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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 19, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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it's the top of the hour on cnn newsroom, i'm alisyn camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. we're beginning with new developments just in on the january 6th investigation, and the efforts to overturn the 2020 election. a district attorney in georgia has just alerted nearly a dozen people that they are considered targets in a criminal probe into allegations of fake electors. and we also have the latest in the ongoing search for those secret service texts from the time around the capitol riot. the agency just revealed that it has not been able to recover them.
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let's begin this hour with whitney wild. what is the secret service saying? >> the secret service is saying that they are giving the january 6th committee a significant document production, but as you point out, a source is telling us that this does not include any of these potentially missing text messages that would have been generated on january 5th and january 6th, 2021. a secret service official told cnn that that's because the agency has not been able to recover any of those records that were lost during a phone migration around that time. one of the things the courses did tell us was that any message that was not uploaded by the employee as a government record, again, would have been lost during this migration. before this phone migration, secret service employees were supposed to manually back up their text messages so if any employees skipped that step or just forgot, this would have been permanently deleted when their phones were wiped during this now we know ill-timed
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migration. the secret service insists they are trying to recover anything that might have been lots. earlier tuesday, the national archives said they were looking into this. joining federal agencies, congressional committees looking into this, and the secret service of that inquiry says they will also comply, they will answer any questions that the national archives is asking. but let's give you this statement directly from the secret service. you can see for yourself exactly what they're saying. they are saying this. we continue to scrutinize our records, databases and archives to ensure full compliance with the committee's subpoena, taking all feasible steps to identify records responsive to the subpoena, to include forensic examinations of agency phones and other investigation techniques. the reality is this information is gone. at this point, they are exercising any avenue to get that information back. >> all right. whitney wild for us, thank you
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very much. let's go now to that fake elector investigation in georgia. 11 people who called themselves alternate electors for trump in 2020 have been sent a letter by the fulton county district attorney. cnn's sara murray is following this. what do you know? >> reporter: that's right, this is part of the criminal investigation into donald trump and his allies that's been going on in georgia, and what we're learning from a new court filing is that the district attorney there, fwillis sent a letter, informing that they are targets in their investigation. people who agreed to sign on as fake electors, even though joe biden had won the state. in the court filing, the attorneys for the fake electors say the grand jury subpoenas they received are unreasonable and oppressive. the district attorney apparently in her letters to them telling them they were targets said that her investigation has matured, new evidence has come to light, and that's why she believes that they are now targets in this investigation. we had previously reported along
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with my colleagues zach cohen, and jason morris that some of these folks had been cooperating with the investigation, and were initially believed to be witnesses. as you can see from the updated letters, they are believed to be targets, which means they risk being indicted as part of the investigation. >> important shift. >> thank you for that development. one-third of the u.s. is under a heat advisory right now. scorching temperatures, look at these numbers. they're expected in more than 20 states. president biden is said to announce new executive actions to address the growing climate crisis tomorrow. in arizona, there was this concerning moment if you look at your screen, when a ups delivery man collapsed in the heat. this was caught on camera, as you can see, you see the worker falling over. as he set down a package, and then he stays slumped on the porch before slowly being able to get up. >> we promise he gets up at some
