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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  August 23, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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m whitmer and plotting to use weapons of mass destruction. a group of bipartisan senators wants the state to designate an american teacher in russia as wrongfully detained. mark fogle was sentenced to 14 years in prison for, quote, large-scale zdrug smuggling. thanks for joining "inside politics." briana golodryga picks up conch right now. ♪ hello, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga in new york. ana cabrera is off. today the clearest insight straight from a trump ally of what the former president took with him to mar-a-lago. according to a letter from the national archives posted online by the same ally, 100 classified documents were initially retrieved from trump's home in january. the letter confirmed that among
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th e a trump ally, but, you know, it really does clarify a lot of things for us including the timeline of how these discussions were going on behind the scenes earlier this year. but the fact that there were 700 pages contained here in these 15 boxes taken back from mar-a-lago earlier this year, again, 100
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classified documents, some of them in this special access programs type of things, which, again, even if you have classified clearance, the top secret clearance in the united states government, you need additional clearance to be able to access this. it is something that, you know, we were trying to figure out why would you post this letter that -- all right. the angle that appears to be coming from the trump side, bianna, is that these shows that the biden white house really was involved in the early discussions here in making sure that it was an investigation. that's not really what the letter shows. if you read it carefully you will see that the biden white house was giving -- essentially deferring to the archives toage this situation. >> yeah, telling the archives basically this is on you to handle. >> right. >> kaitlan, this comes as the president's strategy is starting to take shape after two weeks. his legal team is demanding a so-called special master, that
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is a third party, can oversee this case. what more is this lawsuit asking for? >> well, bianna, this is an attempt by the truly legal team to pump the brakes on the justice department investigation and everything that they had collected out of mar-a-lago in that search two weeks ago. they really want to slow things down. one way to do that is to go to court and ask for something like this. in this situation they are asking for the appointment of a special master by the court. on top of that they're asking for a pause as investigators would be reviewing the evidence. they want the pause to take place while the special master comes. they also want more information out of the justice department, that's another request here. this filing as a lot of it. a lot is political gripes from donald trump, the sort of things we hear a lot, that he is happy to help the justice department investigation. it doesn't answer a lot of questions we have here about why classified documents, at least marked as such, were kept at mar-a-lago. but he is arguing about his own constitutional rights, the
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privileges he believes that he may have. those are legal arguments being made. at the same time though this filing, it came into court yesterday. it is the first time trump's team has spoken in court since this search took place. there are some legal short comings here that a lot of people have pointed out, to the point where his attorneys have even had trouble filing their appearances in the case so far. it is not even clear if a court will step in quickly because the filing wasn't positioned to get a judge to react quickly. so we're really seeing what this is going to be and how it will take shape in court. there isn't much yet on that. >> right. evan, help button this up for us now that we have this letter from the trump-appointed liaison to the national archives, right, now that we have that in hand. >> right. >> and we heard from his attorneys in this filing yesterday, throughout this filing you hear one word "voluntary," that he was cooperative and the doj overstepped and they were too aggressive, they could have
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worked it out. now that we have a letter where we hear from the national archives saying they made the attempt months ago to reach out to trump's lawyers, what does that suggest as far as trump's argument? >> it really shows us that there was a great deal of deference given to the former president. again, just because of the status of the fact that he is the former president and you see in the letter that there was a four-week delay between the time that the archives realizes, oh, my goodness, there's really sensitive stuff in here and they need to bring the fbi to do a damage assessment. between the time that they realize this and the time that they actually let the fbi come in is more than a month, all because the former president was claiming that he has executive privilege, which ends up being rejected according to the letter. it really gives us a sense though of where this is going because as katelyn pointed out, this is one of the arguments he is making which is something that really, you know, it is one of those things that is so
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exotic i'm not sure the former president even understands what he is trying to claim in federal court. but this is where we are now, and it really fills in a lot of the timeline on how this has gone. >> unprecedented for sure. the letter went out in may from the national archives and we now know that the doj first visited mar-a-lago a month later, as you said, in june. evan perez, katelyn polantz, thank you for braying it down. let's discuss with a former prosecutor who hosts the "on topic" podcast. as you heard john solomon, the man who released the letter, is an ally of former president trump's. on the surface it does appear to be incriminating. is there a way to interpret how making this letter public is helpful to trump? >> i don't see how it is. in letter demonstrates that trump's team had ample notice,
