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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  August 10, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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injected into the skin. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you very much for breaking it all down. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us today. we'll see you back tomorrow morning. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm alex marquardt, "at this hour" with kate bolduan starts right now. hello. "at this hour" donald trump is being questioned under oath in the new york civil probe of his family business and there's also this, a new report shows inflation is cooling off. is it a one off or is it a trend? an arrest has been made in the killings of muslim men in new mexico that had paralyzed that community. this is what we are watching at this hour. ♪ ♪ thank you so much for being here. i am kate bolduan. there are a lot of moving parts in multiple investigations right now into donald trump.
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the former president is being questioned under oath this morning in new york's long-running civil investigation of his family's business finances. the state attorney general's office is trying to determine whether the trump organization improperly inflated the value of its assets in order to obtain loans, insurance and tax benefits, but also there are new details about why fbi agents searched trump's florida home. the search happened because authorities believe the former president or his team didn't return all of the government records that were taken when they left the white house. documents with national security implications, let's begin with trump under oath today. cnn's kara scannell is live outside the ag's office right now. donald trump put out a statement saying he's not actually answering questions. what is this all about? >> yeah, kate. so this deposition began about an hour and a half ago. trump arrived at the office building just behind me around 9:00, and he just issued a
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statement saying that because the investigation's being led by the new york attorney general, letitia james, someone who has campaigned her efforts to investigate the former president that he said he is not going to answer questions. he cite the raid monday by the fbi on his home in mar-a-lago where they were investigating his handling of classified materials. trump issuing a statement that's very lengthy. to get to the nuts of it, he said under the advice of my counsel and for all of the above reasons i decline the answer the questions under the rights and privileges asserted to every citizen under the united states constitution. some people saying he'd already answered questions about the veracity of his financial statements and he could do it again, but other lawyers saying it was far too risky. he is also facing a criminal investigation by the manhattan attorney's office and they're investigating the same conduct
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that the investigation has slowed down and it's still open and the district attorney alvin bragg told me in april that if anyone testifies in the investigation they would take a look at those transcripts and see what that person said. certainly a big risk for trump if he were to answer questions under oethd. how long will this go on? one of his sons eric trump was deposed in 2020. he declined to answer 500 questions citing his fifth amendment right. it remains to be seen how long it will go on asking these questions. >> standing by to stand by on that one. kara, thank you so much for their reporting. >> there were new details about fbi's florida home. cnn has learned that investigators that the former president or his team did not return the government documents that were taken when they left the white house. cnn's caitlin polanz is live in
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washington. >> it's been two days since the search and we are learning more about what prompted it in mar-a-lago on monday. law enforcement had serious concerns about what was happening there on the trump side. back in january the national archives went to florida to reclaim 15 boxes of records from the trump presidency that were not trump's to keep. so we knew that and that incident launched this krim nat investigation into the handling of classified records and this week the doj goes back in with a search warrant for more boxes and documents and those records, if they had gotten out could have national security implications and that's according to our sources now. so we also know in this investigation that federal authorities subpoenaed and received access to mar-a-lago's surveillance videos so that they were able to understand the security around these documents in recent weekses. on top of that, sources tell pamela brown and caitlin collins and i that they weren't being entirely truthful with them as law enforcement was working on the problem where trump had
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these presidential records in his possession. on the trump side of things, though, we now understand that advisers around him fought the investigation until essentially monday was stalled out, that it had gone silent, but now their argument, we believe, will be that trump didn't keep documents with national security secrets at mar-a-lago because when he was president they're saying he declassified them. just a reminder, we don't fully know what the justice department is investigating. that's how these things work. investigations take time and happen in secret and we are looking for more, but right now most of the details are under seal. >> good to see you, kaitlyn. in response to all of this, republicans are growing louder and louder in their calls for the attorney general merrick garland to speak publicly and release details about why the fbi searched the former president's home. cnn's evan perez is live in
