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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  September 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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changing but people are still desperate for water especially businesses and schools that haven't reopened. >> ryan, good to see all of that help and aid arriving there. thanks to all of you for join us today. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. welcome to "inside politics." thank you for sharing another very busy news day with us. bullet point list from mar-a-lago, unsealing the inventory of what federal investigators seized. it includes dozens of empty fold everies marked classified. plus job growth headed nearly 6 million jobs over the past year. >>. and president biden outlines
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his midterm choice, not letting donald trump and his allies smuggle the american spirit. a just released list of the documents the fbi found in its search of donald trump's mar-a-lago. the seven page inventory was unsealed this morning. a short time ago by a federal judge. along with a second court filing that made clear the depth of the former president's legal troubles. the volume of paper is stunning. 18 documents marked top secret. 54 documents marked secret. 31 documents marked confidential. four dozen empty folders. yes, empty folders marked classified. 11,000 nonclassified government documents as well. intermixed with stuff, clothing, gifts, mementos, magazines, other press clippings. we now have a much clearer picture about the shear number of things the fbi hauled away but little more specific kept abou -- content and the range of subject matters in those
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documents. but we did get this, the justice department telling that judge its review of the materials removed from mar-a-lago is part of a, quote, active criminal investigation. with me to share their insights, sara murray, our cnn legal analyst and also evan perez is outside a courthouse here in washington. trump's lawyers have tried to play will down as this is a dispute over a late library book. if you look at the seven page inventory, it looks like they took a wing of the library. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. and look, this judge in florida is now involved in an investigation that already has two of the judges overseeing parts of it including the chief judge here who issued and who signed the original subpoenas that went to donald trump and to try to get some of those documents that the national archives has been trying to retrieve for more than a year. as you noted, some of these government documents including
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sensitive classified information were intermingled with personal items which included clothing, press and magazine clippings, dozens s and dozens of the clippings. 11,000 nonclassified government documents were found in that. we also as you pointed out found according to the fbi they found 48 empty folders that were labeled as classified. we don't know what that signifies, we don't know whether those documents are missing, whether they were perhaps found in the pile that were found in different parts of mar-a-lago. one of the interesting things that stood out to me is the seven boxes that were found with classified information in the former president's office in mar-a-lago. you will remember that in june prosecutors and the fbi went to mar-a-lago and one of the things that they all agreed with the trump team was that classified
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information would be taken and stored in the storage room. this is where the rest of the material was found. it is clear from the search that happened on august 8 that that was not done and that is one of the reasons why according to the documents unsealed today, prosecutors say one of the things that they are examining as part of this criminal investigation is the manner in which these sensitive materials were being stored. >> and stay with us. sara, 18 top secret documents, 54 secret, 31 confidential. people might say just stop there, but thousands and thousands of other government documents as well. the government makes the case that is my property, the american people's property, not donald trump's property. >> more than 11,000 nonclassified government documents. that is a lot of documents after more than a year of wrangling with the national archives over this. i don't think that it is a great look for the former president that that is how many documents he still had sitting around after all these efforts to get them back, but i do think what we will hear from the trump team is look, if you look at the
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overall volume of these documents, the vast majority of what they took were not documents marked classified. so essentially that gets back to their notion that yeah, this is a fight over an overdue library book, these were just documents, we were in discussions when to return them. and the other argument, these were the former president's documents and did he believe that he had to return them. i think that they will focus on that number that this is really not so much about the espionage act, this is more just with these presidential records that should have been trump's anyway. >> and they obviously have a very different view than the government. and we'll watch how it plays out in several different courts. what is your take as someone who understands the sensitivity of national security documents? this inventory says filed under seal, this status report says filed under seal. this federal judge decided -- even these cases are usually
