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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  July 24, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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like mine. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. we have broken 200 high temperature records this month. this is madness. >> what is it like in your apartment? >> hell. it is not like? >> yes. >> a major wild fire bushes out of control in california. >> still at 0% containment. >> we're not finished yet. >> i think there's evidence of crimes up to donald trump. >> the attorney general is committed to follow the evidence and it's led to donald trump. >> he can not be close to the oval office ever again. >> president biden in day three of covid isolation. >> the predominant symptom is a sore throat. >> this is a president who has a mild respiratory illness. i'm pamela brown in washington. you are live in the "cnn newsroom" on this sunday.
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dangerous heat and a state of emergency. the oak fire explodes near yosemite national park in california. it is 0% contained. blistering temperatures adding to the danger creating health concerns. under heat alerts. some cities like boston and newark seen triple digits. camilla, what's the situation there right now? >> reporter: hey, pam. we just got back from the mountain here behind me. cal fire took us there to see what the fire has done and i think the number of structures destroyed will go up. it was ten last report but seeing the destruction you can tell it is likely going to go up. we are waiting for the next report but firefighters just looking at the fire and the flames and the smoke telling me
4:02 pm
they don't think they made that much progress but seen plane after plane dropping that fire retardant doing everything they can to put the flames out but there's things that are making the fire fight more difficult. the first is the drought and the we weather. the temperatures increase in the afternoon. the humidity drops and the winds tend to pick up in the afternoon. they say it's difficult terrain, steep. hard to get into the mountains and the flames and hard to get to the homes because the homes here are large in lots maybe five acres covered in forest. it is dry and overgrown and have difficulty trying to get peep out or trying to save the structures. listen to the warnings. if you are under an evacuation order get out.
4:03 pm
people said they'd rather stay and protect their hopes. a residents has been here for 20 years saying i'm not leaving yet. >> i get real nervous. friday night was the worst for us on tiptop. it will spot. the fires will jump to our property. we had to be prepared. i have seen fire before. i feel like i can protect myself. i have no kids at the house. i can leave at a moment's notice. >> reporter: we do expect some progress because there are more resources. yesterday 400 people working on the fire. today more than 2,000. pam? >> thank you. now new york and pawulo sandova.
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>> it's relentless with trying to stay cool. parents bringing the kids out to try to make the best of this but next door in new jersey today recorded 102 degrees i believe. that wouch the fifth consecutive day that new jersey seen seen the triple digits. the longest stent since they started to take the records in the early 1930s and it's a sense. here in new york they have been on alert. they confirmed the first heat related death on saturday, an individual that had preexisting health conditions and tragic. outside of that new york mayor adams saying largely hospitals did not notice a significant surge in heat related illness. >> it appears as though through the media and through other notifications people are taking the notice seriously. we only have had one heat
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related death. it was reported thus far. but we are opening the cooling systems. i believe people are really responding. >> reporter: in terms of tomorrow finally a little bit of relieve but warm. expecting the 90s making it if the forecast turns out to be what we expect it to be then they will have seven straight days of above 90 degrees. first time in nearly a decade. >> wow. the kids behind you look like they are having fun in the fountains. thank you so much. >> reporter: i will be joining them in a little bit. >> you should. al gore is not holding back. he compares the deniers to the police officers that failed to take action in the uvalde school shooting. >> the deniers are similar to
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the almost 400 law enforcement officers in uvalde, texas, who were waiting outside an unlocked door while the children were being massacred. they heard the screams and the gunshots. nobody stepped forward. and god bless the families who suffered so much. law enforcement officials tell us that's not typical of what law enforcement usually does. confronted with this global emergency, what we're doing with our inaction and failing to walk through the door and stop the killing is not typical of what we are capable of as human beings. >> gore went on to say that we need unity to fight climate change. president biden's symptoms continue to improve four days since the covid diagnosis.
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the president's physician wrote that the main similar toll is a sore throat. arlette saenz is at the white house. what do we know about how he is feeling? >> reporter: president biden's physician dr. o'connor said that the president's condition continues to improve completing the third full day of isolation at the white house. the doctor released that letter today saying the symptoms continue to improve. the predominant sore throat is sore throat. the body clear it is virus and encouraging. also noted that the president's other symptoms of body aches and runny nose and cough is diminishing. he is taking paxlovid. the wife dr. jill biden the first lady continues to be up at the home in delaware and tested
4:08 pm
nothing for covid-19. the dr. jha the white house covid response coordinator asked if the white house would be transparent providing more information if the president starts to experience any longer term covid symptoms. >> absolutely. we think it is important to know how the president is doing. we have been so transparent with updates and hearing from me directly and the physician. if he has persistent symptoms and interfere with the duties we will disclose that early and often with the american people. >> reporter: a question is what the president's upcoming week will look like. he will be in isolation until tuesday and not return to work until he tested negative.
