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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  July 12, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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hello everyone. this is don lemon tonight. thanks so much for. joining so if i actually wrote all this for let's just say, hbo max, you would say, no. no way, that didn't happen. you really almost have to remind yourself that it actually happened. that a president of the united states, right, refused to accept the results of our free and fair election, tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power that makes us democracy, trying to hold on to that power for himself, ignoring the will of the people. you also have to remind yourself that it actually happened. it did. and today we learned a lot more about how it actually happened. with testimony from witness after witness after witness
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about one of the most shameful episodes in our history. a lot of it never before seen. we are going to play a lot of what we call the business sound. that is a lot of what they play today for the people they here. i'm going to play it for you because it is edge of the seat stuff. with the biggest bombshell came in the last few minutes. this is what liz cheney had to say, watch. >> after our last hearing president trump tried to call a witness in our investigation, a witness you have not yet seen in these hearings. that person declined to answer or respond to president trump's call, and instead alerted their lawyer to the call. their lawyer alerted us. and this committee as supply that information to the department of justice. let me say one more time, we will take any effort to influence witness testimony very seriously.
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>> they try to call a witness, not like all witnessed the stand, but call a witness. that is a no no. the former president, calling a witness. we don't know who this wetness. is but we know one thing, whoever they are, they were concerned enough to avoid present trump and call their lawyer. so that tells you something. and there is more here. eyewitnesses, people who were there when it all went down, telling the committee and the american people actually what they heard and saw. there is the december 18th oval office meeting, including election denier sydney powell, her client former national security adviser michael flynn. rudy giuliani, not to mention the former overstocked c o patrick burn, they were around tossing around ideas to overturn the election. sources telling cnn including invoking martial law and an executive order to seize voting machines. for the first time, we heard pat cipollone's testimony about that. telling the committee that what happened win when he walked into the oval office that night,
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right before the screaming started. here it is. >> i opened the door and i walked in and i saw general flynn, i saw sidney powell sitting there. i was not happy to see the people in the oval office. yeah, i don't think they were providing -- well, first of all. the overstock person, i never knew who this guy was. actually, the first thing i did. i walked in, i looked at him, and i said, who are? you and he told me, i don't think any of these people are providing the president with good advice. and i didn't understand how they had gotten in. >> i think we got to the point where the screaming was completely, completely out there. i mean, you walk in, late at night, it had been a long day, and what they had been
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proposing i thought was nuts. >> i am going to categorically described it as you guys are not tough enough. or maybe i put it another way, you are a bunch of pushes. excuse the expression. but i'm almost certain the word was used. >> he kept on getting up and turning around and screaming at me. and a certain point, i had had it with him. i yield back, either come over or sit your ethan but back down. >> that's something i'd love to hear from rudy giuliani. [laughs] and just after a few hours after that meeting turns to match, the president sent his infamous tweet protest on january 6th. be there, will be wild. it's like his he had a megaphone and supporters heard it loud and clear. the leaders of the stop the steal movement registering wild
11:07 pm, to give a details about protests in washington. meanwhile, other supporters chiming in. >> it is saturday, december 19th. the year is 2020. and one of the most historic events in american history has just taken place. president trump in the early morning hours today tweeted that he wants the american people to march on washington d.c. on january six, 2021. >> and now donald trump is calling on his supporters to descend on washington, d.c., january 6th. >> he is now calling on we the people to take action and to show our numbers. >> we are only going to be saved by millions of americans moving to washington, occupying the entire area, if necessary, storming right into the capital. >> it is a former because that
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is what people are listening to. if you've not heard of those sites, if you had never heard of info war or alex jones, or any of that, people are listening to that. that is why they storm the capital, in part. the reddick turning disgusting and eating hateful. >> j.j. t has invited us and it is going to be wild. some of the online rhetoric turned openly homicidal and white nationalist, such as, why don't we just kill them, every last democrat, down to the last man, woman, and child? and it's time for the day of the rope, white revolution is the only solution. >> look, i think i am uninformed person. i don't really know the day of the rope. but you know what the day of the rope? this is the -- the adl says it refers to mass lynchings of so-called purported race traders. then on the night of january
