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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  June 25, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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their reach has never been greater. neither has the criticism. they continue to use their platforms to fight for social change. >> be sure to tune in the all new c cnn film premieres tomorr night. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts right now. emotional aftershocks felt across america. after the supreme court rules women no longer have a constitutional right to an abortion. >> finally waited my adult life for this day. we are dancing on the grove of roe versus wade. >> we're outside of the very last standing abortion clinic in state of mississippi. >> ten states banning abortion. >> protest in other cities turning violent.
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bipartisan action on the issues of guns. congress passing that bill exactly one month to the day of that horrific massacre that koured in uvalde, texas. >> this doesn't do everything i want. it does include actions live longed call for that will save lives. the pride parade in oslo cancelled after a shooting near a gay bar killed two people and hurt eight others. i'm pamela brown in washington. you're in the cnn newsroom. for the first time since 1973, american women woke up this morning to this reality. they no longer have a constitutional right to make major decisions about their bodies about reproduction, about abortion. after five justices over turned the landmark roe versus wade decision, protests spilled out across the country today including right outside the supreme court.
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a short time ago, u.s. capitol police announced they arrested two people accused of throwing paint over the fence pi the supreme court. states are now in power to define abortion laws and 26 states are expected to implement abortion bans. for opponents of bors right and many conservatives, it's a breathtaking victory decades in making and it seemed completely out of reach just a few years ago. cnn correspondents scattered across the country following the ripple effects of this court's historic ruling. >> i'm joe johns at the supreme court. what we saw was anger, outrange and fear about the future after the court over turned roe versus wade. there was large crowd out here made up of mostly abortion rights supporters but there were po opponents as well. leading to verbal confrontation, back and forth shouting and profanit profanities. police had to intervene with speakers admonish the crowd to remember this was supposed to be
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a peaceful mass rally here outside the supreme court. >> a group of peaceful and passionate protesters have come together at union square hoping to send a loud and clear message to women in other states especially those in states with so called trigger laws hoping they hear them loud land clear and women spoke out after the supreme court ruling that's left so many people across the country frustrated. new york officials in anticipation of that ruling did take steps to make sure that women in new york state still had access to abortion. on friday, eric adams double down and sent a clear message that new york city will continue to be a safe haven for women seeking abortions. >> i'm in jackson, mississippi outside of the last abortion clinic still open in the state. the abortion provider tells me he's doing abortions throughout
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the day. dpl are still protesters out here. anti-abortion proters who is have been trying to convince women not to come to the clinic. here in mississippi there's still about danes or so during that certification process before abortions must stop in this state. that's why this clinic has extended their hours. >> in los angeles, a group of protesters has been walking around tb streets of downtown los angeles for the entire day. they are now heading towards city hall where a large group is protesting as well. you hear the chants. you see the signs. their message is they stand with the women in other states where abortion is not protected. they understand the state of california protects a woman's right to an abortion but they want to show that they stand with the rest of the country. they have been very passionate.
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they have been consistent. this is the second day of protest and they believe that they will send a message to other states. they are saying no justice, no peace. there are many chants and there's a lot of passion and a will the of emotion here in los angeles. >> certainly a lot of emotion across the country today. one person suffered minor injuries falling to the ground after making contact with the truck. this all began with an argument. here is another angle. you can see people who placed themselves in front of the truck and others on the side banging on it. driver was voluntarily interviewed by police. no word of any charges were
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filed. tense moments in oregon during an abortion rights protest. police said they responded to report offense a night of rage related to a decision. there was pushing, shoving. police used pepper stray. ten people were arrested and some officers were injured. i want to bring in democratic congresswoman. thank you for coming on. your home state of colorado is one of the states where access to abortion is law. as you know, colorado is not immune to this ruling. some of the most restrictive states may try to prosecute people who seek an abortion in states like colorado. there's still a will the of questions out there. how concerned are you about that? >> colorado is one of the 24 states that will still protect a woman's ability to make her decision to have an abortion.
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already, in places like colorado, we're seeing the demand on our clinics just rise from places like oklahoma, texas, other states which have already pretty much stopped doing abortions. what that does, that really extends the waiting period for everybody to be able to get the services they need. it's not like plastic surm ri or something. if you need an abortion, you need it now. this is of great concern to all of our providers. here in colorado they are doing everything they can to increase their ability to take these clients and people should still try to come. they should come. it's something that is going to take some time to resolve. >> i want to ask about colorado law that allows abortion at any stage of pregnancy. termination after 22 weeks can still be obtained.
