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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  August 10, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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than anyone else. call and start saving today. comcast business. powering possibilities. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. it is wednesday, august 10, i'm christine romans. new details this morning about the fbi search of donald trump's residence at mar-a-lago. a source tells cnn the certainly was authorized in part because officials believe the former president and his team had not returned all the material that belonged to the government and also that some of the documents had national security implications. the source says there were suspicions that trump representatives were into the being truthful with
2:01 am
investigators. for their part, they say trump's team will push the argument that he did not have classified information because he declassified it while still president. more now from jessica schneider in washington. >> reporter: new details about the fbi search of mar-a-lago are emerging as republican congressional leaders cry foul about the target and the timing. >> i know doing this 90 days before aen election reeks of politics. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy tweeting the department of justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization, warning about investigations if republicans take the house in november wri wri wri writing ag garland -- >> come and answer our questions about this action today which has never happened in american history. what was on the warrant, what were you really doing, what were you looking for, why not talk to president trump and have him give the information you are after? >> reporter: trump was in new york at trump tower when the
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search began monday morning. his son eric said he alerted trump about what was unfolding in florida. >> the purpose of the raid from what they said is because the national archives wanted to coop corroborate whether or not touchdown had any documents in his possession and my father has worked so collaboratively for them for months and the lawyer was shocked. said i have such an amazing relationship with these people and no notice and they send 20 cars and 30 agents. >> reporter: national arrchives asked the justice department to investigate his handling of documents after they discovered that some of the presidential records had been torn up or contained classified information. sources say that the search was focused on trump's office and personal items at mar-a-lago and examining where records had been kept to make sure everything had been previously handed over to the archives. cnn has learned four federal
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investigators visited mar-a-lago in early june. sources say trump's attorneys met with the investigators and took them to the basement room where boxes of material were stored. with the investigators later leaving. however a source says some of the documents had top secret markings and trump's attorneys later received a letter asking them to further secure the room where the documents were stored. >> i really don't believe that the department would have taken such a significant step as getting -- pursuing a search warrant for the president's residence about information that they already had back. there had to be a suspicion, a concern and indeed specific information that led them to believe that there were additional materials that were not turned over. >> reporter: trump releasing a lengthy statement, these are dark sometimes for our nation a beautiful home is currently under siege, raided and occupied by a large group of fbi agents. nothing like this has ever happened to a president of the united states before. also noting they even broke into
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my safe. trump later called into a virtual rally for sarah palin where he referenced the raid again. >> that's right, another day in paradise, this was a strange day. >> reporter: and our team has learned trump was aware of federal investigators probing the potentially classified documents that he took to mar-a-lago. in fact trump interacted with investigators when they visited his florida home earlier this year and in april and may, aides to trump at mar-a-lago were actually interviewed by the fbi as part of this probe into the handling of presidential records. meanwhile so far there has been no comment from attorney general merrick garland or fbi director chris wray. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. let's bring in now david aaronburg, state attorney for palm beach county. so nice to see you. this is -- look, this is historic. first time in american history a former president's home is searched as part of a criminal investigation.