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5th, there was a rally just a couple of blocks from the white house featuring none other than roger stone and michael flynn. >> through the open door of the oval office, the president could hear the sound of the crowd and the music at the rally, at the freedom plaza. and these are some of the things that they were saying there at the plaza, just blocks from where the president sat that evening excited for the next day. >> this is nothing less than an epic struggle for the future of this country between dark and light. between the godly and the god less. between good and evil. and we will win this fight or america will step off into 1000 years of darkness. >> tomorrow, tomorrow, trust me, the american people that are standing on the soil that we are standing on tonight, and
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they are going to be standing on the soil tomorrow, this is soil that we have fought over, fought for, and we will fight for in the future. the members, the members of congress, the members of the house of representatives, the members of the united states senate, those of you who are feeling weak tonight, those of you that don't have the moral fiber in your body, get some tonight. because tomorrow we the people are going to be here, and we want you to know that we will not stand for a lie. >> he has general in front of his name. hours later, a mob of trump supporters stormed the united states capitol. in the crowd, members of the oath keepers, nine members has since been charged with seditious conspiracy. a former spokesman for the oath keepers testifying today, listen to his chilling warning. >> i do fear for this next election cycle because who
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knows what that might bring, if a president that is willing to try to instill and encourage, to whip up a civil war amongst his followers using lies and deceit and snake oil, and regardless of the human impact, what's else is he going to do if he gets elected again? >> so, let's bring in, let's discuss now, bring in cnn legal analyst -- kirsten powers, and cnn political commentator scott jennings. so good evening.
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him and breakdown and he didn't do it. you >> think this is all the breakup? break the vice believe we didn'e that. that was a promise that went wew to communicate with his the oath keepers, the rallies they saw that as a call to
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action, a call to arms. so, you're not going to see the clean conspiracy that prosecutors like, not agreement that can point to and say of, right there, meeting of the minds. but in characteristic donald trump fashion, he is sort of a master of knowing right where the line, is going right up to the line, maybe going capital over the line, but it's a tough call. >> but what about the fact, and we saw, i think we all know there is a missing link about how the people, the organizers from these extremist groups got the information that he was going to say, let's go to the capital. doesn't that suggest there is some sort of connection? >> yes, so this is a great point. because we know the chain of communication. flynn and stone both unabashedly posted photos of themselves, proud boys, human on, oath keepers. -- cassidy hutchinson told us january 5th mark, meadows to talk to those. guys presumably those trump's behest. but we don't know what he said. that is a gap in the evidence here that the committee may not be able to fill. prosecutors can fill it because they could compel mark meadows
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to talk, but the committee, he walked away from the committee, defy them, no charges. >> so go. no prosecutor. >> i would subpoena -- >> a grandeur isa penny, not the real kind the committee kinds. get in front of the grandeur, he is under oath, and ask him precisely what were your conversations then, what we're conversational snow. they played the fifth? >> the ceo has the legal piece nailed down today. but you have the practical and moral piece nailed down. it's quite obvious after these hearings that donald trump wouldn't accept the best advice from all his advisers, that he lost the election and decided to whip up a mob and intimidate mike pence into breaking the constitution. that's what happened. >> okay, scottsville who does this matter to? obviously it's not gonna matter to the die hards. does it matter to conservatives enough? >> yes, i believe it does. >> for republicans like, you change the calculation? >> you're already seeing evidence in some of the political polling that he's not as integrated shape as he used to be with republicans. there is a new york times survey coming out this week
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showing him ahead in our fragmented field. but obviously, people are looking for another alternative. a couple weeks ago, there is a survey in new hampshire showing rhonda scent is beating donald trump in a new hampshire survey. to me, there is mounting political evidence that. republicans are casting a ballot, because they don't want to do this again. there's also evidence that trump knows it. there is only one reason you'd want to be launching year campaign right now, it's because here the footsteps, and you think maybe launching year campaign with launched the fire and maybe inslee you legally from being indicted by your political opponents. >> that is a lot of this. >> so i see evidence that the republicans, it's always going to be a group, but i see evidence that a lot more people in the party that voted for him twice, gave him money, really support him, are ready to do something else. >> he really said that before? >> all right, stick around everybody. when we get back, i want to talk about the bombshell that liz cheney drop in the last few minutes of today's hearing and what it could mean to the investigation. don't go away.
