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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 17, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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campaign issue, running against incumbent gretchen whitmer. join dana bash as she goes inside the fight against the world's oldest prejudice "rising hate: anti-semitism in america" appears sunday night 9:00 p.m. thanks for your time on "inside politics" today. hello i'm alex marquardt. ana cabrera is off. donald trump casting a long shadow today both in elections and in court. >> do you believe president trump is the ultimate target of this investigation? >> i'm not commenting on the grand jury investigation. >> he's appearing before a grand jury in georgia. rudy giuliani is a target of the criminal investigation into a possible scheme to try to steal the 2020 election. and the gop's most vocal
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trump critic is booted in an overwhelming primary defeat, but congresswoman liz cheney says she will continue to challenge the former president's hold on republicans and may even face him in the next presidential election in 2024. and mike pence, is he a potential star witness? the former vice president says he would consider testifying in front of the january 6th committee if asked. take a listen. >> if there was an invitation to participate, i would consider it. any invitation that would be directed to me, i would have to reflect on the unique role that i was serving in as vice president. it would be unprecedented innist hadry for a vice president to be summoned to testify on. ka tol capitol hill. i don't want to prejudge. >> we begin with rudy giuliani's appearance before a grand jury in georgia. sara murray is outside that courthouse in atlanta. rudy giuliani is a target of
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this investigation. there has been speculation he could take the fifth amendment today. what do we he know about his appearance today? >> reporter: that's right. he was hoping to delay this appearance. he did not succeed in that so he is behind closed doors speaking before the special grand jury. whether he's answering questions, we don't know the answer to that. his attorney would not say whether he plans to plead the gift amendment. his attorney also said its prosecutors are delusional if they think giuliani's going to answer any questions about his conversations with trump, who was his former client. here's what rudy giuliani had to say to nick valencia when he was on his way into court this morning. >> reporter: mr. agiuliani, whe you met with georgia lawmakers did you lie to them. >> we are not talking about this until it's over. grand juries are secret. >> reporter: do you believe the president is the ultimate target? >> i'm not talking about today. >> reporter: what do you expect
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to talk about today? >> they ask the questions and we'll see. >> reporter: will you be cooperative? your new york in new york can't promise how responsive you'll be. >> good-bye. >> reporter: investigators are interested in the various conspiracy in the wake of the 2020 election and we'll see what giuliani has to say when he leaves court later today. >> sara murray in atlanta, thank you. let's continue the conversation with a federal prosecutor and hosts the on topic podcast and senior law enforcement analyst andrew mccabe the fbi deputy director. thank you for being with me today. renato, giuliani is subpoenaed to testify before the special grand jury and then told he's a target which increases the likelihood he's going to be indicted. as we heard my colleague nick valencia asking him this morning about what he's going to talk about, do you think that when he sits before this grand jury he's being asked more about his own actions or the former
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president's? >> i would assume both, and frankly, i would also assume that mr. all- giuliani will tak fifth in all the questions. i noticed when the reporter was asking him what would happen, he said well they're going to ask the questions and we'll see. he didn't say and i will answer them, and that's understandable. i would recommend if he was my client, i would tell him he should take the fifth because it appears that's going to be indicted and that's certainly the smart move. >> andy, we have heard from giuliani's lawyer with strong language. he said if they want to play hard ball, we know how to play hard ball. do you believe, andy, that's bravado or does giuliani have a defense here? >> that's attorney bravado at this point and what any attorney would likely be doing as he walks his client in to testify before a special grand jury, knowing that his client is now a target of that grand jury. i agree with renato,giuliani wi
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answer any questions substantively. he'll probably throw out a few claims of executive privilege to shield some of those conversations he may have had with the former president, but likely plead the fifth pretty much to everything else. >> renato, i want to turn to january 6th and the congressional investigation today. we just heard from former vice president mike pence. he said he would consider testifying in nt ffront of the january 6th committee. today after eight hearings i believe do you believe he would be their biggest star witness if he did agree to testify? >> i think there's no question. there's a really large weight that comes with the office that he held as the vice president of the united states, and let's face it. he was elected as part of the ticket with donald trump. his name was on the poster and on the bumper stickers with donald trump, trump/pence. there's no question it would be a big moment and his testimony
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could be potentially quite important. i think there have been some implications that have been drawn regarding whether his life was threatened, if he felt threatened, and what his conversations were with the former president. in other words, as president trump was talking to him about potentially, you know, casting aside electors or trying to send the election back to the states, what exactly did the president say? how did he try to pressure mike pence to engage in unlawful actions. i think that is very important evidence and it would be must-see tv and potentially very legally important. >> we're a long way from him actually doing it but saying he's considering it is notable. we also heard pence today criticizing republicans for attacking fbi agents, and those calls that we've heard from some to defund the fbi. he compared it to the calls by democrats to defund the police. i'm sure that you have spoken to
