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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  July 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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hello, welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. appreciate you your company. coming up on cnn "newsroom," ukraine's latest military aide from the u.s. seems to be paying off. but russia's invasion only appears to be getting worse. plus american basketball star brit any griner trial begins near moscow. what's next for her case and what her family is saying. across the u.s. more than a
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dozen states in the middle of legal battles over a abortion bans. and now some states are bracing for an influx of patients across state lines. live from cnn center. this is cnn "newsroom." with michael holmes. we begin in ukraine where a u.s. supply advance weapon is reportedly starting to gain traction on the battlefield. the senior u.s. defense official says ukraine has used the high rocket launchers to take out russian command posts and other targets. at least four of those systems are already in ukraine. four more on the way. meanwhile, president zelenskyy accusing russia of terrorism following friday's missile strikes on a residential area near odesa. at least 21 people were killed. 40 others wounded. zelenskyy also says no one
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should buy russia's usual spin on attacks like this one. >> three missiles hit an ordinary residential building. a nine story building in which no one hid weapons, military equipment or ammunition. as russian propaganda and officials always tell about such strikes. i emphasize, this is a deliberate purposeful russian terror. not some mistake or accidental missile strike. >> meanwhile u.s. officials say russia may face more attacks from behind the front lines. they say three recent assassination attempts against pro-russian officials including one that was successful suggests a growing resistance movement in the south. acts like that could empventual lead to a bigger movement. powerful missiles designed to hit aircraft carriers at sea.
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they tore through a building, a community center and children's rehab center. rescuers didn't have much hope that they would even find survivors. >> rescue workers on the site of the missile strikes they started looking at the blast sites for survivors but frankly they didn't expect to find any. president zelenskyy says the type of missile used here is actually the same variety of missile used against that mall earlier this week with extremely deadly consequences. it's an older variety not quite as accurate as newer models. it's big enough to by used to attack a military ship. it's certainly not meant for these kinds of civilian sites and nine story apartment building. or a summer camp in this case. they have been used on again with very deadly consequences including one, 12-year-old boy who has been killed. president zelenskyy called
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russia a terror state in response to this. the foreign minister said that russia was waging a war against the civilian population. we have seen this over and over again. so the ukrainians have long been calling for help with their air defense system and appears tonight that they're getting some help from the united states to be able to beef up their defenses against missiles and the united states sending two surface to air missile systems to ukraine. to help with that system that right because right now the ukrainians are vulnerable to missile strikes anywhere in the country. they are hoping they are in control of in the black sea. they are hoping that at least the volume of shelling will decrease because the russians no longer have this launch pad to access an area of odesa that frankly they have been unable to
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reach by land so far. >> we're starting to get an idea of what life is like in severodonetsk. now that it's under russian control. new video shows the city looking pretty much like a ghost town with bombed out buildings and empty streets. ukrainian troops pulled out last week after months of grueling street battles. ukraine officials say 80% of homes and are destroyed beyond repair. the video shows civilians who stayed in the city living in heavily damaged apartments some of them say they don't have much to look forward to. >> comparing to what we went through, you can say it's quiet. you try to live with what you have seen. as of now it's extremely hard and scary. no water, no light. the nearest future is frightening. no reason for being optimistic yet. the fourth and third building entrances crumbled down to the basement. we have lived there for four months. it's been 20 days since we moved in here. it's a former fire brigade
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office. the conditions are slightly better. a bit cleaner. >> as russia intensifies military campaign around the eastern ukraine, the situation for civilians in grows more dire. ukraine's last in the luhansk region. the city nearly encircled by russian forces and subject to relentless military assault leaving residents little choice but to flee their homes to try to find relative safety. >> the city doesn't exist anymore. it has practically been wiped off the face of the earth. there's no humanitarian aide distribution center. it's been hit. the building which used to house the center doesn't exist anymore. just like many houses. i stayed almost to the last day until they hit the culture center. there were many casualties. i was covered with rubble. people helped dig me up. >> russia has started a bus service running from crimea
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second largest city to territories in east ukraine now under russian control. the routes run from the crimea city to the cities of kerrson, mariupol and areas of russia controls. bus service hasn't run from the since russia an exed crimea in 2014. if you would like to safely and securely help people in ukraine who might be in need of shelter, food and water and so on. you can help online. the american basketball star britney griner appeared in a courtroom outside moscow on friday. on drug charges that could result in a sentence of up to ten years in russian prison. officials with the u.s. embassy and moscow attended the proceedings and at least one was able to speak with griner directly. cnn with more.