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washington with this side of this. the justice department hasn't said anything at all so far which is not surprising. what are you hearing? >> right. that's a great thing to remind the public, right? that the justice department and the fbi haven't actually acknowledged that this search occurred and they went out with a public statement right around the agents were wrapping up the search at mar-a-lago. kate, they went in there without their signature fbi jackets. they went there very quietly. they did not make a lot of noise, and so that's one of the things that we know that the justice department was intending to do was to make as little fuss as possible. offer the former president a lot of courtesy in handling what really was the most polite way for the fbi to do a search. here's what we know, though, we know that behind the scenes there is a lot of friction among some officials who believe that the justice department should say something, that the attorney
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general should come out and at least explain some of these actions. look, the justice department manuals and the rules do allow for public statements to be made when there is a public interest and in this case, obviously, donald trump has already gone out there and set the narrative about what's happening. so what we now have is the only information we have from the side of the fbi agents is one from the fbi agent's association which was put out by the association yesterday in which they say that all of these types of searches are handled in a particular way and they're authorized by a federal judge and they're handled in a specific way for a reason to protect the innocent. kate? >> absolutely. it's good to see you, evan. thank you so much. joining us now on all of this is david k. johnston who has covered donald trump for more than three years. analyst phil mudd is a senior fbi intelligence officer and
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jennifer rogers, a former federal prosecutor. jennifer, let's start with the deposition today. what do you think of the statement put out by the president, under the advice of my counsel and for all of the above reasons, i've declined to answer the questions presented to him today. what do you make of it? >> well, this was the million dollar question, kate, whether he was going testify or not. his son eric did take the fifth over 500 times and don junior did testify and ivanka did testify. what don senior would testify and take the fifth. his statements now won't be in the record. they can't be used in a criminal case or the civil case, but it also comes with consequences because tish james in her civil case if she files one can use the fact that he pleaded the fifth and his answers would have been harmful to him.
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this is what he's done. it's probably the safer course, given the criminal investigations into him, but you know, you have to go back to the basics and say if you don't have anything to hide and if your testimony would have been truth f truthful and would not have hurt you there was no reason to take the fifth and it's in respect to his business practices that there were reasons that he did not want to testify truth level about them. >> you are mentioning the criminal case and i'm wondering what this deposition could potentially mean for the criminal investigation by the new york city district attorney. >> it doesn't mean much now because he hasn't actually testified. i know the d.a. alvin bragg has been watching tish james' investigation. they've been coordinating on their investigations. if he had testified i believe the prosecutors in bragg's office would have carefully combed over that testimony to see whether any of it demonstrated evidence of criminal activity that they could charge, but now that he has refused to testify it doesn't give them anything
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additional to work with. >> david, how much is at stake for donald trump's business with all of this? >> well, under new york state law, letitia james could have the trump organization put out of business. you have a right to your life, but a corporation does not have a right to its life. that's the worst scenario probably for donald trump beyond, you know, whether testimony he might have given could have been used ashgainst m and other prosecutors. >> does it surprise you at all that he's not answering questions. >> donald has an utter contempt for the law. he believes he's special. he's used delay and avoidance tactics his entire career. he could have said a long time ago, i'll take the fifth amendment if questioned about anything, but he's tried to drag these things out hoping to benefit from things like statutes of limitations.
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>> phil, to the other investigation, the fbi search of trump's residence, the fbi saying cnn's reporting that the reason they went in is that they thought that there was -- that there was a concern that from donald trump or his team that they did not return all of the documents that had been taken from the white house. you think there must be more here than a misplaced, classified document for the fbi to go in, though. tell me why. >> i spent 25 years looking at classified -- >> hold on, david. go ahead, phil. >> i'm sorry. i spent 25 years looking at top-secret stuff from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. top secret stuff sounds sexy outside washington and those documents are a dime a dozen around the city and i guarantee you there are people who will take home a classified document to read because they don't get time to read it in the office. i'm not saying that's appropriate.
