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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 7, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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available as a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. once again, thank you for watching. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, the doj's huge decision. will they fight the ruling in favor of a special master in the trump mar-a-lago case? they said the need to move ahead was urgent, but there's still silence. ty cobb is "outfront." and poll workers urged to break the rules by republican leader in michigan. that official going so far as to compare those poll workers to undercover agents. and new details in the murder of a las vegas newspaper reporter. police searching the home of an elected official. let's go "outfront."
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, what is the doj waiting for? they're silent on whether it will -- in the trump mar-a-lago investigation. and this comes as we're learning that the documents seized from trump included, by the way, hundreds of documents, but it included a foreign government's nuclear capabilities according to a report in "the washington post." that kind of information, a country's nuclear capabilities, is closely guarded, many senior national security officials are kept in the dark about it. and yet, here's where some of the documents were last month. look at your screen there, which you can see in red is just down the hall from where the members go, the outdoor dining area, the members part of the club, and all the guests go through, all the wedding pictures that trump takes every weekend. all that is going on next to documents of a country's nuclear program. it took more than a year for the government to get these
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documents back. that includes when they were promised they had received a sworn affidavit, a statement in june from a trump attorney. saying we've given you everything. they didn't. far from it. that was untrue. and now the pressing question is, what is the doj's next move? because eight days ago, the agency made a case against a special master. writing they are continuing their review of these materials for purposes of its criminal investigation caused by improper storage of classified records. those are their words from the doj eight days ago, an urgent interest. if it's so urgent, why are we still waiting eight days and who knows if they're going to do this, for an appeal? what is the delay? is the justice department going to let the judge's decision stand or will they appeal? evan perez is "outfront" in
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washington. there's several crucial layers to peeling back this onion. what is the doj considering as they weigh an appeal? >> reporter: they're considering whether to appeal or not. eight days ago, they even said in court they wanted the judge to structure her ruling in a way that would allow for them to appeal. and so you would think that they knew pretty much -- they had to be expected this is the direction she was going. she had telegraphed this was thinking where she was going. the biggest thing for the justice department, they could live with the idea of a special master. it's not unusual for the department to have to deal with something like that. what is unusual is this injunction, which stops them from having access to these documents, which is a core function of the justice department. this is exactly what they're supposed to do, which is to examine these documents, to find
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and to investigate a possible crime that happened at mar-a-lago. and so that's the big question of what they're going to do with regard to that. you have to think that's where the focus of their appeal will be. and just a few minutes ago, for instance, we just saw something pop up from another judge who has been overseeing some of this, the grand jury actions. this is the judge here in washington. she is the one that oversaw the two grand jury subpoenas that we learned about in these court documents, and somewhat she just said is that the justice department is now allowed to unseal another portion of the affidavit. we may learn a little bit more, erin, about that second subpoena, the one in june, that went to the trump organization for access for surveillance tapes. it appears that's at least some of the evidence that indicated those boxes were removed, erin. >> obviously, very crucial as we've been getting information
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from that affidavit. all right. thank you very much, evan perez. i want to go to former trump white house lawyer ty cobb. so let me start with something that we learned here about what's in the documents, as we pointed out, hundreds of pages, many boxes of documents. we now know one of the documents according to "the washington post" describes a foreign government's nuclear capabilities. do you think the doj has enough evidence at this point, putting aside all of this business with a special master, just from the evidence you have seen, do they have enough to indict the former president at this point? >> thank you, erin. nice to be with you again. i'm not sure that they do have enough to indict. and with regard to the document as described, you know, obviously if that's in fact true, it's a very serious manner. on the other hand, there will be a lot of questions with regard to that document. you know, was it previously
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unclassified? who had access to it? et cetera, et cetera. obviously, if it is as described, trump has no business having that document at mar-a-lago, and that does pose, you know, a distinct threat to -- to our, umm, country's safety. but i'll say that i expect, sadly, that the leak will play more favorably in the -- in the trump world than it will in the department of justice world. i think one of the concerns is that, as stated by the judge was, to make sure that the public and others have no doubt about the fact that this was a fair process, and the leaks, i think, undermine that, sadly. >> so let me ask you about the process itself. you know, just pointed out that
