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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow and Jim Sciutto  CNN  September 6, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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beating out soccer. >> first of all, i'm going to defend the orchestra and band kids. >> me too. >> this is coming from a kid who is wearing bow ties every tuesday. you got to recuse yourself. >> who is hitting the nerds here? >> i am a nerd, so i can hit them. >> harry enten, thank you very much for that. cnn's coverage continues right now. good morning, everyone. i'm poppy harlow. >> i'm jim sciutto. caught on camera, new surveillance video first obtained by cnn shows a georgia republican county official escorting two operatives, hired by an attorney, for former president donald trump, into the county's election offices on the same day a voting system there was illegally breached. the goal to produce evidence to back up trump's baseless claims and ultimately overturn joe biden's victory in the election, even after his victory was
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certified on january 6th. >> right. we'll get into all of that in a moment. meantime, in florida, a legal victory for former president donald trump, a federal judge there granting his request for a special master to review materials seized from mar-a-lago last month. how much could this complicate, definitely slow down the justice department's criminal probe into the former president's handling of classified documents? we will ask our attorneys ahead. but let's begin with our senior investigative correspondent drew griffin who joins us with all of the details on this newly obtained video from a county in georgia, taken the same day a voting machine was breached. >> shows the lengths they were going to do try to prove what they never proved, that there was some kind of fraud going on. breaches of voting machines now in swing states are under investigation across the country, guys. this one happened in coffee county, georgia, and cnn obtained this surveillance video at one of the offices where voting machines were breached at the behest of donald trump's
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attorneys. i want to show you that lady there, that's kathy latham, the former chairwoman of the coffee county gop. she is already under investigation, guys, for posing as a fake elector who signed documents that declared donald trump the winner of the 2020 election. latham can be seen escorting there a team of pro trump operatives into the coffee county elections office, including an it specialist who was working with sidney powell. it is the same day that the machines were illegal breached, january 7th, 2021, the day after the attack on the capitol. according to the text messages, emails, and witness testimony from a civil lawsuit against georgia elections officials, they have connected latham to the plan to give the group access to that elections office. about a week before this voting machine breach, latham, that same woman, testified before the georgia state legislature along
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with rudy giuliani about alleged voter machine irregularities in that same county, coffee county. latham's attorney told cnn in a statement, miss latham has not acted improperly or illegally. miss latham did not authorize or participate in any ballot scanning efforts, computer imaging or any similar activity. one important note, guys, coffee county, where this happened, is a republican stronghold. donald trump won this county with 70% of the vote, yet as you can see from that video, the trump team was able to use a sympathetic election official to get access to an election office. >> remarkable. this is not the only place this kind of thing is happening. what do we know? >> there are a series of breaches of voting machines in other states and at least one of the breaches in michigan has been connected to what happened in georgia. in fact, doug logan, the cyberninja guy, was in coffee county, georgia, he's also being
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investigated as part of attorney general investigation in michigan. it all points to this kind of coordinated plan to try to overturn these election results, but as we said, you know, with every one of these plots they have, no real evidence has ever surfaced that it was anything but a legitimate election, and joe biden was the winner, but we're seeing these connection points now, jim and poppy, all across the country, same people involved, and it is all about this tight little ring around trump and his attorneys. >> it is. and so, drew, what is the status then of the sort of broader investigation into all of this? >> you know, is there a broader investigation, poppy? that is the big question. all these states have investigations going on. the michigan secretary of state, i had a conversation with her last week, she said her state has turned over all of its information, to the department of justice, but there has not been anything back in return. so we don't know at this point if there is a larger federal
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investigation going on, or just a bunch of state investigations that will eventually play their way out. >> it is a great question. we'll continue to pursue. drew griffin, great reporting, thanks so much. joining us to discuss the legal issues behind all this, norm eisen, special counsel for the house judiciary committee in trump's first impeachment trial. norm, first of all, i wonder if you could clear up, by law, who should have access to such offices and voting systems? is the law clear on this? >> jim, thanks for having me back. the law makes clear and it's the -- it starts with georgia state law on computer trespass and computer invasion of property, that only authorized individuals are supposed to have access to this. so now that we have this
