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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  August 1, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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so they get less. hidden agendas. fine print. loopholes. prop 27. they didn't write it for the tribes or the homeless. they wrote it for themselves. hello, welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united dates and all around the world, you're watching cnn newsroom, i am rosemary church. just ahead, some of the strongest schelling in part of ukraine since the war began, new york live in mykolaiv. is president biden strategy of governing from the middle finally paying off, we will take a look extract historic flooding to
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catastrophic wildfires, a climate state of emergency in the united dates. united states. live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom, with rosemary church.>> thank you for being with us, in ukraine there is more follow-up thursdays brutal attack on a detention facility in russian held territory in the east. on sunday the u.s. ambassador to ukraine said russia must be held accountable for the attack, kyiv says dozens of ukrainian prisoners of war were killed in the strike, russia says ukraine is responsible, the international red cross says it is still waiting for access to the site. to the north missile strikes were reported in you train second largest city, and russian forces have been stepping up the attacks, likely
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trying to pull resources from the front lines to protect civilians. meanwhile these been in the odesa region after a russian missile strike set off a grass fire, according to local officials russian forces fired at least two missiles from occupied crimea, but the heaviest schelling was reported in the southern city of mykolaiv, the mayor told cnn it was one of the worst attack scenes since the war began, ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy condemning the strikes in his nightly address.>> ukrainians, within these 24 hours, mykolaiv and the region experienced the most brutal schelling during the entire period of the full still full-scale war, dozens of missiles and rockets, hitting residential buildings and schools and social infrastructure and industrial facilities.>> for more, nick roberts enjoins us now from
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mykolaiv. a tragic situation nick.>> it is less intense schelling last night but still schelling, one of the buildings it was a hospital, set ablaze and a lot of destruction within the building. not clear why a medical facility would be targeted. that's what we saw we woke up yesterday morning and went to take a look at the impact of the very heavy overnight schelling. and concerned as well, the mayor, that there were people collaborating with russia in the city to spot out what they think could be targets and pass it on to the russians.>> with dawn, an end to the heaviest night of schelling in mykolaiv so far, but not the fear that it brings. in the immediate aftermath, fires could be put out, the
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only fatalities at this residential mention. the multimillionaire businessman and his wife sheltering in the basement. their home took a direct hit. neighbors are still in shock. >> i don't know what to do. we hate russia. is unbelievable that they can in one moment this story everything. >> living here almost 20 years, but maybe no more.>> i don't want to stay here right now.>> this creature gives you an idea of just how big the blast was , debris strewn down here in the windows of the building about. other buildings around here also hit, those with military links are off store cameras, the mayor can turn that russian pfizer's artwork. acre i'm sure they have spies who are going around the city,
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and they say i saw the number of machine or the military people, they sent this information, and russia attacks them. >> do you think the saboteurs might've helped in the attacks last night? acre i am sure they held.>> within hours, life returning to what passes as normal, pensioners and others in line for drinking water, the water supply destroyed months ago.>> they hit us and hit us hard from 1 am until morning valentina tells us, we are scared and that we want to leave, but that is how life is for us now.>> where the mansion was hit and residents are richer, another neighborhood of a dead businessman tells me can't take anymore. he will leave.>> not clear if high profile this man, was an
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intended target, the president hailed him a hero.'s death and the up-tempo strikes here chilling the cities otherwise resilient mood.>> the mayor told me as well that he feels that residence should leave the city, that is been his message for some time, the original population or the war was 480,000, it's now down to 230,000 but is very clear message for people is the city is not safe, you need to leave until the schelling tops.>> nic robertson, joining is there live from mykolaiv with that message, appreciate it. ukrainian and turkish officials say the first ship carrying ukrainian grain has left the port of odesa, expected to arrive in this day and bull tuesday before heading to the final destination, and the exports could be a crucial