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that they had documents that were -- you know, not only top secret but multiple levels of above that in terms of how secretive they were, that the government wanted them back, that they were working with them to try to get those documents back in the federal government's possession, and that there was no viable executive privilege argument. i really have trouble seeing why they thought the release of this was positive. it appears a misstep to release it in my opinion. >> it appears that john solomon even today in an interview with steven bannon is suggesting it is more evidence that this is political, but as evan said it appears to show more deference, that the department of justice and the biden administration gave to the former president. let's talk about this first filing from the former president's legal team after two weeks, we are hearing from them, a 27-page filing. you describe it as flush and something that looks more like a media play than actual legal
10:08 am
strategy. explain. >> so i have to say, bianna, this document is something if a first-year lawyer in my law firm submitted to me i would not allow it to be filed or put my firm or my name on it. it is embarrassing. it is full of segments of this that really don't have a legal argument at all, that appear to just be there for pr purposes. there are -- it does not even appear to have been filed in an appropriate way. i mean this is stylize it as a civil case. there's no complaint. he makes fourth amendment arguments before he is a criminal defendant. he is exerting executive privilege against the executive branch. it is hard to understand how you're exerting executive privilege against the executive branch for seizing documents that belong to itself. it is very bizarre and i think it achieved its purpose in generating discussion by journalists and news organizations but that's the only purpose i can see here.
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if it was filed by most anyone i would think it would be, you know, quickly disregarded, and i don't think it is going to achieve much of anything for mr. trump. >> perhaps it has bought his side more time, that he has had two weeks to respond. we just heard from them yesterday. let me ask you to weigh in on this request for pa special master because i've heard conflicting arguments from legal experts, one saying it is not unusual and this is something that they could see this judge allowing, but then the question becomes over what. what would the special master oversee if all of these documents that trump is claiming privilege over actually don't belong to him but belong to the u.s. government. can you help break that down for us? >> absolutely, bianna. look, a special master is not an unreasonable request in a vacuum. all a special master is is a third party attorney that takes a look to determine if the documents are privileged.
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in a certain sense it makes sense, michael cohen, he was an attorney, there may be privileged documents there. here though there's no client privilege, he's asserting executive privilege which is bizarre. as i mentioned a moment ago the branch trying to seize the document goes is the executive branch. the current executive branch is trying to get its own documents back. in this context i think on the merits there's no good argument for a special master here. could trump get one out of deference to him because he is the former president? i don't know, but i don't think there's a strong argument here. i have to say it doesn't really achieve much from a defense perspective because as a practical matter, you know, ultimately all it is going to do is take out, you know, certain, let's say, attorney/client privilege documents and not change the reality of the evidence. >> again, kicking the can down the road. let me talk about some specifics
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in this filing that i thought were rather interesting because it reveals that three days after that search, one of trump's attorneys reached out to officials in the doj with a message from the former president to the attorney general. here is what he said. president trump wants the attorney general to know that he has been hearing from people all over the country about the raid. if there was one word to describe their mood, it is angry. the heat is building up. the pressure is building you up up. whatever i can do to take the heat down, to bring the pressure down, just let us know. how unusual is that statement and the act itself of the former president reaching out to the attorney general? i've heard the word "obstruction" used. is that a correct analysis? >> it certainly is very unusual. i think, you know, i can understand why someone would say it looks like obstruction in the sense it he certainly looks like there's a veiled threat there, that essentially he is riling up
10:12 am
people. you know, his team -- it was apparent his team was the one that released, for example, the search warrant with the names of the agents on it. i think there was an alert on truth social, so there are things to look at there. i don't think it is something that would be chargeable or result in obstruction charges, but i will say very unusual. something i would definitely not advise a client to do. it is really counterproductive because i think -- you know, i don't think it is going to be regarded as some sort of plus factor by the justice department or deter them if they think that there's a case they should be bringing. >> yeah. it was interesting the president seemed to be offended that when the attorney general did finally make his press conference a day later, a few hours later actually that he didn't mention this message from the president when he was saying he was in favor of releasing that warrant. thank you as always. great to see you. >> thank you, bianna.
