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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  June 29, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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at least according to republican congresswoman. >> the church is supposed to direct the government. the government is not supposed to direct the church. that is not how our founding fathers intended it. i'm tired of the separation of church and state junction. >> you might want to read a history book. yesterday, she won her primary election. thanks for your time today on "inside politics." ana cabrera comes in right now. >> hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. today the aftershocks of the last-minute hearing and a former president who is potentially on shakier legal ground. in measured words, former west wing aide, cassie hutchinson may have delivered the most scathing portrayal ever of a senior
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president. telling cnn, quote, this testimony will lead to dime. her bombshell testimony including trump knowing some of his supporters were armed in the hours before the capitol attack. he wanted to join them there despite a warning from former white house counsel pat cipollone that trump and others could face criminal charges if they did. today one of the two republican lawmakers vice chair liz cheney is calling on cipollone to testify. as we heard yesterday, white house council pat cipollone had significant concerns about january 6th activity. it's time for mr. cipollone to testify on the record. any concerns he has about the institutional interests of his prior office are outweighed by the need for his testimony, she writes. meantime, both trump and the secret service are denying hutchinson's second-hand account that trump flew into a rage when
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he was told not to go to to capitol. she said she was told he lunged at the steering wheel of the limo and at the secret service agency in charge. caitlin, any inkling of what the justice department is doing next? >> well, that is going to be the question on everyone's mind, now, ana, right now from legal experts i spent the morning talking to, there are two things the justice department are going to need to look at in the coming weeks, days, months, years, one is a policy decision. is there an appetite for this justice department to want to investigate and potentially charge the president of the united states when he was president regarding efforts related to an election? that is not an insignificant question. that is a huge policy question that the justice department would need to confront separately. there is this question of is there an action that could be charged? is there something that would
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make sense for donald trump to face some sort of legal eggs poeshi -- exposure is that yes, there is the potential for legal exposure here, specifically based on the testimony from cassidy hutchinson. some of what i was hearing was from people that have defended trump in the past. one person was ty cobb. he was the defense attorney in the white house representing the president and trump during the mueller investigation. at that point he did not believe donald trump should ever be charged with a crime related to that he told me this is different. he said if this isn't insurrection, i don't know what is. his point was specifically about looking at this ontroop of supporters, trump knowing they were armed, wanting to rile them up at his rally and believing that trump may have been concurring with this hang mike pence chant. now, to be sure, donald trump is not charged at this time and if
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the justice department were to want to pursue something here, there would be a very long road ahead and much evidence would need to be gathered and recreated. >> thank you for your reporting. an official says the agents on january 6th are willing to testify and dispute the claim that former president trump lunged for the steering wheel and then at an agent. cnn correspondent josh campbell joins us right now. what are you hearing about possible testimony from invasion? >> reporter: we are told they do want to testify. yesterday, the department of homeland security overseas the secret service, they reached out to the committee and said we have agents that want to testify that will refute some of what we heard and just to set the stage for our viewers here, what happened was this former trump aide, cassie hutchinson said she was told by the former deputy white house chief of staff that trump was so irate after being told he couldn't go to the
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capitol he lunged at a secret service agent. he reached for the steering wheel in the car. that white house staff said that never happened. he never told this witness that. we are told that the lead agent who was in the suburban when this happened said the incident never happened. no you the committee, we have not yet heard back from them specifically about whether they will call these witnesses to testify. they want to hear from anyone who has information. we are getting pushback from hutchnson's attorney, she recounted those with knowledge should testify under oath. we have to wait and see whether or not they go before the committee. >> okay. josh campbell. a lot of interest in that particular line of question ising. thank you very much. let's continue this conversation. joining us now, norm eisen, counsel during donald trump's first impeachment trial, also with us, caroline pelisi, a
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white collar crime defense attorney. thank you all for being with us to help us navigate where we are right now. after all the testimony yesterday, norm, what does the doj do? >> well, ana, i think the doj will continue its investigation. we know that there are multiple grand juries looking at these events and particularly at one of the mane issues from prior areas. the trial electoral certificates, it's not only question about doj, state prosecutors, including the day. in atlanta are looking at some of this same evidence, so we're going to see continued acceleration on the federal and state front and now trump's involvement in the violence of january 6th coming under scrutiny. >> sure, i had a former prosecutor tell me before yesterday's testimony, he was in the camp of doj is not going to
