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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 10, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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kind of olive branch that william and some wisdom decided to take advantage of, because it was harry who very recently had been complaining that there were lines that -- that william had crossed that were unacceptable and i think it was -- it was really up to charles to -- as the king to sort of set a standard for being the bigger person. that is a sort of thing that the queen would have done. and just sort of put any notion of ego in one's pocket. i think william, you know, learned many lessons from h grandmother. and one of the lessons is sort of level of humility and modesty. and a willingness to bridge the
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rift. and so, i think it speaks extremely well of william in effect for perhaps taking a cue from his father and moving it one step further. i mean, we now have a situation where the new king is reaffirming his tradition and it is turning into a sort of new hope as sort a healing within the family. to see the four of them as they are, you are sort of reminded of what was from the very beginning, and i've felt for the last two years that harry and meghan missed a terrible opportunity by leaving the royal family. they had so many things that they could do. and william and charles needs them more than ever.
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who knows. nothing is -- there is hurts there. and there is a lot of hurt and a lot of mutual mistrust. but, you know, one can perhaps at this moment be an optimist and think that this could be a brief celebration and healing. >> sally, your words are so poignant but the pictures are speaking louder than anything. we did get to see william right before he got into the car. he actually said thank you and you could hear the squeals of just exuberance there as the cars have now pulled off and the prince and princess of wales in the vehicle as well the sussexes after that very spontaneous moment, max foster learning from his sources that it was prince william's idea to reach out to prince harry and say join me on this walkabout and they exited the gates there of windsor
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castle and then they went down the long walk here shaking hands, grabbing flowers, taking the time to listen to the words of the so many people who have lined up there and it went from a very somber atmosphere to now, don't very a better word than to say jubilance because it has been very jubilant. and sally, all of your remarks are remarkable, in that king charles iii making mention of prince harry and meghan and probably gave the green light and nudged according to max's reporting prince william to extend the olive branch and invite his brother and wife here. we're going to re-set right now at the top of the hour. hello attorney. you're looking at at some of the pictures earlier of prince william and kate. the now prince and princess of wales emerging there from
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wales -- from the gates there and then going down the long walk there at windsor. and talking to people, being very engaged in what everyone had to say seemingly. and then becoming so comfortable after the hand shakes, even collecting flowers, a lot of flowers that were probably intended for the queen and her passing. so i've got a wonderful team of folks that are with me on this day. that britain's king charles is formally named sovereign of the british monarchy. the proclamation made in an ancient ceremony seen on television for the first time ever today and in his address the new king acknowledged the very big job that he has ahead of him. >> i'm deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which have now passed to me.
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in taking up these responsibilities, i shall strive to follow the inspiring example i have been set in upholding constitutional government and to seek the peace, harmony and prosperity of the peoples of these islands. and of commonwealth realms and territories throughout the world. >> now king charles iii and in the front row there, all of the former prime ministers. anna stewart and max foster, they are at buckingham palace. so glad you could be back with us after that heck of an hour. wasn't it? just what a beautiful display of the prince and princess of wales and the sussexes coming together there at windsor castle and, you know, these ended up not being moments of condolence, but almost like a welcome home,
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wasn't it? max, tell us more about how this came together. >> well, you know, i was expecting a walkabout from the prince and princess of wales, as the appropriate time for it allowing the king to have the limelight yesterday and gradually introducing other members of family. so i was expecting them to come out today and look at flowers and i was expecting this to be in windsor because that is where they're living at the moment. shortly before this moment, maybe just an hour before, prince william reached out to the sussexes presumably via prince harry and asked them to join kate and william on this -- to go and see the flowers and the tributes late for their gear grandmother. both of them incredibly close to the queen together, and to the sussex's credit they've agreed. they're all put their