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some of your former colleagues in the past week. has the bureau been rattled by what we're hearing, what we're being told are unprecedented threats? >> there is no question that the current level of threats against the bureau and against bureau people specifically, speaking of course of the case agents involved in the search at mar-a-lago last week, those things affect bureau people deeply, as well they should and not just the employees but their families as well. this is a very tough time to be doing your job as you are supposed to, but happen to be involved in cases that are high-profile and provoking these sort of attacks. i will say that vice president pence has done exactly what most political leaders should be doing today. he stepped forward and laid down a very reasonable and obvious defense of the fbi, and tried to get people to start thinking the other way, that is backing away from these claims of violence and civil war and everything else and to start behaving a
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little more reasonably and i appreciate the fact that he made those remarks. >> it's really disturbing stuff. andrew mccabe and renato, stay with me. there are new developments in what is now a criminal investigation into presidential records and top secret documents found at donald trump's florida home. cnn has learned that the fbi interviewed two senior trump officials, one of them is the former white house counsel pat cipollone and the other deputy patrick philbin. trump designated both men to deal with his presidential records. kaitlan collins has been all over this. they are the two most senior former trump officials we know of who have been interviewed by the fbi. >> that's right, alex. cnn has confirmed the fbi spoke to both pat cipollone and patrick philbin earlier this year. cipollone and philbin were top lawyers in the white house but when the administration ended they became among the central people appointed to handle
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trump's interactions with the national archives and the work of his administration when they needed to turn over federal records that were no longer his since he became a private citizen. in the spring, the criminal investigation became very active leading to fbi interviews just like these ones of cipollone and philbin and others and investigators were subpoenaing to get back the presidential records and we now know that they were subpoenaing surveillance videos of mar-a-lago, too. the "new york times" reported that something on the surveillance footage around a storage room at mar-a-lago caught investigators' attention, even alarmed them. so all of this new information, this is all becoming part of the investigative work that then led the justice department to go into court and ask to be able to do that unprecedented search last week and get approval from the judge. all of this and other details are very likely outlined, alex, in this confidential affidavit the justice department submitted in court under seal whenever
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they were convincing the judge the search and seizure were necessary. there will be a court hearing tomorrow in florida over the secrecy of that affidavit and the justice department maintains if that affidavit were to be released, it would reveal crucial information about a highly sensitive criminal probe, one that continues on at this time. >> they said it would provide a road map of their investigation, so understandably they are reluctant to reveal that. kaitlan collins, thank you for your reporting. i bring back renato and andrew to speak about this. cipollone and philbin, interviewed by the fbi taking place earlier this year, what do you believe that signals and how might those interviews have contributed to this unprecedented search at mar-a-lago just a week ago? >> well, i think those interviews, i think could signal a number of things, but one thing for sure that i think they
10:11 am
were in discussions about were the fake elector scheme that we already know the justice department is investigating. we know that they are targeting jeffrey clark. they raided his home. they're targeting john eastman. they seized his telephone, for example, and obviously both of those individuals were very involved in the discussions regarding that fake elector scheme. separate and apart from that, though, of course, mr. cipollone for example was one of the individuals that former president trump designated to deal with his records in connection with the national archives so i wouldn't be surprised if there were discussions with both of those gentlemen regarding what happened with the presidential records afterwards, what conversations did they have with the former president about material taken from the white house, did they make any effort to try to retrieve records, the national archives and so on and all of that would be relevant and included in potentially a
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search warrant affidavit. >> speaking of the national archives, andy, the "new york times" is reporting when they realized that they were missing some trump white house documents, philbin tried to retrieve some of that material and then trump reportedly declared to advisers "it's not theirs. it's mine." just a stunning quote from the former president. what does that tell us about his intent, which is so important in this criminal probe? >> sure. it of course confirms i think most people's suspicion that the former president lacks any sort of legitimate understanding of the presidential records act and the fact that these documents are not in fact his. they belong to the citizens of the united states of america. but in terms of intentionality, it's really fascinating window into what he was thinking and how he was participating in the decision to retain these documents. it also really cuts the legs out from under any sort of defense
10:13 am
of oh, well this is gsa's fault. they took this stuff by accident. i didn't know it was here. i didn't know we have the stuff at mar-a-lago. can't really say 2any of that nw when you have people who may come forward and say we talked to you about it and you replied you're keeping it because you think it's yours. >> renato, we also heard kaitlan talk about the hearing tomorrow, the judge who approved the search warrant holding a hearing to discuss requests to unseal the affidavit which lays out the probable cause argument. the doj has opposed its release. do you think that the uproar that we have heard will convince the judge to unseal more of it? >> i don't. in fact, the search warrant affidavits are almost never unsealed. i won't say unprecedented, but it's very, very rare for a search warrant affidavit to be unsealed in the middle of a criminal investigation. i don't think that will happen.