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the department of justice could live with the concept of a special master, but not with the injunction against their continuing with the investigation and their access to documents. trump's former attorney general bill barr has been very, very adamant in his view on the special master, tripling down on his criticism of the judge's decision to side with trump on that issue. here's just what he said today. >> she says that she's bringing in a special master to look at whether stuff is, umm, executive privilege or not. the classified stuff are government documents, and they go to the government. no scenario legally under which the president gets to keep the documents, whether it's classified or not. >> ty, what do you say to that? what he's saying in this case, there would be no reason for a special master in any way, shape, or form. is he right? >> well, i think he's a little
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bit narrower than that, but not much. what he's saying is there is no need for a special master as to the classified documents. and i concur whole heartedly with that. as to the attorney/client privilege and the executive privilege documents, where she pointed out the law is not what the government argued, that trump has no executive privilege. the supreme court's made plain that, you know, he does have an interest, or may have an interest that hasn't been adjudicated yet and it will get adjudicated likely in this case. i do think that the special master, the -- the thought that it somehow is a tragedy of justice along the lines os of dd scott is quite distorted. special masters are common. in the giuliani case where they
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seized 18 devices from rudy giuliani and another from a lawyer colleague of his in d.c., it was the justice department, less than two months ago, that asked the court to appoint a special master. so i think the government -- >> but not in the case of the classified documents, which is what -- >> absolutely not. the classified documents all belong to the government and should be in the government's hands. >> right. i'm just saying even on that narrow looking at that, that would enable the department of justice to go ahead with everything they needed if it resulted in an indictment separate than anything that would be looked at by the special master. let me ask you one other thing -- >> that's very true. sure, absolutely. >> sources telling cnn steve bannon is getting ready to turn himself in to new york state authorities tomorrow. you worked at the white house at the same time as steve bannon. the charges in this case are new
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charges, related to his fund-raising scheme to build a border wall. he raised $25 million and took $1 million for his personal use, and that's fraud. how much trouble do you think he's facing? >> i think he's in a great deal of trouble. two of the three colleagues with tw whom he was charged federally have pled guilty in that case and will be sentenced. the third went to trial, they had a mistrial. he'll be tried again. but i wouldn't be surprised at all to see the colleagues who pled guilty show up on the witness list for the government, assuming the government even needs them. the facts seem straightforward. they raised $25 million, assuring people that it would all go to the wall building project. bannon ciphoned out $1 million, according to the allegations, and the allegations that the
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other individuals pled guilty to. i don't think that bannon has much of a chance in that case. and it will likely result in his conviction and incarceration. >> all right. thank you very much, ty cobb. next, i'm going to speak to gabe sterling, who testified before georgia's grand jury investigating trump efforts to overturn the election. so what happened there? plus, former president obama returns to the white house today and had a lot to say about his former vp. >> joe, it is now america's good fortune to have you as president. you have guided us through some perilous times. >> so what is the white house going to gain from today's visit ahead of the midterm season? and a major development in the manhunt for the suspect in the stabbing spree across canada in which ten people died. y for your whether it's a year old, or a few yeyears old
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new tonight, ignore the rules. cnn obtaining video of a zoom training session that was held by gop leaders in wayne county, michigan, and it was held one day before the primary there. on this video, poll workers was warned bad stuff was happening and urged to break the rules, who compared them to undercover agents. here's a clip. >> they were told by their
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trainers -- i would say hide it. >> all on tape. she defended her actions, saying comparing to poll workers to spy was a way to make the training more interesting. so she just told them to break the law. "outfront" now, gabe sterling, the chief operating officer for georgia's secretary of state. he stood up to then president trump's efforts to overturn the election, defended the election of georgia's results, and the state's poll workers. so gabe, i just wanted to start with this new reporting that we have from michigan, those poll workers being urged to ignore the rules, compared to undercover agents, sneak in cell phones, that's what they're being told to do by gop leaders in wayne county. what is your reaction when you
4:17 pm
hear that? >> umm, anything that can be -- the laws and rules are there and they're written down for both parties so that each side can have confidence in the outcomes of the elections. if you encourage people to violate those laws, you'll undermine whether or not it was a fair election. so the good will of the losing side saying we understand was fair, and somebody violated the laws, that gives the other side a baseball bat to beat them upside the head with, which is counterproductive. >> this video comes a day after cnn had video that shows someone posing as a fake trump elector. she's escorting two operatives working with the trump lawyer sidney powell into the election office. that video, gabe, is on january
4:18 pm
7th, 2021, which happens to be the same day a voting system at that location was breached. now, we know tonight that a georgia bureau of investigation is investigating that breach. does that video, where you have this person who is involved in the trump elector scheme, escorting people in on the same day as the breach, concern you? >> well, obviously anybody who gave an unauthorized access, that is a criminal activity. our officers make sure that anyone is held to account.