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well, it is another big primary day. three states with key races including a fight to see who will challenge florida's gop governor ron desantis in november. plus, get out now. the state department issuing a new warning to american citizens in ukraine. why they say russia is preparing to unleash a new offensive there. and a former twitter executive accusing the company of failures that threaeaten national security. what it could mean for elon musk's fight to pull out of the buy -- of buying the social networ ""cnn newsroom" brought to you by -- my mom says that breyers is made with real -- i think i can hear the mooing.]you by -- [girls laugh] breyers natural vanilla
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a heated august primary season wraps up today with some pivotal races in three states. in florida we'll learn who democrats want to take on republican governor ron desantis in november. now, that race will have major 2024 implications. here in new york voters will take a side in the democratic family feud of sorts. two long-team house incumbents with key leadership roles are now pitted against each other thanks to the state's messy redistrictsing. let's break down the races with cnn jrmts c. carroll live in new york and leyla santiago in florida and with us ron brown sometime, cnn political analyst. good to see you all. jason, chairman of the over site committee facing off against the chair of the judicial. they're two well-known new york names. this race has gotten rather heated. who is expected to come out on top today? >> well, it is a good question, who is expected to come out on top. certainly there's been a lot of speculation about that but since
10:19 am
the polling is so sporadic it is hard to determine specifically who is going to come out on top. jerry nadler seems to be the man that -- and the name that his opponents are going after. really seeing some of the gloves come off during this particular race because when he think about what has happened here, we have someone like maloney and nadler who served alongside each other for some 30 years in d.c., now that the district has been withdrawn the friends have now -- basically now have to go after each other. they have similar voting records so how does one distinguish one self from the other person? you've seen carolyn maloney and remember nadler and maloney both in their 70s. you have seen maloney basically accusing nadler of not having the mental capacity for the job. then you think about the third person in this equation who is suraj patel, the young progressive upstart, 238 years old and saying neither one of these are the right person for the job, you need new blood in
10:20 am
d.c. just an example how the redistricting has caused democrats to have to go after each other. >> what is that supprexpressiont friends in politics? if you want one, get a dog. that new york race has gotten personal and ugly. both of the candidates we heard jason say are in their 70s. maloney recently brought up nadler's health and mental accusity. acuity. he said, it is obviously not true that i'm half dead. it's obviously not true that i'm senile. but i'm not going to comment on other campaigns. let them flail away. ron, it doesn't come across as a national race democrats as a party would want to tout. >> yeah, look, it is not the kind of sharp ideological choice for the party that we have seen in other races. indeed, other races that are happening today in new york and
10:21 am
elsewhere. it is revealing. it is an interesting microcosm of a larger challenge facing democrats. democrats are increasingly dependent on the votes of young people, of millennials and generation z who in 2024 for the first time will represent the biggest chunk of eligible voters, passing the baby boom which has been the large ebbs cohort of voters since 1980. here you have two candidates who are each born before the korean war, who are squeezing out in all likelihood a much younger candidate, one who is half their age. it is a symbol in some ways of the challenge the democratic party has with the entire national leadership from joe biden to chuck schumer to nancy pelosi, to all of the lieutenants generally being political figures in 70s, born before the reason war, in some cases born before the end of world war ii, leading a party
10:22 am
whose strength who is in diverse, young support and making a change in the leadership. >> jason, this is not the only race happening in new york today. to be fair, these candidates are a bit younger, these other candidates. >> right. you are talking about the 10th district, of course, another district that has been redrawn which takes up parts of soho and parts of brooklyn as well. the man to beat in that race i think a lot of folks would say, bianna, is dan goldman. remember, he's the former federal prosecutor who prosecuted trump under the first impeachment trial. he's an heir to the levi straws fortune. he has spent millions on his campaign and you have, again, more of the progressive side of the wing of the party, two can dads, mondaire jones and assembly woman yuh-line niou who say he is not progressive enough for the district. he is spending his own money, sure, but basically they're saying he is trying to buy his
10:23 am
way into the 10th district. they're basically calling him a conservative democrat, saying he is not progressive again for that district. so, very interesting to see what is happening in the 10th district. again, another district that has been redrawn, again forcing a lot of democrats to scramble and find their ideological sort of putting there. >> redrawn recently, just in the spring. that's new york. leyla, let's go to you in florida where charlie crist is vying for governor as a democrat. he is up against nikki fried. where does this race stand? >> well, i'll tell you about the conversation i just had with three registered democrats that just finished voting here at this polling site here in st. petersburg. all three of them told me they were voting for charlie crist because of name recognition. they know him. not too surprising given he grew up here. but if you are the crist
10:24 am
campaign, that is bold. that is what they have spent months trying to convince voters that they are the candidate to go up against governor ron desantis come november where, you know, he is a rising star in the republican party. he is widely known or seen to be a potential gop contender for the presidential bid in 2024, but crist is up against who you mentioned, the only statewide elected democrat, nikki fried. she is the florida agriculture commissioner and both of those campaigns are pointing to the culture wars here in florida to make the case and energize these democrats to get out to vote. so what are they all talking about? abortion, the lgbtq community, education, things that they believe could get voters out today and possibly make their decision by the end of the day anyway as to who will go up against governor ron desantis in november.
