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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 2, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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families who thought they had control of their debt. >> these are not costs that are seizy to cut. just putting less gas in your car will only get you so far. >> cnn, detroit. hello and thank you for joining me. i'm ryan nobles in today for fredricka whitfield. an travel plans turning turbulent for many americans on this busy holiday weekend. more than a thousand flights canceled in the last two days as the tsa now said airports have hit prepandemic levels. agents screening the most passengers since february of 2020. and there is no relief on the roads. aaa is estimated 42 million americans are hitting the highways for july 4th. so we have reporters at two of the biggiest airports in the country. camilla bernal is in los angeles at l.a.x. and first let's go to cnn's
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nadia romero at hartsfield jackson in atlanta. we've seen the lines stretch all day. what are people saying about their travel this weekend? >> reporter: yeah, well it is a really a mixed bag, ryan. you talked to some people who may sort of come to the airport, a lot earlier than normal. one couple came three hours early just to make sure they were able to make their flight. but we also heard from a gentleman who is just trying to get from atlanta to vegas. his flight has been canceled now three times. he was supposed to leave at 8:00 a.m., and now put on a flight at 7:00 p.m. he no longer has a hotel so he's going to hang out at the airport all day hoping to get on the last flight out tonight. and he's no too happy with the airlines and how things have gone so far. we saw the busiest amount of people and the most people at the tsa checkpoint this morning during that 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. hour. if you could see behind me, where people are checking in to delta here, getting bags checked
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in. this line is starting to pick up again as we bet gack into another rush that will hit us late afternoon, early evening. we spoke with one woman who was all smiles because she's headed to belize, a tropical vacation to see her in-laws. that is what she had to say to make sure they got to the airport on time to catch that flight. take a listen. >> the airport security and the airport personnel have been fabulous and fantastic and everybody has a smile on their face. it is a holiday weekend. it is going to be great. >> we left some spare time and we parked nearby and took the marta train in. so, yeah, we just left enough time to get here and we're super excited. >> reporter: super excited for the tropical vacation. s having their vacation in the airport. but the majority of people according to aaa and end ricks will be heading out on the road. 88% of travellers are traveling by car. they're expecting some 42 million americans to have a road
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trip of 50 miles or month and you'll see the most traffic congestion in atlanta, boston, chicago, l.a., new york and seattle. ryan, back here in atlanta, people know this is the busiest airport in the country. they expect long lines but people are still very frustrated with having their flights delayed and canceled. ryan. >> understandably so. naddio, you're on the east coast. let's move over to the west coast where camilla is at l.a.x. what is the situation like there? >> hey, ryan. so things appear to be running smoothly here at l.a.x. yes, you're going to be waiting in line a little bit while you check in your bag, while you go through security. but overall only 12 flights have been canceled today here out of l.a.x. compared to about 500 nationwide. and look, these are much better numbers than what we saw last time we were here over that father's day juneteenth holiday weekend when hundreds of flights were canceled. airlines are struggling. they say they cannot hire the
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amount of people that they need and want to hire for this summer. and for the influx of passengers. there is also infrastructure problems and there is always weather problems that cause delays and cancellations. but overall, it appears that these airlines are handling it well this holiday weekend. and you could tell because as we speak to passengers, they are excited to travel just like nadia was talking about, what passengers were saying in atlanta. over here they're also just happy to be back, happy to see other people traveling as well. so you could tell that these airlines are handling things a little bit better. but is it didn't mean that things will continue to be this way over the summer. we do expect cancellations and delays over the summer because the airlines have already said that they are facing a lot of challenges. ryan. >> camilla burnal and naddio romero. and we're also bracing for some stormy weather though could cause problems for travelers and
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put a damper on the holiday plans. meteorologist karen mcginnis is monitoring the storm system. so what does it look like out there? >> just the combination of heavy volume of travelers at the major airports and the afternoon thunderstorms and then now we've got kind of the key iengredient for some delays and they include atlanta, raleigh, washington, d.c. and new york and into boston. that i-95 corridor, very active for this evening. also portions of the midwest, from chicago to kansas city. and even into the pacific northwest, later on in the day there could be some minor weather related delays. now these are not cancellations. they strictly apply to weather. and you could see there is a very active weather pattern across much of the united states. we could see the rick for severe weather across the northern great plains and that northeastern corridor. all right. this is tropical storm collin. it formed at about 5:00 this morning eastern time. just off the coast of south carolina. and most of the deep convection is further to the south.