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touch this, it's not likely to lead to an indictment of the former president certainly. he says now, after listening to this testimony, how can doj not move forward? let many etalk to you? typically, federal investigations are private. if there were to be indictment federal trials are held behind closed doors. there aren't cameras. here the hearings are all public, the american people already know the evidence. does that help or hurt mer reconciling garland in having to make this decision about whether to indict former president trump? >> yeah. ana, typically, it's common knowledge doj would not like to have the january 6th committee going first, if it were. the public display of testimony can muff up investigations and prosecutions. however, in this case, we do know that merrick garland has
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publicly asked for the transcript of these depositions. there is this back and forth between the committee and doj. the doj is sort of taking a backseat here. they will collect the evidence as it comes to them. i would agree with norm. there are now a plethora of potential criminal charges. talk about what crimes could be charged here. and yesterday was the first time i certainly saw that we saw a line between the seditious conspiracy with the oath keepers and proud boys and president trump. up until that time, yesterday, essentially, i could only see exposure for obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud united states, now we're getting into the realm of seditious conspiracy. >> here's what hutchinson says, the white house counsel told her about trump wanting to go to the
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capitol on january 6th. >> mr. cipollone said something to the effect of, please make sure he doesn't go up to the capitol, cassidy, keep in touch with me. we will get charged with every crime imaginable if we make that movement happen. >> today liz cheney is upping the option to testify. how can he not testify? >> ana, he should testify. it's his duty as an officer of the court, and a loyal american. i've known pat a loan time. he can make the to the choice not to testify. if he does that, doj and conditioning congress will have a tough of set consequences as to force his testimony.
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the finger that is so striking there is he's warning of the very crimes that this violence, that includes as the last act of that conspiracy to obstruct congress or a conspiracy to defraud the united states. a federal judge has already found these crimes are likely. we need to hear from pat cipollone about his knowledge. >> 83. now we know that there was knowledge ahead of this, that this crowd could be violent. we know now this crowd was armed, the president knew they were armed when he was tweeting about mike pence not having courage. we knew he knew they were armed to join them at the capitol. he knew the republicans were calling mark meadows to call off the rioters, their lives were in danger. caroline, he knew as he watched the violence unfold. is there a crime there?
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>> well, it gets you much closer to as i said, previously, there was talk about inciting a riot and the evidence presented yesterday goes a lot further towards getting you there. there isn't very broad protection in speech and heretofore president trump had said, what did i know about what could spontaneously happen that day. and he has the right now we know he had the core knowledge that many in this crowd were, he knew the actual weapons that they had. in fact, he wanted to take the magnetizers down so the rioters could get on the ellipse and march to the come. there is a lot more in terms of the actual facts at play here that prosecutors have to deal with. >> simply back to the incident involving the secret service. hutchinson said she was told by the chief of operations that trump tried to grab the steering
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wheel. he lunged at the secret service agent to go to the capitol. now the secret service is telling cnn this incident didn't happen. they are prepared to provide testimony under oath. does this impact hutchinson's krblt of a witness? and what about the credibility of the committee? >> ana, i don't think it impacts her credibility or that of the committee. i believe she was testifying truthfully. let's see. she didn't say she witnessed it. she described what she was told, that deputy chief of staff has said known as a very intense trump partisan. let's see what he and others say under oath, if they're willing to come under oath and ana, they can't just come in and testify for 60 seconds and issue a denial and walk out. let these trump partisans tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so their credibility can be gauged.
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so the final thing i would say about this is, is color adds life to the account. but in terms of a conspiracy to defraud the united states, to obstruct congress, grabbing the steering wheel or not doesn't really matter. so a little beside the main points of the crimes. but i believe cassidy. >> thank you both so much. good to have you here. just in to cnn, supreme court justice zeempb briar says he will enter retirement starting at noon tomorrow. let's go to the reporter, what can you tell us? >> right. justice briar says his retirement will take effect tomorrow at noon. we have two opinions tomorrow morning, two big cases. he can't retire until that happens. then he will and judge ketanji brown jackson will likely be
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sworn in to take his place. he wrote a letter saying this is an honor to serve. he has been on the bench for some 27 years. he's going out as the supreme court struck down roer v. wade. it's longer than his own tenure. he made the decision to have the other liberals join with him in a scathing dissent. he also wrote a dissent when the court expanded gun rights for the first time in a decade. it's been a very tense term. you can tell the expedited time frame. these justices want to get out of town. there has been a things, a security fence around the court, itself. so this is moving quickly. soon we will have somebody with a fresh respecttive. she will be younger and the court's first black woman to take the bench.