10:25 am
>> yeah. ron, i mean what a difference four years has made for ron desantis, narrowly winning the governorship just four years ago. is it these cultural issues that really got him not only state recognition obviously but even national? >> yeah. yes, to a large extent, and that's why it is such an interesting choice for democrats between crist and fried. i mean you do have the generational difference we talked about in new york. crist is 20 years older, but really it is a microcosm of the choice democrats face, very similar to the one they faced in the 2020 presidential election on how to respond to a trump-era republican party that is consistently elevating culture war candidates like ron desantis who are running very polarizing, in his case, administrations and campaign, who has pushed to the absolute vanguard of conservative positions on teaching of race and gender in classrooms, the don't say gay
10:26 am
bill, abortion bans all across the board. the choice the democrats face in responding to that, one camp says, okay, if republicans are going to polarize on cultural issues, we have to find democrats who can turn out our base in similar numbers with very aggressive, you know, joch setting campaigns. nikki fried embodies that. the other sid says it is going to leave voters in the middle uncomfortable and we have to reassure them with more sensitive candidates and crist embodies that, reminiscent of the choice between biden and sanders. we know how voters came out on that, thinking the biden more reassurance than countermobilization. crist is the favorite in florida but overall democrats have become less optimistic about their chances in florida than they were certainly six, eight, ten years ago. it has moved from a state that
10:27 am
was on kind of a knife's edge to one that leans towards the republicans. >> judging how quickly florida has voted in past elections we may get a result there before in new york today. we will bring you the results. jason carroll, ron brownstein, thank you. the 19 year old from san antonio has been arrested for allegedly threatening attendees of a conservative youth conference last month. court records show he allegedly made an instagram post threatening retribution, saying you will pay for my suffering. the complaint says he bought a ticket to return to tampa where the conference was hosted but cancelled the trim. both the fbi and the tampa police called the e threat credible. the u.s. has an urgegent message for any americans in ukraine, leave now. officials warning of new attacks from russia ahead of ukraine's independence day tomorrow. ks]
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the state department is urging americans in ukraine to get out, and to get out fast, saying that it has intelligence that russia is about to ramp up
10:33 am
attacks on civilians and government facilities. the warning comes ahead of ukraine's independence day tomorrow and after russia blamed ukraine for the death of a putin ally's daughter. cnn's david mckenzie is in the ukrainian capital of kyiv. david, what do we know about the specific intel behind the warning? >> reporter: well, they've been pretty vague i have to say, bianna, but it certainly is, you can feel it, a heightened sense of alert here in kyiv and across the country here in ukraine. we actually put the question to president zelenskyy on what sort of information, what sort of intelligence is leading them to say that they expect possible russian strikes right here in the capital where i'm standing on key civilian infrastructure, possible decisionmaking centers as they put it. they've asked citizens of this country to make sure to pay attention to the sirens that happen several times a day, to get under -- into shelter. they've banned events, even with
10:34 am
the very significant events this week of the anniversary of their independence. this all points to specific intelligence. all zelenskyy would say is that they have generalized intelligence from partner countries suggesting there is a threat. as you said, the state department calling on americans to leave as soon as possible, to get out now because they say there is this specific threat. here is what zelenskyy said when we asked what the response would be should russia attack more broadly. >> translator: what will ukraine do if they hit kyiv? the same as now because for me, as for the president and i'm sure for every ukrainian, kyiv, donbas, it is all the same, all of our ukrainians live here, zaporizhzhia, the same for all of these cities. if they hit us, they will have a
10:35 am
response, a powerful response. >> reporter: normally you would have a large amount of people on the streets for the public holiday tomorrow, but i think it will be larkgely empty because f the fears excessing of possible strikes on the city, bianna. >> the country marks the 31st year of independence as well as six months since russia's invasion. david mckenzie in kyiv, thank you so much. in moscow today hundreds of people attended a memorial service for darya dugina. she was killed friday in a car bomb on the outskirts of the city. the kremlin says it was carried out by a ukrainian agent, something ukraine vehemently denies. we get more details from cnn's fred pleitgen live in moscow. i know you were at today's memorial service. what did you see? >> rep >> reporter: hi there, bianna. i think one of the more remarkable things is that the denials we heard from the ukrainians seemed to fall on deaf ears to all of the folks
10:36 am
