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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  July 26, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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well, not everybody. or being audited by the irs. >> you mixed in some good things there and some bad things, i think. >> yeah. >> well, i've had twins, not naturally, so i feel lucky about that. i found a pearl in an oyster, basically i think i have a chance at this. >> i think i found a four leaf cloud cover, was that on the list? >> i took it out. >> because i wasn't sure! that's the one thing i actually had. >> have you bought a ticket yet? >> no, but i will. >> will you? >> you don't want to be the guy. let's say this is the year the pool wins and i'm the only person that has to come tomorrow. don't want to be that man! and what would you do with it? >> i'd do some good things, i'd do some fun things. >> i'd do some good things. i'd do some bad things. >> yes. top of the hour now on cnn. i'm victor blackwell. >> and i'm alisyn camerota. any moment now, former president trump will deliver his first speech in washington, d.c. since
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he left town in disgrace following the capitol riot and his election loss. he will be speaking to a group of conservatives and we're told that he plans to focus his speech on law and order. >> trump returns to washington amid a widening probe by the justice department into the capitol insurrection that now includes testimony from high ranking officials in his administration. mark short, the former chief of staff to vice president mike pence says that he testified under subpoena before a grand jury a federal grand jury investigating the insurrection. short's former boss also in d.c. today. pence delivered a speech and appeared to distance himself from the former president. >> so i don't know that our movement is that divided. i don't know that the president and i differ on issues. but we may differ on focus. i truly do believe that elections are about the future. and that it's absolutely essential at a time when so many
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americans are hurting, so many families are struggling, that we don't give way to the temptation to look back. >> cnn's kristen holmes joins us now. what are we expecting from former president trump's speech coming up? >> reporter: well, victor, and alisyn, this is being billed as a policy speech. as you said, focused on law and order. republicans believe that rising crime rates will bring people out to the ballot box in november. the big question on everyone's mind tonight is whether or not trump can actually remain focused on the future. can he set a republican agenda ahead of the midterms. the america first policy institute is a group of former trump administration officials and allies, while trump has remained focused on the 2020 election in the patz, they have been working towards another 2024 run and even a win for president trump. even in some circumstances planning on who would serve in a
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white house, what those policies would actually look like. aides and advisers remain concerned that president trump cannot stay on message. they have tried this before. he continues to go back to the past. as you mentioned, he is not the only person in washington today putting forward an agenda. we heard from former vice president mike pence just miles away from where we are here laying out his agenda for the republican party, completely separate. again, a man who served next to president trump for years. the two do not speak anymore, giving his own vision for the party. take a listen to what he had to say. >> in order to win, conservatives need to do more than criticize and complain. we must unite our movement behind a bold, optimistic agenda that offers a clear and compelling choice to the american people. and that's exactly what the organization i founded, called advancing american freedom set out to do. >> reporter: and of course this
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is all on the backdrop that both of them have been dropping hints of a potential 2024 presidential bid. this would set up an epic show down between these two men that served next to each other in the white house. >> kristen holmes, thank you very much for setting that up for us. president biden denounced donald trump for failing to act for more than three hours as rioters attacked police officers and the capitol on january 6th. cnn chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins joins us now. president biden has in the past been reluctant to talk about donald trump. why now? >> reporter: these are pretty rare comments. he has made quite clear about how he feels about what happened on january 6th, but you don't often see president biden going out of his way to say trump's name, certainly not specifically, he often refers to them as my preld decessor, you don't often see him say donald trump. he was speaking with a group of black law enforcement executives, talking about what law enforcement did that day,
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and also being sharply critical of what his predecessor did or did not do on january 6th. >> face to face with a crazed mob that believed the lies of the president. police were heroes, donald trump lacked the courage to act. brave law enforcement officers were subject to the medieval hell for three hours, dripping in blood, surrounded by carnage. you can't be pro insurrection and pro cop. you can't be pro insurrection and pro american. >> reporter: so in these remarks really, you saw president biden trying to compare what president trump was doing on that day with what law enforcement officers who were on the scene at the capitol responding on that day were doing, and i think one notable comment that wasn't including there, where he says trump lacked the courage to act, president biden also went on to say that the brave women and men in blue should never forget that, trying to target them