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but it also means that there will be the risk of a pretty strong rip current in some of the coastal areas of north and south carolina. then the risk of the afternoon thunderstorms. so if you're driving to a destination, watch out because some of those thunderstorms could really reduce your visibility tremendously. also during the afternoon, you start here and there you could see that flare-up of storms as we go toward the evening and storms across the northern tier, and the dakotas and into minnesota. we could see damaging winds and large size hail with a very languishing weather system. how hat is it going to be? temperatures in the 90s. dollars 97. as not as hot. but it does appear as if the weather trend as far as thunderstorms is concerned, it begins to taper off tomorrow and more so for july 4th. so we'll salvage part of the holiday for you. back to you, ryan. >> thank you so much. let's talk more about this now with henry hartfeld, the
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president of the atmosphere research group and a travel industry analyst. we're so glad to have you this weekend. we're already seeing hundreds of flight delays an cancellations again today. experts like you have been predicting large crowds for the holiday weekend. so why is the airline industry seemingly so unprepared for this big surge? >> well, let's put something in context first, ryan. which is some of these delays and cancelations are weather related and the airlines cannot control bad weather. but there is shared responsibility here between airlines and faa. the faa has not been able to hire enough air traffic controllers to handle not only the organic growth of flights but the controllers who retire at age 56. airlines let far too many pilots go. we have a well publicized pilot shortage. in spite of that, arm airlines were overly zealous in scheduling flights.
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we have ten pounds flying in an eight pount bag. so nothing is working as well as it should. the fact that everyone has cut back some of the flying now for july and august, i hope will lead to fewer delays and cancellations when we've got good weather. >> so talk about the situation with some off duty delta pilots. they've been protesting and say that their worked an the airline is understaffed. why is it taking so long for the airlines to get back to their pre-pandemic staffing levels? >> well, ryan, if you and i wanted to become an airline pilot today, it would take us at least three years of flight training and experience. possibly five years. and we would be spending $80,000 to perhaps $120,000 to become an air transport pilot. that is the license you need to fly a commercial aircraft. for an airline. so it is not something that you
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could snap your fingers at and fix overnight. becoming a pilot has not been at the top of a lot of people's career interests. more people are interested in now in as a career as a pilot and you have united airlines and other starting their own flight training school. this is something that will take us several years to fix. they have to hire 13,000 pilots and they need another 13,000 pilots next year. they'll net 8,000 or so in 2024. pilots have to retire at age 65. the airlines have asked the d.o.t. and faa to reduce the numbers of hours needed for training. we're waiting for the decision from faa and d.o.t. on that. >> so the airlines have attempted this strategy, they call pretemptive cancellations so minimize disruptions. has that strategy been working? >> yes.
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it has. when airlines know that there is bad weather coming to a city or to a region or if the faa lets them know in advance that there will be a problem handling flights, then the airlines will cancel those flights in advance and passengers are told don't come to the airport and they work with those folks to get rebooked. but what frustrates folk is when events happen that are not planned. and so we've got all of these delays that are sprawling in part because of weather and air traffic congestion. that is what frustrates people. because i'm sure you've been in the an niairport when we're tol we have a 15 minutes delay that creeps to an hour or longer sometimes. >> i agree. sometimes it is better to just get the cancelation over with so you could figure out your plans as opposed to waiting around toer it to be canceled. >> right -- >> go ahead. >> no airline wants to delay a flight or cancel a flight.
