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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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protection against ba.5. >> so we heard there, alisyn, boosters, masking. they're all still very important tools to protect us right now. >> that is not welcome news, by the way, that people want to hear there's this subvariant out there. jacqueline howard, thank you for alerting us. it's the top of the hour on cnn newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. we're learning more about what the january 6th committee is planning for tomorrow's televised hearing. the committee plans to question a former spokesperson for the extremist group known as the oath keepers. investigators say they will show the extensive planning that went into the capital attack. and the possible connections between these alt right groups and donald trump, and his advisers. cnn chief congressional corres correspondent manu raju joins us live. what will we see tomorrow. >> reporter: this is the latest effort by the committee to show donald trump's actions leading
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to the violence that occurred here that day. we've already seen this committee detail how donald trump pressured all aspects of the government to try to overturn the electoral results, the justice department, state officials, vice president mike pence. for tomorrow at the hearing they plan to show the oath keepers, and proud boys to take action and lead to the violence we saw in this building on january 6th. we will hear live testimony from one former member of the oath keepers, a former spokesperson, jason van patenhove someone he said had a lot of inside information, according to what he told a colorado tv station, said he had inside access to the oath keepers. we'll learn about that, and we'll also learn about a meeting that occurred mid-december, december 18th. jamie raskin, the congressman from maryland plans to lead the questioning tomorrow, says it will be a key focus of the hearing tomorrow. >> one of the things that people are going to learn is the
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fundamental importance of a meeting that took place in the white house on december the 18th. and on that day, the group of lawyers, of outside lawyers who have been denominated team crazy by people in and around the white house, came in to try to urge several new courses of action, including the seizure of voting machines around the country. >> reporter: now, this is expected to be the final hearing of this week, after the committee decided to postpone plans that were in the works were not official yet for a thursday hearing. now we do expect future hearings on this topic, but expect tomorrow to be the final hearing this week as they examine those extremist groups and their actions on that day. >> manu, what about what happened last week? we know the committee talked to former white house counsel pat cipollone behind closed doors. are we going to learn what he said? >> almost certainly we'll learn snippets of it.
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they will show snippets of video depositions they have from key trump officials, pat cipollone being one of the most important officials, someone involved in so many key conversations with donald trump, in and around january 6th. someone who tried to advise the president against doing things according to the testimony of cassidy hutchinson against going to the capitol on january 6th that day after he spoke at that rally. now, it's unclear exactly what we will hear from the revelations from this deposition, but that occurred over the course of roughly eight hours, and the committee has said that he corroborated key aspects of almost every element of its investigation so undoubtedly, alisyn, we'll hear tomorrow more from cipollone, not just at that hearing, but also potential future hearings ahead. alisyn. >> manu raju, thank you very much. so days before bannon's criminal contempt trial was going to begin, a judge just rejected a request from bannon who was a former trump strategist. he was asking for a delay, but he also just had a major change of heart saying he actually is
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willing to testify in the january 6th investigation. cnn's senior justice correspondent evan perez joins me live. evan, what's going on here? >> reporter: it looks like steve bannon's change of heart may have been influence by information he received from the justice department. we'll get to that in just a minute, alisyn. but importantly, a judge today ruled that bannon's trial, scheduled for monday is going to go ahead as planned. bannon was trying to delay that trial. he also is now being told he's limited in what he can say as part of his defense. he's not allowed to claim -- make these claims about executive privilege as the reason for why he is in this predicament, but as you pointed out, bannon suddenly has decided that he wants to testify to the january 6th committee. of course this is one of the charges that he is facing. he's facing two counts, one of them for defying this subpoena from the committee for testimony, a second count is for failing to turn over documents
