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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 7, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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did for martin luther king jr. and countless marchers for justice, risking his own safety, he helped secure voting rights, desegregate schools and win other battles for the soil of our nation. a patriarch of a family and a movement, fred gray is a lawyer by trade and a preacher at heart who follows the command to hate evil, love good, and establish justice and negate. [ applause ]
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[ applause ] a fearless leader of the freedom rides in nashville sit in movements, diane nash was a fierce light and darkness. she did more than dream of a better america, she helped build one. as a founder of a student coordinating committee in the 1960s, she was some of the most important civil rights campaigns that inspire activism around the world to this day for her strategic savvy and absolute courage, americans owe a debt of gratitude to diane
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nash for helping forge a path toward a more perfect union. [ applause ] megan renner p no. [ applause ] world cup champion , olympic gold medalist named the world's best women's soccer player, megan rubino is one of america's great athletes, known for her creative play and
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leadership she also leads with a fierce will off the field. a champion protecting the rights of fellow lgbtq i plus americans. a leader on the u.s. women's soccer national team perhaps the most dominant of any team in any sport in their successful fight for equal pay . [ applause ] [ applause ]
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alan simpson. [ applause ] is by increasing polarization he brought people together with wit and wisdom to make progress and find common ground. never afraid to stand up for what he felt was right, he worked on pressing issues like campaign finance reform and marriage equality. alan simpson exemplifies our national ideas of civil discourse, responsible governance and public service.
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[ applause ] richard trumka junior accepting on behalf of of richard trumka. [ applause ] the son of a coal
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miner, richard followed his father into the minds to to become the president of the united mine workers and president of the afl-cio. you never forgot where he came from and always fought for the dignity of working people. he built worker power by speaking truth to power, knowing that the middle class built america and unions built the middle asked. no one did more in the last half-century to build unions then richard did. a beloved husband, father and grandfather, he was the american worker. [ applause ]
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born to a mexican-american family in the san juan valley, raul sought a better world beyond the life in the segregated south texas. after serving in the air force, he became one of our nation's preeminent civil rights leaders as president of the national council. over 30 years, he has forged immeasurable progress on voting rights, education and more to deliver the promise of america to millions of latino americans and service to our nation, he has helped ensure that america remains a land of possibilities. [ applause ]
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>> this is america. [ applause ] folks, this
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concludes the cement this event but we have a reception. i hope you stay and enjoy it. again, thank you, thank you, thank you all. >> you have been watching the ceremony for the presidential medal of freedom awards at the white house. it was awarded 217 americans, the asians agents highest honor. just saw everyone get the honors . you saw steve jobs get it as well as senator john mccain. many others. after denzel washington was supposed to be there to receive his award, but when years stand that he does tested positive for covid so he had to skip it
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and president biden said that these americans demonstrate the power of possibility and embody the soul of the nation, hard work, perseverance and faith. welcome to cnn news run everyone. we are now hearing from the father of the gunmen who police say opened fire on the highland park parade killing seven people. robert crimo told the new york force he is furious over his son's actions saying, quote, i want a long sentence, that is life. you know you have consequences for actions. he made a choice he didn't have to do that. i think there is mental illness there, obviously i didn't see a lot of it. in josh, i think we have one of the guns that police took from these shooters car. here is the video of it this is when he was arrested. what did the father think his son was doing with all of these weapons? >> you know, that is the big
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question. and seemingly that came here to the holiday parade murdering allegedly seven people, his warning sign after warning sign after warning sign we have been reporting on this disturbing online presence. we know now based on a reporting that there were a series of police encounters being called to the shooters on and running too allegedly for members of his family, yet, we are hearing from members of the family speaking out that they noticed nothing. they had an interview a short time ago with the suspects uncle. take a look at that. is no indications that would lead me to that. >> obviously serious questions for the father as well we know based on the reporting despite the beliefs encounters, the