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surveillance footage, it raises a ar a very serious question about whether unauthorized individuals got access to the data. there is also federal statutes that are involved, there is personal information, very sensitive on these systems. so this raises very serious legal issues. >> norm, we just heard drew explaining to us, you know, yes, there are state by state investigations. but it is just not clear if doj is pursuing any broader investigation, right, that they have gotten this state information, but there has been no response in return as drew said. when you talk about what the d.a. in fulton county, georgia, fani willis, is doing in that, you know, broadening probe into criminal probe into efforts to overturn the 2020 election, how would this also take in place in georgia in a different county, how might this impact that? >> well, poppy, there is
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indications that some of the planning and execution of this event took place within and using some of the contractors who may have been involved, took place within fulton county, within fani willis' jurisdiction. so that allows her to investigate these matters. there is serious ones under georgia law, and, you know, you see the -- the same cast of characters. i thought it was so interesting that miss latham is also a fake elector. we know she is looking intensively at that, there is a grand jury in d.c., a federal grand jury that is looking at the fake electors. so this is already within miss willis' jurisdiction, and i would be very surprised if the federal authorities didn't also look, under federal computer
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hacking, intrusion and invasion statutes at whether there were federal issues here as well. >> norm, there is the continuing question with all the cases as to whether the legal system is keeping up with this, right? and with what level of speed and seriousness. this is in georgia, but as drew made the point, similar access occurred in other states which could point, right, to there being a broader plan, conspiracy of which there is evidence, right? the president's comment, former president's comments and so on. in your view, does it need to be a national investigation to some degree? >> jim, i think we have seen that with the work of the georgia d.a., there is a rule for state investigators here. she is out in front of everyone investigating the alleged crimes committed by the former president and others involved
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with him. so, while you need a strong state review, yes, there is a role for a federal investigation. we know there are multiple federal investigations going on. and i believe that the federal investigation, for example, into the fake electors, we know that exists, we know there is a grand jury, because of the presence of fake elector, allegedly as part of this, and, again we have to note her attorney says there was no wrongdoing, we'll see, because of her presence, that federal grand jury could be expanded to include this and probably should be. >> norm eisen, thank you for helping us understand it. >> thanks, poppy. thanks, jim. also major legal headline this week, legal victory for president trump, albeit procedural, a federal judge in florida granting the former president's request to appoint an independent special master to
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review some 11,000 items and documents seized by the fbi last month from mar-a-lago. >> many of them highly classified. trump's legal team and the justice department have until friday to submit a list of potential candidates for that special master role. cnn correspondent kara scannell following all of this. kara, the judge had a lot to say in this opinion. what else did we hear? >> she granted the former president's request to have a special master come in and review these materials for any personal items of his, like medical records, anything that could potentially be covered by attorney/client privilege or executive privilege. she also blocked the department of justice from using any of these more than 11,000 documents as part of their ongoing criminal investigation until this review is completed. and the judge in this case, judge aileen cannon, she was appointed by the former president, she said one of her reasons for this was giving some deference to trump's status as a former president. she wrote in the opinion, as plaintiff articulated at the hearing, the investigation and
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treatment of a former president is of unique interest to the general public and the country is served best by an orderly process that promotes the interests and perception of fairness. but she also said one reason why she was giving the former president this special master as he requested was she had some concern about the fbi's filter team, which has conducted the initial review and has already gone through the records, that team is separate from the investigative team. on that point, here is what the judge said, she said for the same reasons chiefly that the risk that the government's filter review process will not adequately safeguard plaintiff's privileged and personal materials in terms of exposure to either the investigative team or the media, plaintiff has sufficiently established irreparable injury. the justice department said they're reviewing this decision, we're waiting to see if they're going to file an appeal in this case, but either way there is a delay to the criminal investigation. of course, the next steps here, the judge set a deadline for friday, where she wants a joint filing from the former president's team and the justice
