justice department officials. including jeffrey rosen. he plans to say trump and allies never produced any proof of widespread election fraud and rosen refused to let trump make the justice department co-conspirators. making public statements he wanted the justice department to lie about the 2020 outcome. and rosen says that view was wrong then and is wrong today. that is his testimony. let's get more now from sara murray. a very important day as the committee tries to show trump asked peeven the justice department to help him cheat. >> it's important. rosen is an important witness. he and his colleagues at the justice department had to stand up to donald trump's efforts to try to use the justy department to try to investigate his baseless claims of fraud and try to overturn the results. rosen was the one donald trump
9:18 am
wanted to push aside so he could install jeffrey clark. of course we're going to be watching his testimony closely today. the other thing that we are going to be looking for is any mention of these republican lawmakers who may have been seeking pardons from donald trump before he left office. obviously we've seen it come up in previous hearings but also saw members of the committee teasing perhaps we're going to hear more of that today. we are definitely going to be listening for the details. >> important afternoon ahead. joining me in the studio, our panel. i want to read to you a piece of jeffrey rosen's prepared statement to the committee. we thus held firm to the position that the department would not participate in any campaigns or political party's legal challenges to the certification of the electoral college votes. we also insisted there must be an orderly and peaceful transfer of power under the constitution.
9:19 am
that an attorney general of the united states had to say that to the president of the united states is just -- orderly and peaceful transfer of power. the most cherished american tradition, the attorney general had to remind donald trump, sir, you got to go. >> daring donald trump, and to duplicate the massacre from the watergate era, daring him essentially to fire the officials and part of the week long celebration of guardrails. an emerging guardrail party, all the republican folks who told donald trump no, rusty bowers, the various election officials from around the country from georgia, for example. remarkable. we've talked on this show before about the fragility of american norms. this is the real deal. these are the officials who stood up to him. >> stood up to him to the very end, including, again, trump tried at the state level. he was trying to pressuremen. here you have bill barr left because he wanted no more and got out. they had the guy in bill barr's place and then there was an effort. we're going to hear about the committee, to get rid of jeffrey
9:20 am
rosen. >> i was going to say only to be told by a entsubordinate that h was going to take his place. this was after he was asked to circulate a letter through email. it's all written down, that to -- that the fbi had found fraudulently that the fbi had found evidence of election fraud, and rosen said absolutely not. we're not doing that. also richard donahue said the same thing. they almost lost their jobs. they stood firm and here we are today. >> here's the thing, john, there was not a peaceful transfer of power. there was an attack on the capitol and they were coming for the speaker of the house and coming for the vice president, and they were coming for other members of congress. so i am really interested to hear jeffrey rosen's testimony, because clearly, he and his
9:21 am
departments withstood pressure from the president. he never came public in any way leading up to january 6th. it wasn't until january 13th of 2021 where he issued this sort of odd public said video statement that just said we are going to support law enforcement and make sure that we have a safe inauguration so we turned his attention to the inauguration. but i will be really interested to hear how clear he is about what it is that they were pressured to do leading up to january 6th. >> the statement certainly tees up to the committee asking about this, ask me about this. ask me about this. he's clear in doing it. we're going to move on. the committee has done a meticulous job and a smart job of using people around donald trump to tell the story. whether you're hearing from people in the room and appointed by him and family members for him and francesca, we're going to hear from the film producer with unprecedented access to the president's family members. he said he's planning to
9:22 am
cooperate and help officials. you see ivanka donald trump, donald trump junior and the then president of the united states in this clip. watch. ♪ >> okay. >> my father is very honest, and he is who he is. >> he believes everything he's doing is right. >> i don't treat bad people well unless they don't treat me well, in which case we go to war. >> can we talk for a second about january 6th? >> yeah. >> just for full disclosure, discovery plus part of the parent company of cnn as well. but the power is this ivanka trump saying my father always tells the truth. they're going to use that and then show other statements from them and communications. that is what the committee has done a good job of putting together. people were saying these things publicly. here's what they were doing privately. >> they have testimony from the children of the former president of the united states, and they have highlighted that and will continue to highlight that, and
9:23 am
to your point, i wanted to say about the department of justice officials, that many of the things that we had seen, we had already known about it when it came to the election officials and the counting of ballots and what happened. it was meant to dispel dismfgs and put that in a public way. when it comes to the department of justice diofficials, we may hear for the first time some of the efforts and how deep they went in the department of justice, potentially how wide they were in the white house about the efforts to try and overturn the election. >> as we wait to hear from the trump justice officials today, we have this cnn reporting about the biden justice department. the georgia party chairman was subpoenaed related to the fake elector scheme. multiple sources tell cnn. there's been a lot of grumbling from democrats. is the biden administration being aggressive enough? >> this is where it's hard to