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what is the legal peril the president is facing? >> he is facing potential jail time and also potential sanction that he would be barred from seeking office. so there is a lot at stake here. this is also a counterintelligence operation because the feds are very worried that the sensitive documents that he possessed involve national security because they would not go after him if it was just trinkets from kim jung-un. this is about more than that. and i know personally that the feds have been interested in chinese espionage because our office prosecuted a case a couple years ago where you had a trespasser who we couldn't charge with espionage, but she was trying to get into mar-a-lago. and it wasn't the first time someone tried to do it. so that is why the feds are really interested in these documents and the way that the former president is holding on to them. and that is also why they didn't send him a subpoena, they sent agents to retrieve these documents because they didn't trust him to respond to the subpoena the right way. >> what do you make of the
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defense we're hearing from some republicans now that it couldn't have been classified information there because the president declassified it himself? >> well, it can't be retroactive. i know kash patel is the one saying this that he has the power to declassify power. and he did while he was president. but not as an ex-president. and that is the difference here. so i think they are trying to make a retroactivity argument. but we'll know soon enough because the feds took out 12 boxes of documents and we'll know through the inventory, which trump can release at anytime by the way, but he won't, what they took and whether they were indeed classified or declassified. >> also hearing from some republicans that they want to hear from merrick garland the attorney general, they want to hear more from the government about why, why this happened. what do you make of the strategy to remain silent if there is an investigation going on here? >> i love being a prosecutor, christine, but one of the drawbacks is that we have to remain silent during investigations. while the other side can run
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their mouths with impunity. but if merrick garland decided to speak up, he could jeopardize the bhool investigation. you jeopardize your sources, you tip off targets and you allow a judge down the line to perhaps throw everything out because of due process concerns, because of concerns over getting a fair trial. we as prosecutors are not allowed to litigate cases in the press. especially before there has been a single charge. so mitch mcconnell and the others, they know better. they are just trying to poison the waters with this political stuff to say plarmerrick garlan knowing that they have a different set of rules. doj is doing the right thing, they need to stay quiet as much as possible to ensure that everyone gets a fair trial and the investigation continues. >> so separately, we've also learned that just hours from now, the former president will be deposed by new york's attorney general, this investigation is about the trump organization's finances. he could answer questions, he
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could take the fifth. what would you advise him to do if you represented him? >> trump is in a pickle. there is a reason why he did not want to sit for this deposition because this is a civil case. so he can take the fifth, but if he does so, that creates a negative inference in any civil trial. so he is caught. and anything that he says can be used against him in the parallel criminal investigation in manhattan. that is the one that has been stalled. my counterpart d.a. alvin bragg sort of pushed it aside. but if trump says something, and he has a habit of saying things that could incriminate him, then the d.a. in manhattan could reignite the criminal case. and if you think the civil case isn't a big deal because it is just civil, ask ivanka and the trump foundation. their charitable foundation was shut down because of an action by attorney general tish james who is leading this investigation as well.
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>> aronberg, thanks for getting up early for us. rudy giuliani doing everything he can to keep from testifying in fulton county, georgia. plus president biden signing a critical bill to help veterans today. and the federal reserve will be watching a key figure out this morning. for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensusure complete with 30 grams ofof protein. ♪ ♪ to be clear, we have never been accused of being flashy, sexy or lit. may i? we're definitely not lit. i mean seriously, we named ourselves which is kind of lit if we are talking...
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with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerful .5% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkle results in one week. neutrogena®. for people with skin. sfwla lawyers for lindsey graham will say he shouldn't have to answer questions in front of a grand jury. tuesday lawyers for rudy giuliani tried to persuade another judge to postpone his appearance in front of the grand jury citing surgery he underwent last month and he was not authorized by his doctor to fly. the maneuvers reflect a significant expansion in the fulton county d.a. investigation into the election inquiry. want to bring in matt brown.
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nice to see you. judge said on a train, bus, uber, the judge ordering mr. giuliani to appear in court. can they continue to delay an in-person court appearance at this point? >> yeah, yesterday's hearing with judge robert mcbyrney was interesting. giuliani while he does have a heart condition and just recently had surgery that would make it so that it might be difficult for him to travel according to his doctors, it doesn't mean that he can't come down here to atlanta to testify. he said that it is very important that any further delays are notified to him this week. he said he is not going to be interested in giuliani's lawyers potentially proposing that another delay happens monday or tuesday of next week given that he is sis slated to testify a w from today. they are interested in making sure that there is open
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communication channels to say if there is any further issues that he is not going to tolerate a lack of communication or anymore explosive last minute delays or emergency motions like we saw this week. >> senator lindsey graham has said that he would fight the subpoena and denies any kind of meddling in the georgia election, saying that conversations he had with the secretary of state was what you do as a member of congress, protected by the nature of his job. does that hold, do you think fulton county has made any real head way in this investigation? >> the things that we already though about gabout graham's ca is from graham himself and the people he made the calls to. in the court filings, while graham was inquiring about georgia's absentee ballot requirements and policies around election administration in 2020, they showed from their own inquiry with georgia secretary of state that he felt pressured by graham at the time to
2:16 am
potentially find some new outcome or some change in policy. he did not see the situation basically the same way that graham was describing it in his own court filings. so that will be a very interesting case to see that if this is actually -- was actually in his capacity as a senator whether that holds up in both federal court and potentially state court here into n. atlanta if he is required to testify. >> more on those conversations about trying to find ballots to -- mail-in ballots to disqualify so that the election tips there in trump's favor. that is what they are really looking into. the d.a. in this case fani willis has been accused of conducting a politicized inquiry here. do you think that she's ruled out calling trump as a witness, is he the ultimate goal here in terms of the final word? >> it is very clear that willis' team is getting closer and closer to trump's inner most circle. when you are subpoenaing the president's former lawyer, that means that you are really interested in both his direct
2:17 am
actions and his communications going into january 6 and prior after the 2020 election. we actually know from our own reporting here at the "washington post" that the district attorney's office has been requiring about connections between the trump white house, trump campaign, and their orders to state level republicans on the ground. that is the line of inquiry that really does show that it will feed its way back up to trump if they are successful in making the legal argument that he was ultimately the mastermind behind the plan to overturn the 2020 election here in georgia and it will be interesting to see if what -- to what degree that they are able to prove that or find the communications between trump, his lawyers and state republicans who were down here constituted pressure to overturn election results or to cause election interference which is actually a crime here in georgia. >> matt brown, so nice to see you this morning. thank you. a separate development in the multiple investigations involving the former president.
