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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  July 10, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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stories now for this sunday. evacuations underway with fire threatening yosemite's sacred sequoias. also ahead tonight. a scare for passengers on a spirit airlines flight after the brakes catch fire as it lands. plus, a pregnant woman in texas says, her baby counts as a passenger as she fights a ticket she got for driving in an hov lane. she's going to join me live for her first tv interview here in the cnn newsroom. i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the cnn newsroom. thanks for joining us on this sunday. people in the town shattered by senseless gun violence want answers they could get them soon. i'm talking about uvalde, texas, where a shooter killed 19 kids and 2 teachers at an element tree school in may. the state committee investigating the massacre tells cnn that a preliminary report could be released within the next 10 days.
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this news comes as the people of uvalde, texas are gathering right now and marching and demanding their police officials be held accountable. nadia romero joins me now. nadia, the chairman of the committee is pushing for the report to include the critical 77 minutes of hallway surveillance video of the attack. what can you tell us? >> reporter: pam moore, hard to believe we're still talking about a shooting that happened on may 24th. here we are, still with that video in limbo. so, we know that the chairman of the special investigative committee wants this video to be released with the preliminary report. so, too, that, and public safety. the des is in, the uvalde district attorney is blocking its release. both the dps and lawmakers believe that releasing this video could provide clarity about the police response. law enforcement response is still under much debate. criticism and controversy right now. you are taking a live look, as families and community members
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gather to remember those who were killed on that day. inside robb elementary, starting at the element tree school, then making their way through to the downtown plaza. they are demanding answers. they want to know what happened in those 77 minutes. they want that video released. they want accountability for all of those deaths. i want you to hear the passionate pleas from the grandfather and a mother who lost their loved ones in that shooting. take a listen. >> i lost my granddaughter. like i said before, those that are your daughters and next to your daughters, please give them hugs. i can't hug my granddaughter ever again. >> never would i ever have jimbo believed that i would have lost my 10-year-old daughter who had a dream to go to a university to gun violence. >> reporter: emotions, so real.
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the manidos family, saying, they can't imagine getting of english. also, as school gets for so many kids and those in the community, this isn't over. many of them are demanding more action in the state of texas and federally to have more gun control, stricter laws on access to guns. they want to remind everyone what happened in uvalde, and to keep those victims' names alive. unfortunately, we've had other mass shootings since then, pamela. tomorrow, though, they could hear some answers to those questions because the uvalde county sheriff is expected to testify in front of that state committee. pamela? >> nadia romero, thank you. in akron, ohio, this weekend, the attorney for jaylen walker's families asking residents to engage in peaceful and nonviolent illustrations. akron police believed body cam video last week with officers firing dozens of shots killing the unarmed 25-year-old at the end of a high-speed chase.
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jaylen walker, who will be very this week, as the family continues to demand justice and more information. sandoval has the latest for us. polo sandoval? >> reporter: hey, pamela. short and sweet, akron police officials say, they will begin offering daily press briefings. the goal, they say, is to continue to keep the public up to speed after seeing these regularly-occurring the missed rations in the city of akron since the death of locker. you will recall, the 25-year- old was shot and killed by eight akron police officers about two weeks ago. the shooting, captured on police body cam a video, it has been scrutinized, not just by the walker family, but also members of the public, protesters, calling on accountability when it comes to the actions of those police officers. at the same time, we have also seen many peaceful demonstrations on a few occasions, leading to some violent clashes on the streets of akron. what the police chief has described as threats against his police officers over the weekend with police chief steve