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that the committee had subpoenaed. and it appears that we now know at least part of the reason why bannon has had this change of heart, we learned from a court filing from prosecutors that about two weeks ago, justin cl clark, who is a trump attorney he was interviewed by the fbi, and he told the fbi agents that he never told bannon's legal team that he had a blanket claim of protection from executive privilege that the former president has been claiming. he never had that kind of protection, so that really blew a hole in the entire defense that steve bannon was trying to present, which was that he can't testify because he was being protected by executive privilege. so now we know the trial is going to go as planned, and he won't be able to say that he was acting because of the president's claim of privilege. >> okay. also, the doj has this new court filing regarding the extremist
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group, the oath keepers, what does it say? >> well, we learned from this filing, we learned a little more from this filing, alisyn, that some of these -- obviously we know that there was a lot of violence connected to this group, but prosecutors say that is there was -- there were things like explosives that they were prepared to bring in to washington that day. that they had training sessions on unconventional warfare. obviously prosecutors trying to portray that this group had serious, serious violence planned ahead of time of january 6th, that this wasn't just a spontaneous riot, that this was something that was very well planned. they had a death list for officials that they wanted to get after, and, you know, again, it really paints a picture of what prosecutors say was a serious danger that this group presented on january 6th. they're facing very serious charges including seditious conspiracy. that trial is coming up in the
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next few weeks. alisyn. >> evan prerez, thank you very much for all of that reporting. let's bring in harry litman, former u.s. attorney, and assistant attorney. and errol louis, a political anchor for spectrum news. gentlemen, great to see you. why does steve bannon now want to testify before the committee after he's had his chance for months. >> he's trying to delay the inevitable and the inevitable is this trial for contempt of congress. it's okay to assert your privilege against self-incrimination, everybody has that right, it's okay to make a bogus claim of executive privilege, but you have to show up and do it. and steve bannon didn't bother to show up. that's why his trial is scheduled to begin, and that's why he'll almost certainly lose that case. this is a last ditch effort, they sent legal papers, let's delay the trial just a little bit more because i want to go engage in a political circus before the january 6th committee, and the committee wants nothing to do with this, and so he will have to answer for his actions in disregarding
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the subpoena for all of these mont mo months. >> the judge has decided it will start on time. harry, this whole executive privilege question, sounds like it never existed. donald trump sent a letter to the committee saying i lift the executive privilege or i waive it. why would donald trump want steve bannon to testify. >> it's a ham handed ploy by two sk scandals, maybe if bannon would pontificate, and do his grand standing, but that's never going to happen from the committee's point of view. everything is completely choreographed and they're not going to let him come on in there and start expounding bannon crazy theories. they would have to depose him, even cassidy hutchinson was deposed four times. they're being very very careful that everything that happens
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there, they know. in terms of bannon, it's absolutely an attempt to say, oh, i now can go forward, meaning that i was -- i wasn't violating the law before because trump had not given me permission. but that was wrong in six ways, including this recent lawyers thing, but trump didn't have the executive privilege. bannon didn't come close to qualifying. it's really just -- just a ham handed ploy by people whose reputations precede them, so they are generating a lot of skepticism from the committee. i don't look for this to happen for a second. >> you know, i can see why the committee would want to interview steve bannon because errol, he said something on his podcast the day before january 6th that i think raises some questions. i mean, i think they would certainly want to say, why were you so confident in this prediction? so let's remind people of what he said. >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow.