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i'm not saying that is legal. i'm saying that is common. occasional abuse of those documents, i would say like it or not, is probably relatively common. you have to mention that with another piece and that is two very quiet bureaucrats, that is the fbi director and attorney general who are trying to keep their agencies out of the limelight by not speaking, all of a sudden decide to authorize with the federal judge the most significant -- one of the most significant searchs the fbi has ever done, to find some classified documents? >> those two pieces, the facts that these documents would be common and attorney general and the director came out of the shadows, tell me something else is afoot and if they are super secret. i need to know what they are and i'm not sure thaw chased mar-a-lago to find that stuff. >> what do you makes of the pressure to come out and speak
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publicly about what this was all about like when i was talk perez. >> i would be super cautious. there are a couple of problems with coming out to speak and that is the subject or target like donald trump. he sort of let the cat out of the bag. what do you say now? i would still be cautious if i were the department of justice. first, he's a private citizen. kate, let's make you the subject of an investigation. when the department of justice, if that were to happen -- i hope not, would you feel comfortable with that even with them saying why you're under investigation or why your house were searched people will assume you did something wrong and you put the private citizen under a limelight and the department of justice has to be cautious about doing that. let's close with the james comey example. as soon as the department of justice speaks, did you close the investigation? did you close the investigation? when are you going to close it? as soon as you open that door
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you have to keep speaking because you've told people we'll update you on an investigation. we have to go because we have breaking news. the justice department has just charged a member of iran's elite revolutionary guard force in an attempted plot to murder former trump national security adviser john bolton in retaliation of killing iran's top general of the trump administration. evan perez back with us from washington with breaking details on this. kylie, tell us more, what are you learning? >> these are remarkable details coming out from the department of justice announcing criminal charges against this person who is iranian and a member of the irgc for trying to orchestrate a plot to kill john bolton. he was the former national security adviser during the trump administration. he's also served as an ambassador. what the department of justice is coming out and saying in this
8:15 am
is quite remarkable because of the detail that it gets into, and i just want to -- kate, we're still going through this right now, but one thing that they say is this iranian official attempted to pay individuals in the united states $300,000 to carry out this plot. did things like taking screen shots and the like. there is a lot of information in here. john bolton is responding to this this morning. i just want to read to you what he said in part saying i wish to thank the justice department for initiating the criminal proceeding unsealed today, the fbi for its diligence in discovering and tracking the iranian regime's criminal threat to american citizens and the secret service for once again providing protection against tehran's efforts. now i am told that these threats to bolton were expressed to him by the u.s. government in 2020. it wasn't until december of 2021
8:16 am
that he actually got secret service protection because of those threats. he asked for it. the biden administration granted him that secret service protection, and i will say folks in washington have been watching that secrets service protection and wondering what it was related to and now, of course, we are getting some of those answers. >> absolutely. evan, what does this plot tell you about iran's capabilities to strike back? >> kate, we know from talking to sources that this has been a huge concern for the fbi, and as kylie pointed out, some of us had noticed an extremely much more muscular security detail around the former ambassador. every time he was out in public there was a lot more security around him, more than frankly some government officials you would see, so we knew that there was something coming up and one of the things that we know from talking to officials is that they were very much concerned that after the 2020 strike that killed suleimani, that the iranians were going to respond and they just didn't know where.
8:17 am
according to court documents this criminal complaint that was filed, by the way, the individual who was charged is believed to be still in iran. he's at large and a former or current irgc member. what we learn side in these encrypted communications that he was talking to people here in the united states trying to hire them, they also said he -- he also said that there was a second job that he had in mind which was to pay up to a million dollars to carry out perhaps perhaps another assassination. so that's what the concern for the fbi. we heard it was not just the chinese and the russians that they were looking at, the iranians had a lot of concerns you were looking at. >> there are a lot of details. photographs of two plastic bags each appearing to contain bound stacks of u.s. currency and handwritten notes underneath. it's remarkable this detail coming out. much more to come, guy s. we'll continue to follow this breaking news. still ahead, inflation
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promising news on the u.s. economy. inflation easing in july from its mark a year ago at 8.5% over the last year. this is down from the four-decade high reached in june which is the key part to all of this in this moment. cnn's ra hell solomon here with me now on all of this. tell us more. >> inflation actually easing, right? this was a better than expected report pretty much broadly which we don't get to say much when talking about inflation and 8.5% compared over the last year and
8:23 am
that was down to the annualized figure and core inflation which strips away vot till categories like energy and food and that remains steady at 5.9. when you look at core inflation that showed signs of easing. kate, when you look at where we have been and put this in perspective you can see when you compare it to january 2020 it looks like we may be easing. 8.5% coming down from that 9.1, still historically high. i want to be clear about that, but sort of coming down there which you can see. looking at over the last month when we saw some of the biggest increases and some of the biggest declines and we saw energy, of course, airline fares and hotels and some of the biggest increases food and shelter and if you look over the last year, you can see gasoline, food, shelter and still historically high and painfully high for some. what does this mean for the fed as it starts to pull inflation. we're looking at a pattern of reports showing easing.