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millett, writing, we have received death threats with officers' names being posted, news from the fbi about violence coming to our city, and posing as resident demonstrators perpetuating violence. these are not excuses, he writes, but the reality of what are akron police officers in our community facing print akron's mayor, also heading, he understands the concerns coming from some demonstrators about how some police officers have responded to these protests on a couple of occasions. he says, he does echo many of those concerns from members of the public, and promises to try to de-escalate tensions between the police and members of the community, but at the same time, also continues to plead for peace. that's what we have heard echoed from the walker family. still, calling on accountability when it comes to the officers' actions. as for the walker family, they're prepared to lay their son to rest, with a funeral plant on wednesday, which is also in the city of akron. they're declaring it an
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official day of mourning, pamela. >> thank you, polo sandoval. what are the most influential advisors in donald trump's orbit, nelson, he is willing to testify before the january 6th committee. bannon could offer unique insights on conversations with trump about the efforts to overthrow the legitimate election of joe biden. cnn's marshall cohen explained. >> hey, pampered steve bannon, one of donald trump's staunchest and most controversial allies, he now says, he's willing to testify to the general sixth's select committee, making this announcement in a letter to the panel after months of stonewalling. he was subpoenaed last year, but refused to sit for a deposition, and refused to turn over any documents. he claimed, he couldn't do that because of executive pitch, but the justice department wasn't buying it, because executive privilege only applies to people who are actually serving in the executive branch, unlike
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bannon, who left in 2017. so, the doj charged him in november with two counts of contempt of congress. his criminal trial is supposed to begin next week is offered to the committee about potentially testifying could be an attempt undermine the prosecution's case. bannon said, he'd like to testify in a public hearing, but some committee members have already indicated that they strongly prefer that he come in for a private deposition, just like everyone else. so, there's no guarantee that this is actually going to happen. clearly, they need to talk, negotiate, and some legal experts are skeptical of bannon's motivation with this trial fast-approaching. so, pam, we should find out in the next few days how this is all going to happen, how this is all going to break down. the trial begins in a week. >> things commercial. when you get a chance, check out marshall's minute by minute account of the january 6th riot on coming up next on this sunday, but play's landing
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gear catches fire soon after touching down at atlanta international. also ahead for you tonight, sources tell cnn the former governor bill richardson is set to fly to moscow to try and secure the release of two imprisoned americans. and terry stronger, representing the families of the 9/11 victims, reacting to the president's controversial trip to saudi arabia. this week, she joins us live in the cnn newsroom. uv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving. - dad. - yeah? do fish get thirsty? eh. find new answers. find new roads. chevrolet. it's time for our lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. why choose proven quality sleep from sleep number? because every green thumb, 5k, and all-day dance party starts the night before. the sleep number 360 smart bed sensesour movements and automatically adjusts to help keep you both coortable all night
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passengers on the spirit airlines jet got a fried this morning when the brakes caught fire after it touched down in atlanta. scotty bells, on board at the time, told cnn, everything was smooth up until the landing. then, he heard a weird noise coming from the left side and saw flames out of the window. airport officials say, fire crews were deployed to put out the blaze. before the plane was towed to the gate and we are pleased to report, no one was injured. a wildfire is ripping for one of the most popular tourist spots in the u.s.. yosemite national park. in the last 24 hours,
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california's washburn wildfire has doubled in size. nearly 1600 acres have burned so far. people have evacuated a southern section of the park in the neighboring community. flames are threatening the park's famous mariposa grove, where more than 500 majestic sequoia trees have been growing for thousands of years. we have just learned officials there that no trying to circle is in the grove have suffered significant damage. we certainly hope it stays that way. firefighters who worked to extend was a growing number of fires across the west, just one unauthorized drone is all it takes to bring those efforts to a standstill. cnn's stephanie elam has the exclusive story on the first of its kind program in california to get drones out of the danger zone. >> reporter: just one drone. >> it makes our aircraft different or land. >> reporter: all it takes to
