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tv   United Shades of America  CNN  July 10, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: next on patagonia, life on the edge of the world. as summer arrives, animals are gathering in patagonia's fjords. but, these remote and rich waters are in high demand. the last couple of years have been way out of control.
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let me just take a break and relax. oh, no, don't pay attention. it is all just nonsense. don't get caught up, this too shall pass. >> are you even woke? >> oh, god, so much yelling, so much fighting. >> this is where woke goes to die -- >> getting critical race theory out of our schools is a matter of national survival. >> aren't things bad enough, do we have to fight about this word? >> woke. >> are you woke? >> critical race theory is
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bigoted and it is a lie and every bit as racist as a klansman in white sheets. >> okay, i'm going to try to explain, woke. all right. open my eyes. take a deep breath. oh, no, i'm in arizona. >> all right this is where we are at in america everybody. we have a new enemy and it is, woke.
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maybe also the word but maybe mostly the word? >> he is woke. >> i want florida be known as the brick wall against all things woke. >> you heard him, wokeness, some actually said off a three, the wokearadi, i will keep working on it. >> this is an elite driven phenomenon. >> and look, let me be clear, woke used to mean something, the phrase was one of the long line of slang that black folks invented to point at the idea that america is dangerous. and we as black folks need to be careful and smart. -- do you know what woke is, how would you define woke? >> that's a great question, it is not any dictionary
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definition. >> i think it is used by people who think they are enlightened to put down the viewpoints of people who disagree with them. >> i heard the phrase that people who get woke go broke. i have heard some people -- >> people who get woke get broke. that's funny, i got woken i got a tv show. how do i start even wading into this woke storm? oh, wait -- the perfect place, arizona. ♪ we have some breaking news for you, we are getting election results out of arizona tonight. >> in the past few years, arizona has changed-ish. for only the second time since 1952, arizona turned blue in 2020. i mean if you believe in numbers and math and stuff. if you are a freaking nerd. like all blue states, the blue is concentrated in the urban areas.
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also, i wouldn't say that arizona is blue or a deep blue. it is like a purple blue. like a bruised blue. and the bruised color is perfect because arizona is a battleground state. heavy on the battle part. don't take my word for it, asked a local. -- what is this like in his occasional blue state? >> it is a beautiful state but i have learned to pick and choose who i engage with. and what i engage about. >> this is dr. tara armstrong. the teacher, gamer, and former litchfield elementary school board member and a black woman. that last part is key to the story. -- do you feel that battleground when you walk in the state? >> it tends to be, right now, the battleground. -- >> we know who we are. we know who we are. >> if the fight over wokeness is our new civil war, or critical race theory is our gettysburg. i think hold on let me google
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gettysburg. -- a fight about nothing, and -- yes, crt is gettysburg. >> taking other steps that restrict teaching critical race theory. >> the whole country is inflamed, look at the gubernatorial race, it was won and lost over crt and woke. >> teaching our children to judge one another based on their skin, that does exist in virginia schools today and that's why i signed the executive order yesterday to make sure that we get it out of our schools. >> it is ugly and arizona is no exception, so in 2021, litchfield elementary school district in the heart of the county was was doing what a lot of schools were doing. having a racial reckoning in a microsoft word document. the ubiquitous 2020, stayed with me, equity statement. >> it was chaos, it was absolute chaos. mike it was inappropriate for a
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board member to hold up a sign that says, not true while i am speaking. >> people coming in and screaming and yelling at each other. >> you need to be banned, throw her out. >> people having to call the cops for us all. >> let's check out this equity statement out. blah blah blah, that can't be it, let's see, further down. equity and racism, and it seems fine to me -- oh, and asked kennedy quote, let's read the quote. one either allows racial inequities to persevere as a racist, or confronts racial inequities as an antiracist. there is no in between save space of not racist. that is it, that is the smoking gun? i think they are just as mad. around the time of all of this is exactly when tara became a member of the litchfield elementary school board.