8:24 am
so we're not yet. however, if we keep seeing reports like this, numbers like this it could mean that the fed could be a bit less aggressive and that spells some optimism in terms of whether we avoid a recession. so it's feeling like maybe the worst is behind us. maybe we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. too soon to know. >> stand by full owey on this o. good to see you. joining me on this, cnn correspondent john harwood and cnn analyst rana fuhar. today i noticed president biden was very quick to make the point to talk about his remarks on another issue. what do you see here? >> well, look, there's something memorable, kate about a zero number in a government economic report. i remember in 2011 president obama had a jobs report that came out, so zero jobs gained in that month and he was all of a
8:25 am
sudden called president zero, and this is the opposite of that and this is joe biden, zero inflation at the headline level in the last month. that's good news, obviously it's driven by declines in gas prices which could be reversed later. we need as rahel said more reports that the peak has been passed on inflation and the fed has more work to do and this is a moment after a string of positive developments legislatively in terms of the passage of a number of bills and the jobs report last week. these are a series of very welcome, positive developments for the biden white house and the president was celebrating that today. >> he was. >> rana, i know one thing you're watching in this is that fuel prices, airfares used cars, they declined in price. that offset increases in rent and food costs. what's going on here? >> well, you know, you've got to look at food and rent very carefully because these are
8:26 am
things that you can't cut back on. right? a lot of things that people can cut back on, taking a vacation, buying a new car, buying certain products for the home, they are cutting back on those things, and i think that that's one of the reasons that you're seeing demand fall and inflation fall, but in the things that you can't cut back on, where you live, what you eat and to a certain extent, gas prices that come down and they're still historically high and as john says they can go back up into winter when you will see more russian-petropolitics particularly in europe, those are things that i'm concerned about. we've talked about this before, but how you feel about the economy as an individual is like all of the stats in the world and what the cpi is, and i know people are feeling that prices are pretty high at grocery stores and the pump. >> the question again before the
8:27 am
administration and the president is people don't need reminding and the poll numbers do show that nothing is more important to the americans than the economy and inflation right now and the read from voters has been that they are not happy with how the president is handling it. how many reports like this are needed for the president to start seeing this turn around. >> multiple reports. people are getting pounded by inflation on a number of fronts for the last year and so there is a high degree of angst and unhappiness as rana just indicated. the way people feel is probably fixed right now for the midterm elections which are coming up in november. maybe it could ease slightly if you see a continued decline in gas prices and that's the thing that drives consumer sentiment on inflation more than any other single factor, but they need this to be sustained for a long time. obviously, the fed is going to continue raising interest rates. that is going to have an effect
8:28 am
on the economy and slow down the economy and the unemployment rate may go up. so there's certainly difficult days ahead, but at this moment in the summertime you can see the markets are loving it just as the white house is loving it. >> john, rana, great to see you guys. thank you. coming up, the justice department has charged an iranian operative for trying to assassinate a former top u.s. official and we'll return to this breaking news. more coming in next. makes every day...t. a "let's dig in" day... >> mm. >> ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bitete" day... a "perfectly delicious" day... >> mm. [ chuckles ] >> ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu. a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation.
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the justice department just charging a member of iran's elite revolutionary guard in an attempted assassination plot to kill former trump national security adviser john bolton. prosecutors saying that it is -- the attempt was in retaliation for the u.s. killing of iran's top general. back with me now is cnn counter terrorism analyst phil mudd, former fbi chief intelligent officer. what's your take on what you read of the plot so far, what the justice department put out in termless of what was iran thinking here? >> boy, this is far more
8:34 am
fascinating to me than mar-a-lago. i used to follow the irg,c, the i iranian revolutionary guard. let's put two pieces of this together. the first is the iran piece. the revolution in iran was in 1979. they viewed the americans at the biggest threat to the continuation of the revolution. part of that is because they see things like the assassination of general suleimani a couple of years ago. they're saying the americans today want to prevent the revolution from continuing. who represents that threat to the regime? people in the american government who were responsible for that as is nation of general suleimani and who are known for being hawks on iran. person number one, john bolton. you have a regime in iran that wants to prevent the americans from interfering in iran. this is fascinating. >> reading through this, i was
8:35 am
reading this with kylie and evan when he was writing about the breaking news and there was a lot of detail about how far along they attempted to pay individuals in the united states $300,000 to carry out the murder in washington, d.c. or maryland. based on what the justice department has, how far do you think this assassination plot was? >> not far. i would suggest that anybody who skimmed through this, read it again and let me give you a fundamentally different optic to understand. if you look at this as the americans and in this case, the fbi following the iranians, change the mindset. it looks to me from my first read of this that the fbi was running the iranians that they managed this case. in other words, they were on the case so early and you will see a reference in the document of something called the chs, a confidential human source. an informant for the fbi who was supposedly one of the two plotters. the fbi owned the plot, kate,
