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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  July 29, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. a week of consequence for president biden and his agenda. a covid bounce back. big legislative win. now sudden hope for a deal to pass significant climate and health care changes. plus next hour a saudi golf league tees off at donald trump's new jersey golf resort. this morning 911 families say the former president is picking blood money over morality. >> how much money are you getting? how much does it take to buy you
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off? what dollars amount is more important than american lives and values? and the house speaker leaves today for asia. an important trip but her itinerary still unsettled. the big question will she visit taiwan and test what china means by the perish by fire warning? we begin with multiple developments in the january 6th investigations. more missing records. more important cooperation. fierce preparations now for a daunting court battle. "the washington post" reporting late last night there is yet another batch of missing text messages. sources telling the newspaper texts from donald trump's homeland security chief chad wolf and his deputy kent cuccinelli are reportedly lost to a reset of their government devices both potentially critical witnesses to a number of important trump episodes including a presidential demand to seize voting machines. there is this, too. brand new cnn reporting that justice department prosecutors are now preparing for a courtroom war to compel former
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trump white house officials to testify directly to their conversations with trump in the days surrounding the insurrection. let's get up to capitol hill first and cnn's ryan noebels. the january 6th committee puzzled yet again by, quote-unquote, missing, deleted or m.i.a. texts. >> reporter: particularly because they come from such important people. the secret service text messages are of great concern and interest to the committee but now two high ranking dhs officials both of whom we should point out have had conversations with the january 6th select committee whose records have gone missing. wolf saying on twitter today responding to "the washington post" report that it was nothing that he had anything to do with. he handed over his government phone with everything intact and if something was lost in a migration program that is nothing he had anything to do with. regardless, the information is missing and is something the january 6th select committee wants and also something the department of justice could want as their investigation widens.
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to that end, we are seeing increased cooperation from some of the high level members of the trump administration not just with the department of justice but with the select committee as well. we know yesterday they met with mick mulvaney. they have engaged with people like mike pompeo who they are hoping could come in for an interview as soon as next week if not sooner. and mick mulvaney was pretty honest about what he experienced during that conversation with the january 6th select committee yesterday. clearly they're trying to figure out more of what it is that perhaps rudy guiliani or sydney powell got the access to the united states that they did, how folks like mike lindell had access, that sort of inner circle of people described by others as the crazies. how did they get the access that they did when they did? >> of course we also know the committee is very interested in the conversations about the 25th amendment after january 6th part of the reason they're trying to
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get as many of the cabinet officials in front of them as possible. we should also point out, john, even though the committee has not gotten all of the information they want from the department of homeland security or secret service that doesn't mean they aren't getting some information. secret service handing over thousands of documents to the committee as late as this week and the committee now sifting through all that information to see if it can help aid in their investigation so while the committee is making progress in some areas, this is their investigation. >> at the end of august we'll learn how many of these clues they can find. ryan nobles kicking us off from capitol hill, in the room to share their reporting and insights. let's remind our viewers so chad willis, texts deleted by
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accident, missing, we'll find out where the evidence takes us. why are they important? let's listen to two top justice officials from the trump days describing very important moments mr. wolf and mr. cuccinelli may know more about it. >> said to the secretary get ken cuccinelli on the phone and she did in very short order. he was on the phone, the number two at dhs at the time and on the speaker phone and the president essentially said, ken, i'm sitting here with acting attorney general. he just told me it is your job to seize machines and you're not doing your job. and mr. cuccinelli responded. >> mr. rosen, did you ever tell the president that the department of homeland security could seize voting machines? >> no, certainly not. >> seizing voting machines. one of the remarkable, crazy, pick your word for it things that donald trump considered if his effort to block joe biden's inauguration from an evidence standpoint you're building a case. why does it matter?