4:19 pm
>> all this happened -- >> we only had 20 investigators and we're trying to keep up with that . >> well, we --
4:20 pm
into the county election offices. is also of interest to the fulton county california, -- georgia office. what is your sense based on that questioning? do you think that donald trump or rudy giuliani, who we know has been formally informed that he is a target, should be worried about charges at this point? >> in georgia, i can give all the allegations i like, because i was a witness. i was doing my formal thing, explaining videotapes, and we had a really engaged grand jury. there was 17 members there. ten asked me questions directly.
4:21 pm
a lot of them had to do with the false claims about the magic suitcases of ballots underneath the table. i think we spent 45 minutes just on that alone. but it was all kinds of claims. they were trying to figure out who said what, what did it mean, and what was the rational behind it all. i think it was chaos. if they can keep all the hoopla alive that would allow the lawsuits to gain traction if they found something. but they never found anything. if they had found something, they would have on top of a mountain with a red flag. >> for sure. gabe, you were saying there were 17 members there on the grand jury. but ten of them were asking you questions directly. so they really know their stuff? because this is widely perceived right now, separate of what is happening at the doj, as probably the biggest threat to the former president in terms of possible charges.
4:22 pm
what you're saying is that this grand jury, they know what they're doing. they're not sit thing passively absorbing. they're asking. >> very active. the forewoman was definitely active. she asked the most questions. but there were people in there that still had lingering questions about what were some of these claims and were they debunked? there's honest disagreements in this country, but one thing we can agree on is the 2020 election is over, joe biden won, and some people are upset. this is what election workers have to deal with. they want a fair election, an accurate election, and they want their candidate to win. our team can handle two of those. you have to accept sometimes that your guy just doesn't win. but we need both parties to always say at the end, unless there's a real claim, yes, we lost, we'll come back and fight another day. >> so gabe, you said that 45 minutes and the magic suitcase, but were there other things they were focused on?
4:23 pm
i feel like it's stomping out lantern flies right now for anyone in the mid-atlantic. how many did they go through that they wanted the detail on about debunking. >> they're lightning bugs here in georgia. the reality is, it's been probably two months now since i was there. they had a videotape of one of giuliani's attorneys, and they said stop us when they said when you hear something that's not true. they illegally counting votes without a lawyer present. that's not a law. so much misinformation, and one of the interesting things about this, there's so many -- one of
4:24 pm
the best defensive measures we have is the nature of the elections themselves. now, one of the biggest flaws or biggest weakness in any of these election systems is the people. the woman who was the director in coffee county was a weak link. she went on youtube saying we switched votes. she was mischaracterizing things and she was a bad kactor. >> i know any insight you can provide on this. you said some people on the jury still had questions and weren't sure if some of these lies were lies. did you feel that they heard you, that they understood that it was a lie when you were done with your testimony, that your testimony was the needle? >> i think they walked in with an open mind on this. it's hard -- i know it's
4:25 pm
sometimes hard for some people to believe it. there are millions of americans that still believe this because a person they trust told them so. so they go into a defensive posture. i think there's legitimate questions, and we provide the answers as best we can. i believe, i think most people in the room understood that the claims made by the trump attorneys, rudy giuliani, sidney powell, they were bogus, that they weren't reel or based in reality. that's the vast majority of them. but the main thing was to understand how the system worked, and how do we know that the outcome was the actual outcome? >> right. gabe, i appreciate your time, as always. thank you so much. >> thank you, have a great night, erin. next, former first lady michelle obama back at the white house, and taking a thinly, thinly veiled swipe at trump. >> once our time is up, we move on. plus, the investigation n io the death of a las vegas
4:26 pm
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barack obama returning to the white house. biden praising obama's tenure in the oval office, and crediting him with preparing biden for the job. >> mr. president, nothing could have prepared me better more to become the president of the united states to be at your side for eight years. i mean that from the bottom of my heart. >> obama praised biden's accomplishments since taking the top office. >> you have guided us through some perilous times. you have built on and gone beyond the work we all did together to expand health care, to fight climate change, to advance social justice, and to promote economic fairness. >> kaitlan collinses is "outfro" at the white house. you were there today.