attending the memorial service. there was a lot of mourning, a lot of grief and a lot of anger and calls to hit ukraine harder than russia is doing right now. there are a lot of people calling for an all-out war against ukraine as a response to the killing of darya dugina. you mentioned, of course, one of the people who was one of the staunchest hard liners in this case is darya dugina's father, alexander dugin, who is known as an important ideologue here, someone close to the thinking of vladimir putin. he went on stage today and, you know, obviously there was a lot of grief but there was also clearly a call to escalate russia's military operation in ukraine further. mer here is what he said. >> translator: the price that we have to pay can be justified by only one thing, the highest achievement, victory. she lived in the name of victory and she died in the name of victory, our russian victory, our truth, our orthodoxy, our
10:37 am
country and our empire. >> reporter: so he's speaking clearly of a russian empire and, you know, he's had those expansionist thoughts and things that he has been saying for a very long time. there are some people who believe that those have been influential for vladimir putin as well. other people at that event saying the same things and, you know, these are obviously a lot of the folks, they're hard liners, but at the same event there was a condolence read by vladimir putin and one by sergey lavrov, the russian foreign minister as well. so clearly alexander dugin someone who is very influential in the russian spheres of the government but, of course, first and foremost the kremlin-controlled media as well, bianna. >> yes, he is. thank you, fred pleitgen in moscow. he used to be twitter's head of security. now he is a whistleblower, calling out the company for major security problems that pose a threat to user information and national security. cnn's exclusive reporting straight ahead.
10:38 am
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earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. a former twitter executive is now sounding the alarm on what he says are reckless and negligent security policies. he says the problems pose a threat to national security and democracy. the revelations are from a
10:43 am
whistleblower disclosure obtained exclusively bcnn and "the washington post." cnn's donie o'neil joins us. how does this pose a threat to national security? >> it doesn't seem obvious at first. you say what does twitter have to do with national security or anything else, but two years ago you might remember in the height of the 2020 election campaign there was that massive hack of twitter which saw the accounts of biden, who was then running for president, taken over, obama, elon musk's account, kim kardashian's. at the time it was actually teenagers, it was about a cryptocurrency scam. the point being is that if teenage teenagers can get into systems this way imagine what a state ac actor might be able to do. we see what the white house, including presidents and prime ministers around the world use
10:44 am
the platforms to make official statements. that's what the former administration said, tweets are statements. to give you a better taste of what this was alleging, i want you to have a listen to him and his lawyer. >> your whole perception of the world is made from what you are seeing, reading and consuming online. and if you don't have an understanding of what is real, what is not, what data to trust, what not to, whether your information that you are producing could be misused or accessed by a foreign agent to identify patterns that may or may not even be there. yeah, i think this is pretty scary. >> we think it is important that the law enforcement agencies investigate these allegations and do their job. they are charged with protecting investors and users so that no social media platform, whether it is this or others, can be
10:45 am
abused. >> so, donie, there's some questions as to his intent, right? because he had been fired but no one is questioning the veracity of his skills set. he is a well-known computer expert in the industry. >> that's the thing, right. you know, his name is peter zacko but better known in the world of cyber as mudge. i spent a lot of this weekend trying to dig up some dirt on mudge, but any cybersecurity expert we spoke to, including people who advise folks up on capitol hill, everybody said if this guy is saying there's a problem, there is a problem. now, you can debate about whether he is exaggerating or whether he has the full scope of understanding on everything in twitter, and that is certainly what twitter is saying. twitter is saying even though we hired this guy as our chief security, as our head of security, that he didn't have the purview that he might be
10:46 am
suggesting he had and he certainly is mischaracterizing but, you know, we put a lot of that to many experts. you know, very much his reputation is making people sit up and pay attention here. >> we know elon musk would like to hear from him as well in his ongoing lawsuit in pulling out of buying the company. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much for the bombshell reporting. thank you. if you are one of the many americans bogged down by student loan debt, the white house is now leaning toward cancelllling nice chunk of that, but ththeres a catch. and pipictures so good even the scientists were surprised. imagine that. new images from nasa's web space telescope straight ahead. up to0 on select* adjustable mattress sets, and experience the deep, undisturbed rest of tempur-pedic. learn more at * i'm what you call a boutique hotel. i'm looking to provide a more unique experience. do you like ngle origin coffee over a game of chess?