10:14 am
i think that all those requests are really outside any sort of norm that we would see ordinarily in a criminal investigation so i would be surprised if the judge did so. i will say that the most important thing i think we learned from this entire exchange is that there is an ongoing criminal investigation, something that wasn't entirely clear after the raid and now as you pointed out a moment ago is clear. >> we only have a minute left. renato, allen weisselberg is the trump organization's cfo. he's going to plead guilty we understand to a 15-year tax fraud scheme but he is however not expected to cooperate in the criminal investigation into the trump organization's finances. so what does this mean for the future of the trump organization? >> i think it's a problem for the organization as it's currently instituted because their cfo is pleading guilty to a significant crime. that's a problem for the
10:15 am
organization. you i think very well could see more legal problem for the organization as a result. of course that could be reconstituted, that's merely an entity and i think for mr. weisselberg himself, it appears like he's just facing a short sentence and as a result this matter may end up wrapping up sooner than we might have thought. >> renato and andrew, we have to leave it there. thanks for all of your time and expertise today. now it's another big win for donald trump, as well as election deniers. liz cheney losing her wyoming house seat in what was really a landslide. so the question is, what's next for her and for the republican party? plus, a 16-year-old girl in florida may now be forced to give birth after a court claims that she's not mature enough to get an abortion. and why a school district in texas just removed dozens of
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she may have lost by a landslide but that is not stopping republican congresswoman liz cheney's battle with former president donald trump, or getting in the way of another potential run for office, including the highest one. take a listen. >> are you thinking about running for president? >> that's a decision that i'm going to make in the coming months, savannah. i'm not going to make any announcements here this morning but it is something that i'm thinking about and i'll make a decision in the coming months. >> it is something she's thinking about. with us now chief political analyst gloria borger and gabby
10:21 am
oher. gabby, i want to start with you. cheney says a decision will come in the coming months about her political future. what indications are we seeing of what she may do? >> she has not made a firm decision yet on whether she will or will not run for president in 2024 but she's certainly laying the ground work. as of 2:00 a.m. this morning, she filed paperwork with the federal election commission to convert her campaign committee which had around $7 million of cash in it at the end of july into a leadership pac. that is not something she could use toward a future presidential campaign but she could use it to cover travel expenses as she likely will travel the country in the coming months to meet with donors and voters and to gauge if there is an appetite among republican voters for either a conservative alternative to trump in 2024 or an independent voice and alex, i'm also told by cheney's spokesperson jeremy adler she
10:22 am
does plan to launch a new political group aimed squarely at donald trump and preventing him from holding office again. this is the group we should be paying attention to, it would likely become the primary vehicle for a presidential campaign if and when cheney does decide to go for that. alex? >> very interesting she had all that money and did not spend it on that campaign. we'll see where it gets spent. the other major headline everyone's taking note of of course the former vice president mike pence saying he would consider testifying in front of the january 6th committee if asked to. he's headed to iowa. you have new reporting about that potential willingness or not to testify in front of the january 6th committee. >> i spoke with a source familiar with the vice president thinking on this and he poured a bit of cold water on this. the january 6th committee has
10:23 am
been considering if and how they would ask mike pence to come and testify you see mike pence making a point he would consider it but there are constitutional issues and executive privilege issues he would have to consider. the pence folks had two top officials testify before the january 6th committee and there's a feeling they've said what they really need to say and i think that's mike pence's feeling as well but i don't think he wanted to kind of sort of close the door on it completely, until he got an official ask and i don't think that's been offered yet. >> we should note the january 6th committee did not respond to a request for comment on that. gabby, let's broaden things out. >> that's right, they're staying out of this. >> exactly. let's broaden things out, gabby, to the trump effect on these midterms. beyond just the house races,
10:24 am
let's look at the senate races, trump is 7 for 8 so far in terms of the candidates he's endorsed in those house races. he is 17 for 21 statewide races, 16 for 22, so in all that's 85% of his candidates that he backed won in their primaries. cheney is launching the great task, but when you see how much sway president trump still has with the party, how much do you think that her efforts will really resonate? >> well if her goal is to prevent a lot of these trump-backed candidates from making it to capitol hill, i don't know that that's going to be something she can effectively do. i mean, she has spent the past 18 months claiming over and over again that donald trump is a threat to democracy, including from her perch on the january 6th committee, and obviously last night showed that that's just not resonating with trump-aligned republican voters or even republican voters who aren't necessarily aligned with donald trump.