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>> wearing a white t-shirt, led into court in handcuffs. enduring the first hear of her drug smuggling trial in russia. the basketball star read the charges against her. said she understood the charges. otherwise declined to speak. a top u.s. diplomat who spoke to griner in the courtroom updated reporters. >> she is doing as well as can be expected. in the difficult circumstances. and she asked me to convey she is in good spirits. and is keeping up the faith. >> the prosecution believes griner had the intent to import cannabis oil into russia when she was apprehended at the airport on february 17. in court on friday, prosecutors gave more specifics. saying griner was carrying two cartridges totalling less than a gram of hash oil. >> in most cases it wouldn't be prosecuted in the united states. >> in russia it carries a penalty of up to ten years in prison if she's convicted. the chances of that -- >> we know 99% of criminal
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trials in russia ends up in convictions. she'll almost certainly be convicted. what kind of sentence and that will be an indicator of the political motive. >> indication that u.s. officials expect griner to be treated as a political pawn by putin came in early may. when the state department classified her as being quote wrongfully detained. it means her case is being handled by america's top hostage envoy. talk of a possible trade. >> there had been speculation in the russian media. they might want his name is victor boot. >> nicknamed the merchant of death. a russian arms dealer. boot is now serving a long sentence at the u.s. federal penitentiary in illinois. >> unfortunately, the only way to often bring americans home from these kinds of conditions is by making some sort of negotiation swap. and so, the russians have been asking for his return for a long
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time. >> rumors of a possible deal circulate, new questions over the conditions griner could be facing in detention. >> to be in russian prison as a 6'9" black, lgbtq american. those are really difficult conditions. to imagine she's been treated fairly. >> the kremlin holds so many important cards in the case. but projecting a disinterested stance. vladimir putin spokesperson telling reporters the griner case is not politically motivated. a statement that many in washington and outside analyst find laughable. >> griner's wife says she has not been able to speak to directly with britney during the time. they have been able to exchange letters. she spoke with cnn. here's part of the conversation. >> it's really difficult. it's really difficult. this is not a situation where the rhetoric is matching the
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actions. and so i can't just take the fact that this is somebody's job to bring home my wife. and go off grid and focus to that degree. i can't do that. i do have to unfortunately also push people to make sure that things they're telling me is matching their actions. and so it's been the hardest thing to balance because i can't let up. because it's 130 days. and she's not back. >> do you trust that the maximum amount of effort is being put forward to bring her home? >> no. i don't. and i hate to say that because i do trust that the persons working on this are genuine people. that i do believe. but i don't think that the maximum amount of effort is being done because again, the rhetoric and the actions don't match. when you have a situation where
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bg can call our government the embassy 11 times. and that phone call doesn't get answered. you don't have my trust until i see actions. that are in her best interest. it would have been in her best interest for her phone call to be answered. in her best interest to be on u.s. soil. until i see things like that, no. >> i know that you have had conversations with the secretary of state and with other officials. you want to talk to president biden. right? >> absolutely. and the reason why is because i'm new to this. i don't, i'm no politician. i just graduated law school. i can only do those things that are being told are beneficial for my wife. and the most beneficial thing i have been told is that you meet with president biden. he has the power, he is the
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person you know that ultimately will make that decision for her to come home. and so everybody else wants to tell me they care. i want him to tell me he cares. >> you can see more of the interview on inside politics sunday. 8:00 a.m. eastern or 12:00 p.m. democratic representative represents a part of texas where britney griner grew up and has been in touch with the griner family. jackson lee told cnn earlier that despite russian claims to the contrary, she considers griner's detention to be political. >> the small amount of drugs that they say she has is an allegation. we don't know whether it's true or not. it's a very small amount. and in the united states, it wouldn't be considered any kind of crime. so we know this is a political
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detention. incarceration. i believe that it is political, that she's a pawn. and that they're very little chances of her being acquitted. >> i spoke earlier with cnn contributor and former cnn moscow bureau chief about the trial. and asked her about the speculation that some sort of prisoner exchange could bring her home. >> she's a significant person. she is a major sports figure. she's in the public eye. interestingly she's going to russia to play which is what happens with some female athletes in basketball in the united states. she's really kind of, she's a significant person. and as to what would happen, yes, the prime person that you would immediately think that the russians would want to trade her for would be victor boot. back in 2002 i actually interviewed him in the moscow bureau. and at that point, he was a