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so we're talking about these new revelations from the january six committee, what was going on inside the trump white house in the weeks leading up to the insurrection. with me now is cnn political correspondent, also ali hung, scott jennings. earlier about his car but he was driving into d.c.. >> site discrimination. >> yeah, we're happy that we're here. >> let me -- scott said. scott believes this was not
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helping the former president. it is weakening him. is that correct? >> look, i think there is mounting pulling evidence that there is an opening here. and this is really eroding him. >> so this brought to my something i saw today earlier today, anderson cooper was interviewing johnson. and he asked john dean or you nervous when you testified in the watergate hearings? and john dean said no, because richard nixon was weekend, he was politically weekend. and the question is has that happened, or is that happening to donald trump? i'll certainly defer to you as the conservative in the room, it sounds like that may be starting. that >> is starting. he's still the front runner, i think, for the 2024 nomination. but in a fragmented field, he is still the best friend. but is clear to me there are more and more people every day in the party who are looking for a way out of this. >> the reason this is important is because, scott pelley, we've been doing this for what, 25 years? >> 15, 16 years that we've been talking about this. and the first time i've heard you say that, because we've had
11:23 pm
all these things, there's two impeachments, the beginning of the insurrection and the tape. you know, the infamous pita up. and you said, we're making all this heavy about this, and people don't care. they're still supporting. that's the first time i've heard. so this is why i think it's important to hear someone like you say that. so let me give you this question. the committee was hammering home today that trump was surrounded by people from cipollone and barr to his own daughter, ivanka trump, who knew he lost the election. here it is. >> i'm going to start by asking you if you agree, cipollone, bar, all these individuals that evaluate these claims it is no evidence of election fraud and sedition. >> yes, i agree with that. >> meadows here caught up with me, and leaving the office, and caught up with me, and say that
11:24 pm
-- he said, look. i think that he is becoming more realistic and knows there is a limit to how far he can take this. and then jared said, yeah, we are working on this, we are working on it. >> did that affect your planning or realization as to whether or not there is going to be an end of this administration? >> i think so. i think it was my sentiment, probably prior as well. >> as cheney said today, trump is no child. he had the right information and he chose to lie. i >> think that's true. i think that is clear from the evidence they presented today. the people who you brought into that room to discuss where to go next where people he knew where going to agree with his plot to overturn the election. he had actually kind of systematically removed himself from all the people who are going to tell him the truth. it is interesting to hear those advisers talk because it sounds like people talking to a child. you know, they say trump is the
11:25 pm
child in the classroom. but it sounds like they're talking to someone, that when they tell them the truth, that when they tell them the reality, they don't think they are going to accept it because it just frankly is not what he want to hear. he was plowing ahead, not only because of a lack of information, he refused to hear. but this is consistent for donald trump, he has surrounded himself with conspiracy theories, with people who do not provide correct information. it is only -- the only thing that his cared about for his political career is of the information he is receiving was going to advance him and it's going achievers interest. and that tracks with what we heard today. >> the picture you painted was, donnie -- >> that tweet that he said the night after the meeting, the fact that he said in the tweet it statistically impossible that we lost. listen, i've been involved in some sneakers and i have been involved in some winners, it's very statistically possible, while these guys are asking, i'm telling you. it's very possible. >> vice chair revealing today that the last hearing that they
11:26 pm
had, that trump contacted a witness. right? and the committee alerted the doj. i mean, the humorous, the gall, is that a bombshell? >> donald trump is an inveterate, habitual witness tampering and witness retaliate or. i can't think of anybody, think back to michael cohen, to all the witnesses in ukraine, alexander vindman, his twin brother, maria von of itch, all through right now. even the other day he lashed out in public against cassidy hutchinson. he doesn't almost in realtime. it was remarkably foolish, horrible judgment to reach out to anybody who might have been a witness. i have no doubt if i had to guess, not of the world of guessing here, but he probably had intent to at least try and persuade that person, maybe not outright intimidate them. that said, if all we have is a phone call that is not answered and not returned, just a miss connection, that is not going to be witness tampering. people need to cool that a little bit. >> i attempted witness tampering, just a phone call.
