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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  August 23, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank you for watching everyone, i will be back tomorrow night. don lemon tonight, starting right now with, of course, don lemon. hey don lemon. >> can i let you in on a secret? can we share something? >> yes, just between you and me. >> i was going to show these two guys who are sitting here, crunching numbers. can we take one of these cameras right here? wow. we're coming out of a break, we're coming out of the break. it's so true. yes, so, that's what i have to deal with. >> electoral geek squad. >> exactly. >> it is election time. we will get to it. thank you laura, i will see you tomorrow. >> this is don lemon tonight, and obviously, since i showed you, it is primary night in america. we have breaking news. here is what cnn is projecting. congressman jerry nadler, will meet congresswoman marilyn maloney in the democratic
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district care primary. that, to a cnn projecting, charlie quest will win the floor democratic primary, and take on ron desantis that will happen in november. val demings, winning florida's democratic senate primary. so, there is a lot to discuss. cnn's phil mattingly, at the magic wall, with more but, that's just a moment. standby, phil. as primary results roll in, all across the country, and with the midterms looming, here is the thing. democracy is on the ballot. there are election deniers running, and winning, in key races across the country. we are still reckoning with the cancer of january 6th. one of the greatest threats to this country in our history. so, do americans vote like democracy depends on it? economy? inflation? putting food on the table? yes in the tank? keeping a roof over your head? that all matters to voters. of course it does. culture wars matter a lot to people, to. the book banning, the outrage
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over critical race theory, even the shortage of teachers. a lot of, that understandably, frightens parents, sending their kids back to schools, in the middle of a proxy fight over a divided america. so, it is an open question, of just how much of a factor the many investigations of the ex president will be at the ballot box, in november. how will that affect everything? what we are learning, tonight, is really the beginning. more than 700 pages of secret documents, 700, retreat by the national archives from mar-a-lago. hard to believe that this ended up at the former presidents beach resort by mistake, 700 pages, right? these aren't even the documents that the fbi turned up in their search two weeks ago. these are 700 pages of classified information, turned over to the archives, back in january. for months, the archives raised the alarm about those documents, and what could've been exposed. they tried to work with the trump team, to assess the
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damage, done to the national security, until may when, they finally, the robot they needed to, and i quote here, conduct an assessment of the potential damage, resulting from the apparent manner in which these materials were stored, transported, and take any necessary remedial steps. so much for team trump's claim that they had been cooperating, all along. you know what is not in this letter? no claims by the former president that he declassified any of this. he sure has changed his tune when it comes to securing classified documents. watch this. >> this was not just extreme carelessness with classified material, which is, still, totally disqualifying. this is calculated, deliberate, premeditated, misconduct, followed by a cover-up, that included false statements, and lies to congress, the media, and the american people. in my administration, i am
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going to enforce all laws concerning the protection of classified information. we also need the best protection of classified information. that is the worst situation. hillary's private email scandal, which put our classified information into the reach of our enemies disqualifies her from the presidency. the. >> i mean -- you need to have the same rules for yourself as you have for everybody else, right? tonight, it sounds like a do-over for the trump team's lawyers. a judge, giving them a friday deadline to better explain why they want to special mediator to oversee the documents. first, to cnn's phil mattingly, at the magic wall. also, cnn political director, and cnn analyst, john avlon, author of the lincoln in the fight for peace. straight to fill.