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wanted man. he at that point and still to this day is one of the biggest convicted arms dealers in the world. at that point he was providing weapons to latin america, africa, middle east. and he actually came to the bureau and i went back to look at that script, he said i'm a businessman. and in the russian media today, he was described as a russian businessman. >> yeah. certainly they like him back. maybe that's where this will end up. in the u.s., the thing is cannabis offense it was 0.7 grams. would be relatively minor. what would you expect her trial to look like in terms of dare i say her ability to mount a defense? >> i think in russia the way it is right now obviously most people who end up in court are convicted. that said, i think what they try to do is make it look very
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legal. so it depends on what the definition in russian law is for this offense. in the united states that would be very minor, in russia it could be more important. i think when you look at the amount, this is not a drug dealer. this is not a big amount of drugs. if it's hers. it's very little. >> now a string of earthquakes struck southern iran on saturday. the country semi-official news agency says at least five people were killed. 44 others injured. iran red society says emergency teams are conducting rescue operations according to authorities 12 villages sustained damage. many homes in one particular village were totally destroyed. all over china, people are demanding change after video of
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welcome back. new fall out from the vicious attack last month on a woman who refused a man's advances in china. now the beating set off a fire storm of reaction. cnn reports now on the stepped up police response and we want to warn you, you might find the images disturbing. >> this brutal attack on women at a restaurant in northern china last month triggered nationwide rage and despair. this is how the government is reacting to the incident. amassing an army of police to crack down on crime. sending brigades of armed police to patrol the streets at night. going into bars, restaurants, out door food markets. interrupting groups eating outside with loud speakers telling men -- no fighting. no beating. especially of women. swat teams hovering over women without male companions.
12:22 am
women on chinese social media mock the excessive show of force. one wrote, this is just for show. it doesn't solve any real problems. another said, we don't need men's protection. what we need is a safer and fairer society. the graphic surveillance video from last month shows a man making an unwanted advance towards a woman. after she pushes him away the assault escalates into shocking brutality. with multiple men kicking and beating the women with bottles and chairs. this is believed to be an image of one of the two women hospitalized after the attack. authorities claim the two women are still in the hospital. recovering from quote minor injuries. denying rumors that some of the women died. police arrest td all nine people involved in the attack. several of them have criminal history. victims of criminal activity seize the moment to flood the local police station. this man says he's 86 years old.
12:23 am
and has been waiting in line for hours. this man says it's been seven years since he reported his case. but still no progress. they hope the national attention will pressure police to solve their long ignored cases. online people rush to do the same. holding up their id cards to prove the authenticity of their claims and call out perpetrators names. this man says friends on the internet, please uphold justice for me. another woman shared footage of her boyfriend violently attacking her when she was seventh months pregnant. pinning her down and attempt to kill her baby. another says gang members broke into his bakery a year ago. he shows surveillance footage of the them destroying his shop. he says the criminals have been harassing him and his family ever since. this woman says in may gang members beat her and her
12:24 am
colleagues and locked them in a cage for 16 hours. police say they are investigating all three of the cases. state media says gangsters and drunk men are to blame for the restaurant attack. reports linking the case to sexism or systemic violence against women have been swiftly censored. >> by framing this as a single incident that is merely, the government avoided the problems within their system. this is the tip of the iceberg. there are so many other incidents that are happening every day. chinese women are demanding a systemic change. >> in recent years authorities have tried to stamp out feminist voices. seeing them as threats to social stability. as police parade across the country to show they're taking crime seriously. the government squashes out rage over sexual harassment and gender based violence.
12:25 am
now in sudan security forces and demonstrators clashing again in the capital. this coming just a day after nine people were shot and killed by the military. amidanticoup protests. >> protesters back on the street on friday despite the reports from the that at least nine of them were killed on thursday. in protests that mark the since the ouster of the dictator. on friday the video appeared to show protesters fleeing plumes of smoke going to the presidential palace. this is latest protests organized by prodemocracy groups. it goes back to october 25 when the military dissolved the power sharing agreement with civilians and took over. protesters consider that a coup and promised to continue protesting until there's a return to civilian rule to drew
12:26 am
democracy. the central committee says at least 113 civilians have been killed since that october 25 date. they will continue doing this for as long as is necessary. sudan police say on thursday, during the protests at least 96 officers were injured and 129 soldiers because they used tear gas and water cannons to send back the protesters engaging them. this back and forth has been going on since october. the military appears to be cracking down violently. the protesters keep coming back. they are well organized. a lot of prodemocracy groups that see this as a necessary fight to win back democracy in sudan. i'm michael holmes. if you are with us in north america, cnn "newsroom" continues in a moment. i'll see you after the break. for the rest of the world, african voices change makers coming up next.