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specifically, of course, as former president trump himself is preparing to give this law enforcement a lined message. what they say will be law enforcement aligned. we'll see what that message looks like. one thing i will be watching for is whether or not he's going to criticize president biden and being sharply critical of him, and what he is going to say. i will say one thing, the white house is fine with the contrast of biden and trump. they have been looking at poll numbers lately. a lot of them have not been good for biden but there was a poll number that showed when it was trump and pbiden head to head, that biden won out. that is obviously one number the white house would like to show. not just in the context of trump and pence as well. alisyn and victor. >> the president says don't compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative and he likes when that alternative is former president trump. stay with us. let's bring in abby phillips,
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cnn political analyst, and olivia troy, a homeland security counter terrorism adviser to vice president pence. abby, let me start with you. so much of the last 18 months has been about the former president's influence, the insurrection. this is his return to washington, but as steven collins writes for, in many ways trump has never left washington. >> yeah, i mean, this is a former president who has really refused to let go of the reins of at least his hold on the republican party, and he's been since the day that he did in fact leave washington, he's been trying to hold on to a sense of influence and a sense of importance. both among the rank and file republicans and also what you see with america first policy, this is sort of the begins of
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what he would like to be a kind of political policy foundation for a second term. what trump is trying to do is give some of the republicans who are critical of him, who think he's all in it for himself, a reason to believe that perhaps in another political run, he might run on policy, but the problem is that when trump is not reading from a teleprompter, he just goes back to the same grievance, and i think that that is ultimately what is going to be very problematic for republicans. he has not gotten over the fact that he lost this last election, and he is not really all that focused on policy. he's focused on one thing, and that is perpetuating the election lie that he's been focused on for the last 18 months. >> olivia, what do you think of former president trump giving a speech on the subject of law and order? >> look, i think it's a slap in the face to all the law enforcement officers who were out there fighting the ugly mob
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off on january 6th. i think, you know, especially since he did nothing to stop them first and foremost. i think he knows that that has been very damaging in terms of his so-called credibility when it comes to the law enforcement community, when he pushed the back the blue and law enforcement narrative previously during the trump administration. i think he's focused on that, he knows there's a lot of damage control to be done there. whether i think he'll stick to the script, that's not the former president's strong point. we actually heard that and it's part of his testimony, who said they couldn't put him in front of a microphone to help the situation for those law enforcement officers because they weren't sure he would make the situation even worse. take a step back, and put all of that into perspective here when he gives a speech saying that he represents law and order. >> kaitlan, cnn's reporting is that it's a matter of when the former president will announce his 2024 campaign, not if. what's the view from the trump
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world, getting in early would have an influence on 2022, but getting in late would potentially allow others to come into the field, and we know a crowded field helps trump in these winner take all primaries. >> some of the advisers who have been around him the longest are urging him to wait until after the midterm elections have happened. they believe it is going to be beneficial for him because of course right now, if you look at the conventional wisdom, it's that democrats are not going to be successful. that's often the case when a new president is in the white house and his party does not do well in the following midterm elections. that's just decades of politics and how that's shaped up and certainly with inflation as high as it is, and gas applieprices they are right now, republicans think that's the case. they're concerned if trump gets in too soon they will throw a factor in that they weren't considering initially. whether or not he actually does is ultimately up to him, and he is hearing advice from two
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different camps, some urging him to get in as soon as possible. certainly he's been watching the january 6th hearings and paying attention to what's happening there, and has had this urge to have more people out there defending him on this. i think that's why you could likely hear that today, with certainly a message that we've seen in his campaign speeches. he has not shied away of being heavily critical of pence, and maintains the same ideology he had that day on january 6th, which is that mike pence didn't do what he wanted him to do and of course has been a central focus of these hearings, and what you hear from some advisers who are more blunt with people they're speaking with than they are with trump, he can be his own worst opponent in a situation like this. if he focused the issues, continues to focus on relitigating the 2020 election which he often has, that is not his strongest point. whether or not he does that today remains to be seen of course but that is the overarching concern is they are making a decision, but right now
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it does seem not if he's going to announce but when. >> and which republicans do you think are watching that most closely. if he were to announce today or soon before the midterms that he was getting in, who would that clear the field of? who would not run as a result of donald trump's announcement? >> you know, i think that's such a good question because i'm not really sure yet how many republicans at the moment are in the camp of people who would absolutely not run if trump were to run. more republicans who i think trump is concerned about have indicated that they're probably not going to necessarily back out if he's in the field. look at what mike pence is doing. look at what ron desantis is doing. so many others, asa hutchinson, the governor of arkansas, maryland governor larry hogan.