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so that's historic. >> will she be sworn in immediately following his official retirement? will that happen tomorrow as well? >> we think so we don't have all the details. usually have you to have the nine justices on. even though the term is coming to a close, it's always the emergency petitions. they have to be seen with. this is what i'm going to do. she has been been confirmed. i said i would step down at the end of the term upon her confirmation. so that's what we think. although, the court hasn't given us all the details yet. >> stay tuned. we will be watching closely. thank you. overseas now. putin won again on the same day nato is calling russia the most direct threat. the alliance is getting bigger and smaller. that's exactly what the kremlin didn't want. plus the u.s. is fighting monkey pox. plus a black family stripped of its beach front property nearly
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are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! two big moves to strengthen nato, both for the russian invasion in ukraine and both what vladimir putin did not want. they invited finland and sweden to join, this will be the western alliance's most important expansion in decades and leaders promise the admission process will go smoothly and quickly. president biden says the u.s. alliance are stepping up, announcing new troop movement, equipment shipments and military installations to beef up nato's
10:21 am
eastern flank. if they help, it's clear that plan backfired. >> reporter: there is no better demonstration lou catastrophically wrong that idea can be than the next 24 hours. there is no question about it. the entire colition saying it's better than the cold war. the united states surging forces by land, air, sea, putting the first permanent grad rant in romania, this is a dramatic shift of how the u.s. has approached europe in the region and the entire nato alliance arizona well. there is no more than the addition in the months ahead of two new member states to the alliance. this is in large work back to december when president biden placed a phone call to phipp
10:22 am
n finnish president on the border and finland have never been much to move towards that, should consider that possibly. phone calls continued. meetings at the white house continued as well. over the course of the last several weeks, president biden and officials from finland and sweden worked behind the scenes to eliminate the detail from turkey. that was finalized. yesterday, the president met with president erdogan for efforts to get to this place. now russia and finland and sweden are on the path to join the nato alliance. an 800-border with russia, having sued the border of nato. >> phil mattingly in madrid for us. thank you. the united nations says it has documented more than 10,000 civilian casualties with nearly
10:23 am
5,000 deaths. and new video shows the moment a russian missile hit a busy shopping mall. rescuers are still working to clear all the debris. officials are going through all the destruction will take days. cnn's scott mcclain is in kiev. we are getting really grim reports of what is being found as crews search that rubble. >> absolutely, ana. look, the missile that was used here was an older russian missile. perhaps less accurate than the newer variety. we are talking a bomb with 2200 pounds of pay load. you the see on the cc tv footage how be ig the impact actually was. there are separate security footage captured in a nearby park about 5 uchlt 00 yards awa. many people managed to take cover.
10:24 am
one guy grabbed a child, rushes behind a tree. one person jumps into that pond there as the debris, the hot shrapnel rains down. it is terrifying. it is nowhere near the front line, probably 100 miles away to the south. so by and large, life would be going on as normal. people would be taking a stroll in the park. there is not war at the door steps. everywhere there is a constant missile strike. which is perhaps why everyone not heeded the warning to stake i take shelter when the sirens went off. the russians say they were aiming at a military target arc cache of foreign weapons. ukrainians say there were no military targets in sight and they were aiming at incident civilians. you mentioned the cleanup efforts. there is a shell of a building. they found 18 bodies and 11 body
10:25 am
parts. now they have the task of figuring out how many bodies those 11 parts actually belong to. one other thing, we got news this afternoon that 144 ukrainian troops have been, will be coming home in a prisoner exchange with the russians, in exchange for 144 russian troops. what's significant here is 95 were from the steel plant where ukrainians held out for three months. this is surprising, programs, because some of them were from the asov measurement. they paint as a far right neo-nazi group. programs not as surprising, the ukrainian president has made clear these are very public prisoners and, of course, the world is watching. >> the plant was in marja vonger
10:26 am
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a senior house republican who did not back trump impeachment now predicts indictments are likely. this following that explosive testimony on the hill yesterday and cnn has this reporting for us. what else are you hearing for republicans in response to yesterday's testimony? >> reporter: publicly, republicans are downplaying the testimony. we have not heard anything and privately quite a few found this testimony to be quite damaging. that senior house republican that you mentioned that predicted that indictments could be coming told me they thought cassidy hutchinson was a damming witness. she was more than just an assistant. she was more like a chief of staff and then another law maker told me after watching the hearing, they wanted to throw their their lunch against the
10:32 am
wall. which is something we learned that trump did when he was angry a. third said it proved that trump wanted to be at the capitol on january 6th. the fact that they are saying this on background, anonymous, not on record, is also telling. there are no signs that trump supporters on capitol hill is waning in anyway. i will say that there does seem to be a growing recognition inside the gop there could be a legal repercussion for allies and one of the relations was that mark meadows and rudy guiliani both requested pardons joining a growing list of lawmakers. >> thank you for that update and that reporting. how the gop is working in all this. joining us ron brownstein. it is stunning that a sthr house republican feels indictments are likely, yet this law maker won't publicly say it on camera.