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differences behind them in the name of the queen. and i think if the queen saw this, she would be utterly heartened. and this is a moment that may bring these two couples together and could mean that going forward the sussexes are back if the family fold properly. i mean they've decided that they don't want full time royal roles. but other times they would like to carry out some royal duties. harry was brought up in that spirit and he's a military guy. you know, the queen and now the king were his bosses. this is something that he wants to do, but, you know, the cambridges, their view was that you're all in or you're all out and that is the rift that developed and it got more and more sensitive, culminating in the oprah interview and we did wonder whether or not they would ever be seen in the same room together. but it was the queen's death that brought them together and i think that is fitting and
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they're talking to each other as well. i mean, this is a pretty massive moment. not just because it is a family and it is a family rift and they're very high-profile people. this was undermine the british monarchy, this rift. but also undermining the sussexes in many ways as well. so hopefully if they could come together, find some common ground, i think everyone involved would benefit. including everyone watching. i mean no one likes to see this sort of upset, do they, in a family. >> i mean, this is so uplifting. and i mean, anna, a lot of news has come out of today. that the bringing together of these brothers and their spouses, and perhaps this rift, this divide now being reduced. and then of course we have a date now for the funeral. there is the viewing that will take place. run through all of the highlights of today. >> i will. but first of all, i just note that there are hume cheers going
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on behind us. i'm pretty sure, i believe this is the car carrying perhaps king charles and i'm keeping an eye on the royal, to see if it stalls, there is so many around buckingham palace. for people who have stood out here for hours just hoping, i think, for anything to happen at this stage. a lot of cheers here. now you're absolutely right, we've had a lot of information in the last hour. but i think for the public here, particularly they will be pleased to hear there is a plan that has been published so they know what they could do in the coming days. a lot of the next few days would involve where the queens coffin taken. so tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in the u.k., it will be moved from balmoral to holyroodhouse. this is an emotional time for the royal family, the members are still there because this is when the queen's couldffin will leave so their grandmother and great grandmother will enter
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into the sphere of public mourning. on monday, the coffin will move to st. giles and until tuesday when it travelled to london by air and coming back here to buckingham palace. now, on wednesday, that is when the coffin moves from here to westminster hall. this is a big date i would say in the public story because this is when the lying in state begins in westminster hall so i could expect you to see people form before that date. when we look back at the queen mother, we saw some 200,000 people cueing up to see the coffin so i expect this is bigger than that. and and the coffin will remain there until monday, the 19th of september and we'll have a big procession for the coffin going into westminster abbey. and after that, the coffin process is once again, one more time to wellington arch before it is taken to windsor where the final resting place will be at
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st. george's chapel. >> and then, max, i know you mentioned earlier and got a check on your king sources and maybe we've given you enough time but you heard sally smith who said that she felt like king charles iii gave the green light to prince william by mentioning harry and meghan in his speech earlier today. is there anything official coming from sources that you have? >> no. i think he's been busy. we've just seen him go past. he has endless meetings today. there are so many things he have to tick off to his reign. and he has endless meetings today. who knows if they manage to get through to him. i just think the assumption would have been if they couldn't get through to him he would have been happy with what he saw. but this is what for me was -- it is been so solemn. and the weight is heavy on the british nation right now and that is a lighter positive moment to come out of this. and these positive things do
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come out of tragedies so thankfully we're given a moment to smile today. >> i think were all smiles with that and the surprise of people lined up there with flowers, presumingly there to hopefully leave flowers for queen elizabeth and being able to hand the flowers to the prince and princess and the sussexes. max foster and anna stewart, thank you very much. and back -- now, sally smith and kate williams. so you've been watching these pictures. has it all sunking in in a different way. do you have a new perspective based on what you saw? kate? >> well i'm so hopeful now. i love harry and meghan and i was really sad when they left the royal family. they have so much to give and i do think the half in-half out royal could be experimented with. tours and assisting in that
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sense. so i am hopeful and i feel very heartened by what we saw today. harry and meghan, and william and kate all walking around together. they looked like the best of friends and all jumped into the same car. after harry and meghan's message, we called them the fab four. there was a fantastic picture captured by a member of the public and it was the fab four and here they are again. and i think it shows what power they have as a four. it is tar power. and if charles can, he would do well to encourage these kind of -- bring it in with the prince and princess of wales and that will give him the boost that he is going to need when the honeymoon period fades. it was so moving to see them out there celebrating their grandmother. really out there saying to the crowd, thank you. and i really, it is such a moving event. as max was saying, it is a
