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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  July 3, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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video from china shows a tornado smashing into the country's southern coast. that's just one of the storms associated with a typhoon that hit this weekend. extreme weather is expected to continue in china through august and experts say that climate is at least partly to blame. next how of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. police not ruling out terrorism as the motive after several people are killed at a mall in denmark. >> a 22-year-old ethnic dane they say. the police chief said a manhunt is ongoing. january 6 investigators teasing new revelations as the explosive testimony. >> way more information and stay tuned. >> how the next hearing is set
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to focus on the mob on the mall. >> who was participating? who was financing it? including the pargs of the white nationalist groups. >> liz cheney said criminal referrals could be coming. >> the justice department doesn't have to wait why there could be more than one criminal referral. police in ohio release body cam video in the fatal shooting of jalen walker. >> at the time he was shot more than 90 or 60 or whatever the unbelievable number will be he was unarmed. good evening. thank you so much for joining us on this holiday weekend. i'm ryan nobles. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." we begin this hour with the news unfolding in denmark.
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several people are dead after a shooting at a busy shopping mall and police are not ruling out terrorism as a motive. now the moment that's believed to show the panic inside as the shooting started. what you are about to see and hear is upsetting. denmark's prime minister calls the attack incomprehensible, heart breaking, meaningless cnn
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is following the investigation from the london bureau. >> reporter: ryan, the investigation is still ongoing. we are learning more information hour by hour. one individual has been arrested so far. from that tragic news that several fatalities reported and at least three people hospitalized so far. police have yet to provide details on the current conditions. the hospital where the three individuals were taken is saying that extra staff was called in. it took place in a busy sunday afternoon at a popular shopping center in the city and close to
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a largest concert venue where harry styles was due to perform this evening. police say they are providing a major presence at the scene. what was the motive? that is still unclear and officials said they cannot rule out terror related but i have to stress this motive is unclear and the investigation is very much ongoing. >> thank you for that report. a tense call after police in akron, ohio, releasing footage in the shooting of jalen walker. akron officials and the family asked for peace. akron native son and basketball star lebron james tweeted pray for my city today. the family is emphasizing the
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horrific nature saying that the statements have not been filed. the police chief said the officers' actions will be scrutinized. >> they need to be able to articulate what specific threats they were facing. and they need to be held to account. >> let's go to cnn's polo sandoval live on the ground in akron. what can you tell us about the body cam video? >> reporter: we have sign dmon st stray or thes come and go and frustrated by the footage. the questions here have been about the perceived threat that police said prompted the use of lethal force and the police
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chief said that will be several reasons with the need to open fire. one reason is according to investigators is that walker possibly fired at least one round from inside the vehicle during that traffic stop and state investigators have to say if the evidence supports that theory. after that vehicle pursuit turned into a foot pursuit. it is disturbing. as you will be able to see eight police officers basically running after walker after jumping out of the car and then wearing a ski mask they claim he took a firing position. here's the video .
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it is tonight to mention at this stage in the investigation almost a week into it both the police department and also the attorneys representing the walker family say he was unarmed when police opened fire so that's what is infuriating many people here that perhaps not enough was done to de-escalate
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that situation. >> tell us how the family is reacting to the release of the video and what they saw on the video. >> reporter: i have to say with incredible grace. i sat down with a cousin of the family yesterday saying that their focus on honoring the memory of their son and reacting with tremendous patience saying they have been satisfied with the way the investigation is going with the transparency. they are still demanding accountability. if those investigators determine that there is some fault there on the side of the police officers this is what the attorney said earlier today following the release of that footage of what they want to see at the conclusion of this investigation. >> justice looks like this. accountability and change in terms of the procedures and
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policies in place. >> reporter: adding another note what i heard from the walker family letting the investigation run the course and have been kept up to speed by investigators and at the same time echoing the plea from akron city officials for demonstrations to be peaceful. >> thank you for that report. i talked with a cnn legal expert and a former lapd sergeant about the akron shooting. >> the question that begs to be asked and answered is, how many rounds did each officer fire? they have to speak to that, articulate what was the perception of threat and to fire the rounds they fired. while the police chief said it could have been routine you understand an armed suspect
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wearing a ski mask is far from routine. >> we see in the video a taser. how do officers make that decision to turn to lethal force? >> it can happen in an instant. i don't know what they saw or why they thought there was a need to use the taser and maybe very quickly ineffective. it has two cartridges and you just have plastic in the hand when they're expended. i don't know what went into the idea to go to deadly force other than when the suspect fired in the officers' direction. >> police showed what they call a shot being fired from the car being pursued and then said that a shell casing was found on the highway. how important will this be in
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the investigation? >> i think very important because we know the standard set by tennessee v. gardiner is you don't shoot an a fleeing individual unless that individual poses a substantial harm to the community or perhaps to the police themselves who are following that individual. so the fact that the police believed that there was a shot fired from the vehicle before mr. walker abandoned the car and started running away from the police will be used by the police to talk about the state of mind at the time that they used the lethal force. i suspect them to say because of that shot from the car that they have still believed he was armed at the time that he started to run from the police and we know from the standard set by the supreme court the reasonable officer's perception at the time
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of the encounter -- >> the police statement called it justified including quote the number of shots fired. when we come back, january 6 committee vice chair teasing the possible of a criminal referral of the former president. we have the deep dive on the investigation when we come back. we got iphone 13s, too. swswitcd to verizon two minutes ago. (mom brown) ours were busted and we still got a a shiny new one. (boy brown) check it out! (dad allen) so, wait. everybody gets the same great deal? (mom allen) i think that's the point. (vo) now everyone can get a new iphone 13 on us on america's most reliable 5g network. (allen kid) can i have a phone? (vo) for every customer. current, new, everyone. to show the love. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm.
