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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  July 27, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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be very good for brittney at all. >> thank you very much for coming. and thank you for joining us. i'm kate bolduan. inside politics with john king starts right now . hello and welcome to "inside politics." thank you for sharing a very busy news day with us. president biden tests negative for kroecoronavirus. >> thank you all very much, i get to go back to the oval office. >> and plus donald trump's actions under investigation, new reporting provides a much clearer picture of the sweeping justice department probe into the nurks and confirms that,
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yes, that investigation goes all the way to the top. and the fed all but certain to jack up interest rates this afternoon. but how big a hike will tell us a lot about the inflation problem. as new numbers on housing and what we're buying spell more economic trouble. up first, the details that point a glaring legal spotlight at the former president donald trump. this banner headline courtesy of the "washington post," the justice department investigating trump's actions in the january of criminal probe. "new york times" adding critical detail detailing the fake elector scheme and including references to the president being looped in. "post" account saying that prosecutors have spent hours asking witnesses about conversations with trump, his lawyers and others in the former president's inner circle. the questions revolve around that fake elector's plot and what instructions trump may or may not have given to his lawyers and advisers. we do know there has been an uptick in grand jury activity in
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would you go including testimony from two top mike pence aides who were in the room when trump tried to get his vice president to go along with the fake elector scam. new comments from the attorney general are telling. merrick garland could have stopped at saying in one is above the law and all potential criminal activity is being investigated. but in an interview with nbc news, he was much more specific. >> i'll say again that we will hold accountable anyone who was criminally responsible for attempting to interfere with the transfer, legitimate lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next. >> let's get straight to cara. he is talking about a very specific potential crime. and we're learning a lot more about a busy grand jury and investigation. >> that's right. we're getting all sorts of signals that the department of justice investigation is intensifying. and when you hear attorney general merrick garland in that interview, he makes clear that this is one of the most important and wide ranging
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investigations in the department's history. he emphasizes that no one is above the law. and he also said that they will hold anyone accountable who is attempting to interfere with the transfer of power. there have been a number of significant steps that the department has taken in recent weeks. one of the most significant is bringing before a federal grand jury vice president mike pence's former chief of staff and also bringing before that grand jury pence's former counsel greg jacob. those two were in the room with pence on a number of occasions in several key meetings. and as we have learned from the "washington post," a number of questions have focused on trump's role in the fake elector scheme, his role in the pressure campaign against mike pence to have him not certify the election to transfer the victory and affirming biden's victory, a number of significant steps. we've also learned today that the department of justice has reached out to several former white house officials who worked in the trump administration. we learned that from one former
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official herself. so we're seeing a number of steps here that the department is really ramping this up, they have sent subpoenas to all seven battle i don't understand states of people involved in that fake elector plot. and what we've learned from those subpoenas, they want to know any communications that they had with the trump campaign, with the trump white house and trump attorneys. so definitely narrowing in on the white house in this investigation. >> remarkable just in recent days from months behind the curtain, we're starting to learn some of the important details. appreciate you are kicking it off with me. i want to get to the specifics in a minute because that is where it is so important. you are building a case with documentation, but we rarely hear from the attorney general so i want to listen to more of his words. again, he could have easily said no one is above the law, we have an investigation, i can't say anything else. instead, he said this --
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>> we pursue justice without fear or favor. we intend to hold everyone, anyone, who was criminally responsible for the events surrounding january 6 for any attempt to interfere with the lawful transfer of power from one administration to another accountable. that is what we do. we don't pay any attention to other issues with respect to that. >> the other issues with respect to that was the context of if donald trump is a candidate to run again, if you are in a political environment. but the specificity twice, merrick garland talked about the lawful transfer of power from one administration to the next. when you take those words and then add them into what we now know about the subpoenas to the battleground states, about getting two officials from worked for mike pence who were in the room when the scheme was talked about, that tells you quite a bit. >> it really does. what he was doing is giving us the wide lens of what this entails. and it does entail everything everything as you pointed out