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there's actually a pretty broad field of republicans who are probably in it no matter what. there are some others who have presidential ambitions, maybe like a ted cruz, a senator ted cruz or a tom cotton, for example, who might have a trickier path. they have tried to hue much more closely to trump, and it would be very difficult to disentangle themselves from trump if he were also running. but, again, those are not the people that are causing the most heartburn for trump himself, and i think that is as clear a sign as any that there is a feeling in some quarters of the republican party that trump is really quite weak and this white house also believes in this political environment, they would prefer a trump match up, as an alternative. trump's brand might be strong among 30% of the republican party but when you put him out in the general election, it's a
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weak brand, and that's why you're seeing many republicans willing to test the waters as early as right now. >> let's talk about that 30%, olivia, the former vice president says it's time to focus on the future, not the past. that's his major difference with the former president. is there nuch of the republican base, we talk about that 30% that really may drive the voter turnout in the primaries that is ready to move forward and look beyond the 2020 election. >> i think there are. i think there are voters out there who have trump fatigue, and are, you know, i do think that they're having concerns here about whether donald trump should remain the face of the republican party but the reality is that's who it is right now. i think mike pence's path going forward is a tough one. i think he's trying to focus on getting back to policy issues that i think further his agenda and a representative of more conservative values, but i don't think that there's really an opportunity there to really make some headway quite yet.
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i think that remains to be seen in the future in terms of where some of these moderate voters are. i just don't see it. >> olivia troy, kaitlan collins, abby phillip, thank you all. sources tell cnn that chief justice john roberts tried to the very end to persuade his conservative justices to keep abortion rights, and we'll tell you how the leaked draft opinion played a role. and after decades of an apolitical partnership, russia says that it will quit the international space station. that story, next. per isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found her. she's in prague, between the perfect cup of coffee and her museum of personal computers. and you can find her, and millions of other talented pros, right now on with best western rewards you get rewarded when you stay on the road and on the go. find your rewards so you can reconnect, disconnect, holdn tight and let go! stay two nights and get a free night.
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we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. dozens of medical students walked out of a welcome ceremony
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at the university of michigan medical school. they were protesting the keynote speaker, dr. kristen collier, who opposes abortion. >> she's the director of the medical school's program on health, spear cyalty and religion. 300 students signed a petition to replace her. the university did not do that, and said they would not revoke an invitation because of someone's personal beliefs. a cnn exclusive now, new reporting going behind the scenes in the supreme court battle over roe v. wade. >> multiple sources say chief justice john roberts fought to preserve the constitutional right to abortion. cnn legal analyst and supreme court biographer joan biskupic broke this story. joan, this is fascinating. how did chief justice roberts lobby his fellow conservative justices. >> well, you know, back in december after the oral arguments were held, a vote was taken, and it was essentially 5-1-3. 5 hard right conservatives
12:21 pm
wanting to uphold the mississippi ban on abortions at 15 weeks and to go even further and say roe v. wade should be history. rolling back nearly a half century of abortion rights. chief justice john roberts agreed that mississippi's ban should be upheld but said we did not take this case to reconsider roe so extensively. we should not do it. we should exercise judicial restraint. we should adhere to precedent, and then of course the three liberals, the three remaining liberals on this court who not only wanted to strike down the mississippi ban but they did not want to touch roe v. wade or the 1992 case that preserved it. so the chief justice for weeks, months, tries to pick off one or two of the conservatives. his best prospect, brett kavanaugh, is someone who has been in play before, and has moved over to the center for more institutionalist rulings at times with the chief, and as he's working on this, though,
12:22 pm
there are reactions from the others. the justices in the far right who definitely wanted to overturn roe become nervous about what's going to happen with justice kavanaugh or even potentially the newest conservative, amy coney barrett. the liberals who suffered such a defeat of a session, started having a little bit of hope that maybe all of roe wouldn't be gone. that brings us up to may 2nd when suddenly a leak of justice alito's majority opinion for five justices including justices kavanaugh and barrett becomes public. now, that draft opinion was dated february 10th, so there might have been some inching over towards roberts. i do think in the end that was probably unlikely but roberts was at least trying that. alisyn and victor, john roberts continued to try to work hard to pick off one of those votes even after the leak was public, but his job became so much harder
12:23 pm
because essentially, you know, this is a negotiation that's typically done in secret with secret concessions, and everyone knew exactly where brett kavanaugh and amy coney barrett had been, and it made it much harder to change those votes. >> yeah, that was the question back when the draft leaked, who could move now when that's out. maybe they were still persuadable, but that leak locked them into those positions. joan biskupic, thank you. russia announced that it plans to lead the international space station after 2024. this decision would end the decades long partnership between russia and nasa. >> cnn's space and defense correspondent kristen fischer is following the story for us. some are skeptical that this will really happen. what do you know? >> yeah, well, victor, there is some skepticism because russia has threatened to do this before many times in the past, and it hasn't happened, but in the past, three threats were coming
