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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  August 24, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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sfla gflorida governor desantis challenger. can crist derail him in the fall. and two democrats fighting for one house seat in new york. >> welcome on to our viewers, it is wednesday, august 24th, i'm omar jimenez with the one and only christine romans. >> nice to see you this week. early bird gets the worm. crist is now facing the colossal
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challenge of taking on desantis in the fall. and the florida senate race now has its final match-up. val demings is facing off against marco rubio. a race the gop believe has it can win easily. but also where democrats have been widely outspending republicans and think that they have a chance to flip the state blue. >> also big night in new york, two powerful democrats capping off a highly competitive race. cnn projects jerry nadler will unseat carolyn maloney. redistricts forced them into the same districts with the nastier primary races of the year. and pat ryan beating the republican in a swing district. and so let's bring in cnn political analyst jackie kucinich, washington bureau chief for t"the daily beast." so much to talk about. >> so jackie, in florida
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democrat charlie crist won his primary and will face off with governor desantis in november. crist is a former governor of course and former republican. is his past experience and name recognition enough to knock off the gop powerhouse like desantis? >> it will be a tough uphill battle. democrat fortunes statewide have been a bit mixed and challenging over the past year. crist hasn't been the governor since he served in 2006. and has had a mixed record of -- a record running statewide himself. that said, he is a prolific fundraiser. he is someone that as you noted has very wide name recognition. but taking on desantis really is -- i mean, he hit a tough primary, and now it gets even tougher. >> and as you mentioned, so many races talk about. jerry nadler winning over carolyn maloney.
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but of course it became a nasty battle from what many people saw as two similars. what what was the biggest factor here? >> these two individuals, they are both powerful members, not a lot different about them in terms of their record. but it really got nasty in the final days with carolyn maloney questioning nadler's competent sense i, whether he is senile on camera. and so it really did devolve. but nadly is someone that they really campaigned hard, laid the ground work here. and ultimately won. in this very liberal district, malone any couldn't get over the line. >> and fighting out have we little daylight between their
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ideologies, but that is how it goes i guess. and democrat pat ryan won a special election. molnaro was expected to win in a district that narrowly went for biden in 2020. and so what role did abortion and the roe decision have in this race and it kind of up ends some of the conventional wisdom about midterms there. >> sure. this was a race that i think a lot of us were watching to see what potentially democratic fortunes could look like, someone who is using the abortion issue a lot throughout the campaign. and it turns out it actually worked out for him. as you mentioned, this was obama, and then trump, and then biden, and it was a very, very narrow margin. so i think that you will have o ryan's playbook and seeing how
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it can be applied in the general elections. >> thanks for getting up early for us. and back down in florida, a federal judge is now giving former president trump's legal team until friday to refine their legal arguments. and the judge means explain why they are requesting a special master to oversee the evidence that was seized in the mar-a-lago search. the judge is also asking trump's lawyers to clarify why they believe the court even has the ability to step in. and so joining us here this morning, criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor. so andrew, the court is criticizing the nature of trump's motion because of legal deficiencies. the main question here, how could they possibly refine their argument by this friday, not to mention we're still waiting on a deadline for the potential unsealment of the fbi search affidavit which maybe it would have been affected if filed early? >> i think what we're waiting for is information about the
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affidavit, what will we see about it, is it going to be able to tell us anything. i think that people on both sides of the oil want to know everything that they can possibly know about what is in there. it will come in dribs and drabs and it will be a long time before we have a good idea of all the evidence that supports that affidavit. tr trump's filings have shown that he is struggling with his legal team. the court responded showing they deficiencies in the filings so i think that they are trying to be creative in their legal approach to say it nicely. i don't think that they have a lot to go on in erms terms of asking for what they are asking for. they are asking for an external resource to review everything that is going on. not unprecedented, but an uphill battle. >> and you have the media, the public, the congress wondering what was in the documents and the damage potential. and we know that the national archives sought to share the
