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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  July 27, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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a second course of paxlovid. >> thank you very much, doctor, for joining us. to our viewers, thank you very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room". "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, former trump white house aide cassidy hutchinson cooperating with the justice department, as we are learning more trump insiders have been contacted by federal investigators. and in a cnn investigation, emails show the lavish lifestyle of hunter biden with massive debt and tax problems. and a prisoner swap offer late today. the biden administration willing to give up a major arms dealer for brittney griner and paul whelan. let's go "outfront." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, trump in the
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doj cross hairs. cnn learning tonight that cassidy hutchinson, the aide to former white house chief of staff mark meadows, is now cooperating with the department of justice's investigation into donald trump's efforts to overturn the election. now, this is a major development, because of course, you know, hutchinson was a key witness for the january 6th committee. her testimony there providing a window into trump's state of mind in the days leading up to, and in those crucial moments of january 6th. she was in the room for some of the most damning and important conversations, including one that shows that trump knew that his rally could turn violent, because his supporters were armed. >> i was in the vicinity of a conversation where i overheard the president say something to the effect of, i don't care if they have weapons, let me people in, they can mar to have the capitol from here. >> knew they were armed and take
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the mags away, head for the capitol. ty cobb told us, if this isn't insurrection, i don't know what is. now, hutchinson also laid out evidence that could get the doj closer to prosecuting trump for obstructing an official proceeding. again, during her taped deposition for the january 6th what she was told that trump had with a secret service agent after his speech on january 6th. >> the president said something to the effect of, i'm the "f"-ing president, take me up to the capitol now. to which he responded, sir, we have to go back to the west wing. the president reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab at the steering wheel. mr. engle grabbed his arm and said sir, you need to take your hand off the steering wheel. we're going back to the west wing. we're not going to the capitol.
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mr. trump then used his free hand to lunge toward bobby engle. and when the story was recounted to me, he motioned to his cla clavicle. >> two secret service sources have backed up much of what she testified to the committee. they tell cnn this. so far, the committee says no one has come forward to contradict her account. here's the bottom line. her testimony was a game changer to the committee. and now, working with the doj. and she's not the only former white house official cooperating. according to trump's cormer communications director, there are others now speaking to merrick garland and the doj. >> someone else in the broader network who i would consider mid level that could support some of -- what they're looking into, specifically around similar questions that short was asked about, which is the pressure
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campaign on mike pence in the days leading up to january 6th, the schemes of things like fake electors and some of these creative ways that certain officials at the justice department wanted to bypass the law to hold onto victory. >> so more people cooperating, and it comes as the justice department has obtained a second warrant to search the contents of john eastman's cell phone. this is a second warrant there. what's on that cell phone is crucial, and it could be def tating to the former president. eastman presented trump with a guide for overturning the election and played a major role in the fake elector scheme. evan perez is "outfront" in washington. so much to get to tonight. let's start with cassidy hutchinson. what more are you learning about her cooperating with the doj investigation? >> reporter: the importance, erin, of cassidy hutchinson
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coming into the justice department providing some cooperation is that she and others, according to some of the reporting today, there are others at the white house who are also coming in to talk to prosecutors. obviously, these are people who were present during some of the momentous things that happened. of course, there was that january 4th meeting where the former president pressured mike pence, the vice president, to set aside the election results that he had the power to set aside those results, and to seat these fake electors, that they had gathered in the seven battleground states. all of that where they had witnesses there in the white house. of course, mark short and greg jacob, who were the aides to mike pence, have already come into the grand jury. you can expect that this is going to just bring -- the prosecutors are going to bring others before the grand jury to shore up some of that -- some of that testimony.
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importantly, as you pointed out, the justice department today in a court filing said they had gotten a second warrant to look through some of the things they found on john eastman's phone. because eastman claims that he was a lawyer for the former president, this sets up some potential attorney/client privilege issues is, which is what prosecutors are trying to get ahead. by the way, that warrant, the court document that was filed today was signed by the u.s. attorney, the assistant u.s. attorney, his name is tom wyndham, who is helping to manage the overall case, the case is that is right now circling around the former president, erin. >> thank you very much, evan. you know, as evan says, circling around. you have hundreds of people charged farther out, it's getting closer and closer and closer. i want to go to a former senior counsel to ken starr during the white water investigation into president clinton.
