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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 7, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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thank you for your time today peer coaches see you tomorrow. don't go anywhere, a very, very busy day. don't go anywhere. hello and thank you for being with us here . uk prime minister boris johnson resigns as top members of his government revolts. a growing list of scandals just too much for even members of his own party. johnson says he is staying on come on the job
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until his party picks his successor. bachchan some just want him out now so the big question is what is next for one of the united states strongest allies? to begin with beyond in london. thank you both for being here. johnson survived a no- confidence vote just last month and that was after coming under fire and his handling of the economy, so, what changed? what was the final straw? >> well, the confidence vote is always key but few prime ministers managed to stagger on after a confidence vote because even if they manage to survive it leads them with their power and authority and they tend to be a prime minister in name but not really in practice. in terms of what the final straw was it all bubbled out because chris pinscher, so, essentially one of the men that is in charge of the party
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discipline and the welfare of mps being aware of any scandals that might be affecting their personal lives too and controlling the way they vote. they transpire they have many allegations involving sexual misconduct. the prime minister denied ever knowing of those allegations. it then came out they were aware of the official complaint against the member of parliament. they said they didn't recollect those and that really resembles the narrative we heard about the prime minister when he explained party gait when he said that at first he didn't remember correctly and then his story changed you to get here so, the border issue that was a state is the integrity and trustworthiness which has long been called into question. and the issue that he was sending out his ministers, his comment to defend him in public to journalists, to his fellow parliamentarian giving him a story that wasn't true which transpired the next day full of holes. it was humiliating and they
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felt they simply couldn't keep that and that made them snap. >> one of the reasons he was sort of forced to resign was people started abandoning ship. in fact, there were 59 people who resigned in the last 48 hours or so from his government. canada's government even function with so many people gone? >>, at least get by, we just had a nato summit of britain is now out of the eu but we had an important meeting or a series of meetings showing solidarity and dealing with the russia and ukraine problem continuing to make progress. i did notice that they seem to be part of the constructive dialogue. i think those issues
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being so important on the world stage today, britain will do what they tend to do in tough times and that is sort of get by on at least the most crucial media challenges that they face now so i'm not that worried about his role in broader american or european security even though as you say it is a mess. >> so, again, the u.s. and uk very close allies the president coming out today. just moments ago saying they are the closest of friends and allies looking forward to continuing a close working relationship but how does this resignation potentially affect everything from national security to sharing? how can it stay cohesive? >> it is good to be a little bit worried. but i do think that boris johnson was always an unusual prime minister. it is not my role to have a strong opinion but i don't have any reason to think the next prime minister will be tougher
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for us to deal with. i don't really see it as a crisis and the alliance as you point out we have to get through these next few weeks and months but there is a good chance that britain and the uk will turn out stronger and the alliance stronger under someone new. >> in terms of choosing the successor, what happens next, how does this work? >> this isn't something the country has any say. it is purely a conservative party and what will happen is boris johnson's mps will put themselves forward if they desire or go with that role of prime minister and the names of candidates will get down to two by the parliamentary party and those two candidates will be represented to around 200,000 conservative party memberships in the country and in terms of the front runners at the moment there was a poll taken of membership in the last few days and the defense secretary ben wallace who has been known for his handling of ukraine crisis considered to be a very secure as figure and the disarray of
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afghanistan last year unlike the foreign secretary who heavily criticized that. and again that would mean more stability between the uk and u.s. because it is somebody who prioritizes defense and relationships and another front- runner in the form of defense secretary, the first female defense secretary. was actually on a reality tv show in this country called splash with included diving competitions. so it is a very wide field. is very much begun now because the deputy prime minister just announced a lot of expectations people not be standing for prime minister so that gives you the sense the race has
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really begun. people are clarifying their positions now. >> thank you both. major development out of moscow a short time ago brittney griner pleaded guilty to drug smuggling charges, punishable by up to 10 years in a russian prison. this is a surprise. why would she plead guilty? >> there are a few factors to consider. the first of which in the russian judicial system there is a 99% conviction rate which essentially means it was highly unlikely that brittney griner, even if she was guilty was going to get off with any sort of guilty verdict so that is something to consider. another factor according to a senior u.s. official is that the u.s. is suspected that she would have to admit guilt and be convicted before any potential prisoners swap could happen .