10:33 am
what does that tell you? >> reporter: this is in stark contrast with the watergate era, people forget, richard nixon's approval rating fell 40 points to the point in august of '73 and a good target is there were republicans at every stage of the investigation who were willing to step in front of the camera and say this is significant, this is important. we have to pay attention to it. the contrast is overwhelming here. where you had voices like rubio, cruz, stefanic before the hearings began, preemptively dismiss them as garbage in rubio's words so few have been willing to step out and maic the case that, look, what with we are learning is deeply disturbing. >> they won't accept the facts in what is being revealed. they've made up their mind ahead of time. trump's response, he hardly knows cassie hutchinson, denies
10:34 am
grabbing the wall, calling food, calls it fake. a big picture as a part of the denial will work and they won't politically impact the party during the mid-term. what do you think? >> first, i think the impact on trump and the republican party has to be separated. i felt right away on january 6th that that reduced his chances of ever being -- will it lower? will there be some voters attracted to his policies that will otherwise say this is a preview of what we are going to get if we trust him again with the powish of the presidency? i think that's a real slice of the electorate and reenforce after all the revelations of the january 6th committee were not done and the possibility of trump being indicted for his behavior. what it means in the mid-terms for republicans is something else. certainly, there are voters voting with inflation and biden's overall performance.
10:35 am
but i do think the committee's revelations, along with the abortion decisions, the gun decisions, have the potential to change the democratic turnout. traditionally, the party holding the white house, less enthusiasm to vote. will the voters stopping trump's admission in the last three elections come back and see the need to do it again. >> to your point about this conversion of these different things that just happened in the last three weeks or couple weeks even when you look at this hearing and the hearings that came before it and the scotus abortion ruling that came out and that's very unpopular with the american public, according to a new ntr-poll, if the election were today, would you vote for the democratic or republican? democrats now lead republicans. look at that, 48-41%. that's a 10-point swing since
10:36 am
april. one poll. it seems like a big jump. you know? >> right. it does. look, it is a big jump. we have to see if it sustains over other polls over time? democrats have generally been struggling on that measure. i think we know two things, we know the republican base is going to turn out because they are alienated from what biden is doing, the party in the white house is very energized. we know that there will be a lot of swing voters voting on gas prices and grocery prices and that is going to be a tough audience for democrats. the part that we haven't known, to me the biggest uncertainty is what does the democratic base do? there have been calculations there are over 90 million separate individuals who came out to vote against trump in the republican party in either '16, '18 or '20. historically, those voters are less motivated within their
10:37 am
party is in the white house in a mid-term election. everything that's happening, the january 6th revelation, the supreme court has instald a real sense of alarm. a lot is frustration at their own leaders and there will be pressure on biden and congressional lead, to show more fight than they v. but there is now at least the potential that democrats have a message that can energize their base in the same way that republicans are likely to do. >> never a dull moment. just wait a minute. you never know what is going to drop next. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. ahead how the u.s. is ramping up the fight against monkey pox. as it continues to spread.
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and never wonder if you got a good deal. because you did. ♪ we are back with two big vaccine headlines today for two different viruses. the fda voting to update covid booster shots this fall. plus, monkey pox. right now a major push to give people most at rick vaccinated. let's bring in cnn medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. first on covid, the omicron variant is the reason behind this booster change. what do we need to know?
10:43 am
>> reporter: you don't need to be a scientist to understand omicron is all of the covid out there in the united states. we all know someone that had it. theed if of experts is saying, hey, let's have a vaccine for the fall that will include omicron. so what it's looking like is it will be a vaccine that protection specifically tailored to omicron as well as the vaccine that we have all been getting over the past two years or so. >> let's talk about monkey pox as well. the white house is beefing up its response to this virus. just how bad is this virus going? >> reporter: let's look at the numbers. in the united states, there are about 300 cases in 27 states. if we look internationally, there is nearly 5,000 cases in about 50 different countries. the states that have the highest case counts, are california, illinois, florida and d.c. so what the federal government
10:44 am
has announced is a plan to give vaccinations to certain high risk people. now, this is different than covid. it's a vaccine after you have been exposed. let's take a look at who they are recommending this vaccine for. they are recommending any one na has a sexual partner diagnosed with monkey pox and gay men who had recent sex partners or close contact with someone with monkey pox and gay men, if you are at an event where it's known that there was monkey pox or where it's suspected or if you live in an area where there has been monkey pox noted. now, you will note here, you don't need to know that you had sex with someone or had close contact with someone with bhon can i pox. it's enough, i was at a pride event, a gay man and had a lot of close physical contact and we know there was monkey pox at
10:45 am
that event, that's where the cdc says we recommend a vaccine. the cdc does not have very detailed data on how many vaccinations have been given, who exactly they were given to, all those details. they are trying to get more data on that. it's been a real problem throughout covid and other outbreaks. the cdc doesn't get the data they need from states and cities. >> right now the count is 300 cases confirmed here in the u.s., elizabeth cohen, thank you for rain shower reporting. in texas, two men are now charged after dozens of migrants died in the back of a small tractor-trailer. what more we are learning. scenes from 100 years ago, now a california beach is finally being returned. that incredible story just ahead.