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>> it does matter because of how central the point is. number one they have to get it as part of a criminal investigation but you know there's a few different problems with the department of homeland security going back to when i worked there back in 2009. i think number one congress ought to be taking a look at this. it is not just the january 6th committee, the committee on homeland security to take a look at what kind of management failures were going on even outside of possible criminal liability but the place is being managed badly and needs a better way of storing and retaining data that opened the door to this number one. number two then the justice department ought to take a look at it. so the place has been a bit of a dumpster fire management wise since i was there. >> for those who don't remember at home or don't -- the secret service is part of the department of homeland security now. it used to be in the treasury department. you have missing texts or mysteries about texts at two different levels. you also have cooperation and in some cases i don't know what to call this, manu, failing
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memories, a busy day? i get it. you tried to ask the republican leader kevin mccarthy today about cassidy hutchinson one of mark meadows' top aides and she says on that day when donald trump said i'm going up to the capitol she got a phone call from kevin mccarthy saying don't let this happen. kevin mccarthy's recollection? well listen. >> i don't recall talking to her that day. i recall talking to dan scavino, to jared, to trump. that's what i talked to on television like that to. if i talked to her i don't remember it. >> she said under oath you told her throughout the course of the week, or she reassured you through the course of the week that he was not going to come to the capitol. so apparently you had a number -- >> i don't remember having any conversations with her about the president coming to the capitol. i just don't recall any of that. >> he is not under oath there. >> important point. he refuses to go under oath. >> exactly. the committee has in fact subpoenaed him asking him to come and testify.
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he and a handful of other republicans have said no. they've attacked this committee. mccarthy has not answered many questions about this in fact he said very limited number of press avail ablts as the committee has revealed more and more information. instead more as a partisan witch hunt rather than getting into the substance but the substance does matter. mccarthy according to cassidy hutchinson's testimony was very concerned about donald trump coming to the capitol and made that clear through the course of the week don't come up here and he accused her of lying to him by saying, when trump said we're going to the capitol and she said, she was not lying to him and said she was going to make it stop and even indicated she texted him about that later. so to say he doesn't remember the whole interaction is surprising. >> it seemed to be about something that was important to him. >> mindful of whatever happens with comey and mccabe in the
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trump administration, attorney general merrick garland intent on avoiding even the slightest errors which could taint the current investigation, provide mr. trump's defenders with reasons to claim the inquiry was driven by animus or undo his efforts to rebuild the department's reputation after the political warfare of the trump years. obviously the substance. did anybody break the law. what is the evidence comes first. but that is more than understandable. >> yeah. they're trying to cross every "t" and dot every "i" in a way that i think, a, will make them seem as pure and apolitical as well but, b, yes, to sort of deny the trump folks any kind of fodder that could sort of undermine or at least sort of muddy the doj probe. and, look. you don't have to talk to many democrats in washington. you hear from plenty about merrick garland and the concern is always the same which is that he is too apolitical and should be pursuing this harder. the truth is we don't know exactly what doj is doing because they are trying to sort
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of keep this thing above board and they're not sort of leaking left and right to our dismay about what precisely they are doing and if they're targeting trump himself. we don't know that. and so the grumbling among democrats, i get it, but it could be for naught because we don't know what they're doing. >> the worst possible outcome from the justice department's perspective is charging a former president with a crime and having him get acquitted. right? more than anything else. all of the political stuff, whatever it might be, you can't go to court with this. >> there is another big test the justice department we are told, great cnn reporting, go online and read it in detail, about trying to get these other former trump officials to testify about their conversations with the president. he says this, i think it would be effortless for the department of justice to litigate this and win this. it happens in days. quite confident they could get a judge to say sorry. no privilege here. you have to talk about this. that is an issue in which the
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current president's lawyers would look at closely for the precedence it sets. >> they've really stayed away from trying to exert the executive privilege which is limiting the former president's ability to make that argument but it is very clear the justice department is ready to pursue all avenues to try to get these answers directly when it comes to people's interactions with the former president regarding january 6th. >> clear cut as he thinks? >> it really is. when courts have looked at this issue the separation of powers they generally tend to rule in favor of the people bringing criminal cases. the big one united states versus nixon 1974. executive privilege is real. but it doesn't get in the way of a criminal investigation. >> makes me feel 25 years younger right there. up next the latest on the big democratic deal for new climate and health care changes. one key senator still not ready to say yay or nay. some climate activists see some bad wrapped in with the good.