2:18 am
a federal appeals court app approving a request by the house ways and means committee to obtain the former tax returns. the ruling is a blow to trump and his argument that the request was retaliation by house democrats making it invalid. it stems from a lawsuit first filed in 2019. and mississippi grand jury deciding whether to indict the white woman whose accusations led to the lynching of emmett till. first cnn on the ground in the last holdout for the ukraine community. >> my house. my house. >> but it is so dangerous. there is bombs and explosions and -- and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support undnderserved communities... ...helping us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see e how we can make a difference for you.
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donbas region despite constant 14e8ishelling, frontli have barely moved. and residents unwilling to leave their homes in the last town left standing are enduring an existence that grows more grueling by the day. nic robertson has more for us. >> reporter: civilians are buried where they fall. no time, no safety for a cemetery sendoff. no bomb too big, no building in this eastern ukrainian town seemingly off russia's target list in their slow but re
2:24 am
relentless push westwards. they are surrounded on two sides by russian forces to the east and to the north. about five miles, 8 or 10 kilometers away. shelling here an ever present danger. among the ruins, people are surviving. 2,000 of the pre-war 11,000 clinging on. this woman barely seems to notice another shell exploding. how hard is to live here now? i don't realize it, but she is about to teach me how hard. she is not kidding. she comes back with a sword and floor board skaf afrom a blown building. so this is hard. good muscles. why do you stay here if it is so hard, why do you stay? her lesson for me, yes, life here is very hard. but this is home. and leaving would be harder.
2:25 am
>> my house. my house. >> reporter: but it is so dangerous. there are bombs and explosions. someone has to stay, she says. we go in the basement when there is shelling. she leads us to the basement. so you are sleeping in here, you are living down here. i've been sleeping down here for more than three months, she says. down here her cheerful sparkle is gone. we have no gas, electricity, water, or communication she says. i have nowhere to go. there is more she wants to show us. here, look at this. smashed. her neighbors like her cooking outside. she has brought me to what is left of her friend's house. it is all destroyed.
2:26 am
the people who were here, did they survive? god saved them, she says. but now they have left. by local standards, the shelling this day less than usual. this elderly lady venturing out for food. she tells us the food handout she needs hasn't arrived. the shelling getting closer. we go not so lucky those who leave behind. nic robertson, cnn, ukraine. this morning president biden is expected to sign the p.a.c.t. act into law, it expands health benefits for 3.5 million american veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxic chemicals during their military service. the funding will also benefit vets families and research into toxic exposure. the measure marks the most
2:27 am
expansion of v.a. health care in more than 30 years. gas prices in the u.s. on the edge of a milestone not seen in months. and cracking down on homeless campsites, is it really the best way to deal with the issue. are ours too. and vanguard retirement tools and advice can n help you get there. that's the value of owownership. with age comes more... get more with neutrogena® retinol pro plus. a powerf .5% retinol that's also gentle on skin. for wrinkle results in one week. neutrogena® for people with skin. ever get a sign the universe is trying to tell you something? thclues are all around us... not that one... that's the one. at university of phoenix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn more at
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2:32 am
towards her at her family's grocery store. that led to the brutal torture and lynching of the 14-year-old till. they say prosecution found insufficient evidence to charge her. ed lavendera has more from albuquerque on the arrest in the muslim killings. >> reporter: a tip led him to cdc o muhammad syed, he is accused of two of the four murders in the last two months. investigators say that she will shell casing evidence that links muhammad syed and one of the weapons that he owns to several of these murders. they say that they will continue working to find and dig up evidence that links syed to the other two murders as well. all of this transpiring very quickly after authorities had released pictures of a gray volkswagen jetta that they believed syed was driving at various of these murder scenes
2:33 am