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miralax is different. it works naturally with the water in your body to unblock your gut. your gut. and your mood will follow. it is a consequential past few days for the select committee with the blockbuster testimony from former mark meadows aide hutchinson highlights including the accounts of a furious trump demanding to be taken to the capitol and the clear understanding that some people were armed but posed no threat to him.
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cnn national security reporter zachary cohen joins me now. six sessions so far and the latest is the one that seems to have broken through the most with the american public. adam kinzinger talked about hutchinson and the risk she took. there's a security risk that the committee was concerned about. >> that's right. they have highlighted that fact to point to her credibility. some allies started to question the motives and had a reason to appear but the committee said she had no other reason but to tell the committee under oath and adam kinzinger said it's inspiring other witnesses to come forward.
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>> yes. again, i don't want to get into who and the details. she is inspiring for a lot of people. this happens every day. we get new people that say hey i didn't think this piece of a story was important but now that -- i see this plays in here. >> i think really what's important about that is the investigation is continuing. seen six public hearings. they get more evidence and information every day. so we'll see what the end result but this investigation is ongoing. >> we reported on depositions taking place on the day of hearings. we heard from the vice chair cheney. >> the committee will or will
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not make a criminal referral? >> we'll make a decision as a committee. >> there's a possibility? >> the justice department doesn't have to wait for the committee to make a criminal referral and could be more than one. >> we have done a lot of reporting on this. we reported that most of the members of the committee believe that trump committed a crime and wrestling over the benefit to issue a criminal referral to the justice department. what's interesting is lawrence tribe who was a professor at harvard believes that garland will take that step. do you think we're there yet? >> as the answer's been only he knows but the committee did an effective job to laying out evidence that not only points to potential criminal acts by trump
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on january 6 but to overturn the election. the fulton county d.a. in georgia is investigating former president trump there. every day that it continues we get more and more of a fuller picture. >> yeah. to that point let's go back to hutchinson's testimony. so much is made about the narrow portion whether trump grabbed the steering wheel. the one thing that's not in doubt everyone agrees with is trump was mad and wanted to go to the capitol. >> that's an important part from the testimony is that trump wanted to go to the capitol and join the supporters that he knew
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were armed and felt didn't pose a threat to him and "the washington post" reporting that he wanted a tv moment. on the steps of the capitol pressuring the republican lawmakers to follow through with overturning the election. we avoided that situation it seems on what the secret service was able to do that day. but trump wanted to go to the capitol. >> he did stuff like this before clearing lafayette park. so the investigation not over. the next thing to hear about is that the next hearing will focus on the right wing organizations that you were there and spurred on the chaos at the capitol. how consequential will these hearings be and will they draw
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connections between the organizations and donald trump? >> yeah. i think this is all part of building the case to draw a line from donald trump to the violence on january 6. they have built that case so far and this through the money trail is something that we heard about an ennot featured prominently in the hearings and we'll hear more about that in the next hearing and heard about the connections to people who have faced criminal scrutiny in the past. >> we focus on the violence at the capitol but what the committee has shown is just as concerned about the efforts to overturn the election results federally and the state level. >> that's right. there's an ongoing criminal
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grand jury investigation in georgia investigating the former president's attempts to overturn the election. now we could see potential criminal charges come from that but we have to see if prosecutors take that step and do indict the former president. >> against the backdrop that donald trump may announce to run for president again. how does it affect him politically? does it make it more difficult to push ahead for an indictment? >> with how comply kated thes to indict a former president think about indicting someone who's running for president and a former president. if donald trump announces to run for president in 2024 that complicates matters more for
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garland. we see a calculation and maybe an attempt to cover himself. >> i know you do a good job because i work with you on it every day. thank you. >> appreciate you having me. the golden state takes on the sunshine state governor. why california's gavin n newsoms laununching an attack ad on governor r ron desantis. okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete balanced nutrition for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutriti with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensureomplete with 30 grams of prote. ♪ ♪
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the real action team for
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california governor is out with a political ad but not airing in the home state. it will air in florida on july 4th. the target? ron desantis. take a look. >> freedom? it is under attack in your state. they make it harder to vote. restricting speech in classrooms. criminalizing women and doctors. i encourage you to join the fight. >> earlier i spoke with a reporter who broke this story about what newsom is up to. >> he say that is he is doing is not running for president but trying to get the party to wake up and he said the rules of engagement changed and needs a different approach of democrats to dealing with republicans and he says ron desantis is the
4:30 pm
target because he is the poster child for what republicans are becoming and what it is in a post-trump politics saying we are as daylight and darkness to me. >> it is fascinating that newsom not too long ago facing a recall challenge and came out even more politically emboldened to feel confident enough to run ads in florida. how's desantis responding? >> he can light money on fire if he wants to. it is airing on fox on july 4th and focused on freedom so democrats should talk about again. he told me last week he is worried that republicans are with inning in defining the terms of the debate.