12:24 pm
from the twitter account of the newly ousted head of russia's space agency. this time the reason it's different is because this is coming in the form of essentially an official announcement from the kremlin. it was posted on the kremlin's web site, and it came from the new head of ros cosmosa man appointed to the post by russian president vladimir putin. this announcement feels a lot more credible, but there's still, according to the head of the -- the director of the international space station for nasa, that person said this morning that no formal notification has been made to nasa, which is required under this joint partnership that has been in place for more than 20 years, so that still needs to happen. we also are still waiting to hear from nasa. they have not put out a statement about this yet. and remember, you know, there are still lots of cosmonauts, russian cosmonauts, and european
12:25 pm
a astronauts at the international space station. there was a conference this morning, and they asked one of the nasa astronauts up there, what do you think about this, and he said he didn't know because this was essentially the first that he was hearing about it. so there are so many questions right now, you know, first, victor, and alisyn, can the space station even survive without russia because these two segments, the u.s. segment and russian segment are so intertwined, they share electricity and propulsion to survive in the vacuum of outer space. the other big questions are, you know, is this more bluster from russia or is this the real deal. are they serious now that they want to pull out sometime after 2024. and then finally, what does nasa think about all of this, and we're still waiting to get a response from nasa about something that could, victor and alisyn, completely alter international cooperation in
12:26 pm
space as it has been for the last several decades. >> yeah, i mean, it's been such a notable collaboration despite what was happening, you know, politically on earth. kristen fisher, thank you very much for explaining all of that. senator elizabeth warren is over the nightmare flying has become for so many passengers, and she's demanding federal regulators crack down on airlines. details, next. and why is walmart cutting its prices on certain items. we'll explain, next. when high quality is the only quality that matters, we fit your standards, with no-compromise quality and a lifetime guarantee. ba fitter. it just fits. visit to book your freconsultation.
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12:32 pm
yesterday alone, 1,300 flight cancellations, 540 plus told. senators warren and padilla, they are calling for three things, one, hefty fines when airlines cancel flights in response to reasons under their own control. two, they want to find airlines when they intentionally over book flights, and they want to crack down on airline mergers that are anticompetitive. the lawmakers point out that this travel chaos is coming two years after the industry was bailed out by the federal government. let me read you a key line from the letter. they wrote quote after receiving tens of billions of dollars in assistance from american taxpayers, major airlines have reciprocated by dramatically increasing ticket prices and reaching new lows in treatment of travelers. airlines, they blame the spike in cancellations on shortage of workers, in particular, shortage of pilots, extreme weather, industry trade group, they told me they are doing everything they can to meet what they describe quote as unexpectedly rapid rebound in travel demand. i don't know about you guys, i'm going to probably steer clear of
12:33 pm
the airport if i can. i'm taking the train down to washington tomorrow morning. >> it's probably quicker anyway. let's talk about walmart dropping prices on clothes, other items piling up on their st shelves. lower prices are good for consumers, what's this signal for the economy. >> it's interesting because i think this is clear cut evidence of how this 40-year high in inflation is having a real impact on the economy. walmart shares down about 8%, dragging the rest of the market down. walmart issued this rare profit warning. they said that high food prices, high fuel prices, it's altering how consumers spend their money, leaving walmart with bloated inventories, too much sftuff, forcing companies to cut prices. that means lower prices and other retailers may have to do the same thing. i think the concerning point here is that this shows that some consumers are starting to feel the pressure of this really big spike in inflation, and
12:34 pm
remember, consumer spending, that is the main driver of the economy. consumers stop spending, all bets are off for the economy. >> what's happening with home prices and mortgage rates. >> home prices spiked by just under 20% year over year in may. a really impressive figure. that is actually a slight slow down from the gain in april. not surprisingly, the hottest housing markets in the sun belt. 30% plus spikes for tampa, miami, and dallas. the big question is whether or not there will be a bigger slow down in home prices because mortgage rates have gone up. they have almost doubled over the past year. the higher rates go, the less home that people can actually afford, so the question is whether or not we're doing to start to see a bigger slow down, new report out today showed that new home sales declined in june by more than expected. the slowest pace in more than two years. at some point, something's got to give. high prices, high mortgage rates, it's not sustainable. >> we'll see the influence of the fed's decision tomorrow on
12:35 pm
housing markets. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you. highways are clear. all bridges are back open in st. louis after record rainfall caused flash flooding last night. emergency crews spent the day rescuing several stranded m motorists from cars floating in that high water. >> people were also trapped inside their homes. emergency officials reported responding to at least 18 homes needing help. police and firemen also walked around neighborhoods warning residents to leave their lower level apartments, they were in danger of getting flooded. nearly 8 inches of rain fell overnight in the greater st. louis area, making it the wettest day on record in the last 150 years. >> wow. congresswoman marjorie taylor greene calls herself a proud christian nationalist. a sociologist says this growing movement is a threat to democracy. we'll discuss it with him, next.