possibly. he was discovered driving toward texas. investigators say that he was arrested in the city of santa rosa. and this happened just as investigators began searching -- executing a search warrant at their home. in a surreal scene just hours before the announcement, we were inside muhammad syed's home speaking with his family and his daughter telling us that about an hour before police arrived, he said that he was going to drive to texas, that he had plans of moving his family there. they told us that despite all of this and what police are saying they do not believe that their father is responsible for these murders. but despite that, investigators here insist that muhammad syed is the prime suspect and that they can link him to right now at least two of these four murders. back to you. >> thank you for that ed. no major u.s. city is seen as immune to homelessness which spiked during the pandemic. several states are tare now considering new tactics to clean up tent cities but tennessee is
2:34 am
making homelessness itself a crime. nick watt has more from nashville. >> reporter: tennessee just became the first state in the nation to brand this, a felony. pitching a tent on public land that is not actually a campsite. >> we're out here homeless, trying to struggle to make it and they are just trying to make it worse on all of us by criminalizing it. >> a felony offense carries up to six years in jail and loss of voting rights. all ri >> reporter: and makes finding a job or a hope even harder. the bill sponsor declined our offer for an interview but said this -- >> this bill requires law enforcement give a documented warning for the first incident and any punishment there after is up to the prosecutorial disskrd discretion of the strict attorney. >> reporter: and taneshia says police have already told her that she must now obey that
2:35 am
sign. >> they say that it will be an action that we will go to skjai. >> reporter: anyplace else to go? >> i don't. i've been here a year. >> reporter: and local governments that don't enforce the camping ban can be punished. and money earmarked to build permanent housing must instead be used to fund treatment programs and build state sanctioned temporary homeless camps. >> this is a push to put the most vulnerable people into internment camps. >> reporter: similar bills are being considered this arizona and georgia. >> we're on the tipping point. >> reporter: and in oklahoma and wisconsin, similar bills were introduced but fails and those similarities are no coincidence. they are all based on a model bill produced by the sciscero institute. texas passed a version of it last year.
2:36 am
>> we have no influence except the power of persuasion. we're saying that here seems to be a better idea. we know what is not working. >> reporter: something called housing first has become the primary approach to tackling homelessness, get someone an actual home, not a shelter bed, offer but don't mandate addiction treatment, and the rest should follow. many studies support the approach. cicero does not. >> we don't have decades to wait to build up brand new houses to every one of those people. we need a solution that is angtsiangts i acting right now. >> reporter: he's addressed lawmakers in tennessee and in georgia. >> we can offer you alternative, but you have to move. you need the stick and carrot. >> reporter: and in a nashville suburb -- i can see the issue. >> you haven't seen anything yet. >> reporter: and this is what becky lowe's local park now looks like. >> nothing has been working. nothing has worked. >> reporter: she now supports the stick approach, the threat
2:37 am
of a felony conviction for just camping. >> where do you think these people should go? >> well, we have dozens of shelters throughout nashville. >> i was in a temporary shelter and i didn't like it because you're not treated as a human being. >> reporter: sentiment shared by many, howard allen now has a permanent home. >> when i moved in my house and they put that key in my hand, i cried. and then i cried again because my brothers and sisters want the same thing that i have, housing. and we can do it. >> reporter: maybe we can. but there seems to be increasing disagreement over how, how much carrot, how much stick. even here in liberal leaning los angeles after let's call it a lively public comment section, the l.a. city council has voted to ban camping within 5 a 50 fe
2:38 am
of any daycare center and any school. nick watt, cnn, los angeles. >> such an important reporting and something being felt across the country. the monkeypox vaccine is in such high demand the fda has issued an emergency use authorization that allows health care priors to change how it is administered, the idea is to stretch out the supply. vaccine can be given in- intradeterminely, this will allow five doses out of a standard one dose vial. it could increase stockpile from 441,000 to more than 2.2 million which some say still may not be enough. and a key inflation report coming out this morning that could affect the fed's decision on interest rates. and top republicans trying to convince donald trump to speed up his time table for announcing a white house run.
