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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 8, 2022 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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i am christiane amanpour with
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more of our continuing live coverage on the death of queen elizabeth the second. it is 5 am here in london. the vast majority of the british people, more than 80%, have lived their entire lives with only elizabeth on the phone. now her son king charles the third largest nation later on and a world in a matter of just a few hours. with me tonight, cnn correspondent bianca nobilo is at buckingham palace. correspondent nick robertson isn't -- and cnn correspondent scott mclain is at windsor castle. bianca, let's go to you outside buckingham palace. we know that a lot of press is coming. the noise out there, the engineers putting all the final touches on press platforms. don lemon will be there tomorrow and given his show. tell us what is going on outside and has been. i know there's not so many
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people are now, but the morning has been quite consistent throughout the day. >> preparation s
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-- had been her at balmoral. of course, we now know as well that king charles have been in -- we know she had been deputizing for his mother at the great more highland games over the past week or so. he had been close and, but i think it was that sense that there were big causes in essence in the conversation about the queen's medical condition and knowing that her family were rushing their that really high-end and began to make it clear without it being spot up directly for the country that this was not good, that these are the bad science, that these are things to expect when a monarch is in a bad way.
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i think the conditions were set and the expectation became clear by the time that announcement came. >> nick, of course, everybody have been preparing for this. we knew that she wasn't well, obviously, 96 years old. she had perform her duty though just a couple of days before in appointing the new prime minister and, yet, of course, no matter how prepared you are, this country is in shock and mourning. windsor castle is our favorite home, we understand, people from all over the place coming to pay respects. >> yeah, absolutely christiane. the scene here earlier was pretty unbelievable. when we learned the news that the queen had in fact died, of course, the flag on top of the castle was lowered to half mast as they say here. and then there was a rebuttal appeared in the sky next to it. it was so unbelievable to
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probably would not have believed it at a not seen it with my own eyes. and then slowly crowds gathered to lay flowers and pay their respects, sort of the missionary of the royal family started to work after that. they started to break up barricades, move people along to where they actually wanted them to start later flowers. this is the kind of thing that, obviously, the royal institutions have been preparing for for quite a long time. obviously, the british people have been mentally preparing themselves for a long time, but it does not make it sting any less. i was really struck, christiane, by how many people should general a motion for some of the did not know personally, maybe tweeted out me before, and yet they wanted to store and spent ten or 20 pounds on a bouquet of flowers and candles just put them down to pay their respects. even some people went further than that by writing heartfelt
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cards and heartfelt notes. two of the words that jumped off the page that i kept seeing over and over again we're duty and service, people thanking her for her many years of service. >> you can feel the community and all those acts of kindness and consideration and mourning their and gratitude, frankly, from the people for her long reign. nick, as we have seen, her death, her picture as a young queen, a young woman's blast all over the front page and the world including in the united states. the washington post saying that she was a rock of stability in a changing world. now, king charles the third is getting ready to make his adjust to the nation and world. how will the country to navigate this time of transition? what do you expect he might say? it probably would not be that long. >> he spoke already in that brief announcement, spoke in
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writing, of course in that brief, brief announcement that the queen had passed and he and his family were suffering. i think when he speaks to the nation, and what he sees from a nation when he gets back to london. he will realize that the nation is as a morning for his mother as he is, and the rest of his family are. i think that the connection that prince charles, king charles, i must correct myself, will make the connection that he will be able to make, -- when he speaks, we will hear a sense of that, of his own deep sorrow and loss, perhaps of his own aspiration of what may come, although there will be plenty of time to lay that out. but i think to touch perhaps,
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to feel a little, and to show that he sees the nation is in mourning and feels the sympathy that is coming from people. of course, it was that moment, i think where the queen back 25 years ago spoke of how the emotions and outpouring of support for princess diana when she died had been felt by the roe family. this, in a way, the shared emotions between the monarch and the masses of people, that is a way to connect. >> bianca, back to you, there are going to be a lot of changes, including in small things like whose face is going to be on the paper money here, on the pound not. whose face will be on the coins, on the stamps, all of this will change. >> it will, and it will take time.
