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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  July 15, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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human rights issues. i hope there will be in the days to come. >> i appreciate your time today. hope you have an enjoyable and peaceful weekend. hello, happy friday, we are covering a text mess. today the secret service is pushing back against an inspector general report about messages sent the day of and the day before the january 6th capitol attack. the ig said messages were deleted so then what happened?
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we just found out the inspector general met with january 6th committee members moments ago. we will bring you up to speed plus cassidy hutchinson, just got back up remember this testimony on a heated january 6th exchange between then president trump at the secret service? >> the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering well, mr. engel grabbed his arm and said, sir, you need to take your hand off the steering well and mr. trump used his free hand to lunch toward bobby engel. >> a secret service official would only speak on backgrounds of the agents involved in this would deny it but today abc police officer says, it did happen. >> and members of the january 6th panel are working on the next steps in their investigation does it include calling former president trump and vice president pence to testify? they are mulling it. we are staying on top of all of
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that. let's get to jessica snyder now. let's talk about these texts. tell us what happened? >> a lot of lingering questions here. we just learned the inspector general, first brought to light the text messages from the secret service were erased. he just briefed all nine members of the committee. he was caught on capitol hill by our team there. this is all in the midst of what has become a back and forth between the inspector general and the secret service, so here's how it's been playing out. the ig send this to lawmakers two days ago and in it, he said many secret service text messages from january 5th and six were erased as part of the device product program. they were released -- electronic communication between the secret service as part of our evaluation of events at the capitol, on january 6th. but the secret service here, they are responding, and they said this insinuation that they maliciously deleted these text messages is false, and the techs were only lost during routine phone replacement
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further agents and staff so the secret service released this statement, say, dhs oig requested electronic communications for the first time on february 26, after the migration was well underway. the secret service notify dhs oig of the loss of certain phones data but confirmed to oig that none of the text it was seeking had been lost in the migration. in the secret service is adding, they are disputing that they been uncooperative. they say they've been very cooperative and provided almost 800,000 redacted females, nearly 8000 teams chat messages, so ana, there's a lot of back and forth as to exactly what happened. now we know the inspector talking to the committee. so more info will come out about what exactly happened to these text messages. if there is anything relevant surrounding january 6th in them and why exactly they were
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destroyed. >> a lot of it doesn't add up. i want to follow-up on the d.c. police officer cooperating cassidy hutchinson's testimony, what do we know? >> the secret service coming in under scrutiny, she described how she was supposedly told that trump angrily demanded that secret service taken to the r january 6th and then, even allegedly lunged at his driver so our team on capitol hill, they've uncovered that a washington, d.c. police officer has in fact, cooperated details of that heated exchange after trump was told he could not go to the capitol. and that's because the d.c. police officer was in the motorcade, so now that we know the officer has talked to the committee, cooperating some of those details about this
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exchange, that's been in dispute by the secret service, so again, there's a lot of tension here with the secret service, the committee now seems to be zeroing in on the secret service and what exactly happened, how trump reacted, how secret service reacted and responded and we are expecting the final hearing next week, ana, a lot of this could come out then, too. >> thank you for that reporting. now to the question on whether mike pence and potential even former president trump will be subpoenaed. the committee, saying it may still seek interviews with both. caitlin, what can you share? >> the committee is revisiting something that they battered about over the past couple of months, do they want to get answers from donald trump or mike pence directly about conversations they had, so yesterday it was representative kinsinger speaking to the wall street journal. he broached the idea that the committee would be talking about this, potentially subpoenaing trump himself. one of the things that is curious about this, even though the committee has a lot of
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political momentum right now. they're trying to nail down all kinds of things. we already know a lot from their investigation about mike pence and his thinking leading up to jen 5th, several of his top advisers have testified publicly and behind closed doors, and they are trying, they've spoken about pence not being able to do what trump wanted him to do on january 6th. one thing that the committee can't get is what pence said directly back to trump and one on one call they would have but even if it's something the committee wanted to pursue, it would not be a simple pursuit. it's the sort of thing that likely could get tied up in court, executive privilege claims and of course, ana, as you know, there have always been many many challenges that donald trump has tried to make to all kinds of attempts to get information out of him directly. >> he's quick to sue, quick to try to go to the courts.