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highly private and the judge said here you go. >> it is very out of the norm. the form he president's request for the special master in my judgment is not on good grounding in terms of the arguments that he is making, but this judge is going much farther and now releasing more information about what was obtained during the search. what is interesting about that, usually someone who is being investigated or potentially being charged with crimes would not want this information out because with each new piece of information that gets released, we see more classified documents. we see more documents that even if they are not classified are lawfully the property of the united states government. and that is the key point here. these documents did not belong to the former president. they belonged to the united states government. and so the obstructive piece of this story becomes more and more apparent as we are learning what more documents were there that they did not return even after being asked repeatedly by the justice department. >> your eyes go first to the
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seven page inventory because we don'tstorm -- normally get to see the fruits of the search warrant. but one of the questions when the search warrant was executed, did the attorney general merrick garland just run out of patience. is that what the search was about, just getting them away from donald trump and getting them back in the government's hands. but this says it is important to note review of the seized materials is not a single investigative step but an ongoing process in this active criminal investigation. what does that tell you? >> that was the question that i had. because the physical search could be executed at two different major stages of the investigation. one would be the final thing, in other words, the investigation has really run its course and the physical search based on probable cause is like the final step that the government is going to take and then they will make a decision whether to charge. that doesn't seem to be the case here. in this case the government seems to have a robust investigation, both on the
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mishandling of crasslassified information and on obstruction which involves not only the former president but those whot these documents and potentially obstructed the government. so this seems like a very live investigation that there is more runway left on. >> let's get back to sara and evan. i want you to focus on the issue at hand. this was unsealed in the fight over a special master which the government believes is a trump stalling tactic. they want the special master to review every document that was taken so they can make complaints. where are we in that question? >> the trump team what they wanted was a full stop. they wanted a special master 20 com to come in and review the material and risk assessment that is going on and look at all the documents that had been seized from mar-a-lago.
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the judge was asking what is the harm in it, which would pause the justice department's ability to limit the materials. she was not open to stopping the risk assessment. she would have some kind of carveout that would allow that to continue. but we did see her say what's the harm, not really buying in to the government's argument that this was unnecessary. >> and so the third element, national security agency is reviewing the potential harm of these documents leaving secure government facilities and going to a hotel where the former president lives. evan, again we're talking here these filings, we get them public because of the special master dispute, but this report makes it clear that the more important piece of this is the active criminal investigation about the mishandling of classified documents that could involve could be the former president, could also be people around him, how it was handled. what do we know about the status of that? >> reporter: that's right, i mean i think one of the things
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that is important, you notice that they mention the fact that they will be talking to witnesses and they want to talk to witnesses about not only the documents that were retrieved in the search, but they want to talk about the entire process. one of the things that stands out obviously is those empty folders. and one of the things that prosecutors are going -- and investigators are going to want to do is talk to witnesses who saw how the president handled classified information to establish a pattern, right? did he keep the pattern that we know was reported from when he was in office when he left office. and he was kind of cavalier about how he handled these things. because that makes a big difference. when you are president, okay, it is not great, but he is president. he is allowed to do that. once he was no longer president, you are not allowed to have classified documents sitting around your office especially once you've been told that you need to keep it in this storage room which is supposed to be a little more secure. >> it would be fascinating if we
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ever learn more about the substance of the folders that were empty. be fascinating if we ever find out what specifically was supposed to be in those. up next, president biden touts a very strong jobs report as proof his policies are working. but how the fed interprets those numbers is now a giant question. n for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has kekey nutrients for immune support. boost® high h protein. like any family, the auburns all have... individual priorities. some like strategic diversification. some like a little comfort, to balance out the risk. others want immediat gratification... and long-term gratification,too. they have their own interests, but at the end of the day there's nothing like being... a gold-owner.