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earlier came out and said they hope for some leniency from the russian court because essentially she had no intention of carrying any drugs into russia or not abiding by any russian laws and she explained that this was a result of packing up her bags in a hurry. >> thank you for that reporting. today back here at home we are now hearing new details of the
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highland park shooting suspect. the alleged shooter's father tells the new york post that he thought his son would use the guns he had at a shooting range and he says he spoke to a son about a different mass shooting the day before the parade attack. adrian, the father also spoke with abc's news. utter me what more are we learning? >> reporter: the father essentially telling abc news that he shouldn't be legally responsible for his son's actions. he thought his son was going to use the guns he purchased at the shooting range and he said to the post that is why he sponsored that firearms owner id card nearly 3 years ago. listen to more of his conversation with abc. >> i love my son, but it is devastating to everyone
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involved. they do background checks, whatever it entails, this has taken us by complete surprise. three days before the fourth of july my wife asked him do you have any plans and he said no. >> robert crimo, his son is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and there could be more charges.'s father also telling the new york post he is furious and listening to that. he says i want a long sentence, that is life. you know you have consequences for actions. he made a choice. didn't have to do that. i think there is a mental illness there, obviously, and he ends by saying i didn't see a lot of it. meanwhile, you may remember we have been reporting over the
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last few days back in 2019, a family member called police saying robert crimo threatened to kill his entire family. >> adrian, so disturbing, thank you. it turns out jane call me and anja mccabe have a lot of in common. both trump critics, both fbi directors and both audited by vf irs. that is raising some serious questions about political payback. we have this just in, he is getting a probe. the a gas station owner takes a $12,000 hit to get some very lucky customers a big discount at the pumps. but he says he has no regrets. we talked to him just ahead. pliers, and a phone open to they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need... and you could evenen save $652 when you switch. ok, i need a crowbar.
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just in to cnn, the head of the irs has referred to the decision to audit former fbi director james comey and deputy director anja mccabe to the inspector general for investigation. this comes after the new york times reported they both were subjected to intense irs audits. to give you some perspective the times reports the odds of anyone getting selected for this level of audit are about one in 30,000. care is following this for us. you got this news about this potential investigation that is going to go forward. my what more are you learning? >> reporter: we just learned that the irs commissioner personally made this referral to the inspector general yesterday after they received this first inquiry from the new york times and of course this raises a lot of questions. how are two critics of donald
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trump selected for in this intensive audit program that is more intense than a normal audit that a regular person would undergo? >> and they are not just critics, they were both part of the fbi. >> the head of the fbi and the deputy director and the two jobs at that time remember he got fired by trump because he was handling or overseeing the investigation into russia's interference in the election and mccabe was also looking into whether trump obstructed justice by firing him. these audits, one of them actually began under the biden administration and he said that he received a notification in 2021 but the big question here is the iris commissioner is a holdover. he was appointed by trump, he is still in charge of that agency. the irs has been pretty adamant about this, they said it is ludicrous and untrue to suggest that senior irs officials somehow targeted specific individuals for this audit and the national research program, but this is a lot of questions to come. we will see if the inspector general takes this up and if they publish any
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of these findings publicly. these investigations can take quite a while so we may not have an answer on this in the near future. >> thank you. keep us updated. hundred mccabe asked for an investigation. looks like they are going to get it. >> i guess so. that is the responsible thing for the irs to do in these circumstances. i am glad that the head of the agency made the referral and it looks like they are going to take it up. the question is, will they do it quickly and thoroughly? and more important lee, will they make those results public? i think the answer should be yes to all of these things but we will see. i was discouraged to hear their comments about it last night to declare it ludicrous without even looking into it as a pretty prophetic act of prejudging the entire issue so
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is good to see that it will actually get investigated. >> as a former federal investigator have to ask what is your level of suspicion that something happened that wasn't by the book? >> you know, when i received the notice back in october of 2021, i accepted it at its face. i took the irs for their word that it is an entirely random process that people are selected . there is nothing that trips this sort of audit, but, honestly, as an investigator, i don't like to make conclusions about things i don't know. i like to focus on the things we do know and we do know that in this situation it is almost mathematically impossible, the odds are so far that james comey and i would both be selected for the same random audit and then you layer on top of that what we know about each of our histories with donald trump being targeted by donald trump and his administration and being publicly castigated and attacked by him for years
10:20 am
now. it is some still going on to some degree. i think it is very reasonable to be concerned that there is something happening here. >> and just to be clear, our viewers a you got notified of the audit in 2021 after joe biden was already president, but, it had to do with audits or years during the trump administration. can you describe what this whole audit experience was like for you? >> yeah, you know, i mean i think everyone can relate to the fact that it is kind of terrifying to be notified by the irs that they are going to start pouring through every aspect of your financial life for an entire year. that is essentially what this sort of audit is. it is of sensibly a randomly selected program and the purpose of just doing compliance research for the irs to figure out how closely people are following the irs requirements, but, as i said, i took them at their word and contacted the agent.