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point. >> does he? i'm not so convinced anymore. >> yeah, he gets up. >> temperatures in the area were at 108 degrees when this happened. ups said the employee then called his supervisor and is doing fine. we're happy to report. >> and still rang the bell before he left with the package. >> wow, let's go to cnn's lucy kafanov. this heat is putting a strain on the texas power grid which has had trouble in the past. what's the situation now? >> reporter: that's right, i mean, it's already been a sweltering summer with record temperatures but this week is poised to be the hottest yet. 100 million people with heat advisories, as high as 114 in parts of texas. we know that hot temperatures have been stressing the power grid, telling cnn that thaey've experienced 30 days of a record demand since may. the big question is could we see the power grid fail as it did in february of 2021, during the winter storm there. cnn posed that question to the
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assistant emergency management coordinator for the city of dallas, which by the way, saw temperatures of 109 degrees yesterday. take a listen to what he said. >> i'm less concerned about a failure, you know, there are a lot of differences between this event and winter storm yuri. after that event we purchased mobile hvac systems, if we lose power, and we have folks using the cooling centers, we can get there quickly and start supplying them with cold air. >> the extreme heat has been fueling fires in texas, one west of fort worth has burned 500 acres and damaged some buildings. another one just to the south, the chalk mountain fire tripled in size overnight, burning more than 4,000 acres. of course the entire midwest is currently affected by these heat advisories, record breaking temperatures, heading your way to the east coast. boston today, declaring a heat emergency, and philadelphia and
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new york, expected to join boston tomorrow, with temperatures up to 90 degrees, and of course with that humidity it could feel like it's 100 degrees for tens of millions of people, victor, alisyn. >> lucy kafanov in denver. thank you very much. let's go to scotland in england now. they have both recorded their hottest days ever. temperatures in london, 104 degrees. the heat is fueling a surge of wildfires across the region there. the fires just feet away. look at this, from a major roadway. cnn's nina dos santos is in london. what do you know about that? >> reporter: thanks very much, victor. this is a fire that appears to have begun earlier on today as the mercury reached that record of 104.5 fahrenheit, across the united kingdom not far from where i am in the british capital. we have seen the blaze continue. it's been declared a major incident. that means that the london fire brigade is doing its best to try
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and fight this. they have also urged people to make sure that in these scorched conditions, yes, it's tempting to go outside with a barbecue, but don't. they want to see a ban on things like barbecues for the moment. i can tell you, it has just started to rain, which will bring much needed relief to londoners who have been contending with these high temperatures, and also commuters who have been contending with no service out of some of the biggest railway stations in the uk. outside kings cross station, there will be no trains all day. authorities were so concerned that the steal and train lines might buckle. we also saw flight disruptions in london airports, one airport saw its runway begin to melt at one point. authorities say with the rain now finally here, things will start to cool. come down by a number of degrees tomorrow. but this has been a shock for the uk. and the idea is that they have to start to plan better from here on. surpassing 40 degrees celsius, might have been the first time.
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there was a warning several weeks ago, this could happen. it's happened sooner than expected. victor, alisyn. >> just incredible, i mean, runway, buckling, tracks melting. it's incredible. thank you very much, and we're glad it's raining. meteorologist tom is tracking all of this in the weather center. how long is this heat wave going to last? >> we've got ours is going to last for quite some time. europe as well is going to continue to have several days. in the united kingdom, 34 locations broke their all time high temperature today. half of china has been in a heat wave for over 30 days. 82 cities there. the entire northern hemisphere is just burning up. oklahoma city, look at this, 101 degrees. what we've got is a temperature very close to their all time high that they hit back in l.a. in 2012, but they hit it in 1936 during the dust bowl days. notice the heat in the western u.s., but across the globe, you see more blue. it was mainly cooler then. look at where we are now, the planet is on fire.