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first step in easing the global food crisis, sparked by the war, trapping millions of tons of grain inside ukraine for month. clare sebastian joins me from london, with more. good morning. the first green ship has left odesa, what more are you learning? >> we are hearing from the joint coordination center, part of this black see green initiative brokered by the un in turkey that brought russia and ukraine to the table to try to get the grain shipments to global markets. they authorize the ship, a sierra leone flagged vessel, to sit there from odesa this morning, we can see it moving and satellite maps, heading out of the port of odesa, to transition into turkish territorial waters, were it will be inspected, part of the agreement and carry on through the bosporus and finally through tripoli in lebanon,
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said to be carrying 26,000 tons of corn set to a very welcome move set to leave ukraine and head to the global markets, but this is a critical first test, only 10 days ago russia and ukraine, with you and in turkey agreeing on the initiative to get the grain out to global markets. the first ship will be a critical test of whether the system actually works and whether there's enough trust on both sides, to get the shipments moving in a meaningful way to alleviate hunger and some of the most vulnerable parts of the world. >> we wanted to get an idea of what the process is and how do they ensure that this grain shipment and others in the convoy, have safe passage? >> ukraine is responsibility initially of navigating the ship report, they have apparently d mind some of the gray areas, was that the whole
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the black sea, they are extremely worried that any d mining will allow russian ships open to attack the reports. but the captains navigating the ships into the waters of the black see, and then are inspected and turkish territorial waters by the joint coordination center and allowed to travel through the bosporus and onto their onward destinations, ships going back into ukrainian ports are inspected in case some might be smuggling weapons, there are a lot of inspections and oversight, joint coronation center is monitoring the movements of the ships, keeping a close eye on any ships moving through these safe maritime core doors in the black sea. a very complicated intense and dangerous moment, it's been about five months now since we've seen exports from the ports and ukraine got so as i said a very important first test as to how the process will go.
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>> continued to watch and clare sebastian joining us from london, thanks. the governor of kentucky says at least 20 people died from the massive flooding that hit the state. that number could rise as eastern kentucky is expected to see even more rain all by monday. floodwaters have already covered streets and homes and caused blackouts in some areas, the governor said it is one of the most devastating floods the state has seen, rescue crews are searching for people missing after the severe floods late last week as a wildfire reaches nearby, county officials in oregon say rescue teams of evacuated nearly 60 hikers from a trail on the california side of the border, the mckinney fire has consumed more than 50,000 acres so far, more than 20,000 hectares, california's governor has declared a state of emergency
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in the surrounding areas and mandatory evacuations are underway, with nearly 2000 people forced to flee their homes, officials say it on friday and the fire was made worse by thunderstorms and wind over the weekend. for more on this story, at the scene in weather center, it is a tragic story of extremes, flooding and wildfires, here in the united states and fire scorching portugal and italy and was latest on the or cast? >> a very unfortunate set up with the weather pattern that led to these here at least across the eastern portion of the u.s., severe weather from monday afternoon potentially, you got the elements producing moist air off the gulf a cool and dry area off to the north and the stationary frontal boundary with historic rainfall in a couple of pockets, st. louis early last week, as much as 10+ inches in a matter of two hours and east neris becky, is colors indicated in pink, it
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is a serious event, the water table is risen so high that the soil is saturated, any additional rainfall, one-2 edges, could lead to surface flooding, a concern for so many people in recent days, who have suffered so much, and there's diminished risk during the tuesday but any additional rainfall could be an inch or 2 inches could come down, it could be problematic. northwestern area, temperatures in the 90s 100, seattle, 95 degrees, record temperature, six consecutive days exceeding 90 degrees, never happening in recorded history, across the inland areas temperatures could get as hot as 110, but along seattle and portland, the cooling trend, and around 70 degrees, and latter portion of the week. is expected to return across worsens of the northwest,
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cooler temperatures, stay put for a couple of days, what is happening across the southwest, beneficial rainfall, and in monsoons, monsoons have been rather big, continue to keep the area unsettled, moisture working its way, near yosemite, the monsoons are really helping out parts of the southwest, and not reaching areas as far north as we would like some beneficial rain vault region. rainfall to the region.>> many thanks for bringing us up- to-date. communities in california and kentucky are looking to rebuild in the wake of devastating floods and fires, the u.s. senate is under growing pressure to tackle the climate crisis, but it is just a drop in the bucket as we
