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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 5, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> that's where we are. yeah. parents having to have a plan of action just in case. >> parents planning a plan of action just in case. appreciate your time. anna cabrera picks up coverage right now. >> hello. thank you for being with us. the details are stunning. police just revealing more information on the deadly mass shooting at a parade in highland park, illinois. investigators say this attack was preplanned for weeks. and that the suspected shooter dressed in women's clothing to conceal his identity. and he fled the scene right along with the very crowd he fired at. here's what else we know. six people are dead. dozens of others were injured in the hail of bullets. that we now know came from a legally purchased high-powered rifle. today doctors who ran to treat
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the victims on scene tell cnn about the horrifying moments that followed. >> there were several people who were obviously deceased. there was a gentleman who i believe, i've heard since has succumbed. he had a gunshot to his abdomen. we started an i've. i went across the street. there was another woman with a gunshot to her chest. she was deceased. the people who were gone were blown up by that gunfire. >> blown up? >> blown up. blown up. the horrific scene of some of the bodies is unspeakable for the average person. those are wartime injuries. those are what are seen in victims of war. not victims at a parade. >> the highland park mayor says she expects charges later today against the suspect as investigators work to uncover more about him and what led to
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this deadly day. some of those details, a disturbing digital trail and a legally bought firearm. josh campbell was at the press conference and join us now. josh, tell us what stood out to you from all the new information we just learned. >> yeah. we just learned a lot from authorities about the moments before, during, and after that fatal mass shooting at that july 4th celebration here yesterday. one thing we learned was that this was well planned in advance. authorities saying that this suspect in this case planned for weeks to conduct this attack going on top of the roof along the parade route in a sniper nest position firing down on the crowd. we're also learning the suspect tried to conceal himself by dressing in women's clothing according to police. now we know based on the photograph of the suspect that he has facial tattoos, recognizable, but the chief here saying he went so far as to
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dress in women's clothing to blend in and out of that crowd. and in the aftermath, we had one question. how did authorities take this person into custody. authorities say it was an alert citizen who saw the information that the police were pushing out that we and the media were pushing to the public and saw the suspect's vehicle, called 9-1-1, a cruiser that was in the area saw that suspect, conducted a traffic stop. he was taken into custody without incident. we're also learning about the type of weaponry that was used in the attack. it will surprise none of us hearing the gunshots on the video and a number of rounds fired, this was an ar-15 style rifle according to the deputy chief. this the same type of weapons system we've seen in so many different attacks. i asked whether or not the suspect is cooperating. he said he is answering questions. authorities would not indicate any more than that about what he is telling the police. but as far as the motivation, that investigation remains ongoing. i know talking to law enforcement sources the suspect
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had a very robust digital footprint, troubling posts including one in which he resembles an animated character, conducting an attack. so obviously that is key to their investigation as they try to get to the motive. but that is where we are right now, learning a lot about this investigation. we're told we should hear more about potential charges later this afternoon. >> josh campbell, doing a great job. you'll continue to work your sources. thank you for the reporting. let's talk more about the disturbing digital trail as investigators are digging into that. tom foreman is joining us. what have police found? >> they found so far that if somebody had been looking in the right place, there were a lot of signs out there that maybe something was coming here. apparently he posted dozens of posts on various digital sources including videos on youtube which showed violent imagery, music, ominous messages out there. he did it under the pseudonym
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awake the rapper. in one video are you awake, he had an animated stick figure that appeared to be attacking people in tactical gear. in another one, police standing around an animated stick figure in a pool of blood. sending signals he was thinking about a lot of violent conflict. the only question, who was looking at it before all of this was shut down by police in the wake of the shooting? >> and is this a case that could have triggered a red flag law, allowing this person's weapons to be removed? >> i think that goes to the question we're talking about. who saw it and would have reacted to it in some fashion. think about what red flag laws say, the rules. what you have to have is salespeople who are willing to say they see an immediate threat
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to this person or to others that would allow law enforcement to remove guns from that person. a court would have to issue that order, and, of course, the subject can have the guns returned if they can prove over time they are not that threat. unless somebody was looking at this, saying we think this is a sign that this young man is an imminent threat and there was something else to support it, it seems a little unlikely red flag laws would have worked here. because remember, the uncle of this young man has said that he saw no sign of anything going wrong. he's just a quiet kid. nothing out there. very often red flag laws are triggered by overt measures. somebody saying i'm going to kill you to the neighbor. threatening with a gun and waving it around. that's often what law enforcement is looking for in a case like this. here, again, the question is who knew about it? did anybody know about it? and did they take it conspiracily enough that they should have warned law enforcement ahead of time? >> and again, two rifles found,