10:21 am
the agent that i dealt with on my audit was absolutely professional and responsive and handled herself and the whole thing, i thought, very well, so i don't have any concerns about that. it is simply about how was i selected for this? really doesn't seem random when you look at the whole situation. >> have you spoken to james comey about all of this insula and he was audited as well? >> i haven't talked to jim. i only learned that he was subjected to the same audit when i was contacted by the reporter who wrote this story. i had no idea until the reporter from the times reached out to me. so, it was a bit of a shock, i have to tell you, and, discouraging, really. for me, this is the latest in what has been a long saga of being targeted by the former administration. i was subjected to a really biased ig investigation that resulted in my wrongful termination, which the justice department admitted when they
10:22 am
reinstated me last year, a week before this audit was called for, i will point out. i was investigated for two years under a criminal investigation, a completely baseless criminal investigation that ultimately went nowhere and was declined. we are still dealing with the fallout from mr. dirham and whatever it is he is doing. so, it just really feels like this stuff is never going to end, but, you know, we will march on either way. >> do you feel piled on? >> yeah, for sure i do. it is exhausting. but, you know, all i can do is continue to stand up for myself and tell people transparently and truthfully what happened and what is going on now and hope that people draw reasonable conclusions for themselves. >> really appreciate you taking the time. thank you for sharing with us. >> thank you.
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after initially refusing to testify, we just learned the uvalde sheriff has now agreed to appear at monday's texas house investigative committee meeting on the robb elementary will shooting that left 21 people dead. this comes on the heels of a damning new report that lays out three missed opportunities to stop the gunman from entering the school and killing 19 students and two teachers. we have known about a couple of these opportunities, you know, that the exterior door was left unlocked. we learned that the school resource officer apparently didn't see the gunman as he drove right past him in the parking lot, but, this report now reveals there was a uvalde police officer outside the school who actually saw the shooter heading toward the building , however, the officer armed with the arrival asked his supervisor for permission to fire and while he waited for a response, the gunman made his way in died. this report also criticizes law
10:29 am
enforcement actions during the more than one hour it took to take down the shooter citing lack of effective command, failure to accurately return fire and the fact that officers retreated from the classrooms where the gunman was help hold up with his victims. simone spoke to one of those victims, somebody who was shot and in the classroom with those students who died. this is teacher arnie reyes and he talked about the agonizing wait for help. >> he did a lot of things to make me flinch or react in some way and that was one of them. where he, like, as i him laying down, either like this, or like this, tapping it, but it was splashing on my face. >> blood? >> yeah. >> was he trying to see if you were still alive the >> i think so. >> you were laying there for
10:30 am
over an hour, right? no one is coming to help. what do you think of that? >> that they forgot us. , they probably thought we were all dead or something. but if they would have gone in before -- >> the report appears to agree that some may have survived saying while we do not have definitive information at this point it is possible that some of the people who died during this event could have been saved if they had received more rapid medical care.". while speaking to simone he also realized recalled the moment he realized he lost his agents. the children were dead under
10:31 am
the table. but there was nothing i could do about it. yeah, my children. >> joining us now is former nypd detective and law- enforcement consultant tom bernie. tom, in this report, we learned there was a uvalde officer who arrived on the scene even before the suspect entered the building . he had a chance to
10:32 am
shoot. he didn't because he asked for approval to shoot and he didn't receive an immediate response that i think there is some important context we also want our viewers to know and this report says the officer was about 148 yards away from the target and there is this texas standard that does not require officers to fire their rivals from more than 100 yards at a target so he was 148 yards away. this report says the officer worried about using his target and shooting into the classroom, injuring students. hindsight is obviously 2020 but ultimately that is is and to use deadly force lies with the officer given the context i just laid out, what do you make of his decision not to fire? >> good afternoon and my sincere regret is to anyone who is affected by this horrible, horrible tragedy. and you know, this is a tragedy on multiple levels. we have once again someone who is in session of a firearm who shouldn't be. who makes their way into another location to
10:33 am
cause chaos and mayhem and, you know, it was so reeling, i think, at least after sandy hook, quite frankly and that was almost 10 years ago and, you know, here it is playing out all over again. we have that and then the police response, for those of us who are active or retired loss law-enforcement or pretty much any other place are also reeling from the type of response that played out back in the olden days. you would wait for backup, you would wait to establish a perimeter. you would wait for a s.w.a.t. team or emergency service team and make some sort of tactical entry and so on. that is not the way it is anymore. >> it changed after columbine, right? >> welcome a lot of things from columbine and every unfortunate shooting since then since it seems to be commonplace. there is nothing more american than a mass shooting, right?