10:25 am
on the other hand, alex, i don't know that liz cheney actually needs to get involved in a lot of these races because some of the republican candidates that have been hand picked by donald trump himself are already so vulnerable, without anally trump critics meddling in their races. take blake masters in arizona, for example, or dr. oz in pennsylvania. these are two republican candidates who were recruited by donald trump, endorsed by donald trump and are facing uphill battles in their races. doug mastriano in pennsylvania is another example of that. >> and gloria, of course now, these candidates, these maga republicans, trump-backed candidates are headed to general elections, have to face the entire electorate. do you think those republican also stay on that trajectory because of what worked in the primary or will they have to pull back a bit to be, broaden their appeal to the general electorate? >> we've already seen in pennsylvania dr. oz is trying to distance himself a little bit from donald trump. i think the story has to be
10:26 am
written, and it hasn't been written yet and we don't know how it's going to turn out, because if these candidates are continuing to tout donald trump, donald trump, donald trump, we see the january 6th committee. you see grand jury investigations, what's going on in mar-a-lago with classified documents, et cetera. we don't know how that's really going to play out yet, and in a general election, will candidates who are just about trump and just about election denying, how are they going to do with independent voters? are they going to bring out democratic voters? so you know, i think the story has to unspool itself a little bit to make a judgment on the success of donald trump. we know that so far, he's done terrifically well in terms of endorsing candidates, and those candidates are winning at all kinds of levels, but again, we have to see what happens in november. >> fascinating time, so many dynamics as you say are at play
10:27 am
and there's a lot of time left between now and november. gloria borger, gabby orr, thank you for joining. >> sure. what happened before a copilot left a plane mid flight? his body was later found behind a north carolina home. we are getting new details. itio. really? even if my old phone looks like this? *gasps* dude why? *gasps* how could you? it's okay people. i've trained for this. it's not complicated. new and existing customers get a free galaxy z flip4 with a galaxy trade-in. any year. any condition.
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we are learning more about the moments just before a co-pilot exited a plane in midair without a parachute. his body was later found in someone's backyard. there is a new report from the ntsb that, from last month that incident in north carolina saying that he was "visibly upset over an earlier incident." we're joined by cnn aviation correspondent pete muntean. this is a troubling story. what happened here? >> this initial ntsb report, alex, really fills in some of the blanks, after there was a lot of intrigue when this first happened on july 29th. two pilots were on board the airplane, sky diving operation in rareford, north carolina.
10:33 am
the copilot was flying the plane and on the third run to pick up sky divers the plane landed too hard at this airport in rareford and part of the right landing gear came off. the plane and the pilots went around, decided to go to raleigh-durham international airport and this is where it gets kind of odd. the ntsb report lays out after interviewing the surviving pilot here that the copilot got sick essentially threw up outside of the airplane out of the window that slides open on the right side of the airplane and went to the back of the plane, it has a door in the back for sky divers. read this quote from the national transportation safety board report, the second in command pilot lowered the ramp in the back of the airplane indicating he felt like he was going to be sick and needed air. the pilot in command stated the second in command got up from his seat, removed his headset apologized and darted the plane via the aft ramp door. the pilot, the copilot in this
10:34 am
incident was not wearing a parachute and the pilot who was left flying the airplane essentially explained to air traffic control that my pilot just left outside of the back of the airplane. the pilot circled for a while, tried to find his copilot to no avail, landed at the raleigh-durham international airport, a bit of a crash landing there, and then was interviewed later by the ntsb. that's how we know all of the new details, a sad outcome here from what was initially thought that maybe the pilot slipped and fell out of the plane, tried to inspect this damage from the initial incident but clearly that's not the says here. >> sounds like he walked out the back, a sad story and clearly a lot more questions unanswered. pete muntean, thank you so much for explaining all that. now to florida, where an appeals court has blocked a parentless and pregnant 16-year-old girl, 16 years old from getting an abortion without her guardian's consent.