4:31 pm
you heard them praising each other. certainly an image that is one that biden wants as the midterm season begins. what is the white house hoping to gain politically from what we saw today? >> reporter: having that image of these two presidents next to one another, the ceremony was about a return to this custom that was basically halted while trump was in office of a president hosting his immediate predecessor for the unveiling of these portraits. something that as you saw today had not happened in a decade, since the obamas hosted the bushes. so quite a notable moment there. but yes, when it comes to the political lens of this and how people view this, certainly both party leaders, both democratic leaders are going to be needed to help boost the part you ahead of the midterms that are coming up, something that they are concerned about with that slim majority that they have in the house, what it looks like inside the senate. so that's why it's no surprise that former president obama will be helping with senate democrats
4:32 pm
and their campaign arm ahead of this before we get to the midterms. part of that is because they realize both of these leaders are needed to bolster turnout in the midterm elections. both have very different appeals and styles. obama really appeals to the democratic base. joe biden has a much more appeal to the sen centrist that he's b going for in his speeches. so certainly there's that aspect to this, as the democrats are trying to make sure that they can try to hold onto their majority in the house and to make sure republicans don't take control of the senate, which is going to be their primary source. one thing that did stand out were the comments from michelle obama. she did not say trump by name, but she didn't really have to. she had this unmistakable message, talking a ing about th importance of democracy, talking about the way you leave office.
4:33 pm
>> absolutely. kaitlan collins, thank you so much. for more on that, i want to bring in dana bash, our chief political correspondent. as kaitlan pointed out, midterms are coming here, less than nine weeks away. obama is headlining that fund-raiser. you have new reporting on how involved obama will be on a crucial election for democrats. that they were expected to lose soundly, and could be gaining. what more are you learning? >> erin, i'm told tonight that the former president is planning to campaign beyond the fund-raisers you mentioned new york. tomorrow night, he heads to the west coast and will do more party fund-raising there next week. as we get into the fall, i'm told that he is going to, as you can imagine, he's got a lot of requests for candidates to come out and campaign with him. he's going to pick the ones that he believes he can be most effective in. and one of the most fascinating
4:34 pm
things i was told by a source familiar with that the former president's plans, is that it's not just governor and congressional races, but it's secretaries of state. i don't remember efficient a former president thinking about probably campaigning for somebody as far down the ballot as secretary of state. why? you were talking to gabe sterling about the reason why. we know, and it's because of 2024. we all saw, and we continue to see the importance of positions like that in critical battleground states with regard to how a president can chosen. so i find that incredibly fascinating, and we'll see which ones he chooses that could be telling as to where the battle grounds really continue to be heading into 2024. >> also, you know, michelle obama, i said thinly veiled. it wasn't veiled at all.
4:35 pm
but when she made her comments about the former president, you know, let me just play a little bit more about what she said at the white house today. >> traditions like this matter. not just for those of us who hold these positions, but for everyone participating in and watching our democracy. you see, the people, they make their voices heard with their vote. we hold an inauguration to ebb sure a peaceful transition of power. those of us lucky enough to serve work as barack said, as hard as we can, for as long as we can. as long as the people choose to keep us here. and once our time is up, we move on. >> dana, what role is she going to play now? >> well, unclear what she's going to do in the future, if anything, for midterms. but that particular statement, erin, was quite telling.
4:36 pm
yeah, you're right, it was barely veiled at all. she's quite blunt and she's talking not just about the fact that donald trump completely busted the idea of a peaceful transition of power. it didn't exist because of january 6th and what we heard from him and his supporters. but remember, she did engage in the tradition of the peaceful transition of power. it wasn't easy for her or her husband to kind of, you know, bite their tongue and be not only at the trump inauguration, but greet him and melania trump at the white house and participate in all of the pomp and circumstance that is supposed to be classic america. and donald trump just didn't do that. >> right, right. there's that infamous tiffany's box. dana, thank you very much. next, the search for the person who killed a las vegas reporter is raising questions about an elected official.
4:37 pm
and ties to that reporter. we have the latest on that investigation, after this. plus, the city of el paso, led by a democrat, is now joining governor greg abbott and bussing migrants to new york. >> are you worried about backlash? >> absolutely not.