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classified documents that have been taken from mar-a-lago earlier this year with the intel community months ago. what does that tell you? >> it tells me that it is really important to them and i think that that is what we have to look at in everything that is going on right now, is that the fbi and doj in going to mar-a-lago is communicating very clearly that this is something very serious and something that could have an impact on national security. on the other side, donald trump is saying that he had the right all along to declassify these documents and maintain possession of those documents and so i think ultimately that is going to be the battle. did the former president while he was sitting in office haves right to take these documents and effectively turn them into nonclassified documents so that key keep them for his own presidential documents and his own historical motivations. >> and this time of year, it is almost hard to ignore the politics backdrop of things. obviously this is a strictly legal -- these are strictly legal proceedings. but when you step back for a
2:08 am
second, do you think that this will end up as a maga versus the world sort of momentum leading up to any potential presidential announcement by president trump? >> i think that it of course is going to. the doj has a relatively strict policy of not conducting political style investigations close to elections. there is approaching that season and i think that there is going to be an impact on it. frankly, i think those who believe in donald trump and believe in the maga type of policies will also think that there is some sort of conspiracy or injustice sis going on justi types of investigations. and so we have to hope that the courts can instill confidence in the public that they are going about this potential prosecution fairly and through a process that is dig nid filed of a former president. >> certainly the former president using it to fund raise
2:09 am
and also using it to continue the narrative that they are out to get him, another witch hunt. andrew, nice to see you. >> nice to see you in person this morning early. just ahead on "early start," we have a lot to talk about this morning. six months of a bloody war, hard to believe, and ukraine is bracing for a russian onslaught. and big news coming today for americans burdened by student loan debt.
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abu bakr al baghdadi is ukraine is celebrating independence but it is also the six months since russia's invasion. the u.n. reports more than 6 million refugees have fled. and now with officials worried that the world is growing fatigued by the war, the u.s. is set to announce a huge new
2:14 am
security package of up to about $3 billion. david mckenzie is live in keefe otherwise for us. and a powerful message from the president and symbolic show behind you of strength. tell us about that. >> reporter: it is extraordinary. i counted some 30 tanks, an artillery pieces, heavy firepower that russia lost already during this war. and this is an important anniversary of ukrainians. they told people to stay away because of the threat of possible strikes but they couldn't keep them away. and you look at the messages that are scrolled on these tanks from earlier on in this conflict, six months of fighting between russia and ukraine, at least 9,000 ukrainian soldiers killed according to the ministry of defense this week. it tells you the intense impact this has had on ukraine. and if you look here, ukrainian official said, well, the russians wanted to have a parade
2:15 am
in the center of kyiv when they won the war, so they gave them one. all of these burnt up tanks, artillery pieces, it is a powerful message about the restilre resilience of ukraine even with the threat of those strikes in the last 24, 48 hours. president zelenskyy was near to the spot where i was standing, released a speech a short time ago, an emotional plea for ukrainians to stand fast. >> translator: we're holding on for six months. it is difficult for us. but we dlenched ou eventual w clenched our fists. every new day is a reason because having gone for so much, we have no right not to reach the end. what is the end of the war for us? we used to say peace. now we say victory.
2:16 am
all right >> reporter: i asked the president whether the world will get fatigued as they defend the line that hasn't moved for many weeks. but he said that people need to re remember the plight of ukrainians and that the $3 billion that will announced later today is something that they appreciate because they are still fighting this on the front, the northeast and the south. they have paid dearly for this war of choice by russia, but ukrainians say this they will fight on. >> powerful images. thank, david. elsewhere, president biden ordering airstrikes in syria after they attacked a base last
2:17 am
week. they say the goal is to destroy ammunition bunkers. tlo no one killed, but a lot of implications here. salma abdelaziz is live for us. could these strikes hurt progress on the nuclear deal revival for example? >> reporter: this is a very complex battle field. let's start with the early hours of this morning. u.s. precision strikes on nine bunkers. they did it in a 3r06 vprovincee east. and the bunkers were used by militant groups aligned withass. the united states says that the intention was not to kill everyone but taken out because they were being used to store ammunition. but the retaliatory attack because on august 15th, the
2:18 am
united states base in syria and along the iraqi border, important for the u.s. troops and their allies, that base was struck by multiple rockets. no damage, no injury, no killed in that august 15th fattack. and the attack early hours of this morning, it does not seem that those bunkers had anything to do with the august 159 th attack, but the message from the united states is clear. you cannot attack u.s. personnel on the ground without expecting repercussions. but as understand, this has wide reaching implications far beyond the battle field. for months now the united states and allies have been trying to revive the all-important nuclear deal. now the question is with the fit f tit for tat attacks, does it falter the efforts. >> a complicated battlefield. thank you for laying that out for us salma abdelaziz.