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phil, hello, let's talk about jerry nadler defeating carolyn maloney, in new york's 12th district. what do the numbers show? >> first, i want to say, look over to avalon, and chalian. i'm supposed to be the one crunching the numbers, so i don't want to do that. that's what i'm doing. they want to know what's going on. >> i kid, because i love. let's start with the rest of everyone's talking about, don, over the course of the last several days, especially. it is become very bitter, very divisive. a lot of implications, and insinuations, and ended up the battle of central park, not much of a battle at all. we have projected, and cnn's projected, that jerry nadler will win this race. the battle between 2:30 year incumbent house democrats. very stalwart liberal members, from manhattan. jerry nadler, upper west side, carolyn maloney, upper east side, jerry nadler, up by 24,000 votes, with 96% reporting. everybody who keeps an eye on
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siraj patel, as well, talking about generational change, and the potential to shake things up in this race. he's just under 20% right now. i would know, to challenge carolyn maloney twice before in the primaries, and only lost by a couple thousand votes last cycle. so, he took some votes, clearly, from her, in this case. if you add it all of his votes to carolyn maloney's, jerry nadler, still, in a good place. he will continue on, maloney's career, at least in the house, will end, come next congress. there's also another race we call, don that, have been keeping a close eye on. there's a myriad of races since those maps were thrown out, since the democrats dreams of a very democratic center primary were, essentially, tossed out with them. that starts right here, as you noted the top of the show. patrick maloney, and the democratic chairman, progression of chairman of the committee, with the top democrat when it comes to house campaigns the cycle. we have called this race for him, projected he will win against alejandra, a state senator, who is backed by
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alexandria acosta cortez. a big progressive voice inside of the state it. at been a race because of what maloney did when those maps were thrown out. and a leader in the position, part of house democratic leadership. once the map shifted, and changed, maloney, quickly, without telling anybody inside the new york democratic caucus, shifted his decision to run in a race of another incumbent. it didn't go over well, particularly with aggressive. mondaire jones, one of those progressives. maloney will advance, will defeat the projected oleksandra biology, but it was a tougher race of people expected. certainly, they raise a lot of issues inside of the democratic caucus. >> it's going to ask about a house democrat who may not survive this new york primary. is that we were talking about? >> exactly. mondaire jones, donna, you are familiar with him, obviously. from about 70 miles away from manhattan, in westchester county. that area, winning a tough primary, in the last cycle, to advance into a very safe seat.
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he is a progressive, a big voice on capitol hill, even though he's in his mid 30s. he is also viewed as a legislature. he gets a lot of work done in his first two years in congress. this was going to be a difficult race. moving in this district, away from his home base, and into the part of the city. right now, here is where things stand. dan goldman, you'll recognize him from the impeachment hearings, the former federal prosecutor. he has a significant amount of money. the air to the levi strauss fortune, to some degree. he has utilize that money, over the course of the last 12 weeks. he is blanketed the airwaves with advertisements. he's trying to capitalize on the mar-a-lago search saying, absolutely, he is the democrat to continue the fight against donald trump. he showed up during impeachment hearings, and according to him, he can do it in congress as well. but, this is a race that has a series of progressive powerhouses. we already talked about mondaire jones, an incumbent, very much, in danger of losing his seat, or place, in the house democratic caucus, even though he is considered a rising star. you have usually new, a state
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assembly member, who is also a very critical progressive voice. progressive been trying to rally behind, but the vote was split, to some degree. molina rivera, as well, as somebody who had a lot of backing from progressives. how that vote has shaken out, with 89% reporting right now, is very close. dan goldman, only about 867 votes ahead. still a lot of votes, a lot to change, but jones, right now, about 4000 votes behind goldman. really, right now, looking like a two person race. we see how this plays out, going forward. one of those situations where you lose, would house democrats thought, was a talented, young member. potentially, something that could happen tonight. the potential that the progressives have split the vote, and lost an opportunity to send one of their members, ideologically aligned, at least, into that democratic caucus. we will see how this plays out again. again, it's not close, no one's calling it. 89% reporting, dan goldman, up by 867 votes. we will see all this plays out of the course the next couple of hours, don.