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in 1960, the u.s. averaged two heat waves a year. after 2010, it's now six, and t it's not just the u.s. our heat is spreading to the east now. when you look at the advisories that have been in place for weeks, we're watching it spread, tennessee valley, ohio valley, new england, some of the larger cities. when you look at the triple digits, no relief in sight, from oklahoma city, salt lake city had their highest temperature the other way. the desert southwest but it's becoming more global. when we look at the next couple of days, in fact, the next week, well above average for much of the country. this is when it affects the body. it's the silent killer, the number one killer of all natural disasters. if you've got above 104, you have nervous system problems and organ failures. in europe, we're looking compared to 1976. again, notice all the blue on the map compared to where we are today. the heat moving up from africa has been making its way into the
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central areas of europe, now it's spreading to the east along with the drought. the fires are out of control. last year it was bad in greece. it's bad there again. as well as portugal, spain and france. here are the numbers. england, breaking some records, getting up, record was 102. they got up to 104 degrees. still 81 in london right now. >> tom, that map of europe is unbelievable how many fires are burning right now. tom sader there, thank you so much. we have new video just in of a fire at the hoover dam. >> visitors posted videos of flames and smoke billowing up from the bottom. boulder city officials report that a transformer caught fire but that it was put out before firefighters arrived on the scene. and there is no threat to the power grid, we're happy to report. the cause is under investigation. there are also no reports of injuries. okay. cnn polling out ahead of the midterms show the democrats got a recent boost but it may not be
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enough to keep control of congress. also ahead, senator joe manchin is defending himself from democratic attacks after, again, blocking the president's priorities. and former president trump angers 9/11 victims' families for hosting a saudi backed golf events a one of his properties while urging players to just take the money. we have the details. okay season 6! aw... this'll take forev—or not. do i just focus on when thingngs don't work, and not appreciate when they do? i love it when work actually w works! i just booked this parking spot... this desk.k... and this conference room! i am filing status reports on an app that i made! i'm not even a coder! and it works!... i like your bag! when your digital solutions work, the world works. that's why the world works with servicenow. medium latte, half-caff, no foam. quite the personalized order. i know what i like. i've been meaning to ask you, carl. does your firm offer personalized iex investing?
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they're evenly split on who they support for congress. both parties getting 46% support. president biden is struggling to gain traction with voters, just 38% of americans approve of the job the president is doing. with us now to discuss, dana bash, cnn's chief political correspondent, ron brownstein, senior editor for the atlantic. welcome to you, dan. let me start with you. 46 will bump up for the democrats, probably too soon to break out the confetti for them. >> and this is consistent with other polls that we have seen about where the so-called generic ballot is at this point. going into the fall elections. which is interesting because generally speaking and ron can certainly add to this because he's the guru on this and many other things, it's the generic ballot that is worse than the independent races, meaning i don't like congress but i like my congressmen and women. the fact that that's where this number is quite telling.
12:18 pm
when it comes to president biden, you talked about the top line, his approval numbers. the one that i thought was potentially the most damaging and worrying for this white house and for democrats more broadly is the fact that the public outlook on the state of the country is worse than it has been since 2009. we all remember what it was like in 2009. 2009 is when president obama and vice president biden took over because there was a crash in the economy, i mean, it was -- the bottom fell out, so that is a very very big alarm bell that's ringing. >> so ron, share your guruness with us because, particularly just let me show you this next one as well. they don't like either candidate. do you -- who has the right priorities, democratic candidates 31% say yes. 60% say now. republican candidates, 33 say
12:19 pm
yes, 60% say no. a pox on both of their houses. >> does that make you the guress? the big story in this poll is the decoupling of attitudes about biden and intention to vote in the midterm and whether that is sustainable to november. the general trend over the last 30 years has been the people's views about the president increasingly shapes how they vote in congressional elections. in the exit polls in 2018, 90% of the people who disapproved of trump voted democratic for congress. in the midterms before that, 14, 10, 06 and 94 with obama, bush and clinton, somewhere between 82 and 84% of people disapproved for the president voted for the other party in congress. in this poll, the single most striking number is that 70% of people who disapprove of biden say they are going to vote republican. 19% of the disapproves say they are still going to vote democrat. "the new york times" sienna poll