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report. >> here in the u.s., fire and water are the themes of the climate change we can the news, in the heartland of the middle of three, kentucky to st. louis, 2 1 in 1000 storm sit within hours of each other dumping 9 inches, 23 centimeters of rain within 12 hours, overwhelming the infrastructure in that part of the country, take 50 bridges are so. the governor has been upping the death toll mac to more than two dozen, it could be changing by the hour as entire homes were washed downstream as well and then there is the forecast in the center of the country, in triple digit fahrenheit in the west, fueling fires near yosemite, the oak fire burned some 4008 dares, spreads of bias, they were not howling at the time, another fire breaking
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out in california and oregon border, near the klamath river, creating their own weather, thunderstorms that create lightning, fire breathing dragon storms, pyro cumulonimbus clouds creating headlines as fire crews rushed of that. it plays out against the backdrop of politics, and washington, after what seemed like all climate legislation was dead, a compromise bill led by joe manchin, and west virginia and chuck schumer of new york, gives the most money the united states is ever put towards the cause but delayed drop in the bucket when you consider the problem. there will be billions incentives for people to buy electric vehicles and more innovation and more technology, and construction the country, some money for climate capture or carbon capture storage, which could be a huge industry but the same time exxon mobil and shell and chevron released quarterly profits of $40
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billion this week. they are making more profit than the united states will spend every year for the next 10 years on the problem. so very much oil and gas is writing the laws as they can down even as stories freak across the country of intensifying a natural disaster. cnn new york. still to come, senator joe manchin defends his bill proposal, slamming reports it will raise tax as an add to inflation, we will hear his reaction next. anger and use capital after more than two dozen republicans jurors block a bill expanding medical coverage for millions of veterans exposed to toxic chemicals, the details on the other side of the break. anything for their pain.cane tylenol® is the #1 dr. recommendeded pain relief brand for those with high blood pressure. if you have questionss on whether tylenol is right for you, talk to your doctor.
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hi. i'm shannon storms bador. when we started selling my health products online our shipping process was painfully slow. then we found shipstation. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster and thanks to shipstation's discounted rates we're saving a ton. honestly, we couldn't do it without shipstation join over 100,000 online sellers who get ship done with shipstation go to /tv and get 2 months free. u.s. president joe biden is still testing positive after a rebound covid case, the white house physician says the president continues to feel well as the isolates, the white house official says the president had six close contacts prior to the positive test he received on saturday,
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none of those contacts have since tested positive. in the coming hours, the senate majority leader chuck schumer is expected to hold another procedural vote to break a filibuster after a group of republicans blocked what's known as the burn pitt bill.>> power!>> mcconnell coward!>> they took to the steps of the capitol this weekend to express their anger at 25 republican lawmakers who pulled their support for the bill that would expand medical coverage for millions of troops who were exposed to toxins from the military's so-called burn pits during their time in service. one republican senator defended his decision.>> this is the oldest trick in washington, people take a sympathetic group of americans, it could be children with an illness or victims of crime or veterans
12:22 am
exposed to toxic chemicals, craft a bill to address their problems and sneak in something completely unrelated that they know could never pass on its own and day republicans to do anything about it because they know they will unleash their allies in the media and may be ace to the liberty to make up false accusations, a pseudo- celebrity.>> a lot of fast ones are pulled in washington dc, quite honestly nobody steps up to the plate and stops that kind of stuff from happening that happens like an overseas contingency account, exactly the kind of fund that center 2- d -- center to me thinks is in the bill but is not, past to keep the war going in afghanistan, that's why we are talking about burn pits today. there is no fast one, the same bill that we passed on 16 june, and it should be passed
12:23 am
again.>> in the meantime, democratic editor joe manchin is defending his support of a massive new climate and healthcare package, surprising democrats and outraging republicans after announcing he and majority leader chuck schumer agreed on a 739 billion- dollar plan to tackle the climate crisis and reduce the deficit. on sunday he touted the benefits of the bill and dismissed republican claims that it will make inflation worse. >> there is nothing inflammatory in this bill even though there are some naysayers your always good to hear that but nothing in that, we are paying down debt, $300 billion and increasing production, if you want gasoline prices down, produce more energy and produce it in america that's what were doing, and investing in technologies for future energy, we are doing everything to bring manufacturing back in the people working i think it is a