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just understand this. all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it's not going to happen like you think it's going to happen. okay. it's going to be quite extraordinarily different, and all i can say is strap in. the war room, a posey, you have made this happen, and tomorrow it's game day, so strap in. >> so now that he says he will testify, shouldn't they ask him about that. >> he's going to have to answer them, and believe me, it will come up in his trial again. this is somebody who's a talk radio host, who talked himself into a pot of hot soup. he was so determined to sort of have that sly moment, oh, all hell is going to break loose, stay tuned, we're going to go into a commercial break, and in the course of being bombastic, and letting people know he was an insider, he has alerted the congress and the department of justice that he is an insider, and he has to answer under oath both for his actions and what he knew to either corroborate or actually maybe explains what level of culpability he might have had in the violent actions that he so gleefully predicted
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the day before. >> harry, let's talk about what's going to happen tomorrow. they're going to interview, as far as we know, this self-pro claimed prop bagandaist who say he was never a member but knows how they operate, and i assume they're going to ask him if he was connected to anybody in trump's orbit. >> yeah, so that's the whole point, including what we were just talking about with bannon. it's potentially huge because we have, you know, the nastiest stuff possible on the ground, just bloodthirsty terrorists we're talking about, but bannon, or anybody in congress as they have been teasing, the real question is how are you going to tie it to trump. schiff has talked about a conflict of interest, and they are trying to bring something nor concrete forward. that would be the biggest piece of the missing puzzle. tomorrow i think we'll see a vivid picture of the nastiest criminal enterprise on the part
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of the oath keepers, and then it will come to the falling hearings and maybe a little bit tomorrow to try to bridge it together from the white house, possibly through stone and giuliani and bannon and the like. >> errol, what will you be watching for tomorrow, and do you think we'll learn more about what pat cipollone said behind closed doors. >> we'll be able to interpolate it or the extent they have used it to crab rate what we knew. they're going to use him to say he's reliable, he confirmed everything we knew, and he's giving us new insights. i'll be listening for the new insights, increasingly, i'm going to be listening for what this committee is going to do. at the end of the day, these are congressional hearings, and they're going to make some recommendations, possibly about legislation, about what states can do to protect themselves. this is painted such a gripping picture of democracy under attack, we have so many different areas where we need to
12:13 pm
shore up the democracy, and that includes, you know, making clear what the electoral count act is, and what the vice president's role is on the critical day, and also, you know, things like, how do you protect the capitol from future attacks. how do you make sure we're never caught this unprepared again? >> if they're wrapping up, erro, l, will they be saying some of those things, telling the public what their recommendations are? >> all indications are that. they're learning so much stuff, they postponed the thursday hearing. they may have more work to do before they can start to conclude it. >> harry, this tweet that the president sent on december 19th, big prose test in d.c. on january 6th, be there. will be wild. is he legally -- is that legally damming to him? >> look, i think so. and the testimony from hutchinson, what is damming now for him is whether he knows about the violence, which is, you know, in effect, is he a member of a seditious conspiracy.
12:14 pm
that was called a siren call, and we have oath keepers, who i think have said the same. they were there, and we showed up because the president wanted us to. like wise, all the other information that he knew what was happening, and even tried to foment the violence on the 6th. that puts him in the most serious category of orcffenders sedi seditious conspirators. >> thank you both very much. our special coverage of the january 6th hearing kicks off at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. and this weekend, join drew griffin for a new investigation into steve bannon, and his master plan to reshape the u.s. government and the republican party. our cnn special report divided we fall begins at 8:00 p.m. on sunday. there's a new effort to free wnba star brittney griner from russian prison. what diplomats and lawmakers are doing next.