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there's going to be a lot of sighing in this episode. >> i got appointed in march and my first meeting was in april. >> so april of 2021? >> yes. even the first board meeting i went to, people asked me what you believe about critical race theory question mark what you think about equity, are you really a doctor? >> they were still interviewing you? >> the assumption was, i am a pro black, you can't stand anything else. i am here to advocate for the students. who were not getting what they need. >> what did you feel like the students needed that they weren't getting? >> they were not getting a voice, all of these issues with equity and critical race theory. i hear what students are saying. but yet they are not being heard. students need to hear the whole history. of this country. that is what critical race theory is, telling the whole history. it is not specifically about race. >> what do they think critical race theory is? >> they believe that we will
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teach students that white people are the oppressors and black people are people of color are the oppressed and we are not doing that in the classroom. >> let's quickly clear this up and get an exact definition of crt . this is professor kimberly crenshaw. she and her colleagues invented crt. >> critical race theory is the study of how law has historically facilitated racial projects of subordination like enslavement, like genocide like colonialism and how it continues to embed itself in our contemporary world. >> grade, well done professor crenshaw. we will come back to you later. >> so i felt like i was placed on their, not just because of my credentials but we need someone who looks like you. to sit here while we are talking about critical race theory and in equity. >> be the blackface amongst the white faces.
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what would you say the racial makeup of that district is? >> ironically, it is 60% minority. >> how? five seats? were there any minorities on the board? if so, 20% of the board is minority, and 60% of the district is minority. >> right, which is very uncomfortable. i really did a school drive, with the intention of showing what equity is. i got the community together, and people donated and we ended up with over four or 500 with supplies. and i explained, this is equity, everybody doesn't need a new back pack. everybody doesn't need supplies, but why not help those that need it? >> do they like the fact that you did that? >> i actually got paid for doing that. >> for doing a backpack drive. >> i got to the point where i wasn't sleeping at night. so i pinned my resignation letter and gave it to them and
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it might surprise you that
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despite the fact that it's basically my job to be woke, god i hate that word. i hadn't give critical race theory much thought until recently. probably because critical race theory was mostly discussed in graduate classes agger better universities. but i dropped out of college. >> critical race theory says that every white person is a racist. critical race theory says that america is not mentally racist. >> we had band critical race theory. >> critical race theory seeks to turn us against each other. and if someone has a different color skin and seeks us to pay for that person. >> we are not spending taxpayer dollars to keep kids hating each other in this country. >> if we are going to talk about critical race theory than we need to distinguish between us -- >> if white people get smart about black people can't get free, and one of our main tasks is to do whatever possible to try to get whites to see that
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today, what they and their predecessors haven't been willing to see for 300 years. >> which is actual critical race theory. >> there are arguments about whether we should teach kids in accurate history of america -- >> what did you say? race theory? >> critical race theory, what are your thoughts on that? tonight is it okay if a teacher says that slavery is bad, is that okay? >> know? >> so what if they say are not good. >> nothing is bad. >> nothing is bad? >> i am not surprised if you are confused, which is why i grind my teeth when i sleep. >> it is manipulation and manufacturing a crisis. >> who is manufacturing it? >> the democrats, it is always a race card. i am sick of it. we need to teach people how to compete. >> so we should teach more of american history here? so the history of america with slavery, genocide of native americans?
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not that stuff? >> no, not the whole thing. >> we are talking about the idea that some people say that wokeness has gone too far and that america has gotten too focused on being woke. >> okay, is that a question? >> i am sort of afraid to ask it now. it is not my question, they made me do it, already have my answer to it. have america got soft? >> i am super high right now. you are blowing my mind. >> i am not even here, this is a part of the simulation. enjoy your evening. have a good night. thank you. >> some of the responses you got about what is critical race theory are insane. they have nothing to do with the work that we are doing. they do, however -- they have everything to do with the historic use of racism. as a political bank account. that a faction of our society can always draw from. >> really crenshaw is academic loyalty.
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a professor at ucla law and columbia law, she has degrees from harvard, cornell and the university of wisconsin. you know that word you like to throw around, she invented it. as we have already covered, she's a pioneering scholar of crt. >> critical race theory is a prism, it is a way of making sense out of the continuity of racial inequality but making sense out of it. in order to do something about it. it is not an effort to say all white people are bad. >> as a bonus because i love you, we are joined by randall kennedy, a scholar and harvard law professor. known as a bar more small conservative voice, he so the back-and-forth they are having today has been going on for years. and they haven't always agreed, but look, they keep it respectful. take note, internet. >> i would add, that people who complain that crt and other
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progressive voices are painting american history in a one- dimensional misleading manner. i didn't hear any of this talk when you had people who were going to school and learning in their history books that slavery was actually not so bad. when people say critical race theory today, what they are talking about is a bogeyman that has been created by people who want to vilify, besmirch, demonize, any sort of thinking that they perceived as progressive thinking about race. >> the very fact that this time last year, very few people had heard of critical race theory. but suddenly, overnight, critical race theory is that thing that you have to come out and protect your children against. it is a great bogeyman and we
10:20 pm
think that we can make it run. and so far, they have been right. >> every now and again, certain forces come up with a new bogeyman that is a thing that they used to say, your america is being taken away. >> if you actually follow the money, you will see tens of millions of dollars had been spent to create critical race theory as the bogeyman. >> it is a slogan, and a category of thought that has been put to political and partisan use, and that is actually what critical race theory, in quotation marks, has come to me, today. >> can you teach me a little bit mark? >> i am part irish, we were treated worse than slaves. >> really? treated worse than slaves? >> we were called the dirty irish and it was economic. >> that's because we were a property investment. you would treat your tv nice.