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widespread heavy rain and flooding is expected to continue in the southeast. this comes on top of the
2:24 am
millions of americans in the region this week that have been facing torrential rainfall and even life-threatening conditions as a result. pedram javaheri is live in atlanta with more. just seems like it has been constant at this point. >> it has been a remarkable run of rainfall. of course we know parts of texas have dealt with the brunt of this particular line of wet weather but now the energy shifting into parts of louisiana, mississippi, and arkansas as well. and that is the area that we're watching as well where strong thunderstorms have been developing the last couple of hours. flooding is imminent across portions of east of jackson. but notice dallas quieting down as far as the wet weather, but over the past 24 or so hours, we've seen as much as 2 1/2 to 4 inches that have been observed
2:25 am
across mississippi andarkansas. and again far eastern texas, dallas has generally quieted down. but san antonio eastward into houston that is the area that we're watching throughout early morning hours for the storms to develop between 6:00 to 9:00 a.m. and flood potential will increase as a result of this. but the bulk of the energy shifts away and will begin to taper off throughout the afternoon and overnight hours once the system moves through. >> pedram, thank you so much. the rain has been nonstop. but another big story that we're looking at, many stories really, charlie crist wins the democratic nomination for governor in florida, but he will now face ron desantis. will get his old job back? plus one year after his
2:26 am
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2:31 am
chest. the florida senate race also taking shape. demings taking on rubio. and how democrats have to prove that they can turn the tide blue. and let's bring in steve c con contorno. we've been watching this desantis ad. we'll play a little bit of it. top givegov not top begun. so does crist have to style himself as ice man? >> well, he will try i guess although i think at the end of that movie they ended up on good terms. and i don't expect that in in race. but there is one thing on the mind of most democratic voters when they went to the polls yesterday, and that is who is
2:32 am
the best person to beat ron desantis and they said that that person is charlie crist. democrats had a chance to nominate nicky freed who would have been if she won the first female governor in the state history and really had a direct path to making this race on a referendum on the future of abortion access. instead they went with charlie cr crist, a former republican, once called himself pro-life. and so they are really hoping that voters find comfort in a familiar face. you know, charlie is someone who a lot of people talk to that some people trust, that they think that moderate voters will find offensive. and if you ever walk the street with charlie crist, he is someone who everyone seems to know. people shout out hey charlie. and he has been around a long time. and he will be running as sort of joe biden playbook of
2:33 am
promising to be a consensus builder, be a familiar face. and really bring civility back to politics at a time when the rhetoric has gotten so divisive here. but notably the joe biden playbook did not work in florida. trump won here in 2016 and then in 2020 by an even larger far begin. and crist himself hasn't won in 2006. he ran as an independent as lost. and he was the democratic nominee in 2014 and came up short. and now he just has 11 weeks to put up a fight against ron desantis and $132 million that will be used to run a whole bunch of ads. so he will have to work closely i think with the senate nominee va val demings who has brought a
2:34 am
ton of energy to the ticket. she is a former police chief, she comes from the jacksonville area and they hope that she can capture black voters and give governor desantis and marco rubio a really tough challenge in november. >> all right. steve contorno, nices to see you. and it has been one year since illinois state university graduate joe plan any day was last seen alive. and his body was found two weeks after he went missing and almost 70 miles from where he was last seen. no one arrested and his mother is still fighting for answers.