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aaa roadside assistance on us. on the ground, in the air, overseas... t-mobile has coverage beyond the expected. former new mexico governor and ambassador bill richardson is set to go to moscow within weeks in an effort to try to free two detained americans. wnba star brittney griner and former marine paul whelan. richardson helped secure the release of trevor reid earlier this year. griner has pleaded guilty to drug smuggling charges. she said she was in a hurry packing and put two tiny viles of cannabis oil in her bag
12:20 pm
accidentally. she could face ten years in prison in russia. in the past week, president biden spoke separately with griner's wife, and whelan's sister. congressman jackson high temperature lee, thank you so much for being here. do you think ambassador richardson going there can make that happen. >> alisyn, thank you for having me this afternoon. as you well know, russia held the very fact that they had brittney griner for at least ten days, and her capture was right after putin's embarrassment at the olympics, so there's a lot that is swirling around the capturing and the fact that she is a captive, i believe, at the directions of vladimir putin. so we welcome anyone and certainly the former governor has the credentials to engage
12:21 pm
with those who would help us bring brittney griner home. but also i have said over and over again, and as we have been working the united states congress, we passed legislation to demand that she be immediately released, i spent the last week at the organization of security and cooperation for europe taking to the floor to draw the 57 nations to the idea of releasing her and releasing the other political prisoners, i think it is a combined effort. but the real key, alisyn, is negotiation by sovereign nation by a sovereign nation. it is going to be the work that is being done by the individuals in the united states government directly engaging with russia and directly speaking about what is it that putin wants, and not the russian government, not the judge, not the legal system that does not exist, because whatever britney does, she will be found guilty. she will continue to sit in a cage, so we are now pushing the
12:22 pm
united states government to draw out of russia that likes to play games, the want, the definitive want, and i want that want to be given. because it has no merit, no value that is superior to brittney griner and paul whelan coming home. >> do you think the biden administration has done everything they can to get her home? >> well, i think for a period of time they were having to not act. now that they have been able to designate britney as a person wr wrongfully detained, i call her a hostage, if you will. i believe they are going full speed, and i think they have gotten the confidence of charel and all the people who love and cherish her, family in houston, mother and father and sister and all of her relatives, so i have
12:23 pm
a confidence, a sense of confidence that they are going full steam ahead on the negotiations. the real key is, let me just say this, alisyn. alisyn, britntney is supposed t have a call with her wife. it is russia who has refused to cooperate so that call can go through. that's what we're dealing with. we're dealing with cruelty. we're dealing with playing and utilizing brittney griner as a celebrity ploy and toy. i just won't stand for it, and so my efforts with the government, along with my colleagues with the administration is to go full steam ahead, push vladimir putin to the wall, push his operatives to the wall. what is it you want, and let's get on with it, because i'm concerned about her health. i'm concerned about paul whelan's health, and i don't know if putin wants to have that international crisis on his hands, and we will sure make it that if he doesn't hurry up and get to the table or get his op
12:24 pm
top -- operatives to the table. >> what if his ask is i'll trade for convicted arms dealer for providing weapons to people who wanted to kill americans. would you support a trade of brittney griner and paul whelan for that convicted arms dealer? >> i don't want to represent what the negotiations are, but let me personally say i would. because i've done a little research about this arms dealer. first of all, he's worn out his welcome. he had a 25 year sentence. he served most of it. he's antiquated and dated and so his detriment is not going to be that much at this time. frankly, we were able to catch him in thailand. he uses antiquated old tactics and equipment, so once releasing him, i can assure you he will not be out of the eyesight of those who need to have him under their eyesight here in the united states. that's just what we do. but what the ultimate swap may
12:25 pm
be, i don't want to project. but i'm ready to utilize anyone because i believe that if they have been incarcerated here, of course our system is much fairer, they have been incarcerated, been in jail, been punished and frankly these two americans deserve the power of their nation to help bring them home. they are not arms dealers. they are not drug dealers. do you know that they are charging her with smuggling and that she's a major transporter of drugs. is that frivolous. is that outrageous? that's because she's a captive. she's putin's toy, a ploy that he's trying to use to either embarrass us, and by the way, i carried the legislation, the anti-doping legislation that directly responded to russia's doping that they did in the previous olympics, and of course they were caught red handed in this olympics. i just think they saw her as a way to embarrass the united states for no reason whatsoever because she's not any of the things that she's been charged
12:26 pm
with, and we really need to bring her home. she's a good person, a good hearted person, loved by many, charitable in her community, and she's one of ours. she grew up in houston, went to baylor, and she's an outstanding athlete. the question is, you know, what is the purpose of holding her other than to really put it in the eye of the united states. we don't take that. we're not going to take it. i think we are strongly negotiating, and we're going to look forward to some relief. >> congresswoman, i have a political question for you before we let you go. president biden's poll numbers are sinking, a sienna college poll, 64% of registered vote e would prefer someone other than joe biden as the democratic nominee in 2024. what's your reaction to that? >> alisyn, today i think is july 11th. i'm a fighter. joe biden is a fighter. kamala harris, the elections, are in november.