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do you support that, personally? >> so, of course very few abortions happen in those later times. most of those are in times when there's severe fetal abnormalities. the point is it's not for ted cruz or for the u.s. supreme court to decide that medical decision. it's for the patient and her doctor. that's really the important issue here. >> right. the cdc says more than 90% of abortions happen in the first trimester but do you support the law on the books in colorado that allows a woman to get an abortion after the baby in the womb is 22 weeks. do you personally support that? >> roe versus wade says states can make laws like that and i support colorado's law. i think that what i support at the national level as the
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co-chair of the pro-choice ca caucus, i support the ability of states to make their laws according to roe versus wade. that's what we tried to put into law in the u.s. house of representatives. i believe that should be the law of the land. >> in the decision made yesterday at the supreme court that was leased, the justices said it should be up to the states. do you support states that now ban abortion because it's happening at the state level? they are making the decision in their state? >> no. the supreme court says they can out law it. some state will criminalize doctors, women who are trying to make these decisions. some states have even talked about making it a crime to leave the state to make your own
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decision. i don't support that. i support the national standard that we've had for almost 50 years. that is roe versus wade should be the law of the land. >> i have seen the discussion of potentially prosecuting doctors who perform an abortion in a state that's banned. i've not seen prosecuting the women that seek an abortion. this is all very fluid. there's a lot of uncertainty and some states are figuring out what they will do. thank you very much. >> thank you. some states -- the legislatures have proposed legislation that would criminalize women seeking abortions. luckily those haven't passed. >> the ones that have the trigger laws, do not. thank you so much. we appreciate you coming on the show.
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>> thank you. earlier this evening, i spoke with kristin hawkins. she's the president of students for life for america. she spoke to me about her thoughts on abortion exceptions in cases of rape or incest. >> you bring up to important points. your view that life begins at conception but your view that even bans like in missouri which bans abortion in the case of rape or incest that you support that. urpd those law, a 12-year-old could be raped and still be forced the carry the baby to term. is that what you want? is that the kind of thing you support? >> i don't want 12-year-olds to be raped. >> that's a reality of the world we live in. >> absolutely. we see these tragedies. i think we need to do a better job in enforcing penalties on these people who commit heinous crime. >> do you think the 12-year-old should carry that? >> i don't believe in discrimination against a human being based on the circumstances of their conception because we
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don't issue birth certificates in our nation and give gold stars or silver stars as to how you were conceived. we say no, you're a human being with rights and you should be protected. >> why are you saying -- >> that's what we believe as a movement. you should talk with my friend who was conceived in rain. his -- rape. his mother chose to put him up for adoption. we bring them up as if their lives don't matter and they don't have value. >> the question was about should a 12-year-old carry the a baby to term. clearly you think that's the case. we have talked to many people born even though their mother was raped or even their mother considered having an abortion and chose not to. we talked to people all across the spectrum.
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>> she went on the say her group's fight will turn to the abortion pill. they claim t deadly. the fda calls it safe and effective. sit's a unique look inside texas abortion clinic. the moments after the supreme court reversed roe versus wade. i'll talk to a washington post reporter who was there, up next. historic moment. president biden signs into law the most consequential gun reform legislation in decades. a deadly shooting near a gay bar in norway being investigated as terrorism. a whiplash week for gun safety. congress agreeing on the most important legislation in decades just as it becomes easier to carry a concealed weapon in new york. we'll be right back. feeling o? new dove men stress-relief body wash... with a p plant-based adaptogen, helps alleviate stress on skin.n. so you can get back in sync. new dove men. a rerestorative shower for body and mind.