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father still according to state police sponsored a firearms license for his son quitting the weapon that was used here in this holiday massacre, his father speaking out saying that he has no culpability, he spoke to the new york post saying he, his son, bought everything on his own and they are registered to him, the firearms. they made me like i groomed him to do all of this. i have been here my whole life and i'm here to day and hold my head up high because i didn't do anything wrong. obviously they are speaking out that he bears no responsibility but again it goes back to this pattern that we have been collecting, that investigators have been collecting, either that the family was not noticing this or, obviously a lot of questions about what they are saying, again, you go to those police reports over the course of the last several years, the lease going to the house multiple times including this one in the suspect allegedly attempting suicide using a machete. he was called the night police were called by his family and then in september of 2019 as
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well his family telling police we need you here, he is saying he's going to kill every member of the family, these the don't seem to square or you have these reports, the police called to the house and now the members saying we didn't see anything. a lot of questions here. the police talked to him when they seized all of these weapons son was saying he wanted to kill everybody. josh, thank you for saying asking all of those questions. the chief sponsor on part of the illinois firearms restraining order act which is supposed to keep guns out of
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the hands of people who are a danger to themselves or others. representative, thank you very much for being here. as you can hear we are all just looking for answers. explained to us how the suspect was allowed to legally purchase two ar 15's and other guns just a few months after he was labeled a clear and present danger by police? >> yeah, thank you for that question. clearly there were missed opportunities of implementation for our firearms restraining order law here in illinois. a family member certainly could have raised red flags and brought to the attention of law enforcement that there was a crisis underway and certainly law enforcement could have pursued a firearms restraining order against his individual and that would have prevented him being able to obtain a card and purchase cons guns. >> either families could have flagged it and triggered this red flag law or police could have flagged it and triggered this?
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and neither did? and i mean i think there is this kind of circular logic that is happening in this town that is a loophole. what can you do to address that and fix that quick >> certainly, law enforcement could have pursued firearms restraining order law without him actually having a card or possessing guns, as long as he is making threats and he is a danger to the community. they could have pursued it and it would fall into a judge court of law to make a determination of whether or not the card would work. certainly i think part of this whole piece that we must pay attention to his community as
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well. you know, there were many signs on social media, on his youtube channel, and so, members should know that anyone if they have concerns around someone who is planning, potentially, a gun massacre of the magnitude, can go to law enforcement and ask law enforcement to petition the courts and obtain a firearms restraining order law. that is what we have red flag laws for, that is what they are intended to be used for and certainly in this case many people did not step up. >> if we rely on the family it doesn't seem like it is going to work. the suspects father. take a
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listen. >> the police were called to that house so many times because he was threatening his family you think he has any file legal liability here? >> that is hard to say i'm sure that will be looked into in the days and weeks to come. it is really regrettable that parents don't always necessarily do what they need to do to prevent tragedies like this from happening when someone in their family suffers from a crisis or a mental illness. i think we saw the same thing happen .
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>> i think there are multiple things that people can d o most people were not aware that they can access this tool and go to law enforcement and ask for a firearms restringing order to be issued. also, my bill required yearly training to law enforcement, so, our law was relatively new in 2019. it went into effect january 2019 and so a lot of law enforcement officers were not aware that they had this tool and so it didn't implement or access it. so, i think
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education and awareness is absolutely critical. thank you very much. >> absolutely.
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after losing the confidence to lead the uk, boris johnson resigned today with a resignation speech that was largely unapologetic as various candles. johnson was left with virtually no choice in just the last 48 hours within 55 officials quit his party . i know people will be relieved and quite a few will be disappointed and i want you to know how sad i am to be giving up the best job in the world.
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but them's the breaks. >> he said, quote, the united kingdom and the united states are the closest of friends and allies and the special relationship between our people remains strong and enduring. listen now to nic robertson. at this very time yesterday johnson was defiant about not stepping down you know what she said to him? >> we don't. we are very unlikely to know because these kind of conversations don't ever get divulged. she certainly doesn't say and no bride is british member would go public like that with the queen. we know that the queen has counseled over the years many, many prime ministers .