8:36 am
and the they wanted it to run on, and the reason why they allow it to run on they don't want to say a defense attorney said this was all wanna bes and nothing would really happen, this was all a bunch of talk. they wanted to see the subject, the revolutionary guard person talk about transferring money and talk about the assassination and details to the jury so they won't believe it was all fun and games. they owned the plot at the fbi, i think. >> that is so interesting. we have some sound from the justice department announcing these charges, some details of what they have. let's listen to this together. >> the facts we allege are clear and chilling. beginning in october 2021, working onny about half of the ragc's force, shahram poursafi hired someone to, quote, eliminate the former national security adviser. this was not an idle threat. and this is not the first time we uncovered brazen acts by iran to exact revenge against
8:37 am
individuals on u.s. soil. >> i'm sure that last part is something you're very familiar with of iran's capabilities and what they've been known to and try to do before and what does this say about iran's capabilities right now? >> it tells me two things. when you think about intelligence, kate, you have to talk about intent, what they want to do and the intent piece to me here is the most significant piece. it shows that iran in the midst of negotiations of things whether we give them a break on the iran nuclear program, whether they put restrictions on the iran nuclear program and start trading oil again, in the midst of that they're considering an assassination on u.s. soil. that tells you something about where that regime is in terms of boldness. the second piece i think is almost as interesting and that is in addition to intent, you have to look at capabilities. if they have tremendous capability in this country, why would they have to get online and risk trying to hire someone
8:38 am
from 10,000 miles away not knowing whether that person is a u.s. plant or something. it suggests that maybe, maybe they don't have the capability nf in this country to do it themselves and they would take the risk of saying hey, can we hire you? >> interesting. thank for jumping on. i appreciate it. >> a quick programming note. john bolton, the man who was the target in this plot. john bolton will be joining wolf blitzer live on cnn. coming up still for us. donald trump is using the fbi search of his florida home to fill backlash between the fbi and the justice department, trump's former white house communications director joins us next.
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donald trump is now trying to orchestrate fierce backlash against the fbi and just following monday's fbi search of his florida home. threats of violence are circulating online on pro-trump platforms and there are warnings coming from all angles of retaliation from congressional republicans. joining me right now cnn political commentator alyssa farrah-griffin, former white house trump communications director and the newly named co-host of "the view." it's good to see you, alyssa. donald trump clearly thinks this
8:44 am
is good for him. do you agree that it is? >> well, i'll say this. so i'm hearing from those close to trump that they think this is good for him politically, that it's ginned up his base. it's forced other 2024 contenders like mike desantis and mike pompeo and others to put out statements supporting him, but i've heard trump personally is very, very upset over the fbi raid. so it's kind of a balance there. i would say this. i do think this is showing what a strong pull he has over the base, and just that the words that you're hearing and the kind of language coming from republicans is clearly very much in support of him and one thing i want to note, kate, because of the segment i want to note the doj plotting assassination attempt on john bolton, that's what the fbi does and then you have people like senator josh hawley saying we need to reform it from the top down. we need to fire chris wray and
8:45 am
impeach merrick garland and there is a disconnect from the republican party and the reality right now. >> making that comparison and connection is extremely important. you have republicans flying to meet trump this week to plan out their strategy and give their support and you have others quick to jump. and they're comparing it to the gestapo. >> marco rubio is comparing this to third world marxist dictators and then you have what would be and should be praise abound for an investigation uncovering a plot to take out john bolton. i mean, the reaction from republicans like a rick scott and marco rubio, does that surprise you? >> it does surprise me that the republican party and my party has been on this trend of being pro-law enforcement. we were the ones that spoke out against the defund police rhetoric on the left and january 6th came and suddenly we weren't standing with capitol police officers and d.c. metropolitan
8:46 am
police. this is the latest where we're demonizing federal law enforcement who by and large do incredible work to keep our co country safe, and those statements went out without those elected officials actually knowing why the fbi went in, what the contents of the warrant were and what the underlying potential crime is. so it's just kind of remarkable to make these comparisons having no idea what this is even about. >> that's exactly right. everyone, we can use the phrase, but everyone just abound needs to pump the brakes. we don't know what is being investigated. the justice department appropriately being completely tight-lipped about it, but just calling a spade a spade in all of this, when you talk about the republican reaction and it's not entirely, but the republican reaction you and i are talking about the potential misuse of cl classified information, you do not have to look far. listen to this.