4:14 pm
ground a firefight from the sky. >> it's a mandatory stop operations when we see drones operating in our locations. we don't know what the operator is going to do. so, the potential damage to our helicopters or our fixed wing is extensive. >> reporter: let alone the danger to firefighters on the ground. all unauthorized drones can stop aircraft from dropping crucial water or fire retardant on the blaze, and that blaze churns on. >> it continues to burn. it continues to get vigor and threaten people's homes, property, the environment. >> reporter: los angeles county fire is now going on the offensive, partnering with the fbi in a first-of-its-kind drone deterrent program that can hone in on offending drones in seconds. >> when they find the drone, it identifies the location, and we can very rapidly get that information to the intercept team that can then go make contact with that drone operator. >> i set this up so that i
4:15 pm
would be notified if a drone crosses within the location and it is very accurate. the speed, direction, elevation, where he took off from and where he's standing. >> reporter: what happens when they do get to whoever's operating the drone? >> the first thing we do is get the drone back, expect them that there's a wildfire, flying the drone during the wildfire, which is actually a federal felony. we bring that before as clueless, careless or criminal. if it is clueless, we will issue a citation and warned them. majority of the people are able to comply. >> it has been a game changer. >> reporter: los angeles county fire, also deploying their own drones to panel structure fires and wildland blazes. this helps first responders scott fires and target hotspots. >> we can do a 360-degree lap around the entire fire and pinpoint where the fire is without having to put
4:16 pm
firefighters in harm's way. >> reporter: optimally, from 50 to 200 feet away, watching this demonstration for cnn, as the drone's high-definition camera detects the definition of the fire and any people nearby . >> i can switch from regular video screens to the infrared screen for where the hotspots are in the building. so, we can see pretty much anything and everything we'd like to see. >> reporter: putting eyes in the sky where they need them, and keeping them away from places where they shouldn't be. stephanie elam, cnn, los angeles. now, we bring in nick want, live for us in mariposa, california. nick, what is the scene like there? i see smoke behind you. >> reporter: well, that's right. this is the washburn fire, which doubled in size, more than doubled in size in just the space of 24 hours. now, the real issue here, 500 ancient sequoia trees in a place called mariposa grove. these 2000 plus-year-old trees
4:17 pm
are now in danger. right now, there are about 360 firefighters on the ground.hotshot cruise. there are also airdropped as they try to suppress this fire and make sure that it does not damage the trees. we were told, right now, the flames are within a mile or two of mariposa grove. no actual damage to it in the tree area the yet. i believe there is an error of cautious optimism. what they have been doing to try to protect these trees as they have been basically spraying them down. there's a kind of spangler system they have set up around the grizzly giant, one of the biggest of these trees. 209 feet high. what they're try to do is obviously wet the bark and increase the humidity around the tree in the hopes that that keeps it safe, because of course, the issues here, not just the flames, it is the embers. the embers can rise and fly, you know, a mile or two and
4:18 pm
sparked more hotspots and potentially endanger these trees. that's what they're trying to do right now, is keep the trees as humid, as wet as possible and keep the flames as far away as they can. they're digging trenches, fire lines, trying to protect the trees. the issue, it is very hot here right now. it's going to continue to be hot over the next few days. that's their concern. what might be -- one other thing is a concern, sorry, is the terrain. it is steep. it is wooded. it is very difficult for fire crews to operate in this kind of environment, and it also means -- it's also this kind of environment that spreads quickly, and also a lot of dead trees around here that are, of course, doing things in their favor from the past few years. they have been clearing the fuel, the vegetation around these famed all the sequoias to try and keep them safe, and also, something else that might help them, there are burn scars
4:19 pm
from previous buyers. so, once the fire reaches those burn scars, the hope is that it will slow down, and these trees will be safe. pamela? >> all right. thank you so much, nick want you were in the scene in the newsroom with president joe biden defending his plans to travel to saudi arabia this week. he is scheduled to meet with a man he wants reviewers to spepeak to. the saudi crowned prince, wiwit a live report on t that up next.