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their very lives to defend their country. >> look, the only time lay down your lies is appropriate to talk about any school setting is to teach about black kids trying to enter schools or teaching about school shootings. as we all know, once the debate turns into this -- >> i am disgusted by your bigotry -- >> productive conversation over. brandon kill hoffer, a parrot with a child in the litchfield school district has enough. >> they write sometimes brown horses are black horses, and you ask too many questions. >> we have got all kinds of colors. >> who is this? >> high jeremiah. >> he is the kid that is homeschooling him because he was part of the litchfield district and, we just weren't confident this year was going to be a year that offered a lot of stability there. >> oh, okay. >> brenda's son attended at the
10:26 pm
height of the crt battle. so seeing the debate spillover, brenda did whatever caring mother with her, she rolled up her sleeves and went viral. >> in 1933, adolf hitler introduced racism education in the schools. the education system was the way they indoctrinated youth and trained them for activism for -ism. >> if you are a watcher of the show, this is what you know i do, have conversations with people i don't always agree with. but take note, it is respectful, no yelling and no one got hit with a chair. -- so let's talk about the equity statement. >> we got an email from one of the board members that was screaming, all they are doing this critical race theory and i never heard of critical race theory . >> statistically, none of us had it until recently. >> so i sigh social media post and an article about how bad this whole equity statement was. a day or two before going to
10:27 pm
the meeting, the transformational equity work document fell into my hands. >> the transformational activity work document laid out a multiyear plan devised on the litchfield school district to work towards equity and five specific areas. those were -- discipline, achievement, continued learning, diverse curriculum and diverse staff. >> this is a document that was built completely by the committee, that no one knew about. so i thought, anything that not being transparent to the parents was concerning to me. there was a piece in there that they were going to reduce black suspensions by insurgents percentage. it wasn't suspected across the board, they only wanted to reduce black suspensions. then there was a statement about statistics and hiring black teachers. and then i went to that next meeting and i have said as much that these were the things that concerned me about the document and i really had no idea what kind of storm i put myself in
10:28 pm
the middle of. >> we should reject racism by repealing the equity statement and all supportive documents to the plan. thank you. >> people have different perspectives of the same activity or the same book. because when you say to me the school district wants to lower suspensions of black kids, what i hear from my perspective is that there have been studies that say black kids get disciplined harsher than white kids. they get suspended more often and they get expelled more often, they get sent to the office more often. >> i have heard of that. >> it's is a national issue that a black kids are suspended at a higher rate. so i imagine that is one thing we can do, we can look at that. >> the biggest issue with the original transformational equity document for most parents was that it had a quote , and really, they felt it was going to encompass a lot of those belief systems.
10:29 pm
as you walk through it, it did, that is when it now becomes more of a religion and if you are going to teach critical race theory as a worldview, then maybe you should be teaching christianity as a worldview, too. >> i have been black all my life, i have got one of the most radical black moms, she leads one of the lakes and blacktop. i had not heard critical race theory until the past year. so the idea that somehow critical race theory is some embedded religion is like it is not a thing that black people are dealing with. we are skipping past, should american schools do a better job of teaching and accurate age-appropriate version of history to our students? >> i think the challenges the perception on the right side, is that it is not about adding to, it is about replacing and getting rid of. and ignoring the past. >> we can talk about thomas jefferson all day long and the beautiful things that he wrote and the declaration of independence but we also have to get into that he owned slaves. and i'm talking about a version of slavery that is about economics and about how every slave had three meals a day.