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welcome back, everyone. you're watching cnn "newsroom." the battle over abortion rights in the u.s. is heating up. legal fights under way in more than a dozen states over abortion bans and limits. the latest is in oklahoma. provider groups are asking the state supreme court to block a abortion ban that's a century old. they're asking for an end to a criminal abortion law enacted
12:31 am
this year. earlier this week west virginia providers also sued to end the enforcement of a pro-roe ban in that state. this coming as president biden met with democratic governors on friday. working to protect access to reproductive healthcare. he called on congress to act on abortion rights. >> congress is going to have to act to codify the roe into federal law. i said yesterday, the filibuster should not stand in the way of us being able to do that. rt choice is clear, elect federal senators and representatives who will codify roe or republicans who will elect the house and senate will try to ban abortion nationwide. >> and as more states increase abortion restrictions, some women are forced to travel across state lines just to receive care. and that is expected to put a strain on some clinics. cnn has that part of the story.
12:32 am
>> they come by car, by plane, to this minnesota clinic. opened for its access to transportation arteries connecting minnesota with states banning abortion. >> some patients may fly, some may prefer to drive. and so being near the highway that we are and the airport in blooming ton gives patients the most options. >> now, whole women's health is one clinic bracing to treat more patients with i 35 connecting it to three of the states with the most restrictive abortion laws ch, including texas and south dakota right next door. planned parenthood also bracing for an inplux. >> we expect a minimum of 10 to 25% more people coming seeking abortion. >> can you handle the increase?
12:33 am
>> i don't know. there is already a healthcare worker shortage and we have been struggling with that since the beginning of the pandemic. that hasn't gone away. >> in that worries liz. >> i thought i would always have two boys. >> who knows the challenges of seeking healthcare. everybody before the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. >> six years ago, she says she and her husband went in for al ultrasound. and left devastated. >> it was friday the 13th. that my doctor told me the news. that this baby was incompatible with life. i decided i wanted an abortion. as soon as possible. >> she says her unborn baby had a neurotube defect. meaning the brain didn't fully develop. >> that diagnosis meant that i would either miscarry at any time. or moments after i gave birth the baby would die. i knew that continuing to carry a baby that was not compatible with life was not going to be good for my mental health.
12:34 am
or my emotional health. >> the minneapolis mother who later had a healthy child, is worried women like her will have an even tougher time getting an abortion. >> that is worrisome. i would be honored to be a resource for anyone that needs it. >> planned parenthood says it's hearing from people like her. offering to be a resource for those who live far from airports or don't have cars. >> someone reached out to me who owns a small plane. and she wants to organize a lot of her friends and others around the country who also have small planes. and can land in rural parts of the country. and can safely transport women to larger urban centers. >> even for people with transportation, planned parenthood expects appointments will be in short supply. >> i think we'll see more use of abortion pills by mail. because appointments are going to be difficult to get. >> and planned parenthood of minnesota said on monday the
12:35 am
first business day after the scotus decision, it received its highest volume of calls ever. up nearly 50% with most of the calls coming from out of state. u.s. supreme court term the just ended will go down in history as one of the most divisive and far reaching in decades. there was of course the shocking end of roe v. wade after a half century ruling 5-4 abortion is not constitutionally protected after all. the conservative majority made waves on a number of other legal fronts including immigration. regarding an end to the trump era remain in mexico policy. gun rights in striking down new york state century old concealed carry law. climate change in blocking the epa ability to regulate carbon
12:36 am
emissions in the flow coming from that. and also religious liberty. ruling in favor of a high school football coach who liked to pray on the field after games. joining me now from los angeles. cnn senior political analyst. ron brownstein. i want to talk about the court in its totality. when you look at the recent decisions, what path do you see ahead, is the path a deliberate and ideology one. >> this may have been the most conservative and confrontational session of the court since 1935 session that knocked down much of the fdrs new deal agenda and led to the attempt to try to expand the court. now you see really for the first time, the full impact and potential future impact of the conservative super majority. the six republican appointed justices were put on the court by presidents who nominated them. republican senators confirmed
12:37 am