12:27 pm
oil prices, gas loline costs at the pump is going down. all that we have committed to doing, we are doing, including money going out on the street with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. just passing a real first step in gun safety, even advocating for banning assault weapons, making sure that we get baby formula back where it needs to be on the shelves and in the hands of parents, so i really look at those numbers, yes, as dissatisfaction, as frustration of the summer, the heat, but i'm ready for the fall when we really turn that election around after labor day, and all the group that have been supporting joe biden get ready, get busy to really make a difference in the 2022 election. we know that we're winning some senate races. he couldn't be that bad that we're winning potential senate races in pennsylvania and georgia, and a number of other places around the nation. we may be in the majority in the senate, and who knows, don't count us out in the house. those are numbers that are somewhat tied to joe biden.
12:28 pm
as i said, he is a fighter. i'm not ready to throw in the toll. nor am i ready to say that democrats have voted their final vote in terms of saying we want someone else. let's see what happens in the fall as we push forward to win. my encouragement to democrats is tighten up, unify, you've got a real good chance of holding the senate, and even holding the house. i'm going to say. holding the house, and you will see the kinds of commitment we have. the last point is who is going to help you with roe v. wade, taking your very essence of the freedom of your bodies and reproductive rights, it's got to be joe biden, the democratic congress, house and senate. you need joe biden, we need joe biden, and you're going to see that in the fall as we go pushing forward for victory. >> congresswoman sheila jackson lee, thank you for your time. >> thank you for having me. all right. uvalde county commissioners are pleading with texas lawmakers to change the state's gun laws. plus, new details about the surveillance video that shows police just feet away from that classroom where the gunman was
12:29 pm
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today uvalde county commissioners unanimously pass add resolution asking the texas governor to call a special legislative session to focus on raising the minimum age of gun buyers who want assault-style rifles. it's been six weeks since an 18-year-old shooter gunned down 19 4th graders and two teachers inside robb elementary school. the public has yet to see the surveillance video inside the hallway that shows what police officers were doing for 77 minutes before storming that classroom to kill the shooter. but a reporter for the austin american statesmen has seen the video and says it shows the gunman entering the school, firing on officers and more. >> over the next more than hour, you see on this video police officers converging on the scene, arming themselves more and more with helmets, with assault rifles, with ballistic
12:35 pm
shields, even with tear gas canisters, but essentially they stand there for an hour once it is finally made public, it's going to be very disturbing to many people, and i think really deepen the tragedy that happened that day. >> cnn's rosa flores joins us now from austin. rosa, is that video going to be released? >> you know, alisyn, that is the big question. here's what we know. the parents, the family members of the victims, texas dps, texas lawmakers, the uvalde city mayor, they're all calling for the release of this video. now let me be very clear, they are asking for the release of the video that shows the hallways, that shows the failed law enforcement response. no one is asking for the release of the violence, of the massacre, of the final moments of these children, not at all. what they are interested in is the accountability. now, there's a gate keeper.
12:36 pm
that gate koeeper is the uvalde county d.a. she has objected to the releasing of the video. people are scratching their heads about this for this reason. we all know the gunman is dead. what criminality is she investigating. why hold on to this video and not release it to the public. this is creating a lot of outrage in uvalde, especially by the family members of the victims who are asking for accountability. they want the officers who were in the hall, who did nothing to be held accountable. take a listen. >> i challenge all of you cowards that were in that class, in that hallway, to step down. turn in your badge, and resign. you do not deserve to wear a badge. >> now, back to that report,
12:37 pm
alisyn. i'm here at the texas house because the investigative committee is expected to release their investigative report in about ten days. that's according to a source. they have interviewed about 40 people. they have looked through evidence, and according to the source, this report is expected to clarify some of the conflicting stories that we heard before. as you know, there's many of them. the big question, of course, is will this report actually do that or create more confusion. alisyn. >> yeah, some clarity would be wonderful coming out of uvalde. thank you very much for all of that, rosa flores, we know you've stayed on it for weeks. a new poll shows most democrats do not want president biden to run for reelection. we'll take a closer look at what those numbers actutually mean, next.