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airline executives do not wake up in the morning and saying how could we inconvenience hundreds of thousands of people a day. safety has to come first. but they're also dealing with a lot of kplemities with pilots. you still have pilots getting sick from covid and that effects their ability to staff flights as well. >> the last question i have for you, henry, the government really provided these airlines a lot of money during the pandemic as an attempt to keep them afloat and to prevent this mass loss of work force during this period of time. why are the airlines still unable to keep the staffing necessary now that we're back to these pre-pandemic levels. wasn't that part of the what the funding was designed to do? >> absolutely, right. so the airlines were given $54 billion in grants and wage subsidies in 2020 and 2021 with a lot of that money geared towards keeping people employed. the challenge is that when covid
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first emerged and air travel demand fell by 96%, with an unclear trajectory and they're offering more veteran employees including older pilots incentives to leave early in order to reduce their work load. and payrolls, excuse me. so what happens is that once the pilots leave, it is difficult for the airlines to recall them. there are some airlines that may have been quietly bringing some of the pilots back. but then the airlines saw three times more pilots lost in one year in 2020 than they normally do. so they've been behind the eight ball ever since trying to make up for that loss. and like i said, you can't just snap your fingers and have a crop of new airline pilots appear. this is a profession that relies on a lot of training and has the highest standards of safety. so, you know, hopefully by -- it is going to take time, it is not
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going to be fixed tomorrow or next year. my hope is by 2024 we're clearly through the worst of this. >> i certainly don't think anybody watching at home wants them to cut corners on safety and training and all of the things that are connected to that. they want the very best, most professional and safe pilots manning the flights once they get up in the air. but you provided a lot of great insight on this on a busy holiday travel weekend. happy fourth of july. >> thank you and the same to you. and don't forget to join us for coast to coast fireworks and incredible music. celebrate the fourth in america live july 4th at 7:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and still ahead, damning new allegations that former president trump and his allies may be trying to intimidate and influence witnesses coming before the january 6 select committee. we'll have details on that straight ahead.
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new information appears to
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corroborate some of the stunning details from cassidy hutchinson's testimony this week before the january 6 collect committee. former aide testified about the president's intense anger when security refused to take him to the capitol on january 6. >> i looked at tony and he had said, did you f'ing hear what happened in the beast. tony described him as being irate. the president said something to the effect of, i'm the f'ing president, take me up to the k capitol now. the president reached up toward the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. trump then used his free hand to lung towards bobby engle and when mr. ornato recounted the story he motioned toward his clavicle. >> now sources in the secret service tell cnn that versions of the story have been circulated in the agency over the past year and they were told an angry confrontation did occur
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in trump's suv after security p refused to drive him to the capitol. they did not hear anything about trump trying to grab the steering wheel but once source were told that he did lung forward. although it was unclear if he made any physical contact with anyone. now this development comes as allegations of potential witness tampering are getting extra scrutiny on capitol hill following tuesday's explosive hearing. now sources say pressure was applied to cassidy hutchinson fwies from an intermediary to mark meadows before she appeared before the committee. cnn crime and justice correspondent kaitlan pallance joins us now. what are we learning about this potential witness tampering. >> well this last house committee hearing raised very serious accusations of witness intimidation as cassidy hutchinson was preparing to testify about trump. putting together what vice chair liz cheney said with our reporting, cassidy hutchinson was receiving phone calls
10:20 am
remindering her to be loyal and stay in trump's good graces before she shared with the house committee and these type of calls are the type of tactic that has been used previously when donald trump was under investigation before. for those of us who covered the mueller investigation, the messages to cassidy hutchinson are eerily similar to emails and conversations documented by roberter mueller in the russia investigation. all of them were messages from attorneys connected to trump reaching out to people who might flip on him and become cooperators of mueller. so in 2017, his attorney john dab left a voice mail for michael flynn's attorneys as he signing up to become an important cooperator in the mueller investigation. he said we need some kind of heads up, remember what we've always said about the president and his feelings toward flynn. then before michael cohen flipped on trump, but realized he was under pressure from
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investigators, he got an email from an attorney working with rudy giuliani who was representing trump at the time, you are loved, sleep well tonight, you have friends in high places. and then paul manafort, the campaign chairman who went to trial and never revealed the full extent of what he knew in 2016, he told rick gates he was in touch with an attorney for trump and while gates was cooperating in the mueller investigation and the message was sit tight, we'll be taken care of it. so each of the episodes these previous criminal investigation and the special council mueller he was looking at trump and he found that trump had the intention of discouraging people from cooperating with investigators. trump and others were not charged with this. some of it was never fully investigates because the messages came from lawyers. but now, the consensus across the legal community is that at the very least these calls to cassidy hutchinson merit investigation including by potentially the department of