12:24 am
great piece of legislation and in normal times my republican colleagues would be for something like this.>> democrats are hoping to pass the bill before the senate leaves for its scheduled august recess. for more, let's bring in jessica levinson, a professor at loyola law school in los angeles and host of the passing judgment podcasts, always happy to have you with us. >> good to be here. >> a lot going on in u.s. politics, the big picture, recently writing this in the washington post, fareed zakaria, is it possible that president joe biden is actually managing to do something he promised during his campaign, govern from the center? saying this, after a compromise deal was worked out between joe manchin and majority leader chuck schumer on climate change and before that, notable achievements on semiconductor
12:25 am
production, gun control and infrastructure. is joe biden showing that governing from the middle as possible?>> i think he's doing the best he can under the circumstances and there are some changes, you just did them often those of the changes but they are a lot less than i think democrats wanted and a lot less frankly in some areas than the majority of americans wanted, think about gun control and climate change, we see movement but i don't think it is what frankly americans expected when they elected a democrat to the white house, democrats control the house and the senate, so joe biden is governing from the center in 2022, which means giving concessions and getting in a lot of areas frankly incremental change. >> and he said being a big tent party is hard but in a large diverse country of 359 people,
12:26 am
it's the only way to gain working majorities in denver rats are now better positioned than republicans to achieve a broad repeal, do you agree with that assessment? >> it is a little bit rosy for my perspective but it is true that democrats have had to be the big tent party, of course america is different than so many other countries because we really only have 2 major parties, so particularly democrats have a variety of different perspectives, different stakeholders and constituencies that they have to play two, so even within the party there's a lot of compromise before the come forward with a position. republicans tend to be a lot more organized and on point and there tends to be less problems trying to bring everyone into the fold, because they are frankly already on talking points. the big question is, can you keep something like the joe biden coalition together with the midterms, can democrats do
12:27 am
that? i think this helps them but we are having this conversation obviously in the summer, the midterms are about 99 days away. >> that's the problem, why has it taken president biden so long to get to this point, and is it too late for him to rally sufficient support ahead of the midterms? >> a lot of the midterms does have to do with whether or not there is little slit of achievement but a lot of the midterms has to do with what is happening with respect to the economy and inflation. for reasons that are both fair and unfair, voters really blame the president of the party in power when it cost them more to do everything and when the economy is not a good place, and losing their jobs, i think the big decision when it comes to the midterms is not january 6, it is not actually these significant but still legislative incremental achievements, not governing style, it is the economy over
12:28 am
which they have in a lot of ways limited control. >> i had to ask you this, we are questioning why the biden administration has struggled to communicate some pretty impressive achievements like low unemployment, and uniting the eu and nato against russia and the war on ukraine, the climate change deal that could be the largest deficit reduction, and by parsing gun- control legislation passed in a generation and $1 trillion infrastructure bill, they should be reminding people of the achievements every single day but they are not, that is reflected in his low approval ratings, why have they feel to get that message out do you think? >> that is a question they are asking themselves and democrats up and down the ticket and throw the country are asking themselves, it does feel like the present -- president is on the defensive. we know the 2020 election was
12:29 am
unique and has as much to say about not being in favor of president trump as it is in favor of president biden, and democratic symbols and policy goals, but the biden administration has not done a fantastic job at messaging and i think a lot of that has been gobbled up in our current, i hate this phrase but information ecosystem, there is so much disinformation and chaos, and were people i think in some ways have tuned out, and more focused on things that are not within the president's control, which is how much does it cost me at the gas station. >> it seems to get down to that, jessica levinson, thank you for urinalysis, as always. u.s. house make >> -- u.s. house speaker, nancy
12:30 am
pelosi, a possible but unconfirmed stop in taiwan, a live report from tokyo straightahead, iraq a tipping point, u.s. and others watch closely as protesters storming the parliament, we will have a live report from the region, that his neck. is next.