12:20 pm
had the exact same number, 19%. and we're seeing in state polls, states like georgia and pennsylvania, somewhere around 20% of people who disapprove of biden say they are going to vote for democrats. if that's sustainable to november, that would represent a change from what we have seen, as i said, over the last 20 years especially but it is the one pathway for democrats to avoid the worst at a moment of the intense dissatisfaction with the direction of the country and it reflects the resistance to the trump era gop among key constituencies that are disappointed in biden, and so it is a new dynamic. you saw in the poll, half of voters said they were less likely to vote for someone they thought would support donald trump. can this dynamic out weigh in inflation, not entirely but it can change the drtrajectory of e campaign. >> let's turn to joe manchin taking harsh criticism from fellow democrats after he is at
12:21 pm
least not yet, if not a no on the president's climate policies, some tax increases as well. our manu raju caught up with him and here's what he said. >> if they don't understand inflation is the number one critical factor that we have that's hurting every family and harming our economy right now, it's inflation. and i'm very much concerned. i have never changed my position. i'm not stringing anybody along. can't we make sure that what we do does not add fuel to the fire. that's it. >> how intense is that anger? i don't know if there's anything else to call it on capitol hill, and the white house has been optimistic in their tone. is that the same what's happening behind the scenes at the white house? >> not really. they're as perplexed as anybody else, and perplexed is obviously a very low key way to describe it, the way you described it, angry, frustrated, there's
12:22 pm
actual rage that is going in the direction of joe manchin because he's the one. he is the only person who stood up because of the 50/50 senate, and said, this is not roight, ad you just heard what he said to manu about his reasoning. he effectively pulled the plug right after the monthly inflation report came out showing inflation in the month of june was 9.1%, another 40-year high. the question now when it comes to legislation, whether there is a third way, whether there is a path where the democrats can convince joe manchin to agree to something with, let's say, a trigger, meaning if inflation goes down to a certain level, then the climate provisions can kick in. and then the other path that the white house is taking that the president's economic adviser jared bernstein told me on sunday, and others have said
12:23 pm
since is focusing on executive -- their executive power, whether it's a national emergency on climate, whether it is invoking the defense production act in a more aggressive way. the problem with that they understand very well at the white house is that executive action is only as good as the amount of time that that current president is in, if somebody comes in afterwards, it can be changed really quickly, which is why legislation is the way to actually codify laws in the united states of america. >> all right. dana bash, ron brownstein, thank you. thank you. so sesame place is apologizing for a character who appears to ignore two young black girls, though the character interacts with other guests. >> we will speak with the mother and aunt of those two girls next.
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there is growing outrage after a video appears to show a costumed character from the theme park sesame place ignoring two little black girls trying to reach out for a high five.
12:29 pm
>> the video also shows that same character interacting with other non-black children just moments before. look at the confusion on these little girls' faces. cnn national correspondent brynn gingras is here with more. how does "sesame street" explain. >> they say it's a misunderstanding. i'll get to that in a minute. let's see what the mother says happened, a mother to one of the girls and an aunt to the other. they were at sesame place, a theme park outside philadelphia over the weekend, and as you can see, were at the parade when she say, that you can see that rosita gives a high five to the person next to them who is white and she says blatantly ignores the two little girls and alleges racism. now, she says she tried to get the park's attention, tried to talk to a supervisor. that wasn't heard. she posted the video along with her explanation on social media. that was heard by hundreds of thousands of people, it went viral, and the park did respond as you asked, alisyn. essentially the park said in part this, our brand, our park
12:30 pm
and our employees stand for inclusivity and equality in all forms. that is what sesame place is about, and we do not tolerate any behaviors in our parks that are contrary to that commitment, and they offered this saying it was a misunderstanding that they talked to the performer who was sorry about this. felt bad about it. they said that they were actually saying no to a person who was asking for a photo op by holding a child, which the park does not allow. they also said, you know, it's possible because of the costume they didn't see these two little girls. again, this went viral. they offered up a second apology to the family in another statement. as we know, this family has hired an attorney, and they're not putting this to rest. >> brynn gingras, thank you. i'm joined by jodi brown, the mother and aunt of those little girls. you see there in the video, and her lawyer, bee ivory lamar. thank you for being with us. brin walked us right up to the moment of the denial from the character.