them and represent the parts of the country that have been least touched by all of the changes remaking america and the 21st century demographically, culturely and economically. you see them consistently ruling in a way that favors those interests over those of more diverse. the ending of the session could not have been more clear. they said the red states they gave the red states a authority to roll back a right that liberals prize. abortion rights. and blocked the blue states from impinging on rights the conservatives prize. >> another one which is concerning potentially could come from the court deciding that it will hear a case which could remove the ability of state courts to rule on unfair election rules. so called the independent state legislature doctrine. what's at stake there on that particular issue? >> this is staggering. that could truly i think introduce all sorts of
12:38 am
uncertainty and pressure into the american political system. because what this is is what has been in the past a fringe conservative doctrine. basically says the constitution gives state legislatures power to set the rules for federal elections in their state. not and in the most extreme version of the theory, not to be second guessed by not only state courts but governors and secretaries of state. board of elections. and of course in 2019, the supreme court ruled that even the most extreme partisan gerrymandering couldn't be reviewed by the court. you have a situation where republicans in control of state legislatures in michigan and pennsylvania, georgia, wisconsin, texas, have drawn lines that make it almost impossible for them to lose the majority. and then you are saying we are now going to give you unfettered power to set the rules over federal elections perhaps to the
12:39 am
point of dismissing a popular vote and replacing the electoral college votes with their own sets. >> democratic leadership places a lot of kcriticism. my son is 22. his friends criticize this party for playing softball on a raft of issues. they're disappointed to say the least in the party. how could democrats still hold the house senate and white house, fight the issues and just as importantly, is leadership willing to switch to hardball to do so? >> right. what your son is saying reflects i think broad sentiment. i talked to pollsters who used the word despair to describe democratic voters. who at a moment when the party controls the white house the american politics is watching so many things they prioritize being ground under tank treads from the right. from the supreme court or the red states and it's not only all of the rights that are being
12:40 am
rolled back in the states voting, abortion and lgbtq rights. first amendment rights of teachers and book bans. it's also the way in which the court has the ability to federal government to act on climate and the crisis. >> the chief justice is long dismissed accusations the high court in the land is political. how do those efforts look right now? >> in tatters. the train left the station. this court is i think widely perceived as an ideology partisan court. essentially as i have written the point of the sphere for what i call the republican coalition of restoration. republican coalition is centered on the voters and places where are most unhappy about the way the country is changing. and all of these fronts and the court has become the principle weapon to push back. people have pointed out that you would not win a national vote or a legislative vote by many of the decisions but the court
12:41 am
becomes the vehicle to undermine or roll back national rights. the red states move forward through that gap to rescind the rights. abortion or voting or lgbtq rights. and then republicans use the filibuster in the senate to prevent democrats from responding. that is the root of the despair among democratic voters. as clearly a situation going forward for democratic presidents and legislators. >> supreme court with a 25% or 26% favorability rating. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you. still to come, airlines expecting what they call operational challenges this holiday weekend. we know that means for you. we'll have a look at how people are dealing with all the disruption.
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many in the u.s. looking to get away this fourth of july
12:45 am
holiday weekend. face a tough decision. either deal with the chaos at airports from staff shortages and increase demand or pay the record high gas prices and hit the road. we have the report. >> a very busy weekend expected for the holiday. independence day weekend here in the u.s. the american automobile association expecting record breaking numbers. rite now according to the forecast, they believe 48 nearly 48 million travelers out there by plane, by car, by other means. but what's really interesting this year is that the there will be 42 million. that's what they expect for the number of folks that plan to take to the road. that is an increase over last year and that's expected to be record breaking. interesting because of the soaring gas prices. today we are looking at 4.84 for a national average. if you look at a year ago, it was at $3.12.
12:46 am
yet despite the soaring prices when you talk to folks they tell you we want to get away and take the break. we're not happy about the gas prices but we do what we have to do to try to avoid the disruptions which industry experts say because of staffing shortages at airport. listen to the drivers told me today. >> prices are crazy. fuel just now it's like five for gallon. we thought about where to go and what distance. >> the two jet skis already cost 120. i put $40 in inside the truck and the third will cost another $60. that's at least $300 on just fuel. >> again, triple a says about 42 million drivers are expected to hit the road. when it comes to the other travelers they are expecting three and a half million to to b flying. traveling by plane and two and a half million to be traveling by some other means.