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from the pressure campaign on the former vice president to block the certification of the joe biden victory as well as this effort to try to see the these fake electors, these people who would essentially try to keep donald trump in power. and you can see from some of the emails that the "new york times" obtained, even among those elector, they believed had there was dubious legal ground that they were on. so, look, in january we heard the deputy attorney general, who is the one by the way who has direct oversight over this investigation, she told us in an interview at cnn that they were looking into the electors. and that was my first indication that this is where that was going to go. we learned a couple months ago that they were sending subpoenas and talking to people involved in the electors. again, those steps do not get taken without merrick garland and lisa monaco deciding that there are legal implications for the former president and they need to cross that bridge. clearly that bridge has been
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crossed. >> you worked in the building, you know how sensitive this investigation is. you are talking about rudy giuliani, new york city mayor, and potentially the former president himself. based on what we have learned in the last 36 hours, is there any doubt in your mind that donald trump is a target is a critical word, but a target that we have to be carefully about, a subject or the focus? >> subject is the word. target is not. i did work there. and two things can be true here. number one, that the justice department was investigating this all along but also that they have started talking about it more publicly on account perhaps of some of the public pressure. think about some of the actions that were taken. number one, temperatures issued to former white house staff going as far back as april that we know about. number two, jeffrey clark the former senior justice department official dragged out of his house in june. all of these steps would have taken weeks if not months of preparation before that. the difference is, and this is a big criticism of the justice
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department, they just don't talk about the work that they are doing. and i think there was a tension with what the public wanted to hear. but it is clear there is an investigation happening and in some way donald trump is being considered as an aspect of it. >> and again, sometimes the behind the curtain part can be frustrating in the 24 hour news cycle. you have many democrats up on capitol hill saying hey, we're giving you all this great evidence from our january 6 committee hearings, why isn't the justice department doing more. and from the "washington post" reporting, justice department investigators in april received phone records from key aides including mark meadows. that effort is another indicator of how expansive the january 6 probe had become well before high profile televised committee hearings in june. and so you have to be careful about trying to predict what is happening. we know more than we did even just a week ago. >> and there is a lot of frustration among democrats on capitol hill about the justice department thinking that
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democrats thinking that they weren't doing enough. so that is also a sign that the justice department is not communicating very much with members of congress, with the january 6 select committee because the committee is in the dark with what the justice department is doing. the question i have, are the phone records, the information that they received from mark meadows in addition to what the january 6 select committee was able to receive because we know that mark meadows cooperated a little bit, turned over thousands of text messages, and if the justice department has m more, then they just have a lot more access and a lot more information. >> and we have to always be careful in our business and you should be at home, some things we just don't know and sometimes you have to wait. and merrick garland says that the committee will find things that we don't have and guess what, we'll find things that they don't have. and to this point, thsomeone wh resigned late in the administration, this morning we know that two top aides have
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been before the grand jury, some reports that maybe other former administration officials have already been before the grand jury. and this -- >> has the doj talked to you? >> they have not spoken to me. i'm aware of other white house officials who have been reached out to by doj and planning to cooperate. >> so you can't just haul former chief of staff before grand jury. you have to build a probable case first. >> and we have had basically two tracks going. the public one with these hearings that have been going on for the last several weeks, and then the more private doj investigation. we know some of what they have done in terms of going after some of the low level folks, 800 or so arrested, 50 or so charged and sentenced. and so now we get to see a bit of what is going on with the doj. as you said, there has been this public pressure. what is merrick garland going to do. is he going too slow.