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tomorrow, president biden is expected to make a long-awaited announcement on student loan debt. cnn has learned that white house officials are leaning toward
10:51 am
canceling up to $10,000 of federal student loan debt for people making less than $125,000 a year. cnn white house correspondent mj lee is in delaware, traveling with the president. so, mj, this was popular with many within the party, but we're also learning there's a bit of pushback. what are we expecting to hear tomorrow? >> reporter: yeah, we do finally expect to get this announcement from president biden tomorrow on the issue of student loan debt forgiveness. let me just walk you through quickly what we do know so far ahead of tomorrow. for one, we are learning that the white house is leaning towards, as you mentioned, forgiving up to $10,000 in debt for people making under $125,000 a year, so this would be forgiveness based on an income threshold. and second, we are also learning that white house officials in recent days have discussed the possibility of additional forgiveness on top of that, and one of the ideas, we are learning that white house officials have discussed, is adding -- giving that additional forgiveness to pell grant
10:52 am
recipients. so obviously, the devil's in the details and it would really depend on what that dollar amount ends up being and if white house officials decide to go with this, but it could potentially be a big deal, and it just gives you a little bit of a window into how white house officials have been thinking about isolating people who might really benefit from that additional financial help. the third thing i would point out, too, is that the white house is leaning towards extending that current pause that is in place for student loan payments. obviously, that is going to expire on august 31st, so that deadline is around the corner. now, important to emphasize, i'm using language like, white house officials are discussing, they're leaning towards. that is all to say, we don't know for sure that these final decisions have been made. we do know that an announcement, again, is expected to come tomorrow, but we will have to see exactly what those decisions are, but there are plenty of things up in the air, and you're obviously very right that a lot of people are going to be celebrating whatever
10:53 am
announcement comes, and plenty of people will be critical and will say we need a lot more than this. >> yeah, and there are others, like economists, who worry that this may be inflationary as well. mj lee, we will see you tomorrow. thank you. well, a severe drought reveals a stunning discovery. dinosaur tracks from 113 million years ago. the drought caused a river in dinosaur valley state park in texas to dry up, revealing the footprints. a park spokesperson says they probably belong to a dinosaur that stood about 15 feet tall and weighed almost 7 tons. the tracks are among the latest secrets revealed as bodies of water around the globe have dried up. and nasa releasing stunning new pictures of jupiter from the webb space telescope that launched back in december. in these new composite pictures, you can see incredible rainbow auroras and the swirl of giant storms on the planet's surface. scientists also point out the faint rings photobombing in the
10:54 am
background. kristin fisher is with us, and these pictures don't disappoint. nasa scientists are saying they're even better than what they had hoped for. they're stunning. >> reporter: yeah, they knew they would be good. they just did not know they would be this good. as you're looking at these new images of jupiter, the two that nasa has just released, i'm sure you're thinking, that doesn't look like the jupiter i'm used to seeing with red and orange and brown. the reason is because webb is not an optical telescope. it's an infrared telescope. infrared light is invisible to the human eye, and so the webb telescope has to use three filters to kind of translate that infrared light into light that you and i can see, and so what you're seeing there to kind of translate it for you, the blue at the top up there, actually in the other image, if we can just pop up that one -- the still of jupiter. there you go. that red at the top, those are the auroras. those are jupiter's northern lights. the yellow and to the best of your recollection turquoise,
10:55 am
those are atmospheric hazes. the big white circle is the famous normally great red spot but white on these images. and then in this other image that's just so spectacular, you can actually see jupiter's rings. saturn isn't the only planet with rings, and what scientists say is just so remarkable about these photos, and you can see it there, just the details that webb is able to capture of just how detailed those clouds are, and that really allows scientists to get a better idea of the temperature and the composition and the chemistry and how they all interplay on that planet. >> yeah, they are so crisp and beautiful. kristin fisher, thank you so much. and that does it for me. i'll be back here tomorrow. until then, don't go anywhere. the news continues right after this break. ow much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal l loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fifixed rate, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money rigight. i don't hydrate like everyone else.
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