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. the death toll in san antonio is growing. at least 53 migrants are dead after they were abandoned inside a semi truck in the sweltering texas heat. the victims were from mexico, honduras and guatemala and some may have been children. rosa, two men are now facing charges. what are you learning about these suspects and the victims? >> you know, about the victims, we know very little, ana, and according to officials here, that's because of the nature of this particular incident. this is according to authorities, a human smuggling
10:51 am
incident, so a lot of these individuals either did not have identification with them or they had multiple forms of i.d.s on them. and so authorities are trying to sort that out and say that no one has been officially identified. mexico, honduras, el salvador and also guatemala to try to figure all that out. now, about tindividuals who hav been charged so far, two people have been charged, and this is according to charging documents, two mexican nationals were charged with weapons charges by an undocumented person, which is a charge that carries up to ten years in prison. i should add that no one that we know of so far has been actually charged with human smuggling, but we're monitoring that to see if that materializes here pretty soon. now, just to provide a little
10:52 am
more context about what we're seeing on the border here, and i can tell you from covering the border extensively, there have been record number of individuals who have been attempting to cross the u.s./mexico border, and it's very dangerous. i've been to some of those areas where people have attempted to cross, and there have been multiple deaths recorded. here are the latest stats. in 2001, 650 people died attempting to cross the u.s. border. that's according to international organization for migration. now, when it comes to the attempts of search and rescues because a lot of times, ana, we don't hear covered is that customs and borders protection go out in a lot of these areas and attempt to rescue migrants in very dangerous situations. this fiscal year alone, more than 14,000 times they've attempted to search and rescue migrants. and again, this is just a little background as we see that here in san antonio the death toll
10:53 am
increases to 53. >> awful situation right now, dozens of people who are dead. now to southern california where this stretch of beach front property worth about $20 million has yojust been returned to its rightful owners. the town of manhattan beach seized it from a black family nearly 100 years ago. step stephanie elam has been following this story. explain this property's history and the push to have it returned zplor . >> reporter: it's one of those stories you normally don't hear an outcome like this. this is the first time in los angeles county's history that they're returning property that was seized by the government back to the rightful family that does own the deed for this land. here's what happened. i can tell you this started in 1912 when willa and charles bruce bought this one parcel of land right above the sand on the beach in manhattan beach. they ended up getting two parcels, and they started a very vibrant business for black
10:54 am
people to come down and enjoy the beach. black people couldn't go to the beach everywhere. they could go here, though, because this is where they owned it. they owned this property, and it was a thriving business known as bruce's beach, and then some of the white neighbors didn't like that, and by 1924 manhattan batch used eminent domain to snatch the property from them. this became a big fight and ended up yesterday with the los angeles county board of supervisors voting unanimously to return the property to the great, great grandsons of the bruces so that they can take back this land. now, for now it is being leased by the los angeles county because there's a lifeguard training facility there, a park, and so they'll lease it for about $413,000 a year, but obviously the lingering effects, take a listen to what one of the family's spokesmen had to say about this legacy. >> you know, it's very important for people to understand as well more so the money that was lost. we lost our family to this.
10:55 am
charles and willa bruce died essentially five years later after all of this happened. >> reporter: so you think about all the generational wealth that was lost and the county and the family both saying this is just the beginning because there were other black families that also had their properties stolen by municipalities all over the country, ana. >> hopefully gives hope to those other families. thank you for your reporting. finally a quick programming note. i hope you'll join me and my colleagues for coast to coast fireworks, incredible music from some of the biggest stars, celebrate the fourth in america with us live july 4th starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and i will be co-anchoring the later hours of our coverage as the celebrations move across the country. please join me. that's it for us today, i'll see you back here tomorrow, same time and place. you can always find me on twitter as well @ana cabrera. the news continues r right afte this.
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