4:31 pm
a year ago right now he was facing a recall. >> also probably doesn't hurt that we talk about it, too. people think is this all about 2 2024? conventional wisdom would say that the front-runners are president biden and donald trump. are we seeing the salvos on that battle? >> that's what it would feel if newsom weren't going out of the way to say no, no, no, no. ron desantis said it looks like he is running for president and thinking that he could be angling to be theal termtive to trump out there. there's a big fight between the florida view of the world and the newsom view of the world. is that the future of the party?
4:32 pm
is this a preview? maybe. but for right now it's newsom spending $100,000. there is a lot of interest in both of these players as potential leaders of the party. it is not just who they are but what they are leading and representing in the country. they have a clear governing agenda and do not much up at all and in a country divided in a lot of ways bedecide between a newsom style, california style approach or the desantis florida style approach. a look at how much more expensive a july fourth cookout will be this year. we'll look at the struggle for
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the cost of a fourth of july cookout is way up from last year. the american farm bureau federation says it will cost an average $69. up 17% from one year ago. ground beef, chicken breast and pork n beans up more than 30%. that data from shoppers. it's harder than ever to afford the first home. the 30-year fixed mortgage rate is 5. % down from the previous week but a year ago it was 2.89%. home prices keep rising. david green joins me to talk about this. he is the author of "skill." david, this is a topic that
4:38 pm
impacts the viewers. is it making it nearly impossible for someone to buy a home? >> they can't seem to catch a break. before with low rates homes were more affordable so that led to the bidding wars where they couldn't compete wh. now they can't get pre-approved to pay with people trading up or have money saved up. tech companies ipo and get cash and put it in the home market. at that price point until we get more supply in the market this will probably continue. >> you say the prices surge in places considered affordable. these are three different locations. dallas expected to rise 22%.
4:39 pm
knoxville expected to go up 23%. even roseburg, oregon, population of 23,000, the cost of a home is expected to increase 23%. how can people find affordable places to live? >> the thing you have to understand is in those markets it is often lack of supply. even as rates go up people sitting around expecting prices to go down. it is not very likely to happen. investors that buy it as an investment this is good because the assets will hold the value because there's not enough of them. but it's harder. the advice to do that are in that position because my heart goes out to them is looking at house hacking. it is this concept to buy a property even if the mortgage is
4:40 pm
high with the intention of representing it out to someone else. the rent you bring in significantly offsets the mortgage to allow you to say up and maybe sell it and get the equity and trade up. >> my brother and sister-in-law did that. they sold it and made a good profit to get into the home they are in now. it is not just housing. that's led many americans to run up credit card debt. >> people who called us in 2021 on average had about $10,000 in credit card debt. people this month is $14,000. >> that's significant. >> yeah. it is 40% higher than last year. that's to me like holy cow.
4:41 pm
>> the federal reserve says that resolving credit card debt is a record $1.1 trillion. up 20%. how does this affect the housing market? >> coming to what you are approved for on the mortgage it doesn't affect people that much. we use the minimum payment on the resolving credit card debt. owing $20,000 it costs $200 a month against them on the debt. when it comes to psychology of the people buying houses no one feels gootd taking on more debt of a home with consumer debt and rates keep going up on the houses where people expect the pr price or rates to come down. it is a difficult situation. people look at houses like
4:42 pm
stocks and want to buy low and sell high and if you look at it from an investment perspective that is not the best way to look at it. >> i live in the washington, d.c. suburbs and the prices that some of the houses are going for it just is eye popping. incredible. this is hitting consumers and potential homeowners around the country. have a very happy fourth of july. >> my pleasure. 17 great americans will get the medal of freedom. next, i'll ask one what this moment means to him. stay here. our client's portfolios s for their long-term goals. (other money manager) but you still sell invnvestmens that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products.