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we have more details today on just what the huge climate and energy agreement brokered by key senate democrats would mean for you if it passes. for example there is a $4,000 tax credit for buying a used electric car. it is 7,500 dollars for purchasing a new electric vehicle. in addition to the climate pieces the proposal would lower prescription drug costs and extend obama care subsidies. senator joe manchin brokered the deal, critical because you all remember his opposition derailed the larger democratic package but we're still not sure it will pass. all 50 democratic senators would need to vote yes and krysten sinema of arizona says she wants time to give it a careful read. joining me now the chair of the senate democrats special committee on the climate crisis. thanks for your time today. substance first. math and politics in a moment. i want to go through it. this deal would slash u.s. greenhouse emissions 40% by 2030, extend tax credits for electric vehicles, $60 billion
9:17 am
for domestic clean energy manufacturing. $30 billion for wind, solar, battery storage tax credit the largest investment in american history. when climate activists look at it, some do see some problems. this is the government affairs director for the center for biological diversity. a climate suicide pact he calls it. self-defeating to handcuff renewable energy development to massive gas and oil extraction. new leasing required in the bill will fan the flame of climate disasters torching our country. is there bad wrapped in the good here? >> reporter: you are right this is the biggest climate action the american government will ever have taken and is not even close. $370 billion for clean energy and the important way to analyze the bill is emissions reductions. everything else is ancillary. the earth is on fire. how do you use these resources to reduce emissions and therefore reduce global climate change? this gets us 80% of the way toward our goal and is not some
9:18 am
far off goal. this is a 2030 objective to reduce our emissions by 50%. this gets us to 40% reduction as opposed to literally nothing we had a week ago. are there parts of the bill i don't like? of course. we just made a deal with joe manchin. if you think there is going to be nothing in it for fossil energy you don't understand joe manchin. the real question is in the net what does it do for the climate and that is not at all a close call. >> in the net you have joe manchin. you know the math. this fails if you don't get senator sinema. she says she wants time to give it a careful read. is she a yay or a nay? >> i can't speak for her. i think it is pretty reasonable since this is a big bill to take the weekend and analyze the bill. we've talked a lot about the climate and i know she feels very passionately about t i am not her spokesperson. i think it is reasonable to read the bill because not everybody was kind of intimate with all
9:19 am
the noegotiations. >> she has been more willing to say i'm not going to think about this in a democrat sense but just on the substance. having promised the big giant reconciliation package, that went away, having come closer to a smaller reconciliation package. that went away. what would happen if democrats said to the base again, to voters who want climate action, lower prescription drug costs, to extend the obama care subsidies, we have a deal and then lucy pulls the football away again. what would happen? >> well, failure is not an option. to me it is not even a political question. i don't know whether this will help in the midterms. i don't think that is the point. the point is we're in a planetary mergy and you only get the trifecta once in a while, maybe ten or 15 or even 20 years. we have an opportunity to do the kind of thing that can reverse climate change over time. if we do this the rest of the world will follow because every time i travel internationally as it relates o climate everybody wants to know what the united states is doing. we've just got to act and we have to act in the next week.
9:20 am
>> what happens if senator sinema says i want to change something or one of the climate groups says, we can't be onboard unless you water down or take out the fossil fuel provisions senator manchin insists on. does the deal have to pass as? is that where manchin is? >> let me start with the environmental groups. the vast majority of environmental organizations really like this bill. there are varying degrees of enthusiasm but the environmental community is unified with the exception for the center for biological diversity behind this legislation. i want to make that extremely clear. on whether or not any member can ask for any change, you know, that is chuck schumer's role to try to negotiate and land this package. i am pretty confident this bill is pretty baked as it is and we'll be able to pass it next week. we have a lot of work to do over the next seven days. nothing is guaranteed. we've certainly failed on this before. i'm not over confident. i do think we're in a good position to enact this
9:21 am
legislation over the next couple weeks. >> republicans don't like it. john cornyn says an absolute declaration of political warfare. leader mcconnell nonsense the democrats are focused on. senator thune says the republicans were blind sided. that matter to you? >> look, i get along with some of these folks and we collaborate but it is a very weird pattern reentsly where first mitch mcconnell said i'm going to kill the chips bill if you do the thing you promised to do during the election. that was already a kind of cynical move and arguably a bad move just in the political sense. and then once the climate deal was announced they tanked a bill to take care of veterans who are experiencing the bad health effects from burn pits and now we're hearing they may tank gay marriage to punish us, to punish us, but really punish the public for reducing the cost of prescription drugs, for making billion dollar companies pay their fair share, and for attacking climate change. i think it's really, really cynical strategy but i also think just politically it is going to backfire.