9:24 am
figure out, whether the justice department is doing things that are responding to what they're observing or learning from the congressional investigation, or whether there is just this whole other parallel track which is usually the way i think about it where the justice department is rolling along and they're going to keep plowing forward where their investigation takes them regardless of what's going on in the political environment. sometimes it's hard to tell what one it is, but clearly the justice department has a really serious investigation executing search warrants, a serious criminal investigation into this fraudulent elector situation. >> we'll watch that today and remember the hearing a little bit later today. up next for us, back to the big supreme court decision, significantly expanding gun rights. and it's happening just as the senate is voting today. see it today on new gun safety legislation. we're talking artisan italian bread, made fresh daily! the only thing fresher than their bread is the guy reading this. subway keeps refrereshing and refrfreshing and refreshing and re-
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the supreme court today dealing a major blow to gun control advocates. the court striking down a law that restricted conceal carry guns outside the home. kirsten gillibrand is pushing back. >> this is clearly an activist supreme court. we've seen a draft decision that intends to undermooin roe. we have a decision undermining state's rights where they want to protect its citizens. this is what donald trump intended, to stack the court with ultra extreme conservative
9:30 am
justices who are so far out of step with the american people. >> see right there live action on the senate floor. the senate is voting to advance what would be the first major gun safety law to be law in decades. our reporters with us. voicing frustration, the senator, that donald trump is getting what donald trump wanted when he got all the vacancies, but it's just a fact. the 6-3 majority. >> and i think -- there were so many protests, of course, for several of these justices, but at the end of the day, they kind of have to deal with what they've been dealt. one of the things that's been really interesting act this current legislation that's going through, the optimism that it's going to pass. the optimism that this could end up on biden's desk, which honestly as someone who has covered this debate for quite some time, too long, honestly, at this point, it really is noteworthy that there is a thought that this actually could
9:31 am
happen. now, whether or not it insulates them from more of the gun control opponents, whether it insulates them from criticism, that's something less entirely. but it does look like something might get done. >> something might get done, but the reason is it doesn't have any gun controls in it. it expands gun safety things. if you want to call it gun control, perhaps the expanded gun control, it will take longer if you're 18 or 19. but to jackie's point, this is chris murphy, the democrat leading the debate saying he believes if you pass this and they expect to get 16 republicans. if you pass this, he believes a year from now you can come back for more. >> once republicans vote for gun safety laws, they'll find out there's enormous political benefit. you're going to have probably close to 20 republicans vote for this bill today. and then on final passage. and i think you will see the opportunity for compromise in
9:32 am
the future. >> does the supreme court decision today put a damper on that last part that if you thought you were going to pass this and get 15 or 16 republicans and then come back and say okay, can we raise a age to buy a gun. this supreme court decision seems to say if any legislature is going to do that, you better read the decision. >> 100%. the math is there as long as they reach a deal to limit the amount of time to debate. it looks okay. but the supreme court decision is going to call into question every piece of gun restriction across the country. federal, state, and the rest. it opens the door for a number of lawsuits. not just new york's law but also the six or seven other states with similar provisions. of course it's going to have an effect of federal legislation. one other point, he's talking about the senate, murphy. watch the gop margins in the house on this bill where the leadership is fighting the bill and where they are frankly much more exposed to political
9:33 am
pressure from the white when they run for reelection. watch that debate play out. >> i was going to say even if you look at the senate, again, and i know we had the discussion before, but a lot of republicans are voting for things. not up for reelection. retiring. the one way we might see it play out is lisa murkowski. she is someone up for reelection. you are not seeing republicans on the ballot rushing toward this measure as something they think will be helpful to them in this election in response to his point. >> we are likely to be sitting at this table next week having the same conversation about abortion rights assuming they don't change it and strike down roe v. wade, then the question is what happens in politics. we're having this discussion today, the 6-3 decision by the court says the new york state law, they didn't give a reasonable reason to restrict gun access. the governor says we'll continue to fight. >> as governor of the state of new york my number one priority
9:34 am