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one believed to be used in the attack. another found in the vehicle after they found the suspect. thank you, tom. joining us now, casey jordan, a criminologist, a behavioral analyst and attorney. and also with us a former fbi special agent. thank you both for being here. jeff, first, what questions do you have now after listening to the press conference based on everything we've learned in the last half hour? >> what your correspondent said, it's important to know who had access to the information. who may have seen his postings online. if that was reported to any law enforcement. that would be important to know. the fbi, of course, doesn't do mass scraping of that information to try to target people for investigations, but if it was reported and looked into, maybe this could be prevented. but that's an important part of the investigation, to see who had access to that as tom said, who saw that information and what could have been done with it at that time. >> casey, police say this
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suspect wore women's clothing, had been planning this they believe for weeks. maybe was wearing a wig. wanted the conceal his identity, and he tried to escape by blending into the crowd. your reaction to that? >> i think what we learned today was that the amount of planning that went into this, it explains why they're saying it was intentional but random at the same time. they're saying there was planning involved. the most disturbing of his social media posts, this kind of music video, it was posted eight months ago. but nobody was watching it. i mean, when i found it yesterday, there were just a handful of comments. if you wanted to even try to invoke a red flag law, it would have had to have happened eight months ago. when did this young man get these two guns, rifles? one in the car, one left on the rooftop? if you can reconstruct the trajectory, you can find when the fantasy to commit homicide
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began to evolve by the procurement of a weapon. the motivation saying we don't know what it is, but the idea that he wore a disguise shows he planned to get away. the real question is what was his anticipated game? was it psychological? did he want to terrorize us, make a statement, american, anti-american? that's what they're interviewing this young man for right now, to try to get the answers. the more we can find out what about his anticipated game was, the more we can try to isolate the variables that would prevent this in the future. >> according to police, we now know the suspect fired at least 70 rounds from a high powered rifle. they said it's similar to an ar-15. what would you need to do that, to fire 70 rounds in such a sort amount of time? >> well, you probably would need some training with the weapon or practice with the weapon which we don't know if that's happened
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yet. but in the short amount of time you can get off that many rounds if you're familiar with the weapon and practice with it. and it wouldn't be that hard to get off that number of rounds without being detected and immediately in that period of time. >> casey, you can't ignore, again, this suspect in this case, another young man, 21 years old. what do you make of that? >> i think what we found out yesterday before we knew who the suspect was, that it was a young man. they were thinking 18 to 22. we could have guessed exactly how the profile turned out. it would have been dead on. he lived in the area. he felt isolated, aisle yen nated, just like we saw with the 18-year-old at the tops grocery store, the 18, 19, 20-year-old, we see at uvalde. we have a culture that doesn't just love guns, but we have an entire population of disenfranchised alienated youth. i watched some of his videos and
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i saw a tremendous amount of pain. it's not that he doesn't feel anything. it's that he feels so much pain. and don't think i feel sorry for him, but the anxiety, the resignation, the feeling of normlessness that was pervasive in his life we should have been paying attention to. but once a kid is over 18 and not living with his parents, how would we have identified him if no one is watching his social media posts. >> jeff, in your career you specialized in interviews and interrogation. it's not every time you have a suspected mass shooter that's taken into custody still alive as investigators are approaching interviewing the suspect, what would you be doing? >> well, law enforcement in general, not just the fbi, but this is a local case, but they would be trying to figure out the motivation and what led him down that path. if anyone else was involved, if he had any influence from any other people, that would be
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extremely important to know, and the fact that he's cooperating is helpful in that regard. but also what was his planning, when did he get the guns? how did he get the guns? and what practice did he have? all those things are -- will be a crucial piece to fill in the puzzle. law enforcement is trying to solve it right now. >> all right. i appreciate both of you. thank you for lending your exper t tees into this disturbing and traumatic terrifying situation. i appreciate you. we're going to stay on top of this breaking news. still ahead, we'll speak with the rabbi who had an encounter with the suspected gunman just a few months ago. stay with us. whenen you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale a across all your clouds... we got t that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator.