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he's been out in public saying many things before, but nothing as detailed as he said just thousand. previously it was we'll follow the law, we have a process. americans are wondering whether or not anybody will be held accountable at a high level including trump and below. i think that they look at what merrick garland is saying in this wide ranging investigation and see that maybe some progress is being made and people will be held accountable. >> and history tells you because of the sensitivity these things take time. go back to watergate, iran contra, even the investigation of bill clinton, it took a long time to get bill clinton before the grand jury who bill clinton admitted that his story had to change. specifics don't matter. which gets me to this. this is from the "new york times" story. the documentary evidence. an email from an arizona lawyer to boris epstein, a close aide to donald trump who in one email says that the president liked what was going on. but in this one, we would just
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be sending in fake electoral votes to pence so that someone in congress can make an objection and start arguing that the fake votes should be counted. and then alternative votes is probably better than the fake votes with an emoji there. they knew. >> they knew. they knew they were covering their tracks. this is lock stock and barrel evidence of criminal intent and knowledge. and the emoji and talking about alternate versus fake, it is like let's not call it bank robbery, let's just call it appropriation of funds from the bank with criminal intent. >> but if you are trying to prosecute a case, the noolg that what you are doing is across the line and you try to connect to who in the white house knew. >> and covering up how you talk about it. it is absolutely knowledge of intent. and it will come out. >> more investigative details to discuss later. but next for us, president biden is out of covid isolation and he
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the president of the united states reemerging in the rose garden making his first public appearance since testing negative for coronavirus. he tested negative last night and again this morning. the president says he is returning now to in-person work and he thanked the white house medical team. biden adds his recovery was quick calling it a testament to the progress the united states has made in the covid fight on things like masks, boosters, antiviral medicine and more. but warning covid is not gone and anyone everywhere still needs to be on guard especially against the new variant. let's get to our chief white house correspondent kaitlan collins. the president was in good spirits. >> yeah, first time that we saw him in person since last wednesday. of course he tested positive last thursday morning. he has been isolating in the white house residence since then and he has been doing virtual meetings but of course we're not
9:18 am
seeing him in person as they were keeping a very limited presence around him given that he did have they believe the ba.5 variant which is supposed to be highly contagious. and what you heard from the president was really talking about his own experience as a sign of a successful campaign against covid-19 and the way that if you do get vaccinated and you do get boosted and you take the treatments that have available, you can have a mild case even at his age of 79. and he was talking about not just his own experience but also how he believes that will be helpful to the broader snapshot as cases rise across the united states. >> covid isn't gone. but even with cases climbing in this country, covid deaths are down nearly 90%. and when i took office, that is 90% the difference between today and when i took office. that is what it new. that is what is new in covid response. different from where we were just a year ago. >> reporter: and when he was
9:19 am
talking about a year ago, he was also talking about how different his experience was than the last president, president trump, who of course had to go to walter reed, was hospitalized for several days on several different treatments then at that time because that he was before vaccinations were available to everyone. and so he was talking about how successful that is and the difference that getting those vaccinations can make. after he made those remarks, he went to the oval office, he has a big call with xi jinping tomorrow. >> straight back to the big business. kaitlan collins, thank you. perspective from dr. wen. you wrote a column saying that the president's battle with covid could be a teachable moment for the country. he said that he is proof that you can still work even if you have covid, you just have to mask up and be careful and with the a antivirals you can be back to work pretty quickly. what else? >> well, i definitely think that there are a lot of teaching moments that the president has
9:20 am