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moment of lightness and it is a tough few day an this is a moment offiteness coming together and a family reminding us that this is the firm, these are the royals and the family whatever they've been through. >> and sally. i don't want to get too far ahead while you mentioned king charles may have opened the door to this kind of moment. do you see that what we saw on display with this fab four, you know, as kate puts it, do you see that potentially there might be some new duties or assignments or willingness or adeptation of how these four will be coming together representing the monarchy? >> well, i think there could be so many positive benefits. i remember talking to advisers for harry and meghan in the early days and one of them in particular had worked very closely with the queen about setting harry and meghan up with
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the commonwealth universities and the other commonwealth portfolio that they were given. and there is really nobody else who is doing that. i mean, i've always thought that there would have been enormous potential for service for the two of them on behalf of the monarchy. in this case it would be charles. and you sort of have to remember that the queen has been about reconciliation in so many ways throughout her long reign whether it was working behind the scenes and using her soft power for south africa and whether it was germany and going to russia and going to particularly ireland. so the spirit of reconciliation was really something that was
10:16 am
identifiable in her. and if this -- if there is -- people have talked about the sort of magical powers up at balmoral and her dying there and they're coming together in a rather hurried way and, but at least they were under the same roof on that night after her death. and maybe in the fullness of time we'll know what was talked about there or what transpired in the aftermath of charles's speech. but i do think that -- and forgiveness was something that the -- and tolerance were two values that also the queen embodied. and grace and humility and modesty and all of those -- all of those values, i think could be applied. if there were going to be
10:17 am
reconciliation, i think most people would absolutely welcome that. and harsh words could always be put aside. >> yeah. earlier we were straining so hard to hear what was being said between the well wishers and the prince, princess or sussexes and we do want you to listen now to what one of the well wishers at windsor castle had to say. >> do you think that charles could sort of pull the country together. >> 100%. he's been given the fact that he's had the time to solidify his start of leadership. i think even more so now. think it is very ready for it in the last 15 years than he was in his younger years. i think there was so much because of the diana situation and the hang over from that situation. where i think it is a lot more palatable for the nation to see him in that light. >> so, i wonder, kate, a lot of people are assessing, you know,
10:18 am
how prepared king charles has been. we know that his entire life he has been groomed for this moment. but i wonder how much he was preparing for the passing of his mom. and for his duties to then kick in. >> yeah, well, as you say, fred, this is been -- he's been waiting to be king, it is our longest serving heir to the throne. he has been prince of wales for a very long time. but within that, there is a very complicated division when you're a royal in waiting. in one hand you want to plan what you do for the job when you have it. but on the other hand that is when you lost your most beloved parent. so although charles is more prepared than the queen was, who had no idea that her father was so ill and was shocked whether they heard that he was dead and she was queen. charles had much more preparation. the queen has been -- her health has been declined over the past
10:19 am
year. but at the same time. you can't put your seal on things until you become king. we were discussing how the plans for the funeral were not confirmed until charles had signed them and now what we're going to see quickly is charles really organizing what he will do as monarch. he talked in his speech about discharging his duties, during the time that he has left on earth and i think his reign is not as long as his mothers, it will be shorter. so i think he will move quite quickly in terms of showing what kind of monarch he's going to be, what kind of changes he's going to make and really i think those changes are going to be within what the monarchy does, the demands made upon it particularly with the commonwealth changing, countries becoming republic and have the monarch as head of state but also what is going to happen within the family. and i think just as sally was saying, his message to harry and meghan at the end of his address
10:20 am
to the nation, on the vital address to the nation when his mother had died, he talked about harry and meghan and i think that was a signal that this is the unity he wants and also there have been a lot of media criticism of harry and meghan that other royals are not criticized for. they have been criticized and singled out. i think he was saying let's dial down the criticism. we are a united family. and charles his first few days as monarch, but so far it is very successful. >> his words may have worked. it resonated quickly. thank you to both of you. appreciate it. sally smith and kate williams, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> so over the course of her 70-year reign queen elizabeth met more than a dozen sitting u.s. presidents, a look at those unique relationships and our continuing special coverage will continue in a moment. (kari) unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data.