is keeping new yorkers safe. today is supreme court is sending us backwards in the efforts to protect families and prevent gun violence, and it's painful that this came down at this moment, when we're still dealing with families in pain from mass shootings. >> it is striking, but inevitable. now gun rights today, most likely abortion rights next week. a country that is pretty evenly divided and co-po larized is going to go through emotional debates. accelerated by the supreme court of the united states. >> and it's going to be these local officials who are going to be bearing the brunt of it. really. but you know, it just goes back -- i'm going to go back to the crass politics of it all. republicans are very energized by the supreme court. they vote for justices. they get out there and vote because of the issues. historically, democrats have not. and that -- i mean, it's -- it has been kind of a truism in
9:35 am
politics whether this changes that, we'll have to see. it's too late for a little bit. because of how many justices were recently put on the court. >> this 6-3 majority, the cement has dried on that for the time being. ahead president biden calls for a summer gas tax holiday. leaders of his own party quickly dismiss the idea. conflict and climate change. a new black dream. the hidden melodies of trainin. the sacred spell of words. this art was looted. the power of a dinner table. a country on the brink. carving a path through the heart of philadelphia. a story of love and obsession. affirmations, etched in vinyl. [ it's funny how the universe works. ]
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president biden's call for a summer gas tax holiday is being panned and dismissed by leading members of his own democratic party. here's justice sampling. we will see where the consensus lies. that's from the house speaker nancy pelosi. adds the majority leader, we've all expressed reservreservation. in the senate, dick durbin calls the administration should be honest about what the proposal could accomplish. and even a biden confidant who took biden's seat, i don't know whether it will get the votes. >> when you lose chris coons. >> can you help me here. a democratic president, his party is in trouble. he's in trouble. he has a major policy announcement, and his own party dumps on it within seconds. >> it's almost like he should have run it by a couple people like, call his friend chris coons who is the biden whisperer on the hill and run this by them. democrats are expressing concern
9:41 am
this would hurt the highway trust fund right after they passed all of these infrastructure projects. also there's no guarantee oil companies would pass along any savings to the consumers. and you've got a lot of democrats saying oil companies are at fault for all of this. so this seems -- i don't know if there was a miscommunication, but it's clear this white house wants to do anything to lower the price at the pump or look like they're trying to. >> should the policy proceedings have happened in private. biden said i know how to get things done. it's -- is it not embarrassing for the president for his party to say go away? >> it's not good that it turns up a barack obama video heaping scorn on the idea of cutting the gas tax. that's not great for them. there's some muscle memory in the democratic party against this proposal.
9:42 am
they should have done a better job of running this past senators. you don't want to catch them by surprise. you don't know how they're going to react, and it might have smoothed the way a little bit. but jackie's point is central. there's no guarantee the reduction in the gas tax would reach the pump. they're not happy, because they see down sides, and the up side is entirely up for grabs. >> the president says i want to try. that was the president's message yesterday. i want to try to do anything. and you do see now, i don't know whether it's generation or geographical, but a split along democrats. asis have a slot kin, people who drive to work. i pushed for a yearlong break. the administration is back to three month break. she says i'll take what i can get. she says it's not a perfect policy, but let's do something. so you have this push. some members say this is what is hitting people in the head every day. let's do something. >> and it's not really clear
9:43 am
other than that why the president decided to do this now. because lawmakers within his own party had been pushing for this for months. these conversations started back in february and then suddenly it was almost as if they turned on a dime over the weekend and decided this was something they were going to do, and you talked about being on the same page and messaging. his own energy secretary was just out a couple days before he did this being skeptical of this, saying he could take money away from paying for roads and highways. and then you have the president saying it won't do that. we're going to back fill the money. it is, again, clear that in their effort to show that he's doing everything he can to bring down prices and inflation, they're really going for any effort that they can here in order to be able to show that he's doing that. >> so you have this policy challenge. it's significant. a lot of these things are beyond any president's control. they just simply are. the president is trying to do something. and then the political challenge. dem when republicans see something
9:44 am
like this, this is the pollster frank lunts, they feel like they don't have to say a word. >> the american people for the first time are going to feel the full affects and congress is saying no, both contracts and republicans, it shows you how weak joe biden is. here's the problem. the democrats control the house. they control the senate, and when your own party doesn't back you up, that says a lot. >> a lot of what you hear is spin for the party. it's hard to argue with that. >> that is not great, and joe biden's approval ratings particularly in these districts where people actually have races, these purple districts, he doesn't have any juice. and that's not great. and so maybe some of the places, you know, he did well, when he first ran, but he ran on people returning to normal. and things aren't normal out there. >> things are not normal out here. the major gun legislation cleared a major hurdle. advancing in the senate.