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department, with a list of candidates who they think could serve as a special master, likely someone who has some type of security clearance given the number of highly classified documents. she is also asking both sides to submit what they expect would be the duties and limitations in the role of the special master, in addition she's also looking for them to propose a schedule for this review and come up with who is going to actually pay for the review. jim, poppy? >> as we noted, the fbi agents who searched and recovered the documents, they had to get -- upgrade their security clearances in some circumstances because of the sensitivity of the material. kara scannell, thanks so much for following as always. still to come this hour, a day many parents and children in uvalde, texas, have understandably been dreading. the first day back in school, weeks after that horrible shooting. hear from a parent who says his child still is afraid, despite the district's safety protocols. also, police have found a body near where a memphis kindergarten teacher was abducted. the body so far has not been
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identified, the suspect in this case is in court this morning. we'll have the latest from memphis ahead. also, new leadership in the united kingdom, liz truss is now the british prime minister. she met with the queen this morning, moments after boris johnson formally stepped down. we'll take you to ten downing street. stay with us. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniniel g. she's bubuilding a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant.. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. you're making all the difference out there kid. next big american. pressu, pressure? pressure, pressure. so where do you think this pressure's coming om? everyone. i'm just here for the mints.
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today is a deeply difficult day in uvalde, texas, for students, staff, parents, so many members of the community there. this is as children return to school for the first time since that may 24th massacre that killed 19 little kids and 2 teachers at robb elementary school. no one will return to the site of the shooting. let's be clear, the students are going nearby schools. >> shimon prokupecz is back in uvalde, where he's been covering this since the tragedy. shimon, it is impossible for any of us to put ourselves in the shoes of these parents,
6:18 am
students, teachers. i wonder what you're hearing from them this morning as we see these images. >> reporter: so, we're outside here, this is flores elementary. this is where many of the students who were at school on may 24th when the shooting took place, this is where they're coming. this is fifth grade. they were in fourth grade at the time. and so fifth graders are now coming to this school. and we got to see some of them as they were coming here this morning. and it is remarkable to see the kids smiling, the resilience, the resiliency here and the resilience of these kids is so empowering and so incredible to see. some of them are just so happy to be back at school. i got a chance to see a.j. this morning, one of the kids i've been following, he actually was shot in the leg. he was smiling this morning. he got a new haircut. and i asked him how happy are
6:19 am
you to be back? and he said i'm so happy to be back and i know he doesn't sleep well. i've talked to him so many times. he usually doesn't sleep well. tonight, he slept -- last night he had a good night's sleep. and what we're finding mostly here, certainly, is that it is mostly the parents that seem to be having more anxiety than the kids about this. we spoke to one parent here, we have spoken to parents who are having a lot of anxiety over bringing their kids to school. take a listen to what one of those parents told us. >> he said that he doesn't think they're going to be brave enough if it happens again. they're not going to go in there, they didn't go in there before. and he wants different cops. and that he's really not budging. the fencing, he said, they can just get a ladder and climb over it. so right now he's just not ready. >> reporter: so, in terms of the fencing, you heard adam there
6:20 am
talk about the fencing. there is none of that fencing here. so what they have been doing at some of the schools is they have been putting fencing all around the perimeter of the schools, they don't have that here. i don't know if they're eventually going to get it here, but some of the schools certainly have it. it is still the security here, the updated security is not 100%, yet because the school ordered all sorts of equipment, but they haven't received it yet. we're seeing certainly a larger presence of law enforcement, state troopers, department of public safety, but i think the story here today really for this community is the resiliency and there is a positive mood here. and i think that is so important to see, to see the kids smiling, to see these kids coming back and trying to get back to live in their normal lives. that, to me, has been certainly very remarkable to see here this morning. >> can only imagine sending all our strength and good wishes to them and all those teachers working overtime, no doubt, to
6:21 am
make them feel like they're at home. shimon, thank you very much. next hour, the man charged in connection with the disappearance of a memphis schoolteacher will make his first court appearance. surveillance footage captured the moment 34-year-old eliza fletcher was abducted as she was jogging early on friday morning. she is still missing. >> such a sad alarming story. yesterday evening, police say they found a body, this about 20 minutes from where fletcher was taken. to be clear, that person's identity, cause of death have not yet been determined. cnn's gary tuchman brings us the latest. >> reporter: jim and poppy, cleotha abston will be arraigned in the next hour in the shelby county courthouse in memphis, being held on $500,000 bond. the main charge against him is called especially aggravated kidnapping, that's the name of the charge here in the state of tennessee. those charges could increase depending on what happens with the search for eliza fletcher.