10:22 am
justice. ryan. >> at the very least there appears to be a pattern. thank you so much for that reporting. well as the january 6 committee continues to drop major revelations about donald trump's role in the capitol insurrection and his efforts to over turn the 2020 election, cnn has learned that trump is considering an official announcement as soon as this month that he's running for president again in 2024. joining me to talk more about this are margaret talbert and managing editor for axios and with us jeff mason, the white house correspondent for reuters. so jeff, yes, we're talking about trump 2024. if he does announce before the november midterms how could that impact the election that we have come up this fall in 2022? >> well, ryan, it could impact it in a couple of different ways. on the republican side, it could gin up support or bring out more supporters for candidates that he's endorsed, for candidates that he has backed by putting
10:23 am
him and having him out on the trail more. both for himself and for them. and it could have another impact though as well. it could remind democrats would are already revealing from the roe v. wade decision by the supreme court about what donald trump did with report to the court and that to gin up support and that would help biden and democrats who are expected to face other wise pretty tough head winds in the midterms. >> and margaret, this comes as the former president is dealing with all of these revelations that keep coming out as it relates to january 6 select committee and there are republicans that are voicing concerns that this could damage his 2024 prospects. listen to what pat toomey, senator from pennsylvania, had to say about this. >> i this i he disqualified himself from serving in public office by virtue of his post election behavior leading up to january 6. i think revelations from this committee make his path to even the republican nomination much more tenuous.
10:24 am
you know, never say never and he decides whether to throw his hat in the ring. but, i think we'll have a stronger candidate. >> so margaret, pat toomey joining the chorus of people that get very honest when they don't have an electoral prospect in front of them as he's an outgoing republican senator. but trump still has a grip on the republican party. have you seen any signs that he's damaged by the hearings and could it hurt him getting the gop nomination. >> the longer hearings go on, the more revelations there are, that risk emerges. if you look at polling now, there are two trends worth watching and one is what share of republicans say they identify more with trump versus what share they identify more with the republican party. that's been softening in recent months. i any nbc has been tracking this. more republicans say they identify with the republican party but they still identify strongly with him. and it is who is the competition. because if you're in a primary,
10:25 am
you're not running against just yourself or nothing. you're running against other candidates. right now, ron desantis is an eme emerging force. probably the biggest movement of republicans is excited about as a potential alternative. but in the polling, trump still consolidates that gop base and the more rivals that there are, perspe perspectively running in the primary that is still quite a while away, the harder it is for any single one of them to consolidate the anti-trump base. and so, for donald trump who wants the attention around him and want this is conversation that we're having right now, wants the conversation to be about him, there is no reason not to take all of the steps to show that you're seriously moving toward building toward that announcement. >> and margaret brings up a great point, jeff. it is one thing to talk about this theoretically and it is another thing to talk about it if trump is a candidate. would this potentially freeze some of his republican
10:26 am
challenges, especially someone like desantis who is up for re-election in 2022 and doesn't want to anger the trump base? >> yeah. i think it would freeze some. i don't think it would freeze desantis. his probably former president trump's biggest threat on the right and i think if you're ron desantis, yeah, would you probably certainly prefer that he not jurp jump into the race but even if he does desantis mas made clear that he still plans to run as well in 2024. what will that do to some of the others in the mix, i think it depends on where they're coming from and to what extent they're in the trump orbit. certainly some of former president trump's close allies have said they won't jump into the race if he does. so probably wouldn't see mike pompeo run from president trump runs. nikki haley is a question mark. i believe she said at one point she would not run if he did. but she has changed her mind on things like that before and said
10:27 am
very recently if there was space for her in the race, then she would run. and then i think mike pence we've already seen former vice president pence making moves to prepare for a potential run. so, i think it would freeze to get back to your initial question, i think it would freeze some people but not everyone. >> all right. you two don't go anywhere. we have more to talk about. margaret and jeff, stay with us. because coming up the biden administration seems to be consumes with problems and they keep on coming. inflation, rising gas prices to the supreme court seismic shift on abortion rights. can president biden fix all of the challenges he's facing? we'll talk more when we come back. , that's what i do. (vo) withth 5g ultra wideband in may more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no extra cost. get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on.