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>> great american job machine continues its comeback. american workers are back to work earning more. bottom line is jobs are up, wages are up, people are back to work and we're seeing some signs that inflation may be, may be, i'm thootnot going to overpromi here, may be beginning to ease. none of this is happening by accident. this recovery is a direct result of my economic plan. some people gave up on american manufacturing. not me. >> with me to their share in-ss insights, from my panel. and let's start with you, omar, the president says it is a robust number, it is. over 300,000 is still wow. normal economy 175,000, 200,000 you'd be happy. when he talks about he doesn't want to overpromise but he sees good signs in inflation, are there signs of that 1234. >> there are if you look at the
9:17 am
last couple inflation report, we did see a slowdown. but inflation is still over 8%, heis highest rate in about four decades. the fed chair jerome powell has said that he wants to respond forcefully to what we're seeing in inflation. so the president can say we're seeing positive signs but the fed is working hard to bring down inflation and they have acknowledged that could cause some pain for the economy. >> so you're the economics expert here, let's show the jobs added. go back to august 2021, that is wow. any american president would be doing hand stands if you have month after month after month of job growth like that. the question though becomes how does the fed read it. if the fed interest rate hikes which have been significant are meant to slow things down, is that enough or is it inevitable that the fed will raise rates again and if the answer is yes, modest or another big one? >> the fed is very likely to rate raises again. i think that they are
9:18 am
considering how big it should be. they look at the jobs report, incoming inflation data, but no one report will change what they have said that they are committed to. they are saying that they will continue on this interest rate increasing path until they feel convinced that inflation has come down meaningfully and that inflation won't be entrenched. >> and as we move the conversation to a bit more of the politics, can the president tell the american people look in the rearview mirror, things are about to get tough. wages versus inflation, again most presidents would be thrilled. wages are going up. it has flattened out a bit, but overall trajectory the past number is green. so people are getting bigger paychecks, but it is not enough to offset what was rising prices in gas, food, energy, et cetera. >> and so they talk about what is erased by inflation and how people aren't feeling it and that is why you've seen these
9:19 am
poll numbers so low for not just the white house but for the xhink outlook generally is that people aren't feeling those really good jobs numbers all the time. and so that is what the white house has to reconcile here is pushing the highlights of the numbers but also recognizing you who people feel. i thought it was notable that president biden was so cautious in saying inflation may be beginning to moderate. he really went out of his way to say may be because remember it was in december when he said that he thought we had hit the peak of the inflation crisis. of course the ukraine invasion did happen since then, but it is notable that they want a tone of caution. >> last year he said it was transitory, so it appears he has learned his lesson. a statistic i look at all the time is the michigan consumer sentiment index. it is historic will iy low. but focus on the trajectory.low. but focus on the trajectory. it is going in a better direction. he needs the sighpsychology of
9:20 am
things are better when people vote. >> and what it means in regard to inflation, but you saw biden say that jobs are up. wages are up. like things were bad when we started. you gave us control and now things are better and that is v very clear message. >> and you spend a ton of time with campaigns. are democratic candidates in a place where they are willing to be more ont moptimistic about te economy? that would tell you more. >> and they have emphasized that you can see it in the campaign ads. they have tried to distance themselves from this president when they talk about the economy. but i think that the president is probably striking the right balance here by being cautiously optimistic. and i think it is a message that will work with his supporters. those who already feel negative about the economy on the center
9:21 am
right i think, no matter what they do, they are never going to convince some of those folks. >> that is the political debate about the economic numbers. two more monthly unemployment reports before the midterms. up next, president biden's midterm message takes shape. his first point, protect democracacy. (man 1) oh, it looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey,o. (man 1) we shod go even higher! (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (vo) adventure, elevated. (man 1) let's go lower. (vo) discover more in the subaru outback wilderness. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru. subaru is the national park foundation's largest corporate donor.
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president biden making a stark midterm pivot last night trying to turn the campaign from a choice about his presidency to a choice as he puts it about democracy's survival. the president's view as he outlined in philadelphia, democracy is no longer guaranteed, that too many republicans are no longer normal and that he can no longer avoid naming and blaming his predecessor for this rot. >> donald trump and the maga republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic. there is no question that the republican party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by donald trump and the maga republicans. and that is a threat to this country. >> and i saw last night you said that you think this is a speech he's wanted to give for some time and yet that does contradict somewhat his stated desire to go back to have
9:27 am
senator joe biden be president biden and have more camaraderie. now he thinks not going to happen? >> i think this is the moment when he says unity has limits. it is not unanimity. what he is saying, if there are americans who want to take themselves out of the realm of legitimate politics by talking about violence, that word came up over and over again last night, i think that was it are speak of the message. he said those people are putting themselves out of the realm of people who get to participate in politics. this is part of a long tradition. there has been a larger competition more than about votes. lincoln talked about the idea that you could have cold unimpassioned reason and that is the idea that biden is trying to make a case for. he said it is not democrats or republicans, it is about reason over force. >> let's listen to a little bit more. he likes this term, but he was quite adamant that he sees this as an inflection point and history says that the democratic party loses in the midterm
9:28 am
respect but he said rethink that because of the risks. >> i believe america is at an a inflection point. one of those moments that determine the shape of everything that is to come after. and now america must choose to move forward or to move backwards, to build a future or obsess obsess about the past, to be a nation of hope, unity and optimism or a nation of fear, division and darkness. maga republicans have made their choice. they embrace anger, they thrive on chaos. they live not in the light of truth but in the shadow of lies. >> now, the president was passionate there. republicans especially trump allies make the case that he is insulting trump voters, that this is deplorables all over again from hillary clinton, how does the president and his team walk that line?