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i think characteristically leaving the country hanging a little bit if you will but for how long and who will succeed them and what will the process be? all of those have been left as unknowns at the moment and boris johnson even in his sort of departure speech, his resignation speech sounded a little bit scathing about all of those in his party that turned against him. this is what he said. >> as we have seen of westminster, the herd instinct is powerful and when the herd moves, it moves. and my friends in politics, no
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one is remotely indispensable. the problem for him is the cabinet it was a very short cabinet meeting and i think the conclusion has to be in this country at the moment that eventually there will be a new prime minister and the new prime minister will continue to want to have a special relationship with the united states, but how to get to where we are today for that point, it really is unclear and i don't think we are seeing the end of the chaos yet given the divisions within side doris johnson's own government still. >> so interesting to see how quickly these things can turn around. thank you very much for all of that context. dominic, great to have you,
12:36 pm
just remind us of the scandals that cause boris johnson support to dry up so quickly this week. >> yeah, i mean, it is really with boris johnson it has never been a question if he would be ousted it was just a matter of when from the moment he became party leader all the way back in 2019 he has been involved in a whole range of controversy that have had to do with covid lockdown and rules and regulations and sets that he broke and the allegations with boris johnson downplayed and also denied knowing about. at that very moment when he needed the absolute confidence to yet again remind us that this is a parliamentary system that boris johnson serves at
12:37 pm
the pleasure of his conservative party, they were able to get in not trust and that he was for and ultimately it was time for him to go. >> you know it seems almost inconceivable to us in the u.s. that a politician, a president, virtually, could be brought down by scandal, by members of his own party, getting disgusted and ousting him. i me nowadays obviously we have seen it in the past but we haven't recently. so, how is the uk different? well, it is not a presidential system and in fact it was very interesting to see that at the moment in which boris johnson realized with the resignations with the word he was giving from the conservative mps that they were no longer going to make an appeal to the public
12:38 pm
and has everything to do with the behavior and actions and it is important to remember this can be an individual whose life has and shaped by privilege and who fundamentally believes. we saw that any terrible reminder of the sort of post trump election when president biden was elected in which they did not show decency, did not show respect for the president s
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the conservative party have a majority and they choose the prime minister and the leader that they want to serve in the particular party and the wrecking ball quality he had on david cameron and he championed obviously, you know, brexit. within the conservative party there are those that are absolutely committed to brexit and to the post brexit areas it
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is not so much the fact that he delivered brexit as the party leader that they would be remembered for. it is the way in which he essentially weakened the name of the conservative party and the politics and squandered the lead and has also damaged to the system. having said that he has resigned and the process will be in place to find a new leader and the system will move on. it is the damage for the sort of populous ideal and the ways in which he has sort of will relied to the public, two cabinet members, but i think it will leave an indelible stain on this one prime minister in the history of the uk. >> thank you very much for all of that. now to this, brittney
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brittney griner pleaded guilty in a russian court this morning. the basketball player has been detained since february after being accused of drug smuggling . kylie atwood is following this for us. how does this affect chances of coming home? >> officials say they are working aggressively to try to get a greiner home and other wrongfully detained americans, but, her coming out today and pleading guilty is significant because a senior u.s. official explains to me that if there is to be a prisoner swap here which is one of the things that has been considered as one of the ways that brittney griner could get out of russia, the expectation that she would have to be convicted and also plead guilty and admit that there was some sort of guilt and that is what she did today. there isn't yet a sentencing for brittney griner, there isn't a conviction yet that could come next week. we know there is going to be a third hearing as part of this ongoing trial a week from today
12:47 pm
so we will watch from that, but the national security council responded today about this hearing saying that they still believe that brittney griner is wrongfully detained. i want to read to you what the secretary state treated saying u.s. embassy russia officials again attended brittney griner's trial today and delivered to her a letter from president biden. we will not relent until britney and all other wrongfully detained americans are reunited with their loved ones. we also heard from her wife saying she was grateful after she received a phone call from president biden and how frustrated she continues to be because brittney griner is at home. listen to what she said last night. >> truthfully, i can't rest as humanity is being stripped from her. i can't rest as her safety is in question. i honestly can't
12:48 pm
rest until she is home . what is your reaction to the guilty plea, were you expecting that? >> well, you know, i don't know