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so paul, last time we spoke, you talked about cass si idy hutchi and you said her testimony was crucial. now we hear she's cooperating with the doj and it appears that their case is rapidly gaining steam. paul, is there any doubt at this point that this now is not necessarily about people close to trump but is actually squarely focused on trump himself? >> i think there's no doubt that at this point, president trump is the subject of the justice department's investigation. it remains to be seen whether or not in the end they'll have sufficient evidence to charge him, and even if they do, whether or not they will take that decision in the discretion. for myself, i think that hutchinson's testimony is valuable. i think that short and jacob are going to be very valuable. and the next level up is equally valuable, but yet to come. people like meadows, giuliani,
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eastman, jeffrey clark, the testimony of those people would really lock down the case completely, i think in my judgment. >> of course, eastman, clark, the subject of search warrants from the doj. elly, how big of a deal is it that cassidy hutchinson is talking to investigators at the department of justice? >> erin, it's a big step and a seriously consequential step by doj, even if it is also an obvious step. the moment that she testified in front of the committee and the american public last month, my reaction is that is the kind of witness that prosecutors build cases on. she's an insider is, she had access, she gave us some testimony about donald trump and mark meadows, another important player here. and she was extremely credible at the time. i think she was strongly
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corroborated. since then, there's been an effort to discredit her that has not just failed but backfired. the secret service denied some of her statements. but adam kinzinger pointed out they refused to testify and other evidence has come forward that further backs her up from pat cipollone and police officers. so doj was late getting to cassidy hutchinson, but now they have her as a witness, which is a game changer. >> so paul, i want to ask you more about these search warrants. they're obviously significant, and the doj has obtained a second warrant regarding the contents on john eastman's cell phone. he was, of course, at the time providing legal advice about overturning the election to the former president. i want to play, paul, some of the testimony that we heard about the importance of john eastman. >> what did dr. eastman want you
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to do? >> that we would, in fact, vote, take a vote to overthrow o-- i shouldn't say overthrow, that we would desert fie the electors. >> what did the president say when he called you? >> he essentially turned the call over to mr. eastman, who then proceeded to talk about the importance of the rnc helping the campaign gather these contingent electors. >> so paul, how much legal trouble could eastman be in? and what do you think the goal is here to get him to flip? how much trouble could he get trump? >> well, i think that john eastman is in many ways the linchpin of this investigation. you know, the idea behind overturning the election wasn't donald trump's. it was john eastman.
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so he's in a significant amount of legal jeopardy now. the continued effort -- is a substantial thread -- [ inaudible ] and john'sman deeastman determi [ inaudible ] >> so elie, the january 6th committee obviously had all these transcripts and the doj wanted them. this is one of the points you have been frustrated about, the lack of speed with which they were operating. but pete aguilar told cnn today that the doj has provided the committee a list of the transscripts they want to see. now, in this broader context, elie, the committee has
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conducted over 1,000 interviews. so the doj has come back with a list of the ones they want. who do you think the doj is most interested in? >> i'm a big believer that you can make a case against the top people, the bosses by focusing on that mid to upper level that's where i would be looking to. that end, i would be looking at cassidy hutchinson, at greg jacob, at mark short, at sarah matthews, matthew pottinger. i would be looking for people inside the white house, the deputies, the staffers. not the low-level people who stormed the capitol. they won't have any connection to the real power sources. but those people, those honest civil servants as far as we can tell who were inside the white house who saw key meetings. that's where i would be looking. >> thank you both very much. elie, paul. next, a cnn investigation into hunter biden.
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tonight, a cnn investigation of hunter biden's emails revealing years of high income and higher debt. more than $500,000 in unpaid bills. repeated warnings from banks. the irs even threatened not to renew hunter biden's passport. this as the justice department weighs possible charges against the president's son. joe griffin is "outfront." >> reporter: the emails posted by a right wing operative on the internet have long been used as a political weapon against joe biden. but it's his son that is facing potential charges. prosecutors in delaware are narrowing in on potential tax violations in their investigation of hunter biden. these e-mails, authenticated for cnn, reveal hunter biden was warned about deep debts and years of back taxes.