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let's get a check on cnn business this wednesday morning. looking at markets around the world, asian shares closed lower. europe has opened very narrowly mixed, i'd call that flat. and on wall street, stock index futures are leaning up a little bit. tuesday was a down day for stocks. three down days in a row, all the major averages down but not that much really. investors are waiting critical inflation news later this morning. elon musk is back in the news, this time for selling nearly 8 million shares of tesla stock. the stock sale worth almost $7 billion. the world's richest man raising cash in case he loses his fight to back out of buying twitter telling his followers it is important to avoid an emergency sale of tesla stock. shares have fallen almost 20% this year alone.
2:44 am
they will split three for one august 25th. key inflation figures due this morning, critical evidence on whether red hot inflation is peaking and whether the fed will have to aggressively raise interest rates. july's cpi reading is forecast to cool slightly to 8.7% from june's reading of 9.1%. still uncomfortably high and meaning hire prices fohigher pr from groceries to purchasing a vehicle. gas prices fell another two cents overnight, the national average just about 4 bucks a gallon this morning. aaa says it is the lowest since early march. says americans are now spending almost $400 million less on gas per day than they were just over a month ago. joining me now, dan dicker, founder of the energy word new site and author of turning oil green. dan, so nice to have you on bright and early this morning.
2:45 am
almost there at that $4 a gallon mark. it has been such a swift decline since those highs above five bucks in march. do you expect gas prices to continue to fall? >> good morning, christine. yeah, i do. look, 9% inflation, these are zimbabwe numbers. this is unsustainable and the supply chain is catching up in many ways, not just oil and gas, but everywhere. and we've seen like i said drivers drive a little bit less and that always -- you know, when you chop demand even a little bit at the crazy prices we've seen for gas, you are going to see prices go down. so, yeah, i tend to see them moderate a bit more, but i wouldn't get comfortable, i wouldn't say that drivers will see $3 gas again anytime soon. still have a tremendous crisis, energy crisis, going on in europe and that is really affecting the global supply chain. >> hard to get too comfortable when you are heading in to a hurricane season. that can tend to cause
2:46 am
uncertainty as well. so moderating gas prices. you talked about the demand side where consumers are looking at the two cars in their driveway and choosing the more energy official one to drive, leave the suv, take the small car to the grocery store. but there is also supply side here as well a little bit. you saw around the world governments starting to tap into their petroleum reserves and we've seen the opec+ nations slowly raise production. is that part of the story? >> it is slightly the story. i think that it is much more about the supply chain catching up. in many way what's pe 's is op when joe biden asked for more barrels was not give a very positive response. they have been doing increases of about 400,000 barrels to meet the demand that has been coming in. and they say that they are trying to hold off and keep sort of their powder dry for the wintertime when the real crisis
2:47 am
is going to hit. but i really don't think that that is what is going on here. in many ways the saudis, opec and the u.s. oil companies really like the heavy profits they have gotten in the last quarter which were the best ever. >> yeah, those profit numbers pretty stunning and causing a lot of i think political pain. >> yeah, a lot of crying on both sides of the aisle. >> so let's talk about inflation overall. you've seen the gas prices come down. but still people are feeling the pinch from inflation in their family budget up and down including rent. gas prices coming down, but rent and food and all kinds of other things have not been coming down. what are your inflation expectations here? >> again, you know, i really believe that some of the numbers in inflation -- this was a tremendous oneoff in terms of the pandemic and supply chain difficulties. and the numbers that we've seen on inflation were just insane. they are end of days type of inflation numbers, like i say
2:48 am
zimbabwe type numbers. 9%, never seen anything like this. that is not really sustainable. should see some balance of supply chain getting back into the swing of things again with consumers spending a little bit less because prices are so high. i do expect that to mad rate through the rest of the summer. but again, these are very, very systemic problems inside the economy right now and we are headed into probably into a recession because of it. >> and what the economy has been through over the past 2 1/2 years, it is almost -- just almost unbelievable. i mean, you talk about the reset -- >> apocalyptic. >> absolutely. but i have been watching some commodity prices coming down, oil prices coming down a little bit. so maybe the boil is off at least? >> i think that what we're going to take a break here, in many ways i think that there is unfortunate super cycle happening in oil where we're going to see fossil fuels go up over the course of the next two or three years. but they did get well ahead of their skis.