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we saw him in the virtual meeting on friday. the white house said he is speaking and talking to staff on phone calls over the weekend. still waiting for a schedule of the president's work week in isolation due to the covid-19 diagnosis. dr. jill biden is planning to remain in wilmington until at least tuesday and see what the information the office has to release on that. >> all right. thank you so much. still ahead for you tonight, new election fears brought up in arizona before voters head to the polls. talking to the secretary of state there about the efforts to protect the midterm elections. plus, the vice chair of the january committee said donald trump is unfit to hold office. after the show stay with us for a cnn special report deep in the pockets of texas.
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maryland this week a p proponent of election lies won the primary for governor. in wisconsin a lawmaker said trump called him in an effort to overrun the 2020 results and a candidate raising doubts about the midterms. 538 says so far 120 election deniers won republican nominations and will be on ballots this fall. katie hobbs is top election official in arizona and running for governor there as a democrat. hi, secretary hobbs. i want to talk about what's going on in your state. you had pence and trump with duelling rallies friday. it's a proxy fight between them. both candidates raised doubts
4:15 pm
about the 2020 election. that the residents of arizona are stoking up. how concerned are you? >> i continue to be concerned about the misinformation about elections. certainly the doubts from 2020 are playing into 2022. in my office we are continuing to do everything we can to get out ahead of the misinformation and ensure that the voters in arizona are fair an secure. every voter in arizona can rest assured that is the case and we are continuing to do our jobs and make sure that the 2020 elections are as secure as the 2020 election but it is concerning that the leading candidates are promoting the big lie and sow the doubts and try to create disruption in the systems that we have. >> bottom line is these
4:16 pm
candidates have been effective. donald trump as the leader in it to push the election lies and people buying into that. giving that backdrop and the scrutiny how can you assure voters that the arizona election will be safe and fair? >> right. first of all, i took an oath of office to uphold the constitution of the united states and the constitution and laws of arizona. in 2020, people across the board on both sides of the aisle, we prevalted because people did the job, upheld the will of the voters and the laws. we continue to did that and provide transparency into the processes that are in place for conducting the elections. folks can go to arizona
4:17 pm
and find out how the processes work. >> if you win the race for governor are you expecting the opponent to say the election was rigged, the election was stolen? how are you preparing to handle that if you win? >> we have seen candidates sowing doubt. carrie lake saying that she wouldn't accept the results if she didn't win in the primary or the general. but we are doing our jobs, upholding the laws and the election election in arizona are fair. >> last week the arizona democratic party thanked the pence candidate robson for donations to democrats and the attack was meant to boost lake because democrats think she would be easier for you in november possibly. does it concern you that the strategy could backfire and the
4:18 pm
party played a role to elect the anti-democratic candidates? >> one press release isn't going to make or break a campaign for anyone. i can say that i am confident in the ability to tack on either one of the opponents and running my own race and i am ready to hold lack or robson accountable for the out of touch positions they have taken in the primary. >> i want to ask you about the extremist violence that women are experiencing in particular. how would you describe the current threat landscape against 0 officials? what are you doing to protect yourself? >> it is daunting and particularly concerned about the impact on election workers in arizona. we are continuing to work to -- we report threats. we have good relationship with
4:19 pm
law enforcement. i have private security many times in public. and it's unfortunate that this is where we are but not stopping me from doing my job and making sure the will of the voters is upheld. >> thank you for joining the show. >> thank you. justice thomas' wife would face a subpoena from the january 6 committee. we'll discuss that with the political panel. verizon business internet,wio with fast, reliable solutions, natitionwide. find the perfect solution n for your business. from the network businesses rely on.