9:22 am
punishing the american people because democrats are enacting popular policies strikes me as, you know, sort of ill advised. >> grateful for your time today. we'll continue the conversation. >> thank you. up next 911 families and survivors protesting today at donald trump's new jersey golf course. they are angry, furious at the former president for embracing the new golf league sponsored by saudi arabia. finding the perfect project manager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his daily lunch delivery and an 8:15 call withan francisco.
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today the former president donald trump is hosting a saudi funded golf tournament less than 50 miles from ground zero. the event is sparking protests from 911 families who blame the saudis for helping carry out the attacks. last year you'll recall the fbi declassified a report which did detail saudi ties to the 911 hijackers. but the former president ignored their requests to call off the tournament and he is defending with very strange language his decision to carry on. >> nobody's gotten to the bottom of 911 unfortunately and they should have. as to the maniacs that did that horrible thing to our city, to our country, to the world. so nobody's really been there but i can tell you that there are a lot of really great people out here today and we're going to have a lot of fun and celebrate. >> "usa today" sports columnist and cnn sports analyst christine brennan joins our panel. he was a new yorker on 911 and
9:28 am
president of the united states for four years. we haven't gotten to the bottom of 911? we fought a war in afghanistan. they found osama bin laden. what was that? >> he was out there. i was there the day before. this is his golf course, trump plastered all over it. the appalling thing is that it is 50 miles from ground zero, an hour's drive. and feelings are raw around the country still about this clearly but especially there. he just wants to make this all about him. he's got these golfers, can play the game he loves. he is getting this game for his golf course. he is angry with the pga tour which is the one liv is going after because they pulled the 2022 championship this year out of bedminster after january 6th. so this is trump being trump but it is appalling. >> money, airing his grievances, getting attention. it's the trump trifecta. but this one, this league or
9:29 am
whatever you want to call it is controversial to begin with but to the point bedminster being where it is and trump being a former president, listen to the founder and president of 911 justice. he was 15 years old when his father died on 911. >> for a former president of the united states two in 2016 himself said the saudis did it, who in 2019 chose to invoke the state secrets principle against these documents it is absolutely shameful, absolutely disgusting we have to be here today. coming out in full force shaming a former president and shaming golfers and shaming people at large who are doing business with this saudi funded golf league. >> it's powerful to listen to these families who every day have memories and pain they have to deal with. what does it say about trump? >> well, as you pointed out, it is totally predictable and in character of who he is. doesn't really know the facts of what is probably the most widely
9:30 am
covered modern american news event. and is basically sort of unsympathetic to the obvious concern to the people who 20 years on desperately miss their families. >> you're almost being too kind to him in this sense. he doesn't know the facts, he is ignoring the facts and he knows the facts and if not we can e-mail him a copy of the 911 report. this is about money and attention. >> that's what trump does. as you said the 911 report dug in very deeply but what the cause was of 911 but it also shows the complicated relationship with the saudis and trump's close alliance with the saudis when he was in office. he would not say that jamal khashoggi's murder was, the crown prince of saudi arabia was responsible for that. he aligned himself with the saudis. you know, to be fair, biden himself has his own complicated relationship with the saudis, saying they are pariah on the
9:31 am
world stage but has taken a much softer approach as president. trump handled them, tried to have much closer ties here. >> like a lot of countries there is always the question in the background of does trump and his family have some private financial connection to fill in the blank government. is there a hotel deal in the past? could there be one in the future? now it is the golf tournament over there. always the ethics question hanging over the trump presidency is, is this in the interest of american policy or is he doing this for some past, present, or future personal or financial interest. >> you covered the broader debate before the tournament came to bedminster. here is the headline on your latest klum. more liv golfers destroy their reputations as they sports watch for mbs. >> as if there is a sheet, pr sheet and these guys read it. for example just two days ago a man named paul casey, writer veteran from europe, i asked him
9:32 am