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>> you should hear what david said when the lights went off. >> technically, he is kind of my boss, so it could be a problem. >> he gets back to d.c., you might be in a bit of trouble. i'm just saying. >> that's fair, that's fair. >> thank you phil, standby, we have a lot to get to, and a lot to cover tonight. let's bring in david, and john avalon, as well. hi guys. let's talk about representative jerry nadler, winning decisively over carolyn maloney who, is going home, after decades of serving new york. what are your thoughts, david? >> this is a race that never, really, was expected, or anticipated, or should have even happened. the cork of what happens every ten years in american politics, as districts get drawn, is these two, 30-year veteran's, really, liberal lions in manhattan politics, end up in this race against each other. i'm not sure there is a lot to learn here. although, i will say this, i do
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think -- i am not a big fan of saying that newspaper endorsements matter, but, the new york times editorial endorsement, in this particular district, probably, does matter a lot. chuck schumer, vowing for nadler, did help him in this race. as well, this district has more of maloney's district and it then it doesn't add layers, but, it is a decisive victory. madeleine, clearly, outhustled his colleague, now, his nemesis, inside of the democratic party. >> extremely low turnout, john. >> this is what drives me crazy about this. maloney, and nadler, have been there for 30 years, representing manhattan. the last competitive races when maloney beats bill greene, a republican, on the east side, in 1992. now, these guys are squared off against each other. they think the democrats got greedy, and got smacked down by a judge, or put in the same district. this race will be decided by about 70, 000, 75,000 votes, in
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a district of three quarter of 1 million. that is crazy. there won't be a competitive general election, let's be real. look at what's happening in new york ten. this is tight as a tick, to sound like dan rather. if there was ranked choice voting, things would be different. instead, you will see incumbent, without a general election, decided by 100 votes, maybe 1000. >> dan would say tight as a tick on a pig spine, or something like that. >> i don't have that kind of texas, let's be real. but, it's nuts. >> i want to take you to florida now because charlie chris is taking on governor ron desantis, in his victory speech. watch this. >> tonight, the people of florida, clearly, sent to message. they want a governor who cares about them too, solve real problems, and who preserves our freedom. not a bully who divides us, and takes our freedom away. the truth is, this governor
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could not care less about your freedom. he is abusive. he is a bully. he is. and he is dangerous. he is dangerous. he imitates the worst authoritarian leaders on the globe. >> wow. he is calling desantis abusive, a bully, dangerous. but he says too much? >> it's too much. the worst authoritarian leaders on the globe? you may disagree with his politics, this tactic, some say he is bullying, phony start comparing him to the vladimir putin's, and choosing things of the world, i think it's too much. i don't think it shouldn't be controversial. >> also, name-calling will not get charlie crist to tallahassee. it will not be the way. >> he's been to tallahassee before. >> he's a former republican governor. no doubt about that. by the way, inside of this democratic primary, the democratic electorate in florida went with someone, who they thought, had the best chance against desantis. not necessarily someone who
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lines up their ideological paintings. ron desantis enters this race is the clear favorite. the state has moved. he is not just traditional purple state anymore. it is a much more red tint. and, he has a massive war chest. he had no primary competition. in this environment, this will be an uphill battle for charlie chris. >> it will, in part, because he's played so many roles. he's been around a long time. desantis, certainly, seems in poll position. he is strong control of tallahassee with the republican legislature, but this is what we are seeing tonight. here is a guy who had his legislature re-district at the same 20 to 8, and did it so late that the state supreme court said, will have to deal with this next cycle. a state where republicans narrowly beat out registered democrats. almost 3 million more independents there, lopsided republican. that is a power grab we've seen under desantis. it has worked for him on a tactical level, but, obviously,
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this will turn up soon. >> david, you said it's a purple state, but a red tint. demings won her primary, and she will take us with marco rubio, and as you said, it's pretty red. disavow denning's give marco rubio a run for his money? >> listen, she has outraised money, and outspent him, 2 to 1, cash on hand, as of the beginning of august. you have to look at the overall political environment, here. val demings, who is running a sheriff demings, which is her job. >> she's running a local race. >> very local. she is trying to make sure that the national political dynamic does not define this race in florida, which is a tall order in the senate race, in a big battleground state like florida. here is the thing. democrats, we see this and cycle, after cycle. they find candidates that they just pour tons of money to, even though it is not actually a top tier race that will determine control of the united states. that may be happening here with