6:22 am
last night a huge police operation, a dramatic operation in south memphis, about 15 minutes away from where we're standing here in memphis, scores of police officers, police cars, police helicopters, a tip had come in that a body might have been found. they closed off the neighborhood with police tape, and indeed made an announcement they had found a body. but they also said, they also emphasized that they hadn't identified the body. today, we don't know if they have yet identified that body. if they have, they aren't saying. but, of course, the operation was set up searching for eliza fletcher. the reason that this is significant is this. after the kidnapping, police say they talked to a witness who saw abston cleaning his suv. he was cleaning the suv, she said, a half mile away from where the body was found. this guy abston has quite a history. when he was 16 years old, back in the year 2000, he was found guilty of another kidnapping. he had kidnapped a man, an attorney here in memphis, who got away.
6:23 am
abston went to prison for 20 years. he got out a year and ten months ago in november of 2020. and now he's back in the legal system, and we anticipate learning more about this case during this arraignment. jim and poppy, back to you. >> all right, gary, we'll be in court for that. thank you. right now also, a manhunt is under way for one of the two brothers suspected in that mass stabbing over the weekend that left ten people dead and 18 others injured in multiple locations in saskatchewan, canada. authorities identified the two suspects as damien and myles sanderson. damien was found did from injuries that police believe were not self-inflicted. his brother myles remains at large and is considered both armed and dangerous. still ahead, britain's new prime minister liz truss will arrive soon at ten downing street. the immediate challenges she will be greeted with after replacing boris johnson. and there she is meeting the queen. that's coming up.
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liz truss is now the new prime minister of the united kingdom. conservative party leader officially taking the reins this morning after this meeting you see here with queen elizabeth. later today, truss will give a speech outside of ten downing street as she begins to form her government. >> nadia bashir joins us from ten downing street. let's begin with max foster outside the british parliament. boris johnson is gone, but inflation certainly isn't. the ongoing effects of brexit, a war in europe, tell us about the big challenges the new prime minister will face. >> reporter: the immediate challenges, that economic challenge you described, inflation at 10%, but also
6:30 am
increasing energy prices, which are escalating, doubling, tripling in the next couple of months. it is seen as a massive crisis. this really dominated much of the campaign to elect liz truss. she's been really unspecific about what she is going to do. at the same time, she campaigned on reducing taxes, so there is huge questions about how she's going to pay for any price freeze on energy. so that's the big sort of immediate challenge, but she had a much broader challenge, which is that people just don't know who she is. and by her own admission she hasn't got the charisma of boris johnson, so there are huge questions about whether or not she would be able to win a general election, because she's very much pitched herself at right wing british conservative voters and they like her, but it is a much broader church in the uk, of course, and can she repeat that massive election victory that boris johnson achieved? there is a huge question around that. in terms of her place in the world, or britain's place in the world, she has been foreign
6:31 am
secretary, so you have a sense of that already. but she certainly sees the uk as a more independent nation than boris johnson. so while the special relationship with america is important to her, it is not as important and it is not the be all and end all for her. i think there might be a bit of a shift there as well. >> really a fascinating point, max. and boris johnson, right before she met with the queen to take over, he tendered his resignation this morning, also to the queen. now he's a private citizen. beyond sort of the most recent headlines and party gate, et cetera, there is a lot he'll be remembered for. what do you expect his legacy to be? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely, poppy. he leaves behind a significant legacy and he has as prime minister resided over some pretty key moments in british politics. he was careful to highlight those in his farewell speech earlier this morning from outside ten downing street. his final speech from downing street as prime minister, of course. the key thing he wanted to
6:32 am