8:47 am
>> as you know the fbi has re-opened its investigation into hillary clinton. folks, she shouldn't be allowed to run. >> hillary clinton is disqualified from being the president of the united states. [ cheering ] because she stored classified and sensitive information on her e-mail server because she thinks she's above the law. >> i want somebody outside the clinton network looking through these e-mails. >> and alyssa, you know, don't go to washington if you want to find intellectual honesty. we know that all over the place, but how do you get away from this? >> well, this is what's stunning to me is that this is all happening while simultaneous, separate investigations into donald trump are taking place. he was deposed today in new york where he pled the fifth. he's under investigation in this georgia election scheme as well as the ongoing doj investigation and the january 6th one.
8:48 am
my plea to my republican party is why on earth are we lining up behind this man who is so vulnerable, is just, you know, across the board under investigations, as you point out for things that we criticized hillary clinton for at a time when the polls show he is the most likely to lose to joe biden. there's an absurdity that i can't quite wrap my head around why the party is coming up behind him. >> we'll keep talking about it. it's great to see you, alyssa, thank you. >> thanks, kate. a programming note. tonight anderson cooper will be sitting down with the sandy hook father alex henson fwollowing te alex jones trial. that's coming up at 8:00 eastern on cnn. coming up, an arrest in the killings of several muslim mens. cnn was inside the suspect's home just hours before that suspect was identified.
8:49 am
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an important development in case that paralyzed a new mexico community. authorities have arrested an afghan man in connection with the murder ofs two muslim men. ed lavandera is live in al and following this so closely. what are you learning about this arrest? >> reporter: investigators in
8:54 am
albuquerque, new mexico, have shell casing evidence they believe connects 52-year-old mohammed saeed to the murders of at least two of the four muslim men killed here the last ten months. the first murder happened in november. the last three happening the last two weeks. investigators point out they feel very comfortable that mohammed saeed is the prime suspect in all murders but they say they are still trying to figure out what the motive is. >> you were inside the suspect's home. >> fully understand what they are even though he is arrested today, we are going to continue to investigate and work with our prosecutors to understand what the motives were and the final crime in every investigation. >> reporter: investigators found multiple firearms inside the suspect's home that they searched and also in his vehicle. he left just before investigators executed a search warrant at his home and he was
8:55 am
captured and taken into custody an hour east of albuquerque in the city of santa rosa. >> sorry i was jumping there earlier. i wanted to ask you about that. because you were inside the suspect's home hours before the police even identified them. can you tell us more about that? >> reporter: well, surreal. we have been working the story the last couple of days and we came across this family's identity and we arrived there at the house. the daughter and son-in-law and other members of the family invited us in and they were in the process of cleaning up the home just hours before investigators here in albuquerque had been executing the search warrant. the rugs on the floor were turned upside down. the entire house was still being put back together from the search that was conducted inside of there. the daughter of mohammed saeed toll told us she does not believe her father is responsible for these murders. mohammed saeed, according to court documents, also told investigators the same thing but she did say an hour before or so
8:56 am
before investigators arrived at the house that he had decided to drive to texas because he was thinking about moving the family there. so just a surreal scene there as all of this transpiring very quickly. that family trying to figure out what exactly was going on in the investigation but investigators here believe that 51-year-old mohammed saeed is the culprit of all four of these murders that has really devastated the small muslim community here in albuquerque. they say they are relieved with the news that a suspect is now in custody. >> and still so many questions of why. ed, thank you so much for your amazing reporting. i really appreciate it. thank you for being here at this hour. i'm indicate bolduan. "inside politics" starts aftere the brbreak.
8:57 am
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hello. welcome to "inside politics." thank you for sharing your day with us. the former president of the united states pleads the fifth. crump u donald trump under oath in a probe declines to answer questions and invokes his right against self-discrimination. the justice department unveils criminal charges against iran special forces for allegedly trying to murder the former trump national security visor john bolton. is inflation finally cooling off? a key metrics says prices held steady last month. perhaps a sign inflation has


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