4:38 pm
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saying yes to prop 27 means more people get the assistance that they nee they get someone to partner in such a way to see transformation come to them. yes on prop 27, because there's no place like home. tonight, the investigation
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into the killing of a long-time investigative reporter in las vegas is raising questions about a local elected official that he had written about. police confirming to cnn that they have served search warrants in connection with the death of the reporter, found dead outside his home in broad daylight saturday morning. officers seen today outside the home of robert tellis, who didn't respond to reporters when he returned home later in the day. the search to his home may be connected to garmin's killing. "outfront" now is art cain, who worked closely with jeff germen. so i appreciate your time. i'm sorry for the shocking loss that you and your colleagues are experiencing. unimaginable. so we're trying to understand what happened here. police have released an image of a vehicle that they say is tied to the suspect, a red, maroonish
4:42 pm
suv. our affiliate cap ptured footag of a car being towed from tellis' driveway. i know you're trying to find out what happened, what more can you tell us about the investigation? >> well, it took a turn today, because over the weekend, we had assumed it was a, you know, robbery gone bad or something like that. and yesterday afternoon, police released a picture of this vehicle. and our reporters started to see the images of this vehicle that looks like a vehicle just like in tellis' driveway. so that was really concerning and surprising. and then this morning, the police came down and roped off the area, started searching his house, and took that vehicle, registered to tellis' wife, that looked like the vehicle they released earlier that day. that's about all we know right now. police haven't done any kind of
4:43 pm
press conferences. but clearly, it's very concerning if there's some involvement from tellis in this. >> it's shocking. right at this point, we don't know what the relationship is, but it is pretty shocking what we know so far. obviously, tellis hasn't been arrested or charged and police haven't spoken or connected him to the investigation. but we do know that after jeff's reporting on tellis, there was a public clash that he reported on tellis' office joef oversight, inappropriate relationship he had with a staffer. he denied that, calling him a bully. jeff, tellis lost his re-election bid in june. he lost it after these things came out. what can you tell us about how jeff's reporting was received?
4:44 pm
>> well, you know, it's not unusual for someone who is the focus or target of an investigator's story that jeff or i or some of the other members of the team do to push back and claim that they're being treated unfairly. tellis got quite a bit of time in the story. talked to jeff. his points of view were represented. and there wasn't any corrections or anythingfactually wrong, he just didn't like he was being held accountable. so i wouldn't call it a clash. i would call it that jeff didn't respond, other than continuing his reporting. tellis just lashed out at him. >> can you just tell me a little bit -- it's aing shocking story with a focus on journalism and elected officials. what can you tell us about jeff, as a person, that you worked
4:45 pm
with? >> well, jeff is the ultimate vegas reporter. he's been here 30 years, covered everything from the mob to the fire at the mgm grand, to the -- we covered the october 1 shooting together. we've done several investigations, including of the lbcba, which is the government agency that came up with the -- what happens here, stays here slogan for vegas, and we found a lot of ways to end corruption there. some people got indicted after the series of stories we ran. so he basically was, you know, 100% hard-hitting reporter, and this was the kind of work he was going to do for as long as he could. >> and he did. gosh. thank you very much. i appreciate you coming on and telling us what you know. thank you. >> sure. next, first on cnn, a homeland security official telling cnn a record number of
4:46 pm
migrants have died on america's southern border this year. now a democratic led city in texas is joining with greg abbott in bussing migrants to new york. and a sobering warning from america's national security adviser about the possibility of a chinese invasion of taiwan. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could d look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪ i'm not like those other hotels. i'm what you call "boutique". i'm into intimate conversations, leather lounge chairs and soaking up the cities atmosphere. i'm looking to provide a more unique experience.