highlight was brexit, getting brexit done the catch phrase there, taking back britain's laws from the european union. that is something he has long championed and remains proud to have achieved and seen through, of course. we heard from him during his announcement of his resignation in july saying he had some regrets about not being able to see through some political programs that he had hoped to achieve, but, of course, there were other key moments, including the covid-19 pandemic, the prime minister oversaw the swift vaccine rollout campaign here in the united kingdom, careful to highlight that britain rolled out that vaccine at a fast rate than much of its european neighbors. and, of course, the war in ukraine, prime minister boris johnson, the outgoing prime minister boris johnson, noting that britain supplied weapons to the ukrainian armed forces and in his words standing up to president putin, and that was the message he wanted to reiterate this morning. take a listen. >> together we have laid foundations that will stand the test of time, whether by taking
6:33 am
back control of our laws or putting in vital new infrastructure. great solid masonry on which we will continue to build together. paving the path of prosperity now and for future generations. and i will be supporting liz truss and the new government every step of the way. >> reporter: now, as you mentioned, poppy, there is obviously a downside to that legacy, and that is, of course, the months and months of the partygate scandal, and the general -- which embroiled the british government under prime minister boris johnson. that is often what many ordinary people will remember of this government, particularly, of course, as max touched on that earlier, the cost of living, which impacted families up and down the country, and continues to impact families up and down the country. that is a real concern and will be something that prime minister boris johnson will be remembered
6:34 am
for. >> so much so that his own party forced him out, even after the election wins just three years ago. nada bashir, max foster, thank you so much. we're counting down to elections in the u.s. the midterms, and the race to win key battleground states as always. will the balance of power swing over the next 60 days? lots of questions. we'll discuss. at bath fitter, every quality bath starts with quality people. our consultants help you choose from hundreds of bath options so we fit your style. our installers complete your work ias little
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kids are going back to school. today, congress returns from summer break with the senate going back into session and with just 60 days left until the midterms, democrats are hoping a series of unexpected victories for president biden, the democrats, could help them if not keep control of congress in november, perhaps blunt republican gains. >> let's bring in tara palmieri and heidi presbola. i thought your reporting was so interesting in terms of your exhaustive, if you will, conversation with that democratic pollster, john anzaloni, really, he's the one that called it exhausting, right? what stood out to you most in terms of his outlook, in terms of what is helpful to the democrats, but also potentially not so helpful right now? >> so i think what john -- his -- my main takeaway from our conversation was that he thought that this was going to be a huge
6:40 am
massacre for the democrats, that this might be one of the worst election cycles they ever suffered from. biden just five, six weeks ago was really suffering in the polls, with very few legislative achievements. and then the -- i guess the script was flipped with the roe v. wade overturning and the dobbs decision. and he said that he was among many other people in d.c. believed only a marriageginal r and wouldn't are any real value in the midterm turnout or the elections, but already his polling shows on the ground across the country that women are really charged up and they are leaning democrat and this could be a huge deciding factor. plus you couple in some of biden's legislative wins, changing the narrative that democrats aren't able to do anything with power in the senate and the house, and white house and suddenly he feels like the entire game has changed. now, i think we'll temper that a little bit, we have 60 days to
6:41 am
go, but there is definitely been a momentum change and mood shift for democrats, that's undeniable. and you're just seeing voters who are unlikely really, you know, paying attention and wanting to go out and they see this as a referendum on abortion, more so than on biden, which was feared before the overturning of roe. >> on the other side of the ledger, with his average approval rating in the cnn poll of polls up four points since last month, it is still low, still in, well 4, 40%, you havet right there, and other issues, inflation down from its peak but still high. other economic concerns as well, particularly as we head into the winter and energy prices. where do you see the scales as it were coming down and again with the proviso we're 60 days out and god knows what could happen between now and then. >> it is great that tara talked to as many pollsters as possible because when you talk to them, they're all saying this is different from your traditional midterm landscape here, when it