12:36 pm
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book an exam today. during the january 6th attack on the capitol, there were trump banners and confederate flags, there's also christian imagery, the wooden cross, people in prayer, the jesus saves slogan. much of the house january 6th's committee's focus so far has been on right wing extremist groups. there are americans who have adopted christian nationalism who were there as well. samuel perry is an associate professor at university of oklahoma and coauthor of "the flag and cross white christian nationalism and the threat to
12:41 pm
american democracy," professor, good to have you. part of the reason we're having this conversation is because congresswoman marjorie taylor greene said the republican party should become the christian nationalist party. we'll get to that in a moment. but first of all, what is it, what is christian nationalism? >> christian nationalism is an ideology that seeks to idealize and advocate for a fusion of american civic life with a very particular kind of christianity and when we say christianity, we don't mean people who love jesus who have tried to live christ-like lives. christianity is code work for people like us that are conservative natural born citizens who think like us and look like us. christian nationalism seeks to fuse and institutionalize that kind of christianity with american policies and symbols and founding myths and our kind of deep story. >> when the book says white christian nationalism, is it
12:42 pm
almost exclusively based on race, explain that element? >> sure. we find in all of our studies that we're looking at these things with national survey data. we find that when white americans hear the language of christian nationalism, when they hear about christian heritage and christian values they tend to think with nostalgia in a time where people like us, the had cultural and political influence, when african-americans hear christian nationalism language, they think more aspirationally, we never lived up to our own values. we call white christian nationalism this ideology that seeks to take back america for all, lack of a better phrasing, all white ethnically white, racially white, traditional conservative americans. people like us, people like marjorie taylor greene thinks. >> there are some even in the republican party who would say that some of congresswoman
12:43 pm
greene's views are fringe. this is not, this is central, this is very mainstream. >> yes, we find in survey after survey that the kinds of beliefs that marjorie taylor greene affirms that we would be proud christian nationalists, that the republican party ought to be the party of christian nationalism. marjorie taylor greene may seem fringe in the fact that she's outspoken and tenant about this. this is a common ideology, americans believe america was found on biblical principles, christianity made us prosperous as a nation. we ought to return to it and institutionalize christianity as our identity, and make policy in light of it, and privilege christianity in the public square above other religions and question we don't have to get equal time and recognize other religions as much as christianity. >> obviously a natural segue into why the second half of the
12:44 pm
title is the threat to democracy. how do you, then, confront it? because it sounds like as encompassing as the white christian nationalist identity is that it's not just confronting religion, it's confronting privilege. it's confronting one's view of one's self. how do you confront something like that? >> right. and you said it exactly right. thing i th i think this is an ideology that is us versus them. it is not about maximizing space for everybody else who does not celebrate diversity in any kind of form, and it really takes the idea that this nation is for people like us whom we ought to have primary influence, and it is fundamentally antidemocratic in that regard. it is not for voter access. it is very much against maximizing democratic opportunity for everybody else. so how do we confront it. we have to return to our democratic principles, our idea that this is a society that
12:45 pm
celebrates legal equality. and access to the vote. that we will not privilege one religious group over the other. that we don't have established religions in this country. that is a fundamentally un-american idea, and so i think it requires, those of us who are concerned about this white christian nationalist movement to link arms, to unite with one another and both as those of us who are people of faith, those of us who are not people of faith but are at the same time very worried about this ideology. you have to unite and say this is not who we are as americans, and this is not what we're about. that includes republicans as well as democrats. >> and you genuinely think in this political landscape that that would be impactful? >> i think that's the only choice that we have is to speak truth to this kind of movement, to say, you know, this may not be fringe in the sense that not a lot of people hold it. i'm not talking necessarily about the majority of americans who are white christian nationalists. i'm not saying that. i'm saying that the very vocal
12:46 pm