12:31 pm
tell us what happened and when that moment happened, what went through your mind? >> one, i couldn't believe that it happened. it's a child's theme park. the kids are supposed to be, you know, happy and, you know, acknowledged and greeted and having a good time, so the fact that this even happened, that fact that this was even going to be a core memory for them, when it comes to sesame place is actually disgusting and unbelievable to me. i of course didn't expect that to happen as i'm recording. i'm just trying to get their reactions. everyone can see they're so excited. so to see the family next to me be acknowledged and to have them be ignored and then the family right next to us be acknowledged, at that point i have already stopped the video. it was heartbreaking and in the video, you can also see how sad the children are. >> yeah, you say that -- and we've talked around it. i want to be explicit here, you believe that whomever is in that
12:32 pm
costume did not high five your daughter and niece, didn't hug sky ler and nyla because they're little black girls. >> yes, because as you can see, now that i spoke up and released my video, now there's multiple parents who have similar videos with that character doing the same thing to the same race of children. so for me, that's not a coincidence at all. it's absolutely disgusting, and i do feel like the organization honestly really and truly needs to accept accountability. >> jodi, you see they're crest fallen and disappointed after the rosita character walks by. did they say anything to you about that moment? >> the character itself? >> no, the girls. >> the girls, oh, in that moment they're just sad, like how come he didn't give me a high five. what did we do. as you can see, my niece is
12:33 pm
reaching out for him. in that moment, you know, you want to console the children and tell them, like, it's okay. you didn't do anything wrong. some people are not just good people. for every bad person, there's going to be a hundred more good people, and love is always going to, you know, hate. but i shouldn't have these conversations with two 6-year-old children. that's ridiculous. >> yeah. jodi, let me turn to your attorney now. bea ooiivory lamar. >> are you planning to file suit? >> that is on the table. we hope to resolve this matter short of litigation. i mean, the family is very clear what their expectations, they want a formal apology. they want the individual to be terminated. and thirdly, you know, this mental anguish that has been perpetuated upon these young 6-year-old girls is something that should be addressed also by the theme park.
12:34 pm
they went to this park on saturday with the expectation of having a good time, enjoying themselves. they were very fond of the sesame park characters and to leave out that part, heartbroken. their hearts are shattered, something that this theme park should take responsibility for. it has been echoed across this country from families that have been contacting my office. the phone is ringing off the hook with other families with videos showing similar outrageous egregious conduct that this theme park has put upon these families. this theme park needs to take accountability immediately. >> has the park reached out to you? we read their statements. have you heard from sesame place? >> when i first posted the picture the following day, they sent me a message to call to speak to a manager. she was supposed to call me back, and i haven't received a phone call back since the whole situation went viral. >> what do you make of their explanation that the person in
12:35 pm
the suit was not responding to the girls. they were responding to someone in the crowd who wanted them to hold a baby and that's against the policy of the park. >> in the video, you can clearly see the character looking at the children and saying no. i think that was just an excuse. damage control. because of the severity of the way you see the video was going. you can clearly see in the video that he looked directly at the children and said no. i feel like that was an excuse, and instead of taking accountability, trying to sweep the situation under the rug. >> jodi brown, bea ivory lamar. thank you for spending a couple of minutes with us. we've seen this video. i can't tell you how many times i watched those nine seconds of skyler and nyla. thank you for giving the story around it. keep in touch, let us know what happens next. >> we'll do.
12:36 pm
thank you. >> yeah, it's hard to watch that video. >> yeah, 6-year-old girls. and people wonder why this matters. i think she really encapsulated why this matters, these little girls shouldn't have that as a memory. the value in the moment, the little white girl here, the little white girl there gets a high five or a hug, and you wave them off. this sticks with children. >> and i see the confusion on their face. that will stick with us as well. meanwhile, uvalde family members confronted school board members demanding accountability. and changes going into the new school year, the attorney for those families is next.