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across the united kingdom, gun salutes for king charles iii ringing out. [ sound of gunfire ] >> 21-gun salutes began in the four countries that make up the island country. proclaiming the new monarch of edinburgh castle in scotland, and hillsborough in norther island and at the tower of london in hyde park in zblgroun. and we should remember the late queen. queen elizabeth ii met 12 sitting u.s. presidents during her 70-year reign. cnn's max foster reports now on
10:26 am
the special relationships the world's longest serving monarch developed with america's leaders. >> reporter: the special relationship. or a dozen special relationships. >> ladies and gentlemen, to her majesty, the queen. >> queen elizabeth met every sitting u.s. president during her reign except lyndon johnson. she also met harry truman in 1951 when she was still a princess. joe biden was the 12th and last president to have the honor during her reign and the first to meet without her husband prince philip by her side. >> they were welcomed at the white house by the first lady and at the beginning avenue memoriable visit to the nation. >> starting with dwight eisenhower in 1957, she saw her fair share of change. and the conversations remain private. >> people do respect the fact that this is a genuinely private
10:27 am
off the record conversation. so they really can talk about things and get to the heart of things in a very genuine fashion. because they know it is not going to come out. >> has it slipped to you in any way? >> of course not. >> she took ronald reagan horseback riding in windsor. his successor, george h.w. bush, brought the queen her first baseball game at memorial stadium, baltimore, during a state visit in 1991. both reagan and bush were given honnarary knighthoods. the u.k.'s highest constriction. she stopped traveling abrought and leaders came to her and when they did, the royal family rolled out the red carpet if a regal display of british soft power. president george w. bush was the first u.s. president to pay an
10:28 am
official state visit in 2003. and bush was also the last to host the queen at the white house in 2007. pomp and pageantry did at times provide awkward moments, however. evident when president trump visited in 2018. he also revealed the topic of their conversation, brexit. which raised eyebrows too. his predecessor, barack obama also committed a faux pas. >> yet these meeting haves have been a sign of the relationship between the u.s. and the ux k. through the longest reigning monarch played a major role. >> to the continued friendship between our two nations and to the health, prosperity and happiness of the people of the united states. >> max foster, windsor, england.
10:29 am
>> and cnn's erin burnett spoke with two former presidential advisers and here are their memories of some of the meetings with the queen. >> one of hi favorite memories from days gone by was -- accompanying reagan, and he had a classy style as you know. but we went to versailles on a ten-day foreign trip and went to versailles for a g7 meeting and the president got up the next morning and flew to rome to have lunch with the pope. where the president promptly fell asleep of course. but then we got into back on air force one, he with breakfast in versailles, and lunch in rome and went from there in the afternoon to fly to the u.k. to take a helicopter in to windsor and there were the queen and prince philip who greeted us with open arms. they put out a wonderful meal
10:30 am
and they were just so welcoming and with one of those events you felt that you understood how the world might work. but it was also very einterestig how they bonded. the queen and the president loved horses as you well know. and they loved to ride together. and they had great fun doing that. and it is -- those relationships with other presidents, i think, were part of her not -- not just her charm but how much she raised the sites of the world, where in a world that is so fractures in so many places, to have a queen to bring us together, i think that is where we should be thankful for. >> and think it is important, we're showing the video of them horseback riding. it shows these weren't just cursory relationships. that these were deep personal connections and then president obama flew to the queen's castle in 2016. to celebrate her 90th birthday. at this point you're at a very different generation. she would have come in young and
10:31 am