9:29 am
>> it is a tough line for them to walk. he keeps using the phrase maga republicans. that is something that they poll tested had term to see how effective it was with voters. more effective than using the word trump since he's not on the ballot in november. so they are drawing that line. because republicans quickly come out and say he is talking about all 74 million trump voters out there when he makes those comments. he was asked about this and asked if he sees trump voters as a threat to the country and threat to democracy. and the president just told reporters i don't consider any trump supporter, but anyone who fails to condemn violence, refuses to acknowledge an election when it has won an insist that you change the way you count votes, that is a threat to democracy. and there are obviously republicans who think that the election was won fair and square. there are a lot of republicans who believe that it was stolen.
9:30 am
>> and during the january 6 hearings, liz cheney was trying to get republicans out of their spell. but it is a fact if you look at election deniers running for office, often for secretary of state, the president trying to address that saying that you cannot support a party that does not support basic math, counting votes. >> i refuse to accept the results of a free election and they are working right now as i speak in state after state to give power to decide elections in america to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself. >> i guess the question is -- i mean that is a giant issue and again whether you are a democrat or republican or independent, you can go state by state and look at what some of the candidates have said about who should decide elections. my question is in the context of the midterm campaign, does the president believe that sways votes? >> i think that that is certainly the goal.
9:31 am
but also there is something to be said about speaking to your base voters. i think that also was the point of last night. i spoke to a progressive source, chief staff of a progressive house member, and he tells me it was an important speech at a critical time. so there are some in the democratic party that are like he is finally making this appeal and putting democracy on the ballot. and i think that many are saying that it is about time that he has come out forcefully and made this message. i think in the coming weeks we'll see a lot of democrats lead with this, that republicans are maga republicans are a threat to democracy. >> one thing smart campaign democrats and smart campaign republicans agree on is that the more trump is out there, the more harmful it is to republicans. did donald trump accept the bait yesterday knowing the speech was coming from the president? remember people stormed the capitol, people were killed. that was an attack on the united
9:32 am
states government. donald trump said yesterday reelect me and -- >> i'm financially supporting people that are incredible. and they were in my office actually two days ago. it is very much on my mind. it is a disgrace what they have done to them. i will look very, very favorably about full pardons if i decide to run and if i win, i will be looking very, very strongly about pardons. >> we have no evidence that he is financially supporting, if you have it mr. former president, please send it in. but to this idea that he will gladly consider pardons for people who are being prosecuted for attacking the united states government, is he doing joe biden a favor by elevating himself at that moment? >> you know, you got to wonder if part of the calculus from biden is that trump will continue to talk. right? and that he will continue to say exactly what joe biden is sort of warning about, like that democracy is on the ballot, that he will continue -- he didn't
9:33 am
just offer to give these people pardons. he said i'll give them apologies as well. and so i think that factors into biden's message. look, this is still happening and it continues to rings the bell for democrats. >> and he is not new here in the sense that he's been around. every president except for george w. bush in the first midterm, every president since ronald reagan lost seats in the house, lost seats in the house, lost seats in the house. including biden right now is at 44% approval. obama was at 44% approval. you can't lose 67 seats anymore, but is this speech part of joe biden's effort what do i need to say, how do i need to focus to defy history? >> joe biden is talking to the people not just the 81 million people who voted for him,
9:34 am
democrats, independents, disaffected republicans, but others who listen to somebody like dud saying he will pardon january 6 insurrectionists and say that is not normal, i don't want to be a part of that. >> an interesting speech. next for us, the power, money and influence among the republican ranks as concerns grow letdown in some cases and lack of money for those candidates. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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comcast business. powering possibilities. ™ republicans worried about their prospects in critical senate race this is fall are complaining publicly about what you might call a rich people person or a rich people problem.