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joining us is former deputy director of the fbi, andrew mccabe, also the author of the threat, how the fbi protects america in the age of terror and trump. andrew, let's start with those deleted text from the secret service. the agent said the messages were replaced as part of the advisement replacement program. as an investigator, you think what? >> it raises all kinds of questions, you know the secret service is known for their work protecting the president that they are a federal law enforcement agency, they come under the federal records act. they are obligated to preserve records like email's and text messages as well, so it raises questions as to what were they doing to comply with that? did they responsibly embark on the device replacement pro lose sometimes mistakes happen, but
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what was the plan, leading into this? and there's a great conflict now between what the service is saying in their responses to this and what the ig maintains to congress in their letter yesterday. they said they don't believe that any of the text messages that the ig is looking for were lost but at the same time they are saying they started changing over the systems in january and how would they even know if they'd lost relevant text messages. all kinds of questions. >> so many questions. i think the biggest one for a lot of us is, what was the intent? was this really not malicious. the secret service said it's not malicious at all but it is suspicious. how do you determine what the
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truth is? >> that's exactly the point. it comes in the context of several other really questionable decisions by the service around this investigation. for instance, it's come to light that they allowed one of their senior executive service personnel, mr. ornato, to basically occupy a political position in the white house which is, really questionable judgment for the agency. we also know that they have embarked upon a bit of a campaign to assassinate the truth and veracity of cassidy hutchinson testimony and at the same time, they have still not presented their agents to answer questions under oath in front of the committee. when you put all of these things together, there is a reasonable question about whether or not the service is resisting the efforts to investigate january 6th, and that is a very corrosive cloud to be hanging over the agency. they could fix this by sending the appropriate people to the hill to answer questions and let the information come out. >> help me understand. presidents and their families
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pick who protects them, to some degree but is the secret service a partisan organization of any sort? our politics involved in this,? >> they should be, they are a law enforcement organization that serves the country of the american people. they have a unique and special relationship with the president and the president's family and respecting that privacy is important. you need the president to be able to trust the secret service people who are around him but to think that that relationship with the president trump sees federal law enforcement officers responsibility to come in and testify completely and truthfully to an oversight committee, is ridiculous. you can't you know, you can't have it both ways, and i don't think anybody want a politicized law enforcement agency that is working on behalf of a party.
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that is not how our society is established, it's not how we think about the rule of law and fairness. >> real quick, just since i have you, congressman adam kinzinger said the committee is still considering weathering whether to request a written interview with former president, vice president pence, how likely is his testimony? >> i think it would be critical to hear from the vice president. i think it's probably unlikely because you can imagine all sorts of legal wrangling that would take place before such a testimony would happen, and that could essentially, you know, that could go beyond the intent of the committee. if the president's counsel, the white house counsel, thought it was important enough to come in under extraordinary circumstances and provide information, it's hard to see how the vice president could also make the same determination. we know the vice president was
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concerned about what he saw and what people wanted him to do on january 6th, it seems person be reasonable for him to come in and talk about it. >> thank you for your time and expertise. i want to get to more breaking news right now, this happened moments ago, the president began this meeting with mohammed bin salman, ahead of this meeting, the president wouldn't say whether he planned to bring up the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. wolf, let's start here. what do you think these two leaders are likely discussing right now? >> i assume they are discussing substantive issues like the price of oil, the u.s. would like to see saudi arabia increase oil production if they can, in order to bring down the price per gallon. it's an important issu e. i
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assume they are also discussing other strategic issues in the region. the question is, are they actually discussing jamal khashoggi, the saudi journalist who was a columnist for the washington post, who was murdered a few years ago. the cia, u.s. intelligence committee concluded that mohammed bin salman, the crown prince of saudi arabia, authorized, ordered, approved of the attack and the murder of jamal khashoggi as a result during the presidential campaign, then candidate biden, said that saudi arabia was a pariah state and we would treat them as such, but clearly on this visit here in jeddah, a meeting with the leadership including mohammed bin salman, they are not treating saudi arabia like a pariah state and for the saudi's, i think it's really significant that they are getting this kind of attention. this is what they want.