12:38 pm
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a "new york times" sienna college poll out today shows 64% of likely democratic primary voters want a candidate other than president joe biden on the ballot in 2024. but which candidate would that be? joining us now is pollster and communications strategist frank luntz, also the author of "win, key principles to take your business from ordinary to extraordinary," frank, good to see you. >> it's been a long time. i've been so looking forward to it. you look great, and let's have a really good conversation about this. >> i look forward to it as well. i've been watching you from afar, and you look great as well, so let's just talk about
12:43 pm
us, no, just kidding, let's talk about president biden. it's not -- here's what i think the white house would say. he's had some major successes. he just helped get this bipartisan gun bill passed, the first in 30 years or something like that. the bipartisan infrastructure bill. the unemployment numbers are great. he doesn't control the supreme court. why isn't that good enough for democrats? >> because the number one issue for democrats, independents and republicans, regardless of whether you're from california or connecticut is inflation. and the public looks at that issue and is wondering what is this white house doing. now, it is not his fault. he inherited an inflationary situation. but you can't say he made anything better, and you have to say that some of the policies have probably made things worse. the number two issue is crime. insecurity, chaos at the border, absolutely the abortion issue is important and absolutely the president deserves credit for
12:44 pm
what happened with guns. but those issues pale in comparison to economic security and personal security, and that's the challenge for the white house right now. >> frank, what about the roe v. wade decision. do you see that changing, being a factor in the midterms, and helping democrats? >> i do. and yes, it will, particularly in suburban areas. there are two segments of the voter population that we should be following right now, the first are women between the ages of 30 and 49, married with children. they used to be a republican block. they moved to the democrats when donald trump became the leader of the republicans. they have begun to move back to the gop, but roe v. wade matters to them. the ability to guarantee that they're pro choice and they have that ability, that matters to them, and they have started to shift back to the democrats we have seen in the polling, but
12:45 pm
the other group that is equally important and just as large a constituency are latinos, hispanics, you have a split that's coming between the black and the brown communities that is very significant, not just for the 2022 elections, but also for the presidency. go back to 2016. 28% of latinos and hispanics voted republican. 38% voted republican in 2020. we are now looking at in the low 40s. and if it remains that way, and it could climb even higher, then democrats are going to have an impossible time keeping control of the house, but on the senate side, because of that suburban, middle-aged women vote, female vote, that may be enough for democrats to keep control of the senate. >> that's really interesting because we just heard congresswoman jackson lee talk about the numbers that she was that she thought looked optimistic for democrats but i also want to ask you about what's happening with the
12:46 pm
january 6th committee. and whether or not you think that that's having any impact. i heard you saying that you thought that congresswoman zoe lofgren was using sort of ineffective language about it and what the committee's role is. let me play that for you. >> we are going to be connecting the dots during these hearings between these groups and those who were trying in government s circles to overturn the elections. >> isn't that their job, frank? what's wrong with that language? >> it's exactly their job, but it's not the right language. that's exactly what you do, but you don't say it. you don't tell people the conclusion, you let them come to it, which is why these hearings, that could have been so much more effective if they had shown the videos first, give people the evidence, the facts first, and then draw the conclusion. the problem is that politicians always want to speak first. they always want to set the
12:47 pm
tone. they always want camera time, and that undermines, undercuts the credibility of the hearings, and with each passing hearing, the viewership is falling. and it's falling among people who they really want to watch. democrats have already made up their minds that donald trump isn't their cup of tea. independents are not nearly as engaged and the republicans quite frankly aren't watching at all. so how are you going to change public opinion if the people that you most need to pay attention are the ones least likely to follow it. so i've got simple advice for them because i know they watch your show, stop doing the politics. stop doing the histrionics, let the people decide. show them the facts, the videos of this, and then let them draw their own conclusion. you don't have to connect the dots, the american public is smart enough, they will. >> we'll see if they take your advice tomorrow.