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i am sure that nobody would want those changes to be unnecessarily abrupt. the country will need time to mourn and to accept that now it is king charles the third at the home and not queen elizabeth the second. but i think it will be an important time not just to mourn the queen but to take about her legacy and what she achieved. she was the greatest pitcher -- matriarch. she was a preeminent family there, as well. you mentioned serving alongside 15 prime ministers, meeting world leaders from vladimir putin to cheat jinping double trump, she was able to transcend politics. and she had a very gentle touch when it came to affecting her quite sweeping constitutional powers. i think looking ahead, it will be about remembering that legacy. i'm sure can cause the third will be one to preserve and respect his mother's contribution to the nation and
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not rush to quickly. naturally, they will start to happen. in this country, -- post boxes to our currency, it is everywhere. i think sometimes, we get used to the presence, and when it all changes, it will make us realize that she was an even greater part of our lives and scenery then we recognized at the time, christiane? >> for the first time in 70 years, the national anthem will be changed to say god save the king. people are so used to singing god save the queen. nick, we've got incredible pictures of the queen in 1965 at the berlin wall when it was up. we know that you want there afterwards when it came down. she's lived through so much history, plenty of conflicts, plenty of scandal, you are the diplomatic editor. we heard from the german for minister who praised the queen for helping to nip these two
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fierce enemies back together after the terror en route or to. >> this is really how the world thinks of the queen, that she was a force for good, a force for peace, a current example would be what we heard today from the president of -- a political organization an island, diametrically opposed to the monarchy's influence in ireland, historically and today. mary lou mcdonald spoke about the queen being a true advocate for peace. i think this is something that has stood along with her and something that has been respected, whether it's been a leader in africa, the united states, in europe, her legacy did grow out of the second
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world war. she, perhaps, began to define a role in the community when she spoke to the nation as a 16-year-old, to encourage other young people during world war ii to do their bit and to help the nation. so, she has carried that message of peace, but i think there were so many other ways -- her moral sense of purpose. it's been that sense of duty, duty, duty that was exemplified even personified really just this week, that she was performing her duty until her last day's. i think when we look at the different world leaders around the world that have come to pay their respects, these words of duty, we've heard it from leaders in new zealand, from leaders in australia, all
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across the commonwealth and the world. it's the respect that she earned, deserved and is now recognizing and remembered for. >> i want to go to scott mclain at windsor castle. you are our american colleague. you obviously covered england. the queen met with 13 different u.s. presidents and her life, starting with harry truman, as we said. can you process how incredibly important she is also to america, even though we know, that your nation, america, was founded on breaking free from the british monarchy? >> i never hear the end of it from my friends if i did not correct you gently, christiane, that i am canadian. i am a proud former resident of the united states of america. but you are absolutely right. the queen is hugely influential,
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even in the united states and even today. i had a chance to speak with a lot of people and the moments before we found out the news for sure. many of them were american, and they spoke really glowingly of this woman that this country for a war to make sure that you never be the head of state of. it's really remarkable to see. i have to say, the opinions of prince king charles maybe a little bit different now from an american perspective and perhaps from the british perspective as well. the americans that i spoke to before and after we learned of her death, were much more open about the fact that they did not share the same sort of glowing feeling about charles then perhaps they did about the queen. maybe he does not have the same squeaky clean image that the queen has in the united states and obviously, the royal family seems to have taken a bit of a hit thanks in a small part due
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to the controversy and scandal involving prince harry and meghan, as well. so, the queen obviously has a huge place and influence on the united states and a long history there. it will be interesting to see the weather that carries on with king charles now. >> bianca, nick, scott, thank you so much. and, of course, scott, your prime minister was one of the first to come and deliver his condolences, justin trudeau. thank you so much. of course, it was every journalist stream to interview -- well, and never actually happened. she never granted it to anybody. the closest i ever got was in 2007, when i was awarded a civilian honor known as a -- it's got a grand title -- obviously, i am really proud
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that it was given for services to journalism. it was an amazing expense for me because i recall how nervous i was and how much anticipation there was. i was standing there in what i thought was a lovely white suit, which actually got a big crumple and had a hat on, which are meant to have. it looks a little bit like the leaning tower of pisa. and it was an amazing opportunity. i was afraid that i would fall off to when i built in front of her before she pinned the medal. i was told to engage quickly, animatedly and get out there. she decides when she talks to you and when she dismisses you. i quickly decided to talk about all of this. he probably thought i was being original, she obviously had a passion, and i also did take the opportunity to thank her for opening cnn's london bureau back in november 2001. it was shortly after 9:11 and she done some media rounds,
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including cnn. she was incredible honor to have her here. it was an incredible thing for the network, and i thank you for having done that. i was in kabul at the time, so i missed that trip, but she was also, she played her role to press, even though she never gave an actual sit-down interview. queen elizabeth ii was the longest reigning monarch in british history and in all human monarch will history. now her son is king. how will his relationship with his mother effect helping charles the third rules? >> we should take comfort that while we may still have more to under, better days will return. we will be with our friends again. we will be with their family again. we will meet again.