10:30 pm
and then it leads to the i have a dream speech and then skip from there to barack obama. now how do we get to this place where we can teach accurate histories of this country's to students. >> i have a problem, yes, do have a problem, yes, do i think that critical race theory is the way to do it? no. i think it compounds the problem. >> can you define critical race theory for me, i think that's the other thing, i like to know the definitions. i want to make sure that i'm operating on your definition. >> for me it is that core belief and value that white is the oppressor and lack is the victim. and the fact that that core value is there in the middle of it, is where the challenges for me. >> i think there is a thing called critical race theory and i think some people have used that buzzword, to turn it into what you just said. >> my grandchild is black. i don't want him growing up being told that he's a victim. nor do i want my white kids being told that they are pressers.
10:31 pm
people are fighting and up to my why add more fuel to the fire? >> to the equity statement mentioned critical race the rake? >> the equity statement did not. it was all of the websites that you went to and all of the buzzwords that went with critical race theory. make sure that you have your hands flat, otherwise it might end up in their mouths. >> okay over here. all right, all right, so i still got all of them. all five, jeremiah. there we go, there we go. those are my fingers, those are my fingers, yes. for moderate-t. cibinqo - now fda approved 100% steroid free not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and cibinqo provides clearer skin and helps relieve itch. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. do not take with medicines that prevent blood clots.
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how would you define woke? >> the advanced generation of political correctness. >> do they do offer doing canada today? >> absolute. >> so that is the mexican way of saying that? >> to me, america is not woken up. >> yes, yeah, it is. >> so this is your first time in phoenix? >> what is the deal with arizona, it is not really the south. >> but people call it a desert florida. because florida is the same way. it is not really the south like the south. i think there is something about here, that people of all political stripes like to move
10:36 pm
your because of the weather. it is like florida. >> i get it, even with everybody talking about wokeness, i am not surprised that most people don't have a working definition of woke and i know someone who definitely does. michael herriot is another writer of a book on the show, author of "black history", he knows exactly how to make it plain. while screaming into the void. >> i thought about the idea of woke. one of the slang that we throughout for a little while and we go all that was fun. and we put it on the shelf. >> because white people found out about it. >> i thought we were done with it. and to see the fox news is of the world and even a left-wing media wrestling with the idea of woke. it was confusing to me because we are done with that. >> does the word, and the concept of woke. the concept has been around for years. and the thing about it is, the first time that we heard the
10:37 pm
word woke, was in the 1920s with a blues player named huddy leadbelly. he heard of this case of the black boys in alabama being falsely accused of a white woman. and they were imprisoned and he wrote a song about the scottsboro boys. now after he finished playing the song. he waits for a second and he tells everyone, you know, if you are black and going to alabama, keep your eyes open and you have to stay woke. >> from those roots, woke established itself as a watchword, a creative way for one black person to say to another, hey, be smart and stay aware, america is dangerous. you know, keep your top eye open and keep your head on top and keep a coat. for decades, wokesters stayed on the bench. poking its head out there. and then came 2014. the killing of michael brown in
10:38 pm
ferguson by a police officer, heralded the rise of the hashtag, stay woke on twitter. even though black twitter is run by black folks, it is on regular twitter where everybody can see it. and woke became the handle of liberals. all of a sudden, everybody was woke. woke in the dog park , woke at the farmers market. woke to get a new phone. it was a battle cry for self- righteousness and a campaign. so many black folks stop using it seriously. reason for fun now. >> wokeness is divisive, exclusionary and hateful. >> even though we tried to bury it, they found the body. and then huddy leadbelly and fraken-woke was born. now woke is a catchall for everything and anything that
10:39 pm
america sees as a threat. it is the war on christmas, year-round. >> so there is an idea of woke minutes, and now it is being connected to crt to attack school boards. you know what i mean? like we have to stop this woke mob because they want to put crt in our schools and that will turn us into marxist . >> i think it is a flowchart, how to get from trans people, and regardless of how you feel about america. you should want to perfect it and that is why i don't understand the demonization of the efforts to make this a more perfect union. >> yeah. can instantly start saving on your travels. so you can go and see all those, lovely, lemony, lemons. ♪ and never wonder if you got a good deal.