2:35 am
his mom is joining us. thank you for joining us. whatnesss answers are you still looking for? >> i'm not doing okay. i'm still trying to find out what happened to my son. and i'm nowhere closer to finding that out today than i was 365 days ago. >> and his body was found this one location, his car found in another, his wallet funound in another location. his clothes re, his cellphone. and police say that the investigation is ongoing and while they are putting all available resources in to the investigation, there is still no additional information that they can offer. so how confident are you that you can actually get answers from these investigations? >> i'm not confident at all
2:36 am
because last week which was last wednesday i believe, i went to peru, illinois and they have my son's car which is a vital piece of evidence. and they said that they move -- i requested to see his car. and they were -- they told me before i got there that they were going to warn me that his car was outside. when i get there, they tell me that they placed his car outside, it has been outside for at least three weeks because they had no storage room in their evidence storage area. when i get there, i see his car under a tarp. and when they open the door, evidence is just all in jelani's car. there is papers on the seat, money on the bacco or
2:37 am
weed on the seat, there is shorts, shoes, the same suitcase that when they pulled this car from down that hill that it was at the at ymca, all that stuff is still in his car. articles ins back of the trunk that are still in his car. they tell me -- like i told them, i'm not the smartest civilian and i'm no miss officer, but when you have a piece of evidence, shouldn't that -- shouldn't the articles inside that evidence, should they be tagged, labeled, numbered and placed in the report so if they need to refer back in an investigation, they have that? they don't have that in jenani's case. they told me that they took out a -- what do you call it? a sip sample where when enthey
2:38 am
find the suspect they can match the skrecent. i don't understand how they did that. every seal was broken. last seal was 2021 but the car has not been tagged again. so i have no confidence in them. none. >> and i should mention for people watching at home, the fbi task force is still offering up to $10,000 for substantial information on this. but some of what you laid out, it does seem that the frustration that we spoke about everyone in the early months are still there. and you said that i want to turn pain into power because it hurts. it hurts a lot. i can only imagine. but how do you do that, how have you been able to translate your pain into power? >> by trying to be proactive.
2:39 am
like i said, i don't want to see other mothers and fathers and families that i've had to endure. and so that is what birthed the foundation. his foundation is one that i want to use to help individuals to provide resources for or the connections that i made throughout this journey with the media, with attorneys, with different activists that can help them. because i didn't receive that help. there has been a bill enacted in the state of illinois which says that if a body is found and not identified within the first 72 hours, that the fbi has to be contacted and they are to become involved. that is how i'm turning pain into power by trying to do things that the things that -- the help and assistance and
2:40 am
resources that we didn't receive, i want to make sure that someone else receives those things. because it is very painful. >> i can only imagine, carmen, and thaenk ynk you for being wi. and we continue to keep our eye on this as well and hopefully we get to a point where we can find some answers. thank you, carmen. >> thank you. and to louisville now, former louisville police detective pleading guilty into the home of raid on breonna taylor. he conspired to falsify the warrant which led to her shooting death and she also covered up the false affidavit lying to investigators when it gained national attention. xw just ahead, president biden set to unveil his plan to
2:41 am
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the saga has ended. swallowed up by the mediterranean about nine miles off the coast of italy. look at that video. coast guard releasing the video of the incident. all nine on board were rescued. and investigators have still trying to determine what made the 130-foot luxly invury vesse side and sink. >> and that is a bad day. but everyone is fine, but that is one big insurance claim. that is what i see there. speaking of business, let's get a check 00 cnn bausiness
2:46 am
morning. european shares have opened lower and opec is hinting at production cuts. and on wall street, stock futures barely moving. all there's averages suffered their first session since june. jerome powell meets on the symposium later this week and that could yield additional clues on whether the fed will hike rates in september. and gas prices down another penny falling to $3.88 a gallon. 71 days in a row of falling gas prices. candidate joe biden promised student loan relief on the trail. >> i think that there should be a $10,000 forgiveness of student loans across the board for anyone who is in fact affected.