10:35 am
the judges ruling that the girl isn't "sufficiently mature enough" to end that pregnancy. leyla santiago is in miami. she's not mature enough to have an abortion but she is mature enough to have this child? >> reporter: that is the question a lot of people have reviewing this case. this is time sensitive. we know this individual was about or is about 11 weeks pregnant and the reason that's time sensitive is because remember, last month a new law went into effect in florida that essentially bans abortions after 15 weeks with some exceptions. let's talk about what we know about jane doe 22b. that's what she's described as in the court records. as you mentioned described as parentless, jobless, though working on a ged. she is living with her relatives and does have an appointed guardian so that means she falls
10:36 am
under the care of the state and for whatever reason, she was petitioning the court to be able to get an abortion without consent of a parent or guardian, which is required by law in the state of florida and the judge basically said what you mentioned earlier, alex, she is not mature enough to make a decision at this time. that then went to the appeals court and they upheld that. i want to read to you part what have one judge wrote in his partial dissent. the minor was knowledgeable about the relevant considerations for terminating her fregcy. she had done google searches and reviewed a pamphlet she and a family got from a visit to a medical clinic to gain an understanding about her medical options and consequences. went on to say the trial court noted the minor acknowledges she is not ready for emotional, physical or financial responsibility of raising a
10:37 am
child and has valid concerns about her ability to raise a child. while that one judge said she was not mature enough to make this decision, this teen said that she was mature enough to make the decision, so what happens next? as one judge mentioned she could go back to court, that is one of the options and also while the guardian's consent remains in question, that's another avenue without the courts here, alex. >> a very, very difficult situation involving a very young woman. leyla santiago in miami, florida, thank you so much. now after facing blistering kris simple for several mistakes in dealing with the pandemic, the top cdc leaders met this morning to discuss sweeping changes inside the cdc. the goal? changing the culture and restoring public trust. cnn health reporter jacqueline howard joins us now. can you explain what the cdc is saying? >> absolutely, alex.
10:38 am
this is director rochelle walensky's announcement to reform and modernize the agency, this comes after criticism the agency received when it comes to its covid-19 response as well as this following pacback in april there was announced a review and evaluation of the agency. let's take a look at the new cdc efforts. the agency plans to share scientific finding and data faster. number there, plans to translate science into more practical and easy-to-understand policy. number three, prioritize public health communications and number four, promote results-based partnerships so they plan to work more effectively with public health partners and then number five, alex, develop a workforce prepared for future emergencies. when it comes to the workforce, this overhaul will impact more than 12,000 employees within the agency, and of course, this is coming amid two major public health emergencies here in the
10:39 am
u.s., the monkeypox outbreak and the ongoing covid-19 pandemic. we'll be watching this closely a text, to see how this impacts the agency internally as well as externally. you know when it comes to rebuilding and restoring the public's trust. alex? >> cdc has had so much to deal with over the past few jeyears. thank you for your reporting. a lot of hackers get a bad wrap. two years after former president trump used false vote claims some are using their hacking to protect the next election. but normal, we fit your schedule, with our unique tub over tub procecess, installd in as little as a day. when high quality is the only quality that matters, we fit your standards, with a lifetime guarantee. bath fitter. it just fits. visit to book your free consultation.
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two years after the 2020 presidential election conspiracy theorys about voter fraud certainly show no sign of going anywhere and neither are the people who push them. case in point, liz cheney's landslide loss to an election denier just last night. the vast majority of disinformation and misinformation is stoked online. a group of hackers is launching a fresh effort to end the lies and protect the 2024 election. >> so once the one
10:45 am
>> we've had two years of nonstop conspiracy theorys about the 2020 election many center around these voting machines that they were in some way hacked and used to steal votes and to steal the election. we are here at defcon in las vegas some people call hacker summer camp and hackers are doing their best to break into the voting machines. isn't what you're doing here, tearing these machines apart and showing that they can be vulnerable, is that actually going to play into more of the fears, more of the conspiracy theorys about the election? >> i think a lot of the fears and conspiracies thrive in darkness. here, we have like a clear box where we open things up, able to look inside and actually able to get your hands on these voting machines yourselves. it's not that there are not vulnerabilities within these machines that need to be addressed. just because there are
10:46 am
vulnerabilities doesn't mean they were mo anipulated or exploited in the way certain parties sayer this. >> reporter: you spent the weekend tearing apart voting machines and talked a lot about vulnerabilities but have you ever found evidence that vulnerabilities have been used to change the results of an american election? >> never. same comes with all the other experts. we have all said that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. we have never seen that evidence. >> vulnerabilities exist in almost all software regardless of where you find it, even in nuclear power plants you'll find that. there are a system of defenses and protections to ensure that a bad guy can't get to them and those exist in voting systems as well. >> reporter: chris krebs oversaw election security before being fired by trump for speaking out against conspiracy theories. >> the biggest vulnerability in democracy is the people. it's the brains.