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4:24 pm
who previously, refused to speak to cnn because of a legit human rights abuse. here's biden on the campaign. >> president trump has not punished senior saudi leaders. would you? >> yes. we will comment that, pay the price and make them, in fact, pariah that they are. there's very little social redeeming value of the president and government in saudi arabia. >> cnn correspondent jack diamond is traveling with the president this weekend. jeremy, the president made clear in his op-ed that he feels that he needs its relationship as the u.s. president, whether he wants it or not. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. president biden acknowledged off the bat in this op-ed that there are many people who may not want him to go to saudi arabia, or don't feel it's appropriate. he also says, listen, his job as resident is to make sure the u.s. is strong and secure, and
4:25 pm
requires the direct diplomacy that he is going to be engaging in this week. of course, the issue with that, as you claimed, it's president biden who said, he wanted to make saudi arabia a pariah. it was his decision, ultimately, to release the cia report that outed the crown prince, mohammed bin salman, is having heard about the murder of the journalist, and is saying this, quote, my aim was to reorient but not rupture the relations with a country that has been a strategic structure for 80 years. my effort will be to strengthen the mutual responsibility small also holding true to find a middle american values, the president writing in an op-ed in the "the washington post." look, president biden will be remaining only with saudi arabia, with the king, as well as the crown prince in that meeting and also will be meeting with the other countries of the gulf cooperation council. so, broader regional stability is at issue here. also, of course, the president will be looking for some help, as relates to oil prices in the
4:26 pm
wake of the war in ukraine. that's a fundamental backdrop across all this. the president will also be visiting israel, as well as the palestinian territories, and while he's there, president biden is going to try and take steps to bring israel and saudi arabia closer.a symbol of that is the direct flight that he will be taking to saudi arabia after israel, the first time for a u.s. president. pam? >> jeremy, thank you so much. a coalition of families and survivors of 9/11 is urging president biden to hold saudi arabia accountable during his visit to the kingdom. after the white house formally announced the trip, terry stroke, who's husband died in the terrorist attack said, quote, president biden must, past presidents have not, demanding transparency from saudi arabia and accountability for those who supported al qaeda and the hijackers who murdered our loved ones. terry strada joins us live now. hi, terry. thank you for joining us. coming up on 21 years since the september 11th attack when you lost your husband that day and her son was 4 days old. you mentioned in the statement,
4:27 pm
you want president biden to demand transparency and accountability during his visit. what does that look like to you? >> well, that looks like the president having an honest conversation with the crowned prince, doing something that no president has ever done before him, and that is have an honest conversation about the role of the kingdom in carrying out the 9/11 attacks, because there is overwhelming evidence that supports the kingdom's agents, providing the support and the network for the hijackers to carry out those attacks. but the moral, legal and diplomatic case we will bringing up for the 9/11 accountability with the crowned prince goes way beyond that of the bad actors doing bad things. the kingdom of saudi arabia, the world knows, was the epicenter of terrorism financing leading up to the attacks, and declassify documents show that the kingdom's state-funded charities, their billionaires, the saudi elites and the saudi banks, they all gave them massive support, what was
4:28 pm
needed for al qaeda and for the terrorist attacks to take place in this country. so, it's the president's obligation to insist that the saudi state now takes responsibility for the attacks, as well as the united kingdom's responsibility to have their institutions and take responsibility. nothing will be accepted less than that from this president on this trip, from the 9/11 community and the american people, which deserve nothing less than that >> yeah. here's what john kirby from the white house told cnn when he was asked specifically whether the president would be raising your concerns during this visit >> he continues to do everything he can to support the families of the victims of 9/11. he knows what a devastating grief they still under, and he will not shy away representing them and their concerns. >> so, he seems to be signaling
4:29 pm
that the president would address your concern, but in the president's op-ed yesterday, the president did not mention anything about confronting the saudis on 9/11. have you received any assurances from the white house? >> reporter: no, i have not. you know, it's very disappointing to read that op- ed today and see that 9/11 was left out of it, but that doesn't mean that, possibly, you know, they're going to be holding it maybe closer to the vest. i don't know. we know that we've been insisting that it be the very first thing -- it has to be prioritized -- everything else can fall behind, having this honest conversation, because our national security depends on a full account of what happened on september 11th. the terrorism financing network that was so complex that the kingdom set up to finance al qaeda, we have no reason to believe that that has been dismantled until they have this honest conversation, and the crown prince, if he wants to stand on the world stage, the global stage and show that he is a responsible actor, this is the first step in doing that.
4:30 pm
take responsibility. >> terry strada, thank you so much for joining us. >> reported: thank you. a pregnant woman, fighting a ticket she got for driving in the high-occupancy vehicle lane. her argument, her unborn child is a passenger. she's gonna join us live coming up, along with cnn legal analyst lonnie , to examine this new wrinkle in the supreme court decision to overturn roe vs. wade. i can't wait for this interview coming up. stay with us. sofi. . get your money right. ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a brand new treatment for moderate-to-sere eczema. cibinq- now fda approved 100% steroid free not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments.