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right now a suspect is in custody and a nation in mourning after a shooter unleashed on a 4th of july parade. the tiny american flags children were waving still litter the street after people fled in fear. six people are dead. more than 30 others shot we've learned and police say an announcement on charges could cam this afternoon. my next guest had an encounter with the suspected gunman a few months ago and is joining us now. the rabbi whose synagogue is located close to the shooting. thank you for taking the time, and i'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances. tell us about this interaction you had with the suspect a few months ago. what happened? >> well, i apologize, but i was
10:18 am
directed by the authorities because the investigation is pending, not to talk this item at the moment. >> okay. >> i can respect that part, because we don't want to hinder the investigation in any way, but give than you would have this encounter, without giving us the details about that, i wonder what went through your mind when you realized who the suspect was and having seen him recently? >> well, all i will say is that along with many other houses of worship, we do have security all the time, off duty police, armed. we also have people who are at the service who are -- who are
10:19 am
trained and have carrier license. that's all i will say. i apologize. >> your sin dynagogue is a coup blocks away from where this took place. what did you see and hear? >> i was in the office, and i received the call -- i was in the office working, and i received a call, the synagogue is on the parade route. it's on -- it's right there. and i received a call saying the parade has been cancelled, and the person did not -- and immediately i ran out for four young high school students who i felt responsible for, both to the school and to the parents. they were manning a table, a table displaying. i wanted to make sure they were
10:20 am
safe. by the time i got out there, i believe the majority of people had already escaped. it didn't take too long, and i was able to get these four young men into the synagogue. >> i'm happy to hear they were okay. >> yeah. they notified their parents. >> okay. and you later then went to the emergency room where we are just told now there were about 30 people who were gunshot victims who were hospitalized. we just had an update that last check having reached out to three different hospitals were 30 people were taken. at least eight people are still hospitalized. you had a chance to meet with some of the victims and family members. what were those moments like? >> my function, again, was not to engage in conversation -- in happenstance conversation asking
10:21 am
where they were, what happened. my function, my soul function was spiritual, just to extend comfort, consolation, encouragement, and say a prayer or two, and that's basically what i did. went from room to room, and spent a few moments with everyone, and in one case, a person was there and said that their child was being air lifted, and that the person, this is the mother, was concerned, and we prayed together and, again, that's basically what i was doing. >> what types of injuries did you see, and i know you weren't there to ask a lot of questions, but what was your sense about the state of mind of people, or were people fearful? were they angry? what were you hearing?
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>> -- i think we might have lost the rabbi with our technology connection broken up. i want to thank the rabbi for the work he's doing in trying to comfort this community and for sharing some of the story with us about what he personally experienced. >> tech giant google has kept silent on the decision on abortion until now. what the company just announced. that's ahead. plus getting covid once can be bad enough. but a new study shows reinfections can lead to even more health problems. we'll explain. when you're tired of looking at your tired old bath, we fit your style, with hundreds of design options. when a normal day is anyththing but normal, we fit your schedudule, with our unique tub over tub process, installed in a as little as a day. when high quality y is the only quality that matters,
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google is reacting to the supreme court's abortion decision. the company says it's going to begin deleting records that show whether a person has been to an abortion clinic or fertility center. brian stelter has developments. how will this work. >> reporter: google has been under pressure about this topic since the supreme court ruling.