10:47 am
it's the perception hack. >> reporter: cyber experts say the challenge to the 2022 midterms is not the machines. it's misinformation. >> i'm afraid, even when there are vulnerabilities of the systems, i'm more afraid about misinformation claiming what didn't happen and which will get a hold in people's minds. >> we want to focus on pushing security forward and instead we're responding to death threats. >> reporter: nate young and michael moore know all about conspiracy theories, part of the election security team from maricopa county in arizona, ground zero of election lies. they're here to work with hackers to make elections secure by exposing vulnerabilities and getting them fixed. >> we have not seen a single accusation or a conspiracy theory that has produced any actual tangible results. >> reporter: conpspiracy theoris like the my pillow guy who says
10:48 am
countries like china hacked the elections and changed votes. >> if i'm right china took our country do you care? would that bother you? >> how does that feel as a voting systems expert listening to people like mike lindell? >> it makes me sad. it makes me sad from the fact that all of the resources, all of the energy which could have been used for something beneficial improving is now misused. >> reporter: misused to perpetuate misinformation that undermines american democracy. >> the further it goes on, the firmer it gets set in stone. you repeat the lie long enough and many times it becomes that reality, their reality. ultimately this comes down to voters. what do people want? do we want to be a democracy? if the answer is, better start
10:49 am
damned acting like it. >> the fear, that is the the fear. a texas school district removed 41 books from its shelves before kids return to class, among them the bible. why? that's next. to get my master's.. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for like $11k. hmm! order 11! yes, see you at 11. ♪ 1111 masters blvd. please. that'll be 11 even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us... some things are too obvious to be a coincidence. ♪ why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under ntrol? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixentelps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of ecza. hide my skin? not me.
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between two initiatives on sports betting. prop 27 generates hundreds of millions every year to permanently fund getting people off the streets a prop 26? not a dime to solve homelessness prop 27 has strong protections to prevent minors from betting. prop 26? no protections for minors. prop 27 helps every tribe, including disadvantaged tribes. prop 26? nothing for disadvantaged tribes vote yes on 27.
10:53 am
kids in one texas school district are back in school, but dozens of books that once filled the shelves are not. talking 41 books in all including any version of the bible and an illustrated adaptation of anne frank's diary.
10:54 am
cnn's ed lavandera joins us now. what happened here? why were these books removed? >> the controversy over books in public schools in texas continues. these books in question, were reviewed by a community panel. by my count, the school district publicized that list, about two-thirds of those books were either returned to the shelves or put in more age appropriate libraries. but what has happened since then is that in may three new school board members were elected to the school district in keller, texas. this is where all this is happening, a school district north of ft. worth. that school district and that school board is saying the school board should have more say. they've adopted new policies in reviewing these books. essentially they're starting all over. in the meantime, alex, all 41 of these books are being pulled
10:55 am
from the shelves once again. >> what, ed, specifically the issue with the bible in that library? >> it's hard to say because what happened last year when these books could be challenged is that anybody, a parent or anybody who lives in the school district could issue a challenge. it could be for any variety of reasons. then it would be brought forth before a committee and they would debate all of that. the bible, for example, is one of those books that was deemed to be okay for the school district it was put back on the shelves. but now, because of this school board policy change, it is being reviewed once again. >> all right, ed lavandera in dallas, thank you so much. that does it for me. i'll see you right back here tomorrow. don't go anywhere. the news continues right a afte this. have a good week. no matter what, we go on. biofreeze. ♪
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hello everyone. i'm alliisyn camerota. welcome to "cnn newsroom." victor is off. the georgia investigation into donald trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election is kicking into high gear today. right now rudy giuliani, trump's former attorney, is testifying before a special grand jury in fulton county. prosecutors there have alerted him he is a target of their investigation. as donald trump's lawyer, giuliani appeared before georgia lawmakers several times after trump's defeat


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