11:27 pm
>> on this front though, you've got people, look what happened to hutchinson. starting out, she had a lawyer that was arranged by them, and i get paid for them to. so if your witness and you, get called to do this thing, and somebody is getting to your lawyer and taking care of all that for you, i mean, you're in the business, don't you feel compelled to act a certain while? >> it's absolutely a conflict of interest. it's actually surprisingly normal in the criminal and the normal corporate world. a lot of witnesses paid for the witnesses. it actually makes it much more difficult to cooperate. i have to say one of the biggest red flags we have prosecutors for someone who's afraid to cooperate is they dumped their lawyer, they dumped their corporate paid for lawyer, or the lawyer their drug king pin gave them. that simple task. >> this is why our legal system -- >> this is the truth. >> these people are cheap. look at as soon. these people are not cheap. they cost a lot of money. i hired one of these once, iran
11:28 pm
up a quarter of million dollars in legal bills, and i to do anything. i don't try to overthrow the government. it's not cheap, so you can see the allure. you can take a young person with the resources, give them a lawyer and pay for it. >> they'll do. it >> you can see the connections. >> we're also learning that trump had plan for that crowd to march to the capitol and we saw a drafted tweet that the president had seen in part, march to the capital after stop the steal. it was never sent, but how significant is that? >> well, this isn't the only evidence that he wanted to march to the capital. there is also the fact that this was some how communicated to the organizers, the right-wing organizers. katrina pierson also mention this and the fact that he kept it from every everybody else, right? so that they can be stopped. so it shows there is an awareness of guilt, there is an awareness that there's something wrong with this. and that this was intent all along. and it is even being communicated to the people in these, you know, that were
11:29 pm
organizing this mob, basically, when ended up being a mauve. i think it is significant because it does go to the point that wasn't the sort of, oh, just throw this out out of nowhere, didn't really comprehend what it meant. i think what we also just really saw today was how clearly his followers understood ultimate tweet that it go out. it was, you, know when they played the response to, it is just so clear >> the witnesses said it. that they all >> yeah they all hear what he hear what he is saying is saying and amplify it. so it's very clear. he knows what he's saying, they know it too. >> it's interesting, as i watch these, right. the hearings every day. whenever they have them. i'm like oh katrina pierson! oh i remember her! [laughs] and like everyone who has sat at this desk, or the upper desk at the other building. i mean, yeah -- i was a 21, i looked at 21 when this all started in 2015 [laughs] 68! we're going to talk about what
11:30 pm
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get a great offer on internet and security, now with more speed and more bandwidth. plus find out how to get up to a $650 prepaid card with a qualifying bundle. are they were back everyone all right. four back 31. kristen powers, scott. scott, we've been talking about the pressure that is put it on the former vice president. we've learned today that after a heated call if mike pence on the morning of january six, the trump speech was punched up to be tougher on the vice president then he ad libbed even more. listen to this. >> so, i hope mike has the courage to do what he has to do. i hope he doesn't listen to the rhinos and the stupid people. but, we are going to try and give all republicans, the weak ones, because the strong winds don't need any of our help, we are going to try and give them
11:35 pm
the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our that they need to take back our country. >> he's making a choice to turn people on his own. >> by this time, he had been told, he knew that mice mike pence, the vice president, had no legal authority to stop or interrupt the county that was going to happen that they. he'd been told that what he was proposing was the interruption of a constitutionally mandated process, in which the vice president, he's ministerial, just functionary. he oversees it. he can't stop it. he did it anyway. mike pence did the right thing. look at the pressure that was put up to bear even though trump wanted to go to the capitol and didn't. his people still went. that was the whole point was to send mob. he didn't break him on the phone, so they're going to send a mob to break him. think that they didn't. >> he made it worse. he tweets two hours later to 24, mike pence. >> we all saw the video that he played of that video being played into the trump witch in seconds breaks into the hang