12:37 pm
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it's been less than two months since 19 4th graders and two teachers were killed in uvalde, texas. now the school board has to figure out how to bring students back into the classroom safely this fall. >> parents of victims and survivors confronted elected officials about how they can guarantee their kids' future safety, especially since they still don't have answers about why a back door was unlocked and allowed the gunman to access a 4th grade classroom so easily. >> the expectation is those doors to be locked, absolutely is. >> you all knew they that didn't. >> i was not aware that that lock was not working.
12:42 pm
>> okay. so then -- you're the superintendent. you're top dog, correct? >> yes. >> so you should know what's going on in your schools. >> correct. >> why don't you? >> do you check your doors at night and make sure your doors are locked, i'm pretty sure you make sure you're secure at your home, don't you? >> mark decarlo is an attorney representing 15 families in uvalde. mark, thanks for coming back. listen, we've learned that the school district will make some enhancements, some changes. new fencing, locks in doors. upgrading those, access points as well. we've got the list on the screen. hiring additional officers and personnel. what is it that the families you represent need to be able to send their kids back into this school district? >> well, obviously the main problem was the door lock because despite obvious
12:43 pm
negligences and malfeasance and misfeasance on the part of the officers, the children were tragically killed very quickly at initial gun burst, which we believe was caused by that hell fire trigger system, which was kind of covered up, we believed in that interim report of the investigative committee on the robb elementary shooting, but there's nothing that we could do about that. and obviously there's nothing we could do about the firearms being sold. but we would think that the security of the exterior of the building would be primary as you stated in fencing and in the door locks, and the door locks of the school rooms, yes. >> mark, i want to ask you about the weapons because you talk about that hell fire system which would turn the semiautomatic into an automatic, and we heard in the surveillance video that sickening barrage of gunfire that was so rapid and so you think something's being covered up with that, and second
12:44 pm
question, why can't you do anything about the weapons that were sold? i mean, this -- before he turned 18, this shooter bought between, you know, 30 round mag -- 60 30-round magazines, that hell fire snap on trigger system, and right when he turned 18, he bought the ar-15 style weapons, and i'm wondering if you have any questions about the gun store that sold that? >> obviously. that was partly covered, the purchase of the firearm, the atf immediately said it was a legal purchase. you can't determine it was a legal purchase unless you look at the form 4473 and other supporting documents. obviously that was another discrepancy in the investigative committee on the robb elementary school shooting. wherein the owner was stating, well, he looked okay to me, and some of the other persons were stating h stating he looked like a shooter to me. there was a question raised about the amount of money he
12:45 pm
had. according to my research, it was a debit card, was it cash, was his grandmother's name on it, was his name on it. were there legal questions asked, was it a legal purchase, when were these weapons exactly purchased by i believe that's a davis firearms online. was he, in fact, 18 at that time? and was he, in fact, intoxicated when he purchased, when the shooter purchased the weapons? where is the autopsy report. we don't have the autopsy report. that's very important for us to have. where are the reports on the door locks, why is that information being kept from me. why is the city of uvalde, et cetera, why are they -- why are they hiring lawyers with taxpayers money, and asking me ridiculous questions. we're not sure what you mean by the manufacturer of the door lock, et cetera, which allowed him to get in. you know, the texas department of public safety director stated something -- he stated, contradicted himself, i think in about one minute three times.
12:46 pm
at one point he said, well, the strike plate that wasn't aligned on the back door, that fwnorthwt door where the shooter entered, then he stated, well, it wasn't kept locked, and it wasn't kept locked. then it was defective. we have like three different stories, and we do know the school, the teacher who propped open the gun momentarily with a rock, why would she put the rock in the door if she thought -- if she was working in that school, why would she do that if she didn't think it would lock. you can go in any cheap hotel in the united states of america and you could see that as they run into the outside, if it's a motel, you have to prop the doors open. there's card systems. very inexpensive. we know these are going to be issues, regarding the door lock. now, regarding the lawsuits against the manufacturer, there was this -- what can i say, there's an immunity, protection of lawful commerce and firearms
12:47 pm
act. i don't hear anybody repealing that. which makes them basically immune from lawsuit. but that's another issue, and that's something that we're obviously working under the burden of. >> okay. mark decarlo, thank you very much for just the tip of the iceberg explaining to us all of the questions that you and the families still have. obviously we will speak to you again. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you. netflix investors are holding their breath right now ahead of the company's earnings report releasing in about 15 minutes. next, we'll look at how ugly it's expected to be and the possible ripple effects across the entire streaming industry. fe intense about hydration. neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight.t. fragrance-free. 48 hour hydration. for that healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for people with skin.