9:39 am
a billionaire pumped millions into super pacs to help jd advance and blake masters win senate primaries. about new reporting includes that he has not stepped up with additional cash for tcampaign. and in that great article a republican lobbyist says that this has a feel problem and it has a feel solution. anybody with 30% was going to need help but the difference is there is a patron that has the capacity to help. michael warren is part of this reporting. and it is whining and complaining but it is about something that is very important, candidates who need money. if he was so eager to help in the primaries, what is the problem with money in the general? >> that is what a lot of republicans are asking, almost begging him to answer that question. and i think it is important to emphasize the numbers and how
9:40 am
much help these two candidates really need. if you compare the money raised in ohio, jd advance has raised just $3.5 million since the end of june. tim rooiyan, $22 million. and black masters raised $5 million and mark kelly $54 million. the fundraising is not there. so where is the money going to come from, it will come from super pacs, from big donors. and that is really the problem here and the frustration that lot of republicans say you got these people over the line, you got donald trump to endorse them, these were competitive primaries, they are your guys. and peter thiel, isn't if if yo job. >> and republicans are interesting this internal fight, and that tells you something. but the president of the center for leadership fund works for
9:41 am
mitch mcconnell. weerpd leaving the door open in arizona but we want to move additional resources to other opportunities. as well as an unexpected expense in ohio. that is the rusty knife there, the unexpected expense in ohio. meaning peter thiel is not bailing out his candidate anymore. >> and they see people got the trump boost in the primaries, so now is that going to translate to votes in the general election. and they are really having trouble with the fund raising here. and it has become this remarkable disagreement with the republican senate campaign chair -- or campaign chief with mitch mcconnell over the way that they are talking about these candidates. because mcconnell has been pretty blunt saying maybe they aren't the strongest advocates that we thought, jd advance in ohio, it is an unexpectedly tough race and it should be a lock for them. and now it is this issue and there is a remarkable feud playing out between them publicly. >> again, it is supposed to be a republican rear but you have a
9:42 am
republican circular firing squad if you will. thiel saying this is up to you. you mentioned rick scott, he is also chairman of the republican committee to raise money for senate candidates. and this is a swipe at mitch mcconnell. if you want to trash talk our candidates, pipe down. that is not what leaders do. when you complain that we have bad candidates, you are saying that you have contempt for the voters who chose them. rick scott serves under mitch mcconnell. rick scott wants to be president. but again, this family feud, that close to the election, it is now republicans. >> republicans in disarray. and i do think that it represents a fundamental question among the top tiers of the party about the quality of these candidates and whether that trickles down, whether these folks will be able to hold on to do well against a democratic party and biden who is doing better than they were
9:43 am
just a couple of months ago. >> we should underscore in the example of ohio, every republican i talk to says they expect jd advance to win. the issue is about the finite amount of resources and the republican party and the super pacs moving this money into ohio really sort of limits the number of races where they can compete in on the super pac level. that is really what is going on here. so this is about the money. >> and there is also a different midterm environment. republicans thought that they might be able to sail to victory, but now roe is on the ballot essentially in many of these states, we're having conversations about personal freedom. and that could maybe appeal to more center right republicans in ohio. so they just have to compete in a different way. and democrats, they have to take this opening as well. >> you both make a great point which is in a normal midterm -- or normal year because republican has ohio dna,
9:44 am
nominate a candidate, you are probably going to win. but is this a normal rear. manu raju talked to a radio host bill cunningham who says he thinks that s s that jd vance t give me the nomination and i'll win but he's not working hard enough. >> he's been spoken to by at least one u.s. senator and one governor he respects to kick him in the ass. >> given how the state has trended republican, do you think that he is taking it for granted? >> gentlemen. he thinks the r will pull him over the line. he is probably right. >> even bill cunningham thinks that he is probably right. but that is what we don't know in this very volatile year. democrats have things trending their way, some still bad, but they are much better. >> again, it is about what does the map look like. we talk to people who say if this money is going to vance, it is not going to blake masters. this is a key senate seat that republicans want to win back let
9:45 am
alone some of the seats that year or 18 months ago were saying maybe we can win in washington, d.c., maybe we could win in colorado, maybe they do in a quirky way to do that, but it is a limiting of the money and it is constraining republican super pac money where they are saying this should be the candidates raising this money. a lot of firnof fingers be poin the candidates as well. and we know mehmet oz also having fund raising issues. >> and you have dr. oz, blake masters, herschel walker, those endorsed by trump, trump was also critical of mitch mcconnell to making those comments. mcconnell is saying what everyone else was saying. the fact that he said it on the record, trump is complaining. >> and people are also asking where is trump's money. >> i was just going to say that. he is on a boat load of dimes and he could help if he wanted to. up next live to the courthouse, two top trump white