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you were inside the houston clinic when the news broke that roe v wade was overturned. in that very moment abortions in texas became illegal. describe the scene for us. >> it was hard to believe. it felt surreal. i was in the office when one of the staff members pulled it up on everybody gathered around tland there was just silence. there were women in the waiting room. everybody was just quiet and looking and didn't know what to do. suddenly somebody said, we have to figure out what to tell these
4:19 pm
patients. we have patients in the waiting room. we have 20 patients on the schedule today. what are we going to do? >> what did they do? how did they handle that? >> they didn't really have plan. they didn't want to have plan. they didn't want that day to come. eventually, one of the staff members started taking the women from the waiting room one by one into consultation rooms and delivering this news. i would see them come out just crying. they didn't know where to go because it was hard to know where to send them. now the staff had these maps out and looking at all the abortion bans across america and trying to figure out where can we send patients now. do they have to go all the way to california? >> do you have any other sort of stories of the women who were there thinking they were going to get an abortion and then were
4:20 pm
turned away? >> i spoke one woman who was called by the abortion clinic 30 minutes before her appointment and they told her that roe v wade was over turned. she was in the car stopped at a red light and she just totally broke down. she wanted to still come into the clinic so she could talk about her options. she got there and she was thinking through this. she thinks she probably can make it to southern illinois but she's going to have to use all of her savings, she told me. by getting to southern illinois and paying for that flight, she'll be back living paycheck to pay check. she was just distraught. >> yeah. so many lives have been changed. what's so interesting is you said, essentially, they didn't know what to do. they didn't have plan. they were in denial because we
4:21 pm
knew that the leaked draft opinion came out several weeks ago from politico. we knew this could very much be a real possibility. why do you think there was just this like sense of denial? do you think they had been in this so long, i know one had been in this for 30 years. they couldn't imagine it ending like this. >> i think they wanted to keep going as long as physically possible. i talked to clinics in trigger ban states across much of the rest of the country that decided to stop providing early and anticipating this decision and this clinic was just determined to keep going for every moment that they still could keep going. they did that. they did what they had to do.
4:22 pm
>> what was the overall mood? >> it was so sad. everybody was other. people would catch each othey d a tissue box and put their hand on a friend's shoulder. it was bleak. you knew that that clinic can't survive. it's going to close and all of those patients are going to have to drive, i think from texas it's an average of 600 miles to nearest abortion clinic. >> now the people who work there are out of a job or soon will be. in your story you ended with how the clinic changed its message for people calling. tell us about that. >> yeah, the woman who runs the clinic took me into a consultation room with her and
4:23 pm
said it's time for us to change our message. the message usually says, welcome. this is houston women's reproductive services. leave your information. we'll call you back and schedule an appointment. she rerecorded it to say, i'm so sorry to inform you that the issue r supreme court has over turned roe v wade and can no longer offer abortions in texas. she ended with a particular message. she said please remember to vote. >> carolyn, thank you. >> thank you. you're in the cnn news room. justice thomas said the court should revisit same-sex marriage and contraception rulings. tomorrow on newsroom, i'm going to talk to jim. he was the lead plaintiff in the 2015 case that legalized same-sex marriage. i was with him after that
4:24 pm
landmark decision came down and with president obama called him. >> yes, mr. president. >> i want to say congratulations. >> thank you, sir. >> your leadership on this is changed the country. >> i really appreciate that, mr. president. >> jim joins me tomorrow to share his concerns about possible challenges to same-sex marriage. that is right here on cnn newsroom. the issue ream court other's big decision made it ponl for more americans to carry guns without permits. it happened as lawmakers passed the first new gun reform law in decades. what's the state of guns in america. i'll ask the president of gun safety. here's to real flavors... real meals.
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today president biden signed historic federal gun safety legislation into law. it's the first major gun reform to pass through congress in decades and came together in the wake of mass shooting in uvalde and buffalo. it was cause for celebration on the house floor friday after it passed. the president acknowledging it fell short of what he and the democrats had hoped.
4:30 pm
>> it closes the boyfriend loo loophole. if you assault your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can't buy or own a gun. >> biden said god willing it's going to save a lot of lives. if you have a case of whiplash over competing news about guns it's unable. on thursday, the supreme court voted 6-3 to strike down a century gun law. state lawmakers are scrambling to respond. >> i can't emphasize enough how disasterous this supreme court decision is. we still have options but people should be worried about the future of keeping guns off of our streets. >> even in one of america's most liberal city, some new yorkers look forward to carrying a gun.
4:31 pm
>> absolutely especially because i am qualified to do that. i am trained to do that. i would feel safer. >> joining me now is john fineblad. your organization tweeted about the ruling in new york saying the court has saved to the gun lobbies extreme agenda. tell me more about your reaction. >> well, look, i think the supreme court demonstrated a callous disregard for human life and callous disregard for law enforcement. i think the big news is biden signed a historic bill today that broke a quarter of a century log jam but it was a bipartisan bill and it will affect the entire nation and it will affect every aspect of gun violence whether we're talking about suicide or maz rss shooti.