7:16 pm
foul. >> the iconic example, versus lindsey graham. here's the question, owners out. here a poll saying, actually, she is competitive with rubio. not only competitive but, margin of error, not bad. do you think that's real? >> no doubt, john, i think the political environment shifted in these last several weeks. the dobbs decision, overturning roe v. wade, it's a string of legislative successes with the democrats on the hill, that they've had, and of rally democratic troops. that is significant, and real. i still think, you have a president, sitting at 40% approval rating, 80, 85% here, and people are still struggling with the cost of living. i think this political environment, even though democrats may mitigate some of the worst scenarios, it will still be a republican year, to some extent. >> let's weigh in on what's happening in pennsylvania. that is, doctor oz, and this
7:17 pm
fetterman race. this is with the of spokesperson is saying. they say, fetterman would not have had a stroke if he had eaten a vegetable in his life. tonight, fetterman is tweeting this. he says, i had a stroke, i survived, i am truly so grateful to still be here. i know politics can be nasty, but even then, i could never imagine ridiculing someone for their health challenges. it doesn't get more personal than that, right? >> the mudslinging is terrible, what's happening there. it is diverting attention from two things. one, mehmet oz is running a poor campaign. the republicans are fretting about that, because mitch mcconnell doesn't believe there's a path back to him being majority leader, doesn't involve pennsylvania. but to, i think there are legitimate questions for the fetterman campaign about his health, about full transparency, about what has happened, having doctors say what prognosis may
7:18 pm
be, in terms of recovery. i do think fetterman has not been as open about what he's experienced, and about whatever limitations may still exist for him, with the people of pennsylvania, if he have. >> he is a the having trouble speaking? >> in the one event we saw him at, he did stumble a little bit. look, no question, he had a serious stroke. what's astounding is, as he lays low, his teams played an a+ twitter game. that really puts doctor oz on the defense. branding him as a carpetbagger, an outsider in, a way that stuck. doctor oz seem to be trying to hit back, but they're doing, what i think, most would consider a low blow. going after health choices, and health challenges. i think a lot of republicans realized, it may have been a better general election candidate right now. fetterman is really outperforming oz, just by being very aggressive on twitter. >> standby, no fighting, you guys will challenge me like
7:19 pm
david medic -- phil mattingly, right? >> no, no. >> i'm going way back, way back. >> we have more election results to come, but this primary night, are americans voting lacquered a marker see depends on it? what will that mean with the midterms on the horizon? sorry y phil. ♪ ♪ "shake your thang" by salt n pepa
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primary results, rolling in tonight, and, like i said, democracy is on the ballot. the big question is, what does this tell us about the midterms, that are just around the corner? let's bring in cnn's chief national affairs analyst, casey hunt, senior political analyst, john avlon, and senior political analyst, nia henderson. good to see you all. john, kind of. so, casey, there is a major election tonight that voters are playing attention to, the threats to our democracy. you saw the polling, saying it was number one, and they're thinking about their pocketbooks, thinking about inflation, thinking about food on the table. what does this mean as we inch closer? >> i think it's a lot about the environment we are living in. you talk with david, and what that means, and we have been reading this is an extreme good year for republicans, just
7:24 pm
because of factors like, joe biden being in the white house and, in the first midterm election for the president, bad for his party, obviously, inflation, but i took away from that poll is both, yes, okay, democracy is an issue, i didn't expect that, but, there is also something, anything, more important than inflation. i think, potentially, that says a lot. it's one poll, so we need to see a couple of others. >> i'm going to pull the pull out, and then you can talk about it. here's the poll. threats to democracy, overtaking possible evading, as voters top issue. it's just one poll, but the question i had to ask is, do you think americans are going to vote like democracy depends on it? >> i think so. i think democrats think democracy is in peril for certain reasons, and republicans think it is in peril for very different reasons. they believe, the fbi overstepped, and that's a threat to written to mark russi. they believe that joe biden is an illegitimate president.