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with no line activation fees or term contracts... saving you up to $500 a year. and it's only available to comcast business internet customers. so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. there are new developments in the january 6 investigation. today liz cheney put the wife of justice thomas on notice. cheney telling cnn thomas could be subpoenaed to testify for the role trying to help overturn the
4:24 pm
2020 election and also accused former donald trump of dereliction of duty and says the committee is not ruling out recommending criminal charges against him. >> i think that donald trump, the violation of his oath of office, the violation of the constitution that he engaged in is the most serious misconduct of any president in the history of our nation. we have not decided to make a criminal referral but that's absolutely something we are looking at. >> joining me now alice stewart and april ryan. hello, ladies. great to see you both. let's jump into it starting with january 6. committee members today saying that they could subpoena ginny thomas. the timeline for producing the
4:25 pm
panel's final report is ambiguous but time is of the essence, april. more than a month ago that thomas said i would be happy to come in. what's the committee waiting for? >> for her to move but they will move if she doesn't. look at steve bannon, just the methodical information that's been revealing cominging to the 187 minutes. this committee is serious. thomas said i wanted to clear up the misinformation. it is a month. where are you? from funding buses to go to -- for those to go to january 6. also trying to talk to white house officials to begin the process to overturn the election where joe biden was the winner. >> texts mark meadows about the election and emails with john eastman. no subpoena for her.
4:26 pm
last night i interviewed a retired officer and asked if the hearings are moving the needle. >> i don't believe it's moving the needle as people say with regards to public opinion. i think people are firm in the beliefs as to the justification for january 6, whether it was a great day in american history or an awful day in american history. >> do you agree with his assessment? >> it is true. people have the minds made up. some moved the thinking but it is a warshach test. they supported the idea that there's fraud and believed the nons nonsense to stop the
4:27 pm
certification. what we are seeing with the january 6 hearings is some moving of the needle with rational thinking republicans. some people at fox say we have moved the ball down the field. seen "the new york post" put out an explosive opposition pagem t willing to do whatever it took to stop the peaceful transfer of power and "wall street journal." the president who stood still on january 6. stood still and did nothing. rupert murdoch, longtime friend of the president. when you have a time of crisis you test the character. mike pence passed and donald trump failed. many rational republicans were willing to look past the shortcomings for policy why they thought, many thought he would rise to the occasion and become
4:28 pm
presidential. in hindsight looking back he's not done so. didn't respect the office. he defied the constitution. so the question now is, is he the one to continue the mantle moving forward? no. >> let me say this, pam. this last hearing that was thursday night many republicans have looked at the evidence and the committee was strategic in holding that hearing, that hearing in a nighttime moment so the people of the world see. if they refer to the justice department who they would like to see indicted the american public is brought along and one of the most compelling interviews in that hearing room with congressman castro. he said, you know, donald trump left us for dead that day. that is along with other
4:29 pm
evidence we saw so impactful. >> another component, it is chilling. another thing in that hearing from mike pence's security detail saying while he was running for cover calling the families with good-byes and donald trump sat in the dining room doing nothing. >> concerned for their lives. >> there was a lot of compelling testimony making it interesting with the murdoch newspapers with the headlines. but my question is, what about the murdoch biggest mega phone fox news? do you see them jumping on that train? >> one or two saying a comment here and there. this network is supportive of donald trump. republicans out there running
4:30 pm
for office trying to win in the midterms and 2024 there are other people out there to support the policies and the ideology that do have this conservatism without the chaos and do not have the baggage and supporting them. we see them already that are doing tremendous in fund raising. ron desantis is one and in the polling in the recent to lit coe poll the donald trump numbers with the republican base around 53% and stayed that way and desantis slowly inching up. this did impact the support and the key is how much will that continue? >> it doesn't necessarily mean right now that fox has to say yes or no. we saw in that testimony and the january 6 select committee the latest one that laura ingram, sean hannity and others saying please tell the president to stop this now.
4:31 pm
already even if fox doesn't say anything it was damning those that he talks to, text messages, phone calls telling the president to stop. >> i want to ask you about something else. the house this week. we saw the house advance legislation protecting the right to contraceptive. that could be the next target for the supreme court. eight house republicans joined democrats to support the measure. more republicans joined democrats to protect marriage than this. >> all in the details. look at the polling numbers. 71% of americans support same-sex marriages. but the devil's in the details. this legislation does more than just provide contraceptives.
4:32 pm
we are not opposed to contraceptives but there is language that provides for chemical abortions. those are dangerous. they have serious medical implications. >> i didn't roll my eyes! >> there's a lot more language and that's the pushback. >> contraception, same-sex marriage and the supreme court they can deal with admissions. they deal with race based admissions. where does it end? >> i would like to think it ends with abortion. >> the fda said that the abortion pill is safe and effective. looking at the adverse effects is low compared to the women who have taken the pill. >> it is low but not foolproof. >> there's no -- >> forced pregnancy.