10:34 am
so, unfortunately, police have had to rethink and think again about how to best tactically handle situations like this and we don't always have the ability to wait, especially when you have someone running around indiscriminately shooting people. teachers, students, staff and what have you. so, myself if i'm the first one on the scene, quite frankly i don't care what the procedure is. i'm going to go in and i and going to try to neutralize that threat and try to save as many as possible even if it costs my own life. that is one of the things of taking a job like that is that you have to unfortunately assume you may find yourself in a situation where you may have to sacrifice yourself for the many. and even if it is just you being able to disarm or at least somewhat disable that active shooter until the calvary arrives, then that is what it is. so, you know, there
10:35 am
are a lot of police, unfortunately, with everything that happened in the last number of years that start to second-guess what they are doing, should i wait for approval, should i wait for backup, am i going to get in trouble if i fire from this does is? my going to lose my job, am i going to get suspended? so that is a problem in and upon it self, you know, and then obviously there is also self-preservation that plays out as well but nowadays they have to go in, you have to go in and try to neutralize the threat as quickly as possible even if it means just you or you and your partner and then when everyone else arrives they can assist at that time. >> have to think every one of those officers that were involved in this response wishes they had made a different decision and could have done something differently if they could just go back in time. appreciate your perspective and insight into these matters. thank you. from the campaign trail to federal, a republican candidate for michigan governor just pleaded not guilty. his actions during the january six right at the capital, more on that.
10:36 am
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asking questions about our country's most challenging questions, he is tackling two polarizing concept. woke and critical race theory. here is a preview. >> what is well? >> i don't know what that means so i can't answer either way. >> [ laughter ] i feel like just hearing that word because honestly i know -- >> did you just say i feel old hearing that word maxeys in yes. [ laughter ] i know i'm only 16. i don't really understand some of the slang terms nowadays. >> so it is not a word you are using? i would be shocked but it is not a word you are using? >> it is a word use against ss is oh i'm sorry i'm not woken up to know what non-binary means or what any of that to use your pronouns.
10:42 am
i use it pronouns. >> he is joining us now, also the co-author of a new book you can get in just a couple of weeks. and antiracist activity workbook. thank you for being here. i love that clip because they clearly were so comfortable talking with you. made it such a vibrant discussion. why did you decide to tackle these two concepts? >> i don't think i decided to i think the country assigned it to me. i am the guy who has a raise conversations and is much as i really didn't want to talk about woke because as those kids were talking about i don't feel like it is a thing either but the media, the gop, the school board have made a big deal about this thing which is just lack slang for be educated which i think we should all be educated. >> why does that have to be controversial? has it been politically distorted? where did i go wrong? >> there are some of this
10:43 am
country that want to divide us and separate us. for me, this is like woke is no different than the war on christmas this is year-round, ways in which we divide people and separate people so a power can be accumulated and off of that comes as a way to target the black community which is also what wouk is doing. >> what does the pat forde look like? in think it is very simple. do you want your kids to be educated about the history of the country or do you not want your kids to be educated about that? you need to make sure that you're involved in your kids education and make sure it is happening because the people who don't want your kids to be educated are very involved. i think there is a vision of america that has been created of america is always the hero and if you tell an honest history of america, america is not always the hero and often not the hero and i think for many people that is controversial because that scares them if america is not the hero, what does that mean for me? means sometimes you are not the
10:44 am
hero. in thank you for giving us a little snippet of what we can expect coming up in this season of united shades of america. it premieres sunday at two p.m. eastern only on cnn. thank you again. into the republican candidate for governor pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges for his alleged involvement in the capital insurrection. federal investigators say ryan kelly climbed up the scaffolding for then-president elided no bidens inoculation stage and that he motioned for writers to advance. sarah is following this for us. what more can you tell us quek >> reporter: it has been quite an interesting 24 hours. he is one of the republicans that is going to take on wretched witmer come this fall, so come today he was before a federal judge pleading not guilty, but, last night, he was on a debate stage with the other republicans candidates
10:45 am
standing by his activity in washington on january sixth. take a listen. >> january six, 2021, back one gas was under $2 a gallon. that was a first amendment activity by a majority of the people, myself included. the process of how it happened. >> now come as you see, he is claiming his activities were first amendment activity investigators are saying, actually, you climbed the scaffolding. we will see how the case comes out and you should also know that he double down on his belief that the election in 2020 was: here from donald trump. >> those are the facts, thank you. just ahead, a gas station owner pays up so his customers didn't have to. daday.