6:42 am
is traditionally a referendum on the president, it is a referendum on the economy, when you look at those issues, now, inflation is improving, it is coming down, there is another thing to say what will happen over the next two months, but right now that key indicator is looking good for democrats. and then you have these issues that traditionally we couldn't have expected, right, with the overturning of roe. when you look at the special elections that have played out across the country, just within the past month or so, there has been a dramatic shift there in the overperformance of democrats. we're not just talking here about this upstate new york race. we're talking about in alaska, nebraska, and minnesota, the reason for that is like tara said, the suburban white women who are always that swing vote. you can take it back to george bush who called them the security moms, who were named the soccer moms prior to that, we don't have a name for them now post roe, but these are the same women who waited in the rain to cast their referendum
6:43 am
against president trump after his election and the election, the gubernatorial election in virginia. this is what is at play here this is the wild card, it has already fundamentally shifted what might happen in the senate, which at one time was favored to go to the republicans, and now democrats are looking like they might hold on to it. >> candidate quality, if you ask mitch mcconnell. tara, i thought it was interesting that that pollster also told you about, i don't know he used the term swing voters or what, but the voters still up for grabs, if you will, that they tend to be independent and under 50, saying there is a larger universe of undecided and persuadables that are people of color and i think we keep forgetting that. does he mean we, the party, the democratic party? >> yeah, he means the democratic party, that we can't be looking at african american -- they can't be looking at african american voter s or latino votes as a homogenous group, that they
6:44 am
have to treat them as persuadable voters. it is really interesting, because i think for a long time the democratic party took them for granted and they had definitely made sure that all of their -- most of their campaigns are talking to them in a more aggressive way. another interesting point on the roe decision, how it changed the game, he did point out that the roe -- roe was overturned around may, right, or it was leaked out in may, and a lot of these gop primaries were going on and these senate candidates like blac blake masters and tudor dixen in michigan, they were going to the far extreme on the abortion issues saying they believed in all cases that there should be no abortion, even in rape and incest. and now they're sort of having to face that now going to a general election and they already started moderating their tone. you're seeing republicans now campaigning out there with their wives, talking about abortion in a more -- in a softer way, a more compassionate way, rather than the hard-line they took during the primary and i think republicans are starting to realize this could actually really affect them coming into
6:45 am
the generals. >> marco rubio, interestingly enough, the exception to that, in what could be a tight race there. heidi before we go, if i remember the climate two years ago prior to the 2020 cycle, the polls showed trump way behind and it -- there were a lot of senate races rated as locks. look at susan collins, for instance, for democrats, didn't turn out that way. are pollsters more confident in their numbers today than they were two years ago? >> they're confident in them in this moment. two months is a lifetime in politics. especially if inflation rears its head again, which we have no reason to believe that we're done with that. things could dramatically shift. i think they're confident in their numbers, where we are right now. the house is still looking like it is going to go to republicans, there are so many entrenched infra structural issues there with redistricting, with so many democrats retiring, that it is looking like it is going to be difficult for democrats to hold on to the house, but the senate is what to watch.
6:46 am
that is what is kind of teetering back and forth and right now if you look at all of the top pollsters and election forecasters, they are now rating that as leaning democratic, that democrats are favored to hold on to the senate. >> heidi, tara, thank you, both, very much. >> thank you. >> next, sources say russia is buying millions of rockets and artillery from north korea to use on the battlefield in ukraine. we have this new cnn reporting straight ahead. as a main street bank, pnc has helped over 7 million kids develop their passion for learning. and now we're providing 88 billion dollars to support underserved communities... ...helping u us all move forward financially. pnc bank: see how we can make a difference for you.