4:18 pm
this, despite having a lavish income that included as much as $50,000 a month for sitting on the board of barisma, the ukrainian energy company. a 2019 spread sheet sent to biden from his assistant, details more than $500,000 in bills due or past due, including hundreds of thousands in taxes over several years. the emails show he knew he was delinquent. october 2018, his accountant wrote, they are late. noting that biden had missed an already extended tax filing deadline of october 15th. two weeks later, your 2017 tax returns are still unfiled, the accountant reminded biden. the next day, you need to get 2017 filed so we can try to work out a payment schedule. the accountant told biden the irs was also demanding a payment from 2015. they want $158,000, the accountant wrote. the 2018 federal taxes of
4:19 pm
$471,000 will be in addition. irs has notified the state department, and they will not renew your passport until this is resolved. >> he was struggling under massive drug addiction, and that's heartbreaking and painful. >> reporter: in past interviews, biden and his ex-wife say biden's financial issues became worse with the death of his brother and his drug use. >> i went 13 days one time without sleeping. and smoking crack and drinking vodka exclusively throughout that entire time. >> reporter: the couple divorced and hunter would owe $37,000 a month in spousal support. the spread sheet shows he fell behind. just part of a lifestyle that was financially out of control. more than $65,000 owed on one credit card. he owed ad 1700 payment on a porch. his health care was back due. and the assistant trying to keep track of it all, says she too
4:20 pm
wasn't being paid. i'm trying to figure out what to do about bills, his assistant asks. pay the health care, pay the porsche biden responded, and told his assistant to pay herself half of what she was owed. his credit card was repeatedly declined. in a statement to cnn, biden's attorney acknowledged the tax issue saying he's current on his obligations and committed to remaining so as he continues his recovery from addiction. >> i'm cooperating completely and i'm certain, 100% certain, that, at the end of the investigation, that i will be cleared of any wrongdoing. >> reporter: even if hunter biden is never charged with a crime, that won't matter to republicans, especially those who may share powerful committee it is the republican party wins the party in congress, that
4:21 pm
promise a hunter biden investigation. >> hunter biden is a shady business character. we fear that he's compromised this white house. that's why we're not going to continue to let up on these investigations and we're going to hold somebody accountable. >> reporter: joe biden is not being investigated as part of a federal probe into hunter biden. according to sources. >> drew, some of that stuff just is amazing to see, paying his assistant half of what she was owed, but pay the porsche. i'm sure republicans would love to have hunter biden indicted before the midterm elections in november. but the big question, how likely is that? >> reporter: we know this case has reached a critical juncture for the justice department, but we know through sources that timing like that is an issue. there are guidelines to try to avoid bringing politically sensitive cases before elections. it's anyone's guess whether he will be charged at all. erin? >> drew, thank you very much. and next, new hope tonight
4:22 pm
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tonight, prisoner exchange. cnn has learned that the biden administration is offering
4:27 pm
victor booth, a convicted russian arms dealer, in ex-change for two americans held in russia, brittney griner and paul begala. you probably know the name, he's one of the most notorious arms dealer on earth, suspected of supplies weapons to taliban and al qaeda and others. he's currently serving 25 years in a u.s. prison. kylie atwood is "outfront" with her reporting on the prisoner exchange offer. >> reporter: this is the man nicknamed the merchant of death, convicted arms trafficker victor boot, serving a 25 year sentence in the united states. >> he oversaw operations capable of delivering another weapons to fuel revolutions and slaughter untold thousands of people. he was an accessory to violence on a scale that is beyond comprehension. >> reporter: and now according to courses, the biden administration has offered to return him as part of a proposed deal for two americans the
4:28 pm
united states says are wrongfully detained in russia, brittney griner and paul begala. secretary of state antony blinken saying they offered a deal to russia. >> we put a deal on the table weeks ago to facilitate their release. our governments have communicated on that proposal. >> reporter: though the administration has been loathe to engage in prisoner swaps, concern that countries like russia could be incentivized to hold more americans, it's one of the tools that work. and now joe biden supports the swap. boot is a former soviet military officer. he's even worked with u.s. government contractors in iraq. >> he's a dangerous person, one
4:29 pm
of the most prolific arms dealers in the world. he was convicted in u.s. federal court in new york on conspiracy to kill americans. >> reporter: a far cry from his smuggling operation, griner has pled guilty for bringing less than a gram of cannabis into russia. >> i did not have the intent to bring any cannabis or banned substance to russia. i do understand what my charges are against me. and with them being accidentally in my bags, i take responsibility. >> reporter: griner says she had medical cannabis to treat her pain from sports injuries and she accidently took it with her while she was rushing to pack up from the trip. in a russian courtroom today, she described her harrowing arrest at the moscow airport. >> my rights were never read to me. no one explained any of it to me. i definitely knew i was being
4:30 pm
detained and i kept asking if i could leave or what's next? but it was just, wait, wait for results. >> reporter: with russia's invasion of ukraine still raging and u.s. sanctions still pressuring russia's economy, u.s. officials believe the kremlin is using griner as a political pawn. the family of mark fogle, who was similarly detained for bringing cannabis into russia, believes he's being used as a pawn. last month, he was sentenced to 14 years in a russian penal colony. though the state department has not declared him as being wrongfully detained. >> he made a terrible mistake by taking medical marijuana into russia. but 14 years in a hard labor camp is essentially a death sentence for him. he's 61 years old, and he has a very long history of spinal injury.