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minutes more restful sleep per night. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, free home delivery when you add a base. ends monday. there is no doubt that the overturning of roe v wade is going to create a host of unexpected dilemmas. in fact, it already has. that's supporting that if law begins at the conception for life, how will that work with people with certain immune disorders? will they be denied this because it can be used for terminate a pregnancy? while we wait for these legal
4:35 pm
reports, news reports that there is already a case headed to court. traffic court, that is. the defendant's brand, tone, and she joins us now for her very first network interview. also, back with us, cnn legal analyst lonnie . or it might make it clear, lonnie is not revisiting brandy in any manner, but we want lonnie to be here to talk about the legal implications of this. randy, to you first, you were pulled over on june 29th wall driving in the hov lane.what happened next? >> so, there's an internet -- a split on the interstate up there, and you go east or west. i had to go east to go back down to 75. i guess they had an hov checkpoint. i had no clue what was going on. i got up on top, slammed on my brakes, and i thought they were maybe looking for someone, or there was a car wreck. never in my wildest dreams --
4:36 pm
it was an hov -- a checkpoint, where i got pulled over, and the officer said, okay, well, you're in an hov lane. i said, yes. he said, all right. is there somebody else in the car. looking around, i said, yes. there is. he said, where, as he speaking in the car. i pointed to my stomach. i said, right here. he said, well, it's two bodies outside of a body. so, that doesn't count. and so, i was kind of in shock. i was like, well, in light of everything that's happened alleges and i'm not trying to make a huge political stance here -- but do you understand that this isn't a baby? he kind of just brushed me off and asked me to go to the other officer to get my citation. i talked to that officer, and he said, similar things, and he
4:37 pm
said, ma'am, this is what you're going to sign it for, and honestly, if you go and fight this, i'm sure it'll get dropped, which then, of course, not only did i get dismissed, didn't have a conversation about it, but i also now just wasted my time. i don't have to waste my time on july 20th until i have another ticket that i feel like i should not have done >> as you are planning to welcome a baby. i know it is a very hectic time in a mother's life. so, i have to ask you this, brandy. prior to this incident, did you support a woman's right to choose, or were you happy to see the supreme court overturn roe? >> that's not really why i made a stance that i did. i feel, i guess, if there's a pro-woman movement, that i would love to be a part of
4:38 pm
that. and so, it just didn't make sense to me why two different laws were not speaking the correct way. >> let's talk about that. good thing we have lonnie here to dissect the laws. so, lonnie, the officer from the dallas county sheriff's department, as we heard, told her that the law state's h-e-b users must have at least one passenger in those vehicles, and the passengers must be, quote, outside the body. we checked the state's will that recognizes a fetus as a person. it appears there is no language in the state transportation code that recognizes a fetus as a person. so, what do you think will happen here? >> so, this is a really interesting legal question. randy, kudos to you for your quick and creative thinking when you got caught in the hov lane. but here's the issue. in the texas transportation code, it's very clear. to qualify to be in an hov lane, you have to be a motorcycle or a vehicle occupied by two or more people.
4:39 pm
as far as my research, as well, pamela, i didn't see anything else that said, a second person had to be in a passenger seat for the second person can be in your womb. it's just two people. you combine that with the texas penal code, which says very clearly, a fetus is a person, to me, that means there were two people in your car when you were in the hov lane. so, it's really going to come down to the judge that you appear in front of when you argue for your ticket and because the law is vague in the transportation code, the judge could really go either way in his own discretion, but even if the judge doesn't rule in your favor, there's already a texas state presented of who is bowing that he's going to submit legislation that will clarify the transportation code, it will say specifically, that a fetus does qualify as a person for driving in the hov lane. >> so, it's interesting, too, because we found this case in california, dating back to 1987. a pregnant woman was pulled over, ticketed in the hov lane, pursued it and eventually won.