same age as ronald reagan and now here she is. he was so young compared to her. and here is some of what he said after meeting with her. >> the queen's been a source of inspiration for me, like so many people around the world. she has truly is one of my favorite people. she's an astonishing person. and a real jewel to the world and not just to the united kingdom. >> very genuine. >> yeah. and even compared her at one point to his grand mother which no higher praise than that from anyone. but no higher praise than that from president obama who loved his grandmother so much and stood in the breach when his own mother had passed away. and the obamas were just star struck. you saw him struggling for words. when you hear president obama
10:32 am
struggle for words. >> exactly. >> that is the impact of her. the small person apparently i never had the chance to meet her. but everybody said, this huge presence in this grace and this dignity and this regal quality, that is just really rare. and it is clear that they'll never be another queen like that in the kind of a reign, and i think everybody around the world is -- people watching tv, republicans and democrats, united tonight in remembering somebody who has been with us our whole lives. >> wow, that very petite figure but clearly up against everybody as you see. she's still the biggest one in the room at all times. all right, still ahead, what we're learning about president biden's plans to go to london for the queen's funeral. ♪ from boston. ♪ it means, “ok-to-beer-fest”. another sam octobeberfest? nein. make it ten! i like this guy. (cheers) maybelline new york's instant eraser
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president joe biden announcing friday that he will attend queen elizabeth funeral in london. buckingham palace announcing today that the funeral will be held monday, september 19th at westminster abbey. the president will likely be accompanied by an official delegation. though few details have been announced. correspondent joe johns joining me live with more on this. so, joe, explain how royal protocol factors into biden's delegation. how does he make choices? >> well, fred, as the u.s. head of state and also the head of the government there is a clear expectation that this united states president would attend such a historic event as the
10:38 am
funeral of the queen. especially given the close relationship between the united states and the u.k., u.k. being one of america's closest allies. with all things protocol, the united states must follow what is essentially an established progression of things before all of that happens. and one of those things of course was to wait until the plans were announced and an official invitation was extended from the u.k. to the white house. once that happens, then the president presumably would be the person who effectively would name members of any united states delegation to england. the president talked just a little bit about this, asked on friday whether he was going to attend. listen. >> are you going to the queen's funeral, sir? >> yes. i don't know what the details
10:39 am
are yet. but i'll be going. >> the president, as president, did have tea with the queen of england last year in june. he also said he found her extremely gracious and compared her to his mother in terms of her look, and her generosity. fred. >> and then before that, tomorrow, it is a very heavy day. i mean it marks 21 years since the september 11th attacks, how about the president commemorate this somber anniversary. >> that is right. and what we know is the president is expected to head over to the pentagon which was one of the targets of the 9/11 attacks. he's expected to attend a wreath laying and after that deliver some remarks around the time when, 21 years ago, 9/11 occurred and the buildings in
10:40 am
new york as well as here at the pentagon and in pennsylvania were attacked. >> joe johns, thank you so much. our continuing special coverage will continue in a moment. but first, in the u.s. growing concerns over the polio virus. triggering a state of emergency in new york. that story is next. ♪ energy demands are rising. and the effects are being felt everywhere. that's why at chevron, we're incrsing production in the permian basin by 15%. and we're projected to reac 1 million barrels of oil per day by 2025. all while staying on track to reduce our carbon emissions intensity in the area. because it's only human to tackle the challenges of today to help ensure a brighter tomorrow.