4:31 pm
>> reporter: now, a senior administration official indicated the russians have not constructively engaged with this offer the biden administration has put on the table, so that may explain why they are putting they have put this offer on the table, when details like this are usually tight lipped and not revealed publicly. i also asked the secretary of state why he is going to engage in a phone call with the russian foreign minister? that could be seen as a win for the russians. it's the first time that the two diplomats will have spoken since russia invaded ukraine. he said he believes there's utility in conveying career and direct messages to russia on key biden administration priorities, with griner and paul begala being priorities and trying to get ukrainian grain out of the country, which is contributing to a global food crisis. erin? >> kylie, thank you very much. and kylie's reporting so crucial there.
4:32 pm
major, major offer on a silver platter to putin and still no response. i want to go to james wade. he coached griner for three years in russia and is the current manager of the chicago sky. i'm glad to have you back. you had been critical that the u.s. hadn't done enough to get brittney home. now that we're hear thing offer is on the table, victor boot, the merchant of death, you know, played by nicholas cage in a movie. he matters to putin. people know who he is. are you encouraged by this announcement today? >> i'm very encouraged with the news from the secretary blinken that they've made an offer to do everything they can to bring americans home, including b.g. so we're -- i think we can all be encouraged by this news. hopefully, the trial continues to proceed. and it's just good to hear her
4:33 pm
voice and hear her speak and hear her side of the story. so it's all encouraging news, because it's progressing as far as where it was a week ago and weeks before that. so now we're getting into this territory where it's moving on. >> you mentioned hearing her voice. you know, it was -- we just heard a bit of it in kylie's reporting, but hearing her voice today for the first time since she was detained. we've heard nothing, complete silence. this is the first time -- let me play a little bit more of it for you, coach. >> i understand my charges, and i understand what he's saying, but i do plead guilty because of the actions that have happened, but i, again, did not intend to do this. i did not intend to smuggle or bring any substance into russia. i do know that -- like i said,
4:34 pm
earlier, i was instructed by our teams on what can and can't go into certain countries. >> so coach, what was it like hearing from her today? and i say also that the -- hearing her voice, but you see her in that essentially cage where she was holding up a picture of her family. what was it like for you to see and hear that? >> i mean, it was tough. i mean, we know what b.g.'s about. the one thing i can tell you just, you know, from personal experience, she's very honest and sincere person. i believe whatever she says. and just to hear her say her intent and what she was feeling, it was very encouraging for me and i'm sure the same for her family, as well. >> so kylie mentioned mark fogle, another american arrested on cannabis charges in russia.
4:35 pm
just got his sentence, 14 years at a hard labor camp in russia and is in not in any way part of this proposed deal. so 14 years in a hard labor camp, and putin hasn't responded to this offer yet. if he doesn't take this prisoner swap deal, do you feel brittney could have a similar fate? >> i want to keep an optimistic mindset. i don't want to think in those type of narratives. i can only think about pushing forward, and i want to give good energy to, you know, all those that are hopeful that she can be home sooner than later. so i try not to think in that kind of aspect of the possibilities of what could go wrong. >> obviously everyone is waiting and watching to see how this -- how this moves from here. thank you so much, coach. i appreciate your time. >> thank you. next, call it a white house win.
4:36 pm
it is a bill that proponents say could boost national security and passed with bipartisan support. and tonight, the pentagon moving ahead with preparation for nance i pelosi's proposed trip to taiwan, despite ongoing threats from china.