would he now with this platform, take a positive spin, you're getting all this money for them. you are important to them. you have mbs's ear theoretically. will you work on gay rights, women's rights. clearly there is a lot, a ton to do in saudi arabia. his answer? well i played golf with a 17-year-old girl and she tells me things are better. that's his answer on women's rights. i've been followed up. what about gay rights? he goes i don't know anything about that. 45-year-old man traveled the world. i know nothing about that. so the saudis are loving that. because they've got a big name in the sports world as you know well and he is doing their bidding, exactly what they want him to do. >> sticking your head in the sand trap. >> and the power of what mbs is trying to achieve. you even had president biden heading over to saudi arabia as noted after calling them a pariah then sharing that fist bump and there was frustration not just from "the washington post" which employed jamal khashoggi, from his family, also the 911 families with biden's trip there. it is something you're seeing repeatedly even continuing into
9:33 am
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a new report today sheds additional light on something you see every day. persistent inflation. the personal consumption index shows prices up by 6.8% in june compared to a year ago. when you look closer energy costs up year to year by more than 43%. food costs up more than 11%. that another data point in a
9:38 am
week of important indicators including a growth number which raises the question of whether the economy has already slipped into recession. let's get expertise and insight from the chief economist at moody's analytics. i want to start with another bad inflation report. in an analysis that you wrote you talk about how right now inflation in the american economy is driving up household spending on average about $500 a month, $78 of that going to the higher grocery bill. is there anything in this new report or any of the data you've seen this week that gives you a sense of what you could tell the american people when they come out of this tunnel when not only gas prices which are going down but when will food prices go down, when will broader energy prices start to go down and so on? >> john, i think we're past the worst of it. i think june is the data you're referring to will be the high point for inflation. significant part because of oil prices, gas prices, diesel prices, which feed into food prices. jet fuel prices, airline
9:39 am
tickets. they're all coming in here pretty quickly. and we'll see some significant relief in the month of july. i also think more broadly because supply chain issues are starting to iron themselves out across the globe. shortages are starting to abate. pricing pressure is starting to come down. i think we'll see much better inflation statistics if not by the end of the year certainly by this time next year. if everything holds together, nothing else really goes off the rails here, i think by the end of next year, certainly by early 2024 we should see inflation that we'll feel more comfortable with. >> one of the big conversations after the gdp report this week two consecutive quarters of contraction in the economy, negative growth, some say it is at least a building block to the def mi definition of a recession. president biden says nope. he believes the economy is strong. republicans already say this is a recession and they have a name for it. >> i'm afraid you're assuming
9:40 am
joe biden wants the price of gasoline to go down and i don't think he does. he gave us biden inflation. he's given us a biden recession. >> my campaign will be laser focused on putting hard work in georgians first and helping you fight through joe biden's recession. this joe biden recession will likely have a negative impact on our state and its people. >> are we in a recession? >> no. we're not. i mean, the key here is jobs. certainly the first half of the year we created a lot of jobs about 450,000 per month and in a well functioning economy you'd see closer to a hundred thousand jobs. unemployment is low. lay-offs record lows. the number of unfilled positions record highs. it doesn't square with the idea we're in recession. having said that, recession risks going forward are high. inflation is high. the federal reserve is responding to that appropriately
9:41 am
by raising interest rates aggressively and that is hurting the economy. the housing market is taking it on the chin. the stock market is down because of the higher rates. in that kind of environment recession risks are very, very high. you know, my own view is that i think we'll make, we can make our way through here without actually going into a down turn but we need a little luck on the pandemic, the russian invasion, and hopefully nothing else goes off script. and some really good policy making by the fed. it is going to be a close call, very tricky. we're not -- we have not experienced recession at least not so far. >> we will keep in touch. i'll ask you quickly in closing about this. exxon mobile reporting nearly $18 billion in profits in the second quarter. chevron today reporting nearly $12 billion profits in the second quarter. the president and many other democrats have said that sure there are supply chain issues out there but they see price gouging by the big energy companies. is that just a free market economy or is that greed? >> i think that is free market. you know, i don't sense gouging.