9:45 am
15 republicans voting with democrats to break a filibuster. final vote in the senate on that bill as early as this afternoon. and just moments ago, the new york city mayor weighing in on today's big supreme court decision on guns. he says the justices have made his city less safe. >> we cannot allow new york to become the wild wild west. that is unacceptable. this decision is created. we will not allow our city to live in fear that everyone around us is armed. >> ahead, some brand new cnn reporting on violent threats circulating on right wing social media aimed at members of the january 6th th committee. why is l'oréal hyaluronic acid the #1 serum? so effective, with our highest concentration of hyaluronic acid pure hyaluronic acid atacts water
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accusations of treason and commands to execute members of the january 6th committee. that's some of the public threats circulating on truth socials, donald trump's preferred social media platform. it's part of a complex security situation. members of panel now taking extra steps including requesting security details. protection measures follow an up tick in threats to the lawmakers just in the past week. joining our conversation andrew mccabe, the former deputy director of the fbi. and carrie is still with us. andy, i want to show quickly, we need to show this how deep it
9:51 am
is. this is a post on truth social saying we should hang them all. hang them all. we have a first amendment right in the united states, but is that enough to get a knock at the door from the fbi or the local police department? >> oh, i should think it probably is. and that's not -- let's be clear. that's a knock at the door isn't necessarily a criminal prosecution in sending someone to jail over what they said. but the capitol police and the united states secret service all have a responsibility to protect these dignitaries. and when they come across threat information of this nature, they typically make contact with the sources of those threats to conduct a threat assessment to figure out is this just online puff puffery, or is this something that we have to factor into our protection of this individual. so i think it's a pretty good -- the odds are pretty good that some of the folks would be
9:52 am
contacted at some point. >> and carrie, i guess the where are we is the question. you now have members of the committee sag saying they're getting regularly death threats against them. we have the violence of the january 6th insurrection. and we have listen here, several of the people who have cooperated with the investigation, and several of the people who stood up to donald trump say that threats are now part of their daily lives. >> we have had video panel trucks with videos of me proclimbing me to be a pedophile. >> after the election my email, my cell phone was -- i was getting texts all over the country and then eventually my wife started getting the texts. her typically came in a sexualized text which were disgusting. >> are they coming with guns? are they going to attack my house? i'm in here with my kid. i'm trying to put him to bed. it was -- that was the scariest moment just not knowing what was going to happen.
9:53 am
>> political violence used to be on the fringe. it used to be rare. how did it get so regular? >> i think that's the important thing, i think, jaub, for our viewers to understand. that this latest post, this latest set of threats against the members of the january 6th committee is not an isolated event. just the testimony in this -- these proceedings, these hearings alone, have revealed the threats against elected officials from the most senior levels down to election workers just every day people from georgia to arizona, to michigan. and so this environment of violent extremism or individuals who are threatening to engage in violent activity, it applies to our lawmakers. it applies to our judges and our justices. there was a former wisconsin judge who was killed recently. there have been threats against justice kavanaugh which someone was arrested for.
9:54 am
and so this is a much, much bigger problem than just the members of the january 6th committee. >> and so andy, you were part of an fbi that essentially rewrote business after 9/11. counterterrorism was a priority. where are we with domestic violence, threats and violence. what do law enforcement agencies have to do to rewrite the books? >> we've heard from the fbi in the last few years they have elevated the priority of domestic violent extremists. the fbi director testified they felt that the greatest threat on the counterterrorism said of the fbi's house comes from not foreign terrorists but from domestic violent extremists. we can assume, i'd like to say sum that they have shifted resources and personnel and focus in the same way that we did after 9/11. after january 6th, they should have done the focus of resources and priority to domestic violent extr
9:55 am
extremism. i'd like to hear a little bit more detail from the fbi and from other law enforcement agencies about exactly how. i think the public deserves to know how they're addressing the elevated threat environment, but so far we haven't heard too much. >> elections and public debates should be celebrated. it is a sad statement that it appears we need to fortify them, not celebrate them. andy and carrie, thank you for your time on this important issue. and thank you for your time today on a busy "inside politics." join me and our team on special coverage to hear new details of what happened inside the house on january 6th. th prebiotic oat is proven to moisturize dry skin all day. you'll love our formula for r face, too. aveeno®.
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a bank of america company. on capitol hill a significant day in the january 6th committee as the select committee prepares for another hearing. the panel questioned an important witness behind closed doors. and we have a look at the evidence he shared. >> british documenttarian alex holder met with house investigators a while ago. how he said he complied with a subpoena and turned over hours of never before seen footage of trump and his inner circle before and after the january 6th attack on the capitol. this hour we're going to give you a first look at some of that footage that we have obtained


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