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see we told you. wayfair always delivers small prices for big dreams. ♪ wayfair you've got just what i need ♪ new york's governor has declared a state of emergency as polio cases rise in the state. so far the virus has been found in five new york counties, showing more evidence of community spread. dr. daniel griffin is a specialist at columbia university medical center. so good to see you. so how concerning is this state of emergency for you now that polio, you know, virus has been found in five new york counties? >> i think it is concerning. it is very concerning. i hope for a lot of people this is a wake-up call. i hope for people who are unvaccinated, who have unvaccinated children, and
10:45 am
friends that this is a wake-up call. this is really letting everyone know that the polio virus, it's here. it is circulating. it is ending up in the wastewater because there are people that are infected with this virus. they are shedding this virus. if they don't wash their hands and serve food or interact with unvaccinated people, we could end up seeing children paralyzed, we could see individuals, even adults on ventilators and this is something that you can't go back from. >> and why do you think it is back? because it was largely eradicated in the u.s. in so many other countries around the world for decades. what has happened? >> yeah, i think it is important to realize that we have done a fantastic job of eradicating paralytic polio in the united states. but we have not gotten rid of the circulating polio virus or vaccine polio virus. so here in the u.s. we are very
10:46 am
faert fortunate. there is no live virus here, this can't circulate, all it gives you is that wonderful immunity. but in the parts of world they're still using oral polio vaccines. those do revert in everyone, i'm going to say, in everyone to potentially varlent viral. and so when one of the individuals travels an comes here to the u.s., they could tart spreading it here in the u.s. and those vaccines, as i mentioned, they do a great job of preventing severe disease, a great job of preventing you from getting paralyzed. but they don't prevent you from becoming someone who is infected, who then sheds it from your gut as well. >> so then help people recall or have a better understanding of what is it connectly. what is it about this virus, why is it so transmissible and in all cases there is some degree of paralysis involved. >> that is what makes this a
10:47 am
dangerous virus. and i say, no, not everyone gets perilized. there are three times of the virus. type one, and type two, and type three. type one and type three, about one in 200 individuals to get infected will end up paralyzed. meaning 99% are going to not get paralyzed. it might just have a fever or loose stools. type 2, a little bit better. it is about one in 2000 as far as who gets paralyzed. but that is also very concerning. because what we're seeing now is type two. we saw that young man up in west chester, rockland county, north of the city, end up paralyzed. that tells us there are likely thousands of people infected. this is russian routet for the unvaccinated in our midst. >> so one polio vaccine that canvasses all three of those
10:48 am
types. >> so our injectable shot, we have a fourth series, those shots will protect you, we believe, for life. so this is really a simple fix. this is a terrifying thing for me thinking about the unvaccinated, the unvaccinated children, the people that have decided to get unvaccinated. but the people who are vaccinated, you are safe. this is not -- you are safe. and i'll say that again. >> for a lifetime. >> if you're not vaccinated, get vaccinateds. if you're not sure if you're vaccinated, don't do a blood test, get vaccinated. >> all right. get the message, it is loud and clear, dr. daniel griffin, thank you so much. >> thank you so much. and everyone be safe and get vaccinated. >> absolutely. thank you. king charles iii now formally the new monarch of the u.k. >> three cheers for his majesty the king. hip hip.
10:49 am
hip hip. hip hip. >> it is a full day of celebrations for the new king and time to honor the late queen. still ahead the latest on what we're learning about the fume details and what is next in the coming days when we come right back. it was just so easy to find a car within my budget. i'm just happy i was able to pick this babyby. good on ya! we'll drive you happy atat carvana. is it me or does everyone auditioning for this health insurance commercial look the same? it's not you. health insurance companies see us all the same. that's not good. well, except humana. they see me. after my back surgery, humana sent a home health nurse for five days. helped me get set up, showed me how to manage my meds... ...even sent me a week's worth of healthy frozen meals.
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all right. we continue to see tributes to the queen from around the world. this is the iconic sydney opera house lit up with an image of the late monarch. >> reporter: u.s. on sunday australia will hold its own proclamation ceremony. that's not without its controversy, however, because there is a growing republican movement here. the prime minister himself and of the opinion that australia should be a republic and has charged one of his mps with looking into australia's constitutional future. it is an issue that queen elizabeth ii did have to deal
10:55 am
with in 1999. australians were asked if she should remain head of state and they overwhelmingly voted to keep the queen. prince charles will have to face this issue. fredericka? >> watson, thank you so much. ahead, a surprise walkabout with williams and harry, kate and meghan at windsor castle. this extraordinary moment and what it might mean for the future of the monarchy. over 10 million sold ♪ and try sky high cosmic black intense blblack pigments only from maybelline new york (kari) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it is just right for my little business. (jeni) we switched, too. (kari) unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. my point of sales on point. (vo) switch to verizon business unlimited toy. om the network america relies on.
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hello again, everyone, thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredericka whitfield. the country mourns the passing of its queen. the queen's funeral will be held september 19th at westminster abby. a short time ago we saw this remarkable moment, prince william and prince harry joined by the princess of wales and the duchess of sussex. the brothers who have had a publicly strained relationship came together to mourn their


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