9:42 am
this is age old. when global oil prices go higher energy companies benefit. they make a lot of money. conversely when oil prices are low and go down they lose a lot of money. that's invariable. that's been the case since the beginning of time. so i don't see anything different in the current environment than we've seen historically. i wouldn't characterize what we're observing as gouging. the other thing, john, is we need energy companies to produce more oil so we need them to make money to be able to -- and high earnings and profits to incent them to go out and put more riggs in the ground and produce more oil and get the oil prices down. that is the key to getting inflation lower. >> thanks for your time. >> sure. up next for us, progress for the biden agenda after months and months and months of frustration. legislation to boost american technology investment on its way to the president's desk. democrats hope to follow up quickly with landmark changes to climate and health care.
9:43 am
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democrats are celebrating a stretch of progress after months and months of frustration. speaker nancy pelosi just today sending to the white house major legislation designed to boost the american semiconductor industry. the president will sign that bill next week. last month the president signed
9:48 am
new gun safety legislation. it's not a done deal but democrats believe they are on the verge of passing a package that makes giant climate and health care changes including steps designed to cut prescription drug costs. successful votes and bill signings are one way to document the legislative progress. here is another. watch republicans fight about it. the gun measure and chips legislation both passed with republican votes especially in the senate and that is the source of a lot of grumbling among republican lawmakers who don't want to give president biden any wins as we close in on 100 days for the midterm elections. our reporters are back with us. the president has taken a lot of grief, a polite term, for not being able to get his agenda through. 50/50 senate. there has to be some better mood at the white house that they are making at least some modest in the case of the chips bill and gun legislation major progress. >> what they've seen over the past week is joe biden has a little bit of the wind at his back at this moment. yesterday he could hardly help himself when they handed him the note saying the chips bill hassed and he declared it to a
9:49 am
room and it was a major moment as it was something they had been pushing for a while even though it is a bit cut back from the initial proposal. then you have that surprise manchin and schumer deal that really is reviving some portions of biden's initial agenda. of course there have been fits and starts with that proposal. there certainly could be some other road blocks in the way. one big question is even if they are able to tic through the accomplishments will it resonate with voters this quickly for the midterms in november. it takes time for the legislation to go into effect and at the time inflation and the economy still remains the top issue for voters heading into november. >> one way to tell, you can count the votes, watch the president sign legislation, or watch republicans fight. that is how you know democrats are doing something republicans don't like. this is the headline in a story you wrote with your colleague. internal gop tension rises as mcconnell's deal making puts him at odds with mccarthy.
9:50 am
those are the two leaders. it is a great piece. a lot of other republicans grumbling that mcconnell especially because he is the leader but other republicans gave the key votes here. >> yeah. really interesting this dynamic playing out increasingly. we've seen in this congress really the big ticket items that had been passed on a bipartisan basis have happened because mitch mcconnell has gone behind it, on guns, infrastructure, the chips deal. the chips deal in particular got a lot of republicans angry because he initially said democrats if you move forward on this party line approach to move forward on this health care and energy package, this deal manchin and schumer cut we'll block this chips bill. he ultimately agreed to a pared back version of the chips bill. it passes. moments later they announce this deal and the republicans said if you make a threat you should follow through on it. it also shows the different imperatives between each side and the different conferences these two each run. mitch mcconnell views important and some of the legislative
9:51 am
efforts to win back the suburbs, a more diverse constituency, take back the senate. kevin mccarthy runs a hard line conference of a lot of pro trump supporters. >> that makes the key point. house districts largely drawn to conservative or liberal. they want to just say no just say no. if biden is for it we're against it. sfat races you got to win statewide. if you look at polling in georgia, pennsylvania, states republicans could and should win if this is a republican year. they're in a little diceness right now. >> this sort of nature, the culture if you will of the house and senate gop has changed the last 20 years. look, the house gop used to look more like the senate. you had a more ideological diversity within the caucus. you don't have much of that anymore. the folks who are the -- are retiring. the senate you still have a more nuanced caucus. a lot of this is caucus management. kevin mccarthy is trying to keep his caucus happy. the 95% of them want no on anything that gives biden a win. mcconnell has a different task