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the leader of the free world, the president of the united states, to come here and to be showing his respect to the saudi leadership. even covering the white house for a while. this is an important development. >> it's critical. and it underscores the reality of the moment. this was a relationship that the president had to see, president trump's proximity was unparalleled to some degree but biden came into office and pledge, taking a very different approach, including the president which he was vice president to, as we've seen over the course of the last 6 to 7 months, the invasion of ukraine has led to skyrocketing prices, saudi arabia happens to be a, a long-term ally of the united states for the biggest
10:15 am
player in the global oil markets. when you talk to officials, one thing they have made clear, it's a recalibration, trying to ensure that there isn't a rupture but there's also a broader context, this region, just driving in to this region, it's growing, it's dynamic, other countries in the region and the u.s. has clearly concluded that they have to play a role here, despite the fact that the president seemed to want to move away from the middle east. if you put all those issues together, security, climate, energy, there's been a clear recognition that they have to engage right now. no matter how much it makes the present look like he is flip- flopping, they have to engage in that's why he is here. >> it's certainly awkward given what the president said about saudi arabia being a pariah
10:16 am
state. that fist bump will get a lot of attention. >> they are being ambiguous about what the president give the fist bump or shake hands, or have a personal greeting on the fact that the crown prince, there's no schedule that he supposed to meet biden when he arrived at the palace, and as he pulled of you saw the crown prince come out to meet him and that is a handy way to have that first interaction, check the box and move forward whether or not anybody thinks checking the box is a good thing right now. >> it's significant that the pictures and video that we are getting from saudi television, from the saudi foreign ministry, they want to show the president of the united states
10:17 am
meeting with the crown prince as if things are back to normal. all of this released by the saudi government. later today the situation room, i will be anchoring from here in saudi arabia, i'll be speaking with one of the ministers who was in this meeting, the former ambassador to the united states . he will be joining me in the situation room, trying to get a sense of, did the name jamal khashoggi come up during this meeting. what else did they talk about? did they meet about increasing oil production? we will see if we get those answers. >> as you were discussing we got reports from this meeting, and it turns out a reporter at the start of this meeting asked mbs, the crown prince, whether he would apologize to the family of jamal khashoggi, and he just didn't even answer, so that name did come up at the start of the meeting, as it
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don't call any pro, call the orkin pro. orkin. the best in pests. we are back with the breaking news out of saudi arabia. president biden meeting with crown prince mohammed bin salman. congressman, thank you for your time. you've been consistent about the need for people at the top and saudi arabia, to be held accountable for that 2018 murder of washington post columnist, jamal khashoggi. biden vowed to treat saudi arabia as a pariah over that.
10:23 am
that was a campaign promise and today he's fist bumping mbs. what changed? >> president biden has been completely honest unlike his press enter, about saudi arabia's responsibility and the responsibility of mbs for the murder of jamal khashoggi. president biden cut off the sale of offensive weapons to saudi arabia, got a cease-fire in yemen, hopefully the beginning of an end to the blood he wore. but i'm still not entirely comfortable with the image of this meeting . i think the most important issue right now in the world is the war between russia and ukraine, the battle between democracy and authoritarianism. saudi arabia has not been acting like our ally in the
10:24 am
conflict in fact, in every important way, they've aligned themselves with russia by artificially keeping the price of oil high, hurting us, hurting american consumers, and profiting themselves off this terrible war, and you know, i think it's time for the united states to show a little more strength in our relationship with saudi arabia. we are the superpowered not the supplicant in this relationship. and i want to make sure whatever they are discussing right now, we come out of this with the concession that saudi arabia needs to make to write their relationship with us. >> obviously, the optics of the photo, the president fist bumping mbs. sent the message that saudi arabia wants to see out there, that there's a friendly relationship here, that it's all good, and the white house, is acknowledging that yes, this comes with controversy, yes the human rights record is not good in saudi arabia, those are issues they disagree upon but, the white house argues it's easier to work with the saudi's than without them and it's the
10:25 am