7:25 pm
republicans believe in the big lie, and that's what they're saying is in peril. democrats, obviously, believe in something different. typically, we have seen, in midterm elections, and casey has alluded to this, whoever is in power sees that at the ballot. it is a referendum of the people in charge. so that could be. you also see democratic voters, typically, decline in terms of the young voters, and the people of color as well, it is a drop off from presidential years. we can see that happen. i think the dobbs ruling, is obviously, energizing democrats to a great deal. i think it is also a recent, legislative accomplishment of biden, particularly, around climate, that could engage in energizing voters that. could be from them. >> if they show up, yes, if they do. that's the thing. >> mike, we keep saying it's one poll, and it's the number one priority, but even if it is two or three, that is surprising, considering where
7:26 pm
we are. that a threat to democracy would be on the minds of voters. i still think it is important, even if it's not number one, but it is close to the top, no? >> it's foundational, right? there is nothing more basic than founding democracy, in a democracy. doesn't matter what you do with that. but, i think we've seen voters usually say, economy is stupid, that trump's anything else, no pun intended. that's a poll that shows that blown away. i must say, the gravitational pull in midterm elections is always against the opposition party, especially when a president is under 50%, let alone closer to 40, but this, i think, shows that message is getting through, in a meaningful way. >> one thing i would, say john, and i should preface by saying, i have a dark into the cross out of this poll. i don't know foot media is saying is correct if, this is a reflection of democratic, and republican voters, saying this is a threat, or an issue for them, but for different reasons, or, if this is democrats
7:27 pm
independents, looking what's gone on the january 6th committee, and talking about it. my instinct is more likely to be that, and that, i think, helps answer the question, as we can see over the next few weeks. who voted would if what the january six committee has been doing in primetime, quite effectively, even to those of us who have been paying attention, is that it is perhaps breaking through the american public. i don't think they can definitively tell us that but, as someone who is there on january 6th, who felt the impact on a personal level, and a professional level, and democratic level, as a citizen of this country, it was demoralizing to watch one political party, essentially, try to explain it away. it was a have the country that doesn't, and this is one piece of evidence that is changing, a little bit. >> that's going to be the
7:28 pm
swing. the smallest smartest thing the general 60 minutes does make sure all of its witnesses are republicans. that may not reach deep into the republican base, but does give a court credibility. >> especially if you aren't hearing, or seeing it on conservative media, that's important, but, it is still breaking through. nia, let me ask you this, big picture. more than half of republican gubernatorial nominees have a question, or denied the legitimacy of the 2020 election, according to a cnn fact-checker. this is going over the last few. that's 21 nominees. no small number. what is the significance of that? >> the crew still continues. it was unsuccessful on january 6th, and it was the seeds for another inside where donald trump in, the other republican president could, essentially, overturn an election. we see that in motion right now. they will be running in states like pennsylvania, and arizona,
7:29 pm
and all over the country. and so many ways, january 6th was a dress rehearsal. donald trump has been very effective in putting people, who believe in the big lie and, people who will say, essentially, they will do his bidding if they get the power. those people could, actually, be in power, come 2024. >> like in arizona, in the secretary of state with mark frenchman. there are conspiracy theories, they want to overturn, what does that mean for a future presidential election? >> it could mean everything. if you think about how this played out in 2020, who's sitting on a tv set for a week, and we're all going to do that for one night. in but no small part we are waiting on the results from arizona. there are places across georgia, where officials who were of the presidents party, required to
7:30 pm
say, the voters of my state selected joe biden as president, and i am not going to lie, or say something different. i stand up for the truth. brad raffensperger. imagine what could have happened over the course of that week, if those people had not been there. you are talking about how these elections are so low turnout, that we are covering tonight. that, actually, matters in this context, too. part of the problem that we are facing, as a country, and part of why we are polarized, is people on either extreme are, incredibly engaged, energized, and it is turning off everyone that crosses the entire spectrum in the middle. they're just choosing not to participate. they're choosing to not vote for secretary of state in arizona. if you're an arizona voter, and you think your vote doesn't matter? guess what, it really does. it's partly by design. this is how we are getting these and representative panels. for many, in the case of pennsylvania for example, a lot of pennsylvania republicans are saying, look, i'm not down with the top of the ticket. and the problem is you get
7:31 pm
these low turnout close partisan primaries. they're dominated by the most extreme places. and that, all of a sudden, you got a choice between election denier law -- >> i was talking to my executive producer and she said but we just want to get back to a place where we can have but -- bob with our relatives. but >> instead you have these extremes. and listen, republicans are bit worried about this. trump meddled so much in these elections or the senate primaries and some of these other gubernatorial primaries you now have people who are running across these big states, but they have to get independent voters and not just republican die hard trumpist. they've got amass a big, you know, cross section of voters to actually win. so republicans are a little less bullish on their chances. particularly in the senate. >> but breaks the spell? >> is there anything that goes, like, a genie who's like this.