12:49 pm
quite honestly what we were expecting, russia has a process as i have said many times since the beginning of this it is very much its own process. it is not like ours at all, so, we are never quite sure what to act in this and yet knowing that this process is continuing to move forward we are indeed continuing in a forward progress, so, that is where we are right now. we are watchful, we are waiting , yesterday, being in phoenix with the phoenix mercury with so many others who came out to show their support we are
12:50 pm
taking those small pieces of continued progress as a good sign. >> as you know, the phoenix mercury head coach has been outspoken about all of were a famous male athlete she would be home by now. here's what she said on cnn this morning. >> the coverage of women's sports and women athletes is really the concern here. the question is, would tom brady be home? tom brady wouldn't be there. right? he doesn't have to go to a foreign country to supplement the income from the wnba. we want to keep the focus on bringing bg hope but there's an uncurrent of coverage. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> coach said a lot there. there are a lot of pieces and layers to what she said and important to focus on who big points talking about the
12:51 pm
covering, the media coverage and a pay equity problem, issue, concern that we have of the union have. we believe our colleagues in the league also share these concerns, too. we have to work together to address them. the situation that bg's in right now forces us if we're going to be honest and good partners to have the conversations and to look to ways to address them. i think the coverage in the media issue is huge. it impacts the business which impacts the marketability and the pay equity issue and the opportunities to make more money here in the u.s. for players and members who are americans and many layers. if we're going to honor bg right now and do right by the members
12:52 pm
of my union, wnba players, then we will have the hard conversations and get to address the issues. >> very quickly, you said you wanted a face to face meeting with president biden. and brittney griner's wife. now that there's been a phone call what do you want from the administration? >> i think it's helpful, very helpful there's been a phone call. in that conversation, our commander in chief gave cherelle griner the assurance that bg was a top priority. paul whelan is a top priority and others are a top priority. that's what cherelle griner deserved and hopeful that other families get the same opportunity. what we now to do is to stand by the administration. our commander in chief.
12:53 pm
our vice president harris and let them know that we encourage and support all efforts to they will undertake to bring our citizens home. >> thank you for your time. >> thank you. two former of president trump's biggest foes were the sunt of tax audits. one said his was no coincidence. we have new details next. lactaid is 100% real milk, just without the lactose. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. ma mom, really?
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questions today about why the top two fbi officials during the trump administration were singled out for a rare intensive irs tax audit. james comey and andrew mccabe were the subjects. the two both fierce trump critics and fired by trump. we have more details. how is the irs responding to this? >> we have a new statement from the irs saying that the head of the agency, the commissioner who was appointed by trump, reached out personally to the inspector general yesterday after being called for comment by the "the new york times." what are the odds and chances that two former executives of the fbi, two people investigating trump, how did they turn up? >> what are the odds? >> like 1 in 30,000.
12:58 pm
per year that are inswept up in this. something that people hope to get to the bottom of. andy mccabe was on cnn breaking the new that is the irs made the referral. let's listen to what he had to say. >> that's the responsible thing for the irs to do under these circumstances. i'm glad that the head of the agency made the referral and looks like the ig will take it up. the question is will they do it quickly, thoroughly and make the results public? the answer should be yes to all those things but we'll see. >> we are also hearing bipartisan support for this review. democratic chair of the house means and waying committee and the ranking republican member support it and want to get to the bottom there's an agenda. they have strong safeguards in
12:59 pm
place to protect politically motivated audits and untrue to suggest that senior irs officials targeted specific individuals for the national research program audits. a lot of questions here to see what happens. >> how long will the review take? >> the inspector general could take as long or short as he wants. it is unclear how soon to get an answer and to become public. >> did they know that they were both being targeted? >> mccabe is on cnn talking about this. he said that he did not know that this -- that james comey, former boss, also picked up in the same audit a couple years earlier and learned about it by the "the new york times" reporter. >> if you are being audited you don't spread it out but then that's when the antenna went up?
1:00 pm
>> yeah. so we haven't been able to reach james comey for comment but mccabe said the instinct to think it's a normal audit and then he started to question it. >> thank you for the reporting. "the lead with jake tapper" starts right now. ♪ the shooter's father says i didn't do anything wrong. the father of the highland park parade shooter explains why he approved the son's guns purchase and talked about another mass shooting before the massacre. and then brittney griner in a moscow courtroom and pleads guilty to the drug charges that have led to her being held in russia. could this help her get released? plus, thems th


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