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tonight, the senate coming together to deliver a major bipartisan win for joe biden. 17 republicans joined 47 democrats to pass a bill aimed at boosting domestic semiconductor chip production. the u.s. economy, and frankly life as we all know it rngs would not function without these chips, period. they power almost every single product that americans rely on. your smart watch, your smart phone, car, washing machine, you name it. but u.s. chip production has plummeted. america made nearly 40% of the chips in 1990. now, it's only 12%. according to the semiconductor industry association. and the super special chips, not even that much. all the rest is overwhelmingly made in taiwan. "outfront" now, republican senator rick scott of florida, i should note he joined 32 other senators, republican senators in opposing this bill. so senator scott, let me start
4:41 pm
there. the united states as i laid out, was once the leader in semiconductor manufacturing. but now, nearly 90% of that manufacturing happens overseas, even as americans, we are reliant on these chips for every thing we do, for the basic definition of modern life. why do you oppose the bill, sir? >> so if it really did what they talked about, if it did say oh, we're going to make sure we build chips here, the chips we need, it was -- i would be all in. that's not what this bill did. first off, it's $280 billion, a massive give away to corporations. intel corporation, let me tell you how it impacts them. they get $4 billion. on top of $4 billion to build a plant, they get a $4 billion tax writeoff and a 25% tax credit. what do they have to do? there's no obligation that they build a specific chip that we need. there's no quotas. there's no standards.
4:42 pm
you know, they're a big inves for in china. they can continue to expand in china. when china invades taiwan, which i hope they don't, they can continue to do business in china, which they said they would. i'm a business guy. when you invest, you get a return on your money. there's no return, no standard for return for american taxpayers. this is not an anti-china bill or a national security bill, this is just a free give away to a bunch of billion dollar corporations that wanted no accountability. >> so let me ask you about this particularly when you raise the china point. obviously, i should note, and you know, senator, there is overwhelming support for this bill, not just in the business community or the national security community, but in the political word. you used to be a governor. 22 governors, including six republicans in bright red states support this bill. and on the issue of china, some of your colleagues have spoken out and said contrary to your point that they believe that this bill takes on china.
4:43 pm
here they are. >> this is a bad day for president xi and the chinese communist party. >> this legislation will provide the tools so that we can outgrow, out-innovate and out-compete the chinese communist party and ensure that our values prevail. >> why are senators young and cornyn, who are so definitive, wrong? >> i read the bill. i think everybody should go read the bill. why would we -- i had an amendment that they wouldn't allow me to do. it's simple, if you take the money, number one, you cannot expand in china. number two, if china invades taiwan, you cannot do business in china. number three, an investment analysis, and you would not get the money unless american taxpayers, 9% inflation, we have
4:44 pm
big deficits, american taxpayers are worried about those things. i would say the american taxpayers should get a return on those dollars. so you can't say -- by the way, there's no quota on what they have to make. they can make whatever chips they want. so look, you think about it, does it make any sense to you? >> well, governor, and senator, sorry, as a free market republican, you know, you're talking about quotas, you're talking about banning countries from china, companies from investing in china if china invades taiwan. i'm thinking about the example with russia and ukraine. there was no legislation that said companies had to pull out of russia, yet they did. you didn't need the government to tell them what to do. i'm a bit surprised that you think the government should be so involved. >> well, i asked the ceo of intel when he testified in congress, i said if china, god forbid, if they invade taiwan,
4:45 pm
are you going to change your business practice? and he said it's not. it's a lot easier not to do business with russia, vodka we don't care about, chips we do. so if we're going to have a clear bill, we're going to compete with china, a company like intel should -- they can stay in china, and we get no money. our taxpayers get no money back. none. i mean, that doesn't make any sense. i feel like i'm a fiduciary to all american taxpayers. they're sitting with reckless government spending that is causing inflation, high gas prices. they're saying what are you doing? this is $280 billion. it's not out of savings that we have. no one has said they're going to get a return on this money. it's a $280 billion bill that we
4:46 pm
make no money off of. we don't know what chips companies like intel are going to make. >> senator, one other thing here before you go. and that is former president trump, obviously you know him well and worked with him on many things. he's signaling that he could announce a run for president before the midterms. so house republican leader kevin mccarthy has come out and asked trump to wait until after the elections to make an announcement. do you join leader mccarthy on that call? >> there are lots of people looking to run for president. they're all going to make a decision when they want to run. if president trump or anyone else wants to announce, they'll do that. the election is going to be about gas prices, baby formula shortage, an open border. that's what the election is going to be about. >> all right. senator scott, i appreciate your time. thank you very much.