9:46 am
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today is a very significant day in the federal investigation into the january 6 capitol attack and donald trump's efforts to block the peaceful transfer of power. pat cipollone any and patrick philbin are appearing in front
9:51 am
of a federal grand jury. both were in key white house meetings dating from election day through the biden inauguration and we know from congressional testimony cipollone and philbin were both not happy with the president's conduct on january 6. evan perez is outside the courthouse. what do we know? >> reporter: well, john, we saw pat cipollone come in this morning, he left around lunchtime and pat philbin, his deputy, arrived just a short while ago into the courthouse. they are appearing before the grand jury that meets on fridays, this is the grand jury that is looking at possible crimes beyond the rioters, beyond the people who attacked the u.s. capitol on january 6. they are looking at the conduct of the former president, people around him, who are trying to organize these fake electors whose goal, their scheme, was to try to find a way to keep donald trump in office even though he had lost the election. and so what we know is that there have been weeks and weeks
9:52 am
of discussions between cipollone and philbin and their legal team and the justice department over exactly what kind of questions that they will be able to answer because they claim that they are protected by executive privilege, some of the answers that they have would be protected by the former president's claim of executive privilege. it is not clear exactly how they ironed out those differences, but it is something that would be happening right here before this grand jury in the courthouse behind me. >> evan perez, thanks. let's bring in our legal analyst. and so help me with that. they represent the white house about. they represent the institution, not donald trump. so what is privileged and what is not in the importance of -- again, this is not just about january 6. they were there when he wanted to declare victory on election night. they were there up to the inauguration. they were there when he was trying to pressure the pentagon, when he was trying to seize voting machines. how much can they tell the grand jury? >> this grand jury is look at obstruction and conspiracy to
9:53 am
construct the actual certification of the election by congress. so that is one of the areas that this grand jury is focused on. and what pat philbin and cipollone knew was everything that was going on behind the scenes in order to potentially whether there were white house folks involved in that and the conversations. what they will be able to testify to is things that are evidence of crimes. they are going to avoid providing information about specific advice that they gave to the former president because they are in their former white house counsel capacity going to want to protect that executive privilege. but the way that i think cipollone approached this in his january 6 testimony is that he talked about, well, this was my impression of things. so he doesn't necessarily have to relay the specific conversation here is the advice i gave, but he can say this was my impression.
9:54 am
>> if the prosecutor is doing a good job, can he ask tell me about conversations with a nonprivileged person to get the same information? >> discussions that would have fallen into the category of providing advice to the former president would be off-limits, but certainly conversations that he had with other people, impressions that he formed of his own volition. so what his thoughts were at the time is really where he will probably be the most comfortable. and then the other piece with respect to any claims of attorney/client privilege, that is not a protection against not revealing information to the grand jury about crimes that occurred. so they won't be able to hide behind that. >> so don't tell me if you told donald trump it was a crime, tell me if you think it was a crime? >> they can give a factual scenario and he can tell them his impression. coming up next, the new booster shots approved and available as early as today. ive, football, housewives,
9:55 am
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the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! topping the political radar, new covid boosters are already in some pharmacies. the cdc updated them from pfizer and moderna yesterday. they are built to fight the newer strains of the omicron subv subvariant. cnn has learned the white house climate adviser expected to step down in the next week or so. mccarthy has been at her post since biden took office.
10:00 am
she was expected to leave after a year on the job but stayed on to help get that historic climate deal across the finish line. and we have the first atlantic hurricane of the season, danielle was upgraded to hurricane status today with sustained winds of 75 miles per hour. it is expected to head to the northeast early next week. thanks for your time this weekend. hope you have a peaceful weekend. ana cabrera picks up the coverage right now. happy friday. i'm ana cabrera, thanks for being here. at anytime we could learn whether a federal judge will fwr grant donald trump's request for a special master to independently review the documents seized from mar-a-lago. the justice department says the review isn't warranted. while we await that ruling, this same judge has just unsealed a more detailed inventory of items


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