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netflix's quartly earnings come out shortly. >> shares are down nearly 70%. also bleeding subscribers amid a sea of cheaper alternatives. brian stelter, host of cnn "reliable sources" here. what are we looking for? just the number of subscribers versus the last report? >> yes, and there's a massive reset with expectations around netflix. shareholders, in fact, average shareholders, mom and pop shareholders have had to go through a reset because subscription growth has slowed and now stopped and is now declining. so that's why this is one of the most interesting business stories of the year, all about to happen when netflix reveals its new subscriber totals. the company said it expects to lose 2 million subscribers in the spring quarter. if they lose more than that, a good sign, if they lose more than that, a bad sign.
12:53 pm
it also portends what is the state of streaming. it's complicated because we're all streaming television. all of us have our favorite shows. streaming is not going away. there are going to be more and more options, but for wall street, for investors, this is a giant reset moment. a reevaluation. >> netflix says one of the ways it's going to combat this is to cut down on password sharing. >> yes. >> maybe they have more subscribers than they think? >> they do. i have talked to executives. there are lots and lots of households that are willing to pay for netflix if they can't share their neighbor's or their friend's password, and they're going to have an ad-supported model. there's nothing new in media. it's always back to the beginning. here we are in a medium with ads and subscription revenue. they're going to add an advertiser supported version, not just in the u.s. but around the world. these platforms are global and they're really saturated in the u.s. pretty much everyone who wants to sign up for a streaming
12:54 pm
service in the united states or canada has done that, but they want to reach new customers all over the world, and nay can do that by cracking down on password sharing, the future of media, it's all of the above. there will be an ad version, a no-ads version and most of all, a ton of tv to watch, probably too much. >> okay. on that note, brian stelter, thank you. >> a man is hailed as a hero after police say he saved several children in this burning home. incredible story. we have it for you after the break. whwhen you have technology that's easier to control... that can scale a across all your clouds... we got that right? yeah, we got that. it's easier to be an innovator. so you can do more incredible things. [whistling]
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okay, you have to see this story. a 25-year-old man in indiana is being hailed as a hero after saving five children from a house on fire. by the time firefighters in lafayette, indiana, arrived on the scene, nicolas bostic had pulled four children out of the home. he just spotted the house fire as he was driving by. and then he rushed back into the burning home when he heard that a 6-year-old was still trapped inside. and then, victor, he grabbed her, punched out a second story window with his hand, and jumped with her tucked under his arm. >> it's remarkable. now, bostick suffered serious injuries to his arms and smoke inhalation. this is the police body cam video the moment bostick hands the rescued girl off to the first responders.
1:00 pm
just a guy passing by saves these five. >> and how can he be that brave? i mean, first of all, it's a house on fire, and he runs back in when he hears there's a 6-year-old trapped inside. and he gets her. so he used to be a delivery man. i'm not sure what he will be in the future, but he will have job offers. >> a superhero today. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. yes, it's summer. yes, it's supposed to be hot, but it is never been like this. "the lead" starts right now. extreme heat alerts in 21 countries in europe and more than 100 million people in the u.s. also in danger zones. disasters sparked by the climate crisis now threatening your travel, your food supply, and quite literally, even your life. plus, while moving to ban abortion outright, one state is leaving lower income pregnant women with few resources, little support, and almost nowhere to turn. >> and a the


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