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the second mark in the end of an era and the uk. her oldest son and heir apparent for 70 years, charles, no king charles the third. for more on what we can expect when the new kings reign, i want to bring in vanity fair contributor -- welcome to the program. i know you have examined and written about prince charles, now king charles. it is somber obviously for the royal family. they got to lay the queen to rest before you can start your own rain, but you will adjust to people tonight, briefly. what do you think this means for him, and how do you see his reign, at least in the first few days, weeks, years? >> it's very interesting, charles and his mother are different people. it's basically the difference between the greenidge generation and a boomer, right?
9:25 pm
so i think what we will see from charles is a lot of unnaturally leaning on the legacy of his mother, maybe keeping his opinions to himself a little more than he has as his role of prince evolves. but then i think slowly over time, as it becomes more comfortable and the job, we will see it much more stream down, modern monarchy. >> that's interesting. stream down, modern monarchy -- for many, many years, some brits would have said that. they looked across the continent and set, look, that's a slimmed down, modern monarchy. we don't see them and everybody's lives all the time. we don't see the pomp and circumstance -- they are still monarchs. people here said, no, no, we like our pump -- it's going to be tough to slam it down, isn't it? >> i think it is going to be difficult, but i also think that you have to not see that king charles the third does not
9:26 pm
have a choice. a lot of the people that were supposed to be a part of this new royal era are not available anymore. harry is not available, megan is not available, prince andrew is not available. i think that the sea of change that happened is really actually to charles's favor and wishes, and it is what he had dealt with him, and he will deal with it as best as he can. >> let's just ask you about his relationship with his mother before i ask about some of his interventions over the few years. it was not initially close, you are right, but then a group closer. >> absolutely, the queen became queen when charles was a little boy, and, an issue, the she breast fed charles -- charles was raised primarily by
9:27 pm
his beloved nanny and was close to the queen mother. overtime, it became a distant relationship, but i think we have seen, as he has become settled and happy with himself, with camilla, that he and his mother's relationship grew closer and closer, and she started to look at him as a shadow, as he -- she descended into her twilight years. i think, you know, relationships are complicated, and there is a great story of one charles was little and his mother would come in at night to kiss him connect while he was taking a bath. she should be wearing a crown on her head to practice -- or he would have to put his sister and away from his mother and say, no, that's enough a mommy, she's creamy. -- what kind of relationship this was. it was a very strange
9:28 pm
relationship with a monarch, who the world respected, and then on the other hand, she is just your money. >> who do touch insulting the people have talked about but not wanted to talk about too much tonight. it was a strange way to be brought up, particularly, spending so much time away from her actual mother and parents because they're off doing their duty. it's important to remember that. he also is known for being outspoken. i am really fascinated to know how he will thread that needle because, obviously, constitutionally, he is not allowed to but people appreciate so much of the things that he has talked about, whether it is climate change. remember, back in the 20 15% quartz, he also tried to convince president trump not to leave it amid powerful comments at the 2020 world economic forum. let's just listen. >> do we want to go down in history as the people who did
9:29 pm
nothing to bring the world back from the brink in time to restore the bounce when we could have done? i don't want to. >> does a really powerful words, yeah, absolutely. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say that those are powerful words, and charles was often mocked in the early days for his support of climate change initiatives and his real issue and focus on conservation. he was also considered freight scandalous for his belief in all religions and a steep appreciation of new age religion and eastern philosophies. i think that we are seeing that the times are actually catching up with king charles the third, maybe at the exact moment. >> it is fascinating, of course, we have not mentioned but we should have done that the queen herself is a deeply spiritual
9:30 pm
person. she does have a very strong faith, and she did this by that in public many many times. she was head of the church of england and the churches across this country paid tribute and actually innervate around the world, many of the organizations back in judaism, is that, christianity have come out and, in fact, pay tribute to the queen. hadley, thank you for joining us. a nation in mourning coming out in droves to pay its respects. we will bring you the stories and messages from people across britain after this.