11:36 pm
mike pence chant. >> i think something they don't understand is the far-right groups. i just story in d. c.. talking to some of the folks in 27 in 2018. they know, they knew that they had access to trump. they were intentionally trying to put stories on the gateway pundits, on the news when maxes. knowing that there were people around him that gave him that information. that was a problem in terms of policy. they came to a combination on january six. when these actors knew that with the right information that was feeding trump wanted to hear, they could make their way into the oval office. that kind of protection and bury that bunker, it had been breached in this administration and continued. >> we're also learning more
11:37 pm
information about the december meeting between trump and ten gop pundits. they discuss the easement period that he overturn the election. some of them later requested and it raises more questions. >> yeah. all of this is just so crazy, right? she's a very technical term, i guess. just the fact that there is so many different times this may differ people but he goes to to try to create sadiya that the election has been overthrown sends this mob up to the capitol. you know, knowing full well that they could potentially kill somebody, maybe even kill mike pence. all of these things that have been laid out. to the point you're bringing up that he is losing support, but he still has the majority of support of republicans. the poll -- >> data thing that you have to think about -- >> actually, he is the one has the most support. right. so, you still have that. is it because republicans aren't seeing this? i was thinking, like, if you just get people in a room, make
11:38 pm
them listen to this, is it possible that they would just realize how horrible this is? >> look, i think a lot of people had been brainwashed. >> i don't know. >> not brainwash. they've been convinced, co-opted. many of them have been brainwashed. today, i know we want to get to break. >> can i just say very quickly, i did watch fox news tonight. they were running a story about a black lives matter protest and how horrible little children are to police officers. that is literally with their covering. >> fox news in the same sentence. >> that's the information that so many republicans -- >> were talking about that. something being co-opted. let's listen. this is the capital rider. >> what made you decide to leave? >> basically when president trump put his tweet out, we literally left right after that came out.
11:39 pm
to me, if he would've done that earlier in the day, 1:30, you know, we wouldn't be in this bad of the situation. >> at any time, he could've put it something out. saying that they want to. the people believe him. i think, not just the people a crowd, but there are people, i'm sure, the die hard folks, the jim jordans of the world, they believe that. >> are they just playing? >> i don't think. so >> they were had an expectation that they were going to the capital. they went to the capitol. they had an expectation that by going there, intimidating the united states congress, that they would achieve an outcome. >> this wasn't -- >> i have to say, listen. i know people who i went to school with down in louisiana, right? they believe the stuff. >> no, no, no. don.
11:40 pm
i'm not saying that they don't just believe. it -- i mean, trump is their news source, right? >> i think there could be a belief that the amount of misinformation, the amount of trump voters hearing this at this time, that's not really how it operates for most. they are in a cocoon, an ecosystem, a silo, of the die hards, right? they've been doing this for years, maybe for decades. >> they're going around right now, the belief that if you intimidate a branch of government enough, but they will bench your wealth. there's a lot going around right now. there's a whole bunch of by the americans that believe that. >> hello? blame trump. i mean, january 6th. they can start strong-arm the government. they can strong-arm people. they can take back this country. by force. moving on. thank you. appreciate it.
11:41 pm
texas newspaper releasing the -- new outrage over the police response to the massacre.