7:32 pm
>> no, i mean, i thought january 6th would break the spell. it did not. but god forbid something hurricane from the outside happens and i feel like the country came together a little bit around ukraine. that was the thing i started hearing from republican and democratic voters. i don't think any of us which is an event like september 11th of the country together. nobody wants anything like that to happen. but barring some sort of extreme event. i struggle to see it. >> historians most worried about the internal conflict. not something from the outside. but the internal struggles. the struggle that americans have had. i think the biggest threat is from the home ground. >> all about something that can set. as a nation of freemen we must love for all-time or died by suicide. >> thank you. you have to love a little bit
7:33 pm
of a. [laughs] >> donald trump's legal team sent back to the drawing board by a judge who was a trump nominee. are they just not ready for primetime? and what would that mean as the investigation speeds up? can you believe someone thought this would help you hear better? and no one will notice it?
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continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. and david culver in los angeles and this is cnn. a federal judge telling team trump to further explain the requests for a special master. giving president trump's legal team till the end of the week to refine their arguments in their faucet since the mar-a-lago search. we are learning from a newly released letter the national archives recovered more than 700 pages of classified
7:38 pm
documents from trump's home early this year. so joining me now to discuss, norm eisen, who was house to destroy special counsel and trump's first impeachment. norm. good to see you sir. >> thank you for joining. i wish we're here. but i'm happy just to have you on the show. but >> is this federal judge basically telling trump's team do better? but don, for an extremely short order i have it here. a king get more scathing count content per word then i think i've seen anywhere before. she starts by asking, what is the asserted basis for the exercise of this courts jurisdiction? she can't even tell why they're there. and then she goes on to rip them again, and again, and again. so. this where the first year of law school she did not give them a passing grade. but she's gonna give them a
7:39 pm
redo. >> you're talking about the judge. this judge is a trump nominee. so when you read her order today. what does that tell you about the state of the former presidents legal team and what it isn't? >> wild on the trump appointed judges acquitted themselves honorably. in the last struggle for our democracy. trump's -- they are not. they want to be independent done. but it doesn't matter who appointed her. they are in a disarray. they can't get the fundamentals right. they can't even make up their mind this is a civil case or criminal case. when she asked what course should you be in. why are you even hear? why aren't you before judge reinhart who issued the warrant. i mean, it is not inspiring
7:40 pm
work. >> as nasa talked about this last just a little bit. but i want to hone in on this timeline. we are learning more about the timeline leading up to this search from the newly released letter showing that the archive for trump's team. there it is. on your screen. the archive told trump's team, in may, that they intended to share the documents. they recovered with the fbi and u.s. intelligence. he is rebuking requests to assert executive privilege. you said the sheds more light on why there could be a viable criminal case here. because, look, norma don't know if you can see the screen but i want to viewers look at this. these are the notes that i had last night. these are the times that the interaction that the doj or the investigators had with team trump. trying to get these documents. and now, we have this new letter shutting light. so for anyone saying that team trump was cooperating. but they hadn't gotten request. from the national archives or from anyone in the government.
7:41 pm
that is just bs. >> don, it is kind of like the first topic we are talking about. that they failed and the judge gave them a do-over. but how many doers do you get when you look at your timeline. when you look at the pattern here. we look at all of cnn's reporting. everything that has become public. you really get two of the government has written about it and some of these papers. that is the real fault withholding national defence information and the pattern of concealment. and that gets prosecutors and judges and juries pretty exercised. so i think it is that pattern that creates such criminal perils for donald trump. >> norm eisen, come see us in new york, we miss you. >> the back soon, thanks don. forget >> out, that is the message from the department to americans ukraine.
7:42 pm
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the u.s. isn't a clear warning to americans in ukraine, get out, that amid growing fears of russia's war in ukraine. they soon enter a new and devastating phase. exactly six months after government forces invaded. but >> we have one for months and months that they should not be there. if anybody did remain. now is the time to start making your plans to get out of the country. but it is already craning independence day in ukraine. the cities have banned large public celebrations as fears of russian strikes are high on the death of the daughter of one of putin's most high-profile allies. so join me now to discuss, former secretary dissidents, will include. good to see you secretary iq so much. but also if u.s. officials are all but demanding americans get out. what does it say about how bad things could get.