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wb the problems do just keep stacking up for president biden. as the president settles back in the white house after meeting with allies in europe, he has soaring inflation here at home, surging gas price an the fallout from the supreme court's decision to over turn roe v. wade and that is just to name a few. there is also the president's base. that is growing even more frustrated by a lack of action on the issues he campaigned upon. including voting rights and the environment. against that back drop, a new poll said that a whopping 85% of americans say things in this country are heading in the wrong direction. that is up from 68% just back in march. so let's talk more about this with our panel. cnn political analyst and managing editor margaret and jeff. so marg let, let a start with you. do you think it is possible to overcome the challenges when we're just a little more than four months away from the november midterm elections? >> well, joe biden is glad he's
10:33 am
not actually on the ballot. it would be a very precarious spot for him if he were up for re-election in 2022. but he is having a negative impact according to the polling of a potential real drag on democratic incumbents. the issue or issues that stand to help him the most are the abortion rights argument, the ability potentially to rally centrists and central left vo voters around the democrat party biden at the helm and the gun control message and even though that has been offset by the bipartisan compromise in the senate, but for democrats, for some democrats in really tough races, in swing states like potentially arizona, i think we'll be looking at a different trend, to what extent do they step aside with biden and disagree with him at certain times.
10:34 am
so he's not strong heading into the preliminaries at all. >> let's talk about sean patrick maloney said, the chair of the campaign committee, it is their job to try to hold on to the house majority this fall. he told politico that democrats will beat republicans over the head with the term maga. you know, i seem to remember an election that just took place in virginia last year where terry mcauliffe tried to hang donald trump around glenn youngkin and he was able to get around that. how does this work? could they continue to just apply donald trump and the term maga to republicans in at-risk districts and make it work or do they have to do something different than that? >> well, you are absolutely right to cite that example. it did not work out well for the dems in that case. i do also remember president biden in the last few months starting to use the term maga, maga, maga or ultra maga and they're doing that because we've seen polling that suggests that
10:35 am
in suburban america, in some of the states where there are important women voters, that they don't like that. that they don't like that term. and so i think the democrats have tried to take advantage of that. but the flip side to that and i think you're getting at that with your question is it could also generate enthusiasm from those maga voters and from the right and from voters who are supportive of president trump. i think it will help them but it could backfire. >> of course, if donald trump is a candidate, that also complicates it for and against democrats depending on how that plays out. but margaret, we talk about the republicans, independent voters but does joe biden have a problem with his own base, with democrats? that are frustrated that the biden white house has not been able to to lead and kind of deliver on some of the promises that they made? you note voters don't understand the filibuster, they don't understand when the voting margins in the congress, they
10:36 am
just know that democrats have control of both the congress and the white house. are they expecting more out of this administration? and could they respond by just not showing up in the fall? >> that is certainly a concern. i think people do say, look, we hear you talking about the flks but we don't care. you're in charge. you said you would do this, why can't you do anything. there is another poll that a lot of people are watching in conjunction with harvard and it showed that voters overall, like 6 in 10 don't think that trump should run again and 7 in 10 don't think that biden should run again. there is a difference when you look at republicans only they are a lot more supportive of trump but when you look at democrats. >> biden has lost support within his own party and that is a concern both ahead of the midterms an it is a concern as the white house tried to keep a message around 2024 that said the president is running for a
10:37 am