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cnn special report, steve bannon, divided we fall. just because i do not want critical race theory talk to my children in school does not mean that i'm a racist, >> when filmmaker ken burns does his documentary about the crt wars, this is how they are remembered. >> you are on the edge of educational malpractice. >> but it will look better with the moving camera thing. >> i'm going to finish -- >> you are not going to finish, mrs. swarts. >> we have one fella in our community, and the other black people will not talk to them, they will not talk to him. >> come on people, you have to do better than this. can five adults with different viewpoints actually have a conversation? let's find out. cynthia swarts, a pickle ball
10:44 pm
or and an advocate for getting the fundamentals back in education, sean carter, not that one, the creator of the hashtag, and michael finnegan, a local anti-alpha05 retiree. and a activist from the navajo nation. >> there are many things that have come out of the school board meetings over the last 18 months. what is going on from your perspectives? >> well, there are a lot of folks challenging what we call critical race theory. in the classroom. and, for me, as a native american in this country, the first peoples of this land, it is hard for me to understand why we wouldn't want to educate our children about all of the history of this country, even if it is dark. even if it is hard to comprehend. >> crt is an academic term that came out of harvard. it is a theory that has not been proven yet. >> like gravity is a theory? >> it used to be. crt, i think stands for racial tension. >> i have seen it.
10:45 pm
>> it is very divisive and is not unifying and it turns american values of saigon. crt is using race, because it is immutable. >> what do you mean that it is immutable? >> you cannot change your race. i mean, you are stuck with what you are. >> but you said it's an academic term. is there a way that they are preserving race through law, the american society? >> i don't know. >> let me give you an example of what crt might cover. they would explain, the reason why we have these huge disparities between black and white homeownership was because there was a redline in the community. >> there was redlines around black communities. >> the idea that teaching that is divisive because what? because we should just let people assume that it happened by accident? >> that black people don't make good financial decisions? >> crt is the say that this
10:46 pm
some historical thing happen covering tens of thousands of people over a long period of time, this is how we got to where we are now. i'm trying to figure out why that divisive? why that is offensive. who gets hurt? >> critical race theory finds racism in everything. >> so it finds racism where racism doesn't exist? >> it can. tonight there are some definitions and fuzziness about it depending on who you talk to. what blew up our district was the reference to antiracism kennedy. people think children are made to feel bad because they are of a certain color or people are made to feel ashamed, kids are being told that they are inherently racist. people have gone to the extreme that this country is horrible. it is terrible. and that is all that we hear is negative, negative, negative. >> just because you don't have
10:47 pm
any kids in the school. i get asked that a lot. >> i understand that, but i don't know why that matters. >> my tribe, the navajo nation is 27 square miles. and the majority of the navajo nation is in arizona. i was in a school system that was very strict and traditional that cover the history of my people in two paragraphs for me i didn't learn the history of my own people until i was in college. for my future children, i want them to walk into a world where they are not thought of as inferior, or savages, or -- >> or only worthy of two paragraphs? >> maybe we would only be there if we invested in critical race theory and it was an education that was taught. >> ideas have consequences, your view of history will affect your view of today. and your view of tomorrow. so, these struggles over
10:48 pm
curriculum, these struggles over, you know, so-called divisive ideas. it is not just limited to the seminar room, it is not just limited to what little sally and what little jane and what little johnny right in a paper. this is about the constitution of the united states of america. w leathan the leading wipese with no wipe waste. garnier micellar cleansing water and reusable eco pad. by garnier, naturally! covid-19. some people get it, and some people can get it bad. and for those who do get it bad, it may be because they have a high-risk factor - such as heart disease, diabetes, being overweight, asthma, or smoking. even if symptoms feel mild, these factors can increase your risk of covid-19 turning severe. so, if you're at high risk and test positive - don't wait - ask your healthcare provider right away if an authorized oral treatment is right for you. right now, we're all feelin' the squeeze.
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in the show we have been talking about wellness.
10:52 pm
that's just a distraction from the struggles we have in this country. it's a fight that black folks, indigenous folks and people of color no. especially if they are also members of the lgbtq community. >> you are teaching children to hate others because of their skin color and your forcing them to lie about other kids gender. >> at the same time schools are attacking crt, or also been used to attack the out to be dq plus sign community. you probably heard about the legislation known as the don't say gay bill . heading into the midterms, legislators proposed at least 325 bills that target the l to be dq community. there's only 50 states. >> when they come after one group and everybody sits back and lets them do it, then they will come after the next group. and the next group and the next
10:53 pm
group. and as the saying goes when they came after, there was nobody left. >> i'm going to talk to the kids actually affected by this. right now in the nation as you all know in your expensing your schools there's a lot of america has gotten to woke. the woke mob is ruining america. i can talk to some not in the classrooms and talk to teachers about in the classroom, but we really why want to use the opportunity from you all. it was victoria, joey, jamie and duncan are a part of safe, student alliance for equality. also joining is autumn brown, an organizer that works in reconciliation. what is woke? >> i don't know what that means. i cannot answer you. i feel old hearing that word.