10:46 am
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welcome back. we have this just in. we've just learned beloved actor james caan has died. he's best known for his work in films like "the godfa godfather," "misery" and "elf." james caan was 82 years old. a georgia gas station owner takes a big financial hit to help his customers. we're talking 12,000 bucks. but ravi patel says it was worth it. lucky drivers who pulled up to his station on monday, on july 4th, got some serious sticker
10:51 am
shock but in a good way, that's because $1.99 was on the pump. joining us now is ravi patel, the owner of that gas station. i like highlighting the good in this world. what made you decide to drop your prices and for how long did you do it? >> so, we dropped it from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. and we knew we weren't going to be able to cut it you have at 3:00 so we kept it until 4:00, and i just wanted to give back to the community, knowing all the stuff that's been going around in the world, any savings is a blessing. and what better day to do it than july 4th? >> what was the response like from drivers? >> oh, man, we had the whole community out there. we have had customers since 8:00 in the morning. the guys that were there the earliest actually stayed until 4:00. they personally stood there and filled up the gas for other customers so they didn't have to come out of the car. >> how did it make you feel to see that kind of response and to just know you did something to
10:52 am
help others? >> oh, man, that was one of the best night's sleep i had in a long time. >> yeah. i'm curious to get your thoughts on this tweet from president biden, which was before the fourth of july. he said, "my message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple. this is a time of war and global peril. bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product and do it now." what's your reaction to that? >> yes, so, i saw that news on youtube, and i was like, man, let me do something that can give an answer to president biden, and he said, lower the gas prices, and that's what i did. >> so, you were responding in part to that tweet? >> yes. that was one of the initiatives, what we wanted to do was respond to that tweet as well too. >> but you lost $12,000 here. was this an easy choice or decision for you? and i think some people might hear that and think, wow, he must have a lot of cushion built in. >> so, i wouldn't say i lost it. i just gave back to the community that gave it to me.
10:53 am
that's it. >> what do you want people to know about how the pricing works, how prices are set? >> so, fuel costs, that certain amount of fuel that i had, it cost me $3.86 a gallon. and we set it at $1.99 so i wouldn't say i lost $1 and some change on it, but it's -- you know, we all can't take it home after we pass away. i'm not going to be able to take all the money with me, so why not just give back, and seeing the smiles on everyone's faces, that's what made it worth it. who knows, just a few months down the road, i might do it again. >> you have a very refreshing perspective, and i think a lot of people are saying, give me a heads-up next time you're going to do it. ravi patel, thanks for sharing, thank you so much for what you did to give back and for sharing your stoiry with us. >> yes, ma'am. thank you for having me here. trapped. listen to this. they were trapped, they were left with no choice but to jump, and it was caught on video.
10:54 am
>> we got you, we got you. >> a family of six now safe after a fire consumed their home in indiana, and you see on this police body cam video, the dramatic moments as officers were desperately calling for the family to jump. their outstretched hands, ready to catch them, and one by one, kids and a grandmother as well dropped from the second story. the youngest, just 3 years old. our affiliate reports one of the kids, a 10-year-old, wrapped her hand with a t-shirt to break through the apartment's window to help that family escape. just a quick programming note. join cnn as we explore the diverse land, marine, and wildlife of patagonia's desert coast and it's called "patagonia: life on the edge of the world." that does it for us today. thank you so much for joining
10:55 am
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-- captions by vitac -- hello, everyone, i'm alisyn camerota, welcome to "cnn newsroom." victor is off today. two big stories we're following in hour. british prime minister boris johnson has resigned. this follows a mutiny inside his own government. more than 55 of his colleagues quit in protest of his behavior and leadership. and here in the u.s., the father of the shooter who killed seven people and wounded more than 30 at that fourth of july parade is breaking his silence. robert crimo jr. told the "new


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