second term. the number shows some softness and potential problems there. >> and jeff, the president keeps saying over and over again i'm definitely running but nobody seems to believe him. do you think he's going to be the democratic nominee in 2024? >> what i could tell you ryan is what people have told me and that is that the people around him say, he has every intention of running. you heard the vice president say that as recently as well. and i this think the pressure from left and it is a concern. we don't need to hear a definitive answer and when i say we, i mean washington and the other candidates don't necessarily need to hear until early next year. but at some point he will have to file. and when he does that, then it will be a sign of seriousness of that those promises. if he doesn't, then it will give the signal for other democrats who would like to throw their hats in they could do so. >> it is kind of funny to think about it. we could have a 2024 that is just a repeat of trump versus
10:38 am
biden or we could have a 2024 which is a crazy wide open field on both sides of both the republican and the democratic parties. who knows how it is going to end up. there is a lot that we still need to learn before then. thank you for being here. and a new discovery sparks calls from for justice from the family of emmett till. an unserved arrest warren for the woman accusing till making advances was found and his family is now calling for her arrest. more on that next. with technology that can scale across all your clouds... it's s easier to do more innovative things. [w[whistling]
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nearly 70 years after the murder of 14-year-old emmett till, an unserved arrest warrant is sdiscovered in a court basement. he was brutally murdered after a white woman accused him of making advances toward her.
10:43 am
his death spurred the civil rights movement across country. his family is hoping the discovery of this unserved arrest warrant for his accuser who is still alive today will lead to her arrest. ryan young has more. >> reporter: there was probable cause for an arrest back then and nobody did anything about it. >> after nearly 70 years, a stunning find unearthed in a mismirs courthouse is bringing hope to the family of emit till. >> i could understand how difficult this may be for the family to have gone through this whole process and now find what may be a smoking gun. >> last week an arrest warrant was discovered by till family members inside of a dusty box in a county courthouse. dated august 29th, 1955. the warrant charged j.w. mill ham and roy bryant and then wife carolyn bryant with kidnapping emmett till and orders their arrest. both men were charged and
10:44 am
eventually acquitted by an all wight jury although they later admitted to the murder in a magazine article. both died decades later but now carol bryant doneham was never charged and now in her 80s the till family is hopeful the discovery of the warrant will lead to her arrest and justice, something they've long pushed for. >> does she still think of how her actions directly led to the most egregious, racism and aggression towards a child. >> till's murder in 1955 is believed to be a catalyst for the civil rights movement in america. if happened when the 14-year-old was visiting relatives in m mississippi. a 20-year-old accused him of making unwanted advances her in a grocery store and four days later her husband and half brother ab drukt ducted till from his home. >> i saw two white men were at
10:45 am
the end of the bed and made emit get up and put his clothes on. >> they took him to a car where a woman was waiting. >> they say is the the right boy? they beat and tortured him before shooting and tossing him into a river. he was disfigured beyond recognition but his mother insisted on an open casket wanting the world to know what happened to her son and investigators charged bone men with till's murderer months after their acquittal both men took "look magazine" they did kill till but double jeopardy prevented them from filing again. a grand jury declined to indict dunnham and the case was closed in 2007. in 2017 vanitiy fair published an article in which a author claimed he asked donham about the advances and she recalled,
10:46 am
that part is not true. and nothing that boy could justify what happened to him. >> all along we knew she was lying about what emit had said. he never threated her or grabbed her hand. none of that happened. >> in 2018 the department of justice reopened a probe but the agency civil rights division concluded it could not prove dunn harm had lied and investigators say she denied that she had rekabtsed her testimony. >> we want accountability. >> cnn has reached out to dunnham but has not heard back. now the question remains could dunnham who now lives in north carolina finally be arrested and charged. >> i don't think they're going to arrest this woman and put her on a bus given her age and the age of this arrest warrant. i find it unlikely that mississippi and north carolina would put her on a bus and bring her back to jail in mississippi without a new judge passing on this issue before that. >> and fight for justice for