done right. the fact that we are all going to be exposed to covid just given how transmissible these strains are. and that is why we have to prepare for it, so don't feel ashamed if you end up contracting the virus but rather know that if you are going to be exposed here are the steps that you should take in advance. and so things like making sure that you are protected through vaccines and boosters. that is why the president has done so well. i'm glad he has done well but also not surprised because is he vaccinated and twice boosted. getting paxlovid, everyone should know are they eligible. some people might be taking medications that might interfere with paxlovid, can they stop it during that time. so everyone should know in advance of getting it. and he also illustrated the importance of testing. everybody should have at least two tests per family member on hand so that they can test as soon as they are symptomatic and also before seeing vulernenerab loved ones and also testing out
9:21 am
of isolation is one way to see whether you are still contagious and also end isolation potentially sooner which i think a lot of people would find to be a major inconvenience if they keep on -- if they have to keep isolating for longer.of the thi president's doctor said, that they will keep testing him because of the occasional case where is patients who take px low individual have a rebound case. walk us through what that looks like. >> paxlovid is a very effective antiviral medication and it works by stopping viral replication. one thought is that the paxlovid may be working well during the five days that you are taking it but after you stop taking it, maybe there is still some virus and it starts up against in your body and some people may experience a relapse in their symptoms. now, that is nothing to worry about in the sense that that is not a reason not to take paxlovid. you should still be taking paxlovid to prevent you from
9:22 am
getting severely ill, but you should be on the lookout for if you have a recurrence of your symptoms. that is what i would recommend for my patients. sounds like the president's doctor is taking further steps to continuing to test him to make sure that he doesn't test positive. but again, i really don't want for people to get the message that, well, paxlovid is not a good medication if the president doesn't get relapse. of course we don't know how it will turn out. but if he ends up getting relapse, the message should be the entire point of paxlovid is to prevent you from getting severely ill. the president never got severely ill and therefore the treatments and vaccines have been effective. >> thank you. and coming up, democrats scrambling to avoid a midterm shellacking. the growing push to brand republicans as, quote, extremists. ock music ♪ >> tech: ...we can replace your windshield and recalibrate your advanced safety system. >> dad: looks great. thanks. >> tech: stay safe with safelite. schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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reserve is poised to raise interest rates for the fourth time this year. and for the first time in a generation, we are looking for a back to back increase of three quarters of a point. the move is to calm inflation. but it does mean your borrowing costs will go up making it more expensive to get a mortgage or borrow for a car and pay your credit cards down. matt deegan is live with the latest. >> no secret the american people are not happy with the economy. the cost of living is way too
9:28 am
high. and while the president and his party are taking the political hits, this is really the responsibility of the federal reserve to try to get inflation under control. so in just about 90 minutes, we're expecting toed to hear from the federal reserve, investors anticipating three quarters of a point increase from the fed. we haven't seen anything like that in modern fed history, but we're not in normal times right now. consumer prices are rising at the fastest pace since the 1980s. so the fed is trying to act like the firefighter, put this inflation fire out. and there is real world implications here. look what is happening in the housing market. mortgage rates have nearly doubled from a year ago. 2.8% this time a year ago, over 5.5% now. that is a big deal because the higher rates go the less home you can afford. let me show you what i mean. simply because the cost of borrowing has gone up, home buyers are spending $320 more per month on a $250,000 home,
9:29 am
$604 more for a half a million dollar home. and remember, that is not going to get you a bigger garage or a second bedroom. all of that money is going to the bank. and another reminder of how high inflation and the war on high inflation is impacting all of us. >> matt egan covering that announcement, appreciate the preview. we'll see what we get. let's move on now to cnn reporting on an urgent effort among democrats to change the midterm move. the calendar is the biggest factor. the election, 103 days away. and more and more democrats say that it is simply foolish to bet on the president's poll numbers improving much by then or that the conversation we were just having, foolish to bet on inflation to disappear or at least significantly recede by the election. so some democrats in congress and campaign strategists want major party focus now on labeling republicans as extremists and urging voters to think twice about giving those republicans control of congress or the governor's mansions.