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welcome back. cnn has learned russia is now turning to north korea to refill
6:51 am
its weapons stock. u.s. officials tell cnn the kremlin is buying millions of rockets and artillery shells from north korea to be used against ukraine. >> cnn's barbara starr joins us from the pentagon. drones from iran, now ammunition from north korea. russia used to be the supplier to these countries. now it's asking for help. what does it say about the challenges they're facfacing? >> this is really one of the key questions. we have been led to understand over the years that russia has a massive weapons inventory and that they still had plenty in stock to use against ukraine if it came to that. but now, very open acknowledgment from the u.s. administration and there's no way to independently confirm it, we should say, that russia is buying weapons from north korea. let me read a statement to you from a senior defense official that puts some context on this. the official says, the russian ministry of defense is in the process of purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells
6:52 am
from north korea for use on the battlefield in ukraine. this purchase indicates that the russian military continues to suffer from severe supply shortages in ukraine due to in part export controls and sanctions. we expect russia could try to purchase additional north korean military equipment going forward. so this comes from u.s. intelligence clearly, it is the assessment of what is going on. again, no way to independently confirm it, but the fact it's north korea at this point is pretty interesting. the north koreans also, of course, have a massive weapons stockpile. not known in particular to store it in a secure technical manner, so we don't know how efficient those munitions may be. will they really work? once and if they get to the battlefield in ukraine. >> north korea faces its own import and export controls.
6:53 am
there have been a lot of questions whether china was going to step in and help russia with weapons, et cetera. is this an indication that china is not doing so, or do we have an update? >> i don't think we know absolutely for sure yet. it does not seem at the moment that china is necessarily anxious to get involved because they would have perhaps already. it looks right now like russia turning to iran possibly for drones and north korea for munitions. >> barbara starr live for us at the pentagon, thanks very much. >> pakistan really on the verge of, in the midst of, a humanitarian crisis. one-third of the country is now estimated to be under water. we have been covering this catastrophic flooding for weeks and it continues. officials say cases of typhoid, malaria, other infections are reaching epic proportions there. more than 1300 people have died because of this, including at least 400 children. about 1 million pregnant women
6:54 am
are among the 33 million who have been displaced by this. >> 33 million in one country. the government intentionally breached the country's largest freshwater lake sunday, hoping to control the flooding. that doesn't appear to have worked. the scale of this is just alarming. here is "the washington post" pakistan bureau chief, suzanna george, with more. >> you can see some of the fields that have been most recently flooded here in the province. these fields were flooded when the pakistani government made the controversial decision to intentionally breach a lake upstream from here. that move displaced tens of thousands of people and flooded hundreds of more villages downstream. but we're hearing that water levels in the lake are continuing to rise. and that may force the pakistani government to make another breach of the lake's retaining wall. that would only add to the growing humanitarian crisis
6:55 am
here. where we are now is just south of some of the worst hit villages further north from here. these are villages that are still under water. we visited families at some of these villages, and they told us they don't want to leave their homes because they know even if they reach dry land, there will not be shelter for them and there won't be aid. these floods have been going on for weeks, for months, since june. but the pakistani government only declared a state of national emergency a few weeks ago, and then began appealing for outside aid. so there's growing anger here among pakistanis that the government has acted too slow and even those who have been able to be rescued from the flooded waters are not receiving the humanitarian assistance they need once on dry land. >> lord. biblical. thanks so much to "the washington post" pakistan bureau chief for that report from the ground. >> still ahead, newly obtained video to cnn shows a form
6:56 am
republican georgia county official escorting two pro-trump operatives into the election offices on the same day a voting system there was illegally breached. we'll have a live report coming up. new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately t your srtlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your jobriteria. visit and get started today. okay season 6! aw... this'll take forev—or not.
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top of the hour now. i'm jim sciutto. >> i'm poppy harlow. we're glad you're with us. we're following several key stories. first, a major development in the investigation into voter machine tampering in georgia. new surveillance video obtained by cnn shows a georgia republican county official escorting a team of pro-trump operatives into the coffee county elections office on january 7th, 2021. that's the same day a voting system there was illegally breached. that official at the center of the video is also under criminal investigation for posing as a fake elector i


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