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welcome back, everyone, u.s. house speaker, nancy pelosi and democratic representatives will begin their trip to singapore, but no mention of a potential stop in taiwan yet, over the course of two days nancy pelosi and the delegation will meet with the singapore president and prime
12:34 am
minister along with cabinet members and business leaders. in tokyo, blake joins us now, good to see you, what more have you learned about whether she intends to include taiwan and her upcoming asia trip and what the consequences might be if she does.>> rosemary, we will have to wait and see, whether or not she visits china, is absolutely going to have a reaction, speaker of the house nancy pelosi has kicked off her tour of asia, after refueling in hawaii, singapore is the first of them are for plans tops, according to a statement released by the office, including malaysian south korea and japan, despite recent speculation that the speaker would be making a fist stop in taiwan the statement made no mention of the self governed island, it doesn't mean that the rumored visit won't in fact take place, abnormal -- admiral
12:35 am
mike mullen who was with private citizens, says he thinks a surprise visit to taiwan as possible, take a listen.>> she has been there many times, and that area of the world, feeling strongly about supporting the kind of values that we stand for, and working with our friends, so again, taiwan has been a friend for a long time. particularly in a bipartisan way. it would not surprise me if she went.>> the omission of taiwan from the speaker's agenda is similar to what we've seen this part of the world, expressed doubt that not listing taiwan and the itinerary is consistent with the one china policy, acknowledging beijing's position that taiwan is part of
12:36 am
china. he taiwan premier was asked about the potential visit today and as you might like to didn't have an answer to the question whether or not she will be visiting the island. he said that taipei warmly welcomes any foreign vips trends visit taiwan and that the government will make appropriate arrangements facilitate in the visits by foreign guests, experts say taiwanese authorities are likely keeping a low profile to avoid the perception that taipei is encouraging these acres visit, which could provoke beijing, whether her visit to taiwan happens or not, tensions of the taiwan strait have intensified with the simple prospect of her visit in region china, beijing has vowed to respond in some chinese analyst suggested that response could involve the military and while there is no and tatian it is related to a pelosi visit, just this past week, china conducted live fire across the taiwan strait with chinese
12:37 am
state media reporting that another drill planned to take place in the south china sea is set to start tomorrow and run through saturday, and over the weekend a pla air force spokesperson addressed the importance of conducting fly run operation of taiwan, meant to enhance the capability to defend china's sovereignty and territorial integrity. it's worth pointing out that for at least a year china has been frequently filing flying warplanes into the self defense identification zone which is different from the sovereign airspace, incursions put pressure on taiwan's air force to scramble its own fighter jets to warn away the chinese aircraft, the people's liberation army is celebrating army day today, during the annual celebration they typically reveal some of the latest weaponry, and these recent drills conducted by the pla and the fly run operations are likely plans in advance and unrelated to a possible visit to taiwan by the speaker of the
12:38 am
house, nancy pelosi. >> blake, many thanks for the update. in iraq, the powerful shia clerk, moktada al-sadr, cheering on supporters, calling it a golden opportunity as the occupy the parliament. thousands of people stormed the green zone twice in the past week, and one of his rivals was nominated as prime minister. right now the clerc supporters are holding a sit in to derail efforts from other formula countries government. now tracking developments from the vantage point in this temple, what are you learning about this political crisis playing out in iraq and where might be going?>> rosemary, the protests are gaining momentum. the largest demonstrations we seen in baghdad since elections were held in october. as you mentioned, the
12:39 am