9:52 am
because a lot of folks in his caucus want to actually legislate. they want to make laws. they don't just want to confirm judges and vote no on stuff. they actually want to do things and get things done. so mcconnell is trying to keep some of his folks in the caucus happy and, yes, the politics of this, too. especially on the gun bill. mcconnell won for trying to deny democrats on issue in the midterms by taking some of the steam out of that. that is part of the reason why he is part of that. >> here we are friday on a week where joe biden should have a spring in his step. he is back from, you know, had a quick recovery from covid. he'll sign the chips bill next month. makes big investments in american semiconductors or technology. signed the bipartisan gun law last month. possibly. we'll see. want to count the votes first. a little skeptical the democrats can get the climate, energy, and health bill to the finish line. yet today on the radio dean philips of minnesota a democrat who has a tough race was asked should joe biden run in 2024? >> i have respect for joe biden. but to answer your question
9:53 am
directly which i know is quite rare, no. i don't. i think the country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well prepared, dynamic democrats to step up. >> so a good week for the president but not a hundred percent clean week for the president when you have that in your own party. once one says it publicly, a lot more are going to get asked about it >> i asked philips about that and he went on to say i just believe it's time for generational change in congress and the white house. congress also given pelosi and others in the leadership, they're up there in age. they have also run the caucus for some time. there is a lot of tension internally. a lot of apprehension about whether biden should run. you ask democratic candidates if they believe biden should run again they will just not answer the question. >> this is a grade a washington gaff when you actually say what you think out loud. >> true. >> should put that in a book if you ever write one.
9:54 am
>> this is not a pass. >> in book stores now. thanks for the plug. later today the house speaker nancy pelosi leaves for her trip to asia 24 hours after president biden's tense call with the chinese president. istrk for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at, walk in, or call 1-800-aspendental. dad, when is the future? um, oh wow. um, the future is, uh, what's ahead of us. i don't get it. yeah. maybe this will help. so now we're in the prent. and w... we're in the fute. the all-electric chevy bolt euv with available super cruise™ for hands-free driving.
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the 1950 census adds vivid new detail to your family story. and it's available now on ancestry. topping our political radar just moments ago the house speaker nancy pelosi dodging reporters' questions on whether she will make a very controversial visit to taiwan during a ctrip to asia.
9:59 am
the speaker called it a security situation and would not discuss whether taiwan would be part of the travel plans. her stops include japan, malaysia, singapore all key u.s. allies in the region. the "new york times" reports the biden administration plans to begin offering updated boosters in september. the new shots are expected to work better against the highly transmissible omicron ba.5 sub variant. officials are holding off on expanding eligibility for second boosters until the new verg is available. currently only people 50 years or older and immuno compromised people are eligible for a second booster. the senate majority leader chuck schumer plans another vote on the closely watched burn pits bill. the multimillion dollar legislation would provide critical help to veterans who suffered toxic exposure to burns during military service. earlier this week 25 republican senators who previously supported the legislation voted against it calling for additional changes in the bill. the failed procedural vote drew outrage from veterans and other activists. leader schumer says he'll hold a
10:00 am
new vote to try to break the republican filibuster on monday. join cnn as we explore the extremes of the far south of patagonia where the sea is teaming with life but the land is a desert. only here on cnn. thanks for your time today and this week on "inside politics." try to have a safe and pleasant weekend. fredricka whitfield picks up our coverage right now. hello everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield in new york. ana cabrera is off today. we begin this hour in kentucky. death toll has doubled today and is expected to double again. at least 16 people including children are confirmed lost to catastrophic flash flooding in the eastern part of the state. the flood waters were so strong and violent they swept an elderly man and woman from their homes. and in some areas the homes themselves w


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