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we are back live from london
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with cnn's continuing coverage of the death of queen elizabeth the second. and a point of sadness and grief here and across the net kingdom and, in fact, across the world. the queen was a grandmotherly figure to millions of people over, and the only monarch that most of the british people have ever known during a seven decade long reign. here are the voices of everyday people paint should be a s
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the king and queen consult, charles and camilla, will travel to london tomorrow. it was like a slap in the face, a king and queen consort. we all wish them well, but it's a shock. of course, almost historically, it's a show. most of us have only known a woman, this great woman on the throne. >> you point out something incredibly important that i want to get to. first and foremost it's a shock to hear all the sudden the public saying the king and queen canceled but it is part of the way that it works, the way it's always worked, these
9:39 pm
transitions. it's a bit of an emotional shock but not surprising to hear those words, even so soon, immediately after she passed. i want to ask you about her being a woman, because i think it's really important. for some of the years, we had queen elizabeth the second before the greatest queen was greatest -- and in the middle, queen victoria, also provided an amazing era. these three women have seen some of the great glory days of this nation, even one it was an empire. talk us a little bit to those three amazing queens. >> i agree, it's been said that the british light queens, and i think churchill the most famous of our -- ironically, what we think of often is our greatest ages, the lizza beaten one, defector in
9:40 pm
one, times four, or better or worse, great expansion of this small island. and in each case, the first to queens, the nation, the island, was in a much stronger place when they left it then when they came to the throne. in the case of elizabeth the second, i don't know if it's in a stronger place, but it's in a different place. the queen has presided over a time of change by almost none of her predecessors.
9:41 pm
9:42 pm
his son harry's comments. but all the same, back to your point about being a woman and queen, i think in many ways, the house of windsor, it's a pity that the next three incumbents elect our mail.
9:43 pm
because, if you think about what the queen has meant to maine, she's meant to be a gracious, wise, into session or, perhaps slightly passive figure. and that really fits with the model of the constitutional monarchy. traditionally, a king, a man, is supposed to be forceful, leading his armies into battle. slightly scary in a good way. and that's very hard to do in the context of the constitutional monarchy. and in the 21st century. >> it's really fascinating. thank you so much, indeed. next, a love story. we will take a look at the relationship between the queen and when her consort, prince philip. cent online now we've created a brand new way for you to sell your car whether it's a year old, or a few years old
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the second. she herself was in mourning just last year, at the funeral for a husband, prince philip, the duke of edinburgh. the man she once called her strength and stay. he was gone. max foster shows us how their romance and job marriage that ultimately lasted 73 years. >> it was a love affair that lasted more than seven decades. as we know there's a bat submitted jubilee after giuliani went on to become the longest-serving british monarch in history, philip was always by her side. a childhood companion to the queen, margaret rhodes, was her bridesmaid at her wedding. and was in no doubt that it was a marriage based on love. >> i think she fell in love with her. he was good-looking. he was [inaudible] she never looked at anybody else, ever. >> the couple married in westminster abbey on november
9:49 pm
20th, 1947. and from that moment on, prince philip was an almost constant presence at the queen side. if this companionship came at a personal price, it was one he was willing to pay. >> just have been there all the time behind her, ready to sacrifice his life, willing to sacrifice his life, i think he would've loved to be in the navy and made a career out of that. so he was stood fast to. i think it's made for one for a solid marriage. >> the queen and prince philip met before the second world war when he was a young naval cadet. >> is number one job, has been to, quote, support the queen. and it's been one of the great loyal romances i think of history. people talk about victorian alba was afraid of trips out into.
9:50 pm
and in years to come, i've no doubt that they will speak to -- about elizabeth and philip in the same way. >> netflix's hit series the crown captivated viewers worldwide of its portrayal of the young couples early romance. ensuring their place in popular culture. for generations to come. >> see you tomorrow. >> the shy teenager and the handsome prince. as parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents, they would always remain by each other side. as long as they were together. max foster, cnn, london. >> and thanks to max foster for that, and we will be right back with more on our special coverage live, here in london. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> we've spoken throughout these two hours about the majesty in the dignity, and the longevity of queen elizabeth ii. this is the last time we saw her just on tuesday. the day she welcomed the new prime minister, the queen remaining on duty to the very end. but let's not forget the queen sets -- platinum jubilee celebration when unforgettable guess she that for a spot invited of t a buckingham palace. >> i do a guest hope that you are 40th become hump ellis. having a lovely duty. >> t? , oh yes pleas e.
9:56 pm
>> terribly sorry. >> never mind. >> inspired. on the patting timber trail count, thank you, ma'am, for everything. -- they even pretended to pressured by helicopter into the london olympic games in 2012. it is now friday morning here in england. they used to say that the sun never set on the person par, but in about 30 minutes, nation will have its first sunrise without the queen who led institute at most if not all their lives. we are indeed at the dawn of the rain of king charles the
9:57 pm
third. think you for watching, our coverage continues with becky anderson live outside buckingham palace after this. ♪ my relationship with my credit cards wasn't good. i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. between the high interest, the fees... i felt trapped. debt, debt, debt. so i broke up with my credit card debt and consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. i finally feel like a grown-up. break up with bad credit card debt. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. go to to view your rate. sofi. get your money right.
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