influential shia clerk, cleric, moktada al-sadr, calling for supporters to take to the streets, his supporters have largely made up the majority of the demonstrators demonstrations, the driving force behind this latest protest but in the statement he described demonstrations as a golden opportunity for all the rockies to bring about political reform, and these protests were sparked wednesday in response to the nomination of the rival, on monday for the position of prime minister. this follows months and months of political deadlock, and unable for almost 10 months though to form a government and actually he and almost 70 of his lawmakers issued a mass resignation in june, in protest to this political deadlock. although the protests were sparked in opposition to the
12:40 am
nomination on monday, they have evolving gain momentum, calling for a complete overhaul of the political system in iraq, demanding that parliament be dissolved and elections be held, they told demonstrators that this is an opportunity to bring reform to the political system as a whole, constitutional and electoral form, accusing his opponents and others over presiding over corruption and injustice and working for the interests of iran as opposed to the iraqi people, in response we saw thousands marching toward the iraqi parliament, where they have been staging a citizen of the weekend and we had teams on the ground in baghdad speaking the protesters of the weekend, many saying there simply fed up with the stagnation that we have seen in the political system over the last few months of the country, dealing with an economic crisis, rising unemployment and poor living conditions, they also want change but the question is
12:41 am
whether the purchase will be successful or calls for peaceful dialogue and negotiations will come out on top, rosemary? >> thank you, bring us the latest on the situation in iraq. with fires raging across europe, some beekeepers in greece fear the flames could affect their livelihood, as they tear through valuable pine trees, just ahead. but your stomach doesn't. that d disagreement ends right now. lactaid ice cream is the creamy, real ice cream you love that will never mess with your stomach. lactaid ice cream. i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪things are getting clear♪ ♪i feel free to bare my skin♪ ♪yeah, that's all me♪ ♪nothing and me go hand in hand♪ ♪nothg on my skin♪ ♪that's my new plan♪ ♪nothing is everything♪
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ you are looking at a fire burning on the west coast of portugal, authorities were forced to block several roads and evacuate a care home, a witness said the smoke was visible from lisbon, about 40 kilometers away, more than 1000 firefighters are mobilized across portugal. in italy, firefighters continue battling blazes a bus
12:45 am
the country, italy is in the middle of the worst drought in 70 years. wildfires have been raging in parts of greece in recent weeks, destroying homes and burning through forests, inspiring fears that they could affect the beetle population. -- be population. >> these bees great honey, a delicious and popular treat increase in a popular export, and wildfires are wiping out not only the trees but the beehives as well. last year a wildfire nath and's destroyed 250 beehives belonging to this beekeeper. the law still haunts him. >> it is a really awful thing to be afraid to enter the forest, the few horse that exists, but afraid of losing
12:46 am
even more of your wealth ending up with nothing.>> unfortunately wildfires are burning this year, becoming more common due to the climate change. >> the phenomenon like the waves or extreme weather, lightning and other wildfires in the forests of europe, particularly in the mediterranean, we know the costs, and they are very high. >> in the last year greece has dramatic spending to fight and prepare for wildfires, from $20 million to more than $122 million. greece is debuting the european union's pre-positioning project, with firefighters from other member states stationed in greece to respond quickly to the fires. and provide much-needed relief to the firefighters.>> the
12:47 am
extreme phenomena put a strain on greek firefighters, the work hours increase, they have to be on alert all the time>> as firefighters battle the fires the help preserve the pine forest and the bees. the bees help to rebuild the forest. >> it will take many years for to go back to the way it was, but it is essential for the be to be there, it helps the burned forest to be rebuilt and reborn. >> cnn. still to come, remembering the lives of nba legend bill russell and actress michelle nichols, more on their impact in the u.s. and the world when we come back. you sound... tired. oh, thanks. what? when did i- morning! oh, great. there's two of them.