4:47 pm
>> bye, erin. >> all right. next, china standing firm in its threats as nancy pelosi considers her trip to taiwan. the pentagon now preparing. and tony dow has died, feorevev beloved as wally cleaver. if your moderate to severe crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis symptoms are stopping you in your tracks... choose stelara® from the start... and move toward relief after thfirst dose... with injections every two months. stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible. some serious allergic reactions
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tonight, defense officials telling cnn that the pentagon is developing a security plan to use both ships and aircraft to keep house speaker nancy pelosi safe if she decides to go ahead with her trip to taiwan. defense secretary lloyd austin saying today that he has personally spoken with the speaker to provide his security assessment. china has been threatening military action if pelosi goes through with this trip. taiwan is even preparing for a possible attack in that case. selina wang is "outfront." >> reporter: taiwan preparing for a possible attack in its annual military drill, as fears of aggression from across the strait grows. that fear coming from fear and fury from beijing, china threatening to take resolute
4:52 pm
measures. a prominent hawkish voice in china even suggesting shocking military response, saying that pla military aircraft will accompany pelosi's plane to enter the island. >> nancy pelosi is the third public official in the line of succession. it could note that we're treating taiwan more like an independent country. >> reporter: and independence is a red line for beijing. there have been recent u.s. congressional visits. but if pelosi goes to taiwan, she would be the highest ranking u.s. official to travel there since then-house speaker newt gingrich in 1997. this potential visit comes at an extremely sensitive time. china's military is celebrating its founding anniversary on august 1st, and we're just months away from a key political meeting when xi jinping is expecting to seek an unprecedented third term from. beijing's perspective, a potential visit by pelosi to
4:53 pm
taiwan would be a reckless act that provokes beijing at a time it is supposed to be projecting strength, control, and stability. >> having the pelosi visit come now will make xi jinping fear that other people will see this as a humiliation of him. and that will cause him to feel that he has to react very strongly. given the overreaching that xi jinping has been doing, i don't believe we can count on his good judgment. >> a u.s. official told cnn china could impose a no-fly zone around taiwan. but the chinese government hasn't announced details about how it could retaliate. zbl >> it's a commitment we made. >> reporter: biden has said several times that the u.s. would intervene militarily if china were to attack taiwan. but as china's military might grows, more are calling for the
4:54 pm
biden administration to end this so-called strategic ambiguity. it's impossible to overstate how important taiwan is to the communist party and its legitimacy. china sees the self-ruled island as a break away province that must be reunified with the mainland even by force if necessary. and a visit from one of america's most powerful politicians might just give beijing the push to make a risky move. >> celina joins me from beijing. so, selena, there's just a moment where you take a pause and you say, wow, are we really talking about this, this invasion actually happening? would xi really resort to military action in the current political climate he's facing in china? >> well, erin, there are really two very different view .son this. and one is that this is indeed a dangerous moment, that there is a risk that xi will make a rash move with a show of some kind of military force because he cannot look weak at this critical
4:55 pm
moment. on the flip side, i've spoken to many experts, including here in beijing, who say, look, all of this, it is just tough talk, tough language, and china does not want, is not ready to risk military conflict. and if there is conflict over taiwan, beijing would want to move on its own timing, not someone else's. erin? >> thank you very much, selena, live from beijing tonight. next, a farewell to an actor who shaped the lives of many as wally cleaver.r.
4:56 pm
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-- captions by vitac -- the actor who played wally cleaver in the tv classic "leave it to beaver" has died. he was beaver's big brother. the character was a straight arrow and a boy scout, always keeping beaver honest, offering advice, and counsel to his little brother, but not above dressing him down for doing
5:00 pm
something dumb or ill advised. ally defenses beaver from the likes of eddie haskell. reruns from aired since 1957. dow did struggle with depression in his later years but went on to direct other tv shows. t tony dow was 76 years old. "ac 360" starts now. gooechb k. we begin with breaking news in the january 6th investigation, the latest on a string of announcements throughout the day. mike pompeo could sit down for a deposition with the house select committee as soon as this week. and we've seen more indications this week that the other investigation, the justice department's criminal probe, has progressed further than previously thought. late today, cnn learned that the justice department obtained a second word for that man, right wing attorney john eastman's krel ph