4:40 pm
so, do you think brandy's going to have a successful outcome here? it sounds like you think she will likely win the case. i know it depends on who she goes before. it sound like she has a strong case, though, lonnie. >> i think so. now, in this california case, the woman said, you know, her case was called at the end of the day. it was just her and the judge and the staff in the courtroom. the judge was laughing when she laid out her case, and he brought in the interest of justice. he would dismiss it, meaning, he was doing it at his own discretion. he wasn't really saying what the law set one way or the other. i do think randy has a good argument, however, because it's such a hot-button topic right now with roe. it's not exactly clear how the judge will rule. he might not want to set precedents in this area, because obviously, there are going to be a lot of issues besides whether you can driving the hov lane or not. they're going to pop up, because if we're talking about a fetus being a person, there's a lot of other rights attached to being a person that will be litigated in the course, such as does my fetus qualify for a
4:41 pm
tax deduction. does my fetus qualify for citizenship, and does my fetus qualify for child support for these are all issues that will be raised, probably litigated in the courts. >> i want to get final thoughts for you, brandy. have you retained legal counsel? what is the reaction like now that this story has gone viral? what has it been like for you? >> yeah. i do have an attorney. we're working on our case. and then, with the outpour of strangers and supporters and family friends, it's been surreal. i have people from new zealand, which baffles my mind that they heard about a small story that i didn't even know if it was going to be picked up, supporting me. and women from both sides of the parties, holding hands together and just kind of speaking in unity. i, personally, haven't seen a lot of banter back and forth about it. it just is really nice to see. >> that's so nice, also also,
4:42 pm
that you can do something to bring people from both sides of a party, in unity, about this issue. brandy, keep us posted on how things go with you. what a story. wow. best of luck with the birth of your baby coming up soon. >> thank you. >> 34 weeks along. we'll be right back. that generate high commissions for you, right? (fisher investments) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money, only when your clients make more money? (fisher investments) yep. we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments, we're clearly different.
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4:46 pm
. >> the uvalde school shooting and the supreme court's decision overturning "roe v. wade" is having an impact on politics in texas.
4:47 pm
cnn's senior data reporter harry enton is here to run the numbers. hi, harry. we see the polls tightening in the texas governor's race, right? >> we absolutely do. you know, take a look at what happened over the last few months. you know, post the uvalde shooting, look, greg abbott, the governor there is still ahead up by six points but compare that to the polling average beforehand where abbott was up by 13 points. i don't think this is much of a surprise given that beto o'rourke is certainly running on tighter gun control, right? we saw him interrupting that abbott press conference earlier on in the year. we know he was marching in uvalde today. so he's trying to basically focus in on this issue because he believes it's a weak point for abbott, and the polls suggest it may in fact is. >> tell us more about how texans feel about gun control. >> this to me was interesting because i'm always looking at trend lines, right? should gun laws be more strict or less strict or no change? back in february of 2022, what the university of texas poll found was in fact the plurality
4:48 pm
thought that the fun laws in that state should be less strict or be no change, but look now. after the shooting in uvalde. what do we see? now the majority of voters in that state do in fact believe that gun laws should be more strict and there's -- i think that is, again, a data point that suggests that beto o'rourke is on the right track running on tighter gun control, stricter gun control, and that's part of the reason why we saw the polls and see the polls tightening in the state of texas for the gubernatorial race later this year. >> similarly you're seeing the trend on the generic ballot after roe was overturned. >> this is nationally, right? what do we see in look at the choice for congress, the generic congressional ballot, will you vote for the generic republican or democrat in the district, no names assigned to it? republicans are still ahead on that ballot measure just like they are in texas, but that lead is now just a point over the democrats. compare that to pre-roe getting overturned. we saw republicans up by three points, so, again, we see
4:49 pm
politics in motion here. people reacting to what they are seeing on the ground. republicans still have the advantage heading into the mid-term elections, but it's a tighter race than what we saw prior to the supreme court decision. >> so what's the trend on abortion nationally? >> yeah. so, you know, part of the reason why you're seeing that trend right now because, you know, the clear majority of voters disapprove of the supreme court overturning "roe v. wade," right, so what we see right now is 57% in a recent pew research center poll said that in fact they disapprove of the court overturning "roe v. wade," but i should note that that's actually a smaller percentage than back in 2019. but, still, the majority clearly don't -- didn't want "roe v. wade" to be overturned. >> and yet the republicans are still ahead nationally and in texas. why is that? >> yeah. i'm going to take two slides here, and it will give you an idea of what it is, because look at the most important and urgent issue among voters nationally and voters in texas, and that's the biggest problem facing the
4:50 pm