4:32 pm
the truth is while i think is supreme court is entirely out of touch in their ruling, the truth is the greatest impact is going to be that half a dozen states or so that have statutes that look like new york that require a specific cause to carry a concealed weapon. the court made clear that 43 other states, licensing schemes would pass constitutional muster and so the real big story today is the log jam is broken. a bipartisan bill that will affect every aspect of gun safety throughout the country. >> how the you feel? given the gun tlaegs was signed into law and on the other hand this supreme court decision, do you feel more hopeful, less hopeful? how to you feel? >> i feel hopeful. i think already you're going to
4:33 pm
see not just this was a steppingstone for more legislation at the federal level but i think it's going to actually fuel legislation at the state level and the city level. as far as the supreme court case goes, look, they are out of touch. they are out of touch with law enforcement who oppose more guns on their streets. they are out of touch with black and brown communities that are already suffering from disproportionate amounts of gun violence and out of touch with the safest states in the country that have the toughest laws. there's no question about it. laws matter. laws keep you safe. there are out of touch but in the meantime, we have got a bipartisan bill that breaks the log jam of a quarter of a century that's going to affect the entire nation and every a pe aspect of gun safety and gun violence. >> let's look at what is in this law. $77
4:34 pm
750 million dollar for crisis intervention programs. enhance background checks for gun buyers . >> it allows police or school officials to petition a court for temporary move of guns. it's great tool. you have to pick it out of the tool box. in new york it wasn't taken out of the tool box in the buffalo case. >> other state who is adopt the red flag laws, will they use
4:35 pm
them. thank you so much. >> thank you, pamela. norway is now under the country's highest terror alert after a plmass shooting outsiden oslo gay bar. a suspect is now in custody. more details here from cnn michael holmes. >> police in norway are calling a deadly shooting outside a nightclub a terrorist attack. a gunman opened fire overnight friday killing two people and injuring 22 others. three of them critically. >> in were many who cried, who screamed. injured people screamed. people were upset. people were lying on the floor inside because they were very scared. >> police arrested the suspect within minutes and charged him with murder, attempted murder and terrorist acts. >> he's a norweigan citizen.
4:36 pm
originally from iran. some convictions were smaller things compared to what we face today. >> the acting chief of norway police security service said they had been aware of the man since 2015 when they became concerned he was becoming radicalized and was part of an extreme islamist network. the country's terror threat hefl has been raised from moderate to an extraordinary threat situation and police who normally are not armed in norway have taken up weapons temporarily in the aftermath of the attack which also forced organizers to cancel the city's gay pride parade. >> we are shaken. we take the police advice seriously and encouraging people not to gather in central oslo. >> norway prime minister is speaking directly to muslim fls the wake of the attack.
4:37 pm
>> many muslims in our country are also scared and in despair. it's our common responsibility to make it clear that no one other than the person or the people behind the attack responsible for it. let there be no doubt we are a community and we will never be threatened or give up our values. >> michael holmes, cnn, atlanta. president biden is in europe tonight trying to keep the world's economic powers allied against russia's war in ukraine. mj lee joins me from austria. you're in cnn newsroom. this weekend on cnn, you nay know arthur ashe as a legendary tennis player. the new film premieres tomorrow night at 9:00.
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>> bright young member of the david cup team. >> some people think we're all brawn and no brains. i like to fight the myth. >> he started becoming a citizen of the world. >> he had evolved from someone analytical to someone who became more about direct action. >> he became another fight for arthur and he picked it up like he did every other cause. >> never forgot about his race. when i say his race, i'm talking about the human race. >> citizen ashe premieres tomorrow at t 9:00. 's high qualy pasta and rice sides are now made with no artificial flavors or preservatatives.
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president biden is in g germany now. his trip comes while the nation is struggling with the supreme court ruling on abortion and guns. mj lee joins me now. these enormous domestic issues have taken ukraine after the radar in the states. what are the president's goals? >> he is here in europe to
4:44 pm
participate in two major global conferences beginning with the g7 sum plit in germany. you're right. ukraine is obviously going to be a huge factor as he meets with the global leaders. one of the main things he will try to do is keep the u.s. and its allies united and keep that united front. he is going to be giving a virtual address. that means the global leaders want to shine the spotlight on the yukrainian president as he tries to fight against russian aggression. the leaders will be talking a lot about the economic ramifications of the ukraine war.