10:54 pm
i'm only 16, yet i don't really understand some of the slang terms nowadays. >> it is not a word you are using? i would be shocked if it was freight is not a word you are using? >> is a word used against us. i'm sorry i am not well enough to know what non-binary means or any of that means to use your pronouns. i identified as an attack helicopter. >> you are quoting people, aren't you? you not just making that up. >> directly. >> i would not say i use it all but i would think woke would be understanding current events and new concepts. >> that's what it was originally meant. >> a has kind of turned into this. >> critical race theory. i talked to a lot of adults, some parents and some concerned
10:55 pm
citizens who don't have kids in schools who say that you all are being indoctrinated with critical race theory and that you are proof of that. voice i'm curious though, you laughed in this way that was like the notion is absurd. >> we get taught the opposite. we get textbooks from the early 2000 where they still portrayed the civil rights movement in black and white but reagan is in color. i am learning shakespeare right now. the last book i read was beowulf. i have not read any modern books for the most recent book i read is i know the caged bird sings. that's probably the only red book by black person. arizona only has standards and does not have a curriculum. >> i want to talk about the l to be dq issues here that i hear the clubs and they sound great and i know many of their politicians in arizona are
10:56 pm
trying to do things for example, if you want to join a gsa type club you have to get permission by your parents. >> that is a dangerous thing. we've had a student outed to parents in our pride club. there was almost a physical altercation. school is sometimes the almost only safe place for students. the book bans have been happening, the number one banned book in 2020 was george, a book about the transgender person. eight of the top 10 banned books in 2019 were about to be dq plus people. they are starting to shift the world around us and soon enough it will come in on us. >> if you could figure out things i would change this for the next generation that would be better with what would that be? >> we need to learn more about racism and how that affects our country. i see people in school saying slurs and being negative because they don't understand the history behind it. i think including more lgbtq+
10:57 pm
topics would allow lgbtq+ people to learn where they come from and where the roots come from. not letting the be seen students feel like they are inferior and they don't belong. i think it's important to have a more inclusive curriculum were students feel like they are themselves. >> i think a curriculum done correctly is automatically diverse. at the end of the day, is crt a problem? is teaching kids about the broad rainbow of humanity a problem? or is woke being used to further divide us when we are already divided pretty well. remember the equity statement in litchfield in the summer of 2021 the school board approved a revised equity statement seeming pretty similar to the first one. folks are still arguing at the school board meetings.
10:58 pm
>> i'm talking about our schools. >> what is the solution? how do we get out of this? what is the path going forward? >> what is the solution. this is not going to be one solution, there is not one silver bullet i think our country is in tremendous peril. all i can say is wherever you are, whatever you are doing you have to be attentive and have to be alert and you have to be mobilized and i would urge everybody to do whatever they can to become active and knowledgeable and speak up and step up. it's all hands on deck. i have never felt more trepidation about the state of america than i have felt in the past few years and i feel right now. >> i think we are in a political thriller in this country and we do not know how it's going to end. >> don't let the media confuse
10:59 pm
you. and i mean all of the media. woke, it's not really a thing. remember the psa's that said the more you know, that's all woke is. it's the more you know. and the more you know the better you are able to maneuver through this life and understand that the world is not all about you. and when politicians and the media and bad actors and elon musk and tucker carlson and mother tuckers, when they use woke him up there just trying to distract us from the fact that this country is on fire and the only way we will put it out as if we learn how the fire started. but the more we learn about the fires, the real ones, metaphorical, historical ones, the better able we are to put the fires out. shout out billy joel. and don't let people use kids as the shield. this is not about the children. when people say think of the children i say yeah. i am thinking of the children, my children. i want them to learn all about this country. i want them to learn about
11:00 pm
slavery, frank sinatra, janelle monae, those platform shoes with fish in them, the worn ukraine, science, and much much more. you want your kids to learn much much less? yikes. hello, welcome. joining us here in the united states and around the world you're watching sue and then -- cnn newsroom. just had, japan prepares to lay to rest its longest-serving leader as new details emerge about his shocking assassination. we are live in tokyo with the latest. the extremist groups is at the center of the next hearing into the january 6th u.s. capital insurrection. after months of refusals


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