state of texas. voters nationally, 33% say inflation is the top issue. it's not in fact "roe v. wade." voters in texas do not say gun control is the most important issue. it's in fact what's going on at the u.s.-mexico border, 29%, and if we flip forward a slide, what we'll see is that in fact who do the voters trust on this particular issue? look at this, on inflation they trust republicans, voters nationally trust republicans by 19 points over the democrats, and on the border situation voters in texas, they trust greg abbott bever beto o'rourke by 15 points so it's not real much of a surprise that although the races have tightened, the republicans are still ahead both nationally in the race for congress and in the state of texas in that gubernatorial race. >> all right. harri harry enton, great to see you. >> a pleasure. >> check out his podcast "margins of error" on your favorite podcast app or at i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in manyy more cities,
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. w. kamau bell is back asking the tough questions about our country's most challenging issues and the all new season of united shades of america cakama takes us on a journey tackling critical race theory to the native american land-backed movemench here's a preview. >> when people say critical race theory today, what they are
4:56 pm
talking about is a boogieman that has been created by people who want to vilify, besmirch, demonize any sort of thinking that they perceive as progressives thinking about race. >> so the very fact that this time last year very few people had heard of critical race theory, but suddenly overnight critical race theory is that thing that you have to come out and protect your children against. it's a great boogieman, and we think we can make it run, and so far they have been right. >> yeah, yeah. every now and again certain forces in this country come up with a new boogieman that is a thing that they use to say your america is being taken away. >> mm-hmm. >> if you actually follow the money, you'll see tens of millions of dollars have been spent to create critical race theory as the boogieman. >> joining me now is the host of
4:57 pm
united shades of america, w. kamau bell. he is also the co-author of the new book "do the work, an anti-racist activity book" coming out july 19. hi, kamau. you're diving right in with the first episode tackling two topics distorted in recent history, woke and critical race theory. what inspired that? >> i think i heard them bandied about in ways i did not recognize or understand. you know, this was not an episode i was excited to do. it just felt like, oh, i have to do this. i think i'm the guy who does this, so -- >> felt like it was your duty. >> all right. let's talk about it. >> a sworn duty. >> your sworn duty. >> i get it. it's like, you know, taking medicine when you have to. what did you find out about what people think these terms mean versus what these terms actually mean and like where does this term originate and how it got to where it is now when it comes to woke? >> well, in the clip that you -- in the clip that you played,
4:58 pm
first of all, that was professor kimberly crenshaw who was in the room when they invented the idea of critical race theory or when they conceived of it, and so she doesn't recognize what people throw it around as. if your child is in elementary school learning about critical race theory, congratulations, your child is a genius because it's only taught in like law schools generally and with woke, all woke is along with other black slang, it's a way that black people have communicated to people that america is a dangerous place. keep your top eye open. let me pull your coat. stay up. it just means pay attention. that's all woke means, but then forces on the right and forces in the media turn those things into things that we as black people do not recognize, and one way to scare many americans is to connect it to black people. >> so where do you see the country having on these issues? what is the pact going forward? >> you know, i think that if we don't really solve -- if we -- if we allow the forces on the right to demonize teaching accurate history to our
4:59 pm
children, to our schoolchildren, then we're lost, we're done. so i think those of us that know we want our kids to learn accurate history in school, we have to stand up and fight right now. be clear about that. we can't assume it's going to be okay even if our kids go to the kind of school where they are being taught accurate history. we have to fight for all the kids. >> give us a sneak peek. what else are you talking about this season? >> a lot of the things that you've been talking about today on this show. >> did i take it all away from you? >> no, no, no. you're funny. i'm funnier than you, i mean, no offense. >> fair enough. all right. w. kamau bell, go ahead. >> the california wildfires. you were talking about that earlier. >> yes, we have been talking about that. we're abou talk about it next hour. w. kamau bell, always great to see you. thanks so much. really looking forward to these episode. don't miss united shades of america tonight at 10:00. your next hour of cnn newsroom
5:00 pm
starts right now. a major reversal from trump's confidential former adviser. >> we got a letter from his lawyer saying he would testify. >> steve bannon selling january 6th investigators he's willing to testify. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. >> and that he'd prefer to do it publicly. >> i'm certain that the committee would be very interested in hearing from him. >> the broken community of uvalde still demanding answers. >> it's hard to grieve when there's no closure. >> as the sheriff prepares to testify on monday. meantime, police in japan say the man accused of assassinating shinzo abe had a cache of weapons in his home. >> a number of homemade pistols made out of pipe adhesive tape, and he had also considered using explosives. >> new details on what might have motivated the attack. >> and the scramble to safos


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