10:28 am
other big companies that have incredible amounts of user data coming off the phones from the apps we use, tracking us, even if we don't realize it. that includes tracking people when they're visiting medical facilities. they are going to make changes to the data and the way it collects it. it's listed sensitive areas, counseling centers, domestic violence centers and abortion clinics. today we're announcing if our systems identify that someone has visited one of these places, we'll delete the entries from location history soon after they visit. it will take effect in the coming weeks. it includes more than abortion clinics, weight loss clinics, cosmetic surgery. it's the way to get if front of concerns that people's data could be used against them. there are also concerns about medical trackers like fitbit and women who use them track their menstruation cycles.
10:29 am
could it be used in the future to prosecute a woman for having an abortion in a state where it's been banned. google make shurg that data, at least they're trying to ensure that data could not be used by prosecutors. look, a lot of the devils are in the details. we have to see how google implements the changes and what other companies do as well. >> different states have different laws, especially was we know there are two dozen states positioned to have abortion bans go into effect should roe be overturned. what are we learning about google searches where -- >> we see searches for terms abortion pills increasing in the same states. you have to be careful not to be generalized in the look at the data. goog the doesn't tell you how many people are searching for terms in any given city or state. they provide helpful overarching data to show what searches are rising and falling. we know searches for abortion
10:30 am
pills spiked in the united states in the past 30 days including when the ruling came out. in the past week the top searches with the top states where the searches are happening are louisiana, mississippi, arkansas. searches for can i get an abortion have been on the rise in some of the states. notably the searches have come off the highs. there was a big spike when the supreme court ruled for searches about abortion pills. people trying to find out if they had access. the searches have come back down now to a more normal level. i think what was happening in june is people were trying to find out about options in the future. if they live in one of the states where there are bans, they want to know the options in the future. that might be why abortion pills, when do they expire, why that search is growing. >> and a lot of pressure on companies to take a stand. it took a little bit of time for
10:31 am
google to make this statement and this new policy going into effect. do you know are they among the companies that are paying for employees to travel for abortion services? >> yes. certainly the tech companies as well as major media companies, big banks, have made those kinds of decisions. those statements to increase health care offerings. we have not seen companies like walmart and target, you know, make the same sorts oh moves. we've seen kind of more white collar professions make the moves. and in other careers and areas, other jobs. i think that's going to be an entesing dividing line. and all of this, of course, talk about technology and the use of google, the use of period tracking apps, the use of google searches to know what people are looking for in red states. we're seeing this incredible moment where religious views, where views that date back centuries are coming up against new technology, and technology that's ever-advancing. it's almost a clash between old views and new technology, and that's going to continue to play out.
10:32 am
>> brian stelter, thank you very much. new warnings about the lasting health effects of covid. a just released study finds catching covid-19 a second or third time can raise your chances of new health problems and also contribute to long lasting health issues. these findings come at a time when more infectious sub variants of omicron are circulating. i want to bring in health reporter jacqueline howard. what more can you tell us about the finds? >> i can tell you with more variants, specifically sub variants of omicron circulating, more of us are vulnerable for reinfection, and first take a look at the variants that are circulating in the u.s. the omicron sub variant ba-5 causes more than half infections across the country. so those numbers were a previous estimate of proportions, and you see here the sub variant,
10:33 am
ba-2.12.1. ba.5 accounts for more than half the infections. that's the dominant variant right now. and so if we think about well, what is the concern with reinfections, research suggests that we should see reinfections in the same way we see initial infections. any new infection, with each new infection, there's a new opportunity for various complications and lasting health problems. those include pulmonary issues which impact the lungs and blood clotting. those are three of the risks there along with others. the research does shed light on how covid is still here, and we should still see reinfections as a concern. >> and jacqueline, we're also learning new numbers, new data showing how deadly covid has become here in the u.s. fill us in. >> that's right. these new numbers look at the leading causes of death last
10:34 am
year. specifically from january through october of 2021. and among the adults ages 45 to 54, as you see here on this chart, covid-19 was the leading cause of death followed by heart disease, cancer, accidents and liver disease. and overall, these estimates show that for all people in the u.s., covid-19 was the third leading cause of death last year. so again, this just puts things back in perspective when it comes to this disease. >> jacqueline howard in atlanta, thank you. they're more than victims. what we're learning about the six people who died in highland park. that's next. s me access to wearable training optimization tech. become an agent of innovation... i'm done. with invesco qqq.