9:30 am
i just want to show our viewers the headline on cnn politics page fearing a wipeout, democrats try to unify around the message that republicans are extremists. tell me if i'm wrong, democrats know that voters are mad and essentially, okay, you are mad at us, but you don't want to put these guys in power because they are nuts, they are extreme? >> democrat strategist said to me we know that you are unhappy, we know you think that democrats suck, but this candidate believes that you can't get pregnant from rape and that candidate believes in qanon. do you really want to vote for that candidate? and to make it clear what is at stake here, if republicans are in power, things like a federal ban on abortion that members of congress and the republican party have talked about, on the state level a lot of restrictions on abortion. things about the way our elections are run. cutbacks to the democratic process that could run into the 2024 presidential election and
9:31 am
of course things like guns, the lack of movement among a lot of republicans to do much on gun control even in the face of the mass shootings that we've seen. >> so this is from a senator in your piece, some went on the record, because lot of people anonymous and just whining. he says democrats would be irresponsible if we just went with the same poll tested stuff about drelivering infrastructur. these people are out of their minds and we need to say so. i read that a little bit as the senator saying that the white house needs to get on board with us here because whoug white house white house would say focus on things like infrastructure. >> and there is a lot of frustration about the white house messaging and the messaging that democratic leaders are telling them remember, go in and sell infrastructure bill, sell the things that we did, remember the covid relief bill two years ago? sell that too. those stimulus checks are long
9:32 am
gone by now. but there is a growing recognition among the party that something drastic has to be done and the fact that the more that donald trump is out in front as well, that is giving democrats the acknowledgement and the okay to make these arguments because they think that is probably the best thing for democrats moving ahead in the 2022 midterms. the more donald trump is in people's faces, the more that they can point to all of these things kind of extremist policies. >> and there are republicans on the record, ken mccarthy saying don't announce until after the midterms. because when he is in public, democrats can say look at this. >> we have to leave our police al alone. every time they do something, they are afraid their pensions
9:33 am
will be taken away, they will, fired, they will be put in jail. let them do their job, give them back the respect that they deserve. >> it is kind of rich for donald trump who sat at the white house, rich is an understatement, and did nothing while capitol police officers, met rowe troh poll tan police officers were attacked. he did nothing.poll tan police officers were attacked. he did nothing. >> he watched it all unfold on tv and seemed to be fine with what was happening. so a lot of irony there given that he was sort of at the held. a very lawless event on january 6. i feel like did democrats have tried this sort of republicans are extreme before. we remember the war on women in 2012 and 2014. didn't work very well. and even joe biden himself has tried this language. and i think he said -- kind of let it drop at some point. i get it, the sort of contrast that you can make to voters. but i think the real key for democrats is going to be can you
9:34 am
really make voters, democratic voters, the base voters, really want to turn out to vote for what democrats have done. right? and that is what you see over the next couple weeks, are democrats going to be able to pass any of these laws in to law. and so they will have something to bring to their voters. not just the infrastructure bill which was supposed to be a kind of silver bullet which hasn't really worked. so i think that can they sort of do both, the contrast with republicans, but also saying this is what we delivered and this is how we made a difference in your list. >> and so trying to bend the arc of history and history tells us midterm election is about the president in power and the party in power. >> and the economy. republicans look at this and they say good luck, you're finished. what democrats would say to the point you raised though is that what is different now is that it is not just talking about war on
9:35 am
women thatroe v. weighade has b overturned. and that will keep coming. the case of the 10-year-old girl in ohio who couldn't get the abortion until she went to indiana. or what happens when the trigger law goes in to effect in texas. >> 103 days from today, so something to watch and study. up next, big news from another january 6 investigation, the house select committee releases damning testimony from a key member of the trump cabinet. i drink what helps me rehydrate and recover: pedialyte® sport. because it works... and so do i. ♪ hydration beyond the hype. ♪
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now to an important january 6 lie about opposed.