2:49 am
$120 prices for oil this early in the cycle i think was well past where they should have been at this point. so they are moderating to a level at which i think that they should be at this point in the cycle, but again, i don't want consumers to get too excited about that. i think that over the long haul we're still headed for higher prices both with oil, gas and gasoline that you put in your tanks. >> dan dicker, thanks for giving us your perspective. >> you bet. we'll have more on gas prices and also the frustrating flight cancellations all over the u.s. transportation secretary pete buttigieg joins "new day" live. and d new after the investigatioion of donald trump mar-a-lago compound. ole lolot og with farmers policy perks. (driver r 3) come on! ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bubum-bum ♪ (vo) get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. like manny. event planning with our best plan ever. (manny) yeah, that's what i do. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more citie
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four, three, two, one, ignition and liftoff. >> spacex has launched another falcon 9 rocket, this time with 52 more starlink internet satellites to put into orbit. starlink is spacex's internet constellation beaming broadband to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. elon musk's company has launched more than 3,000 with more to come. songwriter lamont dozier who helped define the motown sound has died. ♪ feeling inside me ooh deep inside me and it hurts so bad ♪ >> he was part of the legendary song writing team behind dozens of motown classics by the supremes, four tops, ha marvin e
2:55 am
and many others. he was 89. the cost of mailing a letter or sending a package keeps going up. the u.s. postal service is looking to raise prices yet again this january just five months after the most recent rate hike. they say volume of mail has declined and they have lost more than $5 billion. and roger goodell sounds off on why the league is seeking a season long suspension of deshaun watson. coy wire has the "bleacher report." >> he was initially suspended by six games for violating the league's personnel conduct policy. not charged with any crime, watson settled 23 of the civil lawsuits, denying any wrongdoing. but yesterday commissioner roger goodell made his case for a year long suspension for watson. >> we have seen the evidence that she was very clear about
2:56 am
the evidence. she reenforced the evidence that there was multiple violations here and they were egregious. and it was predatory behavior. those are things that we felt -- always felt were really important for us to address in a way that is responsible. >> goodell appointed former new jersey attorney general peter c. hardin to hear the league's appeal. he was on a panel that advised goodell on the domestic violence case involving ezekiel elliott five years ago. serena williams will be back on the court tonight in toronto for a second round match against the olympic gold medalist. serena announced that she will evolve away from tennis after the u.s. open this month to focus on being a mom and her spiritual goals. serena's impact will be remembered forever especially by the young girls she inspired to believe in themselves showing that they can succeed at whatever they put their minds and hearts into.
2:57 am
that includes 18-year-old tennis sensation coco gauff. >> i grew up watching her. i mean, that is the reason why i play tennis. and tennis being predominantly a white sport, it definitely helped a lot because i saw somebody who looked like me dominating the game and it made me believe that i could dominate too. but the legacy that she's left through her tennis career is something that i don't think any other player can probably touch. >> cocoa and serena have never played each other. but she hopes that it can happen before serena does hang up the racket. now levity. nfl training camps getting hot and heavy, but every team has a team prankster to lighten the mood like the bills case keenum. >> let's go bills. >> will you do that one more time for me, man? it is kind of hard to read. >> is this case?
2:58 am
>> i'm about to get kicked out of here. >> 2019 one still works? >> no, it doesn't work. >> what are you doing here? >> trying to get autographs, sir. >> josh, josh, josh! all right, guy, you're my favorite player, man. you're my favorite player, man. love you, josh. >> all right. finally, a lesson in sportsmanship from the little league world series regionals. scary moment when the pitcher lost grip of the ball hitting jarvis in the head. after a few moments on the ground, isaiah made his way to first base. but when he saw that the pitcher was advisably upset, he walks over to the mound and hugs him. isaiah said afterwards he had just a headache, but when he saw caden crying on the mound, he would probably do the same thing. the crowd moved by this moment.
2:59 am
tears in the stands as well. and isaiah's coach said it was the most remarkable thing he's ever witnessed. >> there is crying in baseball. good crying. and those two will be on "new day" later, so we'll hear more about that story. coy, nice to see you. thanks for joining me thong, ever this morning, everybody, i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. new revelations this morning about the unprecedented fbi search of a former president's home and what was found inside. good morning to our viewers here in the uts and around the world, it is wednesday, august 10th. i'm brianna keilar in washington with john berman in new york. sources are telling cnn the fbi was so concerned that donald trump and his lawyers were not being honest with them about classified documents at mar-a-lago that's what sparked


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