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president biden will award the nation's highest civilian honor, the meal of freedom to 17 recipients this week. this list includes people like olympian simone biles, sandra lindsey, the first american to receive the covid-19 vaccine and a gold star father who famously spoke out against donald trump back in 2016. we're so cleezed that he is our guest tonight. thank you so much for being here. tell me what does this honor mean to you eeb your familiar? >> thank you. i'm delighted to be with you. of course i'm grateful to president biden and the administration for being
4:48 pm
champions of diversity and equal dignity, our foundational values of our democracy and the nation. we are honored, delighted that an emigrant, a first generation emigrant is considered for this honor and accept this for all those that emigrated to this country and contributed to the strength of this nation. we are grateful. it means so very much to us. >> you rose to prominence at the 2016 national convention. >> he was to build walls. and ban us from this country. donald trump, you're asking
4:49 pm
americans to trust you with their future. let me ask you. have you even read the united states constitution? i will -- i will gladly lend you my copy. >> as i told you in the break i was there that night. how has your life changed since that moment? >> ryan, we always have been testament to decency of america. strength of america accepting immigrants to its shores to the shining city. we have received some criticism but amazing love and amazing
4:50 pm
respected. on flights, shopping malls, streets, restaurants, wherever we have stepped, people have shown their respect and their dignity and their -- amazing number of letters, flowers to the door without knowing the with one message and i'll sum it up in one sentence. that is thank you for telling us your story, thank you for telling us our family's story. family that migrated to the country long ago. amazing we have remained and we continue to be the testament to the goodness of this country. >> and you have been doing the work. last year president biden appointed you to the united states commission on international religious freedom. what has that experience been sflik. >> amazing.
4:51 pm
this is an institution i have come to admire. religious freedom throughout the world. and then shares the importance of tolerance towards one another. equal dignity, respect for religious freedom all faiths are included. my experience has been very positive. we have and we continue to contribute towards the recognition of that we are all equal in the eyes of our creator. we all hold equal respect towards our fates and our religion. and tolerance is the call of the day. >> i'm sure there's a lot of people watching tonight who are just feeling like there's so much to division in the country right now. there are so many things that wide swaths of the country just
4:52 pm
disagree about. as we prepare to celebrate independence day tomorrow, what is your feeling about the future of this country. do you remain optimistic and are you concerned about just how partisan and di visive the country is right now? >> allow me, we pay tribute i know tomorrow is fourth of july. we pay tribute to our men and women serving protecting our democracy. protecting our freedom. we pay tribute to them. we pay tribute to our veterans and their families. and to all those that have given their all and their families. they protect us, they protect our democracy. they protect the goodness of this country. our democracy is facing challenge. not only domestically but
4:53 pm
throughout the world. globally as well. this is the time to come together. this is the time to realize our foundational values that uplift human kind that uplift mankind. that uplift human being. to equal dignity. this is the time to come together so that we can all face and convince the world about the goodness about the strength of american democracy. and the goodness of america. i'm positive as i mentioned earlier that we have become testament to the goodness of america. to american democracy. to the democratic values our foundational values of diversity. of equal dignity. so we are positive, we are hopeful. and that is my mission to continue to speak not only domestically, but throughout the world to tell the world that
4:54 pm
look at american democracy. american rule of law. it uplifts all of us. complete the journey is not complete. there's so much more that needs to be done. still comparing to the rest of the world, we stand for human dignity and respect. equal rights. for all. >> well, thank you so much. congratulations on the honorment i'm sure your son is looking down incredibly proud of you and everything you have done for this country. we appreciate you being here. and we'll be right back.
4:55 pm
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as america prepares to celebrate independence day, we pause to note a special honor for a world war ii veteran. he passed away last week at age 98. today senate majority leader ch chuck schumer and nancy pelosi announced he will lie in on honor in capitol once they return to session. he was a bonefied hero. he served in the marine core and fought in the pacific theater. awarded the medal of honor by president truman in 1945. it was for heroism above and beyond the call of duty during
5:00 pm
the battle. williams was america's last surviving world war ii medal of honor recipient. thank you so much for joining me this evening. don't forget our fourth of july celebration on cnn tomorrow night. starting at 7:00. watergate blueprint for scandal is next. have yourself a very fun and safe fourth of july. the biggest white house scandal in a century broke wide open today. the president's white house legal counsel, john dean, has been fired, reportedly dean is implicated in efforts to cover up the watergate scandal. >> watergate is the largest political scandal in american history. >> five men apparently caught in the act of burglarizing and bugging democratic headquarters in washington. >> many have tried to dissect the events of watergate. i lived them


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