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit are you a christian author with a book that you're ready to share with the world? get published now, call for your free publisher kit today! we are hearing directly from wnba star brittany ney griner pleading for help from the white house. she tells president biden that he is terrified that she may be held captive there forever. her coach believes things would have been different if there were a superstar male being held in russia. >> if it was -- koyeah. it does. it's a statement about the value
10:40 am
of women. it's a statement about the value of a black person. it's a statement about the value of a gay person. all those things. and we know it. and so that's what hurts a little more. >> cnn rosa flores joins us now. what can you tell us about brittney griner's letter and what the biden administration is doing to bring her home? >> reporter: i think it's important to set the scene here. brittney griner has been in a jail cell in russia for months. she has been in this jail cell, and her detention has been extended over and over, and right now she's going on trial for the -- for possession of narcotics. and so when you think about what she's going through alone in this jail cell with her thoughts flooding not being able to be with her family, that's the
10:41 am
backdrop of this letter. now, the full letter was not issued publicly, but we have some excerpts, and here is what that letter says in part. quote, i realize you are dealing so much, and this is to president biden, but please don't forget about me and the other american detainees. she goes onto say she voted for biden and believes in him, and then, quote, i miss my wife. i miss any family. i miss my teammates. it kills me to know they're suffering so much right now. i'm grateful for anything you can do at this moment to get me home. the white house reiterated that they believe that griner was wrongfully detained, and there's a statement issued by the biden administration saying the following. quote, president biden has been clear about the need to see all u.s. nationals who are held hostage or wrongfully detained abroad released including brittney griner. the u.s. government continues to
10:42 am
work aggressively using every available means to bring her home. and just like that statement says, if brittney griner has not been the only one that's had this type of fate in russia. there are multiple families who have gone through these excruciating moments where they have to be vocal. they have to be rallies, do interviews, bring attention in the media to make sure that their loved ones are not forgotten. and that's exactly what we're seeing right now with brittney griner's family. her wife, doing an interview with cnn last week, pointing out that they want to make sure they humanize brittney griner, that brittney griner is humanity and just a fact that she's a human being is brought forth to the white house so that president biden cares, so that this country can do something to bring her home. >> we know so many of the
10:43 am
families are trying to get biden's attention. they want a meeting with him. they saw what happened with trevor reed and believe they might have had something to do with the meeting parents had. it's a challenging situation for all people involved. we'll keep brittney griner and her family and those other americans detained in our hearts and minds. a big change is about to take place in the nato alliance. sweden and finland are getting ready to join the group. it also redraws europe's security map along the boarder with russia. >> the 30 members of nato agreed to sign the protocols of ratification on tuesday. that means the next set of paperwork is done and dusted for sweden and finland to officially become invitees to the block. this doesn't mean that they are fully pledged members yet. but it does mean they can attend the important meetings. they just can't vote at the meetings yet.
10:44 am
they will not benefit from the collective article 5 security protections but they have been offered some security guarantees by some key nato members like the united kingdom in the interim sensitive period. the secretary general of nato made clear there was a big moment both for sweden and finland, but also for nato's open door policy. >> this marks the start of the ratification process. nato's door remains open to european democracies who are ready to and willing to contribute to our shared security. this is a good day for finland and sweden and nato. >> what will the two nations bring to the table? armies, and in sweden's case, promises of much bigger defense spending in the future. sweden has its own sophisticated home grown defense industry focusing on fighter jets and also submarines. it also makes all sorts of
10:45 am
military hardware that's making a difference in the battlefield in ukraine. finland also acquires a lot of important munitions and fighter jets from the united states. these are two countries that for a long time since the is 1990s e been involved in joint exercises with nato, so they now how to work with them. finland brings with it an 830 mile long border with russia that needs to be policed as soon as possible. and sweden will probably play a bigger role in defending the arctic and also the baltic sea. this is a radical redrawing of northern europe's security map, making the baltic region not just a nato area but also now an eu area as well. it could take between six months and a year for these countries to become fully fledged members of nato, perhaps less. the first nation hours after the sign progress says on tuesday to ratify the membership of the countries was denmark. cnn, london. thank you, nina.