and influential group of people becoming more radicalized and militant, saying we can push our agenda and this is the time, and they mobilize the base with the angry and fearful rhetoric, it is to speak back to them and say this is un-american, this is not what conservatives are about. this is not what republicans are about. i hope they believe that. i hope they affirm that this is a nation where religious liberty and religious diversity and racial and ethnic diversity are celebrated, valued, we want those things to be our ideals, and so i think it requires us to link arms and to i think unite against this movement. >> all right. professor sam perry, i thank you so much, sir. >> thanks so much for having me. we're just getting this into cnn, two top house democratic committee chairs are asking the inspector general to recuse himself in a secret service missing text message investigation. we have all the new reporting next. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaidede between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call with san f francisco. and you can find h him,
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new information just in about the investigation into those secret service text messages that are missing from the day of the capitol insurrection and the day before. two top house democrat committee chairs are asking the dhs inspector general to recuse himself from the investigation. >> cnn senior justice correspondent evan perez joins us now. evan, why? >> well, these two important chair people of these two committees are saying that the inspector general for the homeland security department took too long to inform them and to inform congress that they were not able to get these messages, these text messages
12:52 pm
that we now know the secret service says were deleted. these were text messages from january 5th and january 6th. they say the delay in informing congress about this casts serious doubt on his ability to do this important investigation. i'll read you just a part of their letter. they say, quote, these omissions left congress in the dark about key developments in this investigation and may have cost investigators precious time to capture relevant evidence. one of the things they cite in this letter is that they say that the inspector general learned in december 2021 that these messages were lost as part of a phone migration system that was happening at the secret service. and they say that instead of telling congress this information didn't make its way to congress until very recently. obviously, that's a huge thing for congress because they believe obviously that if they had known this earlier, they could have been pressing the secret service to do more, to
12:53 pm
try to recover this information. and of course, we know the january 6th committee is investigating everything related to the days leading up to january 6th and january 6th itself. so this letter from carolyn maloney and bennie thompson is saying that they want joseph cufare to recuse himself because they have lost faith that he can do this investigation effectively. >> that's a big development, evan. thank you. >> okay, so up next, new cnn polling that's about to be released showing whether the january 6th hearings have had any effect on public opinion. stay with us. makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... > mm. >> . ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... >> mm. [ chuckles ] >> ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu.
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. booster rocket could fall to earth early next week as early as monday. >> great. the 20-ton rocket took off sunday but has now gone into an uncontrolled descent towards earth. it's not clear where it will land, but federal officials are tracking it. it's expected to break up into pieces, but large pieces, victor, as it enters the earth's atmosphere. this is the third time china has been accused of not properly handling space junk. the debris does not pose a high risk to humans, we'll see. >> enjoy the weekend. apparently something is falling from the sky on monday.
12:59 pm
this happens every month. it always flies by or falls somewhere where it's not going to hit, until it doesn't. >> so keep track of that. meanwhile, sad news. the choco taco is going away. >> and on a taco tuesday, too. now, this is the ice cream taco. you have ice cream, a taco shaped cone, now discontinued. klondike said they had to cut this to preserve the rest of their products. >> if you don't know, here is the beauty of the choco taco. according to its inventor. when you eat a regular ice cream cone, you eat all the ice cream at the top and are left with an empty cone. with the choco taco, you get the ice cream, the cone -- >> did we run out of video? put that back up. >> rerack the choco taco, and the chocolate in every single bite. you see how that works? that's better, right? it's become -- come on, victor. that's better. every single bite. the reddit cofounder is launching a campaign to save the choco taco.
1:00 pm
he tweeted at klondike's parent company, i would like to buy the rights to your choco taco and keep it from melting away. thank goodness somebody is on top of it. >> let it go. i like tacos, i like ice cream, this, i'm not in love with it. i'm not sold, but i'm glad they sacrificed this to preserve the reeses ice cream bar. thank you, klondike. thank you. >> "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. >> the attorney general just weighed in on the chances of former president trump being charged with a crime. "the lead" starts right now. >> attorney general merrick garland vowing today to prosecute anyone who tried to interfere with the transfer of power, anyone. so how far up will the justice department go? might that include donald trump? >> also ahead, monkeypox cases surging as the white house considers upgrading the virus to a public health emergency. what's behind the failure so far to c


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