12:47 am
>> delta airlines says it is expecting the number of passengers to reach prepandemic levels and anticipating what it describes as operatal challenges. u.s. transportation secretary buttigieg says airlines need to step up their game. >> let's be clear. the majority of the delays and the majority of cancellations have not been caused by air traffic control staffing issues. the bottom line is this the airlines are selling tickets need to have the crews and the staff to back up the sales. >> for many the trip was over before it began with nearly 600 flights canceled on friday. others face delays with over 7,000 flights running behind schedule. rain could wash out some of the plans that people have made. joining me now cnn
12:48 am
meteorologist. what are you seeing out there? i don't know why people bother on weekends like this. stay home. >> if you listen closely over the air waves you can hear the collective sigh of this morning. people here increase demand, staffing shortages and rain. and they think well, traffic delays in skies. that's what they're going to get. especially along the eastern sea board. we have the potential for moderate delays. at least today because of severe weather. there are so many other factors that are going to play into your extended weekend holiday. from the potential of flooding, tropical storms and monsoonal rain over the western part of the u.s. here's a look at the severe weather. that's 50 million americans some of the most populated parts of the united states. the eastern sea board. d. c., philadelphia, new york and boston. if you are flying 234in and aro
12:49 am
that area that could cause serious problems. by sunday we expect that to clear out nicely. currently no delays, it's the middle of nite. but there are still plenty of thunderstorms to talk about. really lighting up here with plenty of lightning across the midsection of the country. i want to pay attention to what's happening just off the coast of the carolinas. this is near charleston. there is an area of low pressure that now the national hurricane center deemed a 60% likelihood of tropical development within the next 24 hours. really escalated quickly. just a few hours ago it was a 10% chance. this is starting to gain rotation and pulling in moisture that means the potential for flooding and travel delays. charleston, wilmington. keep that in mind. flash flooding a rel threat for the area as well as the gulf coast including east of houston and west of new orleans. here's the good news for sundays we clear out and just in time for the fire works we bring back
12:50 am
clear skies. along the east coast. >> all right. good to see you. enjoy your weekend. now there's more to come on cnn. including a look at two world class athletes set to receive the highest civilian award you can get in the u.s. we'll be right back. hi. i'm wolfgang puck when i started my online store wolfgang puck home i knew there would be a lot of orders fill and i wanted them to ship out fas
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it is the highest civilian honor one can receive in the u.s. the white house announcing the names of 17 people who will be awarded the presidential medal of freedom. among them the olympian simone biles and advocate for victims of sexual abuse. in addition of course to being the most deck kated american gymnast in history. biles has testified on capitol hill. now the civil rilgts icon among the hon rees. she worked closely with martin luther king, jr. two time world cup champion meghan rapinoe on the list. she sees it as an affirmation of activism. >> i see this as a validation of
12:55 am
all of the things that i have stood for. not a validation for me but a validation of lgbtq rights. validation of black lives matter movement. and the movement against the white supremacist power structure that we have. a validation of women's rights and of equal pay. and of abortion rights and transrights and everything that myself and so many others work so hard for. it's a validation of all of that. this is the most important thing. >> awards will also be given to several others including arizona senator john mccain and apple cofounder steve jobs. quick update on the wimbledon tennis tournament. serbia power house djokovic
12:56 am
defeating fellow in straight sets. it's his 24th win in a row at wimbledon. as he makes the final 16. and american is making history. becoming the all time ace leader in tour history. on friday, it was a record he would look back on with satisfaction once he finishes playing. it is day two of the 109th edition of the tour defrance in stage one the belgium cyclist earning the coveted yellow jersey. in a surprising stage victory. another belgium coming in second while the two time defending champion from the united arab emirates came in third. it started friday in denmark. it will end with the final stage in paris of course on july 24. i'm michael holmes, thanks for your company today. do stick around, my colleague
12:57 am
will be back with more cnn "newsroom" in just a moment.
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welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and all around the world. ahead on cnn newsroom -- >> we don't have gas. we don't have power. we don't have water. we only want the shooting to stop. >> we take you to the front lines of russia's invasion of ukraine, where the sounds of war are a constant reminder to the deadly threat drawing closer to thousands.


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