bigger picture globally, do you agree with that? >> there are things from saudi arabia, that got to do their part to stabilize the energy markets. they refused to do so until this point, and i'm looking for some results out of this meeting on human rights, it doesn't matter if it's discussed in the meeting. what matters are the results. will the president be able to secure the release of americans who are still prohibited from leaving saudi arabia. well he actually get the saudi's to institute real reforms, to advance the rights of women and minorities in that country. and let's remember that saudi arabia, probably would not exist as a country without its defense relationship with the united states. we have done arguably more for saudi arabia and it's neighbor,
10:26 am
the united arab emirates to defend themselves and we have done for ukraine. and we've done a lot for ukraine. i think there's a time when we need to say, look, if you are not willing to help us cut oil, gas prices, if you are not willing to make concessions on human rights and other things important to the united states, then those patriot missile batteries that we've delivered to you, we need them in eastern europe, ukraine needs them, and you are not entitled to that kind of protection from the united states indefinitely. >> we know oil is a top of mind issue for president biden, supply, demand, and of course you are up for reelection coming up in the midterms, and the economy, voters tell us, that is their top priority. in the case of saudi arabia and the cards it holds when it comes to oil, what incentive do they have to help the u.s. out on the oil front?
10:27 am
>> i think the main incentive is that we guarantee saudi arabia's security and no other country can. there sometimes talk about how the saudi's might go to russia or go to china to help them with their defense. good luck. russia is not going to help saudi arabia. china is not going to patrol the persian gulf or have troops deployed, only the united states is going to do that for them. and, i think that's a card that we need to play. we should be willing, look, the key question for me here is, does the united states jump through hoops to repair our relationship with saudi arabia or should it be on saudi arabia to repair their relationship with the united states? i think it should be the latter . we have a lot of cards, we should play them, and i hope,
10:28 am
in a way, i hope i'm wrong and i hope the president gets these results from this trip if so, i will give him full credit, but it has to be about results, not about meetings. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time, we appreciate it. we will continue to watch the meeting and any new developments that come from the meeting, in the meantime, a member of the president's own party, just dealt a serious blow to the biden agenda or, did he? we are on the hill, next. lookok what i brought! liberty mutual! they customize your home insurance..... so y you only pay for what you need! ♪young people having a good time with insurance.♪ ♪young people.♪ ♪good times.♪ ♪insurance!♪ only pay for what you need. ♪liberty liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ (brad) you know what i say to all the other titans of tech who are making such a fuss over finally launching themselves into space? i've been putting millions of people into spaces for years. wait a minute.ait a minute. there's one going up now! how many of these guys are there? apartments-dot-com. the place find a place.
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46, that is how many gunshot interests wounds jayland walker suffered. the black man was unarmed when eight akron ohio police officers shot and killed him following a high-speed chase last month. more on this autopsy that we just got a hold of. for weeks the question has been how many times was he shot, and why and today, some insight. >> it's been a big question and also a big source of the frustration that i saw firsthand in akron, ohio last week and now we have insight now that this preliminary report has been finalized by
10:34 am
the summit county medical examiner. among some of the details that we sought earlier this morning, is the cause of death. his cause of death on june 27 confirming that it was due to massive blood loss and also this key number, 46 gunshot entrance or praise wounds. the medical examiner said it's quite possible that one bullet caused multiple gunshot interests wounds and also the negative toxicology report, coming back that he tested negative for any blood or alcohol in his system and also, evidence that they at least administered first aid before the ambulance announce. this last point is crucial because ultimately this independent medical examiner that's been brought on by the walker family, won't see any sort of gunshot residue tests that were performed because that's because the medical
10:35 am
examiner said, that was not done because typically the result of that exam can be inconclusive, here's why. >> the fbi lab discontinued gunshot residue testing in 2006. based upon these issues, related to the interpretation and testing and the ease with which these particles can be dislodged from the skin, the medical examiner's office discontinued collecting the samples in 2016 and no longer purchases the collection kits to be used by our staff, because of this, mr. walker's hands were not swabbed or tested for gunshot residue. >> even though the technology is sound, it's not reliable and that's why that wasn't done but this is key because that would have potentially said whether or not walker actually fired the one round, 20 seconds into