4:33 pm
>> thank you so much. on this sunday, less than 30 minutes cnn takes you deep into the pockets of texas with power billionaires that they have in the state's politics. ed lavandera joins me live with a preview. we'll bebe right back. ♪ ♪ for a trtment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill
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because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose. at least 17 people are dead after a boat capsized in the bahamas. officials believe they were migrants smuggled from haiti to the united states. matt rivers has the story. >> reporter: what authorities are saying likely happened is around 1:00 a.m. early on sunday morning when a twin engine speedboat with 60 people left the coast of one of the islands in the bahamas and shortly thereafter that they responded to the boat and getting to the scene 7 miles off the coast they recovered the bodies of 17
4:38 pm
haitians. 15 of them female. one was male. and the last body of an infant. they rescued some 25 people from the water and investigating this and saying the likely destination was miami, florida. we know that the number of haitians seeking to make the journeys to try to get to the united states via boat those journeys increasing as of late. from the united states coast guard late june that the coast guard put out a press release of intercepting 6,000 people from haiti trying to get to the united states by boat since october of 2021. that number is roughly four times the amount of people from haiti interseptembered in manner
4:39 pm
of the previous year. what is true is that the broader trends going on in haiti affect everyone. you have huge levels of poverty. you have a political vacuum left since the country's president assassinated in july of 2021 and led to levels of gang violence that decimated the capital city of port-au-prince creating a massive number of internally displaced individuals. what we do know is that it illustrates how dangerous the journeys can be. matt rivers, cnn, mexico city. tonight is winning more important than mental health for athletes? we have a preview of "united shades of america.
4:40 pm
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here's why tribal leaders urge you to vote yes on prop 27. the act provides hundreds of millions every year for permanent solutions to homelessness, mental health and addiction in california. prop 27 supports financially disadvantaged tribes that don't own big casinos. by taxing and regulating online sports betting for adults 21 and over,
4:44 pm
we can protect tribal sovereignty and finally do something about homelessness in california. vote yes on prop 27. . and russia a supremely bad move at the moscow chess move. a robot manufactured and broke the finger of the opponent. the video shows the robot grabbing the finger and the youngster did finish in a cast. wow. sports can showcase physical achievement but there is a darker side and w. kamau bell looks at the pressure on
4:45 pm
athletes and the mental health. >> people can't like tell you that you suck and everything else but off the court. about the family and what you do. times will question people's intelligence and character and not know the person. >> especially a white person, white media outlet doing that to a black person. >> right. >> used to be as an athlete the outliers paid attention to the events of the world. like ali or russell why now to the point if you are not paying attention then it looks weird. especially as a black man. >> there's encouragement to speak up. >> is there pressure? >> definitely. that's part of the reason why i got the role with the p.a. and to be educated for others but helping guys grow and understand how to create change. >> joining me now is the host w.
4:46 pm
kamau bell and director of the emmy nominated series we need to talk about cosby and do the work. somehow he found time to join the show to talk about next episode. let's talk about this. the issue came to a head with elite athletes stepping aside to prioritize the mental health. why is it so controversial for athletes to say they need a break? >> the moment the money went up in sports you feel like you own the athlete but you do not. it's more complicated when the athlete is black and the crowd is white. no one wants to understand if mental injuries are injuries, too. >> you talk to fans and athletes. what do they tell you about the role of mental health in sports? >> i think that we forget that
4:47 pm
these are people and it's hard and complicated. in bill russell's day people couldn't tweet to him. but now they are under more pressure with more contact with the fans. >> it is so true. can be so toxic, right, to be exposed to that day in and day out and you point out sometimes the harshest criticism is from the biggest supporters. why do they act like they are owed a championship? >> i think we have taken sports too seriously in this country and especially in days like now when things are so complicated. people want sports to provide them with pleasure and the athletes going through the same thing they do.