2:47 am
>> we'll learn today whether he keeps that 2-year-old campaign promise. details still hammered out, but krn has learned that the white house is leaning toward cans l canceling $10,000 for those making less than $125,000 a year. progressives want more. and treasury secretary says that it could intensify inflation. and student loan debt relief is spending that raises demand and increasing inflation. i hope that they don't offer unreasonably generous student loan relief. joining me now is author of the revolution that wasn't and fleecing of small investors. good morning. the main event will be this
2:48 am
student loan event. do you think that $10,000 of relief is a game changer in the which i? >> it is not a game change in the economy. it is a game change for some people. veers big of course big questio fairness. my wife and i had to pay our student loans. a lot of people had to pay student loans and dig deep to put their kids through college. and they are saying it is not fair. but it is like saying my grand f f father had polio and that is not fair. well, you had a more infatorium pav payment during the trump administration and that is ongoing. you certainly will not reinstate
2:49 am
it so close to midterms. we have a 3.5% unemployment rate and so certainly hard to just guy when people were being thrown out of their jobs and had an uncertain future. and then there is the issue raised by some as to whether it is putting a band-aid on a broken system. the fact that it is so easy to quaufr regar rauf qualify regardless. you could be going to fharvard r a private college that lured you into signing up for a degree and the underwriting terms are the same. college is just plain expensive stoked by the easy availability of loans. and so that is the elephant in the room that i would not expect to be addressed between new and
2:50 am
midterms. >> and there is an underlying fundamental mismatch. and you got to fix that problem too. this is a band aid on a broken system is a great way to put it. but they will be handing out band aids for sure. let's talk about the housing mar can ke market quickly. are we seeing the fed's medicine working here? >> we are in part. housing is such a big part of the economy. the danger is that the medicine has nasty side effects and it puts the mousing e ie ing housi into recession. mortgage rights have eased off housing market into recession. mortgage rights have eased off somewhat. but they are higher than at the lows. first of all, afford ability is far, far tougher. so you went from having in the suburbs at least all around this country lines around the corner every time there was an openhouse to sort of crickets,
2:51 am
people are cutting prices on their homes. you've had a record number of people reneging on home purchases because they couldn't qualify or any had second thoughts about the monthly payment this is they were signing themselves up for after they had agreed to buy a themselves up for after they had agreed to buy a home. so a substantial and quick cooldown. the medicine is working in a sense that it cooled off a very hot part of the economy. and it is not working in the sense that it has made housing anymore affordable if you are interested in being an owner. and then of course rents are marching ever upwards because all the people who can't afford to buy a home are staying or going back to the rental market which is very strong and it is getting more difficult to build and ren natuvenerate rental pro.
2:52 am
>> yeah, you miss your moment and no one is happy. and you wrote the book on the meme stock craze and it is back. what does the meme stock i guess renaissance tell us about where very are in markets? >> it is a very interesting moment. frankly, i did not expect that so many months later we'd still be talking about it and it is more in the conversation than ever. you have companies like bed bath and yobeyond, bankruptcy compans being kicked around on social media. and someone put it as a flash mob with money. and there is nothing to say about it but it is a bit sad because the people at the end of the day who will be left holding the bag when the air comes out of the meme stocks will lose a lot of money and learn a hard lesson pnd aand you can see on
2:53 am
posts that they have a poor understanding of what they are sinking their savings into. >> and buyer beware. it should not be a quick get rich scheme. thank you for dropping by. and aaron judge going deep on the subway series sweep. (vo) with 5g ultra wideband in many more cities, you get up to 10 times the speed at no exextra cost. get verizon business unlimited from the network businesses rely on. okay season n 6! aw... this'll take forev—or not. do i just focus on when things don't work, parking spot... i juss this desk... and this conference om! i am filing status reports on an apthat i made! i'm not even a coder! and it works!... i like your bag!
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2:58 am
"bleacher report." >> yeah, he spent more than 60 day in his the hospital and underwent more than 20 surgeries after the gunshot wounds in the school shooting. and her and her family on hand in houston. her home was very near where the shooter lived which made her uncomfortable. so she met with the foundation helping to build her a new home. and the houston legend went out on the field with her and he is purchasing the new house for the family. and astros would win this game 4-2. and yankees may be turning things around, the bronx bombers getting a sweep. aaron judge hitting his 48th home run of the season, on pace
2:59 am
to hit of 63. and yankees have won three in a row for the first time this month. and finally everyone still talking about the video of the fan using a hot dog for his straw for his beer. and the crew put it to a taste test last night. >> let's try it. >> it doesn't work. >> did he get it? >> he got it. >> okay. taste as lot like hot dog though. even the beer. >> hot dog water. >> who doesn't love a little hot dog water. >> gross. >> that is awful. that is disgusting. >> and just gross. all gross. everything about it is gross. >> and quick shout out to chicago sky for advancing to the playoffs. >> oh, good. thanks for joining us. "new day" starts right now.


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