10:36 am
the pursuit on the night of june 27th, that was considered as officers as a perceived threat when eight of them opened fire. the family responding saying they are devastated by the findings and they are currently waiting for a public apology from the city and they brought on a medical examiner of their own to not only assess the physical examination as they wait for the state investigation to play out. meanwhile in washington, senator manchin is pushing back now on reports that he has torpedoed democrats chances of passing sweeping climate action and tax provisions. melanie, there were months of negotiations, senator majority leader chuck schumer made a number of concessions and now they say manchin won't support this. how has he not blown up democrat hopes of passing this sweeping legislation at this point? >> manchin said this is the position he's had all along,
10:37 am
that he has consistently expressed concerns about inflation and he went on a local radio station to further explain his thinking . take a listen. >> i said, chuck until we see the july inflation figures, until we see the basically the federal reserve rates, interest rates, then, let's wait until that comes out, so we know we are going down a path that will add more to inflation because are you telling me you will do the other right now and i said chuck it's not prudent to do the other right now. >> but this no doubt brill blows up the democrats plans for an economic agenda because they don't have the type of time that manchin is talking about. the only have until september 30th to use this reconciliation process and democrats are openly fuming and they feel like the goalposts have been moved with manchin remember it started at $3 trillion then went down to 1.75 trillion then
10:38 am
schumer and manchin try to negotiate something with climate and taxes but now he is vetoing that. where does this leave us? possibly a much slimmer package, and the question is whether these infuriated democrats are willing to accept something as small as that right before the november elections. >> thank you for your reporting. one day after a russian missile killed at least 23 people in central ukraine, we are learning a mother injured in that atattack, still doesn't know her four-year-old chchild died. doctors worry telling her could affect her recovery. it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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right now in ukraine, rescuers are searching for survivors at the sites of 10 russian missile strikes on the city of nikolai, officials say universities and civil infrastructure were damaged in the attack. to the north, relatives of those missing after similar assault are submitting dna samples now to help identify the dead. scott mclean is there with some heartbreaking stories.
10:44 am
>> i spoke with the family of a 28-year-old man, was inside the concert hall at the time of the missile strike. he was a technician working on the concert of a ukrainian pop singer who was holding a concert to raise money for the ukrainian military. his family, his mother and cousin said he has severe injuries to his spine and chest and the next few days would be critical in determining whether he can actually make a recovery. his cousin told me she's angry, she said i want all of russia to die, no one spared. those are her words. also met the medical director who said all but two of the more than 100 people who showed up here in the hours after the explosion with shrapnel wounds and with burns were civilian. he says he treats soldiers all the time and understands war and understands military targets but he simply does not understand this. >> i don't understand the goal, to scare us? they will to scare us. but to kill civilians, it's beyond a crime, something inhuman, incomprehensible. words fail me . >> the youngest victim we know
10:45 am
of so far, is a four-year-old girl named lisa. her mother had posted a video on instagram just before the blast, showing her pushing her own stroller down a sidewalk, an hour or two after the video was found. she was lying dead beside that very same stroller. president zelenskyy mentioned this girl in his nightly address and now, we know the first lady had also met this girl last year while shooting a christmas video with children with disabilities. her mother, survived the attack. she is inside this hospital recovering. i spoke with the deputy chief of staff to the president's office, who, was meeting with some of the survivors and he said, at least as of earlier, because of her medical state and because of her injuries, she had not yet been told that her daughter didn't survive. >> such a beautiful girl. thanks, scott. that attack comes as documents
10:46 am
page after page crimes against humanity in ukraine. evidence of gang rapes , tortures and mass killings all allegedly committed by forces in ukraine. for frankie this is not the worst with that is part of the report of the ski suburbs where journalists saw firsthand the aftermath of russian occupation, quote, on april 15 the kyiv police force reported that 900 civilian bodies had been discovered following russia's withdrawal from the area. including over 350 of them discovered in abuja, according to evidence gathered by the police, nearly 95% were simply executed. more bodies were discovered and mass graves under rubble. the office of the prosecutor general of ukraine announced on april fourth that the lease in