4:48 pm
>> so what needs to change to give athletes from kids to olympians to pros the support to succeed? >> we first of all need to remember that people playing sports are not going to do it at an athletic level. it is a way to connect with people. looking at the places around the country trying to stop trans kids from playing sports. they want to have a good time and we have to stop to act like it's connected the professional sports and keep it pure. >> or just professionalize everything instead of lets people have fun. right? what's the biggest thing you learned shooting this episode? >> i think we have to understand that mental health in this country is -- we are under a lot
4:49 pm
of mental health challenges in this country and to mainstream talks about mental health the better we will be and taking athletes seriously. >> i'm in therapy. >> look. i have been there, too. open about the anxiety issues. i have written an op-ed about it. so important to be open about it. what's interesting for me is once i talked about it and like let people know i felt so free. like i felt that it helped with my mental health. i think that's such a big part of that. i don't know if you found that working on this episode. >> i did. especially in my community the black community or communities of color the more people that need help can get to help and the mental health is as important as the physical health.
4:50 pm
>> exactly. there is strength in asking for help not weakness. very passionate about this issue. can't wait to see this episode. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> the new episode airs tonight at 10:00 only on cnn. a startling moment off the coates of massachusetts as a whale slammed into a boat. you can see what it you can see what it looked like when it landed, incredibly, no one was hurt and the town harbormaster says there was only minor damage to the 19-foot boat. harbor officials are recommending boats remain 100 yards away from whales for interactions that could be dangerous. there is a saying everything is bigger in texas. ed lavandera joins me with a report "deep in the pockets of texas." you sound... tired. oh, thanks.
4:51 pm
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and $5,000. ♪ born in the usa, i was born in the usa ♪ >> the good news for springsteen fans, a new u.s. international tour launches in february but a singing op-ed on new is titled "bruce springsteen does not care about you." one fan found out it's cheaper to munich to catch the show. cnn reached out to ticketmaster for comment. in texas, there are no limits on how much money an individual can donate to a political campaign. in a special report our ed lavandera follows the money and examines the grip billionaires have on texas politics. ed, i know you've been working hard on this. what can you tell us about your special airing in a few minutes? >> it's no secret, big money drives politics across the country. here in texas, a state dominated by republicans for 30 years,
4:57 pm
understanding where that money comes from and what the influence and the goals are of the people donating that money is important to understand. >> wealthy people spend a lot of money to get policy the way they want it and get it. now to sign the law. >> the average voter doesn't know what's happening behind the scenes. >> a texas bill targeting lgbtq+. banning abortions. >> they really believe they've been given a mandate by god. >> he has set us free from the law. >> they want to destroy the public school system. >> we are not contending as flesh and blood. >> the money is all tied back to the same people. >> follow the money. >> i am not comfortable with the transgenders. >> more than 90% of your financing came from
4:58 pm
billionaires. >> i don't think you would have any -- >> we'll go inside and see if he'll talk to us. is it about control? >> senator ted cruz. >> reporter: the power. >> it is a russian-style oligarchy, pure and simple. >> so our goal here tonight is to shed some light on this world of texas politics that the average voter doesn't know much about. i hope you'll stick around. >> tell us more. how well-known are these political donors? >> much of the special report focuses on ferris wilks and tim dunn, two west texas billionaires who donated millions to lawmakers all across the state and they have very effective, very smart about it the way they've spent their money. we'll get into a lot of that, but outside of the political
4:59 pm
world, if you work in politics here in texas, you know full well who these men are but the average voter doesn't and that's why we thought it was important to shed light on it. >> what do you think for our viewers, why should they stick around to watch this? what do you think will surprise them and the takeaway will be? >> we focused on hearing from people who were intricately, intimately involved in the behind-the-scenes work of governoring and getting people elected, so you'll hear from republicans who are very close to all of this. some of them were the victims of the political fights that went on here. you'll hear from lawmakers essentially pushed out of office and that's who you heard from in that clip there. it's fascinating to see the way these billionaires have wielded their influence across state politics. as i mentioned, they've been very effective. they figured out a long time ago
5:00 pm
they could get a lot of what they wanted by focuses on races that many people weren't paying a lot of attention to. a billionaire with a ton of money can influence elections like the house race. >> cnn special report. "deep in the pockets of texas" is next. i'm pamela brown. see you again next weekend. >> annnnouncer: the following ia cnn special report. >> wealthy people spend a lot of money to get policy made the way they want it, and they get it. >> now to sign the law. >> the average voter doesn't know what's happening behind the scenes. >> a texas bill targeting lgbtq+ children. >> they want to keep it secret. >> the texas law banning abortions. >> they really believe that they've been given a mandate


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