7:47 pm
especially with tension so high? >> i think that they're project that president putin is going to accelerate. he's going to intensify the war in ukraine. he doesn't lean excuse to launch any more devastation on ukraine. but now, he has but and is really taking advantage of the assassination that took place saying that this is something that ukrainians fair. there's no presumption of innocence when it comes to putin. there's no credibility on anything the russians say. and so i think we have to take that with a good deal of skepticism. but nonetheless, he may used to rally the russian people. again, he doesn't have to because he's made it a crime for anybody to say it is a war or to criticize the war. they get 15 years in prison. but this could be an effort on his part to get more support because he's been losing thousands of soldiers. he's been saying these people come home in body bags and he may have to have domestic concerns being raised by the military. who are disposed the workers
7:48 pm
are not being properly equipped and trained, and sandra. there may be partisan groups within russia. that according to one former president parliament, the russian parliament who's kicked out the parliament now living in kyiv, he said they're partisan groups who may be responsible for the bombing that took place a day or so ago. so, he has a lot on his hands in terms of discontent within russia, in terms of the people looking at those parties coming back home. and the fact is, he's not making any progress. and selfies not make any progress he is losing. and the fact is, the stalemate and as long as the stomach is on it is a rush lhasa. now i think is trying to capitalize on that and intensify the war. >> so secretary, it can be easy to look side of where things that with so many domestic concerns there. can you give viewers a sense of the state of the war and how it continues to upend global stability. as well as the energy market? >> as we look at the individual
7:49 pm
who murdered. young lady and we don't take joining anyone who is murdered. let's go back and look what's happening in ukraine. there are 5000 ukrainian civilians who have died. there are some, i think, a total of 12,000 altogether in terms of those including the women who had 5 million refugees. we have 7 million displaced. so the individual. if you look at bucha, if you look at mariupol, you see what's happened there. it may give you some idea of the context in which we are talking about. but in terms of national security, you just finish an interview with norm eisen. talking about the national security of 340 million americans. that may have been compromised by the former president. now we are looking at what putin made. and he's even talking about possibly going against estonia. estonia is a nato member. that means we are all involved, once again, and this particular conflict. he may attack a nuclear power plant. they're using it as a shield right now. the russians --
7:50 pm
they are attacked by either by the russians or it is a dramatic it must go tack. that could affect millions of people in ukraine, europe, also russia. so there's a lot stake in terms of what's going on ukraine and it's not just limited to ukraine. we have a national security crisis and what putin is doing. just as we have a national security interest and what the former president trump has done by holding on to highly classified secret talking. it's we don't know if those -- if we have them all yet. we don't know who was cleaning the promises. with just bands or where the cleaning folks who are moving boxes around? so they have access to the documents? they end up in the hands of another foreign service? those are issues that really have to be focused on in the coming days? >> secretary, is also pleasure, and listen. all these months that i've had you want. i've been me to tell you. i love the room that you are in. but it is really cool. it is really substantial.
7:51 pm
the best part about it is the one over your right arm in the window. >> i'll give her credit. janet was one who designed this all room. excuse me upright every day. >> i know she's watching. she's probably sitting right there. tell us a. thank you very, much we'll see you soon. >> so we can be facing life in prison. two men convicted today a plan to kidnap the city governor. that is next. >> hey, everyone! it's me, sebastian and it is a beautiful day today. we have so much to be grateful for. so just remember, if you see someone without a smile,h give them one of yours. i just love iniring people to be the best they can be. and the reason i'm able to inspire so many people is because people like you, who inspire me with your support of shriners hospitals for children. since i was little, i've broken
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so men convicted by a federal jury today conspiring to kidnap michigan governor gretchen whitmer. adam ponce and barry calk. they face a maximum sentence of life in prison. they were also convicted of one count of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors accused meant of plotting to kidnap governor whitmer, that's a democrat, former summer home back in 2020. through this a statement on twitter that reads, in part, today's verdict proved that violence and threats have no place in our politics. and those who seek to divide us
7:56 pm
will be held accountable. going on to say, not to consult the capricious and threats to the fbi are a disturbing extension of a radicalized domestic terrorism that festers in our nation, threatening the very foundation of our republic. up next, hundreds of pages of secret documents and exactly where they didn't belong, at mar-a-lago, stay with us.
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tonight, new details about the classified documents at trump's mar-a-lago home. a letter from the national archive revealing that the former president had more than 708 and pages including some of the most sensitive information this country. that doesn't even include the documents on the fbi search two weeks ago. we also learned that the archives told trump's legal team, back in may, that they were so worried about the top secret information


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