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the uvalde city council officially accepting the resignation of councilman pete arredondo tonight. the embattled chief of the uvalde school police. who's been under pressure since the shooting at robb elementary school and may. this all comes as we are getting a look at just what police did, or really -- did it do. as the shooter was inside the school. the austin american statesman newspaper releasing school surveillance video today. they did edit the video, so gunshots cannot be heard, other than the shots that ultimately killed at the suspect. even without that audio, i warn you, the video is very disturbing and difficult to watch. cnn's shimon prokupecz is here, with charles ramsey, law enforcement analyst. thank you so much for being here.
11:46 pm
shimon, we are hearing from the community tonight, a lot of them angry about this video being released. what does it show? >> well it is certainly disturbing, as you said don. you see the officers as they walk into the school, just retreat. there are shots, gunshots that are fired at the officers, by the gunman. and within moments, within minutes of those gunshots being fired. they start to pull back. and as you said, the community here today, very upset over this. angry over the way this video came out. this leak. they were expecting to see it on sunday. and the families were all going to gather together. and now, the first time they are seeing this is in this league that was given to the local newspaper. as you said, don. this video is disturbing, and certainly difficult to watch. [silence ] [inaudible]
11:47 pm
[noise] [silence] [noise] the kids are running! [silence] [silence] get in the room! get in your room! [silence] [silence] [noise] [inaudible]
11:48 pm
[noise] [noise] [inaudible] [inaudible] [silence] [noise] [inaudible] [noise] [inaudible] [noise] [noise] [noise] [noise] and they are don, finally at the end.
11:49 pm
[inaudible] [noise] [inaudible] [inaudible] [noise] [noise] [inaudible]
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[noise] and they are don, finally at the end. the officer storming into the classroom. and killing the gunman. as you can see from that video, minutes take by, and minutes take, by as students are inside that classroom. some of them we are told, by some of the victims who were inside of that classroom. that people were being shot while the officers were standing in the hallway. as you can see, disorganized, not really knowing what to do. finally out at the end, for whatever reason, we don't even know why. they finally at the end decided to go in and kill the gunman. i can see it in your face i mean, it's awful. talk to us about what you saw
11:51 pm
what stands out to you in that video? >> well everything this thing keeps getting worse. there's no excuse for the way they handle that situation absolutely no excuse. the original officers that arrived, the initials officers rather. the three of them go down the hall. they take fire, if they retreat. but you have to regroup and go back. i mean, at the 19 minute mark. they show officers with ballistic shields, with vests, with ballistic helmets. i mean, you know, they had what they needed in that hallway. to go down and take the action they needed to take. to stop the killing. and they didn't do it, it's embarrassing as a police officer to watch this. it really is. because this is not how officers are trained, it is not how they are supposed to react in situations. >> charles, shimon, thank you very much, appreciated. the january six committee mentioning jim jordan was one of the gop lawmakers at december 2020, the white house meeting.
11:52 pm
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tonight congressman jim jordan the ohio republican who is a fierce ally of the former president, telling cnn, that he does not recall a meeting with trump at the white house. on december 20, first 2020, to discuss former vp mike pence's role on january 6th. today, the january six committee pointing out that jordan was there, along with at least ten other gop lawmakers. where they discussed plans to have mike pence tossed out of the election results. you may recall, jordan just can't quite remember when he spoke to trump on january 6th. >> on january six, did you speak with him before, during, or after the capitol was attacked? >> i would -- i -- i spoke with him that day, after, i think after.
11:57 pm
i don't know if i spoke with him in the morning or not -- i just don't know -- i would have to go back -- i mean, i don't i don't -- i don't -- that -- when those conversations happened. but, a -- word i know is i spoke with him all the time. >> jordan says that he was at the trump white house many times. but doesn't always recall what took place. a plan to call trump supporters to march on the capital, attempts to seize voting machines, all the headlines from today's bombshell january 6th hearing. that's next.
11:58 pm
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