10:46 am
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i honestly didn't think much of it. i thought it was probably firecrackers that somebody was setting off, and then a couple women ran back past me, screaming and crying, saying, there's a shooter. and we did sort of, as the other gentleman just said, we just kind of froze. it just didn't seem real. and then a wave of people were rushing back towards us, running away from the parade. >> grabbed my dad, and we ran, and suddenly, everyone was running behind us, and people were just shot behind us, and they let us go back to get our car keys and everything, and right where we were, there was a girl just dead. another man was shot in the ear, blood all over his face. >> and i remember looking around, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, and i, in fact, looked up at the neighboring business across the street and saw the shooter on
10:52 am
the roof. and i just -- i screamed that it was a shooter, and i got my daughter, and we ran into my husband's store, and i yelled for my son and my mother and father-in-law, and we all were able to get in safely as my husband helped a whole bunch of other patrons get away from the danger. >> it sounded like a string of firecrackers going off inside of a big metal trash bin. and at first, that's what i thought it was, 20, 30, maybe. and then i looked up to my right, and i saw the police starting to act, and i saw people falling. and my wife and i took off. we were at the parade because our 14-year-old twin boys were marching with the high school football team, and we knew they hadn't yet made their way up the parade route. the football coaches had wisely hustled the kids even further south and gotten them behind a commercial building. we found them, and then they
10:53 am
called their friend, whose house we're at, and they said, please do come over, and that's where they are. >> and now, we are beginning to learn more about the victims of the horrific shooting there in highland park, illinois. six innocent people killed. more than 30 others also shot. cnn's ed lavandera is outside a hospital in highland park. ed, tell us more about the injured first. let's start there. >> reporter: well, in the aftermath of the shooting yesterday, there were 39 people, according to hospital representatives, that were taken to three different hospitals here in the highland park area. we understand that nine of those 39 still remain hospitalized, and eight of those nine that are still in the hospital suffered gunshot wounds. and we are told that of those people still in the hospital this afternoon, one of them is in -- is still in critical condition. so, it is really something that so many people were able to
10:54 am
escape from this scene with wounds and be able to get out of the hospital as quickly as they have, but the condition and the situation for at least nine of those victims remains a very serious concern for many of the residents here in this area. >> and tell us what we now know about the people who died, those who lost their lives, six of them. >> reporter: yeah, six victims in all. so far, we have confirmed the identities of two of those victims. one of them is nicolas toledo. his family describes him as creative, adventurous, funny, a loving father of eight people and a grandfather to many more. he was in the crowd there where the gunman opened fire. his family has started a gofundme page for him to help them through the expenses of all of this, and we also have learned that jackie sundheim,
10:55 am
who belonged to a local synagogue here, her synagogue, the north shore congregation israel, announced her death, and they described her as someone who was a long-time member of the church, a staff member, and someone who worked as a preschoolteacher and an events coordinator at that synagogue. ana? >> all right, ed lavandera, we'll keep on working to lift up those lost lives and honor their memories. thank you for your reporting. that's going to do it for us today. i'll see you tomorrow, same time, same place. thanks for spending part of your day with us. you can always find me on twitter, @anacabrera. until then, the news continues right after this. and doug. [power-drill noises] alright, limu, give me a socket wrench, pliers,, and a phone open too they customize your car insurance, so y you only pay for what you need... and you could even save $652 when yoyou switch. ok, i need a crowbar. and a blowtorch. [teddy bear squeaks]
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-- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota. welcome to "cnn newsroom." victor is off today. highland park authorities just released new details about the mass shooting at their fourth of july parade where six people were killed. a police official said the 21-year-old shooting suspect planned this attack for weeks. 38 people were wounded. according to police, the suspect had a second rifle in his car and more weapons at home. he purchased the weapons locally and legally. he used a high-powered rifle to


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