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the world is mourning the loss of two stars, nba legend bill russell and actress michelle nichols, known for being game changers in their respective industries, creating opportunities for african- americans as a lasting legacy, breaking barriers and erase stereotypes, michelle nichols,
12:52 am
the glowing praise coming from no less than dr. martin luther king jr. himself, jason has more on her remarkable life.>> security sweeps of all decks negative. >> before breaking barriers on board the uss enterprise, as lieutenant uhura, singing and dancing across the sages of new york city and chicago, where she grew up, robins illinois, releasing a cover of the joe mcquay classic, why don't you do right on epic records.>> get me somebody. >> but playing star trek's lieutenant uhura she found fame, a groundbreaking role in 1966, one of the first times a woman of color was not portraying a servant on tv, the chief communications officer
12:53 am
and forth and command on board the enterprise. >> i didn't find out it was fourth and command till the second season. [ laughter ] nobody told me.>> she thought about leaving after the first season, but the shows creator gene roddenberry, begged her to stay but an influential fan convinced her, martin luther king. >> he said you can't, don't you know who you are, to our movement and everyone, you are there in the 23rd century, you have created a role that has such dignity and everything is powerful, you cannot leave. >> another landmark for the show, during the turbulent 60s, the first scripted interracial kiss on national television in 1968. >> we heard rumors that some southern stations might cut it out. >> it changed television forever and also changed the
12:54 am
way people looked at one another. if two of their favorite actors can battle through it and come through it on top, why can't everybody. >> the show ended in 1969 but it endured for years in syndication and conventions, attended by devoted trekkies. nichols publisher autobiography, behind -- beyond tran35, also starred in several trek movies and in nasa to increase diversity in the space program. i had the privilege of recruiting the first women and minority astronauts for this initial program. >> nichols and during beauty, and strength of character, and her commitment to human rights, will always inspire.>>
12:55 am
basketball player and coach and activist bill russell died easily on sunday according to a family statement. he won 11 championships with the boston celtics, he was a five-time nba mvp and 12 time all-star, olympic gold medalist, nba hall of famer and the first black head coach to win an nba championship. russell also made an impact off the court as a civil rights activist, joining dr. martin luther king jr. in the historic march on washington and returned for the 50th anniversary.>> i am here to join you, and to implore you, and the fight, the fight had just begun. and we can never accept the status quo until the word progress is taken out of our
12:56 am
vocabulary, progress can only be measured with how far we have to go.>> russell was also recognized for his efforts by then president barack obama who awarded him the presidential medal of freedom.>> bill russell the man is someone who stood up for the right and dignity of all men. he marched with king, he stood by mohammed ali, when a restaurant refused to serve black celtics, he refused to play in the scheduled game, he endured insults and vandalism, but he kept on focusing on making teammates that he loved better players. and made possible the success of so many who would follow.>> the celtics posted this tribute on twitter, to be the greatest champion in your sport, revolutionize the way the game is pleased nba societal leader all at once seems unthinkable.
12:57 am
but that is who bill russell was. thank you for spending part of your day with me, i am rosemary church, cnn newsroom continues with max foster next. bubut now, i can disrupt eczema with rinvnvoq. rinvoq is not a steroid, topical, or ininjection. it's one pill, once a day, that's effective without topical steroids. many taking rinvoq saw clear or almost-clear skin while some saw up to 100% clear skin. plus, they felt fast itch relief some as early as 2 days. that's rinvoq relief. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal, cancers including lymphoma and skin cancer, death, heart attack, stroke, and tears in the stomach or intestines occurred. people 50 and older with at least one heart disease risk factor have higher risks. don't take if allergic to rinvoq, as serious reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant.
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i'm max foster in london. just ahead. we wake up and see neighbors on their roofs. we have no cell phone signal, wi-fi signal. >> it's devastating when you see what mud, water does it destroys stuff, moves stuff. >> this is


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