9:40 am
donald trump remember insisted after the insurrection that he offered up to 20,000 national guard troops to protect the capitol. his former apcting defense secretary christopher miller now says under oath that never happened. >> to be crystal clear, there was no direct order from president trump to put 10,000 troops to be on the ready for january 6? >> no, yeah, that's correct, theres of no order from the president. >> our reporters are back with us. it is very significant again, this is the january 6 committee investigation gathering critical new information as the justice department has a separate investigation. i want to dig deeper. as many as 10,000 national guard troops were told on the ready to be by the secretary of defense, that was a direct order from president trump. that is what mark meadows says. here is what the defense secretary says. >> any accuracy to that
9:41 am
statement? >> i'm not -- not from my perspective, i was never given any direct order or plans of that nature. so i was surprised by seeing that publicly. but i don't know the context or, you know, where it was. so, no, there was no -- we obviously had plans for activating more folks. but that was not anything more than contingency planning and there was no official message traffic or anything of that nature. >> so the president and his chief of staff lied. that is what secretary miller said. >> and also something that the house republicans who are defending the former president have been saying over and over again, that the president called for the national guard troops ahead of january 6 and they would play nancy pelosi for not allowing the national guard to come to the capitol. and so this completely underskuts not only donald trump's claims but also the claims that republicans have been coming to his defense on.
9:42 am
and so, i mean, are we really surprised that donald trump lied? not really. but now we have under oath the fact that he did and that it absolutely was not true. what is interesting also, one more thing, that the january 6 select committee didn't put it into the hearing. this was kind of outtakes after the last hearing so that is proof that they have more evidence that wasn't even good enough to make it into the hearing. >> and we've had the conversation many times about the january 6 committee has a different mission. you could say there that would be evidence of dereliction of duty. do you get a crime, criminal activity there. the president can lie in president biden, the chief of staff can lie in public, not a crime. >> and you see it on my pad here dereliction of duty. >> i didn't see it, but -- >> but it is a great case. dereliction of duty itself is not a crime. but the purpose is not just recommending crimes to the justice department, it is also making the public case and i
9:43 am
think this is cheney and kinzinger for not electing donald trump to be president again. what you have here, number one violating his oath of office in a pretty basic sense and number two lying to the american peel. that is a political point, not really a criminal point. >> the committee presented evidence that he never actually picked up the phone. if these people were supposed to be on standby, he never actually made the phone call to have help go to the capitol. >> secretary miller and milley said it. >> and there was concern from mark meadows that the president would seem like he was unengaged and pence because making all the phone calls around surrounding the capitol and the safety. politically, this is damaging for the president to be seen as sitting there as this unfolds at the capitol. and literally doing nothing for three hours or so. and you can tell he just watched
9:44 am
it unfold. >> and the power of being under oath on an investigation. this is june 6 on fox news where if you listen to this conversation, secretary miller seems to be saying something different to sean anti-than he told the committee. >> mr. trump authorized up to 20,000 national guards men and women for us to utilize should the second part of the law came in, but those requests never did. >> and let me be very clear. both of you said this under oath under the threat of penalty of perjury to the committee? >> absolutely, sean. >> he says absolutely, sean. he said that the president authorized 20,000 national guardsmen. >> he is not under oath here. this is part of the reason why the justice department if you are a prosecutor you don't want your folks out there doing interviews because they end up contradicting themselves and could end up gumming up your case. he is under oath unless you have a reason to believe to not believe what he said under oath,
9:45 am
you have to go with that. >> and so a political question at the end here. many ask is it having any impact, all the hearing, on dufd. you could look at some polling and say i'm not so sure. but it should trump be the nominee in 2024? only republican voters, back in january or february, it was 50%, now down to 44%. modest drop, but a drop. and was trump's actions after the 2020 election, were they illegal, unethical or not wrong at all? this is among republicans. 10% say illegal, 45% say unethical, 45% say no wrong. so i add that up to small are support, a little bit lower support as nominee, and 55 respect about of republicans saying it was bad. either illegal or unethical. again, not overwhelming, but proof to me that donald trump today would need another crowded primary. >> there is proof that there is trump fatigue out there. i think this is actually having
9:46 am
an impact this people's unconscious whether they are willing to admit it or not. republicans could have a problem if he is the nominee in 2024. >> and hearings are not over, so it is too early to know what the political impact will be. >> watch the trajectory. numbers are not overwhelmingly bad for dud, butonald trump, bu the trend continue. to be healthier, knowledge is everything.