12:48 pm
frank luntz, it's great to see you. let's do more of this. great to have you on. >> i'd love to. thanks very much. we have new details on the assassination of former japanese prime minister shinzo abe, including now, a possible motive. that's next. what do you want to leave behind? ththat's your why. it's your purpose, and we will work with you every step of the way to achieve it. you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need? like how i customized this scarf? check out this backpack i made for marco. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. i grew up an athlete, i rode horses... i really do take care of myself. i try to stay in shape. that's really important, especially as you age. i noticed after kids that my body totally changed. i started noticing a little pudge. so i took action! coolsculpting targets, freezes and eliminates treated fat for good.
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former japanese prime minister shinzo abe who was assassinated at a campaign event last week. today, a private wake was held for him in tokyo, and we're learning new details surrounding what may have motivated the suspect in his murder. cnn's matthew chance is in the city of nara where this happened.
12:53 pm
i understand you entered a building that police say was the site of a test shooting for the gunman. what does that mean? >> yeah, we got close to the building, but actually, the police were standing outside on guard, and they wouldn't let us any nearer. but yeah, that's right. earlier today, the police told us they suspected that the suspect in the shinzo abe killing had carried out a test firing of the homemade gun that he used to kill abe. on a building in central nara, which was -- which had a certain group, as they call it, inside. they refused to identify what this group was. but the whole motivation for this killing is said to have been the suspect's hatred for this group. the police have said they won't name the group for fear of some kind of violent reprisals against them. but we went to this office building. we saw the damage. it was covered up with a blue tarp, so we couldn't actually see where the bullet holes had
12:54 pm
hit, but the police were outside. they pushed us back. on the door of the building, it said the unification church, essentially, which is a south korean religious organization and it's been, the organization which has been the subject of widespread speculation of being this group. this is the closest we have been to getting confirmation it was this south korean organization that motivated this suspect's hatred for this group motivated him to kill shinzo abe because he believed rightly or wrongly that the former japanese prime minister was linked in some way to that religious organization. we have also spoken to the police today about how their interrogation is going of the suspect, a 41-year-old japanese man. apparently he's cooperating but he has not expressed any regret for the killing or for any of his actions he's taken. >> there's still so many questions. matthew chance, thank you for all of that.
12:55 pm
so trump ally steve bannon has had a sudden change of heart. he now says he's willing to testify before the january 6th committee. what changed? in a lot of pain. i was unable to eat. it was very hard. kimberlyly came to clearchoice with a bunch of missing teeth, struggling with pain, with dental disease. clearchohoice dental implants solved her dental issues. [ kimberly ] i feel so much better. i feel energized to go outside and play with my daughter. i can ate anything. like, i don't have to worry. clearchoice changed my life.
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12:59 pm
sinking water levels at lake mead have revealed another big find. a sunken world war ii era vessel. this is a higgins landing craft which is now only half
1:00 pm
submerged. it was 185 feet below the surface. it's not clear how exactly it ended up in lake mead. it was likely used to survey the colorado river and then sank. higgins boats like this one were used during world war ii when allied troops landed on the beaches of normandy. and "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> trump says that the man he wants nicknamed sloppy steve can testify. "the lead" starts right now. the january 6th committee is back in action and planning to lay out the role violent extremist groups such as the oath keepers had in the january 6th 2021 insurrection, including a death list and potential connections to top trump allies. but how incriminating are those connections? >> then, new testimony from the uvalde, texas, sheriff about the bungled law enforcement response to the school shooting that
1:01 pm
killed 19 children and 2


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