10:47 am
the region discovered a torture chamber in the basement of the children's sanatorium in bucha. still ahead, former trump white house aide, steve bannon, tried and failed to delay his criminal contempt trial. his lawyers even pointed to a cnn documentary on benin to make their case. up next, drew griffin graves us a prpreview of that special reportrt. stay with us. and effo adjusts for your best sl eep. and tells you exactly how well you slept, withp. yoyour sleepiq score. our smart sleepers get 28 minutes more restful sleep per night. so, you can be your best for yourself and those you care about most. don't miss our weekend special. save 40% on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed queen now only $1499. oh, that i can't believe i scored this price feeling! wayfair always delivers small prices for big dream ♪ wayfair you've got just wt i need ♪ if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms
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on monday, top trump ally steve bannon goes on trial for criminal contempt charges. even with the trial looming, bannon has been leading a movement to install 2020 election deniers in key positions for the next election. cnn's drew griffin reports. >> reporter: steve bannon has never been elected to any
10:52 am
office, never confirmed by congress for any position, but potentially has more influence on the political direction of the nation today than almost anyone besides donald trump. >> we believe in the ballot box. we believe in fair and free and transparent elections and we're winning everywhere. we're going to win 80 to 100 seat pick-up in the house of representatives, we're going to win the senate, the governorships and the state legislators. you're witnessing a political realignment and we will govern for 100 years. >> bannon sees himself as the narrater in a great, grand conspiracy of his own devising. >> steve bannon is the intellectual and cultural navigator for the modern day trump era republican party, setting the agenda even more than donald trump. >> reporter: bannon sets that agenda through his daily show "war room". it's on tv, radio, the internet,
10:53 am
and the podcast version is among the top three political podcasts on apple. >> the whole reason we started the 6:00 show "battleground" was to focus on the run-up to this november where we'll have the destruction of the democratic party. >> reporter: his pathway to destroy the democratic party control who runs the elections by putting the ultra maga in charge. >> it is about who counts the votes and we're going to count them because we've got election officials that are showing up. >> one thing that stopped the overthrow of the 2020 election was that republican precinct workers said, no, we're not going to overturn what was a valid election. i think bannon saw that and said, if donald trump runs in 2024 and the same thing happens, i want to make sure that we have people in those positions that will overturn the election for trump, even if he loses it. >> reporter: bannon insists he wants every vote to be counted
10:54 am
legally, but his entire movement is based on the lie that donald trump, not joe biden, actually won the 2020 election. >> we will never concede, we will never say this election was not stolen. >> i was never inspired to be involved in politics until this last election. >> and what about that election inspired you? >> to see all the anomalies during the election. there's no way that biden could have ever won an election. he didn't campaign. the most unpopular person. if you believe that that was a safe and fair election, then i just can't help you. >> cnn senior investigative correspondent drew griffin joins us now. so many of the people you talked to in this report, they were inspired to get involved in local politics because of steve bannon. is that an actual reshaping of the republican party taking place from the grassroots level up? >> from the precinct committee people to the school boards, all the way up to secretary of state, attorney generals and
10:55 am
eventually bannon hopes the presidency again. and, ana, all powerfully built upon this lie that otherwise rational people still believe, that there was an election taken away from him. it's been a great motivator for steve bannon and he has reshape the republican party with that lie at the core of its values. >> drew griffin, thank you for your reporting. be sure in tune in to his cnn special report "steve bannon: divided we fall" sunday night at 8:00 eastern here on cnn, just ahead of his trial on monday. is that does it for me. i hope you have a fun and safe weekend. i'll see you back here on monday as well. until then, you can find me on twitter. the news continues with alisyn and victor right after this.
10:56 am
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. hello, i'm victor blackwell. welcome to "cnn newsroom." >> i'm alisyn camerota. the most controversial part of president biden's trip to the middle east is happening now. the president is meeting with saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman. the cia has assessed it was bin salman who ordered the slaying of jamal khashoggi. >> you'll remember during the


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