4:45 pm
food prices and gas prices have been exacerbated by everything that going on in ukraine and this is something that has been a very difficult thing for the u.s. administration, the biden administration to get a handle on. it goes to show yes he will be doing this big swing through europe and he is going to be very much focused on foreign policy but all these issues, particularly the economic issues that are so important back at home, those are very, very closely tied to the foreign policy issues that he is going to be spending a ton of time on in the coming days, pam. >> all right. thank you so much. the january 6th committee has tied donald trump to the fake electors plot and the department of justice has subpoenaed more people about this scheme. we're break it all down for you, up next.
4:46 pm
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well, more than a dozen states are ready to ban abortion after the supreme court votes roe v. wade. which states have already enacted their bans? >> 13 states had so-called trigger laws in place for this day meaning abortion bans that would go into effect very quickly according to the abortion's rights group. in kentucky and louisiana and south dakota for example, the law said it would happen immediately. so barring some issue, it's already illegal there. the next state they are to be enforced 30 days from now in idaho, tennessee and texas, although there is a push in
4:51 pm
texas to by pass that delay and have it in place sooner. we should note the maps are influx because this is moving so quickly. we have a half dozen states where officials need to certify their legislation is legally valid before their bans kick in. arkansas, mississippi and north dakota, oklahoma, utah and wyoming and again, their moving so fast to get this done they may all be done by the time you hear this and we know those that aren't, you can still just be a matter of hours of days until they are done. so then we have all these with trigger laws in place and add to that states that have old unenforced abortion bans, which now can be enforced and states that passed bans under roe which were blocked by the courts which now would be unblocked. all together, you get a whopping 26 states certain or likely to ban abortion. we say likely because there are places such as montana where state supreme court ruling is
4:52 pm
for now still in the way. we talk about a lot of laws in this country that may or may not be felt by people everywhere. these laws are really going to reverberate across the country through the actions of these states. we got iphone 13s,s, too. switcd to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we stilll got a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) now everyone can get a new iphone 13 on us on america's most reliable 5g network. (allen kid) can i have a phone? (vo) for every customer. current, new, everyone. to show the love.
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subpoenaed two more people in a plot to have fake people undermine the college. they tied donald trump to the scheme and the plot was laid out during sworn in person testimony from republicans and videotaped depositions from other officials. basically, the fake electors would have allowed trump to be declared the winner in states he did not win and if it had worked, he could have remained in the white house for a second term. cnn's marshall cohen covered this story since the beginning. this seems like a complicated plot. >> it is, pamela. we're here to break it down and let's start by going over how the electoral college is supposed to work. as you know, we all go to the polls in november and vote for president. the winner of the popular vote in each state gets the electors from that state. these electors are real people and in december, they meet in the state capitol and cast their votes. they sign official certificates, which are then sent to washington d.c. to be counted on january 6 th but things went a
4:58 pm
little bit differently in 2020. take a look at this. in these seven battle ground states across the country, republicans plotted a fake electors scheme. they pretended to do all the things that the real electors are required to do. they met at the state houses or nearby and they signed fake certificates proclaiming their votes for donald trump. look at this, this is an example from arizona. from the arizona republican party, they actually put this on their twitter feed. now, you know, again, this all looks kind of official, pam, but these people are just posing as electors. donald trump did not win their state, so what they were doing was all for show and it had no legal validity whatsoever. i do want to point out this woman right here is kerry lake in the blue. she is one of the fake electors who actually received a subpoena along with her husband from federal investigators looking into the fake elector's plot. that's what happened before
4:59 pm
january 6th. here is how it went down on january 6th. this, of course, is when congress meets to count the electol electoral votes. it's over seen by the vice president every four years but this time around trump's plan was to have mike pence throw out some of joe biden's legitimate electors and replace then with the fake republican electors. during that joint session, protrump rioters invaded the capitol and ransacked the place delaying proceedings for several hours but eventually, the count res resumed. pence followed the law. he certified joe biden's victory. once everything was said and done, this was mike pence at 3:00 in the morning announcing the final results. >> the votes for president of the united states are as follows, joseph r. biden junior of the state of delaware has received 306 votes. donald j. trump with the state of florida has received 232
5:00 pm
votes. >> by the way, that was kelly ward in that video from arizona, but that was mike pence closing out the 2020 election. the scheme didn't work but now it's under criminal investigation. pam? >> right. as you noted two states, at least two sent fake certificates to the national archives. thank you. thank you for joining me this evening. i'm pamela brown, the cnn special report "trumping democracy an american coup" is next. >> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. the violence at the capitol on january 6th, 2021 was just the most visible part of donald trump's attempt to hold on to power. tonight, we talk to those who witnessed the whole plot unfold and tried to stop it.


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