10:47 am
this family hasn't stopped since 1955. they've been trying since that very moment to get some sort of justice for emmett till. now this is another part that they discovered on their own inside of that courthouse in the basement and they're hoping for change and for justice to finally be served. >> ryan young, thank you for that report. one of the most coveted professional sports trophies ending up in the wrong hands. what did one denver couple do after the stanley cup showed up at their door. that story is next. technology e acacross all your clouds... it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling]
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this just in, "uvalde leader
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news" reports embattled uvalde schools police chief pete arredondo has resigned from his seat on the city council. he's faced intense scrutiny over his handling of the robb elementary school massacre that left 21 people including 19 children dead. in a statement arredondo says the mayor, city council, and city staff must continue to move forward without distractions. "i feel this is the best decision for uvalde." take a look at this incredible new video. you are looking at a helicopter rescue from a vessel that broke in half and sank in the south china sea. the hong kong government flying service says that a 30-person crew abandoned ship after the engineering vessel got caught in a typhoon 180 miles southwest of hong kong. four helicopters and two fixed wing aircraft were deployed to
10:53 am
the scene. two crew members were rescued but the fate of the remaining 27 remains unclear as harsh weather conditions complicated the search. and a mysterious suv arrived at a couple's denver home, they had no idea that hockey's biggest trophy was now sitting in their driveway. the stanley cup, which was supposed to go to the colorado avalanche's team captain mistakenly ended up at the wrong address. cnn's jeanne moos has more. >> reporter: the colorado avalanche may be champions, but their stanley cup trophy ended up being greeted by a barking dog, delivered to the wrong address. >> when i opposed it, i was like, whoa. >> reporter: this long-time married couple weren't expecting any deliveries when an suv backed into their driveway the other day. dmitri spied a case that looked familiar.
10:54 am
he joked -- >> was it the stanley cup? >> yes. >> reporter: he says, yes. "he" being one of the two delivery men. >> i said, can i see it, can i touch it? he said, sure. the first thing i did was feel the rim. >> reporter: the cup was supposed to be going to the team's captain but his home address was only one digit off from kit and dmitri's. >> are you guys hockey fans? >> we are now. >> reporter: the mixup was sorted out. kit only had time to snap this photo. if only he had longer. >> i could have had the dog drink out of it. >> reporter: the players got to kiss and flaunt the trophy. as kit said in a text -- >> i got to touch it, exclamation point. >> reporter: sounds like one of those knock-knock jokes. knock, knock. >> who's there? >> reporter: stanley. >> stanley who? >> reporter: cup.
10:55 am
their cup runneth over. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> jeanne moos, thank you. every player gets 24 hours with the stanley cup. if they just rolled with it, maybe they would have had it for a full day. thank you so much for joining me, i'm ryan nobles in for fredericka whitfield. "cnn newsroom" will continue with jim acosta after a quicick break. have a happy fourth of july. it's easier to do more innovative things. [whistling] did i tell you i bought our car from carvana? yeah, ma. it was so easy! i found the perfect car, under budget too! and i get seven days toove it or my money back... i love i thought online meant no one to help me, but susan om carvana had all the answers. she didn't try to upll me. not once, because they're not salespeople! what are you...? guess who just checked in on me? mom... susan from carvana! [laughs]
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you're live in "the cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington. this just in, more than a month after the uvalde school massacre the embattled school district police chief has reportedly resigned from his seat on the city council, that's according to "the uvalde leader news." pete arredondo has faced mounting criticism amid revelations that officers waited in the school's hallways for 80 minutes before they breached a classroom door and confronted the gunman. 19 children and two teachers were killed in the shooting and relatives of the victims say they believe some lives could have been saved had officers acted sooner. in a statement arredondo wrote, quote, the mayor, city council, and city staff miscellaneous continue to move forward without distractions, i feel this is the best decision for uvalde.


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