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4:50 pm
states. and now it isn't just abbott. rosa flores is "out front." >> you asked your children for forgiveness. >> reporter: she feels guilty for taking her three children on the dangerous trek from venezuela to the u.s. southern border. she says one of her sons almost drowned along the way. [ speaking non-english ] at that point, she says she had no other option but to keep going. migrants like her are caught in the middle of the latest immigration debate. some are public and elected officials like texas governor greg abbott. >> this is an american problem caused by the president of the united states. >> reporter: bussing migrants from the u.s. southern border to the northeast. but now, el paso, a democratic-led city is doing it too. the city is in a border patrol sector that has encountered more than 228,000 migrants since
4:51 pm
october, a 47% increase compared to last year. we met jiminez at a homeless shelter there, where a growing number of migrants are being processed there. >> where are you going? >> reporter: the mayor of el paso, oscar leaser, is a democrat. >> are you worried about potential backlash? >> when you're doing the right thing, there is no such thing. >> reporter: leaser, like abbott, points to the spike in migration for his decision. >> until suddenly buses of migrants started showing up -- >> reporter: who started bussing immigrants to washington, d.c. earlier this year. >> we're doing it because we want to help them because they don't have funding. they can't get to the next destination. we're doing it because it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: the net effect, leeser and abbott are doing the
4:52 pm
same thing, bussing migrants courtesy of tax payers. in abbotts case costing more than $12 million. abbott doesn't coordinate with destination city. el paso does. cnn was there when a new york city mayoral delegation was briefing migrants on what to expect upon arrival. department of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas says abbott doesn't coordinate with the federal government either. >> we have sought to communicate with the governor, but partnership takes two. >> so, the governor has not been responsive? >> the governor has fwhont responsive. >> reporter: abbott's press secretary responded to mayorkas saying in part, the biden administration has made little to no effort to communicate or work with texas to address their almost two-year-long border crisis. only now is secretary mayorkas feigning attempts to reach out.
4:53 pm
the last leg of a grueling journey. >> would you do it again? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> reporter: she says she wouldn't because she has learned that having a humble life anywhere surrounded by family is more than enough. >> so, what are the migrants telling you about what they're going to do when they get off those buses in the northeast, in new york or washington? what are they going to do? >> reporter: you know, a lot of these migrants don't have family in the united states, erin. so, this is actually a pattern that we've been tracking on the border for a while now, migrants arriving to the u.s. southern border with no family connections no, money to get out of the border region. that's why abbott's buses are so popular in the migrant community because they see it as a service. erin? >> fascinating. thank you very much. rosa reporting live from houston tonight. video emerging of taiwanese
4:54 pm
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tonight national security adviser jake sullivan warning a chinese invasion of taiwan remains a distinct threat, his exact words. this, as there are signs taiwan's military is not prepared, perhaps to defend
4:57 pm
itself. one thing caught on camera was chinese civilian drones flying directly over restricted area, and the taiwanese did take them down. >> reporter: what's supposed to be a secure area. apparently taken by surprise, soldiers respond by throwing rocks. video of this bizarre encounter with an unidentified dr-- commes mock taiwan's military for unreadiness and incompetency. the videos seem to expose a stunning vulnerability, drones photographing restricted areas. taiwanese tried warning flares.
4:58 pm
chinese military confirms these mysterious intrusions are civilian drones from mainland china. >> so, we are only going to see more and more of these attempts they want to provoke or taiwan defenses on the other side. >> reporter: the drones are targeting taiwan's islands, about six miles from mainland china. tiananmen is a crucial first line of defense from a chinese attack. >> these antilanding strips have been landing the streets here for more than 70 years. these days it's not chinese tanks coming over. >> reporter: it's drones. this video appears to show the possible pilots, remote controls in hand. i got a tank, one man says. cnn cannot verify the identities of these people. the chinese government
4:59 pm
apparently unconcerned, brushing off the provocations as no big deal. taiwan's government vowing to take tough measures to take down intruding drones. the military is speeding up deployment of air defense systems to outlying islands. >> it's not just civilian drones we need to worry about. >> reporter: tsai ing-wen accuses china of using drones and other methods to intimidate the self-governing democracy. taipei says it's part of beijing's ongoing pressure campaign, including unprecedented military drills encircling taiwan. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi. and now a growing list of u.s. lawmakers showing solidarity with a young democracy facing off against an old foe in apparently unexpected ways.
5:00 pm
>> i just got back from southern taiwan, erin, where the army staged two days of live fire military drills. they were really trying to show how they are prepared for combat. and part of the reason why they're trying to protect strength and show force right now is because of the embarrassment that resulted from these civilian drones breaching these civilian areas, these military outposts. >> thank you very much and for all that reporting. thanks to all of you. thanks to all of you. anderson starts now. - - captions by vitac -- good evening. tonight the evolving reactions to the reporting by "the washington post" published last night around this time, some 24 hours ago. "the post" reported that fbi agents recovered a document from mar-a-lago describing a foreign country's nuclear capabilities. when reached by "the washington post" for comment, an attorney did not deny the substance of


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