9:47 am
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. happening right now, you seat live pictures. senate vote under way on the chips bill almost certain to pass. it is expected to help reduce america's dependence on foreign manufacturers and curb the shortage that we have. and joining us now is manu. tell us more. >> this has been a big priority for chuck schumer as well as some republicans including senator john cornyn. they initially pushed a much broader bill but that got hung up from party fighting among democrats and as well as disputes with republicans. so they decided to pair back the bill and now they are moving forward with something that does
9:52 am
provide more than $50 billion that helps deal with the shortage of semiconductor chips, cars that need these chips as well as refrigerators, other concerns that were raised by this shortage. now, it also provides a whole host of money that is authorized to make the u.s. more competitive against china. now, this bill has the support of all the democrats, it divided republicans more than half of the republicans are expected to vote against this over the funding levels on this issue. his number two in the senate republican conference john thune opposing this. after this has passed here in a matter of minutes it will go to the house, the house is expected to pass it, the republican leaders are expected to oppose it as well. this is all part of the last sprint of legislating before lawmakers head home for their summer recess where they are trying to campaign, fighting for control in congress. and still a push to try to pass
9:53 am
a large scale health care bill to allow medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices. unclear if that will actually pass the senate before recess, but all part of this last effort of legislating before the campaign season begins in earnest. >>en a i an important box check. we'll circle back with you. ahead for us, brittney griner testifying in a russian court today. and we have the latest. after switching to the farmer's dog we noticed so many improvements in remi's health. his allergies were going away and he j just had amazing energy. it looks like nutritioious foo, and it is. i'i'm investing in my dog's health and happiness. get started at make your home totally you. i did with wayfair. sometimes i'm a homebody. can never have too many pillows. sometimes i'm all business. wooo! i'm a momma 24/7. seriously with t marker? i'm a bit of a foodie. perfect. but not much of a chef.
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grbrittney griner is taking the stand for the first time since she was detained back in february. griner of itting that her rights were not read to her. and let's get the latest from fred pleitgen. what else happened in that courtroom? >> reporter: yeah, hugely significant with brittney griner really touching on all the things that took place as she was detained in moscow on february 17th. as you've already mentioned, she said that her rights were not read to her and she said that she was given a bunch of documents in russian that she was told to sign. and she used google translate to make some sense of them, but that was very difficult. it was interesting because her lawyer afterward said he believe that is the way all that was conducted was improper. done under russian law as well. and brittney griner saying that she has no idea how the vaping cartridges got into her luggage. is she said that she did not
9:59 am
intend to pack them, however she did say that when she was coming back to russia from the united states, that she packed very quickly. she was under a lot of stress, she was very tired. obviously the flight was belong long as well. but she wanted to be there for her team that she plays there for in russia. and that is significant because part of the defense's strategy is to portray brittney griner as an individual who really wants to do a lot for basketball in russia and for her team in russia as well. obviously someone with a high character individual. and she had witnesses to that regard as well. griner also saying that she does have a certificate to be able to buy medical marijuana in the state of arizona. this was something that was issued to her by the state and the defense making the case that she was using it for in dmedici purposes. and the next trial date is august 2. >> fred, thanks so much. we'll stay on top of that case.
10:00 am
and join cnn this week end as we explore the extremes of pata patagonia's far south. land a tundra but the sea teaming with life. it is sunday 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. thanks for your time. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up the coverage right now. thank you so much for joining us. next hour, a critical moment as the fed weighs its next rate hike. what it decides will impact the way you spend, borrow and save your money. what you need to know. plus brittney griner behind bars and testifying for the first time in russian court. her message to the judge. and he is negative. president biden out of isolation and stepping in front of the cameras as brand new polling finds most democrats want someone else to run in 2024.


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